Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Perfect! (Everyone FF!)

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Posted: 23 March 2013 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Viren wakes up and saw that Jeevika wasnt in bed!  He heard the shower on so he knew that she was in the shower, he then looks at the time and it was 6am, he gets a call on his iphone
Viren- Hello Rohan!
Rohan- Oh wats up Viren!
Viren- Wats up Yaar?!? How come u called so early in the morning!
Rohan- Dude aren't you forgetting that we have to leave to London today!?!
Viren slaps his forhead- Oh shit yaar! I totally forgot! What time?
Rohan- 7am!
Viren- Damn it! Ok yaar ummm...i'll get ready now! and u just come at like 6:45am i guess!
Rohan- ok i'll be there see ya!
Viren hangs up and he quickly gets out of bed and and ran to his cupboard to take out his clothes!
Then Jeevika comes out of the bathroom with a towel and was drying her hair, she was smiling at him, Viren truns around and saw her.
Viren- Jeevika! I have to go to London today how come u didnt wake me up!?!
Jeevika- Well Mr. Vadhera! Thats ur fault for staying up all night and romancing with ur wife!
Viren smiles- Shut up! (Sarcastic)  
Jeevika laughs- Ok i'll take out ur clothes and pack it quickly! 
Viren- Thank you! i am so glad i have u as my wife! 
He says while gving her a kiss on the cheek and running to the bathroom
Jeevika takes out all the clothes  and puts it in his suitcase, Viren comes out of the bathroom with a blue shirt and black jeans; then he puts on his Black "Zara" Jacket and Virika walk donwstairs where everyone was at the dining table he saw his daughter Meera and his son Sidharth (But everyone calls him Sid) Meera and Sid were sitting next each other
Meera- Morning Dad!
Viren- Good Morning!
He says giving her a kiss on the head
Sid- Morning Dad!
They give each other a high five!
Viren sits down
Swamini- Viren why r u in such a hurry?
Viren Badi ma! I have to go to London today and i totally forgot!
Meera- Dad! U're going to London?
Viren- Yeah Sorry Baby!  
Meera- Its fine! But u better bring me back something!?!
Viren- I will! 
Viren laughs and sits down next to Sid
Viren- Sid! Did u find any good job yet?!?
Sid- Actually Dad! I found a job at the apple store!
Viren- Thats great!
Meera- Yup! and since Sid luvs me so much he will bring me back a Iphone 5 right!?!
Viren and Sid smile, Jeevika was putting in  food for Viren, then he started eating it fast! The doorbell rang and Viren get up
Viren- That must be Rohan! Have to go now!
Viren got up, Sid and Meera helped their dad with his suitcase
Meera- Really gonna Miss u dad!
Sid- Yeah me too!
Viren smiles and puts his arms around both of their shoulders- "I am gonna miss u guys too!"
He kisses Meera  on the head again, then Jeevika comes out and saw all three of them she smiles at them, Viren looks at her wanting to hug her so badly, Sid and Meera look at each other cuz they wanted their Mom and Dad to say good bye! 
Sid- Umm...Meera lets go, remember we have to go to school today!
Meera- Oh right!! Lets go! Bye dad!
She gives him a hug and Sid and Meera walk inside and get ready, Virika look at each other, Viren and Jeevika hug each other so tightly not wanting to let go!
Viren- I'll miss u Jeevs!
Jeevika- I'll miss u too.
They give each other a small kiss on the lips and hug once again! Then Virika let go of the hug and Viren sits in the car!

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Posted: 23 March 2013 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
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Posted: 23 March 2013 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Aww So Damn Cute! 

Meera and Sid! Supah Adorable Embarrassed

Hayeee!! Virikaaa !!!

Do Continue soon!! Wink
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Hey! Lovely story. :)
Continue soon and pm me :)
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Chapter 2
Virika look at each other and wave a good bye, Viren kisses his hand blows it at her, then Jeevika wipes her tears and kisses her hand and blows it back he smiles and he left to London for 2-3 weeks!! She went back inside and went to her room folding her clothes from her cupboard, Tarun knocks on the door
Tarun- Jeevika Bhabhi...
Jeevika- Ji Tarun!
Tarun- Woah Swamini ji or Vanshika aap ko neeche boolaraye hai!
Jeevika- Theek Hai meh aati hoon!
Tarun leaves, Jeevika was done folding her last dress and then before she left she looks at the picture of Viren and kisses it, "I miss u!" she says! Then  she walks downstairs and saw Swamini and Vanshika sitting in the living room drinking some tea
Jeevika- Buaji! Tarun said u were calling me!
Swamini- Oh yes Jeevika come sit with us! 
Jeevika sits with them and smiles
Vanshika- Dekho Jeevika! We wanted to invite u down to sit with us cuz Viren's in London and ur probably missing him already!
Jeevika smiles, Sid and Meera come downstairs, Meera was wearing black skinny jeans with some high boots and a blue long sleeve shirt and her hair tied in a braid, Sid was wearing Jeans and a black short sleeve shirt with a silver chain and they were both going to school wearing their north face back packs
Sid- Wats up Mom!
Sid gives his mother a kiss on the cheek and hugs her from behind
Meera- Come on Sid she is my mother too!
Sid- Yeah but mom loves me more!!
Meera- No she loves me moreee...
Sid-" In your dreams!" he says while still hugging Jeevika from behind and resting his head on his mother's (Jeevika's) shoulder.
Jeevika- Ok! Ok! I love both of u equally! Now hurry up u guys will be late for College!
Meera and Sid- Fine!
They both give their mother a kiss on the cheek and leave
Jeevika, Swamini, and Vanshika smile

~Sid and Meera, in the car~
Meera- U know what Bhaiya lets take mom out somewhere today!
Sid- R u mad!! How r we gonna take mom out 2day! We have  College!
Meera- U idiot! i mean when we COME BACK from College then we can take her out!
Sid- Well ok! But why do we have to take her out again!?!
Meera- U dummy! Becuz Dad left to London for a few weeks and Mom is missing him already! Didnt u see how they hugged so tightly and then Kissed each other on the lips and hug again!
Sid- Woah woah wait! U saw them do that!?
Meera- Maybe (Sarcastic tone)
Sid looks at her
Meera- Hey! i luv romance its too cute!
Sid just laughs a little and keeps his eyes back on the road
Sid- Fine!
Meera smiles and hugs him- Now thats like my big brother who i luv so much!
Sid smiles- Shut up Meera! U know i always listen to u becuz i care for u!
Meera does a sarcastic talk- And...
Sid- And...i luv u a lot!
Meera smiles and they reach the college, they get out of the car and start walking to their classes

Few hours later...
Sid was in the parking lot talking to his friends while waiting for Meera, she comes.
Sid- And this is my sister Meera!
He says to his friend and his arms were around Meera's shoulder, he says bye to his friends and they both sit in the car!
Sid- So where r we even going to take Mom!?!
Meera- Uhh...How about we take her to the mall and stuff and then the movies or something or we can roam around downtown!
Sid- I guess that works!
Meera smiles
Sid- Anyways! why r u looking so beautiful today my little sister is growing up!
Meera- Shut up Sid! This my first year of college and this ur Last year!!
Sid- And your point is...
Meera- my point is i am stil in college so it doesnt make me that young!
Sid smiles- Ok! Ok! I was just kiddin but i am just sayin u r lookin really cute 2day! I hope a boy didnt ask u out!
Meera- Oh come on u still want me to date anybody!
Sid- Meera i care for u! What if he breaks ur heart one day! U dont know wat will happen! I dont want ur heart to ever get broken like it happened in high school remember! I remember how mcuh u cried!
Meera- Ok! I get it now!
Sid smiles and they got home and went inside and they saw Swamini and Vanshika
Sid- Hi Badi dadi and dadi!
Sid and Meera seek their blessing
Meera- Dadi! Where is mom?
Vanshika- Oh Jeevika is in her room upstairs! Why? What happened?
Sid- Well we wanted to take her out some where becuz dad isnt here and all!
Swamini- Well thats a good idea, Jeevika will be calm and happy!
Sid and Meera smile and look at each other
Meera- Did Mom eat?!?
Swamini- Nope not yet she has been waiting for Viren's call all day!
Meera and Sid look at each other again
Sid- Anyways we'll go upstairs and see her
Swamini - Ok beta!
Sid and Meera go upstairs and go inside Jeevika's room and saw that Jeevika was just sitting in her room cleaning, they look at each other and smile
Sid- Hello Mom!
He hugs her from behind again, and Meera does too
Meera- We missed u at school 2day!
Jeevika- I missed u guys too like everyday!
Sid- Anyways mom we were thinking...
Meera- Wait hold on a second...Meera was thinking!!.
Sid smiles- Ok fine! Meera was thinking that we should take u out today! and thats exactly wat we're going to do!
Jeevika- But guys i am...
Meera- No buts mom! Come on how about we go and plus we havent spent time with u cuz of our dumb studying but 2day! we will not focus on studying but will focus on going out with our mother!
Jeevika- Fine!
Sid, Meera, and Jeevika went downstairs and outside the house and in the car
Jeevika- Where r we going anyways?
Meera- Well first the mall, then the movies, and then we will go downtown!
Jeevika- Oh!
They reach the mall and they roam around, they see Starbucks and go to there first. Sid buys a caramel cappaciino, Meera buys a strawberry cappucino, and Jeevika got a coffee. Then they go to Forever 21 and Meera buys some Sneaker heals that were black and Meera bought Jeevika a black dress and a top, Sid was getting tired of standing in a girl store so he told Meera and Jeevika that he was going to the store across. After they were done shopping they went to the movies
Sid to the person at the front desk
Sid- 3 tickets to the movie "Jab Tak Hai Jaan"
He gets the ticket and they start walking to the theater and watched it, After they were done watching, they parked their car and started walking around downtown, Jeevika was walking with Sid and Meera but Jeevika gets a call and it made Jeevika have a smile on her face and she picks it up quickly
Jeevika- Hello!
Viren- Hello Mrs. Vadhera!
Jeevika- Viren!
Viren- How r u Jeeva?
Jeevika- I am doing fine! But i am...
She didnt wanna contiue cuz Meera and Sid were looking at her, Jeevs didnt wanna say it!
Viren- U r wat...??
Jeevika- umm...uh...
Viren- Is somebody with u?
Jeevika- Oh ummm...yeah!
Viren smiles- Who?
Jeevika- Meera and Sid!
Viren- Ohhh so u dont wanna say how much u miss and luv me in front of our children!
Meera and Sid were heard him and started laughing  a little, Jeevika blushes
Viren- Come on Mrs. Vadhera! We gave birth to them by romancing!
Meera and Sid laugh even more hard cuz of Jeevika
Jeevika- Viren i have to go bye...
Viren- Not until u say wat u were gonna!
Meera- Come on mom just say it so u wont have to listen to more and we dont either!
Viren laughs
Jeevika- Ok! Ok! Viren i missing u a lot and i LUV u!
Viren- Finally! I missing u too! and i Luv u a lot!


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great. continue and PM me pls
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That was very cute...do continue :)
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This is an amazinggg story.
I am really looking forward to it.
Love the bonding between these 4.
Continue soon.

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