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Hello everyone, welcome to the Rawte, Rathore & Shree droolers thread.
Come join all the crazy pankahs of the two hottest men.
Hope everyone has a loads of fun here.
Remember this is Rawte and Rathore corner only.


We will follow all of the IF rules and regulations.

This is a Rawte and Rathore appreciation thread, all admirer's of ACP Rawte, ACP Rathore and inspector Specky Sen are welcome.

This is strictly an appreciation thread no bashing allowed of the two hot men or of each other

Samjhae Ya Samjhaun!LOL

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Admins of this thread.


mohabbatgirl aka Avantika

Lets have fun.Tongue

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Heylo ladies..


As a part of special celebrations on having reached AT 10, myself and B1 (Shilpa) announce Our first ever Writing Challenge Corner!





Each member (If interested) will be given a challenge by either one of us or one of our fellow Behnas and you're expected to write a One-Shot based on that..

All rules pertaining to the respective challenges need to be followed..

The OS must include one or more of the Hotties; namely Rawte, Rathore or Shree..

Female lead as per your discretion.. Bromance also allowed! Wink

V. Imp. Please follow all code of conduct on IF.. We do not want unnecessary trouble here, right?

So bare it all but bare in mind that this is a public platform.. (Hope you know, what I mean!)

Do let us know if you wish to participate, so we can come up with an exclusive challenge for you! Wink


                                       PURPOSE OF THE WRITING CORNER

We know many of you aren't the bholi-bhali taipes and have been pretending to be one until now..

Hence, we want you to come out in the open and shed all your inhibitions (and the character's too) Wink

Most importantly, to have fun! WinkTongue



Challenge no. 1: Tina (haruhi26)
Theme: Strip Poker
Characters: Arjun and Riya..
Our Challenge: To live up to Tina ki Jawani standards!
Page no. : 1


Challenge no. 2: Divya (dee86)
Theme: Specky Sen turns hottie
Characters: Shree and Liza..
Our Challenge: To be disclosed. Wink
Page: 1


Challenge no. 3: Vidya (vidya.anand)
Theme: Jungle mein Mangal  ROFL
Characters: Arjun and Jungli Billi
Our Challenge: To make our Behna shed her goody goody image! Wink
Page: 2


More Challenges to be announced later! Wink


We hope to see many firecrackers here! And hope this corner turns out to be a memorable experience and a practice session for your test SR's! WinkROFL

Until then, enjoy the delicious creamy cup-cakes! Wink



Droolers AT

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RES just in case.

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TIna your challenge my darling:

Strip Poker OS, Arjun has to strip, means Riya has to win.

Arjun and Riya on an undercover operation whrere they are posing as a couple in love.

Arjun believes he can do anything at all.. Riya challenges him for a game.. He accepts (duffer) and thus the strip poker!

It is up to you if you want Arjun to turn table on Riya or not and what it leads to.

The hotter you can make it the better. You have to live up to Tina Ki Jawani expectations.

Strip Poker

"Shit kahan phas gaya mein? Why me? Why not Shree? Both Riya and Shree also look perfect as a couple!" Arjun was complaining to Rathore.  He ignored the cold glare from Rathore's eyes and the pain in Riya's eyes.

"I'm only doing this for your sake Riya, for your virtue's sake! There's no way we can stay in one room and not do anything! My self control isn't that good," he thought to himself while avoiding looking at Riya.  It had been two years since they had worked together as a team in ETF, and Arjun though at first hated Riya, with time he came to know and accept that this hatred only originated from his body's loss of control everytime Riya was here.  He nowadays felt scared being in a room with Riya, because he had urges to throw her and ravish her on the table, on the floor or even against a wall, and in the car also he had such fantasies.  Whenever Riya came infront of him the only thing he thought was to take her, carry her on an isolated island and have his way with her.  Hence he had to do his best so that Rathore didnt send them as a couple in this undercover operation, because he didnt even wanna think what could happen behind closed doors, that too for one week.

A few hours later

No matter how much he had tried, Rathore had been adamant of sending him and Riya as a couple, and here both were having their diner in this hotel while keeping an eye on every people around her.  Arjun had worn this:


While Riya had worn this:

But what both didnt know was that both eyes were more on each other than on the surrounding people.  Finally after some hours, checking everything around, they couldn't get any clue, and both decided to retire to their room, actually Riya decided this, while Arjun wanted to run away.

"Arjun Sir, we wont get anything tonight, let's go to bed.  Tomorrow we can continue our investigation," Riya said and yawned.

"Let's go to bed," Arjun repeated after her looking at her with hot eyes.  Did she even know what her words were doing to him, he had already imagined them entwined under the bed covers.

He shook his head, to get control on his feelings and desires and said, "Nope, i'm not feeling sleepy! I'll go out to some disco and come back! Things are too boring here for me!" he said not realising that Riya would take it in a wrong and insulting way.

"Really i'm boring?" Riya said with anger. "abhi deekhati hoon kitna boring hoon!" Riya thought to herself.

"Well in that case, let's have a challenge, a game to spice up your life!" Riya said in anger, not even paying attention that she was getting more in problem.

"Really? And you think you can beat me? Bring it on, ACP Arjun never loses!" Arjun said in his macho mode, "Waise what game should we play at?"Arjun asked sceptically.

"Abhi deekhati hoon ki mein boring bilkul nahin hoon!" Riya thought to herself and decided to play dangerously with Arjun now.

"Strip Poker!" Riya said, knowing full well that she always win in such things( now dont use you brains too much). Well since she was small, she had been playing poker, and she was even a national champion of poker at one time, so she's use all her skills for this strip poker.  Today she'd strip Arjun of all his ego and pride.

"What rubbish strip poker? Yeh kaisa ghatiya game hein!" Arjun said, though in his head he had already started to imagine Riya taking each piece of her clothing.

"Dar gaye!" Riya smirked at him.

After blatantly challenging him like this, there was no way any hot-blooded man could have refuse such a challenge.  Besides Arjun was 100% sure of winning, so both agreed and went in their room to start their game.

In their room (okay all persons below 18years old, please close your eyes and dont read any further)

Arjun dragged a table and put it in the middle, and both put two chairs and sat down, and started to play.

"What are the rules?" Arjun asked as they started to play.

"If you lose then you have to remove an item of clothing," Riya said with a devil smile.

Riya didn't hold back and beat him at the first three rounds. He lost his shoes, belt and glasses first. Riya was really enjoying this a lot, she couldn't believe that she was beating him at a game.  She decided to go easy on him, but then thought what if he made her remove her things, she'd die out of shame if that happened.  So she continued to play with her maximum, and soon, she managed to get him out trouser socks and finally it was high time for him to remove his white shirt.

Arjun at first was too shocked and wanted to draw back, but unfortunately his head wasn't agreeing with him, he was enjoying this game too much, and then he'd also get his chance at seeing Riya undressing if he continues the game. So he unbuttoned his shirt slowly and stared into her eyes as he gently revealed his well sculpted torso. Every muscle in his arms, stomach, and chest were visible.

It was only when seeing Arjun in such an undress state that Riya realised that she had been playing a very dangerous game.  She gulped down some saliva, while she couldn't seem to stop herself from admiring this perfect and so sexy guy in front of her. Riya had to fight to keep her composure as she wanted to run her fingers down the front of his chest.

He lost again and this time Riya asked him to stand and remove his jeans. Arjun quickly took off his jeans, and sat so that the table would protect Riya from looking at his legs. Riya was starting to enjoy this game a lot, after all she was able to strip the ACP just for herself.  Finally all her fantasies were starting to get true. 

They played another round, and again Arjun lost.

"I guess you know what you have to do now?" Riya said a bit shyly now.  She had never seen a naked man in her life, but today, just for today she'd throw out all her common sense and enjoy.

"Riya, i dont think we should continue this game!" Arjun finally said.  He had to admit Riya was too good at poker for him.

"And why? You are running away!" Riya persisted.

"If i get out of my remaining undergarment, then you'd find yourself without all your clothes within a few seconds! Dont later say that i didnt warn you!" Arjun said.

"Yeh yeh, i'm not afraid of you!" Riya said, thinking that Arjun was only trying to scare her off.

(so you girls want more, ok... But hold your heart now and do have some ice to cool you all off)

Riya had thought that Arjun wouldn't dare undress himself completely before her despite her forcing him to, so she was completely shocked when Arjun did get up and started to remove his remaining underwear. Riya immediately stood up and turned, because she didnt think she had the courage to watch anything anymore. She was blushing so much now, that she could feel the heat in her cheeks.  She tried to run and hide herself in the bathroom, when she felt her hands caught, and she was pulled in his arms, with her facing him.  She looked for sometime in his eyes, and when she couldn't sustain his look, her eyes dropped, but immediately went up again when she realised that he was naked in front of her. She took some steps backwards while Arjun continued to come closer to her.  In the end, Riya had her back to the wall, and Arjun had a hand on each side of her, imprisoning her in between.  Riya had no choice but to look in Arjun's eyes, because she dare not look below.  Arjun leaned his whole body on hers against the wall, and put his lips against her ears and whispered in her ear, "Kya huwa Riya? I did tell that if i remove my underwear, then you'd found yourself in a very delicate situation with no clothes! Haven't you seen any naked man picture before?"

Riya didnt know what to say, how to behave, she was completely and utterly lost in the senses and feelings Arjun was arising in her.

"It's not the same seeing someone in a picture and in reality!" she said breathlessly.

Arjun smiled at the innocence in her words, and said, "One last question before we get you out of these clothes, since I can see that you have difficulty breathing because they are too tight. Riya have you ever?"

Riya trembled at his words, especially when she understood what he was asking her.

Arjun bent back slightly so that he could see the truth in Riya's eyes,

"Why?" Riya asked innocently.

"For me to know at what pace to proceed with you," Arjun said. He no longer needed any answer from Riya, her blushes and silence had already answered everything.  He didnt give her anytime and gave bent to her mouth.  His lips came down on hers and opened them sensuously, while his arms lifted her against him, savoring her soft weight. He carried her to the huge king-size bed and placed her carefully on the black silk coverlet, not before removing all her clothes like he had promised her earlier, and finally he did what he had wanted to do since a very long time.  He made Riya his in every way that night.


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Shree-Liza : Experimentation

"Why do I always have to be the junkie?" Shree whined, throwing out his earpiece. Liza, perched on a stool nearby, smirked. "Specky Sen, tum jab chashma nikalte ho na, your eyes go unfocused. Like this." She demonstrated, chuckling as he hurled a file at her. "Did you think you'd actually catch me with that?" she sniggered as he shot her a sulky frown.

"Aww, is widdle Specky scawed?" she continued. "Tension ho rahi hai? Arjun sir ko bataoon ki tumhare bas ki baat nahin hai?"

He ignored her, focusing on reading the info the team had sent him. He had to report at V.L. College in two hours, where a suspected drug ring was luring the students into committing crimes for drugs. He was so involved in reading that he never realized when Liza had perched herself on his table. He jumped when she crossed her legs, running her bare foot down his arm. Shooting her a nasty glare, he pushed her off slightly, gulping as his hand made contact with bare skin. But that was a reaction better kept to himself. He shook his head, getting ready to leave. Liza continued to make vaguely insulting comments about his intellect as he busied himself with getting his gadgets and gun in order, but he'd learned that the most effective way to shut her up was to pay no attention to her. She'd eventually get tired and scream some nonsense at the top of her voice, break a cup or glass, and get out, leaving him to focus on the job at hand. Well, that was probably the second-best way to shut her up. The best way was something he'd been thinking about since Chotu and Aisha had told him that Liza's demeanor seemed to be the female equivalent of drawing attention by pulling a girl's pigtails. He smirked, a sudden thought striking him and checked his watch. There was time for a tiny experiment.

She was still perched on his desk, legs crossed and a snarky comment on her sneering lips when he began unbuttoning his shirt. She yelped, hopping off the desk. "Aye! Mujhe pata tha ki tum besharam ho, par yeh toh had hai! Ladki ke samne aise behave karte hain kya?" she stammered, colour rising in her face. "Ladki? Kahaan?" he teased, peeling his shirt off and rummaging around for more appropriate clothing. " Anyway, I can't very well be a junkie in a crisp black shirt now, can I?" There was no answer. He straightened up, pulling on his T-shirt, only to find her staring at him with her mouth wide open. He stalked over to where she was standing, backing her up till she was against the wall. "Kya hua?"

Liza seemed to have been struck dumb, for she still wouldn't say a word, simply staring at his face and then down at his T-shirt clad upper body and up again. Smirking, he leaned in. "Yes, I work out. Thank you," he whispered, before firmly pressing his lips to hers. It was now his turn to chuckle as she moaned, throwing her arms around his neck and proceeding to snog him very thoroughly. She broke away a few minutes later, muttering "Specky Sen, geeks shouldn't have such defined pectorals," as he kissed her neck and cheeks before claiming her lips again. The shrill ringing of his phone made them jump apart, breathing heavily. "I have to go," he said, rushing to pick his stuff up. He paused at the door, taking in her puffy lips, disheveled hair and the hickey on her neck, and smirked. "Dinner tonight?" Waiting only to see her shaky nod, he ran out. This opened up a whole new set of methods to deal with his charming bete noire. 'More experimentation,' he thought, rubbing his hands gleefully...


For the first time in a long time, Shree was looking forward to something other than his post-work routine of takeaway and Halo. He hurried into his apartment, ready to change and leave in five minutes when he realized he didn't know were Liza lived. Cursing his stupidity, he whipped out his phone to ask Aisha when the doorbell rang. And continued to ring insistently.  "Kaun hai yaar?" he muttered, irritated, rushing to open the door. "Haan aa raha hoon. No need to break my be.." he stopped short. Liza was standing before him, dressed in what looked like clothes made for someone half her age. She'd left her long hair open, her shoulders were bare, her lips were painted a shade of purple he didn't know existed and all in all, she looked stunning. Dangerous. HIS. All he could do was stare at her as she came in, making her way straight to the kitchen. It took him a minute to realize she had brought food. "I thought we were going out to eat?"

She smiled at him. "Yeah, but you had a long day. I thought we could do pizza and movies today and go out some other day."

Shree grinned. "I should've kissed you earlier," he said winking at her, laughing as she smacked his shoulder. "Joke tha? Phir se mat karna. Ek dum ghatiya tha," she informed him. "Now go change." She walked past him, making sure to brush against him, sending all his blood racing southwards. "Don't keep me waiting..."

Eyes fixed on her swaying body, Shree realized what this was all about. Control. She was trying to regain the upper hand, and succeeding too, he thought ruefully. Time to up the ante.


Five minutes later, he'd showered and changed and was back in the living room. Liza was at his computer, browsing through his movie collection. "How?" he began, only to be interrupted. "I've hacked your system before." He shook his head. "Kabhi nahin sudhrogi tum." She threw him a saucy grin and pulled her hair over her shoulder. "Sudharna kisko hai?"

Keeping a tight rein on himself, he went towards her and bent down, brushing his lips against her bare skin. "Please mat sudhro," he murmured, smiling as he felt her stiffen. Bingo!

She stood up suddenly, making him stagger backwards. "I'll get the pizza!" He chuckled as he watched her scurry out of the room. So he affected her just as much as she affected him. Good to know.

She came back in with the pizza box, babbling all the time. "I didn't know what you like so I just got the basic cheese and tomato. Umm, what are you doing?" she asked, her tone unnaturally high, as he put the box aside and pulled her. "Kissing you."

For a moment, she seemed too stunned to respond. For a moment. Then she joined with an enthusiasm he much appreciated. Her hands twined around his neck and her lips parted, granting him further access. He bit her bottom lip gently, and slipped his hands around her waist, one of them traveling up her back to coil in her hair. That seemed to drive her crazy, as she deepened the kiss further and pressed herself against him. By the time they broke away from each other, they were panting for breath, each a tangled mess of hormones, knowing that they had to cool down or they'd do something that really wasn't too appropriate for the first date.

He cleared his throat nervously. "Umm, we should eat," he said, grabbing the pizza and plonking down on the couch. She followed suit, not really looking at him. They ate in silence, unable to think of anything to say after that intense snog and unwilling to go further just yet. Each time their hands brushed as they reached out for another slice, they froze, and it took a few minutes for them to resume eating. The atmosphere was quickly getting awkward when Liza announced she had brought ice-cream and went to fetch it.

"Bowls mein nahin daal sakti thi kya? Poora thodi khayenge?" Shree exclaimed when he saw her coming in with a truly huge container and two spoons. "Aye, tum chup raho. Tumhara ghar hai. Mujhe kaise pata hoga ki kaunsi cheez kahan hogi? Yahaan raja banke baithne ke bajaye aake help nain kar sakte the kya? Bada aaya mujhe sikhane waala!" she sniped, handing a spoon to him. "Main jhootha nahin khaata," he pouted, as she dug in happily. She gave him an incredulous expression. "You had your tongue in my mouth just now!!" she exclaimed and blushed bright as a neon sign, biting her lip. He stared at her for a minute and then started laughing. "Touche. Chalo ab share karo." She pouted at him, hiding the container to her side. "Nahin" He lunged for it, only to have the entire ice-cream empty over them both in the ensuing scuffle. "Specky Sen!!" Tumse toh baat karna bekaar hai. Aur sharafat ki ummeed karna aur bhi bekaar hai. Kharab kar diye na mere kapde!" she exclaimed, smacking him. "Jaise tum bohot behtar ho. Bachchon ki tarah ladti ho," he retorted, smacking her back. They glared at each other, and began to hit each other again, till he stopped her by grabbing her to him. "Ho gaya? Now I'm going to kiss you again. Don't bite, ok?" She frowned. "Shoe's on the other foot, pal. Who bit me on the neck and left me to face the entire office with a hickey this morning? Who bit my lip about twenty minutes back? Khud sab karo and then..." He broke her off with another hard, bruising kiss. "Chup! Bilkul chup. Hum yeh sab baat baad mein karenge," he told her firmly. He decided he must have magic lips or something, because for the first time ever, Liza d'Cruz nodded meekly and actually listened to him.

He really should have kissed her earlier.


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