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Life --A reality Check| Chapter 1 Updated

IM__NB Senior Member

Joined: 28 April 2012
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Posted: 29 March 2013 at 5:05am | IP Logged
Hi friends , A Newbie here posting my first story in India Forums , story about some people like you , like me , just like the persons we come across each other every day .. hope you will like the little Beginning by me a little try by me.  


"LIFE -- A reality Check" a story about some lives hovering around , each finding there way to their happiness , eventually their paths crosses each other , the story unfolds as Akira tells about her experience and what she saw around her.. Love, Pain, Loneliness, Betrayal, Friendship and LIFE when crosses each other in a single moment then it comes out as an experience and what we all call as a reality check. 


I close my diary as i find the reality check of my life , i tried to sit up but i failed , the nurse came and helped me to sit supporting the backrest of the my bed. the bed sores trouble me a lot. but i don't complain. i always try to smile and make the pains feel sorry for themselves , for choosing me as their place to reside. Today i really miss the bureaucratic environment of my second home. i heard from dad , that they are coming to meet me , but do i have that much of time . sitting here at New York i can only feel that i m in the largest city of the world , when i look at the passport , otherwise it is just same as the home back in India. i never asked anything from the all mighty  but today i ask for time from HIM only to meet my five friends who are eager to meet me , more than me . in my life i dont want to disappoint any person. I want to see everyone happy around me . i want to see keep my promise that i made to my friends ... the promise that i will never let them down.. never ..ever ...


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IM__NB Senior Member

Joined: 28 April 2012
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Posted: 30 March 2013 at 12:37am | IP Logged

Hi Friends this is the first Part of the Story ... Your Comments are Awaited , your comments and suggestions worth me most ... 

 The first day when I walked into the office complex , I had many complex in my mind what do what not to do , I have faced many ragging sessions (at our time it was not registered as an illegal activity) and college internal politics , but that day I was entering into a new world with many possibilities , to get honored , less in chance, and to get humiliate , which have the max chances …I had many winkies in my mind , even I skipped last night's meal and break fast too … 


Gulping a lump in my throat I continued to walk to the gate , to my new future ,  I was totally in another world , from where I have to come out as the security in a harsh voice said " madam why here ?" his English made it clear that he has adapted to Darwin's theory " survival of fittest" or a self made theory of "Show off.." . I should not mind , I said to my mind , afterall he don't know me , I should expect a salute from him , every day after he gets accustomed wd me , as an employee of the company.


The guard again asked tapping on the table "madam here why?"  "R.I.P English"  I automatically mumbled to myself , which made the guard horribly annoyed anticipating a strange comment for him , which was obvious. But I know the environment of the city and I m new there so I don't took the risk of annoying the person whom I have to pass by every day ..  I said sorry , which he eventually or intentionally got to hear , when I said it for the third time .


Theek hain theek hain .. why here .? he asked me again , and what made me tremble that time I don't know , but I in trembling hand pulled my appointment letter out from my back pack… and extended it to the security guard very dumbly . With too much big rolled eyes , the security tried to read the letter , but he failed , and shouted 'meera … idhar aa jaa …" I peeped to see who is that meera , I wondered that she should be the security .. too , and that time I was right as I got confirmed getting a glimpse of the lady security guard ..


' kya hain .. rahaman …" meera said as she stopped infront of the unnamed security … but after she took his name he don't remained unnamed at all to me. Rahaman asked meera to look after what I have handed to him . going through it meera said ' madam no joining today."  Haw … the expression was made on my face , as I said " means I was asked to join today and you are saying no joining today ?"  sweat drops built up on my temple as I feared to loose my million dollar lottery to my golden future. Meera asked me to call the contact person mentioned in the appointment letter .


I should admit that , at that time I was very nervous and frightened at the same time . I was feeling dizzy that time , and it was a mixed effect of empty stomach and nervousness … I stepped to the tree with a concrete place to sit , I was walking across the road wd trembling feet . I was not noticing what is happening around me . I jerked out of my fear as a car horn blew and struck straight into my mind. "are you here on this earth .." a man in a blazer came out of the car … "sorry ..' I uttered and walked the rest of my distance to the tree , I managed a sit there … taking out my bottle I in hurry gulped water .. the man surely abused me for the insane behavior , but I have no interest to think about him , when my job is in danger .


Looking into my appointment letter I tried to find out the number of the contact person , but I failed to find it at the first time , I turned the pages and I found it on the last page. The company has provided the Senior HR Executive's number there, I read the name " Vatshal Singh" and the number is engraved there too . I dialed the number , correctly in my third time , as I was going to call , a friendly voice called me by name , asking how can the most out going girl of the college feel so nervous when it comes to the job …


I , "Akira Sharma" was always marked as the most out going and extrovert girl of the "IMI Engineering college.."  I got my life back as I saw my one year senior priyanka dixit , standing infront of me . she sat by me , and wrapping her arm around my shoulder said " I m working here for one year , and I knew that you are coming to join here today , as expected you are before time , and I took the chance to pay you back what you did with me in my final semester.


I looked up innocently to my senior as if I don't remember anything what I did to her . she smiled and clasping her arms around my neck , making me choke she asked me if I remember now , what I did in past ..coughing more than what was coming biologically to me , I admitted that I remember what I did to her .


" you better should …" priyanka di left my neck , and arranging my fabrics properly she said that time you vanished my registration and I lost one hour form my exam , and if I could have a chance na , I would have cancelled your appointment , I just asked the guards to act insanely wd you , as you arrive here , so that you can atleast get to know what I felt that day , you bloody bugger … priyanka without listening to me stood up and left saying , collect your visitors card from the gate and come to the fourth floor …


I looked to the securities who were laughing at me , I stood up , walking to them , I wd a thud sound I placed my back pack on the table and asked for my visitors card . rahaman handed me a VID (Vistor's ID) I snatched it from his hand forgetting all the respect for him and in a very disrespect tone I asked if I have to do anything . .. instead of rahaman , another men spoke , the voice asked me to behave properly wd rahaman. I turned , my eyes meet a man in formals , he said " you should first  know to behave properly then expect a service from others .." he bend down to sign on the register . rahaman and meera saluted him , he handed the car keys to rahaman and asked it to park . rahaman obeyed and ran outside the main gate. The man didn't said me anything more , he just ignored me and walked to the main premises .


I thought of concentrating on my job rather than to concentrate on the stranger co employees of mine , meera asked me to sign  on the register and allowed me to enter my new destination . as asked by priyanka I took the lift to the fourth floor .


I rolled my eyes to the office building its beauty .. I stepped into a hi tech building , which had escalators, four lifts , and every thing , that one will dream to have in their working place. The lift stopped at the 4th floor and unfortunately I have to face my boss , for further progress in my work . the journey in the lift seemed to be very less, I smiled formally and thanking the lift man , I walked out from the lift , as I landed I saw the name of  " Sujal Verma , Hr Manager" engraved on the name plate . I knew I have to meet this person eventually after meet vatshal singh .


As I was just a new comer there , I needed help to find out Mr.Singh .. I spotted a mini reception counter at the floor , taking out my appointment letter , I gave it to the lady , she looked at it , and then looking at me , she like checked me out from top to bottom , and then what she said is just another terrifying thing for , she said while walking away from the reception desk with my appointment letter " you have to leave today … jeans are not allowed on Mondays …"


" holy god !!! where I have landed , the blue blooded fully disciplined college could never got to keep  Akira so formal now this professional life is going to take the revenge of the college life too …." I phewed , and tried to lean back to the reception …. But the receptionist came back and said " should I invite you too come behind me girl ??"  I got surprised wd the response from a receptionist, but as it was my first day I didn't reacted , I just said .. in mind … " KEEP CALM AND LOVE RANBIR …" .. here I want to inform you Ranbir is none other than Ranbir Kapoor .. and when ever I used to think about him my all stress are supposed to get away from me … Taking a deep breath I walked wd the lady , rather I followed an arrogant over proud receptionist to where ever she is taking me.


" holy shit !!!" I uttered bit louder …  the lady turned and raised her eye brows , I looked down and went behind her inside the room having a name plate "Sree Sirvastava" VP ADMIN … As expected whom I thought of a mere receptionist is none other than the VP ADMIN of my first company , and I just made her angry in our first meet . So  miss Akira … she said in a hoarse voice , and I felt like to be in a class room of my convent school,, and my class teacher is roaming around me with a stick and plank !!! plank !!! plank!!! She will blew it over my hand . I gulped a lump in the throat thinking what is going to happen .


" you know you are here before time??" madam said to me …


" I know mam, actually I have never been to Delhi and I don't want to get late , I opted to come early rather to be late.." I ended anticipating an appraise from my big big big …(even if I add another big it will remain less) boss . but the opposite happened , she stood up slapping the table , which echoed badly in my ears , trembling me a bit … she shouted , " don't try to be smart miss . Akira … I hate over smart people and even the late comers , and time means time to me … neither early nor late …do you get me !!!"  I nodded my head tilting it to the left . she like a hungry tigress came to me shouting "DO YOU GET ME !!"  suddenly the surroundings of the cabin seemed to be an army field to me and I felt like a cadet and madam as the lieutenant.. she again shouts at me before that I screamed out " YES MAM.."  then she praised me like a army person only saying " good …" .


She gave me my appointment letter and informed me to reach the classroom 2 dot at 11a.m and my orientation will be done there only . I like a obedient kid of class1 left the room . after coming out from the cabin of the VP ADMIN , I felt the air outside very fresh , I inhaled as much as I can .


Looking into my watch , I noted the time as 10.05 a.m . "so aki … you have lot time left …." I said to myself , and started looking around to help myself for some refreshment … oh yes I said , as I got the directions to the cafeteria . I walked according to the directions and in few minutes I reached the cafeteria ….


'oo teri !!!" I said , and wondered if I m standing in a cafeteria or a 5 star multi cuisine restaurant . While walking inside my eyes caressed the whole arena ,and it seemed to be just wow to me, I helped myself to reach the counter with my own legs, though I dreamt of a palanquin carrying me to the counter  . I asked the waiter there for the menu , he pointed to display were the menu for the day is listed up , from breakfast to dinner . I smiled looking at the menu , and cursed myself to be there for the first time  , the menu has only south Indian dishes in that m which I hated the most from my early childhood even my mom is a south Indian by ethnicity .  I finalized to order a cold coffee with ice cream only , and decided to take my lunch in the streets where I saw many stalls while coming to the office.  

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lalmadhu Goldie

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Posted: 24 May 2013 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Nice start  Please continue
vironikajain IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 February 2012
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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Awesome udate nairita...its very interesting..cont soon nd plz pm me whenever u update this also... will love to read it..thank u
jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 January 2010
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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 4:38am | IP Logged
its interesting, plz continue, and if possible plzzz PM me, would like to read the story further
..nisaluvrk.. Goldie

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Posted: 29 May 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged
its really interesting...plz do pm me when u update...:-)
jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2013 at 11:43am | IP Logged
plz update, am waiting for next update Smile 
vironikajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2013 at 5:34am | IP Logged
Waiting for the update..if possible update this plz..

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