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Blast from the Past Thread #7, ep 87, pg 119

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the blast is on
three months and a bit are over, nearly 80 episodes done, and here we are, all set for #7. it's been a hectic time at ipk, the last we heard hot tea was being flung at handsome faces (and ahem, chests), laad governor had acquired another name, magar machh, and he was "jaaing jail" for "tadpaaing khushi" where, as is the norm in such cases, he was going to be "chakki peesing peesing..."

on the bright side, two girls from opposite sides of the planet had become pals. while the bad guy with a sweet smile had not been able to accomplish a thing, other than get many new names from the indomitable blasters: slither being the current fave.

the good guy with no smile was carrying on regardless being his usual mean and nasty self, but right toward the end of the thread he decided to do us in and broke into a lopsided smiliya (refer episode 75, if you wish to be struck).

coming up next, the shadi shenanigans at rm. come join us as we watch, swoon, chat, analyse, sing, write poetry, solve riddles, tally "tum theek ho," and do other such supremely important things, on the thread that truly appreciates ipk. we look forward to your hello hi; lau is, never having to say bye bye. 

we welcome you to the


Welcome to BFTP thread seven
This place is just like heaven
All the work here is IPK driven
For its love, their time each one has given

thanks to all the makers of banners/collages/poem here 
the opening banner is made by ArshiHamesha and Risha_ipkknd. the second banner is created by Roshini1494. 
supriya.arshi has designed banners 3 and 4. the poem inviting all comes from DurgaS.

Please scroll down for Rules, Index and more IPK love!

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Big smilewhere there's a rule, there's a riddle. Embarrassed

and if you're wondering about rules no. 8 and 9... they are: have fun and have lots of faraq.

  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Moving On
                                           by wiwy  

I spoke to Barun over the phone on 7 MarchDay Dreaming When I asked him to give  a message to his fans on BFTP, he told me to thank everyone and hoped that we would watch all his movies. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I wanted to  ask him to deliver his trademark,"What the..!", "Unbelievable!" and " Tum theek ho? " But I did not ask him to do so. On hindsight I think, I felt although Barun knew he owed his fandom to IPK, he had moved on, and rightly so,to his bigger dream...BollywoodStar

In the days following my conversation with Barun, I wondered whether we on BFTP, had moved on too? It seems my fellow-Blasters  read my thoughts and promptly gave me the answer I was seeking. Oh yes! Like our dreamboat we too had moved on to a bigger dream...A simple, selfless bond which transcended the world of our family, our responsibilities, our mundane daily chores! We had moved on to a world in which friendship existed for the sake only of friendship... beyond political boundaries, beyond social position, beyond economic wealth! Smile

We were there for Cynthia when her beloved mom left her, to be with her dad, forever. We talked fondly of the perseverance of Samin and Cynthia's dad. We were proud of Arshi for pulling herself together at such a young age and going on with her life and responsibilities. We became doctors for Katelyn's son when he had a bad bout of asthma. We kept Durga's kaala tika ready for all those who dared to fall ill like BD, Arshi, Cynthia and Chalhov or had scary accidents like Samin. We longed to hear from Chalhov when she was out of town. We worried about Anita when she disappeared for a bit. We applauded the special appearances made by Goofy, Rebecca, Sugi and other stars.  We let our founder member Doc go so that she could return with a better future. We hoped Sohara would pass her exams with flying colours. W
e demanded  a birthday index for the Blasters when we missed Supriya's birthday. We made BD understand that age was not an advantage or disadvantage when it came to drooling over ASR! Phew! We did it all! Smile

When IPK was originally telecast, most of us did not even know each other! But when the serial ended, we reinvented it on this thread in our individual styles and in the process, we discovered each other as special friends, close to our heart...and getting closer!  Indi, in a PM to me on the issue of revisiting IPK, and bonding with friends, quoted Keats Clap
"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever
Its loveliness increases..."
Need I say more?

Riddle no. 5 ShockedWink

Which dialogue of Arnav to Khushi was suggested to him by his plants?!

click and scroll down to bottom of page.

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All the promos are posted and discussed in the above thread.

Episodes 1 - 9 are posted in the above thread.

Blast from the Past #2

Episodes 10 - 31 are posted in the above thread.

Blast from the Past #3

Episodes 32 - 51 are posted in the above thread.

Blast from the Past #4

Episodes 52 - 62 with promos, Valentines thoughts and more.

Blast from the Past #5

Episodes 63 - 70 with promos and more.

 Blast from the Past #6

Episodes 71 - 78 with promos and holi vm's/celebrations.

Promo for Episode 75




Promo for Episode 78


Blast from the Past #7


Promo for Episode 80









Blast from the Past #8


The Drool Corner: Origin and Significance...Big smile

by BarunDiwani

As I surfed India-forums in all my agony over losing the best show ever, i found a beam of hope in a post made by Doc and Risha. "Blast from the past"... relive the show all over again? sign me up!! Since the very first episode re-aired on this thread I started making a mini pictorial analysis of each episode and while taking snapshots of scenes I wanted to write about, I couldn't help but drool over this magnificent creature called Barun Sobti. I just had to include, so I dedicated my left corner  at the end of each analysis to his drool pics. A little Barun never hurt anyone Wink. I'd like to thank a dear friend @Katelyn, who always encouraged the drools along with the writing in the beginning, Hug Eventually it needed a name... a corner of drools? Hmmm, the name came easy. Since then, the "corner" has been blessed and showered with love and adoration by so many lovely people, I feel it has become as significant for them as much as it is for me. It really does make my day better to stare at them. I'd like to add that over 50 analysis later, the excitement of adding these drools at the end has only increased. THANK YOU BARUN SOBTI FOR BEING SO DAMN HOT!!!!!!!! mmmuuuwwwaaa. With that said, in celebration of Thread #7...I leave you with:

Drools coming soon to a "Blast" near you 

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 5:01am | IP Logged
 The success of the BFTP thread is due to the number of contributors who have shown their utmost love and affection and encouraged one another in this journey.

 Here's an intro of our contributors,
Alanki and Risha, they are original thread creators
Sia's been a good friend, she gave a helping hand
Following are the names, forming rest of our band
Cynthia is good at doing saute, episode titles are her forte
ArshiHamesha is our teacher, in knowledge no one can beat her
Our thread maker is Indi, her prose is like poetry
With Ami you're a goner, she's got a drool corner
Samin's work is sleek, her reviews are unique
Anita's takes are neat, her sarcasm is a treat
Sohara writes like a breeze, now vms too, for us to please
Our very precious Chalhov, full of songs is her treasure trove
With Supriya, the thread lits, her amazing picture edits,
Katelyn brings in a delicious flavour, Promos and VMs to savor
Ritu does some tricks, with her hilarious picture comics
Ever joyful Wiwy, her riddles are quite witty
Rebecca's reviews are short, but she manages to say a lot
Charlotte highlights the main points, within a few lines
Goofy is the silent reader, but her praises are louder
DSNair, Ragvir, AR Eternal Love, they too are adding to this love
Durga is my name, rhyming is my game
* * *
 ~ ~ I N D E X ~ ~
Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
For impactful analysis and hilarious comments

For detailed analysis replete with symbolisms, connections, pauses

For indepth analysis and the superhit drool corner

For picture stories and songs
For detailed takes and interesting titles

For original poems and parodies

For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
For a collection of promos, vms, sbs/sbb videos

For out of the box reviews of episodes

For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits

soon to be added
sohara's Index


 'Tum theek ho?  3 simple words, but were made highly popular by IPK. Samin gives us an insight into the use of these words in the show.


Picture credit: ArshiHamesha

 The significance of "Theek ho" in ARSHI relationship.

It was a signature IPK dialogue. Who would have thought these two words would be so strong. Who would have thought we IPKKND fans would associate this with our ARSHI. These words in various times and shades would become signature dialogues. Who would have thought words that we speak randomly would now signify the outburst of love from our favorite Jodi. How can we forget their use in all the signature IPK Rabba ves.
Khushi : With all her concern for everyone she very seldom used these words. The only person she used was with Arnav. Not with Ma after dad had a heart attack and not even with Anjali after Shyam left. And I am so happy she never used it with Shyam.  Each time those words were spoken by her were also meaningful, as if she could not just hide her concern for him any longer and the love was so overbearing that she just had to say those words. Let us start.
-      First Aap theek hain'After Arnav became unconscious and she gave him Jilebis and not  after she burnt him.
-          The most intrusive _"Aap theek to hain na." When she introduced Arnav to her parents. Loved how Arnav asked her, are your parents happy watching us together and almost cried when Khushi did not answer. That time when Khushi said these words it was as if her parents wanted her to show concern for the person whom she loved a lot when he was missing his parents. She knew that Arnav never broke his promise, and the very fact that he broke that to speak to her again must mean he was not feeling well and probably he will regret breaking the promise so she needed to know whether he was Ok and when he said yes.
-       The apologetic  Aap theek hain'After marriage associated with different khushi antics.
-    The cute "Hamare Aka theek hain ki nehi"--  With love was associated the beginning of mischievous Khushi. So the whole day our Arnav was systematically seducing Khushi and askes her not to sleep. But of course Khushi was also equally concerned to see ' If he could sleep and was OK after the first time they had an entire day close together to themselves with no misunderstandings and fear of goons between them.
Arnav:  He can not say sorry, he can not wish happy birthdays but he will ask that Tum theek ho from Khushi and not even once to La. Of course our Arnav bitwa's Tum Theek ho is also an overpowering of his emotions which he shows only to di and Khushi. The only two people ASR used them was the two most imp people in his life- Khushi and Anjali.
-     The first "Tum theek ho" : After he realized for the first time he loved Khushi, after the farmhouse accident when he almost lost her. The reaction he obtained was so negative that he was skeptical using them for  the next three months
-      The second "Tum theek ho": After she apologized to him because of burning him. It meant to him, he could again let down his guard and say the words he wanted to ask so much because he had hurt her. He wanted to know if she has forgiven him for leaving her alone on the middle of the road as he had forgiven her for all her sweet antics and burning him. Not to mention the start of active showing of " Hiding main Loveria to each other."
-       The apologetic "Tum Theek ho." : When she became sick and he was filled with guilt for punishing her for loving him.
-     The concerned and angry "Tum theek ho.": After Khushi breaks down learning Shyam's deception.  This one he just had to ask not caring what was the outcome, how it would seem out of place for him to others, the very first time Anjali, Payal and even La see how concerned Arnav was for Khushi when she was upset.
-       The mean "Tum Theek ho": Let us forget this one
-      The gloating, "Tum theek ho": When challenging Khushi that she was afraid in Payash Sangeet. He was positively gloating.
-     The sultry, "Tum theek ho": During Payash havan after she kissed him in front of everyone; she had to show him she just could not stop herself from kissing him when he had kissed her, seduced her during teri meri dance, gloated her to kiss him and esp when her heart beat was going on overdrive.
-      The "Khushi tum theek ho" : When he was confused of Khushi's Khurapati dimag  and Sanak the night before attempted suicide.
-      The emotional " Tum theek ho": When they were both kidnapped and he had just saved her from abuse. The only time when Khushi said no after he said- Tum theek ho. The only time he did not hesitate to ask, the only time he was sure he could ask her, the first time after he said, "I love you" and the result was ballistic- ARSHI hug.
-     The concerned, "Tum theek ho" after the kidnapping: Again he started to hesitate to ask her, because probably for the situation in the house, or probably concern if she was still on brink. After all just the night before they had broken down in each others' arms because they had been afraid of losing each other, of wasting time, because they had been on the brink of sanity for a long time, for the fear for each other which they thought they would never see, and the fear that they would not trust each other or stay together when everything comes in open, for having to go through all Shyam's slanders and Di's suspicions.
-      The amused "Tum theek ho": Before leaving Khushi in Gupta house and singing "Aaj mausam hain suhana".
-     The seductive "Tum theek ho na." Do I need to remind anyone'of course not. It was the telephone conversation on the day of marriage asking about the night before. I was thinking of a lot of other emotions with that, "Tum theek ho na" but would leave that with you.
-      The hilarious, "Tum theek ho": After we were introduced to Khushi's Mr Bankelal. I was wondering if all of you know and endured ARSHI moments and Mr Bankelal when this side of Arnav came out.
-       The inquisitive, "Tum theek to ho": When getting confused about Khushi because of her actions around him and Aarav and before seeing the DNA report.
-     The sarcastic concern, "theek ho": After Basket ball match. I was almost jumping thinking," OK he is still concerned about her a lot. He is just being ASR". By that time I was starving for Rabba ve.
-      The telepathic, "Tum theek ho," when khushi falls during Mrs india track practicing. He knew she was upset with him, he knew she had refused his help, he knew he was Joru ka Gulam, he also knew he loved her, he also knew and just knew something had hurt her now and he had to call to see if she was OK.
The major bloopers in Mrs India and Shitall track was that the Tum thik hoon was not associated with Rabba ve.

Do you wonder why we all say IPKKND gave an aura of love. Let us just ask these two words from out loved ones. I had not  for a long time, had not even thought of asking. Have you? No wonder I think I learnt love from ARSHI.

How sweet is Khushi? Samin lets us know about it as Khushi takes her sweet revenge on Arnav.

Picture credit: ArshiHamesha

Sweet Revenge

(by samin6) 
Episode 72 and 73 :
 This is one of my most favorite episodes.-Guess why: Because I fell in love with Khushi. ClapBefore that I liked her but love definitely was in this episodes.
If I were Khushi I would rhyme, " I am too sweet for myself, I am too sweet for myself, I am too sweet for myself."Dancing
 Was thinking ,  For Khushi- Revenge is a dish best served sweet. Now thinking of, "Sweet Revenge," who really would have thought that instead of Revenge our darling Khushi wound focus on the sweet part.Silly
 See how
-- For  damaging the car she uses one type of a crystalized sugar-sugar cube.
-- For embarrasing Arnav bitwa in front of client - she used of all the songs-- Jalebi Bai??(of course her favorite sweet)
--For making Arnav bitwa a laughing stock she used -- Mango juice (by far the most sweet natural juice).
 --For burning Arnav-- She used hot tea ( if I am not mistaken people still put sugar in their tea).

Guess why she used so many sweets in her revenge-- Because she herself is sweet and second- Arnav bitwa's - Techniki Kharabiya, the very first one she came to know of was- Diabetes aka sugar ki bimari.EmbarrassedSo inspite of his tej dimag- Mr Arnav bitwa should have realized that Khushi had not broken his laptop.Confused Reason-- His laptop is not sweet, too bland for the taste of our cute sweet Khushi.

 Now another point of embarrassment for Mr Arnav bitwa. When he was young he used to ...LOL... at night in his shoesLOL, that is why Mami said- did you leave your shoes in the washroom and Anjali said- I thought your childhood habit has returnedEmbarrassed. By the way Khushi was almost going to hit the point because -santre juice kind of looks more like ...LOL... then mango juiceEmbarrassed

And for us all ARSHI lovers, I was thinking why Khushi did not throw the job at Arnav's face when he was super rude and arrogant with that laptop accusations, and then realized, " Because our sweet Khushi also loved Khadoos Arnav, and last time I checked Love is the sweetest emotion a human can have.- right."

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 by ArshiHamesha
IPK in its individuality and uniqueness has reached to its high limits. My eyes reach for the stars, the moon, the sun, the circles, the pickle jars, the key ,the limes, the pearls, the anklet, the sweets, the reflections, the shadows, the colors, the numbers,the time , their positions in certain scenes, their eyes and its positions, and much much more. My reason to adore this show is not only the perfect couple and their mesmerized & cohesive effect on us but to see the approach of writers through these symbols. Each one has its own meaning and cohesiveness with the characters and the show. Here are some.

Circles like moon, sun, picklejars, shows roller coaster ride of love and hate among these relations and how protective and possessive these sacred relations are handled by each one of them in this Story. How these gems are treasured with love and selfless acts by putting aside their own pain and pride.The story of Arnav, Khushi and Anjali with others who are pulling the strings of emotions along with other elements to protect the sacred love among them.

Pearls are like emotions and represents stars, wishes, pains, purity of hearts and eyes through which they acknowledge each other. The stars are the symbols of their parents who are watching them over. The most of the time.

Shadows shows dual sides, one which we all see and others know and the other which only we know about ourselves and that is hidden one. Only few can see through those. Just like Arnav and Khushi was the only one who could reach to that level to alleviate his pains but she always entangled herself in mirror Reflections as she was unable to see her true Aranvji in the beginning. On the other side Reflections through glasses shows the deceitfulness as you know the truth but hiding it from others and playing with it or vice versa as our Shyam's character is.


Khushi is the Key to unlock these reflections and to merge the shadows to the reality to see and show the real face of it. Arnav is the Sun, a protector of this key against all the odds as her Anklet and pearls are gems to treasure of her but for him.

Pickle jars which are full of pickles, oil and goodies represent treasuring love and cherishing it as Khushi is not only the key but is treasurer of love and respect among all especially Arnav and Anjali. She will herself will be a treasure of All especially to Arnav because she is the key of his survival. Colors tell story of surroundings and how these shape up these characters deeply as Lime color represents new opportunities and possibilities which Khushi and Arnav both are getting to reach to a common goal to be one soul.    

The numbers, the time, and their positions tell the story within story at those moments to take it to next level. This one is one of my favorite as Arnav Vs Eye of Horus "A protector" and "A man of action" as he is and proved it to All especially his Di and His Khushi, his key of survival and his Divine soul mate.



Beauty and the Beast
 by Cinthiann1758
Picture credit: supriya.arshi 
Once upon a time there was a young woman from Lucknow named Khushi Kumari Gupta and in her pretty princess like body was a zany, naive but feisty girl who placed her Goddess Devi Maiyya in charge of everything in her life. Her family, traditions and customs were most important to her. She and her sister were forced to leave Lucknow and live with their Buaji in Delhi all because of a Rakshas, a fiery dragon, a Beast, one Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR, Chote, Arnav. He treated her rudely, he destroyed her reputation, he broke her sister's marriage holding her captive for ruining his debut fashion show, and to boot when she left Lucknow she ran into him again in a minor car accident, where he insulted her again! Devi Maiyya stepped in and Kushi became his employee under a 15 day contract, the stipulations if she left earlier than the 15 days she would owe the company 1 lakh rupees. ASR tried his best to further destroy this girl but there was something about her he was secretly drawn to. She became a constant thought in his head and with each passing thought he became more and more the Beast!  He wanted to push her away; a girl like this had no place in his life as well as any type of feelings or emotions.  After all he was Arnav Singh Raizada, a fashion tycoon, where money was his God, so there was no room in his cement heart for such trivialities. ASR put forth tasks for Kushi that he thought would be impossible for her to accomplish but alas our princess overcame them all.  Even through danger, humiliation and abuse this princess's heart was drawn to this man. She no longer works for his company but for his sister, Anjali, training his live in girlfriend, Lavanya, to be a perfect bahu for the Raizada family.  No longer working at AR Designs but now in his home, Kushi has entered his personal space. This infuriates him, no longer out of sight out of mind, now she is closer to him than ever causing his heart to long for her; it aches just gazing at her.  He must find a way to end this connection but Devi Maiyya and ASR's Nani have other plans in store for this

Beauty and the Beast

Come join us and see as we relive and review Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - direct Link

Credit: Uploader

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wow Tongue
missing ipk terribly but this thread brought me to the past Smile

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wow... Tfs

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Missing IPK like hell, but you guys made my day by posting these threads 

Thank you gifs photo: thank you sampd45399b29f0c0e98.gif

thank you ever so much Hug

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