Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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                                          Part 3

Taking advantage of the crowd we slowly sneaked in and hid behind a pillar, we had to plan our move and wait for the right time. Their conversation caught our attention. Where the father of the girl was blaming her for bringing shame to their family by marrying an out caste guy. The girl reminded her father that he is the same guy whom all of you looked up upon, hailing from a poor family he struggled but studied hard, became a doctor and leaving back his bright future in the city he returned to serve his people in this village. He is the same man who saved your life and he is the same man who loves her for what she is not for their wealth. He respects him unlike those prospective grooms family who want girls families head lowered in front of them.

"Aap log hume maarna chahte hai na toh ruk kyun gaye aage badhiya aur maar dijiye hume. Hum dono ek saath ji nahi sakte toh kya hua ek saath mar toh sakte hein." The girl finished.

There was silence in the temple for few seconds. I could see hesitation in her fathers eyes but still he ordered his men to kill both of them while he made his way out throwing his sword but I caught hold of his sword and dragged him towards his daughter.


"Jaa kahan rahe hein aap, apni beti ko sazaa nahi denge. Waise bhi kehte hein na bacche jab galti karte hai toh maa-baap hi unhe sazaa dete hain, phir aap ki beti ne toh gunaah kiya hein toh usse sazaa dene ka haque sirf aap ko hain. Chaliye talwar uthaye aur maar dijiye inhe." I spoke out. With the sword in my hand and their leader at my mercy, non could gather guts to attack me.

Looking towards a helpless father I added. " Kyun.  Nahi maar sakte na, kyun ki aap bhi yeh jaante hain aur maante bhi hain ke woh sahi hein. Aap ki nazare apni beti ke pyaar karne ki sharmindgi se nahi balke issliye jhooki hain kyun ke aap uske pyaar ki sacchai ka saamna nahi kar paa rahe hein."

"Tum wapas kyun aa gaye, jao yahan se yeh hamare gaon ka mamla hein", The girls brother spoke seeing me.

"Yeh tumhare gaon ka nahi humaare desh ka maamla hein." I silenced him.Suddenly some more people entered the temple. One middle aged man moved ahead asking the girls father reason behind this chaos here. Geet ran to that man hugging him, I assume he is Geet's father. I was relieved now.

To finish up the task in front of me I grabbed the girls fathers hand and made a cut in it and also made a cut in the grooms hand, taking both their blood on my palm I moved towards the crowd. 

"Ab mujhe bataye ke inn dono khoon mein se inka khoon kaunsa hein aur iss ladke ka khoon kaunsa hain? Nahi bata sakte na. Kyun ki Bhagwaan ne bhi insaan insaan mein koi farak nahi rakha hain. Farak toh hum logo ne banaye hain relegion, caste, creed and colour ke naam par. Kal tak yeh yahan ka doctor tha toh sab uski izzat karte the aur aaj achaanak sab badal gaya. Kya yeh patients ki caste dekh ke unko treat karta tha, nahi na."

"Aaj woh apki beti ke liye marne ko taiyaar hein. Main aap ko challenge karta hoon aap apne caste mein se ek bhi aisa ladka dhoondh dijiye jo aapki beti ke liye apni jaan de de. Nahi dhoondh paayenge kyun ke saccha pyaar milna itna asaan nahi hein. Aapki beti ko mila hai. Woh khush hai toh usse khush rehne dijiye, kyun do masoom logo ki jaan lena chahte hein aap." I  further proclaimed.

"Main Maan Singh Khurana inn dono ko yahan se lekar jaa raha hoon agar kisi mein himmat hain toh mujhe rok ke bataye." Before we could move out the girls father with folded hands stood before us.

"Ruko bete aap sahi keh rahe ho main hi gusse aur jhoothi shaan ke nashe mein andha ho gaya tha. Apni hi beti ki jaan lene chala tha lekin tumne meri aankhen khol di. Mujhe maaf kar do tum log. Aaj main kitna bada paap karnewala tha. Ab main khud inn dono ki shaadi dhoom dhaam se karunga." The girls father was repenting on his actions and I was happy all ended well.

"Tune bilkul sahi faisla kiya hai yaar mujhe khushi hai ke aaj tune badlaav ko apna liya hai." Geet's Papaji spoke  greeting his friend. The girls father hugged him saying, "Yeh sab tere damaad ki wajah se hua hein, tune Geet ki shaadi Maan Singh Khurana se kar di aur hume bulaya bhi nahi." Now it was our turn to get shocked when Geet's Papaji looked from Geet to me and back towards his friend answering him.

"Yeh mera honewala damaad hein. Shaadi abhi hui nahi honewali hai, bahot jald!"

Seated in the Handa Haveli, I narrated all the happenings about how I met Geet to the temple fiasco. Luckily Geet's family members had known about her whereabouts from her friend Rajji who knew about her plan and the guest house owner had also helped them by recognizing Geet. They had been looking for her and reached the temple  in time seeing so much chaos there.

Destiny had played its part and here I was sitting in my future sasuraal where elders were fixing our 'rishta' . We had returned back to Handa Haveli only to find my family seated here, Geet was the girl Daadi had chosen for me and planned her falling ill act to fix our alliance and Geet wasn't going to marry any Bunty-Shunty etc. It was a prank that Handa's had played to irk her and it backfired badly. But as they say 'all is well that ends well'.

Our wedding was in two days due to some auspicious muhurat though Geet had beaming with happiness but still I wanted to meet her alone. Everything was happening at a lightening speed and I wanted to be sure that Geet was happy with the recent developments. Taking permission from Mr Handa, I escorted the excited Geet towards the car.

"Hum date pe jaa rahe hai?" She asked thrilled with the idea. I smiled at her excitement and drove on.

I wanted to sit in a peaceful place where we could talk freely and spend some quality time together without any disturbance so had planed a quiet dinner by a bonfire on a secluded camping site. But Geet's excitement for our first date had made me, Maan Singh Khurana nervous. What if she is expecting a romantic candle light dinner in some 7star restuarant? What if I have disappoint her etc. Many thoughts running in my mind as I finally hault the car at the venue.

I escort her towards the Cane wood table and chairs by the bonfire making myself comfortable on a chair beside her I spoke.

"Woh Geet mujhe laga ke hum aisi jagah baithe jahan hum aaram se baat kar sake, issiliye maine..."

"Yeh toh bahut khoobsurat hain, ek dum unique date hai hamaari! Filmon mein toh hamesha wohi same same formula hote hai. Aur aap toh mere super hero ho, meri zindagi mein ek dumdaar entry kar ke mujhe jeet liya, kya attitude hai aap ka, gussa toh ek dum angry young man ki tarah aur fighting toh kisi bhi hero ko peeche chod de aur aaj aap ne itni acchi romantic date plan ki ek dum out of the world! Aap toh mere superstar ho. Sabse best!!!" She exclaimed putting all my nervousness to rest. She was totally unpredictable.A moment back she was beaming with happiness and now suddenly she looked at me insecurity evident in her eyes.

"Papaji ne kaha aap India ke one of the most eligible bachelor ho, country ke top businessmens mein aate hai aap, ladkiyaan marti hai aap pe aur main toh ek chote shaher ki, aam si ladki hoon. Mera aap ka kya mel. Aap ko mujhse bhi acchi aur khoobsurat ladkiyaan mil jaayegi jo aap ke status ki ho, shaher se ho bahot padhi likhi ho aur main..." She voiced her fears.

"Tumse behetar kaun ho sakta hai Geet. Tum woh ladki jisne mere baare mein jaan ne se pehle mujhe dil se apnaya, jo Maan se pyaar karti hai. Mere saath jude naam, shohrat, daulat se nahi. Tum woh jisne apni maasoomiyat se pehli hi nazar mein mujhe apna deewana bana diya.Par ek baat hai tum uljhi hui ho Geet. Tumhe samajhna thoda mushkil hai." I asserted to which she cutely pouted and got up from her seat but I held her hand and added.

"Tumhaari yeh uljhane hi zindagi ko jeene layak banati hai Geet. Har pal badalti ho tum, tumhara haste haste rona toh kabhi rote rote hasna, kabhi shaant toh kabhi chanchal, agle pal tumhaari zindagi mein kya hone wala hai yeh koi nahi jaanta, aur yahi baat mujhe tumhaari acchi lagti hai Geet. Kuch ho na ho par tumhaare saath zindagi badi dilchaps hogi Geet." I concluded.

"Aap itne acche kyun hai? Aap ne mere liye itna kuch kiya, mere liye apni jaan khatre mein daali. Aaj main aap ko kuch dena chahti hoon. Yeh taaviz Babaji ki maher hai hamaare rishte par, jo hume zindagibhar ke liye jod dega." She said tying the taaviz on my neck.

I forwarded my hand asking her,"Zindagi bhar ke liye..."

She nodded placing her hand in mine as I promised, "Ab se zindagi ki har subah tumse shuru hogi aur har raat tumpe khatam." 

"Zindagi ki har subah aap se shuru hogi aur har raat aap pe khatam." She repeated the words promising our togetherness forever...

I opened my arms for her and she readily hugged me and we stood there amidst the beauty of nature  living OUR SPECIAL MOMENT TOGETHER...

Author's NoteThis is my Tribute to that show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi which was, is and will always be closest to our hearts.

Hoping that very soon we will have this magical couple back together in a show and we all will see the Maaneet Magic again.

Thanks to all who helped and supported me  for this OS and also for my FF Hamaari Prem Kahaani...

My friends who helped me with the pics. Thank you so much dearies!!!

I have used many pics here but somewhere I felt those moments without the pics would be incomplete.
I hope you all like it.

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Originally posted by Craziest_MG

maliii devilll
I swear i'll kill you if you'll write such painful stories ever again

You know na its 5th tomorrow ...i scared what will i do ...dont wanna cry like last year ...and this fever ...mummmaaa ...argghhh

Plzzz mere Maan ko mat maarna ...plzzz
Plzz malliii

LOL!!!!!! Viduuu Baby plzz...

u first take care of your health!!!Wink 

Am not going to write painful stories but Ve already written Cry so have to post so that you all to cry along with me!!! Wink

I couldnt write an Os of one part happy happy so I wrote Sad Sad... btw ve told its not the end story.. so u keep watching out if  u all want it to continue ll write further Cry

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                                             A tribute



Sapna closed her laptop with a big smile flashing on her face while Shreya jerked her out of her dreamland saying "Uff Sapna Di.. aren't you out of this craze yet." "Its love baby.. love" Sapna said in a dreamy voice placing her laptop back on its place while her lips singing Mahi Mahi ve Mahi..


Stop it Di..Shreya said closing her ears. It had been almost 16 months for the end of this show called Geet Hui Sabse Parayi but her Sapna Di, she was more crazily in love with this couple called Maan-Geet opps Maaneet. Shreya looked at her sister who was dancing singing this Mahi Mahi tat has been the biggest nightmare of Shreya now after she would hear it day-night. Enough Di. Enough.. you are out of your mind. Do you even realize tat its 16 months now tat the show is off air and the lead actors are working for some other shows Shreya said getting a bit hyper while Sapna looked at her baby sister in anger saying I know but tat does not mean tat I cant love my Divine Maaneet and wat ever it is they work separately or not but no one mind it no one can bring the magic tat Maaneet has.


Shreya knew tat this was the end for her discussion and she slept covering herself with the duvet but Sapna she just pulled her by her elbow making her angry cant you let me sleep.. aur waise bhi.. why don't you go into your dreamland Di.. woh bhi Maaneet dreamland. Sapna kissed hearing it while her hands reached to give her a tight hug and her lips found the words tat she had been waiting to say baby you know.. I mean.. I have written a story for season 2 of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. Shreya looked shocked hearing her sister while her eyes questioned Sapna Di.. Are you alright.. I mean do you even know wat are you saying.


Sun na Shreya baby.. its just a scene from my wild imagination about how should Geet season 2 should be. Kya pata tat someone really thinks of getting Geet Hui Sabse Parayi back with a new season hearing my imagination. Sapna said smiling going back into her dreamland making Shreya mad. It was the same case every night where her sister would tell her how should season 2 be haan bol dijiye Di… as you had almost given me half of the script tat you imagine. Kya pata sach mein koi aapko hire kare.


Sapna hugged kissing and dancing all over the bed. She pulled Shreya who almost landed on her sister who never had any problem with such idiotic ways tat she possessed ever since she was madly in love with this Geet Hui Sabse Parayi and Maaneet. She looked at her sister who once again was in her dreamland and she smiled knowing tat unless and until she narrates the scene she wont let her sleep Come on Di.. now start from where you had ended last night. Sapna was pulled out of the dreamland uhh while Shreya smiled looking at her knowing wat it meant Last night you stopped how Maan was planning to propose his innocent beauty Geet after realizing his love for her.


Oh yaa.. Sapan smiled and sat on the bed all set to narrate her next most beautiful proposal tat she had written down for her Divine Maaneet Are you ready Shreya to hear the most beautiful and divine proposal for my Maaneet.



Maan, was damn nervous and this was proved from all his silly acts. He had been staring at each and everyone since he could only see his Geet who was hell busy in her work and not ready to hear a word from him "Maan Singh Khuranna stop being a fool. Do you even realize tat you have been staring at each and everyone since morning" Maan scolded himself for being the biggest fool right now in his own company Khuranna Constructions. He looked up hearing his secretary calling him since long and before she could say anything he questioned her Pari "wasn't  the meeting for today rescheduled and if it was than how does Ms. Handa agreed for the meeting. Do I mean anything here or not."


Pari fumbled hearing her boss as he himself has asked to cancel all his and Ms. Geet their Head Architect's meetings but she was pissed off between her boss and the over professional Ms. Geet who though was sweet innocent but was strict at work. Pari looked at Maan saying "Sir, Geet Mam did not allow me for it. She warned saying tat her meetings are decided by her and she does not like to cancel them" Pari finished saying only to get another glare from her Boss who was the real Dusht Danav in Geet's words and before he could lash his anger on her, Pari made a run giving him the file he asked for.


"Does she thinks tat she can boss me. Maan Singh Khuranna don't let Ms. Handa to over come your Geet. You know na tat Ms. Handa is the exact mirror image of you when it comes to business so get going before this Ms. Handa spoils everything." Maan was so lost in his own world tat he did not see Ms. Handa coming inside his cabin and the moment she did he was shocked to see the anger and file in her hand "Maan Sir, could you please tell me why you asked Pari to cancel my meetings. Do you even realize tat if the meeting was cancel today KC would have lost this contract." Geet kept yelling at him how and wat happened at the meeting while Maan was all lost in his Geet and the moment she felt tat he was not listening to her, she threw the file on him getting him back to KC "Maan.. agar aap aise hi behave karte rahenge I swear uncle will have to close this KC. Pata nahi wats wrong with you. I have been seeing you past few days or say from few months you are lost somewhere."


Geet waited for his reply but not getting any she walked closer to his chair and touched his cheeks getting him out "Kya baat hain.. You know na.. tat m always there for you. You still remember na Maan tat we are best friends before I being the head Architect and you being my boss. Just share with me Maan." Maan looked at Geet and said "Geet, why do you let Ms.Handa to hide my best friend." Geet for a second could not understand his words "wat do you mean Maan, your Geet is always your Geet"  she said looking at him getting a bit nervous with his looks.


"No, this Ms. Handa in you is making me scared"  and the moment his words reached her ears she broke into laughter while she found it difficult to believe tat Maan Singh Khuranna was scared of anyone "you.. mean.. I mean.. the Maan.. Singh. Khuranna… scared.. aur woh bhi.. Geet se."  She looked at him with fear the moment he pulled her on his lap making her scared. His looks and eyes held her in it while she blinked seeing them with such intense emotions "Wat do you feel Geet Haan.. m I joking.. do you even know tat I m scared to loose my Geet when I see this Handa in you." He pulled her closer still keeping her eyes captive with his "Haan answer me.. wats wrong with you Geet.. why is this sudden change."


"It's not a change Maan but a fake mask tat I keep for making myself strong. Its hard to stay close to you when I know tat you don't have any feelings for me the way I have. I may be your best friend but not your love Maan.. Your love is always her.. Sheena. I need to keep myself strong Maan."  Geet closed her eyes dropping tat one lone tear saying it to her while Maan wiped the tear tat tore him.


"M sorry" Maan said slowly kissing her cheeks like he always did. She smiled opening her eyes but she was scared to see wat she saw in his eyes. she shrugged of her thoughts and smiled getting up from his lap straightening her dress to walk out for her next meeting tat she had and the moment she was close to the door she heard him say "Be ready at 7pm  Geet.. and I want you to wear tat White saree of yours tat I had gifted you last week." She turned to see him giving her orders while he continued with his words

"Don't look at me.. I know you haven't wore it and I want you to wear it today. So get ready at 7pm and I will be there to pick you."


She stood watching him while he left the cabin smiling giving her a last kiss on her cheek.

"Babaji.. wat does this mean. He knows tat I don't wear saree's when we attend any official party.. but is there any party today than why did not Pari inform me." She said it running to confirm from Pari but on knowing tat there was no party she tried calling him but he was unavailable.



His eyes refused to blink even for once while she felt nervous the way he was looking and was more shocked to see themselves entering the best restaurant in Delhi tat was always busy and packed but right now it was empty and was decorated with roses, orchids, balloons and curtains. For a second she was blank not understanding anything and the moment she turned, she found Maan talking to the staff and the sooner he finished his talks they were left all alone. She walked towards Maan with slow steps but he walked pass through her making her turn back and the moment she did she could only see Darkness tat was ready to engulf her. She was scared and choked to death fearing this darkness trying to call Maan but in return, she saw some dim lights flashing some beautiful images all over the area. She blinked her eyes trying to get a clear images and than her eyes grew wider seeing all her pictures since she was a kid and than those tat she had with Maan and  few minutes later she could hear his voice with the pictures flashing all over.


"She is mine, my Geet and I wont let anyone to change her.. not even her. You know wat.. you can change your outer self Ms. Handa but not the Geet who is inside and I swear the day I loose my patience I will kidnap you and get married fulfilling all my wild thoughts for you."


Geet was startled hearing his words while her heart feared and smiled hearing it but soon she was again lost in his words "Do you even know tat Maan Singh Khuranna just needs you.. but no.. why would you  when you think tat your Maan loves tat Sheena."


"But you do Maan.. you love her" Geet said breaking down waiting for him to come to hug her but she could only hear his voice " Just see all over Geet and you would get to know whom Maan Singh Khuranna loves, whom his heart beats for." Her eyes scanned all over again but she could only see her and his pictures. There was nothing else tat she could relate to his words "Its only me and you, Maan.. Only me."


"Just wipe of your teary eyes Geet and you will see the one whom your Maan loves. Just have a look Geet.. have a look at each and everything." She looked all over repeatedly but she could not get wat he said. Her eyes turned red by crying trying to find whom he loved wanting to stop her heart from loving him. She fell on her knees praying to her babaji tat this should be her last day, as she could not live with this ache but than her eyes smiled, happiness ran through her nerves giving her the immense love tat she always wanted. She wiped her tears running to one side and caressing the picture where she was sitting and her Maan having a rose in his hands. Her eyes misty remembering the moment when he was 18 years and she was 17 years old. A day when he had uttered those words but next second he had laughed out seeing her expressions making her fun and telling her tat he was rehearsing it for the rose day where he would be proposing Sheena but suddenly she remembered tat he never did than why did he say tat. She knew being best friends he never left out any secrets and she would be the first one to hear his each word than why did he not tell her about the proposal to her. Years passed by but he never did tell but her eyes always saw them together. She cried remembering how she would break down after seeing them enjoying though she was always there with them but she would not able to see them together. She broke down once again crying when she heard him again "You are still naive Mishty" her eyes looked up and than it reminded her tat he had said "I Love you Mishty" twinkling her eyes remembering tat it was her name, the name tat Maan had kept her once they had a fight where she was stubborn and would not let him to do wat he wanted. She remembered him calling her Mishty whenever he used to feel emotional but since tat incident, shenever heard it but now her heart swelled with happiness realizing tat she was the only one whom he always talked about, the one whom he used to fear telling his love, the one whom he feared to loose if he says wat he feels. She stood but was stopped by his voice.


"How could you let you heart think like tat Mishty. Do you think tat your Maan would ever love someone else" she could feel tat pain in his voice while her own voice choked with emotions saying "but you did not say tat you love me. I still remember Maan, tat you said you will propose Sheena, than how could I think all this. How could I Maan?" she said breaking down again.


"I was scared, scared seeing the way you saw me tat day. I feared tat I will loose my best friend if she comes to know tat I love her. I feared to even think of living my life without you and than I could not gather the courage to even say tat I love you, Mishty.. I could not.. and all these years I just prayed tat you might feel for me.. for no.. seeing you and your indifferent behavior shattered me. It was me who forced Uncle to ask you to join KC, but even after tat you were the same Mishty, and today I could not I could not myself after knowing tat damn Karan Rathod who was coming with a proposal for  you. How dare tat moron Karan even think of you? Does not he know tat Geet handa only belongs to Maan Singh Khuranna?"


She could sense his anger and closed her eyes knowing tat he would never let any male to come closer and now she could relate his anger  as she herself was well aware about Karan Rathod and his proposal. She took a deep breadth and said "I don't belong to you Maan.. you never said anything but would only go with Sheena and than get angry on me. Why did you keep my love away from me." She stood to turn but wat pulled by a strong force making her land on a hard body. She closed her eyes knowing who it was while her lips carved into a sweet smile in the dim light while his grip made her realize how angry he was "Say it again. Say tat you don't belong to me Geet Handa." he spoke with anger while she smiled seeing the possessive lover in her. She wriggled to get free while he tightened hi grip pulling her closer by her waist "I said say it again but remember the moment you say you will be tagged as mine forever and ever." She smiles while he pulled her closer wrapping her hand around him "Itna gussa."


"You know it" he answered only to hear her "Par kyu.. Why when you made me cry for years. Why now. Why should I belong to you when I was supposed to say yes to Karan's proposal?" The moment these words left her lips they were crashed by his, his rough lips assaulting to even take a name of another man while his hands pulling her closer. She could not understand wat was happening but when she realized tat he stole her first kiss , her anger made her wild hitting him trying to stop him though he just kept pulling her closer and closer marking her his for now and ever. He slowly pulled her out seeing her going breathless while she had her eyes closed with tears following down her soft cheeks. he placed his lips, drinking her salty water while she pushed him away turning back to leave when she felt a soft tug at her saree pallu "I will not say sorry to kiss you, but will say sorry tat I made you cry for these many years. I know I was a jerk, stupid, moron and wat not, but trust me Mishty, Maan Singh Khuranna only feared to loose his only special possession he owned since he knew tat he was in love with his Mishty but now I cant and I swear if you don't say yes, I will kidnap you from here and marry you." she turned only to see him kneeling down on his knees with his head down " aur Haan.. you know  na after the wedding wat happens, so Maan Singh Khuranna will officially mark you as his so tat no moron, no Karan can come and try to take my Mishty away." He said with a smirk looking up at Geet who though smiling was faking anger in her eyes "really and wat would you say to Papa and uncle." He smiled pulling her down making her land on his lap while he sat "Dad and uncle knows tat Maan Singh Khuranna has officially taken Geet Handa for her first date and they have even warned me this time tat if I wont say wat I have to say than they would definitely marry my Mishty to tat Karan Rathod." She looked at him with shock "wat do you mean tat everyone knows about this.. I mean tat it this a date.. I mean me on a date."


"Yes.. Mishty.. you know the day when Uncle told me tat Karan was interested in you.. I could not sleep and the very same night.. you wont believe me.. I called uncle and Dad at around 2am in Khuranna Mansion lawn and told them wat I feel for you and I warned saying tat if even Karan steps in Handa Haveli I will kidnap you and take you away from them" Geet could not believe tat Maan who always was strict and serious would ever do such things but than she had to believe seeing his eyes tat only showered love for her "initially they were angry but later when I told them why I always stayed away they laughed at me for being scared. You know it was so embarrassing tat Maan Singh Khuranna feared but it was the truth, the truth tat I fear to loose you." Geet laughed but soon her laughter died seeing his furious eyes and to compensate she kissed his cheeks making him happy but her eyes grew angrier seeing him "Than wat was with Sheena.. haan.. I have seen you hugging her, saying all lovely sweet words." and now it was his turn to laugh pinching her nose tat turned into anger "She knows about you everything Mishty. She knows tat I love you but I feared so since the age of 18 she made me practiced everyday to say all those words but I failed and now after 6 long years, at the age of 24 Maan Singh Khuranna officially says I Love Geet Handa.. m in love with my Mishty since I was a kid and I will love her till eternity" and Geet sealed his confession with her kiss of love drowning them into a new world of love, passion and a life together forever and ever.


Shreya had a sweet smile hearing the wonderful confession of Maan and Geet and when her eyes turned to her sister, she could see her all lost in her story. She called her out but Sapna was still dreaming about how they would have such a beautiful love story and finally getting irritated Shreya screamed in her ear getting Sapna out of her dreamland saying " Its over Di."


"Its not Baby, Maaneet and Geet can never get over.. You know they will be back and they have to be." She declared while Shreya just smiled hearing the same words since the end of Geet and Maaneet. Sapna smiled knowing tat like always she won shutting her baby sister when Shreya said "Waise Di.. why do you feel tat they will come back."


"Why not Shreya.. When so many shows can come back with season 2 than Geet must come back after we pray for it day and night." Sapna said logging into the India forum site tat made Shreaya to jump out of the bed to see if any Maaneet Fan Fiction was updated and seeing her excitement Sapna teased her saying "See Shreya, even you are not left out from loving Maaneet and Geet. See the way you have jumped to read. This is the power Maaneet and Geet has."


"When did I say I don't love them, but m not so mad like you Di" Shreya answered back to see her Di teasing her who only smiled saying "Come on Shreya, I very well know wat you do with my laptop when I be away for college. I even know your India forum account baby." Shreya dipped her head on being caught while Sapna updated her Fan Fiction "Tere Ishq Mein" on Geet forum.


"Wow Di, you know I just read all the comments tat you get.. they are just amazing. I mean your story is being loved by so many and the biggest shock is tat Geet forum is still the most active on India Forum. I swear Di, I tried reading some stories from other forums but they are not anywhere near Maaneet stories." Sapna gave the biggest smile saying "Tats because Geet Forum has the best writers who love Geet and Maaneet from true heart. They keep Maaneet alive with their beautiful works with different flavors." Shreya answered getting excited hearing her Di "Yes Di.. this is your second home where you all.. I mean we all live with our beautiful Maaneet. Its truly said Di, Maaneet are divine, magical couple and none can match them." Sapna hugged her sister after updating her story shutting down the laptop. They both moved back to their bed but Shreya said "Di, who is your favorite writer on Geet Forum."


"Every writer is my favorite as they write on my love Maaneet" Sapna said smiling while Shreya knew tat it was the truth as her Di would like and give long comment for each and everyone who would write on Maaneet as she would always say tat encouraging each writer is the utmost duty of each reader and writer. Sapna closed her eyes when she was forced to open her eyes once again with Shreya's words "Di do you think tat GURTI will be back together as Maaneet."


"Sapne bhi sach hote hain, is wat Maaneet and Geet thought us and I know tat our dream to see them together will be fulfilled though it may or may not be in Geet 2 as Maaneet but I know they will be back."  Sapna said with a twinkle in her eyes while Shreya hugged her praying tat her Di's craziness though was very much high would never let her down. She herself was in love with this couple called Maaneet but was not like her sister as she did move on to new shows but could never get tat magic she was searching tat Maaneet and Geet had. She just watched other shows for time being but always prayed tat this lovely coupld do return back with a bang on-screen giving a respite to all the longing souls who are waiting for their beautiful return and she kissed her sister saying "Haan Di.. sapne sach hote hain .. Dreams do come true Di" while her eyes saw her Di who was smiling even in her sleep and she could say tat her sister was yet again in her dreamland of the beautiful divine magical couple MAANEET.



 Happy 3rd Anniversary to all!!



This is a story tat I m dedicating to all the true Maaneetians and Gurtians/ Writers and readers who have been part of this craziness. It is just a mere story but a reality for many as there are many who madly love Geet/Maaneet/Gurti and I thought tat this way I could show my respect and love along with my admiration to all of you.


Thank You.



























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Originally posted by sdlife19

res for my surprise

pagal... give your surprise on PAGE 1  Hug

 uhave reserved there too ROFL

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Looking Forward to read some great stories tomorrow Cool

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Originally posted by Gurti_TheBrand

Looking Forward to read some great stories tomorrow Cool

off course u will read as we have best writers writing for this thread

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Family..Sweet Moments!!


This is not any OS..but just a few scenes from my imagination where I could give some light moments of Maan, Geet and the Baby.. So please do enjoy it. Thought tat this would be the best for a very special Day like today.


Happy 3rd Anniversary to all you here!!




"Mumma, why are you so lost" Geet looked at her baby Armaan who though a baby was much matured for his 5 years age. He would analyze and think just like his Dadda Maan Singh Khuranna who is the best businessman all over. Armaan saw his Mumma smiling and he teased her "See Mumma smiling.. but when Dadda not here to kiss Mumma than why Mumma smiling haan." Geet looked at him and instantly pulled Armaan in her lap tickling him as he had this one trait from her. Both Mother-son were very much ticklish so it was. As Geet tickled him he laughed getting breathless saying "No Mumma.. please... tickly.. please Mumma."  Geet laughed hearing him while she pulled him closer saying "Really tickly… but too naughty na.. how do you know Dadda kissing Mumma.. Haan answer now."  Armaan turned and sat in her lap facing her while his fingers caressed her soft cheeks. It always fascinated him like his Dadda and they would simply love touching her cheeks. Geet smiled seeing her baby who just behaved like her Maan and saying "Mumma.. you know I always see Dadda kissing you.. here on your pink lips. Dadda says tat Mumma's lips very very pick so Dadda likes kissing Mumma and Dadda says tat when Dadda kisses Mumma, Mumms smiles.. na Mumma blushes." Geet looked at her son and than cursed Maan for teaching him all this. she was so lost in he cursing session tat she did not hear Armaan asking her again and so Armaan slowly pinched her nose getting her out of her session "Ahhh..." Armaan giggled saying " hehe.. Mumma again dreaming." Armaan giggled saying while Geet said "not dreaming but planning to punish your Dadda."


"Why, Mumma Dadda good boy. So no punish.. and Dadda big na than how Mumma can punish Dadda." Armaan asked Geet who smiled on his words answering him "I will punish Dadda by not letting him sleep on bed. You see tat sofa.. I will tell your Dadda tat he will sleep there if he tells this all to Armaan" Armaan looked at the sofa and than his eyes grew big as Maan and said "How will Dadda sleep there Mumma.. Dadda so so big na.. and sofa so small.. so how will Dadda sleep" Armaan's words made Geet laugh and their sweet session was interrupted by none other than Maan Singh Khuranna who had been hearing their talks since long. He could not stop himself from smiling and interrupting it as now he knew very well tat his Mishty was very smart and he knew wat to say in such matter.


"Armaan .. you Mumma is mad. She does not know tat Dadda is big now and cant sleep on bed." Armaan turned jumping hearing his Dadda's voice while Geet pouted hearing him and Armaan smiled saying "Haan Dadda.. Mumma na big mad.. see she keeps smiling and she says tat she will make Dadda to sleep on tat sofa. Don't she know tat Dadda very big and how can Dadda sleep on tat small sofa hain na." Maan smiled taking Armaan and sitting on the bed saying "Haan Mumma very mad. Geet don't you know tat  Armaan's Dadda is very big and he can't sleep on tat small sofa."


"Ohh really Maan.. Than last night how did you sleep there. Armaan you know Dadda slept on tat sofa last night." Geet said teasing Maan while Armaan looked at Maan and than at Geet and once again at Maan asking his Dadda to deny wat his Mumma said "Dadda, Mumma telling lies na.. how can my Dadda be punished." Geet smiled and said pulling Armaan's cheeks "No Armaan .. Mumma not telling lies, ask Dadda." Armaan looked at Maan who only smiled looking at him saying "baby..Dadda did not sleep.. I mean.. Mumma.. was just joking beta."


"Really Mumma.. you made Dadda to sleep on sofa.. so nice na.. even Armaan wants to see Dadda sleeping on tat small sofa." Maan was shocked to hear his son and so was Geet. She smiled patting his cheeks while Maan said "Armaan just now you were saying tat Mumma cannot punish Dadda and now you want to see me sleeping there" Armaan  looked at Maan kissing him he said "No Dadda.. I said Mumma cant punish Dadda and Mumma just said na tat you slept on sofa so how can Mumma punish you. Hain na Mumma Armaan right na" Geet and Maan were shocked to hear their Armaan as he was way too intelligent. Armaan got up from Geet's lap and pulled Maan taking him near the sofa and ordered him "Now sleep Dadda. Armaan Maan Singh Khuranna wants to see Maan Singh Khuranna sleeping on this sofa." Geet chuckled hearing his tone while Maan was shocked to hear him, as he was another Maan and Geet could not stop laughing " come on Maan.. do it na.. after all your son Armaan Maan Singh Khuranna has ordered you something."


"Geet haso mat. You know its not easy here and I don't fit and please mere bete ke samne mera khachra mat karo. Mere izzat ka falunda kyu bana rahi ho tum" Maan said looking straight at Geet who smiled hearing him " Main kaha faluda bana rahi hoon. Its your son who is ordering you. Hain na Armaan."


"hmm Mumma.. its Armaan Maan Singh Khuranna and everyone should hear me." Armaan said and ran to get the camera to capture his Dadda sleeping on the sofa. It was an amazing thing for Armaan to see his huge big Dadda sleeping on the sofa tat was just so small to accommodate him. Maan was not able to argue and slept on the sofa trying to adjust him from all sides but he was not able to. Either his legs or hands would be out or he would squeeze himself to fit into the sofa. Armaan and Geet captured his each move while their continued to laugh seeing him struggling all the time.


"Is it enough my lord" Maan asked looking at Armaan who smiled saying "No Dadda.. little more na.. I want to see you sleeping" Maan looked at Armaan "Than wat was your Dadda doing here beta" "But Dadda yo did not sleep na. See your eyes are open. Mumma, did not you tell Dadda tat sleeping means closing eyes. he is big na.. than how does not Dadda knows this. See small Armaan baby knows wat sleeping means."


"Haan beta.. this means Dadda is cheating you.. bad Dadda.. Maan this is not fair ok" Geet said showing her big eyes to Maan while Armaan pushed Maan back on sofa closing his eyes with his small hands. "Armaan, you know na Mumma is not smart.. so she is telling lies tat sleeping means closing eyes"  Maan said slowly removing his hands  from his eyes pulling Armaan slowly in his lap "See beta… Mumma na wants to say Armaan is small and he can fooled. You know na you are Armaan Maan Singh Khuranna and Khuranna's are very smart."


"Haan Khuranna's are very smart and so is Mumma na Dadda" Armaan said to Maan while he raised his eyes asking him to clear "uff Dadda you are so buddhu.. Mumma name Geet Maan Singh Khuranna na.. so Mumma is also a Khuranna and you know na all Khuranna are very very very smart. So how Mumma is buddhu." Geet could not control herself looking at the sweet pout Maan had while she pulled Armaan taking on her and she herself sat on Maan's lap and Maan caged them in his strong secure arms leaning on the sofa "Dekha Maan.. mere bacha kitna samjhdaar hain. he knows better than you tat m a Khuranna.. hain na bacha." Geet said kissing Armaan who was now facing Geet and Maan "Haan Mumma after all me Armaan Maan Singh Khuranna.. son of Maan Singh Khuranna and Geet Maan Singh Khuranna. Hain na Dadda."


"Haan Armaan.. you are.. and now.. get going don't you want to have dinner. See Dadda's tummy making sound. Dadda hungry na." Maan said making a sad face while Armaan smiled looking at him "Buddhu.. Mumma.. see you forgot na Dadda hungry.. now go.. make dinner for us.. Dadda and Armaan very hungry. And haan Pasta.. yummy Pasta ok." Armaan ordered Geet who just kept gaping at her son who was at a moment on her side and right now pushing and ordering her while, Maan just kept kissing both his wife Geet and their son Armaan.



The three sat on the dinning table as today no one was there. All were out to attend a close wedding so it was just Maan, Geet and Armaan and as usual Geet had to prepare their pasta and being with them she could not stop relishing it and blame her pregnancy hormones or the taste tat she was forced to have it due to her second pregnancy. It was not new as even at time of Armaan she was having this weird taste of having all such dishes tat her husband loved. She used to complain all the time and Maan use to laugh at her and now Armaan and Maan did not leave a chance. They would just make fun of her while eating and she would fume but poor Geet she could not eat anything as if she does than she would puke everything.


"Mumma.. why don't you eat your desi food.. she na you cant eat this pasta.. how Dadda and me eat" Armaan said winking at Maan who himself was enjoying his wife eating and making all those faces "Haan Jaan.. why don't you eat palak paneer and all.. this is not your cup of tea. You know na you need big heart like us to eat Pasta" Maan said making fun of Geet while she fumed saying "Haan mazak udado baap-beta.. but I swear Maan once m done with this pregnancy na I will force you two to eat all punjabi masaledaar khana and I will make sure tat everyday you get it." Geet warned them while Armaan started top laugh and than soon Maan joined him angering Geet even more "Maine kya joke maara tat you both laugh like mad."


"Nahi Jaan.. it was not a joke  but a very bad joke Jaan" Maan said still laughing and than Armaan added "Mumma aap na sach mein joke mat kariye.. you know na.. my baby sis will be scared hearing them" Armaan looked at Geet who was showing him big eyes cursing them "Beta.. don't stay with your Dadda and don't be like him or else forget tat your Mumma will ever give you any ice cream or chocolates. You know na your baby sis will be coming soon." Geet grinned saying while Armaan still kept smiling and at once jumped on Maan's lap showing Geet his tongue and teasing her "Ohh really Mumma.. but how it will be as baby sis will be in our team.. you know Dadda- Armaan and Baby sis one team.. so wat you will do. Hain na Dadda."


"Haan Armaan.. we three in one team and Mumma alone.. now say Geet" Maan looked at Geet who was all planning to murder the two devils  who were sitting right in front of her now. she quickly looked up and soon smirked fearing them and she said "Chalo.. I give up… you want to team up na than fine.. but I will go to Nani's place Armaan and so baby sis will stay there with me.. so how will you team up.""NOOO" while Geet closed her ears getting up from the table calling out for the servants to clean the table. She walked upstairs saying "hmm Maan can you book my ticket as you know na I will not be able to do.. kya hain na packing karni hain."  she smiled walking, Maan and Armaan quickly followed her. She sat on the bed trying to muffle her laughter seeing her two devils thinking a way to say sorry to her. she knew tat one thing they would never agree was she going to her mother's place and now she took the best chance to show them tat she is the boss. She said and smiled patting herself while Maan and Armaan looked at each other and screamed loud


"Mumma.. Armaan thinking tat Armaan should also come with you to Nani's place.wat say Mumma" Armaan said slowly coming and sitting on her lap making sure he did not hurt her. Maan just kept looking at him who just changed his sides in mere seconds. Geet just kept looking at Maan and than at Armaan trying to fake anger "No.. why do you want to come.. you can stay with your Dadda." Armaan looked at Geet and slowly caressed her cheeks making her smile a bit "Mumma you know na Armaan can stay without Mumma but Mumma cannot stay without Armaan na.. so Armaan ready to come to stay with Mumma at Nani'a place ok.. aur Haan Dadda.. even book my ticket."


"Really beta.. so you are ready to leave Dadda and come na" Geet asked Armaan and teased Maan saying "Maan two tickets please" who was himself cursing his son for leaving him but next second he jumped on the bed saying "Why two it should be three after all how can Maan Singh Khuranna live without his Jaan and Armaan.. so its three."


"No not three only two.. Dadda you are punished as you made Mumma angry. so no Dadda only Mumma and Armaan going. Hain na Mumma" Geet nodded her head while Maan pulled Armaan and made him sit on his lap "Beta.. you know na Dadda needs to sleep by hugging Mumma and Armaan. And if Dadda does not sleep than who will go to KC."


"I will tell Vicky Chachu to go.. so you don't worry Dadda.. so now call Adi uncle and book two tickets to Mumbai.. me and Mumma going to Nani." Armaan said while he pinched Maan and kissed Geet who by now was leaning on Maan's shoulders "Armaan beta,  I will tell Mumma tat you were eating ice cream last night when Mumma was sleeping" Maan warned Armaan when Geet heard and before she could shout on him he turned everything on Maan saying "Dadda don't lie.. it was you who took me.. Mumma you know, Dadda said tat he will give me ice cream if I don't tell Mumma tat Dadda will be taking us to Mumbai to visit Nani and all, you know na Mammu is back from London and Dadda wanted to surprise Mumma." Maan closed his eyes while Geet looked at him in anger saying "Maan is it true tat Aman is back from London and if yes than why did not you tell me."


"Jaan .. it was a surprise. See it was long na we did not go out and so I thought tat I could surprise you on your birthday by taking to Mumbai and I and Aman planned all this. par yeh tumara beta.. sab pani fer diya" Maan said clearing her doubts "Mere bete ko kuch mat keh.. he is smart see as he told me wat you do behind me and now I swear Maan main aapko aur Aman ko chodne wali nahi hoon."


"Mat chodo after all chodugi tho bura fasogi aaj raat ko" Maan winked at Geet who blushed but her blushing was noticed by the devil Armaan who asked her "Mumma why is your cheek turning pink. Did you apply lipstick on your cheeks too.. see na Dadda how pick Mumma is looking." Maan and Geet looked at Armaan and than at each other to find an answer to the solution not finding anything Maan pulled Armaan asking him to sleep but Armaan just kept repeating his question making Maan impossible to stay quite and he finally said "Armaan, Mumma loves Dadda so much na so she is turning pink and this shows tat Mumma cannot live without Dadda and Armaan." Armaan looked at Geet while she nodded placing soft kiss and Maan took him on his chest slowly patting their Armaan to sleep while his other hand pulled his Jaan into him and all three slept with a beautiful smile waiting for their angel to lighten their lives more.



May we celebrate this day next year with Gurti coming together in reel life.

Once again Wishing everyone w very happy 3rd Anniversary.



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