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INSHI OS - Meherbaan Hua Mera Rab , PG - 86.

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Well this thread Iam opening for SIMRAN.Smile

She motivated me that I should open up my OS collection and publish it on this thread.Big smile

I have given most probably all the OS separately but here my readers will get all the OS in an uniform way.Smile

From now all my OS's will be posted here.Smile



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Superb!! Smile

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Diwan Empire and Sharma Group of Industries are the two largest and the best business houses of Delhi.Both are well known for their brilliant techniques of business strategies.Another thing for which they were more famous in the market was their rivalry.All the time they had tough competition regarding grabbing contracts.If one wins at any time,the other grabs the next opportunity.Both their success percentages are equal.The other business groups earlier used to fight but getting defeated again and again,they lost their hopes as the win of one of them was obvious and so they concentrated more on small contracts.

Ricky Diwan and Indira Sharma are respectively the Managing Directors of Diwan Empire and Sharma Group of Industries.Though they possess the same attitude regarding each other in business,but,the handsome hunk,Ricky,likes actually,truly speaking,loves Indira very much,not because she is tremendously beautiful,but also because of her attitude and confidence regarding handling the business.The most important quality,which Ricky likes the most in her,is her anger.He likes to irritate her and flirt with her to the core whenever he got a chance because according to him,the anger and irritation on her face makes her more adorable.Indira,on the other hand,is totally devoted in the business.She doesn't know anything beyond her business nor she was interested in knowing.

Now a very big company of London wanted to make a deal with one of these business houses for the purpose of flourishing their business in India.They invited both the MD's of the respective companies to London.The night before the journey,in Sharma Mansion,Indira was packing her luggage in a very bad mood.Kutumb,her mom came to help her.She felt that Indira was disturbed due to some reason and as usual she enquired about it.All her irritation,she bursted it on Kutumb.She barked,"You don't know?How can you not know?You are my mom.You must and of course you have to know about all my problems.Its your duty."Indira was frowning in anger.Kutumb made her sit in the bed and lovingly rubbed her head and said,"That's what I want to know,whats bothering you beta?"Indira cooled down a bit but still,with an irritating expression replied,"Mom Diwan Empire has also got the proposal from that company of London like us.I want this contract desperately and I know,they will definitely try to create some obstacles in my way to get that contract.Above all,that freak Ricky is coming to represent his company."Out of anger,she grinned,"I just can't tolerate him."Kutumb understood the whole situation.She smiled and said,"So,whats your problem?Both of you are doing a business.Both of you will fight for a deal.Its nothing new."Indira replied,"I know,but the fact is that I don't like him."Kutumb smiled,"I don't understand the reason of your hatred.Though,I didn't see him much but I like that boy.He has a kind of descency which separates him from others."Indira made a face.Kutumb indirectly taunted,"You don't like him or he is too attractive and handsome which disturbs your concentration?"Indira made a confusing expression.Kutumb took Indira's hand in hers and said,"Baby,I know,business is your passion but for that,you must not forget that you are a girl too.You have raised a strong wall in front of you and you don't want to see the beautiful and colourful world on the other side of it.Beta don't do it.Dont mess your life with your own hands.Iam your mom and I can understand the feeling which you have at this moment for him and this is just because he is slowly shattering that wall and entering in your heart."She took a pause and then continued,"I know Ricky is the heir of our rival company,but the few times I met him,I have clearly seen the love in his eyes shielded by his mocking looks towards you.He loves you beta and I can guarantee that he'll be the best life partner for you."Indira got very annoyed and got up from the bed and said,"Stop irritating me mom.All this things are rubbish."She closed her eyes annoyingly said,"Just go now mom and let me do my work."Kutumb,with a taunted look,got up from the bed and while closing the door from outside,she said,"You know what Indira,you hate him because he is awakening the girl inside you against your will."Saying so she left Indira alone in her room leaving her in a confused state and Indira too,after rewinding her mom's words,after a few minutes,brushed away her thoughts and concentrated in her packing.

In Diwan Palace,the picture was a little bit different.Ricky was packing his luggage listening to music and tapping his feet alongwith its rhythm.Simi came with a cup of black coffee for him in her hand.Simi said,"Wow,my son,for the first time is so happy in going abroad for a business deal."Ricky,taking the coffee,said,"Hey mom,thanks,I desperately needed it now."She said,"By the way I came here to say you one thing that..."Ricky looked at her.She came to him and put her hands on his shoulder and said,"Well,if you want to make Indira our Daughter-in-Law,I don't know about others but I'll definitely accept her because I know my son's choice is the best and out of the world.Indira is very beautiful and she suits beside you a lot and you know what,I have already accepted her."Ricky moved a bit away from her and asked,"What are you talking mom?"Simi slapped lightly on his cheek and replied,"Now don't lie to me sweetheart,I know,this time,for this tour you are happy because Indira is also going."Ricky didn't reply.Simi said,"You can hide your feelings from everyone,but not from me,I know you love her very much."This time Ricky blushed and then said,"You understood but who must understand first,she didn't."Simi said,"I know my son very well,whatever he wants,he always have it and I know,you will definitely be successful in winning her heart."Ricky replied,"I don't know mom."Simi said,"Never loose your heart son,I don't know why but I do have a gut feeling that this journey is going to bring a new turn in both of your lives.May be through this God have some plans in bringing both of you together."Ricky said looking outside the window,"I,too,hope so."

In the airport,Indira was reading a magazine and was waiting for the flight announcement.Suddenly a hand forwarded with a cup of coffee.Indira was shocked to see it and when she looked upward,she was absolutely stunned to find that it was Ricky.He politely said,"Coffee please."She,with a disgust,closed her magazine and turned her head on the other side and rejected it.Ricky sat beside her and said,"A simple cup of coffee won't harm you and moreover its not made by me."Indira turned her head towards him and grinned,"Don't you understand,I said I don't need it."Ricky made a baby face,"Iam requesting you with all my heart and you are rejecting it in such a saddistic manner.Thats not fair."Indira got up from her sit and said,"What kind of fun you get by irritating me?"Ricky put one of his leg on the other in a cool manner,but with a naughty attitude,replied,"Because you look tremendously ravishing when you are angry,that's it."Indira was simply speechless at his blunt answer.Her heart was beating fast.Looking at her expression,Ricky said,"I know your heart is beating very fast,so just calm down."Indira gave disbelief look to him and he looked at him in a way as if it means,"I know each and every beat of your heart."She was just about to make a harsh statement,but at that moment,the flight was announced and the passengers were requested to proceed for their formalities.

The Flight reported at Hethro airport at the right time.Now Ricky collected the information from his source about the hotel in which Indira was residing.He,too,booked the same hotel.On seeing him,standing beside her in the hotel while checking in,Indira asked,"What the hell are you doing here?"Ricky,too,asked in the same manner,"What you think people do in the hotel?"Indira grinned,"I just wanted to know what the hell are you doing in the hotel where Iam boarding?"Ricky replied,"Well I don't find any board tagged here showing this as your personal hotel."Indira found it useless arguing with Ricky,so she muttered,"Disgusting!"and left.Ricky laughed for a while and said,"Your anger always makes me more mad and stubborn for you,sweetheart and I promise you that,one day I'll make you mine forever,you'll only be Mrs Indira Ricky Diwan."

Next day,Indira reached the company,"THE  FRANCIS  CORPORATIONS",15 minutes before the meeting. It was a very big company and contained almost 15 floors.She took a deep breath as this was a very important contract for her company.Indira asked the receptionist where the chairman Mr Francis' cabin is.She told her that its on the top,that is on the 15th floor and showed her the way to the lift.Now Indira had lift fobia.Once during her childhood,she got stuck into the lift of their office and due to lack of oxygen,she was about to die but was saved at the crucial moment.This fear still haunted her and that's why,she shifted her cabin into the ground floor and if she had to go to other companies,she goes into the lift,with the liftman.There,in front of the stairs she was standing with a worried expression in her face since she can't afford to go to 15thfloor using stairs.She was standing like a statue and lost in her own confusion,when,someone's voice broke the chain of her thoughts."Are you thinking of going to the 15th floor using stairs?"She turned and found Ricky standing and smiling at her.She turned her face against him and moved towards the lift.She pressed the lift button,but the door didn't open.Ricky came behind her and said,"Why are you showing my anger to this bichaara lift.It can't tolerate your anger."Saying so,covering Indira from her back and almost leaning on her,giving a seducing smile and with the soft touch of his finger,pressed the button and the door opened.During that period,Indira made a fist and closed her eyes.This time she was not angry,actually his closeness was making her nerves go crazy.Ricky understood her condition and felt very happy,that his presence do affect her.Ricky said,"See it also needs a bit love just like'."and gave a meaningful smile.She opened her eyes and looked at him like a demon.He requested her to get inside the lift.

When she got inside the lift,Ricky pressed the button of the 15th floor.As soon as the lift door closed,Indira closed her eyes and joined her hands and started praying to God.Ricky was constantly staring at her and was confused at her act,but one thing he understood that Indira is scared of lift.Indira was standing by leaning her back on the wall and Ricky was standing opposite to her on the other side.While the lift was going upward,Ricky mocked looking at her,"Well I didn't know that such a big business tycoon,Indira Sharma,is scared of lift."Indira slowly opened her eyes and looked with anger at Ricky and said,"Iam not scared of anything."Ricky again taunted by folding his arms,"So by joining hands were you reciting a poem?"Indira forwarded a bit with rage,"Whatever I do,that should be none of your business."Ricky muttered to himself,"Everything about you is my personal business baby."Indira conjested her brows and asked,"Did you say anything about me?"Ricky sarcastically replied,"Do you want me to say?Well if you want I can say many things about you."Indira raised her finger on him and said,"Listen Ricky,Iam totally not in the mood to fight today,at least with you.So please I request stop bothering me and don't spoil my mood."Ricky narrowed his eyes and in a challenging way said,"I,too,want something to make very clear to you and that is you have to fight with me."At that moment the lift door opened and he completed with a teasing smile,"Forever."He looked at Indira and showed her the way outside the lift.Indira was so confused with his last words that he didn't even realize that they reached the desired floor.When Ricky went out of the lift and called her outside,she became surprised at the thought that after the incident of the childhood,this was the first time when she was in the lift and she was not at all scared or truly speaking she didn't get that time.She kept on staring at Ricky confusingly as they were walking to the Chairman's room.Ricky noticed that she was looking at him.He clapped in front of her face and said,"Hello Miss Sharma,don't you stare at me like that,otherwise you may fall in love with me."Indira immediately removed her eyes from him.They reached the Chairman's cabin.Holding the handle of the door,he leaned a bit over Indira and said,"By the way you'll get enough time in future to stare."Saying so,he pulled the door and both entered inside.

The Chairman Mr Francis' gave them a warm welcome and requested them to take their seat.He praised both of their efforts for well handling the business and increasing its market reputation,that too,at such a tender age.Both Ricky and Indira thanked him.After that without wasting one more second,they started the discussion for the project.After discussing for a long time,Mr Francis requested them to make a presentation regarding their views on this project.He also requested them to make it within 4 hours and present it before them in the conference room before other members.He apologized for this rush as it was his dream project and he didn't want to late in that.Indira and Ricky nodded their head and assured him,they will be totally ready with their presentation within that allotted time.Mr Francis provided them a vacant room where they can do their work without any disturbance.When they arrived in that room,both immediately started their work.Ricky,too,was very serious in his job,so he concentrated completely on his work and didn't disturb or flirt with Indira.

Within 4 hours,they completed their presentation.Indira gave a sarcastic smile and wished Ricky best of luck.He smirked and said,"You worry about yourself because I'll win at all costs."When he reached the conference room.Mr Francis at first requested Indira to give the presentation.When she gives her presentation,her concentration always used to be in her work but that day her attention was deviated at equal intervals,due to the staring act of Ricky at her with that killer smile.Indira was feeling embarrassed to hell.Unknowingly,every time she decides not to look at him,the more her eyes are attracted towards him.After her presentation was done,all praised her but she sat on the chair with a disappointed face,as she herself was not satisfied with her presentation and gave a firy look to Ricky.Now it was Ricky's turn to present.Before starting his presentation he gave a smile to her.He gave his presentation without any diificulties and after he was done,he too was praised.

Mr Francis was terribly impressed by both of their presentation,so,with the consent of all the members,they decided to give the project,to both the companies.Indira jumped up from his seat and said,"No Mr Francis,I won't do the project with the collaboration of Diwan Empire.Its impossible."On the other hand,Ricky said just the opposite.He told,"I have no problem in working with them."His motto behind that was to see Indira everytime.Indira tightened her jaws and was about to say something very harsh to him but at the next moment controlled herself.Mr Francis told that,if they work together then only they will get the contract otherwise not and if they agree,then they will increase the investment amount.She dashed on the chair and thought over it.She thought about the fame they will get in international business if the project is successful.After fighting for a long time with herself,she agreed on the desired condition.So Mr Francis requested them to come tomorrow and they will sign the contract.After shaking their hands,with other members both Ricky and Indira left the conference room.

While walking  towards the lift,Indira asked,"Why the hell were you staring at me?"Ricky,in tururn asked,"Who told you this?"Indira replied,with a straight face,"I have watched you,now just answer my question."Ricky stopped and smiled at her.He taunted,"Oh so you were concentrating on me rather than on your presentation.So sweet."Indira gave a disgusting look to him.He continued,"By the way for your question my anwer is that,if your favourate thing is placed in front of you,your eyes are bound to fall on it.I don't know about others but I'll do it again and again,as Iam not that saint."Indira was about to go when Ricky pulled her and cornered her into the wall.She was very shocked at this sudden act.He blocked her way on both sides with his hands and came very close to her.He whispered,"You are too much attractive for me to avoid you,Honey.Your attitude always makes me more and more crazy about you."He took his face more close to her.Feeling,she was badly trapped,Indira closed her eyes out of fear.At the right moment,Ricky moved away from her and continued,"Moreover God gave us eyes to admire beautiful things."Indira opened her eyes to look at him.She took a deep breath and immediately ran into the lift.

In her suite,the whole night,she could not sleep properly.Today Ricky appeared to be a little bit different to her.She never expected this attitude from him.She was having a strange feeling,which she never felt before.She was very surprised at her own attitude as nothing ever broke her concentration but today,mere a look of him made her world upside down.Ricky flirted with her many times but today when she looked into his eyes while being cornered by him,she could clearly see the intensity of his words.The look which he gave her at that moment making her restless.She was herself confused at her own feelings.She questioned herself again and again and in that process,she fall asleep.

Next day,they went to THE FRANCIS CORPORATION and signed the deal.While returning,in the lift,Ricky continued staring at her with a teasing smile.She,for a second,didn't dare to look at him,not because she didn't trust Ricky but because after the last days' incident she lost confidence on herself.When they were on the 10th floor,suddenly the lift with a strong bump,stopped in the middle.Both of them were shocked.Ricky pressed several button but it didn't work.At that time,via intercom,which was also there inside the lift,an announcement was made that the lift is jammed due to some reasons and will take about half an hour to function properly.On hearing this Indira was scared.The incident of her childhood flashed before her eyes.Her throat dried from inside.She slowly started sweating.Unable to stand anymore,she dashed on the lift floor.Ricky was confused at her behaviour.With concern,he moved towards Indira and sat on his feet,in front of her.He put his right hand on her shoulder and asked,"What happened Indira?Are you feeling sick?"Out of fear,she forgot that its Ricky and she grabbed his hand.She cried and stammered,"I I I'll die now.I I I do don't wanna die.Please s s save m m me."Ricky rubbed her head and lovingly asked,"Tell me whats bothering you?"She slowly told him about her childhood incident.He understood her fear and slowly helped her to stand up.As soon as she stood,the lift made another bump and she with a scream hugged Ricky tightly.Ricky became spellbound at this act.He too slowly hugged her and patted her back to make her feel better.The lift was moving down slowly.While rubbing her head,he said,"Close your eyes Indira and slowly take deep breaths."She closed her eyes.He continued,"I promise I'll never let anything happen to you and I'll always protect you from all evil."She opened her eyes as these were the same words which her father told her after that incident.To her surprise,she felt the same kind of protectiveness in Ricky's arms just like her father.She slowly raised her head from his chest and looked into his eyes.She got lost into it and Ricky slowly wiped her tears.They were still in each others arms when the lift door opened.Suddenly realizing the situation between them,they both broke their hug and came out of the lift.Ricky asked her to sit on the sofa in the reception lounge and requested at the reception for a glass of water.He gave the water to Indira and asked her to drink it slowly.After that,when Indira felt a bit better,both left for their hotel.While on their way,she was so shocked that she didn't utter a single word.

Next day,they went to the airport together to catch the flight to Delhi.While coming out of the cab,in front of the airport,Ricky at first got down from the seat beside the driver and opened the passengers' sit door for Indira.After coming out,she went to the cab's back to take out her luggage,Ricky stopped her and he,himself took out her luggage alonwith hers.She wanted to thank him but was unable to find words.On her way inside,at last she gathered strength and hesitantly said,"Uh-Ricky I I want to thank you for yesterday for helping me inside the lift."Ricky stopped and looked at her with a shocking attitude.He said,"Miss Indira Sharma is thanking me???Is it a dream or reality?"Indira disgustingly nodded her head and continued her way inside when Ricky stopped her.He said,"Ok ok ok jokes apart."He,with a smile,said,"No need to thank me Indira.It was my duty.The pleasure is all mine."Saying this,both entered inside.

After completing all the formalities they were waiting for the final call,when,Indira suddenly asked,"Won't you offer me coffee today?"Ricky looked at her with a jerk and found Indira giving a fade smile to him.He stared at her for sometime and asked,"Are you asking me?"Indira,in Ricky's style replied,"Well I don't know anyone else here."Ricky gave his usual smile and said,"Sure."He brought two cups of coffee and handed one over to her.After taking a sip from the coffee,she asked,"Well you said that,you will win the contract at any case,but its tied,now what you have to say about it?"Ricky replied,"Well if I had lost the contract to you then also I have won because your win is also a kind of win for me."Indira stared at him for sometime and then slowly removed her eyes from his face to her coffee cup.Holding the cup with two hands,she asked,"Why did you want to do business with me?"Ricky asked,"Do you want to hear the truth?"Indira nodded her head.He bluntly replied,"So that I can see you and be with you everyday."She looked at him with a jerk and slowly lowered her eyes.She blushed like a new teenaged girl for the first time.Ricky mesmerizingly looked at her and said,"I never had the idea that a girl can look so heavenly beautiful when she blushes and truly speaking I never imagined that you can do so."This time Indira got angry and asked,"Now what did you mean by that?"Ricky raised both his hands in his defence and said,"Don't misunderstand me actually I have always seen you in a devil avatar that's why.Iam really sorry."At his act of saying sorry Indira couldnot control herself and burst out into laughing.Ricky felt like out of the world as the sound of her laugh was so musical and rhythmic.He,with a hypnotized attitude,asked,"How many shocks you want to give me in a single day?"In order to stop laughing,she turned her face against him.She again turned her face towards him and said,"When we first went into that office,I think seeing my gestures you have already understood a bit about my fear for lift,so you deliberately fought with me so that my attention gets diverted and I don't get scared.Isn't it?"In reply,he just smiled and lowered his head and then looking at her,replied,"Some things do not need words.Do they?"They continued their stare when at that moment,there was an announcement of Delhi passengers to proceed for their flight.Indira got up from her seat and said to Ricky,"Let's go."Ricky replied,"You proceed I'll join you in a moment."Indira moved forward and when she was out of sight,Ricky took her coffee cup which was kept at the handle of her chair.He looked at the lipstick print on the cup and smiled.He then touched the cup with his lips exactly where Indira's lipstick mark was made and took the last sip and then both threw his and her cup into the dustbin and proceeded towards the flight.But he didn't knew that Indira watched him drinking coffee from her cup.That time,with a smile,she blushed to her heart's core.

When they sat beside each other in the flight,Ricky said very seriously,"You know Indira,all the time,earlier,whatever I used to say was just for the sake of irritating you,but whatever I told you inside the lift,each and every word of it was the truth,I really meant that."Indira could easily read the true concern for her in his eyes.They stared at each other for quiet a long time.Feeling the situation,to be very sensitive,he changed the topic and said,"Well I know that we are business rivals,but I have a proposal,that if we maintain this rivalry to our business only and become friends,would you mind?"Indira,on hearing this turned a bit towards him and taunted,"I just said you sorry and you are proposing for friendship.You are very fast forward."Ricky understood the meaning and corrected,"If I had been really fast forward,I would have directly proposed you for marriage."Indira gave a disbelief look but before she could say anything,Ricky continued,"Its just pure and simple friendship nothing else."Without giving reply,she turned her head towards the window.Ricky fearfully forwarded his hands and asked,"So,can we be friends?"She didn't turn her head and so disappointedly,he closed his eyes.He was about to remove his hand when Indira turned and grabbed his hand with a sign of agreeing to his proposal.She warned,"Its just friendship,don't dare to think about anything else."Saying so,she again turned her head towards the window.Ricky gave a meaningful smile and said to himself,"I promise that I'll soon turn this friendship into lifetime commitment of love."Saying so,he leaned on his seat and closed his eyes and after a few minutes,the flight took off to Delhi.

This tour started their journey of friendship which will soon mark the beginning of their LOVE.

After reaching India,while departing Indira and Ricky shook hands.She said,"So see you soon Mr Ricky Diwan."Ricky said,"Not soon...See ypu tomorrow Miss Indira Sharma and if you say about me then I'll see you everyday and I'll feel you each and every second around me."She said,"This poetic versions are too old to impress a girl."Ricky replied,"But the makers of these techniques did a lot of research of women characteristics and nature and that is the reason that the age-old techniques are still working."Indira blushed.He moved close towards her and said,"See it has proved its effects."Indira moved away and said,"Well I have to go now.Mom is waiting for me.See you in my office tomorrow."Rishi said,"And I wishi the tomorrow to come as soon as possible and remain forever.Bye."They both parted.

In Indira's room,Indira was lying down by closing her eyes on her stomach.Kutumb came to her room and saw that Indira was smiling herself.Kutumb found it very strange.She sat beside her on the bed and rubbed her hand on Indira's head and asked,"What happened darling you are smiling?"Indira suddenly opened her eyes and was very surprised to see Kutumb by her side.She asked,"Mom when did you come here?"Kutumb replied,"When you were smiling to yourself.Now tell me what happened."Indira said,"Nothing mom."Kutumb said,"Don't lie to me.Iam your mom.You were very angry before going to London and now you are smiling."Kutumb pulled her leg and asked,"Did Ricky do any kind of magic?"Indira's cheeks turned red.Kutumb remained open-mouthed.She said,"Oh my God!Look at you!My daughter is blushing.Oh God!Only God and I know how much I wanted to see it."Indira said,"Ricky didn't do anything mom.I was thinking something else and moreover I have to see that bluddy Ricky's face everyday now since we have signed a deal where we have to work together."Kutumb exclaimed with happiness and said,"Wow!Iam so so so happy!"Indira glared at her and she said,"No...I have heard that he is a very decent businessman.Its very good to work with successful businessman."Saying she immediately left from there.

In Ricky's bedroom,Ricky was dancing like anything.Simi on hearing the loud music coming from his bedroom,came to see him and found that he was dancing by standing on the top of his bed.Simi put off the music system and Ricky stopped dancing and with a very disturbed look asked,"Mom why did you stop it?"Simi replied,"Look at the condition of your bedroom.What the hell is it?"Ricky replied,"Mom Iam very happy today because from tomorrow Iam going to see your Daughter In Law everyday."Simi was confused.Ricky told her everything about the deal.Simi became very happy to listen to it.She said,"Iam so happy to hear it.Go and win her heart Ricky.I don't want anyone else to be my DIL except her."Ricky replied,"She will be your Daughter In Law only.I promise."Simi kissed on her son's forehead.

Next day,while Indira was going to office,Kutumb stopped her and gave a lunch box.Indira asked,"Why is it for?"She replied,"Its for you.Who else do you expect?I know you take lunch in office.But today I packed lunch for you because you're growing very thin darling and moreover I packed lunch for 2 persons.You share with Ricky.He'll also feel happy to see home-made food.You know..."Indira sarcastically replied,"Ya I understand everything.Now you listen to me carefully that he is just my partner in this project nothing else.I took this decision for the good of my company so please stop treating him like your son in law."Kutumb angrly said,"Its your nature to take everything in a twisted way just like your father.Your father was no less than a headache in my life that you too arrived."Indira asked,"Then you didn't you divorce him?The whole problem would have been solved.Isn't it?"Kutumb replied,"Its useless to talk with you.Do whatever you want."Indira left from there but while going she smiled looking at the lunch pack.Ricky,too,when he was leaving,Simi said,"Ricky listen to me carefully,no matter what is the time or whatever may be the situation,if while completing your work,it becomes dark,then you have to drop Indira to her home and never leave her alone.Do you get that?"Ricky replied,"Ye mom,I get that."Simi said,"And yes today take her to a good restaurant and both of you take munch and yes whenever you both go to dine,never let her pay the bill."Ricky seeing her concern for Indira,teased,"Mom don't you think that you are concerning more to your Daughter in Law than your son?"Simi said,"Of course she is my one and only Daughter in Law.Its my duty to be worried about her."Ricky said,"Mom she has not still become your Daughter in Law."Simi replied,"She will be."Ricky gave a teasing smile and then left.

Ricky arrived in Indira's office.She welcomed him and took him to her cabin.On reaching the cabin,Indira was all set to begin their discussion when Ricky said,"After almost 24 hours we are meeting and after meeting only you started to work.Now that's not fair."Indira got confused and she asked,"What do you mean?"He replied,"I mean...uh...Don't you think that since we will be working with each other so...we should know each other in a far more better way.I mean...it'll be good for our relation...I mean business relation."Indira said,"For the purpose of business relation,upto what we know about each other that's enough.Now can we start?"Unwantedly,Ricky gave his consent.They started their discussion over the project.During the lunch time,Ricky stopped the discussion and said,"Let's go and have lunch outside.Iam starving."Indira said,"No need to go outside.My mom packed me lunch and the amount will be sufficient for us both."Ricky gave a broad smile and said,"How sweet your mom is.Say thanks to her on my behalf.By the way,Iam getting bored in ths environment.I need some fresh air and if companion is so beautiful then I would like to enjoy the fresh air.Ok lets go to your canteen."Indira got up and said,"Stop flirting Ricky!Lets go!"Before she could go,Ricky pulled her towards him by her her arms and untied her hair and then said,"Beauty should be hidden and sometimes it is good to be what you are and moreover we are not going for any business lunch."Indira said,"Iam doing business with you Mr Ricky Diwan but that doesn't give you any authority to do whatever you want."Ricky replied,"Some authorities can neither be given,nor taken but is achieved and I believe that one day,I'll attain that authority to use it everytime whenever I like."Indira give a deep sigh and said,"Its useless talking with you."Ricky laughed and replied,"My mom too says that."Indira disappointedly nodded her head and they both left.

As days passed by,due to this project,they became very good friends.Alternate meetings were held in both the offices.One day,Ricky invited her for a casual dinner date.When In dira arrives,on seeing her,Ricky made a face.On seeing his expressions,she asked,"What?"He confusingly asked," Do you always use this official get up even in private parties?"She asked,"What do you mean?"He replied,"Just look at you,it seems you don't know anything other than your work.Your life seemed to be a colourless one.You are just so workaholic and you have closed yourself around the shell of your office."Indira said,"Oh please Ricky,just stop talking like my mom."Ricky happily said,"That means me and my Mom in Law have the same thinking.Very good."Indira asked,"Excuse me???"Ricky immediately corrected himself,"I mean...See your mom too thinks like me and moms are always correct."Indira asked,"So do you want me to leave from here right now?"Ricky stared at her for sometime and then said,"Yes."Indira gave him a disbelief look.Ricky without saying her anything and without letting her say anything grabbed her hand and dragged her towards his car and opened the door and asked her to sit.Indira couldn't understand anything as if everything was going above her antenna which really was.Indira,with confused expressions,sat inside and drove her to her home.

On reaching Indira's home,Ricky came out and opened the car door.She asked,"Why did you bring me back to my home?"Ricky said,"Go to your home,change this attire and wear a beautiful and pretty dress just like you."Indira asked,"What the hell is this Ricky?Why are you behaving like a kid?"Ricky replied,"If you think me to be a kid so be it.Just get inside and wear some decent dress not this one otherwise I'll never call you for any private party."Saying Ricky dragged Indira to her home and rang the calling bell.One of the servants opened the door.Ricky and Indira entered inside and he called Kutumb.Indira yelled at him,"What the hell are you doing Ricky?How dare you enter my house like that?"At that moment,Kutumb came and on seeing Ricky she totally became overwhelmed.Totally ignoring Indira,Kutumb went to Ricky and said,"Hullo Ricky!How are you beta?Indira always talks about you."Indira asked,"What?When did I?"Ricky said,"Look at her aunty,I invited her for a date and she came wearing this...this junk.My mood just crashed on seeing her like that but I don't want to spoil my date,so please...please make her wear something decent."Kutumb said,"You are right Ricky.Indira is very boaring just like her father,but don't worry I'll see to it."Saying against her will,Kutumb dragged Indira to her bedroom.Ricky was waiting outside patiencelessly and after sometime,Kutumb brought her to the hall.When Ricky turned towards them,he could not move his eyes off her.Indira was wearing a golden coloured sleeveless salwar with Ricky's most beautiful view,Indira's long hair falling on her back with a light touch of make-up.Without even knowing,Ricky uttered,"Beautiful!"He said to Kutumb,"Aunty you have magical touch in your hand."Kutumb said,"Now you can take her and enjoy yourself."Ricky took Indira's hand and then left with her.

Indira and Ricky were sitting face-to-face in the table.Ricky was continuously staring at Indira silently.At last,Indira asked,"Ricky what the hell are you staring at me for such a long time?Why aren't you saying something?"Ricky asked,"Shall I?I mean...if you get angry then what?"Indira gave a what' look.She said,"If you want to say something then please say it,don't create this suspense or else if you are interested in creating any kind of suspense then keep it with you.Iam not interested."Ricky took some time and said,"I love you Indira.Will you marry me?"Indira took some time to get what exactly did Ricky said.When she finally got it.She yelled,"What??"Everyone in the restaurant stared at her.Without noticing anything,Ricky,in a cool voice said,"I said I-love-you.Will you marry me?"Indira didn't know what to say at that moment.He asked,"Are...Are you...Are you out of your mind Ricky?Are you kidding?Do you know what you are saying?"Ricky replied,"Iam neither smiling Indira nor Iam in the mood to joke and getting angry and shouting at me like this will not change my decision.I love you Indira and not from today but from the moment I saw you from the first time,I fall in love with you.No matter whether you accept my proposal or not but I will love you always and except you no one will be my wife and I mean it."Indira's mood was already spoiled and on hearing that,she was totally devastated.She decided to leave from there.She asked her driver to leave.She was about to call him when Ricky interrupted and proposed to take her to home but Indira said,"Whatever you have done,that was enough Ricky.Now just leave me alone."Saying she left the restaurant and called for a taxi outside and left from there.At night,while Indira was brushing her hair,in front of her dressing table,suddenly her eyes fall outside the window.She saw,Ricky was standing outside and walking.Indira walked towards the window and Ricky too saw her.Both had an eye-lock.On seeing her,Ricky waved hand and passed a smile.He send a text message in Indira's phone:

"I know you don't want to talk to me.I came here because I just wanted to make it sure that you reached safely.No I can go home relaxed.Bye.Good night and I love you."

Indira looked outside the window and found Ricky already left.

Days passed by,Indira delayed the meeting with Ricky and if ever she had to meet him in the office,she used to meet him alongwith her manager.At home,Indira everytime remained either alone or busy in her work.Kutumb noticed it.One day,she asked Indira about it and Indira at first avoided it,but later told her everything.Kutumb said,"Listen Indira,I can understand what you are going through.I know you are confused,but baby for that you should not forget that you too are a human being.You have a life other than office.Now its your age to see the other phase of life,the most beautiful phase.Please come out of your shell baby and see the outer world."Indira sent Kutumb away.Before leaving,Kutumb said,"See Indira,what you want to do with Ricky that's your personal choice,but for me,you'll not get a better life partner than Ricky because I have seen the genuine concern for you in his eyes.Think about it for once."Saying Kutumb left.

Indira kept on thinking about Kutumb's words alone in her room.Suddenly,she heard a sound on her balcony.She was totally stunned to see Ricky standing on the relling of her balcony and looking at her.Indira was terrified to see him like that.She asked,"What are you doing Ricky?"Ricky said,"What do I do you say me Indira.You stopped talking with me.We meet only during meetings and that too often.Whenever I call you,you don't receive my phone.Are you upset with my proposal?If yes than Iam so sorry.I didn't mean to upset you.If you don't love me then its absolutely fine.But please give an answer.If you say no then I promise,for that,nothing will change between us.Our friendship will be just as it was and I'll never force you for anything but if its yes,then I promise,I'll love you more than my life and I'll never let tears come into your eyes.Please give an answer."Indira confusingly thought about it.Indira said,"Iam confused...I don't know what to do."Rishi climbed onto the balcony and came to Indira and said,"Don't take panic,if you want time,I can give my whole life,but whatever decision you take,just take from your heart,just listen to your heart.Iam going.Good night."Ricky turned to go,suddenly Indira from the back called,"Ricky???"He turned and looked at Indira.Indira said,"I love bengan ka bharta.Whenever Iam angry mom makes it for me.So..."She turned towards him and said,"If I ever get angry on you.You have to make the dish all by yourself without anyones help and without any mistake.Can you do it?"Ricky asked,"Ok but when to make it?"Indira looked at him with a slight smile on her face and said,"When I'll come permanently in your home."Ricky said,"Perma..."At that moment,Rishi got what Indira had exactly said.He gave a jump high in the air and opened his arms.Indira ran into his arms and hugged him tightly.Ricky said,"I'll make your favourate dish the best you have ever tasted.I promise.I love you."Indira said,"I love you too."Ricky broke the hug and from his trouser's pocket took out a ring and inserted it into Indira's finger.She asked,"When did you purchase it?"He replied,"When I decided to propose you."Indira said,"But there's a problem in there.What about our fathers?I mean dad will never agree to this alliance."Ricky said,"Don't worry.Do you know mom loves you very much and she is waiting for the day,when you'll come in our house as my brideI know she can manage dad too.I trust my mom because nothing is impossible for her.After all,rivalry is in business not in relationships."Indira said,"My mom too like you very much.But Iam afraid of my dad."Ricky huged her back and said,"Don't worry everything will be just fine."Indira closed her eyes in his arms.

Indira and Ricky started dating with each other and after a few days,respectively told everything about their relationship to their fathers,Inder Sharma and Aniruddh Diwan respectively.In Indira's home,when Inder came to know about it,he was very angry on Indira and scolded her for choosing their rival family but Kutumb tried to persuade her calmly.She said,"See I know you are angry,but love doesn't seek destination before entering into lives.It is God's gift and they didn't but he chose them.Look at her eyes,she really loves him and she'll be happy only with him.Rivalry is in business not in hearts.I will not force ypu for anything.But think what you want.Do you want a husband for Indira who is rich or a husband who will love her.Do you want to see your daughter enjoying a lavish life or a life full of love."This thing made Inder tensed.he thought about it for a long time and then finally went to his daughter and asked,"Do you love Ricky?"She nodded her head.He asked,"Do you think he'll take care of you and give you all the happiness for the whole life?"She again nodded her head.Inder said,"Ok I'll talk to them."Indira out of happiness hugged her father and thanked him.In Ricky's house,Simi didn't persuade her husband,but blackmailed him and said,"If Indira doesn't come in this house as Ricky's bride then I'll not let Ricky marry anyone else.Mark my words."Now Aniruddhis very scared of his wife,so without asking anything to Ricky,he agreed to talk with them.Ricky said,"Mom you are just great!"Simi replied,"What to do when your father doesn't understand anything but blackmailing."Both the families talked and fixed a date of meeting.

In a 5 star hotel suite,they met.Inder asked Ricky,"Are you using my daughter for business purpose?"Ricky said,"No,I genuinely love her."Inder asked,"Will you make her happy forever?"Ricky replied,"I promise and if ever I fail,that will be the last day of my life."Inder said,"I love my daughter very much and she loves you and I can't do any kind of compromise with her life and happiness.So I give my consent to this alliance."Aniruddh said,"I too was not ready for this marriage,but I too accepted the relation for my family.I too give my consent to this marriage."Both the families except the respective heads were very happy.Indira and Ricky took all the elders' blessings.



"C'mon c'mon baby look at me,look at me fisrt."Indira clled out.Ricky said,"No don't look at her,look at me."Both Ricky and Indira were fighting.A small baby girl was playing with her baby doll and all the time looked at Indira when she called and then looked at Ricky when he called.Indira said,"No baby look at mamma.See see call mamma now.Call mamma."Ricky said,"No don't call mamma,call dada.Call dadda.You are my dolly princess right.Call dadda first."The baby girl was none other but PAAYRA.PAAYRA  RICKY  DIWAN.Indira and Ricky's 1.5 years old daughter.Indira and Ricky were a happily married couples of 4 years.Both their fathers did not accept them at first but later on,they accepted them with all their heart.Indira became Aniruddh's favourate and often used save him from her MIL's blackmailing and Ricky in turn also won Inder's heart.After 2.5 years of their marriage,Paayra was born.She is apple of everyones eyes.While Indira and Ricky were fighting,suddenly Paayra uttered,"M-mma d-dda."Indira asked,"What did you say?"Rishi said,"Tell once again."Paayra said,"Mamm-mma dadd-dda."Indira and Ricky were the happiest person on the earth.Ricky took her in his arms and Indira too played with her.After some time ofplay,Paayra herself fall asleep in her father's arms and both the parents slept by her side.

Indira and Ricky's rivalry found the way of friendship which ended in love and with a whole family to love,they lived happily ever after.

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Rishi Kumar and Indira Sharma work in the same software company.Rishi is smart,dashing,handsome,fun-loving guy and the heart-throb of all his female colleagues.He dated many girls but never fall in the trap of the so called concept known as 'love',whereas Indira is a sweet,simple and typically a girl next door.Both are exactly opposite to each other or in short it can be said that they are like North-Pole and South-Pole.But,the one thing that connects them is their selfless and true friendship.

Its been almost 5 years since they are working together.Both share their happinessess,sorrows etc everything among each other.In short,both their lives are just like an open book in front of each other.But as it is said,"OPPOSITE  POLES  ATTRACT  EACH  OTHER."So,following that law,Indira slowly fall for Rishi,but she didn't know what exactly he thinks about her because he always treated her just like a friend.

Now,recently Indira noticed a strange change in the behaviour of Rishi.He was no longer that traditional Rishi whom she knew till now.He started remaining lost and in a dreamy condition and also showed some well known symptoms of being fallen in love.Indira tried many times to ask him about it,but never got the opportunity.At last,the opportunity came but it was grabbed,not by Indira but by Rishi.It was 14th February,the famous and most awaited by all lovers,THE VALENTINES DAY.In the afternoon,the moment Indira got up from her chair to go to Rishi's cabin,she found,with utmost surprise,Rishi entering her cabin with a gift box.Indira's heart bumped with most awaited anticipation.Though she was dancing from inside,but,still acted to make a straight face.She was about to ask Rishi about his activities now-a-days,but he stopped her in the middle and said,"Listen Indira,I know,my activities,now a days have appeared to be very wiered to you and I also know that,this is bothering you very much and you,too,know that until and unless I share this with you,I won't be able to sleep tonight.So today I have come to answer all your expected questions and also to ease my anxiety."He stopped to take a breathe as he spoke all this almost breathlessly.Indira,who was staring at him,said,"Please continue.Iam waiting."Rishi thanked her and after clearing his throat said,"I don't know whether you'll be able to believe or not,but I think'.."He took a pause,"Iam in love."Indira remained open-mouthed.Seeing her reaction,he disappointedly said,"I knew it.I knew you would be shocked and not at all going to believe it.But it's the truth.Really."Indira could see the purity of his feelings and the truthfulness of his words in his eyes.Though her heart was beating very fast,still,with a calm attitude,she mocked,"Who's that unlucky girl,who dared to choose you?"Rishi said,"Well she's not unlucky,actually'.."He said,with a dreamy look,towards the window,"Iam the luckiest person." Indira blushed to the hell thinking about the way Rishi considered her.She,still,with a straight attitude asked,"How she looks like?"Rishi replied,with a smile,"Haaye what more could I say about her.She is just beyond any words.In one word I can say,she is the best and the most beautiful woman in the whole world."With those words of him,Indira turned pale as she knew,she was not that beautiful,even Rishi said that many times.She,still,with a kind of friendly formality,lowering her eyes asked,"May I know her name?"Rishi gave her that gift box,"Well I won't tell you.This box contained her photo.If you want you can see it or you'll have to wait till evening,when I'll be officially proposing her in the valentine's day party."Before Indira could say anything,Rishi said,"Ok I have to make preparations for tonight,so I have to leave.Meet you in the party.Bye."When Rishi was leaving her cabin,a drop of tear fall from Indira's eyes.She felt like crying at that moment,but with much strength,she controlled her emotions.She didn't want to see the photo,so she kept the box inside her purse and left for her home.

In the evening,Indira was crying,burying her face in the pillow,when Rishi called her.She wiped her tears and picked up the phone unwillingly and said,"Yes Rishi."Rishi asked,"Hey Indira where are you?When you'll be coming?"Indira replied,"I won't be coming today.I have some personal work."Rishi shockingly asked,"What???How could you say that?You know how special today is for me.Iam going to propose her today damn it."He stubbornly continued,"I don't know,you have to come,otherwise,Iam,too not going to the party.My whole planning will then be spoiled today and for that only you'll be held responsible remember it."He cut the phone angrily.Indira,too,was upset,but she couldnot afford to hurt Rishi,so unwillingly,she made up her mind to go to the party.She imagined how angry would Rishi be,so she decided to wear a chiffon saree of Rishi's favourate colour that is royal blue to cool down his anger.

The party was given by the boss of the company,in his farm house,where Rishi and Indira worked.It was arranged beautifully.There were musicians who will play soft romantic music to make the mood.Rishi was waiting for Indira eagerly.Putting an end to his anxiety,Indira entered the hall.Everybody's eyes were on Indira.She was looking just ravishing.She pinned the pallu of her saree properly with the shoulder portion of her sleeveless blouse which exposed her bare waist alongwith her perfect figure.Her open hair with light make-up added more perfection to her dress-up.Rishi was too looking very hot in his white T-shirt,with white blazer and deep-blue jeans.He,with a smile,came towards her and welcomed her.Both came and joined the party.The musicians started playing the music.It was soft and beautiful but was not at all liked by Rishi.He stepped up to the stage towards the musicians and snatched the guitar from one's hand.He then dragged a chair onto the centre of the hall,turned it and sat leaning his chest on the back of the chair with the guitar in his hand.

Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

Tu waqt mere liye,main hu tera lamha.

Kaise rahega bhalaa,hoke tu mujhse juda.


Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

Everyone started enjoying the song and danced with it.Only Indira was standing quietly with a sad face.

[ Aakho se parke tujhe,dil pe maine likha.

Tu ban gaya hai meri jeene ki ek vajah. ] (2)

Teri hasi,teri adaa,auro se hai,bilkul judaa.


Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

He got up from the chair and sang roaming around the hall.

[ Aakhen teri shabnami,chehra tera aaina.

Tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen daastaan. ] (2)

Dil mein hai kya,kuch to bataa,kyu hai bhala khud se khafaa.


Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

Tu waqt mere liye,main hu tera lamha.

Kaise rahega bhalaa,hoke tu mujhse juda.


Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

Everyone clapped at Rishi's performance.His boss said,"Well Rishi,you did have many girls in your life in the past.But this is the first time in the last 5 years that you sang such a lovely romantic number.I think this time you are in love."Rishi blushed,"Yes Iam and today in front of all I want to say something."He took the mike and got up on the stage.He said,"Well I can't give speech like the boaring professors of my college.I have flirted with many girls in my life,told many lies,just to impress them. But today whatever I'll say,is just the truth,whatever I feel.There is someone,who has taken a special place in my heart,a permanent place,which can't be replaced by anyone.I want to say her that'.."With a pause and a serious expression,he continued,"I love you.I love you with all my heart and I'll love you till the last breath of my life.Till now,I have proposed many girls to be my valentine but today I want to confess my love to someone."Someone from among the guest shouted and asked her name.Indira turned back to leave the hall as she didn't want to hear the name.Rishi noticed it.He continued,"Its said that a best friend have all the qualities to become the best life partner,the most important quality of whose is understanding.So'.."He called out her name,"Indira,if you have no objection,then from Miss Indira Sharma,would you like to be Mrs Indira Rishi Kumar?"Indira stopped with a jerk and turned towards Rishi.Everyone surprisingly looked at her as they knew that both were friends and that was the least shock expected by all including Indira.Rishi,with a smile,said,"You know what Indira,you have a very bad habit and that is you try to hide your feelings at which you are very poor.Your eyes are like mirror which clearly shows my reflection.I know you do love me just as I do or may be more than me.Today I just want to ask you one thing."He stepped down from the stage and slowly moved towards her.He put out a small box from his blazer's inside pocket and opened it.There was a beautiful ring.He kneeled down and forwarded the ring towards her and asked,"Will you marry me?"Tears were falling from Indira's eyes.She was so mesmerized at the way of his propose that she became speechless.With tears in her eyes and with a smile shivering on her lips,Indira slowly nodded her head and with a slow motion,forwarded her left hand.Rishi inserts the ring in her finger and then held her hand.He slowly got up on his feet and pulled her towards him.He wiped her tears and said,"I love you Indira."Indira,too replied,"I love you too,Rishi."They hugged each other tightly and everyone clapped.

The dimmed lights were turned on and there was a slow Beethoven tune playing on which all the couples were dancing including Indira and Rishi.They were lost in each other's eyes.After some time,taking the benefit of the dimmed light,Rishi grabbed Indira's hand and both fled outside.

When they came out in the lawn,Indira stopped Rishi.She confusingly asked,"Rishi,why did you then give me that box?"He replied,"Actually I wanted to see your reaction on seeing the gift matter and as I presumed you were upset.Then I thought you might have opened it at your home,but when you came into the party,by your facial expression I understood that you didn't open.Well if you want you can open it now."While opening the box,she said,"But you said,she's the most beautiful woman,so I'.."She opened the gift and found it was a mirror.Rishi,stood by her back and slowly said,"Probably you have never seen your image properly in the mirror,if you did,you would have realized how beautiful you are."She blushed like hell on seeing her image on the mirror.He turned her towards him and said,"Physical beauty gradually diminishes Indira,it's the heart,whose beauty remains evergreen.By the way,you did the right thing,by not opening the gift.Otherwise'.."He put his hand on her back and pulled her closer and said,"The confession would have never been so beautiful like today."They were again lost into each other's eyes which was again broken by Rishi.He said,"Sorry I forgot to wish you,Happy Valen-"Indira cut his words by putting her finger on his lips and said,"For us its Happy 'Confession' Valentines Day."Rishi came more closer to her and asked,"So,wheres my Valentine Day gift?"Indira apologized,"Sorry I don't have now.I'll give it later."Rishi whispered in her ears,"But I can take it now."Indira,guessing a bit his intentions,fearfully asked,"How?"Rishi looked into her eyes and very naughtily said,"Well in this way."He moved his hand from her back to her bare waist.As soon as he touched her waist,Indira's feet started to shiver and in order to balance her,she put her hand around Rishi's neck.Without breaking the look,Rishi slowly,touched her lips with his for a second or two and then he removed it.Rishi slowly whispered,"Can I have this gift?"Indira was so mesmerized with the warmth of that touch that she had closed her eyes.She slowly opened her eyes and said,"Yes."Now Indira herself took the initiative and locked Rishi's lips with her in a deep and passionate kiss.


                                                             THE END.

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Rishi and Indira left SN after their remarriage in front of the society (during Munna's remarriage).She assured that the responsibility of Ishaan's and Seher's future will be her as well as the minimum needs of SN.Both Rishi and Indira moved in a rented flat to start their married life afresh.Months passed by and Rishi due to his hard work got promotion very soon as well as there is an increment in his salary.Now it became easier for both to bear all the expenses.They faced hard times due to financial crisis but that never came in between their love.Now Indira spends th of her income over SN especially the kids and gives that much money to the other members which is needed to cover their minimum personal expenses.

                                                                                                  One day Rishi returned from office a bit late.Indira asked,"Aap aajkal kitna late karne lage hai Rishi?Itni der tak kaam karenge to aapki tabiyat kharaab ho jaayegi na?"Rishi smiled and replied,"To kya hua shrimatiji,tab to achcha hi hai na aap uske baad hamesha mere paas rahengi,mera dhyaan rakkhengi.Aap to mere saari bimaariyao ki davaayi ho."Saying ha was slowly moving towards her in a mischievious manner.Indira was moving behind without breaking the eye-lock and the suddenly her back hit the dining table.She,was totally stuck and now in order to save herself,quickly picked up a knife and raised it on his face and said,"Agar aisa vaisa kuch karne ke baare mein socha bhi to'.."Her eyes tossed on the knife,but Rishi was not at all scared.He said,"To kya karengi?Mujhe maarengi?Main to apni jaan aapke hawaale kabka kar chuka hu.Ab maut mera kya bigaar legi.Ab to mar bhi jaau'.."She immediately threw the knife and hugged him tightly.She closed her eyes and let her nerves cool down.She broke the hug and said,"Aap hamesha marne ki baate karte rehte hai,aapko pata hai na mujhe ye sab bilkul pasand nehi hai.Aapko meri kasam hai agar phir kabhi aapne aisa kaha to."She turned her face angrily against him.Rishi placed her hand on his and said,"Aapko dar laga?Iam sorry,main aage se kabhi aisi baate nehi karunga promise."Indira looked at him and then smiled,"Its ok.Par aagey se dhyaan rakhna."He nodded his head and then brought her a bit closer to herself and then naughtily said,"Ab jab aapne maaf kar hi diya hai to'.."He slowly brought his face near her and then said,"Ek pyaar si,sweet si,kisss'.."Indira pushed him away and said,"Office se aane ke baad bhi mere paas dhero kaam rehte hai.Jaiye jaakar change kijiye,mujhe abhi rotia bhi banaani hai."Rishi made a face and muttered,"Huh!Hitler biwi kahiki.Shaadi ke baad bhi itna sharmaati hai."Indira,listened it but still innocently asked,"Aapne kuch kaha kya?"He replied,"Meri majaal jo main aap se kuch kahu.Mujhe apni shaadishuda life ka band nehi bajaana."Saying he left to his bedroom.

                                                                                                   After sometime,Rishi came out of the bedroom, buttoning his shirt and while doing so,his eyes fall on Indira who was preparing for the dinner.She was making a dough of the flour and all the time putting the strand of hair behind her ear which was constantly falling on her face disturbing her attention.The naughty and mischievious part inside Rishi immediately started tickling him.He slowly came towards her and with the soft touch of his hand started pressing Indira's arms.She asked,"Ye aap kya kar rahe hai Rishi?"He replied,"Rotia banaane mein aapke haath dukh rahe hai na to main dabaa raha hu."His hands then slowly moved towards her waist and hugged her by her waist.With soft touch of his lips,he kissed on her shoulders.Her whole body for that moment was shaken.It was not that Rishi was doing that for the first time,but each and everytime,all her nerves react to it.She asked,"Ye aap kya kar rahe hai Rishi?Choriye mujhe,mujhe kaam karna hai."He was fully enjoying what he was doing.While kissing on her earlobe,he said,"To main aapko kaunsa rok raha hu apna kaam karne se.Aap apna kijiye aur main aapna karta hu."Indira asked,"Aapko koi aur kaam nehi hai kya?"He said,"Ghar mein aane ke baad har pati ka sirf ek hi kaam hota hai,apni biwi se dher saara pyar karna aur dher saara pyar lena."His hands then travelled from her waist again to her arms.He forcefully turned her towards himself and then trapped her inside his arms.Indira now became a caged bird and in a low voice,she pleaded,"Please Rishi,mujhe choriye.Agar abhi maine khaana nehi banaaya to aapko bhuka sona parega."Rishi joined his head with her and then said,"Abhi to main filhaal pyar ka bhukha hu."Saying he slowly started lowering his head to reach her lips and Indira's whole body was melting in his arms and she was blushing like hell.But before Rishi could reach at his destination,he screamed aloud with pain and in that opportunity Indira freed herself from his grip.It was nothing but Indira stamped on his feet very hard.Indira moved away from him and Rishi,while grabbing on one of the dining table chair,made a very painful face and said,"Ye cheating hai shrimatiji."Indira replied,"Aap hi kehte hai na pyar aur jung mein sab jaayaz hai.Maine to sirf aapki baat hi maani hai."Indira started mocking him through her eyes and Rishi just could not able to tolerate it.As soon as he felt a bit relieved from his pain,he ran to catch her.Indira med him run all over the house.At last,she ran and entered inside her room and Rishi too entered inside and locked it from inside.

                                                                                                   Rishi gave a naughty smile to her and started unbuttoning his shirt.On finding herself badly trapped and on seeing his activities,she guessed what was his intentions.She raised her finger on his face and said,"Agar aapne aisa vaisa kuch karne ke baare mein socha bhi na to'..to thik nehi hoga."Both were standing on either side of the bed.Rishi asked,"Aisa vaisa kya shrimatiji?"She stammered,"Vo-vohi jo aapke dimaag mein chal raha hai."He again asked,"Mere dimaag mein kya chal raha hai?"She replied,"Zyaada bhole banne ki zarurat nehi hai.Aap jaisa soch rahe hai main aapko vaisa karne nehi dungi.Main aapko apne plan mein kaamyaab nehi hone dungi."He said,"RK is a born winner shrimatiji.Jo main ek baar tey kar leta hu,vo to main karke hi chorta hu."Indira desperately tried to escape from the scene and in that process,Indira climbed up on the bed to reach the either side upto the door,but Rishi at the right time grabbed her hand pulled her forcibly down on the bed and then he climbed on top of her.He grabbed her hands tightly and then said,"Ab kaha jaayengi aap bachke?Kaha tha na aap mujhse nehi jeet sakti."Saying,he slowly kissed on her chheks and then stared at her eyes.

Labon ko labon pe sajao.
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao.

His eyes then fall on her lips.

Labon ko labon pe sajao.
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao.

He then hugged her and buried his head on her neck and started kissing their followed by his kisses on her forehead,eyes,noses and corner of her lips.

Tod do khud ko Tum 
Banhon mein meri 
Banhon mein meri 
Banhon mein meri 
Banhon mein.

Banhon mein meri 
Banhon mein meri 
Banhon mein meri 
Banhon mein.

Rishi at that time loosened his grip thinking that Indira might not fled away now and she utilized that opportunity and pushed his away from over her.She again made faces and mocked at him.She was playing on his nerves.She,again trying to save herself from Rishi fled away inside the washroom but before she could lock it,Rishi grabbed the handle from the either side so tightly that it became impossible for her to lock it anymore and so the handle from her hand slipped and Rishi entered inside and locked it.He fully unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the floor.His naked physique always intoxicates her and forces her nerves to surrender before him but she always preferred to struggle before complete surrender.Since the washroom size is not big enough to hide or save so Rishi easily caught hold of her and pulled her towards himself.He turned on the shower and allowed each other's nerves to cool down.He pinned her on the wall but she turned against him for her last try to save herself.He slowly opened the hook of her suit and while opening the chain,as the bare skin of Indira's back started exposing,he too started kissing there.Now that was the last line of her control over herself which Rishi broke.His kisses were acting like anaesthesia,which was relieving her nerves from excitement.Rishi released her from the grip of her clothes.She slowly turned towards him and allowed him to fully wrap her inside his arms but still she tried to cover her up but Rishi's loving welcome to the world of passion was unable to ignore by her.He then covered her body with his in such a way as if water is also not allowed to pass.

Tere ehsaason mein bheege lamhato mein.
Mujhko doobati tishnagi si hain.
Teri adao se dilkash khatao se.
In lamho mein zindagi si hai.

The water falling on their body helped them more to sink in each others arms.The water droplets formed in her lips pulled him like a magnet and he pecked her lips with hisBoth were not able to stand anymore since the excitement and the eagerness to be one was actiong all over the body.So,in order save themselves from falling,Rishi supported his body with his hands on the wall and Indira supported herself by grabbing him.

Haya ko zara bhool jao.
Mere hi tarah pesh aao.
Hone do khud ko tum. 
Raaton mein meri. 
Raaton mein meri. 
Raaton mein meri. 
Raaton mein.

Labon ko labon pe sajao.
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao.

He put off the shower and then moved himself a bit away from her.He wiped out the water from her body and then covered her with a towel followed by himself.He picked her up and moved towards their bed.He gently put her on the bed and joined her.She too welcomed him open minded.He removed the last piece of clothes in their body and encountered in a passionate love making.Indira too immersed herself fully in the ocean of passion.

Tere zajbaaton mein mehki si saason mein.
Yeh jo mehek sandali si hai. 
Dil ki panaahon mein bikhri si aahon mein. 
Sone ki khwahish jagi si hai. 

He filled her face with kisses and inspected each inch of her body with the soft touch of his finger making her go mad and mad.He again kissed on her lips and then entered her.Indira closed her eyes with the feel of pleasure.He kissed on her shoulder,eyes with his wet lips.

Chehre se chehra chupao.
Seene ki dhadkan sunaao.
Dekh lo khud ko tum. 

Aakhon mein meri. 
Aakhon mein meri. 
Aakhon mein meri. 
Aakhon mein.

They grabbed each other's hands tightly to bear the excitement,pain and pleasure of love making.

Labon ko labon pe sajao.
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao.

Rishi joined his hand with Indira after their love-making.Both were taking breaths very heavily.He put his head on her shoulder to control their heart-beat.Both closed their eyes and remained mum for sometime.After sometime,he again raised his head to meet her eyes.He smiled naughtily and said,"Kaha than a shrimatiji,RK se jeetna mushkil hi nehi naamumkin hai.Dekha aakhir kaar maine apna mission complete kar hi liya."Indira replied,"Aap isliye jeete kyuki maine aapko jeetne diya."He said,"Jaise bhi ho mujhe to jeetne se matlab hai."He lowered his face on her and whispered,"I love you."Indira too replied back,"I love you too."He then sealed her lips with his and Indira too wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him more close to her.

                                                          THE  END.

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RISHI  DIWAN,the main male protagonist of the story is the Managing Director of the DIWAN  EMPIRE and the one and only son of the owner of this company Mr Ranveer Diwan and his wife Mrs Simi Diwan.He is very serious in the matters of business and his work but never carries a bossy attitude.He is very witty,flirty,playful and shares a very friendly and sweet relation with his staffs.

INDIRA  SHARMA,the main female protagonist of the story,is the Managing Director of the SHARMA  GROUP  OF  INDUSTRIES and the one and only daughter among the two children of the owner of this company Mr Inder Sharma and his wife Mrs Kutumb Sharma.She is a disciplinarian in her office but possesses a very sweet character outside.

Now DE,SOI and another company Agarwaal Builders (AB) decided to build the biggest,luxurious and the most expensive resorts in Delhi in collaboration with each other.As the proposal was given by DE,so,the MD's of the other two companies were requested for attending a meeting in DE office to sign the deal.So,Indira and Natasha Agarwaal,the MD of AB reached DE office.

Rishi's PA welcomed them and took them inside Rishi's cabin.He was playing video games in LCD  TV.On seeing them,he put off the TV and welcomed them inside.Rishi shook hand with Natasha at first.He gave his most attractive smile to her and said,"Welcome to Diwan Empire Miss Natasha Agarwaal and I must say that you are looking very gorgeous and very sexy today."He winked.Natasha blushed and thanked.While talking,she put the strand of hair,that was falling on her face,behind her ears.But Rishi grabbed her fingers and stopped her from doing  that.He cutely said,"Rehne dijiye na ye lat yu chehre par dhale huye hi achche lagte hai."Natasha said,"Aap kaafi interesting kisam ke insaan hai Mr Diwan."Rishi made a sad face and said,"Yehi to kar di na aapne gairo waali baat.Ab to hum partners banne waale hai so call me just Rishi,sunne mein bohot apna sa feel hota hai."Natasha played with his suit's collar and said,"Uh-I think'."She very seductively looked at him and said,"I need to explore you more Rishi."He returned a naughty grin.

Indira cleared her throat to gain attention.She gave her hand and said,"Good Morning Mr Diwan.I think aap mujhe bhul gaye hai."Rishi behaved as if just woke up from sleep.He joined hand with her and said,"Oh!Miss Indira Sharma.Nice to meet you.By the way'"His eyes traced her from top to bottom and then he said,"You too are very pretty Miss Sharma.By the way aap bhi mujhe Rishi bula sakti hai."She smiled formally and said,"Thank you so much Mr Diwan,par mera manna hai ke professional relations apne limit par hi rahe to achcha lagta hai."Rishi raised his brows for a second and then smiled and asked,"Kya bachpan mein aap muh mein hari mirch lekar paida hui thi?"She nodded her head and said,"Ji nehi karela lekar."Rishi gave a silly kind of smile.Ranveer's manager came to Rishi's cabin and informed them that he is waiting for them in the conference hall.

After the meeting,the deal was signed.While leaving Natasha said,"Uh'.Rishi,vo actually,uh'vo,mere mom dad kuch dino ke liye abroad ja rahe hai,so..main tab ghar mein bilkul akeli rahungi,so if you don't mind,well'"She came very close to Rishi and said,"We can hang out'at nights."Rishi held her by her waist and pulled her towards him with a jerk and said,"By the way offer to bohot hi'mindblowing hai par uske liye time management bhi to zaruri hai na."Saying he winked.He then looked at Indira and said,"Oh sorry Miss Sharma,main to aapko congratulations aur thank you kehna hi bhul gaya."Indira smiled and replied,"No need to apologize Mr Diwan.I take your leave and both of you'"Her eyes tossed from Rishi and Natasha and said,"Please continue."Saying she left.

In the evening,after returning from office,he took a bath and got ready to go outside.Simi came to give him coffee and asked,"Ja raha hai uske ghar?"He smiled and said,"Uske alava aur kaha jaaunga mom?Ek usike paas to meri sabse khaas cheez hai."He put his hand on the left side of his chest and said,"Mera dil."Simi chuckled and cared his cheek and said,"Tabhi to apne bete ke liye usey jald se jald ghar laane ki tayyari kar rahi hu.Unhe kehna ke hum thore dino baad shaadi ki date pakki karne waha aayenge."He nodded his head and left.

Rishi stopped his car in front of a big mansion.After reaching the doorstep,he rang the calling bell and within a few minutes,a woman in her 30's opened the door.On seeing Rishi,she smiled and said,"Arey Rishi,aao aao andar aao."She called everyone and informed them about Rishi's arrival.Everyone came in the hall.All were very happy to see him as well as very tensed.He took everyone's blessings and on seeing their expressions,he asked,"Ghar ka mausam aaj kuch zyaada thik nehi lag raha hai,upar badal garaj rahe hai kya?"A man in his 40's said,"Garaj to raha hai aur tujhe dekh kar to Iam sure baras bhi jaayega.Tum dono ke beech mein kuch hua hai kya?Jabse ghar waapas aayi hai tabse lakar abhi tak bas tera janaaza hi nikaal rahi hai.Usne to ye dhamki bhi di hai ke tujhse shaadi bhi nehi karegi aur ha ye bhi kaha hai ke agar tu yaha aaya to vo tujhe goli maar degi."Rishi swallowed the lump formed in his throat and said,"Main ja raha hu upar aur aap sab please meri salaamati ki dua kijiyega aur ha agar helmet vagera kuch ho to de dijiye aaj mere sar par bohot kuch tootne waala hai."He chanted the name of God and moved towards her room.

On reaching her room,at first Rishi pulled the door-knob and peeped inside.He found that she was lying down on the bed on her stomach.He didn't dare to move inside but called her from outside,"Jaanu!"The girl was weeping by covering her face with the pillow and on hearing his voice opened her eyes.She angrily took a deep breath and turned her head towards the door.On seeing Rishi's face,she angrily stood up on her bed and put her hands on her waist.She was none other than Indira Sharma,Rishi's fiance with whom he fall in love when he first saw her at the time of grabbing a contract of a foreign company.Earlier,if Rishi looses a single contract he used to be very angry at himself and used to lock himself inside his bedroom but that day when he lost the contract to Indira,he was not at all angry but was very very happy and content to the core of his heart because in place of the contract,he got the most precious thing of his life and that was the day he saw Indira.Her smile,her attitude and her childlike happiness on her win,captivated his heart.From the moment,he saw her,he couldn't stop thinking about her.He fall in love with her at their first meet.He collected all information about her and started following her everywhere.He used to irritate her to the core with his cute antics.Not for a very long time,she could overlook him.Her started melting slowly and she too fall in love with him.Finally when Rishi proposed her,she accepted.Their relation had crossed almost two years and when they informed their families about their relationship,they eventually agreed and decided to get them married.

Indira was so furious to see his face that she shouted,"Yaha kyu aaye ho?Jaao apni us pyaari Natasha ke paas aur jaakar hangout karo.Yaha aakar apna waqt kyu barbaad kar rahe ho?"Rishi made a helpless face and said,"Sorry Jaanu vo tumhe pata hai na ke mujhe tumhe sataane mein kitna mazaa aata hai aur jab tum gussa karti ho tab tum bohot khubsurat bhi to lagti ho."She said,"Main khubsurat hu?Uswaqt to Natasha tumhe bohot sexy aur gorgeous lag rahi thi na,aur main sirf pretty aur tumhe to uske baalo ka lat chehre par dhale huye bhi kitne achche lagte hai aur bohot apna sa bhi to feel karte ho uske saath.To jaao uske paas."He said,"Jaanu,tum to jaanti ho na main tumhaare alawa kabhi kisi aur ke baare mein soch bhi nehi sakta."She took up a flower vase and said,"Agar aisi mkkhan waali baate karke tum ye sochte ho ke main maan jaaungi to tum bohot galat soch rahe ho Mr Rishi Diwan.Ab agar ek aur minute bhi yaha khare rahe to main tumhaara sar phor dungi.So just Get Lost!"He said,"Par jaanu meri baat to suno,you know na how much I love you aur main chahe kisi se bhi flirt karu,par pyar to tumse hi karta hu aur shaadi bhi tumhise karunga."She said,"Sharam nehi aayi tumhe apni honewaali biwi ke saamne kisi dusri larki ke saath aisi harkate karte huye?Dekho Rishi abhi ke abhi tum mere kamre se bahaar chale jaao,mujhe tumhaari shakal bhi nehi dekhni aur agar abhi nehi gaye,to I swear aaaj tum apne ghar zinda waapas nehi jaaoge."He tried to talk with her again but now she threw the vase on him out of anger.He somehow managed to save himself and fled away from there,before the situation gets out of control or there occurs a question mark on his life.After a few minues,he again came and peeped from the door and Indira threw his photoframe pointing at him.He immediately closed the door and the frame crashed on hitting the door.

Rishi came downstairs wiping his sweat.The woman in 30's was Indira's SIL,Sanjana,her elder brother,Vidit's wife.She asked,"Kya baat hai Rishi?Uska gussa thora kam hua ya nehi?"Rishi said,"Nehi bhabhi balki aaj to mera pack up hote hote reh gaya."Indira's mother,Kutumb said,"Arey shubh shubh bol beta."All were talking when suddenly Indira came out of her room and stood on the staris.She yelled,"Ye abhitak nehi gaya?Ma isey yaha se jaane ke liye kaho varna aaj mere haatho se iska khoon ho jaayega aur ha isey ye bhi kehdo ke bhale hi main kunwari mar jaaungi par issey shaadi hargiz nehi karungi."Saying,she left.Rishi made a face like a fool and said,"Main chalta hu varna aaj sahi mein shaayad main apne pero mein sahi salaamat ghar nehi ja paaunga.Vaise mom ne kaha hai ke vo log yaha kuch dino baad aayenge shaadi ki date fix karne."Suddely,at that moment,a cushion came flying and hit his face and Indira yelled very loudly from her room's door,"Get out Rishi!"He,too,without wasting any more second,left from there.

Rishi tried to talk with Indira many times,made her calls,but indira didn't respond to him.After a few days,Rishi alongwith his parents came to Indira's house to fix the marriage date.On seeing him,Indira turned her face against him.The whole SF welcomed them.Simi said,"Rishi ne to zarur bataya hoga aapko au maaf kijiyega aise bina bataaye aa gaye asal mein khabar hi aisi hai ke humse raha hi nehi gaya."Kutumb replied,"Kaisi baatein kar rai hai aap?Apne ghar mein aane ke liye puchna thore hi parta hai,aap sab bethiye hum abhi aate hai."Kutumb and Sanjana were about to go when Simi stopped them and said,"Aap log abhi kahi nehi jaayenge,bethiye yaha.Hum sab aapko yaha ek khush khabri dene aaye hai."Inder asked,"Kaisi khushkhabri?"Simi said,"Shaadi ki date agle mahine ki 5 taarikh ko tey hui hai."Everyone became very happy on hearing this.Ranveer said,"Ab to jaldi se aap sab meri beti ko mere ghar bhejne ki tayyari kijiye."Indira blushed for a second,on hearing this,but at the very next moment,with a straight face said,"Par uncle mujhe Rishi se shaadi nehi karni hai."Everyone looked at her with a jerk.Indira's family thought that she was not serious and she might be was angry temporarily,but they never imagined that she would say this directly on her would be in law's face.Rishi got up from his seat.Ranveer and Simi were also very confused.Simi asked,"Kyu beta kya humse koi galti ho gayi?"Indira replied,"Nehi nehi aunty aisi baat nehi hai par ye jo aapka beta hai na ye ek number ka jhoota,dhokebaaz aur nihaayti ganda insaan hai,isiliye main isse shaadi hargiz nehi karungi."Ranveer turned towards Rishi and asked,"Kyu kya kiya tuney Rishi?"Rishi replied,"Kuch nehi dad,vo bas aise hi."Indira said,"Kuch nehi???Himmat hai to zara sach bolkar dikhaana."Saying,she left for her room.Ranveer asked,"Dekh Rishi,sach sach bata,tuney meri bachchi ko kya bola?"Rishi made a baby face and said,"Kuch nehi dad,vo bas'"He narrated the whole incident on that day in office.The SF burst out into laughter and Ranveer sarcastically said to Rishi,"Indira ne jo bhi kiya bilkul thik kiya,tu isi laayak hai pata hai na tujhe.You deserve it."Rishi said,"Par dad,main to bas uske saath mazaak kar raha tha."Simi asked,"Agar usne aisa tere saath kiya hota to?"Rishi lowered his head.Ranveer lightly slapped on his head and said,"Ab khara khara hamaara muh kya dekh raha hai,ja jaakar manaa usey."Rishi said,"Usdin se yehi koshish kar raha hu par vo hai ke manna hi nehi chahti balki mujhe dekhte hi mujhe kaatne ko daurti hai."Ranveer said,"Aaj chahe kuch bhi ho teri jaan rahe ya na rahe par tujhe usey manaana hi hoga varna mujhe bhi apni shakal kabhi mat dikhaana."Rishi almost cried,"Mom dekhona'"Simi said,"Tere dad ne bilkul sahi kaha hai.Aajtak hamesha maine tera har baat mein saath diya hai par aaj main tere dad se bilkul sehmat hu.Ja jaakar usey manaa."Rishi made a face and started walking towards Indira's room.He murmured,"Kuch bhi karo par latakti hamesha meri hi jaan hai."

Rishi before knocking into Indira's door,chanted God's name and then said to himself,"Aaj chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye par main tumhe manaake hi rahunga."He then knocked on her door.Since,guests were there,so without shouting like before,Indira opened the door.On seeing her,Rishi covered her mouth and pushed her inside followed by locking the door from behind.

Rishi leaved her on entering inside.Indira grinned,"Tumhaari himmat kaise hui,mere kamre mein is tarah se ghusne ki?"Saying,she pushed Rishi.He asked,"Maar kyu rahi ho jaanu?"Indira asked,"To kya aarti utaaru tumhaari?"Whatever was coming in reach of Indira's hand,she started throwing it on Rishi.He was pleading again and again,not to do this,but indira didn't stop.He was gradually becoming irritated on her.At last,his patience breathed his last.He grabbed her hands tightly and pushed her on the bed and threw himself over her.He covered her mouth and said,"Tabse aise request kiye ja raha hu ke meri baat suno,meri baat suno par tum  ho ki meri baat sunna hi nehi chahti.Kehto raha hu ke maine tumhe ye sab tang karne ke liye kiya tha aur kya tumhe mere pyar par bharosa nehi hai?"He removed his hand from her mouth and Indira said,"Sataane ke liye hi karna tha to itna zyaada chipak kyu rahe the uske saath?You know what sach kehte hai ke insaan apni fitrat kabhi nehi badal sakta.Uncle-Aunty kitne achche hai par pata nehi unke ghar mein tum kaise paida ho gaye?Tum hamesha flirt the,ho aur zindagi bhar raho ge.Bas larki dekhi nehi ke shuru ho jaate ho.Larkibaaz kahike!Abhi hato mere upar se."Saying,he tried hard to push him away.Rishi said,"Agar larkibaaz hota na to kabhi tumse sagaai karne ko raazi hi nehi hota aur abhi na tum hadh paar kar rahi ho.Tabse bohot pyar se tumhaare saare nakhre jhel raha hu,par iska ye matlab nehi hai ke tum apni manmaani karti raho aur main chupchap bethkar dekhta rahu."Indira asked,"Achcha???Kya kar loge tum?"Rishi said,"Dikhaata hu ke main kya kar sakta hu par baad mein mujhe kosna mat."Indira grinned,"Bhaar mein jaao tum,main tumse nehi darti."It was becoming almost impossible for Rishi to control her and also his anger so at last grabbed her hands tightly and locked her lips with his.She was totally shocked with this sudden incident.She fought for a while but as soon as he deepened the kiss,it slowly acted like a sedative for her.She was angry at first but later on she was feeling very relaxed and was deeply enjoying it.After a long while,Rishi removed his lips from her.Both were taking deep breaths and gave each other the required time to get accustomed to the sudden shock.Indira slowly asked,"Aisa kyu kiya?"He,too,slowly replied,"Tumne mere paas koi aur option hi nehi chora tha,isiliye aisa karna para.Vaise apni honewaali biwi ko kiss karna koi gunaah hai kya?Aur ye koi pehli baar to nehi kiya."Indira said,"Main tumse shaadi nehi karungi.Tum bohot gande ho,tum kabhi ye nehi samajh paaoge ke jab bhi main tumhe kisi aur larki ke saath dekhti hu to mera dil karta hai ke main us larki ki jaan le lu aur puri dunia ko aag laga du.Main tumhe apne alava kisi aur ke saath nehi dekh sakti kyuki main tumse apni jaan se zyaada pyar karti hu."Rishi cared her face and said,"Vo to main bhi tumse karta hu na jaanu.Tumhe pata hai na main tumse kitna pyar karta hu.Maine to tumhaare saath bas mazaak kiya tha aur kuch nehi.Main to khud hi tumhaare  bina ab ek aur pal bhi nehi reh paaunga yabhi to itni jaldi shaadi ke liye bhi tayyar ho gaya.I only loved you,I only love you and I'll only love you forever."Indira asked,"Sachchi na?Tum hamesha mujhse hi pyar karoge na?"Rishi replied,"Ha karunga na.Hamesha karunga."She asked,"Shaadi ke baad bhi karoge na?"He replied,"Ha karunga.Shaadi ke baad bhi dher saara karunga aur itna karunga ke tum khud thak jaaogi par phir bhi pyar karna nehi chorunga aur shaadi ke baad kisi bhi larki ke taraf aakh uthaakar bhi nehi dekhunga,tumhaari kasam.I really love you very much."Indira at last smiled and said,"I love you too."Both were going to hug but at that moment,Rishi's phone rang.

He got down from the bed and picked up the phone.It was of Natasha's.He got scared on seeing it but still he picked up the phone.The convo :-

R :- "Hello."

N :- "Hi Rishi."

R :- (scared) "Uh,Hi Natasha."

On hearing Natasha's name,Indira's mood again got spoiled.

N :- "Vo mere parents kal bahaar ja rahe hai,so I think you remember about'our hangout,so'"

Rishi was talking with a smile on his face which Indira couldn't tolerate anymore.She was about to leave her room but Rishi grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.He put the phone on loud speaker.

R :- "Vaise chal to sakta hu par vo kya hai na uske liye'" (Rishi kissed on Indira's nose) "Mujhe mere honewaale bachcho ki honewaali mummy se permission leni paregi."

N :- (yelled) "What???"

Indira bit her lips not to laugh out loud.

R :- "Ha Iam going to get married aur main to tumhaare saath time pass kar raha tha apni jaanu ko jalaane ke liye."

N :- (raging in anger) "You used me???How dare you??"

R :- (with an attitude) "Jo tum baaki larko ke saath karti ho vo maine tumhaare saath kiya to tumhe itna bura laga?So sad.Tum to subhe kisi aur ke saath hoti ho aur shaam ko kisi aur ke baaho mein milti ho."

N :- (shocked) "Tu'Tu'Tum???"

R :- (sarcastically smiled) "Business aur larki dono maamlo mein aagey barne se pehle main puri kundali nikaal leta hu."

N :- "You'You just go to hell.Main abhi ke abhi tumhaare saath kiye gaye contract ko terminate karti hu.Kuch dino mein documents mil jaayenge."

Natasha was about to cut the call but Indira snatched the phone from Rishi's hand and threatened Natasha.

I :- "Aayinda aaj ke baad mere Rishi,mere honewaale pati ko phone karne ya uske taraf aakh uthaakar dekhne ki bhi jurrat ki na to aakhe nikaalke gutter mein phek dungi samjhi.Jo karna hai karo,I give a damn care to it."

Saying she cut the phone and returned it to Rishi.

Indira climbed onto Rishi's feet and put her hands around his neck and apologized,"Iam sorry.Vo mujhe uswaqt tumpar bohot gussa aa gaya tha Rishi'""Ssshhh!"He put his finger on her lips and said,"Nehi Rishi nehi,vo bulaao jo tum hamesha mujhe pyar se bulaati ho.Rishi to tum mujhe gusse mein ya sabke saamne bulaati ho."Indira very cutely said,"I love you my'"She pulled his cheeks and said,"Shweeetu.!I love you sooo much."Rishi said,"Abhi jo peechle kuch dino se meri neend haraam ki hai,mujhe itna pareshaan kiya hai,mujhe uska compensation chahiye."Indira smiled and pecked his lips and hers.

After sometime Rishi and Indira came out of Indira's room and started going downstairs.Sanjana was coming to call both of them at that moment.When both of them crossed her,Sanjana asked,"Itne der tak tum dono kya kar rahe the?"Rishi replied,"Aapko pata hai na bhabhi ke aapki nanad ko manaana kitna mushkil hai."Sanjana giggled,"Ha vo to hai.Ghar mein sabse laadli jo hai isliye nakhre thore zyaada hai.Tumhe bohot mehnat karni paregi Rishi vaise jaldi jaao tum dono ka neeche sab intezaar kar rahe hai."Rishi said,"Aap apni nanad ki fikar mat kijiye,usey to main apne sar aakho par beetha ke rakkhunga."Indira and Rishi were about to leave when Sanjana again stopped them and asked,"Rishi is haalat mein neeche jaaoge?"He asked,"Kya hua bhabhi?"Sanjana's eyes tossed from Rishi to Indira and then back to Indira meaningfully.Indira followed Sanjana's eyes and looked towards Rishi and she found his lips were badly wrapped by her lipgloss.Indira was very embarrassed and she immediately put out Rishi's handkerchief from his backpocket and rubbed his lips.He understood what was the matter and he took the handkerchief from her hand and started rubbing off his lips.Sanjana disappointedly nodded her head and said,"Shaadi tak bhi tum dono ko sabar nehi hota hai na?Kuch hi din to bache hai phir bhi tum dono apni besharmi se baaz nehi aate."Rishi shamelessly replied,"Ye mara shaadi agar ye muhurat ka chakkar nehi hota na to main to abhi isiwaqt aapki nanad se shaadi karke usey yaha se lekar jaata aur ye kya bhabhi sirf ek kiss hi to kiya hai,usme kya jaata hai?"Sanjana remained open mouthed at his blunt reply and Indira fled away from there.

Rishi and Indira came downstairs where all were waiting for them.Ranveer asked Rishi,"Kyu manaaya ke nehi meri beti ko?"Rishi replied,"Mujhe ghar ke bahaar nehi sona hai dad."Everyone laughed at his reply.Indira put her hands on her waist and asked,"Oh!To tumhe ghar ke bahaar nehi sona hai isiliye tum mujhe manaane gaye the?Varna nehi aate hai na?"Rishi bit his lips and realized what blunder he has made.He said,"Arey nehi it was a joke darling samjha karo."Saying he winked.Indira made a face in reply.Simi said,"Chalo ab jab sab kuch thik ho gaya hai to hume shaadi ki tayyaariya shuru kar deni chahiye."Indira replied,"Mujhe aap sabse kuch kehna hai."Simi asked,"Bolo beta?"Indira said,"Main ab Rishi se gussa nehi hu sahi hai par maine abhi tak shaadi karne liye ha nehi ki hai."Everyones expressions changed and their happiness faded.Kutumb was tolerating all of Indira's nonsenses but this time she couldn't tolerate it more.She angrily asked,"Ye sab kya mazaak chal raha hai Indira?"Indira strongly replied,"Main koi mazaak nehi kar rahi hu ma.Iam serious."Kutumb grabbed her arms tightly and scolded,"Kuch dino se tere nakhre bohot zyaada bar gaye hai.Pehle Rishi ko itna pareshaan kiya abhi uske gharwaalo ke saamne ye kya naatak lagaakar rakkha hai?Tameez se pesh aao.Kyu unke saamne hume sharminda kar rahi ho?"Indira freed her arms and said,"Main larki hu iska matlab ye nehi hai ke meri koi khwahish nehi hai.Maine ye nehi kaha ke main shaadi nehi karungi bas meri ek shart hai."All the SF were getting very annoyed and embarrassed due to Indira.Inder apologized,"Aap sab please iski baato ka bura mat maaniye.Iski taraf se hum aapse maafi maangte hai."Simi said,"Aap sab ye kaisi baate kar rahe hai?Pehle hume jaanne to dijiye ke vo kehna kya chahti hai?Bol beta."Indira said,"Meri shart ye hai ke'"She moved towards Rishi and said,"Shaadi karne ke liye sabse pehle larki ko shaadi ke liye propose karna parta hai ye baat pata hai na?To isiliye main chahti hu ke'"She took a deep breath and continued,"Rishi sabke saamne apne ghutno par beth kar mujhe apni shaadi ke liye propose kare."All released a sigh of relief especially the SF on listening to her condition.

Ranveer said,"Ha Rishi ye bohot galat baat hai.Shaadi karne ja raha hai par abhi tak tuney shaadike liye pucha bhi nehi.This is really not done."Rishi annoyingly said,"Achchi ragging ho rahi hai meri kuch dino se.Itna to mere college ke time par bhi nehi hua tha."Simi said,"Ye jaisa keh rahi hai vaisa hi kar."Rishi asked Ranveer,"Aap mere dad hai ke iske?"Ranveer giggled and replied,"Tera to already hi hu jo na to tu badal sakta hai aur naahi main,par'"He stood by Indira's side and put his hand on her head and said,"Indira ka to main honewaala dad hu isliye jo vo kahegi vohi tujhe karna parega."Indira made a victorious smile.Rishi said,"Dad kuch to sharam kijiye.Main is ghar ka ek lauta damaad hu.Aaap mere hi sasural mein meri hi beizzati kar rahe ho."Indira corrected,"Oh hullo!Damaad nehi,honewaale damaad.Abhi tak maine green signal nehi diya hai."Rishi looked helplessly towards Indira and asked,"Kya sach mein karna parega?"She nodded her head.He then,without having any other option,kneeled down in front of her.After that,he said,"Marry me Indira."She looked at him surprisingly and asked,"Baniye ke dukaan se mahine ka samaan kharidne aaye ho?Propose karte waqt to bare style se kiya tha to ab kya hua?"Rishi politely said,"Marry me Indira."She folded her arms and with an attitude asked,"Order de rahe ho?"Rishi finally joined his hands and pleaded,"Please mujhse shaadi karlo Indira.Please meri ujri hui zindagi ko apne pyar se savaar do.Please meri zindagi ka hissa bankar mujhe hamesha hamesha ke liye apna ghulam banalo.Pleaseee!"Indira was trying to hid her smile seeing Rishi's condition.So,showing mercy to Rishi,she agreed,"Thik hai jab tum itne pyar se haath per jor rahe ho,girgiraa rahe ho to main shaadi ke liye tayyar hu."Rishi gave a sigh of relief and said,"Aapka bohot bohot shukriya mere to bhaag hi khul gaye jo aapne ha ki.Main to dhanya ho gaya."She replied,"Its ok."The DF and SF congratulated each other and exchanged sweets.Rishi got up and murmured to Indira,"Bas ek baar shaadi ho jaane do,phir saare beizzati ka sood samet hisaab lunga.Just wait and watch."Indira accepted the challenge and said,"We'll see."Rishi gave a devil smile.

On the pre-decided auspicious day,Indira and Rishi got married.During their first night,Indira was waiting for him in their bedroom.When Rishi was about to enter inside their room,he was stopped by the girls.As usual,they were demanding for money.He found it useless to argue with them in this matter so he stood quietly.After sometime,when the girls fixed the range and told Rishi.He asked,"Ho gaya tum logo ka ya kuch aur baaki hai?"They agreed that they were done.He went to hos study and came out with a cheque in his hand.He gave the cheque to the leader of the girls and said,"Ye lo blank cheque.Tum logo ka to vaise koi bharosa nehi hai kab demand bhar jaaye isliye ye de raha hu jitna chahe bhar lena.Ab niklo yaha se."After entering inside,before closing the door,he called them and said,"Aur ha abhi agar kisine disturb karne ki koshish bhi kin a to is cheque se ek paisa bhi nehi milnewaala.So,think before you do anything."Saying,he banged the door on their face.

With slow steps,Rishi came inside and found that Indira was standing in front of the windowThe whole room was decorated with candles and the moonlight outside falling on Indira's face making her look more beautiful.The moment from which he saw Indira today,her eternal beauty was constantly making all his desires go wild,but only he knew how difficult it was to control his emotions.Finally,after such a long time,he got the opportunity to fulfill all his wild ambitions.He moved towards indira and grabbed her from beside.She sensed his presence,the moment he entered inside the room,so she was not surprised.He whispered,"Nayi naveli dulhan ko suhaagraat ke waqt suhaagraat ke sej par hona chahiye naaki khidki ke paas."Indira freed herself and turned towards him.She put her hands around her waist and said,"Vaise maine to suna hai ke dulhan sej tak apne aap to chalkar nehi jaati."He said,"To kisne kaha ke main in naazuk kadmo ko zamaan par zyaada der tak rehne dunga.After all'"He picked her up in his arms and continued,"In kadmo ke neeche mera dil jo hai."He came in front of the bed and made her lie down on the bed.Just the moment,he was about to join her,she moved on the other side but Rishi was too stubborn for her to avoid.he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him and got on the top of her.He pinned her on the bed and said,"Bach kar kaha jaaogi jaanu?Kaha tha na jo tumne meri un dino itni beizzati ki thi main uska sud samet badla zarur lunga."Indira asked,"Agar main chillayi to?"Rishi,without replying,just with the soft touch of his fingers,opened her nose ring and said,"To tumhe chup karaane ka tareeka bhi to mujhe aata hai na aur vo bhi bare pyar se."He kissed on her nose.The touch of his lips and warm breath on her skin was making her go mad.Rishi slowly removed all her jewelleries and replaced them with kisses.Indira happily surrendered to his desires.He put his lips much closer to her and whispered,"I love you."But he didn't wait for her reply and sealed their lips.A mild and sweet wind from outside touched them and blowed off the candles thus allowing them make their first night memorable forever and of course Rishi to take his sweetest revenge.The moon became the only witness of the love that they showered on each other.

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After being exposed,Zaara was thrown out of SN by Indira and Rishi and then police arrested her.When her trial was going in the court,the judge sentenced her 5 years of jail,but seeing her mental condition,Zaara was sent to MA first for treatment.In the meantime,Zaara's and Rishi's divorce is also accepted by the court.


In the MA,Sameer used to come for his regular treatment.In the jail,out of insanity,he murdered one of his cell-mate,so he was sentenced 3 more years of jail.Many times,Zaara and Sameer crossed each other but they never saw each other's face.Now after the treatment,when the proper reports were submitted into the court,the judge ordered to send both of them in jail.


Many days passed by.One day,in the jail,Sameer was breaking stone chips on the ground.Due to extreme hot weather,he was wiping his sweat with his hand after every two minutes interval.In the jail also,he argued for having a sanitizer and an antiseptic washed handkerchief.While wiping away his sweat with hand,suddenly his eyes fall on an womanly figure.He tried to see her face but couldn't see her properly as she was far away.It was none other but Zaara,who was carrying the stone chips container on her head.As she was moving closer to him,zaara's face became clear to Sameer.On seeing her,all his worst memories started pinning his mind and his madness again started itching on his brain.He roared aloud and jumped on Zaara.He started hitting her,but after all Zaara was a cop.The blood of the cop inside her started boiling and she too started beating Sameer.Both had a good fight as if two buffaloes were fighting.All the other prisoners instead of separating them,were fully enjoying the most unique fight in the world.Sameer and Zaara were of equal level in their fighting.No one was able to beat each other.],but the other policemen entered there and separated them.But they both were too tough for others to be separated,but they tried hard and at last they were successful.


From that day onwards,whenever they met each other,they exchanged their glare of hatred.After a few weeks,they came to know about each other through other prisoners.Both could not believe that their lives were interlinked and they felt pity for each other.One day,while working on the field,they exchanged each others story.After listening,Sameer put the proposal of running away and take revenge since the cause of their downfall was same.After thinking to his proposal for a few days,Zaara agreed to his proposal.


On a very suspicious day,both fled away while working on the field.They ran as fast as they can and at last jumped off a cliff.The police thought that they died,but actually they were not.They fall into the river and were saved.The police declared their death and circulated the news among their families.


After a few weeks,Sameer and Zaara appeared in disguise.With a fake name and identity,they started living in Delhi and put a close eye on SN.They found out that Indira,Rishi and Indu were staying happily and Indira and Rishi were remarried again.On hearing this,Zaara became totally mad with anger.At that time,Sameer handled her in his way as he was much experienced in controlling madness.Both then made a master plan to destroy Indira's and Rishi's life.


In the way of their execution of the plan,Sameer and Zaara at first destroyed their reputation in their office by spreading all sorts of rubbish messages.But Indira and Rishi soon came out of this crisis with their true love and faith over each other.All the time whatever Sameer and Zaara planned against them,Indira and Rishi always passed each test successfully.


Now,in the meantime,Sameer and Zaara during their mission,started believing each other and were very musch comfortable with each other.Whenever,from then,Zaara saw Rishi and Sameer saw Indira,they never felt anything in their heart as if that psychoness,that madness was missing.Slowly,the situation turned much more critical when they just started hating Indira's name in Sameer's lips and Rishi's name in Zaara's lips.They stopped making planning against Indira and Rishi and concentrated more on each other as if that was the only job left for them in the whole world.


One day,Sameer was cherishing his old memories of Indira and Zaara was burning from inside.In order to make him jealous,she also did the same.This injecting of jealousness drama grew worst and both started fighting with each other and out of anger they both started beating each other.At last,both confessed their feelings unknowingly.


After sometime of their romance,they decided that they will no more concentrate on their revenge game.So Sameer contacted his mother secretly and asked her for some money.Simi sold some of Sameer's shares and transferred those money into his account.With that money,both went to Shimla and got married to each other and started a business of JODI  BREAKERS.They became very successful in their business.After one year of their marriage,when they had enough money,they built a MA in their name                                           




One day,both were sitting outside their MA in a bench.Zaara was putting her head on Sameer's shoulder and was looking at their successful dream project of the MA.Their heart-touching convo :-


Z :- (with dreamy eyes) "Haaye Sameer,aakhir kaar humne apna dream project,apne biraadri waalo ke liye ek ghar bawa hi liya."


S :- (holding her hand) "Aakhir hum apne biraadri waalo ka dukh nehi samjhenge to aur kaun samjhega.After all psychos hi psychos ka dard samajhte hai."


Z :- "Pata hai Sameer,jo baat maine tumme dekhi hai na vo tumhaare us naalaayak bhai mein kabhi dekha hi nehi tha.Jab dekho tab bas shrimatiji shrimatiji ka ratta lagaa kar beth jaata tha.Jaise usko aur koi lafz aata hia na ho."


S :- "Vo aisa hi hai.Pata nehi us larki mein usey kya mil gaya tha."


Z :- (angrily) "Aur vo Indira,uske baare mein jitna bhi kahu kam hai.Bari sakt jaan hai uski.Brain Tumour se bhi nehi mari.Zinda jalaaya tab bhi nehi mari.Pata nehi kya khaa kar paida hui hai.Pucho to Rishi kehta hai ye sachcha pyar hai."


S :- "Main bhi pehle isko pyar samajhta tha par nehi vo pyar nehi hai.Asal mein na Zaara mujhe bhi baad mein Indira mein,tumhaare jaisi baat kabhi dekhi hi nehi."


Z :- (blushed) "Achcha?Zara bataana tumne mujhme aisa kya dekha?"


S :- "Vo jo tumhaara gusse mein bilkul paagal ho jaana.Saari cheeze tor dena.Gobar jaise swaad ka khaana banana aur phir humme to bohot kuch common bhi hai,jaise ke meri tarah tum bhi paagal ho,meri tarah tumne bhi murder kiya hai,hum dono ek hi jail mein the,ek hi asylum mein hamaara treatment hua aur hum dono ek saath jail se bhi bhaage.Main na pata hai ab ye sochta hu ke shaayad ye sab kuch uparwaale ne hume milaane ke liye kiya hai.Aakhir mujhe apne life partner mein isse zyaada aur kya khubi chahiye bolo.You are perfect for me.My Mrs Zaara Sameer Diwan.I love you so much."


Z :- (embarrassing) "Hmmm choro,tum bare vo ho.Vaise na mujhe bhi tumhaari yehi saari baate to pasand aati hai.Tum na bilkul mere jaise ho.Tumne sach kaha,ye sab allah ka hi khel hai varna tum hi bataao na to main us daayn Indira ka kidnap karti aur na Savita ka murder karti aur phir na yaha hoti.Sachchi mein hum dono ki ekdam god made Jodi hai."


S :- "Vo to hai,vaise na ye Rishi aur Indira sahi mein fevicol hai.Jitna in dono ko alag karne ki koshish ki hai humne,utna hi ye dono ek dusre ke saath aur zyaada set ho gaye par is vajah se hum dono to mil gaye."


Z :- (pulling his chin) "Haaye Sameer,tum na kitni sweet baate karte ho.Khaamakha mein main tumhaare bhai ke peeche paagal thi,tum to usse bhi zyaada romantic ho.achcha hua jo Indira tumse nehi pati,varna mera kya hota.Hum dono to phir kabhi nehi milte."


S :- (looking upwards) "Sab parmaatma ka khel hai."


Z :- (confused) "Ye parmaatma kya koi player hai???Kis sports se juda hua hai???"


S :- (making a disappointing face) "Arey duffer main bhagwaan ki baat kar raha hu."


Z :- (making a baby face) "Aise daato mat na Sameer."


S :- (anger melted and he kissed on her cheek) "Oh sorry!"


Z : - (smiled) "Its ok.Min tumse ek sawaal puchu?"


S :- "Ek nehi sau pucho."


Z :- "Kahi tumhe bhi Rishi ke tarah meri shakal ke vajah se to pyar nehi hua na?"


S :- "Kaisi baate karti ho tum?Main Rishi jaisa nehi hu.Main to tumse sachcha waala pyar karta hu."


Z :- (happily) "Sach?"


S :- (blushed) "Mooch."


Sameer looked at Zaara's face and understood that she was still not convinced.


S :- "Achcha thik hai mere kuch sawaalo ka jawaab do.Pehla,kya tum Indira ke tarah normal ho?"


Z :- "Nehi."


S :- "Kya tumhe paagalpan ke daure nehi parte?"


Z :- "Ha."


S :- "Kya tumhe shoch treatment aur davaayi nehi lagti?"


Z :- "Ha."


S :- "To phir???Kya aisi ek bhi quality Indira mein hai?"


Z :- "Nehi."


S :- "Kya tum insaano laayak achcha khaana bana sakti ho?"


Z :- "Nehi."


S :- "To tum hi bataao mujhe tumse kaise pyar na ho?Tumme meri jaan banne ke saare qualities hai jo Indira mein nehi hai.To bataao,koi tumhaari jitni itni talented biwi ki jagah le sakta hai kya?Hum dono sachche soulmates hai tabhi to dekho kaaynat ne hume milwaane ke liye kitni bari saazish ki.Khaamakha mein mujhpar shak kar rahi ho."


Sameer turned his face with a fake angry expression.


Z :- (holding her ears) "Iam sorry baba.Gussa mat karo.Main to aise hi bas''sorry."


S :- (smiled) "Its ok."


Z :- (got up and gave her hand to Sameer) "Chalo abhi ghar jaane ka waqt ho gaya hai.Tumhaara shock treatment bhi to dena parega na."


S :- "Arey ha main to bhul hi gaya.Chalo."


Sameer held her hand and walked towards their home.


                                                                     SAZA  PSYCHO  NIWAS



                                                                                    Ek tha (paagal) raja

                                                                                    Ek thi (paagal) rani

                                                                                    Dono mil gaye

                                                                                    Khatam kahaani



                                                             THE  END

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Indira regained her memory as Indira.As soon as she remembered her life as Indira,she screamed Rishi's name and started running like a mad calling him.

I :- "Rishi!Rishi!Aap kaha hai?"

Rishi on hearing her voice came out of her room and as soon as Indira saw her she ran and hugged him tightly.

I :- "Rishi aap kaha chale gaye the mujhe chorkar?"

Rishi was very happy to see that finally Indira returned and he too hugged her back.

R :- "Main aapko chorkar kabhi nehi gaya tha shrimatiji.Main to peechle 8 saalo se aapke is private chiriyaghar ka chowkidaar bankar uski rakhwaali kar raha tha.Chorkar to aap mujhe chali gayi thi."

I :- (broke the hug) "Oh sorry!Excitement mein na dialogue bolne mein galti ho gayi.Choriye na ye sab.Khushi ki baat to ye hai ke ab main waapas laut aayi hu aur ab hum hamesha saath rahenge."

R :- "Ha shrimatiji,aap main aur hamaari Indu.Vaise mujhe na aapse ek sawaal puchna tha,ke aap to coma mein hi lurak gayi thi,phir aap mein achaanak itna stamina kaha se aa gaya ke aap jalti hui cheetah mein se uthkar aise bhaagi ke seedha Pakistan hi pohoch gayi?Hospital mein kisine aapko GLUCON-D peela diya tha kya?"

I :- (confused) "Main Pakistan chali gayi?Mujhe to yaad bhi nehi hai.Haaye kaash thori aur zor se bhaagti to pata nehi shaayad US bhi pohoch jaati ya PT  USHA to zarur ban jaati."

R :- (corrected) "Aap vaise bhi inme se kisise bhi kam hai kya?Aapne toh jalti hui cheetah se bhaag kar PT  USHA ki bhi chutti kar di."

Indira then ran to her room and brought a small box of vermillion.She forwarded the box in front of Rishi.Rishi was about to take the box in his hand when it slipped from his hand and the vermillion scattered on the ground.

R :- "Iam so sorry shrimatiji,vo haath se fisal gaya."

Indira with a disbelief look picked up some of the vermillion on her hand and looked at Rishi with shocked expression.

I :- "Phisal gaya??Aise kaise aapke haatho se sindoor fisal sakta hai Rishi?"

R :- (making a baby face) "Tabhi to sorry bol raha hu na shrimatiji,galti ho gayi."

She forwarded the hand filled with vermillion in front of Rishi's face.

I :- "Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat aap kya jaane Rishi?Har aurat ka khwaab hota hai ye ek chutki sindoor,suhaagan ke sar ka taaj hota hai ye ek chutki sindoor'"

R :- (confused) "Ye achaanak aap OM  SHANTI  OM ki DEEPIKA  PADUKONE kyu ban gayi Shrimatiji?"

I :- (disbelief) "To kya iska matlab ye hai ke aapne jo kiya aapko us baat ka koi afsos hi nehi hai."

She threw the vermillion and covered her ears and screamed.

I :- "Nehi'ye sunne se pehle mere kaan kyu nehi phat gaye!"

R :- "Ab aap to aur bhi peeche chali gayi ekdam 80's ki NIRUPA  ROY.Aapke kaan kaise phatenge shrimatiji,vo AMBUJA  CEMENT se jo bani hai."

Suddenly everything appeared to be total black in front of Indira's eyes.She dashed on the ground nursing her head.At that moment,Kabir came from outside and held Indira by her arms and made her sit on the sofa.With deep concern,he cared for Indira.

K :- (worried voice) "Begum aap thik to hai na?Achaanak aapko kya ho gaya?"

Indira started feeling well and so she opened her eyes.By that time,she was converted to Husna.

H :- (holding Kabir's hand tightly) "Saheb!!Aap aa gaye Saheb!Pata nehi achaanak se chakkar aa gaya."

Indu,who was watching Indira,at first felt very happy when she hugged Rishi,but now was again sad.She went to Rishi and stood beside him.

I :- "Rishi Kumar,ek baat to bataao,ye mummy electricity ki swich board kyu bani hui hai?Ek switch dabao to mummy ban jaati hai aur dusri swich dabao to Husna ban jaati hai?"

R :- "Bhagwaan hi jaane beta.Vaise ek baat hai,main tumhaare us electricity board ke us mummy waale switch ka pankha hu,jo bas gol gol ghum hi raha hai.Chakkar kha kha kar ghanchakkar ban gaya hu main."

I :- "Don't worry Rishi Kumar,peechle 8 saalo mein mummy ke bajaaye aapko sabne ghumaaya hai to ab mummy kaise peeche rahe?"

R :- "Mummy to 8 saal pehle bajaati thi na."

I :- "Beech ke 8 saal to nehi bajaaye na,to ab vo kasar pura kar rahi hai."

Rishi nodded her head.

K :- "Ha hum thori der ke liye kaam se bahaar gaye the.Humne Lahore waapas jaane ke liye bhi saare intezaam kar liye hai."

H :- (made a face) "Lahore matlab phir se vohi chik chik karnewaali Noor.Nehi Saheb hum Lahore nehi jaayenge.Hum Hindustan mein hi rahenge."

K :- "Aap paagl ho gayi hai kya begum?Yaha rahenge to kisi bhi din hume police pakar kar le ja sakti hai.Phir vaha beth kar saari umar chakki peesni paregi."

H :- (smiled) "Koi baat nehi usi chakki ke aate se hum aapke aur bubli ke liye rotia banaayenge."

K :- "Par yaha hamaari jaan ko khatra hai begum,hume waapas jaana hi parega."

H :- (angrily) "Aap hamaare liye itna nehi kar sakte Saheb?Aapse to apni begum ki ek khwahish bhi puri nehi ki ja rahi hai.Aapko to chullu bhar paani mein doob marna chahiye."

K :- "Chullu bhar paani mein doob kar aaj tak koi mar nehi paaya hai begum aur us paani mein to hamaare per bhi nehi aayenge."

H :- (raging in ager) "To chuhe maarne ki davaa kha kar mar jaiye."

K : - "Hum ek fauji kai kamsekam hamaare standard ka khayaal to kijiye,agar aap phaasi charne ya goli maarne ki baat karti to ek baar ke liye hi sahi hum koshish zarur karte."

Angrily Husna was about to return to her room,suddenly again she had a blackout.This time Rishi and Kabir both helped her to stand.Indira again opened her eyes and looked at both of them.She behaved like a stranger to both and immediately pushed both away from her.(I'll now address Indira as UNKNOWN since she has now acquired another life).

U :- "Kaun hai tum log?"

R :- (confused) "Main Rishi Kumar aapka kiraaydaar cum patidev."

K :- (too confused) "Hum kabir.Aapke Saheb,aapke shohar."

U :- (yelled) "What???Are you people out of your mind?Hum kisi Rishi ya Kabir ko nehi jaanta hai."

Rishi and Kabir exchanged a stunned look with each other.

R :- (helplessly) "Ab aap kaun hai?"

U :- "Hum???Hum Suzzaanna hai.SUZZANNA  RODRICKS.Pehle humko ye batao,hum yaha kaise aaya?"

K :- "Ye Rishi sahab aapko laaye hai."

Now Indira will be addressed as Suzzanna.

S :- (shouted with disbelief and anger) "You mean tum dono ne milkar hamaara kidnap kiya?Oh my God!Oh my God!Pehla ye bataao hamaara David aur Frank kidhar hai?"

R & K :- (together) "David aur Frank????Ye dono kaun hai?"

S :- "Oh God!David is my husband and Frank is my son."

Rishi and Kabir were about to fall but held each other's hand and saved each other.

R :- (doubtfully) "Aap rehti kaha hai?"

S :- "Tum humko kidnap kiya aur tumko hi nehi pata???Hum apna family ka saath London mein rehta hai.Dekho hamaara time khoti mat karo,ya to bolo ke vo dono kaha hai ya to hum unhe khud dhundhne ja raha hai."

Rishi and Kabir were still not able to come out of the shock.

S :- "Oh God!Tum dono humko itna stare kyu kar raha hai?Ek kaam karta hai hum khud hi jaata hai un dono ko dhundhne."

Saying she left.After sometime,both Rishi and Kabir managed to come out of their state of shock.

K :- (helplessly) "Ye kya ho raha hai?"

R :- "Pata nehi par ek baat to pakki hai ke aap tubelight ho."

K :- (looked at him) "Kya???"

R :- "Main pankha hu,aap tubelight ho aur ye David shaayad TV hai."

K :- "Ab ye David beech mein kaha se aa gaya?"

R :- "Aapko itne se hi itna bara shock laga???Mujhe dekhiye jhatke kha kha kar shock absorber ban gaya hu.Vaise aapke baare mein sunkar mera haal bhi aap ke jaisa hi hua tha."

Kabir remained silent.

R :- (put his finger on his lips) "Main ye soch raha hu ke 8 saalo mein ye India se Pakistan aur phir Pakistan se London pohoch gayi to kahi in jagao ke alava vo kahi aur to nehi gayi?I mean kya pata shaayad vo pura world tour karke aayi ho aur har jagah par ek pati saath ek bachcha vo ek ke saath ek free offer to nehi chor kar aayi?"

K :- "Hum aajtak yaardaasht ke saath kahi nehi ja paaye aur ye bina yaardaasht ke pata nehi kaha kaha jaakar aayi hai.Kaash aaj aur abhi hamaare paas hamaara passport hota to kamsekam David ko dhundhne ke bahaane London bhi ghum aate."

R :- "Aur main ye soch raha hu ke kaash meri yaardaasht bhi chali jaati to hum bhi bina permit ke kisi bhi desh mein ja sakte.Sachchi yaar,aisi kismat meri shrimatiji hi likhwaakar laayi hai."

K :- "Aur to aur har jagah par to unka ek pati aur bachcha bhi hai."

R :- (thoughtful) "Shaayad vo dunia ke har sports mein apne bachcho ko bhejna chahti hai tabhi to ek player (bachche) ke saath ek individual coach (baap) muft hai."

K :- (worried) "Par ab hum kya kare?"

R :- "David ke swaagat ki tayyari kyuki sab aakar to is paagalkhaane mein hi dera jamaakar beth jaate hai."

Both released a disappointed deep breath.

                                                           THE  END

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