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Behnas and Bhaiyas FF (Thread2) Part63: Page20

-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Well Hello My Lovely People Big smile
Thank you so much for making this second thread possible Smile
This is the link to Thread 1:

And now * drum roll* LOL

Part 58:

Around 5.30am

Viren is wide awake and is looking outside the window. He has a big smile on his face.
The mountains far away, people going inside the mandir and ringing the bell, the trees swaying with the winds, the cool breeze making him shiver,
He sighs.

Around 6.00am

The alarm goes on and Jeevika turns it off. She turns to look at Viren but he isn't there. She sits up on the bed and is surprised to see Viren sitting on the platform near the window.
Jeevika: VirenJi...* smiling*
Viren: Jeevika... Good morning * smiles back at her*
Jeevika: Good Morning * gets up and walks to him*
Viren is looking outside the window again..
Jeevika: Kya Baat hai VirenJi? * smiling*
Viren: Kuch Nahi... * smiling looking outside the window*
Jeevika: It's beautiful right? * looking outside the window*
Viren: Magical * smiles*
Jeevika: I know what you are feeling at the moment...
Viren: How? * confused*
Jeevika: Because I feel the same way about Rishikesh
Viren smiles and Jeevika smiles looking at him...

Around 6.00am

The alarms goes on and Virat turns it off...
Manvi: Ugggh... I can't sleep peacefully...
Virat is yawning and getting up...
Manvi: Virat you are a Ullu...
Virat: Huh? *rubbing his eyes*
Manvi: Why did you come up with the plan of going for morning walk? Seriously!!
Virat: ManviJiii... I'm very sorry. You can sleep here. All of us will go
* winks*
Manvi: Don't you dare leave me alone over here... * hits on his arm*
Virat: Ouuuch! Manvi Yaar my arm really hurts when you hit me..
Manvi: Good! * smiling*
Virat: I can't even hit you back but wait and watch what I do to you after the baby comes * mumbles*
Manvi: Stop mumbling things Virat... If you are scared of me then just admit it * smiles*
Virat: Scared of you... Pffft *Gets up from the bed*
Manvi giggles at this...

Everyone is ready and waiting in the main hall...
Dhruv, Dabbu and Shlok are still sleeping and so is Bade Beeji...
Beeji: I should stay here too... I can't leave the three children and bade Beeji..
Vanshika: Aaare Beeji... If you are staying here... I'll also stay with you...
Swamini : Aaare yeh kya...
Dadaji: Don't get disheartened... We can go for a walk in the evening then... The Bacha party can go at the moment if they want * laughs*
Swamini: Thats a great plan BauJi * smiling*
Vanshika: Viren, Jeevika, Virat, Manvi you guys can go if you want to go * smiling* Waise bhi it's good for Jeevika and Manvi. Kadambari and Inder you guys can go too...
Inder: Nahi Bhabhi... Me and MadanJi have a lot of catching up to do
* laughs*
Kadambari: It's very cold outside... Im fine here * rubs her hands* Aur Waise bhi I have to talk to PinkyJi
Viren: So...
Virat: Should we go?
Manvi and Jeevika node...
Vanshika: We can just get breakfast from outside today...
Dadaji: Teek hai Bahu * smiling*

Inder and Madan are sitting on the swings chatting away and laughing.
The two chachis are making tea in the kitchen. Everyone else is in the garden.

Jeevika, Manvi, Virat and Viren are walking; They all are quiet and just looking around.
Viren: Can we go to the ghat?
Jeevika has a huge smile on her face when he says this..
Manvi: Jeeeju... I love you. * hugs Viren*
Viren let's out a laugh and hugs her back...
Virat: Kya Baat Hai ManviJii! So much love.. Nobody loves me! * sad face*
Jeevika: DevarJii I love you * hugs Virat*
Viren and Manvi just look at them with straight face and Virat sticks his tongue out at Manvi while Jeevika winks at Viren.
Manvi: Pffft who needs you when I have my loving Jeeju
Virat: Same here
Virat and Jeevika walk in the front together while Manvi and Viren walk behind them.
Virat: Bhabhiii * whispers to Jeevika*
Manvi and Viren come closers to them to hear when Virat and Jeevika turn around...
Virat: Bhaiii and ManviiJiii... Any problem?
Jeevika: Yes any problem! * smiling*
Viren raises his eye brows at her while Manvi just squints at him.
Viren: Nope.. No problem * looks at Jeevika*
Virat places his arm around Jeevika and they start to walk again...
Manvi: Ugggh
Viren: Manvii.. Calm.. Deep breaths
Manvi: Yes yes I'm totally calm jeeju
Viren: Waise what are they talking about?
Manvi: Don't know Jeeju but kind off fascinated to know...
Viren: Same.. But how should we listen?
Manvi: Have to come up with a plan..
Manvi and Viren are busy coming up with a plan while Virat and Jeevika are talking..
Virat: Bhabhi do you remember when me and Bhai came in the guesthouse to see you before engagement * laughs*
Jeevika starts to laughs too...
Virat: And Bhai.. Waise mein assa ho nahi woh mujhe Jeevika ki Yaad... * laughs*
Jeevika: Those days were just beautiful * has a big smile on her face*
Virat smiles...
Jeevika: * sighs* those days you cherishes all your life but they can never come back. That heart beat you miss when someone looks at you. Those first words that you speak so awkwardly
Virat: Haaaiye *hugs Jeevika while walking* Bhabhiii please no senti and crying..
Jeevika giggles..
Jeevika: You always know how to make me laugh..
Virat: After all I'm your best Devar
Jeevika: Absolutely
Viren and Manvi are still planning on how to listen to them but no progress...
Viren: Manvi let's just give up.. They are just laughing and not talking anymore..
Manvi: I know right Jeeju..
They keep walking...
Viren: How do women do this?
Manvi: Do what Jeeju?
Viren: You know... Making a new home after marriage.. Leaving their old family, the place they lived their whole life..
Manvi: I guess every girl somehow knows from childhood that she will have to go to a new home..
Viren: Manvi I don't know how I will be able to give away my daughter or daughters if I have any..
Manvi: Jeeju you shall be will be happy and sad too... That moment is not explainable.
Viren: Yes... We shall deal with it when it comes * smiles*
Manvi: Waise Jeeju what will we have for breakfast?
Viren: How about some samosa, Jalebi and chai... * excited*
Manvi: I'm so hungry now * childlike*
Viren let's out a laugh...
Viren: Let's walk a bit more and then we shall have our feast * Smiling*
Viren: Viraaat... Jeevika...
They both turn around...
Viren: Should we have our breakfast soon?
Jeevika and Virat node.
Viren: How about some samosa, jalebi and chai? * smiling*
Virat walks to Viren and hugs him...
Viren is surprised...
Virat: I love you Bhaaaiii * winks at Manvi*
Manvi squints at him while Jeevika giggles...
Viren: Love you too mere Bhaii * pats him*
They start to walk again...
They all reach the ghat..
Manvi and Jeevika hold each other's hand and walk to the ghat. Viren and Virat just smile looking at this and walk behind them...
Virat: Bhai should we hold hands too? * winks*
Viren hits him on his arm...
Virat starts to laugh...
Manvi and Jeevika both sit down and feel the flow of water...
Viren and Virat sit down too..
They both cup some water in their hand and take it as a blessing...
Viren: Namaste Mummaa Paapa * smiling*
Virat: Mummaa papa we are looking after your daughters very well..
Manvi: I do have some complains though...
Virat: And so do I...
Jeevika and Viren just smile and node in disbelieve...
The four of them sit there with their eyes shut and feel the atmosphere around them...
The bells from the temple, the water splashing and flowing, the chanting of mantras far away, the cool breeze ...
Viren opens his eyes slowly and has a huge smile on his face. Virat opens his eyes too and they both look at Jeevika and Manvi.
Viren mouths Virat to come with him. The two brothers walk away from the sisters..
Virat: Kya hua Bhai?
Viren: Kuch Nahi... Let them sit there. Should we walk around for a while...
Virat: Chalo * places his arms around Viren*
Jeevika and Manvi are still sitting there with their eyes shut and a smile on their face...
Viren and Virat are walking on the Ghat...
Virat: Waise mein assa Nahi ho actually mujhe... * laughs*
Viren hits him in his stomach..
Virat: What romance Bhai * winks*
Viren: Shut up Virat * embarrased*
Virat: Waise mein.. * laughs*
Viren starts to laugh with him...
Virat: But seriously Bhai... * tries to stop laughing* those days when you were all Romeo type...
Viren: Romeo type huh? * raises his eye brows*
Virat: Sorry sorry * laughing*
Viren: I'll seriously throw you in the river now
Virat: Mere Bhaiii... I'm just kidding * hugs him while walking*
Viren is smiling...
Virat: Bhai let's walk back I'm hungry now
Viren: Chaloo* smiling*
They both walk back to where Jeevika and Manvi are still sitting..
Virat: ManviJiii... Bhabhi can we please have breakfast now
Jeevika and Manvi giggle at Virat's face..
They both try to get up but aren't able to...
Viren helps Jeevika and Virat helps Manvi...
They walk to the restaurant to have their breakfast...


Part 58: Page 1
Part 59: Page 3
Part 60: Page 8
Part 61: Page 16
Part 62: Page 17
Part 63: Page 20

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KtYammie13 Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Yeayi Yeayi Yeayi...
I Am the First one...
Yippie.. :D PartyDancingSilly

The Update was completely adorable...
The Dewar-Bhabhi chemistry... .they always rock..!! they so sweet...

I remember the scene...
 Viren drunk... lol..
" me usually toh esa hu nahi but Jeevika ki yaad aa rhi thi"
... aawieee...

Viren n Manvi trying to listen to them,... hehe...
Jeeju Saali jodi is so sweet!!

You bowled me out.. :P

The VV Bro talks were so funny...LOLLOL
 "i'll throw you in the river... " lol...

they were helping their wives get up...
they're the best...

So cute...

Please update soon...  n PM me.. :D Wink

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mariarauf48 Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 4:25am | IP Logged


cingratulatins for new thread
awesome update
loved the cute bonding b/w
devar bhabhi
jeeju saali
vv convo was doo funny

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sweetdollashita Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 4:34am | IP Logged

First of all congratulations for a new thread...Party Party Party
finally an update after so long...

outstanding as always Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
the way you descibed morning in hrishikesh is amazing...
poor virat manvi always scold him...LOL

just loved the bond of jiju-saali n devar-bhabhi...Big smile
jeevika n virat are whispering n viren n manvi wants to listen their talk...awesome scene Smile Smile Smile

you penned that scene of guesthouse n i just loved it...brought back the memories...Smile Smile

Manvi and Jeevika hold each other's hand and walk to the ghat.
Virat: Bhai should we hold hands too?  LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLLOL LOL

the way you wrote ghat's atmosphere is just mesmerising...Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile
very nice update as whole...Big smile

continue soon n don't take this much time for next part...

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-Aaliya.KryAn- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 4:41am | IP Logged
anika the update was awesome
just loved it
continue soon..
and congrats for your second thread..Big smile

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.jai. Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 4:45am | IP Logged
mehwish123 Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 5:06am | IP Logged
Seriously i love ur updates
wait for them and everytime u update
theres a new feeling
love u Hug

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girl97 Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 5:47am | IP Logged

congratz on ur 2nd thread
may u have 15 more :P

this update as always
i loved it
too bad no cutie baby boy here 
really excited for the new babies 

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