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Monday Updates 11.03.2013
Episode 1

Opening intro Karthik Tongue he does thosa for his father and makes coffee for his mother .. seem to be very hardworking and loving guy. After graduation six months summa at home and today his going for his first day job Tongue

Karthik parents .. shock to know its his first day today and feels bad keeping him late. Karthik ask them not to worry as he got lots of time left before going to work. Plus his very happy doing things for his parents Embarrassed

Second intro heroin Wink fulla her name is unknown in the first episode...she also heading to work first day.  Going with shared auto with some other marriage gosti LOL

Third intro Madhan. He too first day to work and that also with his best friend Karthik. Father early morning giving his subrabatham LOL father is not happy with his job and salary and wished he was more like karthik nu.

Father asking heroin if she is feeling nervous about the first day. Daughter says no she is fine and excited nu Big smile

Fourth intro ..Vishu .. friend of Karthik who is going to the same office for job .. all first day today. Police stops him for talking in the phone and he gives bribe and essu from there LOL

Shared auto stops at a signal .. same time both Karthik and madha also stops right next to it. Madhan says she looks very beautiful and seeing all kalyanam gosthi they both assumes she is the ponnu nu LOL  She turns and notices them staring at her and gets more annoyed when Karthik continues to stare at her Tongue

This is the office where all four characters are going to start work Tongue

Heroin tries to open the door but unable to open. Karthik gets up and opens it for her. Heroin recognizes him as the guy who was staring at her in the road .. Tongue

She goes in and does not say thank you  to him .. stops and gives him side look while Karthik just stood there ...


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Tuesday Mar 12th Updates
Episode 2

All three is waiting in meeting hall. Vishnu continues to vambufy the heroin who is sitting away from them. Karthik keeps asking Vishnu not to talk much .. heroin looks at them and moruchufy him. Someone comes him and gives them brief explanation on the company and their job. He then gives them a sheet which states the group names and which group they belong to.

Vishnu laughs and tells Karthik that heroin is in their group nu. She see the sheet .. moruchufy Karthik again and leaves. Vishnu ask why that girl keep staring at him nu and Vishnu tells him this is the girl he meet in the signal morning nu. They both then goes to meet their team leader Susan (Kalyani from tendral va Shocked)

Gabriel having meeting with his upper manager who is not happy with the sale and wants some improvement. Gabriel tries his best to persuade his manager but manager says his been asked to shut down the hardware division (Shocked pavam madhan ..) Gabriel tries to fight for the hardware department but it cant be done.. Manager says he has got no option except for closing down the unit. Gabriel pleads for extra time and he will show some result. Finally Manager agrees and gives them 6 months to show some improvement.

Both vishnu and karthik waiting in meeting room for susan while heroin is waiting outside Tongue she refuse to go in and vishnu wonders why she is not coming in nu. Karthik is little disturb with heroin is standing outside.Vishnu calls heroin as paruthiveeran heroin nu LOL

Susan comes (namma tendral kalyani SM maggi Wink) ask heroin why she is standing outside and takes her in.

Vishnu jollufy seeing Susan. Finally name for heroin.. Raji Embarrassed Susan welcomes them to the team and has general chat with them.

Susan then invites rest of the team members.. Vishnu has bgm on his head kanna rendhu laddu tinga aasaiya after seeing 2 more girls ROFL

Someone name Lakshimi comes and allocates places for them. Raji is uncomfortable sitting next to karthik and ask if her place can be changed. Lakshimi ask why nu .. this is lucky place. Susan sat here too first time and she got promoted very fast nu.

Vishnu continues to mokko podufy and karthk cannot take it .. he then worries about madhan joining into the hardware department.

Suddenly "soiinn soinnn" song from kumki ringtone of Raji mobile Tongue Vishnu kindalfies the ringtone.

Raji father calls and ask if everything is fine and Raji says all good and she has settle in nu. Rombha cute aa she says appa periya office LOL neriya people working nu. Karthik is amaze with her innocent also feels its funny while Vishnu openly laughs.

Visnu then takes his mobile and starts talking like Raji hello appa appa nu Shocked

Raji goes and scolds them .. karthik tries to explain but gap illamalae Raji scolds them..

She turns to walk and shock to see entire office is staring at them .. vishnu having a smile on his face enjoying this LOL

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Thanks for the update,ratna.
U missed something - karthik pulled raji's dupatta (accidentally) when he tried to bring his chair which was in her workspace. That's why she's gap vidaama shouting!

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Thursday Mar 14th Updates
Episode 4

Both Karthik & Vishnu thiru thiru mulachufy and raji goes to her father same time stares at them both.

Raji goes to her father happily and says she is doing fine and ask him not to worry much. Lakshimi too ask Raji father to leave and she will send Raji back .. plus Raji needs to learn all this nu. Father introduce Raji to Karthik and Vishun LOL and tells Raji how nice guys they are nu Tongue Father leaves .. Raji contiues to morachufy and Lakshimi nudge her and says later can stare lets go now nu LOL

Madhan is introduce to many other guys who all seem to be semma jolly and funny .. and mokka too ROFL Madhan seem to be lost a little but enjoys their company.

Vishnu continues to mokka podufy even after lunch ..  vela pakanum nu tonalae avanaku Tongue he mokka podufy and talks about girls around them while Karthik continues to do his work same time listening to his mokka.

The entire team starts discussing some staff  month agenda... they will gather and so something fun like spending a day doing activities or stuff .. everyone starts discussing what they should do nu. Another team member name Ashwin suggest on singing song. Lakshimi ask Raji to try singing as she seem to have nice voice but Raji declines. Vishnu mattufy Karthik by saying he can sing well nu .. everyone ask Karthik to give preview... after few hesitation he agrees and sings ... Shocked beautiful voice and everyone praises him ..

Raji seem to be feeling like ennavo his singing for her nu D'ohafter after hearing the song she starts liking it but pretends like she is not happy nu and goes away without praising him  Tongue

Here i got lost.Confused.. suddenly Ashwin comes and says 60 participants participated and the winner is Karthik nu and gifts him mobile phone. Again everyone praises him ... but he is modest and said sadanam taan he sand nu. Office mates ask for treat for winning.. Karthik agrees to take them. Vishnu gives his mokka one liners LOL

Lakshimi invites Raji but she refuse to come.. Lakshimi calls her and forces her to come as its not nice since they are all going as a team .. Raji tries to excuse but her friend says only if she comes they all will go nu. Raji follows. Karthik gives her a smile to make friends but Raji puts her head down.

Karthik gets order from everyone and he comes and stands beside Raji who hesitates and finally orders tea ..

After while Karthik brings coffee for lakshimi and gives tea to Raji who morachufy and refuse to take it.. instead she takes lakshimi coffee and drinks Shocked this makes Karthik more annoyed and ask why cant she take the tea from him and drink .. everyone ask raji to take the tea but she just remains silent Confused Karthik tries to force her same time vishnu tries to cool down karthik ends up the tea falls and splits on raji hand Shocked Raji gets up in angry and karthik tries to say sorry but raji shows her hand stop nu and walks away.

Karthik is tensed now ...


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Sooo sowwwyyy very brief...

Karthik tries to say sorry but Raji refuse to accept. She says she is going to resign from job Shocked Goes to see susan who talks her out of it and ask her to work as usual. Susan also speaks to Karthik and ask him to understand Raji situation .. Raji agrees.

Raji is still not happy .. lakshimi gives idea if she wants to pour hot coffee on karthik. Raji happily agrees Shocked goes to canteen and gets hot coffee ... starts walking towards karthik. But someone throws paper or something down and raji slips at it .. Karthik manage to catch her. Vishnu says macha semma catch LOL

Raji fights with him for holding her D'oh and says wait and see what she is going to do nu ...

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Monday Mar 18th Updates
Episode 6

Vasu brings madhan and intro him to the company reception priya ... (love at first sight for Madhan pola Embarrassed...) priya and both of them have some casual talk and Vasu invites her for coffee but she says to much work pending. Madhan Vasu leaves ... while walking out both eyes (madhan priya) locks at each other Tongue ...

Kausi Vishnu and karthik ... pavam karthik siting with full sogam while vishnu gives one liner mokka jokes and vambufy & annoy karthik Tongue Vishnu says what a catch what a catch .. what a classical catch ROFL Kausi ask Vishnu to leave pavam karthik nu but vishnu does not seem to let go .. he keeps rewinding the catch scene LOL (i like this kausi .. Tongue he played soft in dharmayutham and here also lols .. he cant even seem to play mokka joke Tongue) Karthik now worries enna agampodhu nu .. Vishnu says no no here butterfly flying and there also butterfly started to fly LOL vishnu goes on and on and finalla karthik says he mudiyalae.. this much of mokka. If he knew vishnu gona mokkafy like this much he would not have catch her nu. Karthik thinks for a moment the catch ... Embarrassed and has a smile on his face. Vishnu sees this smile and ask karthik not to turn and smile as it can be seen behind him nu LOL

Sales meeting department ... the team leader tuppuraning his team but his team no sooda sornae just listens and kindalfies back in mind voice Tongue one of them gives reason that economics is down nu .. team leader shock and ask economics or economy?? Shocked ROFL other staff says economy down in America adhan their sale is down nu .. team leader becomes more annoyed and ask what does america economy has got to do with their sale? LOL team leader then ask what products they are actually selling and none able to answer Shocked Suttam name taan sales department but all don't know what they suppose to sell or who is their competitor ROFL

All in Kausi house .. madhan vishnu and karthik. Vishnu is impress with his house and wonders how he got such super house... maybe cause his malayalam he got all this from MIL pola ShockedLOL Kausi laughs ... vishnu ask where is wife nu ... and karthik says wife went to hometown nu. Vishnu starts the drink karthik says he does not want .. madhan takes as he is stress out. Vishnu starts laughing and tells Kausi about madhan bad luck which always is around him ... madhan gets angry with vishnu mokka Tongue Kausi ask madhan what happen .. madhan tells out his anger about his department and all staff's there which is so annoying and he is not sure what is going on in his department or company. This is recorded by kausi on his mobile Shocked (omggg kausi villana...????) He then ask karthik what he thinks of Raji but karthik says not interested to talk about her .. while vishnu butts in and talks about Susan ...Kausi is recording all this D'oh

Raji house ..father is walking up and down worried Raji is not back nu .. suttam D'ohFather says raji looks tired after one day of work nu .. Lakshimi controls her smile and raji goes apppaaa nu Tongue father ask lakshimi how raji work nu and lakshimi says raji is intelligent.. and he goes on praising about raji .. she becomes shy and says podhum nu. Father tells lakshimi to take care of raji ask she is very soft nature nu .. lakshimi ask soft nature vaa.. today she vangufy nicely a guy who pulled her tuppatha .. father becomes very angry and ask who and enna nu .. even lakshimi become shock and raji tried so much to explain it was accidentaly and not purposely done etc etc .. father says okie nu and ask for his name and lakshimi says Karthik. Both girls goes in to get coffee and father thinks ..

Pre cap ... karthik and Raji father and uncle in boss office ... boss asking karthik what problem as this man complains that he disturbing her daugter nu .. karthik says not like that and suddena Raji father slaps and start hitting him Shocked


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Episode No 9 19 / 3 / 13

Karthi comes back home after his first day's stint at work. Parents are waiting for him and he is surprised. Parents say that they could not go to sleep as they want to know his first day experience. Amma asks " did you see my DIL?" Karthi is vexed . Finally ends up talking about Raji who fought with him. Dad quips " aww, that is how it starts " Parents are keen about knowing more "set aaguma da?" Karthi says that he has a boss Susan – "athu than set aagum nnu thOnuthu " parents are very happy and Karthi pours ice cold water "she is just 10 years older to me, that is all " Parents retreat and Karthi says that they can only expect a salary from the work place "not a DIL. If you guys are lazy to look for a girl, I should fall in love? Go and fly a kite " After he leaves the arena parents sulk " Namba avanai sariya valarkkalai??!!"


The sales team is outside a house – the house of an officer who works in a newly started Engineering college . The idea is to sell their computers to the college. "If we can seal this deal, then we are fine for our sales target " Kattai asks " so why are we devudu kathufying outside his gate? Can't we see him in the college?" Anbu says that he tried a few times " every time I was not allowed to enter the premises. Once I managed to sneak in but this man escaped through the back fence !!" Finally the officer comes out , learns the reason for the team's visit ..all hell breaks loose……kanna pinna nnu thittaraar. The three musketeers bear everything with a smile . Finally Anbu says that he will leave "but before that here is a biscuit pocket for your grand daughter, please give it to her " Bingo, the bribe works and the guy is ready to listen to the "arumai perumai " of their computers – intha moonum nalla alnthu vidaraanga – Anbu says that it consumes less electricity than any other computer – order for 200 computers …given. The trio celebrate with tea and biscuits in the corner tea shop. Karthi comes to pick up Madan. Waits near the convenience store and calls Madan . Chats with the shop guy who says that Madan owes him money "apram ungalai vida avarukku salary kami thaanam, avanga appa told me " Madan comes and both leave for work.


Karthi goes to his desk – Vishnu is already there . Enna matter? If he is early then he can see all the chicks walking in. As he himself admits, job is secondary for him, he is here to select a bride. Karthi gets a call from the HR. Karthi wonders and asks Vishnu "neeyum variya?" Vishnu says that he has a dogma "police station, HR room , court entrance intha moonum out of bounds for my family " HR asks Karthi "what is the problem ? These people say that you disturbed their daughter Raji ?" Karthi tries to deny but Raji's dad beats Karthi . Vishnu rushes to HR room but before that the damage is done.


Raji is crying and Susan is very angry. "are you a kid? You know your dad, right? Then why did you go and complain to your dad ? Avan adichaan killinaan nnu LKG kid mathiri behave panra unnai vaichu naan epdi kuppai kOtta pOreno?" Raji cries some more which irritates Susan more. " Your whole family is circling around this area when you are inside working! When you knew that your dad was here, why did you not warn me or Karthik ?" Raji says that she did not know that her dad will hit Karthi " Finally a dejected Susan sends Raji away "I will talk to Karthik. He is not a fool like you. He will understand better . I want you both in my team , you may go now"


Vishnu wants to know whether Karthik really got beaten. Karthi says that they held his hands tight "Illatta pOlanthu katti iruppen " Vishnu is ready to get his henchmen but Karthi says that he will deal with it himself. Vishnu calls Raji as a second grade student. Karthi understands that Vishnu has spread the news. Karthi fumes "Avanungalai rendu podu pOtta thaan ..I can rest in peace " Susan has a talk with Karthi. Susan says that she is very sorry about the whole incident. : I told Raji not to make a big issue out of this..but….I do not think that she did it intentionally. I know that you would want to return the favors . her dad will come to take her back …if you react…will become a big issue " Karthi asks "yarukku ? " Susan says "not for you, Raji kku..she won't be allowed to work . I want you both in my team " Karthi just thanks and leaves.



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