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March 22nd: Things I liked

AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Another good episode...the story build up continues although nothing major happened today.

The bits I liked:

1) The new paragraph of Saiyaan they played today in the scene when Desho and Bani's dad are looking at the gifts Sukhi brought for the kids...fantastic and relevant lyrics once again:

"Har ek pal mein chhupi hain khushiyaan
dekh aankhein khol ke
Har hassi mein main basta hoon
Rab gaya hai bol ke
dekh aankhein khol ke

Zidd magar hai teri kaisi
Aur maange sab milke bhi
Jo hai usko bhi kho de tu, kar ke uska mol ve
Sacche sukh dekar dukh lena, kaisi teri kamaaiyaan

O Saiyaan mere Saiyaan
Tu taan sab kuch jaane, mere Saiyaan"

Fantastic lines talking about how Desho isn't able to value what she does have and is willing to give up these genuine moments of happiness chasing after a dream that will just give her pain.

2) Rano's bit as she removes her jewellery although I wish there was more detail given about her background

3) The last Sohum-Bani Sohum is such an odd one...making EXTRA efforts to be aloof to her even if she just asks him something politely...and then awkwardly agreeing to fix the helicopter...for Happy's sake he adds

Sohum's friend is hilariousss...his "Woh aa gayiii" bit with Bani's dad was hilarious.

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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 2:54pm | IP Logged

Soham's friend was too much..ROFL but loving his character. Cool

What can I say about Soham? He's soo cute yaar..Heart

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-Ratzz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
love the episode soham's frnd is too hilarious
i love the freshness of this cute jodi soham is so cute n bani is sweet too
u write superb

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-Fivr- Moderator

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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Just got done with work, have had NO lunch yet and I think I'll just head home now. Ouch Will watch the show once I'm stuffed and in my PJs.. And then I'll come rant here.. LOL

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Nymeria IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 March 2010
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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
Woot Woot! Anu's "Things I liked" posts are back!Dancing

Ditto to your liked bits. Nothing much happened in today's episode but it was a decent episode. i liked that moment among Gurbani's family. The kids and the father were having such cute happy moment while the mother watches from a distance not realizing what she's missing out in anticipation of something grander...grander and unattainable. She's missing out on living in the moment because she's deeply involved in what she desires for the future. I really feel for her. The actress is doing a good job bringing forth the emotions on her face and her gestures.

@Sohum-- lol yeah he's an oddball! He tries so very hard to keep a distance. and I actually like that he's maintaining his distance. this makes him more of a man than those typical male leads who coerce themselves on the female leads.

@Sohum's friend-- LOL his "woh agayi" scene with Gurbani's dad was hilarious. What is his name? and the facial gestures of hisROFL. he's such a cartoon!ROFL

@Rano's scene-- i wish we got more on her back story too. but i think they might reveal it slowly as they forth with Gurbani's story. they might do a parallel. the more we see Gurbani's mum's dream unravel, the more they'll reveal Rano's story. 

I liked the new version of saiyaan as well. I just love that song.

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xXxNoreen786xXx Goldie

Joined: 29 October 2005
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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
Lovely post agree with all that you said.
I like the 'saiyaan' soundtracks as they are unique and they describe the situation in the scenes, its like a musical story, hats off to the bani production house for coming out with this idea, the icing on the cake is the beautiful, soulful, touching voice of harshdeep kaur :-)

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-Fivr- Moderator

Joined: 27 July 2006
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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
OMG.. I absolutely LOVED today's episode! Nothing major happened like you said but it was a well balanced show that continued the story forward and I just really enjoyed it! One of my favorites so far! Big smile Such a nice way to end the week.. Although it is a little scary to me how much I liked the show so far because we all know what happens to show that we end up liking.. LOLLOL

The first thing I absolutely have to mention is the new verse for Saiyaan. This was such a BEAUTIFUL verse and so completely insync with what I was feeling with respect to Desho that I honestly started clapping like a goof ball as I heard the song.. LOL I had started to feel a little tired of Desho "mera sapna" record and a part of me just wanted her to realize that she has what she has and what she has is pretty great too! She's making it worst for herself and her family by chasing after something that has no guarantee or reason to work.. And us k badley she's spoiling the happiness that she could have had right here! I mean 20 saal toh waise hi alag reh k guzar diye.. Soocho if the two families had stayed together for those 20 years, together maybe they could have succeed far more than what ONE person in Canada can do and could have been HAPPIER! And I honestly felt k maybe I didn't understand what the CVs were trying to show and that I was just jumping to conclusions, getting frustrated with her so quick into the show.. Which is why the fact that the CVs in fact wanted to show exactly THIS and that THIS was the whole point, k she was running after a mirage and ignoring what she had, makes me feel like I wasn't as big a fart-brain as I thought I was.. LOLLOL Kasam sey, I'd started to think k maybe because I'd been here, I didn't understand the absolute urgency of being an NRI and the painful life of those who aren't NRI-related. Because to me it seems that you should be happy in whatever you have because EVERYONE is capable of being successful and just genuinely content in their life, irrespective of geographical location. So I absolutely love the message of those Saiyaan verses and the WAY it was said! "Sachey sukh de kar dukh leta, kaise teri kamaiyan" = BRILLIANCE!! Day Dreaming The music score of this show is a genuine find!! If nothing else, I will always take away the songs from this show.. *sigh*  

Now that I have posted a mini rant on just the Saiyaan bit, the rest of that scene was so sweet! How the father comes home and then manaoes Happy (just loved that bit!).. How the Jassi tries to fake-compete with Happy to show her gifts first - that just reminded me of what I do with my sister.. or used to do back when she was young and gullible. LOL That whole thing was so real! Meri family toh thie hi but I am so sure that everyone saw their own family living area in that scene with the mom venting about whatever upset her while simultaneously being concerned for her husband and remembering to put "namak" in his water.. Or how the daughters just show up to eagerly tell their dad about what happened in their day and the masti that ensued afterwards with as silly a thing as hot water.. I seriously love how much attention they give to make everything so REAL and so relate-able. I think pichle 3 din mein I've said this a bazillion times, but I really do love that! Embarrassed

And back tracking to the initial scene ( I'm all over the place today! Embarrassed), I like that they edited to the scene to show Bhinder yell at her son as SOON as he throws the helicopter because that's what bothered me a little yesterday. So it was a nice little thing in the interest of keeping everything real because I know if I did anything like that, dushmani or not, my mom would beat the crap out of me and then take me to the other side and have me apologize AND make me pay to get it fixed or buy a new one, depending on what needs to be done. And I would deserve EVERY BIT of it. This guy got off EASY! *shakes head* LOL

And now I'll jump ahead again.. Embarrassed The water tanki made an appearance Anu! Lol! It was an AEROPLANE for sure!! HAHAHHAHAHA! Aww Desho had it put up to show that someone from her home was abroad? This is a very prestige wali baat na, to have an NRI in the family? And then she had to take it down when Nirvaal came back.. That must have been a concrete reminder of how her dreams failed.. No wonder she looks at it like a symbol of NRI-ship (if that's a word) now..

The scene with Rano was so heart breaking yaar.. I don't know if she's crazy or not, but I do know that when she was speaking it was like she was trying to convince her OWN reflection k she is not crazy to still have hope and to still have her "saman" packed and to still be waiting for Balbir (that was his name right?). But even though she's said all this out loud to try and convince herself, you can see that she didn't really buy a word of it the minute she closes her eyes in pain.. Haye yaar.. This is so heart breaking..OuchOuchOuch  Kaun *insert some inappropriate words* ye harkatain karte hain?! Aisey logon ko toh kasam sey pakar k chaurahey pe chappalon sey marna chahiyeh.  Her husband left the night of their wedding it seems.. And she's been waiting ever since.. *sigh* At first I was thinking that maybe she'll be Sohum's mother or something but if the guy left right away toh phir toh maybe not.. I really want to know more about her but I'm sure they'll show it slowly..

I also liked that juxtapose between Desho's belief k an NRI will be the answer to all her family's (perceived) misery while we see Rano IN misery BECAUSE of an NRI.. There's someone at the production house who is really into contrasting scenarios and playing on situations - with the riverbank dream, Desho's dream and Rano's reality's contrast.. And I'm glad they are! It makes for an interesting watch.. Day Dreaming

And how cute was Rajji in trying to persuade Bani that she should get the helicopter checked out by Sohum because "woh tere ko pasand karta hai". LOLLOLLOL And Bani is just worried k besti ho jaye gi.. ROFL So true!! Woh khud baat nahi karta toh naa karey but humne baat ki aur usne phir bhi na ki toh pakki besti hi hogi phir toh.. Lol, I like that they made sure to highlight the fact that it was her "besti" ka dar that had Bani holding back and not some pointless "shyness". LOL

And talking of shyness, how can we forget Sohum's absolutely unabashed friend, jis ka naam we still don't know but since uncle jee called him "kaka" that's what I'm sticking with for now.. LOL So kaka jee comes running with his "woh aa rahi hai" ka naara only to find the "woh's" DAD standing right behind him! ROFL
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL And then all of a sudden he supposed to be scream in excitement about a MACHINE going to his pind.. ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Kaheen bhi rehlo, Amreeka ya India, larki k father ka daar phir bhi wohi hota hai.. ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Sohum was even trying to the ankh-k-ishare to tell him that the father is there but kaka jee (LMAO!) was like a train off its tracks, just doing what it needed to do without control. ROFLROFL I want to see more of this guy!!!

Which brings me to the last scene of the episode - another ADORABLE Sohum-Bani scene! She brings food for her father and he'll watch her with a smile but the minute the father leaves, there's Sohum jee with the expressions that would make you swear that he probably finds the speck on the sole of his shoes more interesting than Bani.. LOLLOL She tells him she got food for him because "mummy jee" ne bheja hai.. Although I'm SURE she brought it as bribe for him to fix that helicopter - not that it worked (visibly) or was NEEDED (really). LOL She asks him for his "help" to fix it because HAPPY likes it and it broke and before she gets done with her sentence he makes sure to let her know k "time nahi hai". *shakes head* Oh Sohum! He was so eager to not EAGERLY take up the offer that he shot it down... I think this quick denial was more for his benefit and to calm HIS nerves and he really didn't even realize how it would sound to her (as OBVIOUS as that may be).. I really think the guy was just so blindsided by her even ASKING him anything that he was scared that he may just let the whole pretense go abhi hi (I mean this is the guy who doesn't even TALK to her because he worries he'll drop the act at the slightest nudge) and so he held on tighter and just curtly told her off. Because honestly when he did that, even I did a double take k ye kya hua! LOL And of course, the disappointment is visible like daylight on Bani's face - which he definitely catches through his ever-so-stealth side glances.. And as she kicks herself for falling for Rajji's comments and getting besti-fied he tells her to leave the toy (because come on! She looked so SAD! Uske farishte bhi mana nahi karte ab toh, farce or no farce!) but was quick to add k HAPPY k liye ho raha hai.. (because roti shakal toh abhi Happy ki dikhi thi na apko, Sohum jee.. LOL) And Bani just LIGHTS up! *shakes head* Are you kidding me?! There is NO way that she does not feel SOME sort of something (I don't know what, just something.. Something more than just some random non-munda per her mom's words) for him - she can pretend all she likes but if I really didn't care about someone I really wouldn't care if they spoke to me or had their head in sand all day.. And I certainly wouldn't get THIS happy at the sight of just one nod from them - a nod that was still trying to be very "aloof" LOL.. This isn't just someone who is happy that her "veer ka toy" is getting fixed.. I just can't buy that! (Unless I'm a horrible sister and sisters normally DO get this happy.. ConfusedLOLLOL).. These two are so cute! So innocent in their interactions! They're simple enough to wear their emotions on their sleeves without drama/games but also shareef enough (in Sohum's case) to not even LOOK at the other directly.. This innocent, respectful love is so.. *sigh*.. This just melts my heart.. Day Dreaming

So the precap shows that Desho ran off to the rishte wali aunty this morning and that's why couldn't bring food for her husband.. And we get to see Sohum's family! Yay!! Big smile I'm definitely excited for Monday!! Big smile

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mango-frost IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2013 at 12:28am | IP Logged
wow u all have written beautiful thoughts on the episodes...i agree with everything for the most part...

but im loving this soham JEE the more i see him...hes tooo adorable!!

even in yday's episode, after he dropped bani off at sukhi's place...and was leaving...the "rude" glance he gave to rajji, after she gave him a smirk...was too cute...

im kinda glad hes not like the other heros as well...either who hate the girl so much they insult her with harsh words (though im a fan of those jodis as well *hides face*)...or is so lattoo over the girls they are all over them...soham is very real i think...lots of guys admire girls from far but dont have the courage to speak to them...i dont think soham lacks courage tho...hes just afraid of losing his control over his feelings ...such decency is rare these days LOL which is actually liking this jodi alot...Thumbs Up

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