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{ Qubool Express #2 : Ishq Risk }

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{  Q u b o o l  E x p r e s s #2  }


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Blooper of the week - Hafte ki Ghaliyan : crazy4KASH_AR

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(Best Scene of Asad) Jahapanaah Six Packs Scene of the Week : --Kriti--

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This week started with Ayaan calling Asad as his sautela Bhai... as Asad refuses to take the case back a helpless Ayaan finally is furious on him and says though we were step brothers we were close than any 2 own brothers but today you have proved that you are my sauteela bhai. This comment leaves Asad teary eyed.

Tanveer who sees Asad all sad tries to cheer him up and Asad plays his favorite song "Zindagii ke Yahi Reet hai" and Tanveer is successful in uniting Asad & Dilshad while Zoya is left out. She feels out of placewhile Tanveer involves her with the family and AsYa share an eyelock.

Rasia puts constant pressure on Billo to find the gudia before Dilshad finds it.

Zoya is not happy to see Asad giving all importance and attention to Tanveer at dining table and tries to divert his attention towards her but fails. Zoya is clearly jealous.

Asad and Tanveer discuss shayari while Zoya tries to chip in but Asad terms her shayaris as silly & stupid which leaves her hurt, meanwhile gas cylinder gets over and to score a point over Tanveer Zoya offers tochange it. Someone tampers with the cylinder & leak it . Dilshad about to cook when Tanveer smells the gas and cautions her, Asad immediately blames Zoya for her carelessness & stupidity while Zoya runs off crying.

Shireen pleads her brother to save Rashid and bail him out by bribing the police while he refuses and says Rashid deserves the punishment for his crime.

Shireen decides to sell onbe of her property to raise money but it requires her brother's signature, Ayaan with the help of
humeira gets his signatures but Rasia catches them in the act and offers to help Ayaan if he marries humeira. Ayaan is left in a fix.

Asad discusses about Zoya with Tanu and calls her very immature and incapable of living within a family, Zoya gets extremely hurt hearing this. Tanveer spots this and cheers her up with Pizza and Zoya decides to cooksomething good to impress Asad and change his opinion about her.

Zoya makes a chicken dish with peanuts not knowing Asad is allergic to peanuts. Dilshad tries to stop him but before she does Asad eats the dish and collapses after a fit of cough.

 Zoya uses her presence of mind and gives him an injection which revives him. Asad jumps into accusing her saying she wanted to stop him from going to court & testifying against Rashid. Zoya pleads innocence and Tanveer supports her, Asad realises his mistake & thanks her for saving him & asks forgiveness but Zoya who was very hurt just leaves.

Shireen seeks Dilsha's help to bribe the police when Dilshad comes to pay them 1 crore but Asad comes on time and stops her and
 takes away the money. Dilshad & shireen are left helpless.

Tanveer finds the Gudia in the hands of Billo and realises this is the same gudia Dilshad was searching. Najma, Zoya and Tanveer rush to the court on a bike to reach on time for the court hearing. 

They play the record in front of Asad and dilshad but the recording clearly states that Rashid committed the crime, this leaves Dilshad & Zoya in shock.

Salaam Alaikum AsYans! HugWhat a sad week have passed: no Mithwa Moments at all Ouch and neither AsYa's scene.. always Tamanna was in between! Disapprove But I really liked, appreciated the sorry of Asad and then Mithwa as BG.Heart

Zoya was scolded be Asad when the fault wasn't her but of our dearest Tannu.  Coming to know about this, Jahanpanha Six Pack asked sorry to Zoya. Day Dreaming

I really felt bad when our poor Zoya cried, even after his sorry. Cry

Hey, I am back with another edition. This week was full of emotional trauma building up in relationships. Many relationships have gone sour between two brothers.

Asad forgot Ayaan's words and went to meet him (at lake side area). Both of them talking about their relationship that token different path. For Asad Ayaan always his younger brother, but Ayaan kept on repeating himself. Asad declined him saying that he isn't taking the case back or isn't going to support a lie only stand for truth.

He stated that Rashid Ahmed Khan isn't his father only Ayaan's father. Ayaan got furious and in anger he stated always in his life he believed that they were one, but now his dreams have shattered. Ayaan challenge Asad that he'll free his father without his support. Ayaan promise himself and Asad vow that he'll see how Ayaan release Rashid Ahmed Khan without him. Both brothers walk away separately toward their destination.

Its fact. Tears leave its effect on human. Either its good or bad. Asad blame Zoya for leaving the gas switch on since Zoya always forgetting things, but Zoya could never harm anyone. Zoya isn't at fault, but Asad's words have hurt her deeply than before. Tanveer brought Zoya for dinner and made her sit beside Asad. Asad trying to clam himself, but Tanveer's words broke his tolerance. Asad start blasting Zoya for her stupendously and much more. Zoya couldn't take his words anymore and left running away.

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Yes there were many highlights of this week and with so many scenes there was allergy scene where asad's life was in danger and then been saved..that was definitely scene of the week to be called...

firstly been acted well by the actor and then it was griping and highlighting too..a male lead saved by a female lead is definitely a scene to be highlighted...

asad EATS the chicken and the allergy with the peanut was definitely something ...isnt it !!

Hey Guys i am back with the second award of Zoya moment of the week...well well this week most of the time our poor Zoya cried due to her jahapanah's  behaviour...Cry but the moment which took the cake was how Zoya was trying her heart and soul out to get the attention of Asad... she was beyond adorable doing all that stuff... she even said she is a cleanliness freak LOL and then went to change the cylinder of the gas to impress her jahapan LOL " duniya ka aisa konsa kaam hain jo Zoya farooqi nehi kar sakti bataye zara "... we agree Zoya... Big smile ... 

as fresh as a morning rose in that yellow dress... zoya rocked the scene... so for me this has to be the Allah miya whats wrong with you moment of the week Smile

Asad: "actually woh kisi family ke saath rehne ke layak nai hai"

---> This was a very painful line to hear from Asad for Zoya...Zoya was immensely hurt in the bottom of her heart, she was rather shocked that Mr. Khan had said something like this even after knowing about her family background.  But she didn't lose any hopes, and also there was some support from Tanveer, as she came into her room to make her feel better. In the end, even though she was heartly broken after hearing this, she was ready to overcome and do something better for Mr.Khan :)

Zoya: Jab bhi gusse mein ho jahapana whenever he is mean
Jab bhi gusse mein ho jahapana whenever he is mean
unhe sirf mana sakta hai khana behterin 

---> This Shayri actually ties with the Dialogue of the week; When Zoya is sad about what Mr.Khan was thinking about her, to cheer him and herself, this shayri was exerted; Where she tells that anytime 'jahapana' is mean the only thing that can make his mood better is tasty food and that is what she will try to do. 

This week due to immense drama there were less funny scenes.Cry A quick recapitulation of the funny scenes in this week,Big smile starting from Monday the funny scene was when zoya tries to gain asad's attention Wink by doing various things and the funny thing was when she says she is cleanliness freakROFL and at that moment asad's expressions along with the BG music made the scene funnier.LOL Coming to Tuesday sadly there wasn't any funny scene,Cry on Wednesday when tanveer said zoya is bechari asads expressions were worth watching Wink and in the same episode tanveer changed zoya's mood by offering her a pizza and zoya ate it while talking endlessly LOL it can be considered a sweet funny scene.Big smile Again on Thursday there was no funny scene.Cry Coming to Friday the funny scene was when girls were riding on the bike.LOL Zoya ne actually bike churayi hope police isn't following her varna jahapana six pack abs zoya ki phir class lelenge.ROFL  Oh yes she did leave a note for that person to return his/her bike with full petrol LOL but considering the fact if anyone sees his/her bike missing the first thing that person would do is report in the nearest police stationTongue(churane ka ilzaam na sahi lekin trippling ka chalaan zaroor kat sakta hai ROFL). The BG music used for the scene was hilarious,LOL watching the girls on bike with funny dialogues were enough to make the audience laugh hysterically.ROFLAlso many people on forum made topic on this scene and were having fun discussing it.Wink Thus this week's funny scene is from the 100 episode itself.Embarrassed

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This week we had a very emotional family moment. The first reconciliation between Asad and his mom, the song sequence was beautiful. The kodak moment includes where all of them are hugging Asad and Zoya felt unwanted. One frame with all of them together, brilliantly directed. 

Still there were some unspoken mitwa moments going on between AsYaEmbarrassed

Rashid will get Bail but Asad is not happy about it as he still thinks that Rashid is the murderer...there will be some twist about Billo rani Tongue

And Tanveer wants to leave Asad's house ..Zoya is very happy about the fact...But the question is How Asad will react? Wink for that we will Have to watch Qubool Hai Tongue

Best Scene

I really had a hard time picking the best scene because there was no such scene I kept going back to re-watch for. However there was one scene that definitely did pull on my heart strings.


Two hurt women, one stubborn son. When Asad took the suitcase of cash (that would allow the bailing of Rashid) the pain in both women's eyes were to die for. It was as if a part of their heart been taken away. Especially for Dilshad.

Best Character

I had a really hard time deciding best character too but there was one character whose strength and determination compelled me to make them Hafte Ke Behatareen Shaks.

Dilshad. Hope, Determination and my sympathy for her made her my character of the week.

Special mention to Ayaan & Zoya aswell for not being weak and keeping their head held high all the time.

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By  supriya.ipkknd

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By  blessing-beauty

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AsYa OS- Kiss Me Goodnight

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SS - Mission AsYa Love

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I know I am gonna get brick bats for this oneLOL but Tanu wears some really pretty suits and they do suit her alot so not just the one above but all the ones she wore this week are my picks for the Libaas E Hafta

She's behaving too nice, too sugary sweet. And too sugary is always irritating. No one's perfect. So she should stop trying to act like a perfect plastic doll :P

Hello QHians!!
.I'm here to present the blooper of the week.Wink 

The episode of 12th March where Shireen told Ayaan about a property that was on her name and she wished to sell it had a much significant blooper.LOL
The property papers were shown of worth Rs. 20.Shocked

For a property that is worth of crores of money can't be denominated on a Rs. 20 stamp paper.LOL 
So for this week you all can save your ghaliyan for the property paper. ROFL

There as usual due to Rashid's case were many majboor characters. Shireen was the most majboor one though. She had to call Dilshad (her husband's first wife) for help. For money she had to ask Razia for help with no luck. She couldn't even help her mother in law.

Qubool Hai was full of many shockers, but the biggest this week was when Asad blasted at Zoya. (Date: March 12th)
What was that? 
It was really unexpected, the viewers could of never though of such a scene. Asad started developing feelings for Zoya, and suddenly Tanveer appears and in seconds all that changes.
Zoya's feelings were hurt, and she knew she wasn't the one who mishandles the gas cyclinder. But instead she herself was blamed...
Poor Zoya, lets see what next
Keep watching

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"Thank you for Saving my life"

The most unexpected moment of the week was when Asad apologised to Zoya regarding the 'peanut allergy' incident. Most of us had expected another misunderstanding between Asad and Zoya but tanveer shocked us all by taking all the blame on her. 
It was surprising to see Asad saying sorry and thank you both at the same time to Zoya. 
Plus, that was our Only mitwa scene this week. 

AsYa nokjhok moment in this week were rare. The best was the scene when Zoya was eating quickly, coughing on the breakfast table and saying shayaaris just to grab Asad's attention. Those scenes were really cute and Zoya looked so adorable.

This Week was ordinary, story wise nothing much happened, Rasia continued to blackmail Ayaan in the name of Rashid and Asadcontinued to hurt & treat Zoya as a misfit especially in front of Tanveer.

So this week's rating is Star Star Star Star Star Star     


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Congrats on the 2nd edition <3 
A big shout out to the whole team..honestly guys, this NL was not possible without your immense support and prompt help.
Please enjoy reading and do drop in your feedbacks to help us improve!  

- QH NL Team Embarrassed

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