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Tere Bin: A KriYansh SS [On Hold]

KriShaReYam IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Tere bin: A KriYansh SS
Hi guys! We are here with out first work and it is based on KriYansh. This SS is a special gift for Kuhu(kuhu_Arsha) as today is her b'day! Wish you a very happy b'day Kuhu! We hope that you like this SS and that it makes you happy!
Feel free to give your views.

Feel free to criticize.


Reyaansh Singhania

Kria Ghai

Swayam Shekhawat

Sharon Rai Prakash

Vikramjeet(Vicky) Kalsi

Nilesh(Nil) Kotian

Neha Singh

Simi Malhotra

Rini Shah




Note: All the above characters are the same as in the show. New characters maybe introduced as the story progresses.

Kria's Gang from Dehradun:

Shriya bhatt

Varun malhotra

Aditi malik

Kabir Ahuja

Siddhant Mehra

Shivani Agarwal

Character sketch:

Kria's Gang:

Shriya Bhatt - She is Kria's best friend. She knows the real reason behind Kria's leaving the most inevitable parts of her life: herdil, herdostiand herdance. She's in a relationship with Varun.

Varun Malhotra - He is Kria's best friend and he knows the real reason behind Kria's leaving the most inevitable parts of her life: herdil, herdostiand herdance. He's in a relationship with Shriya.

Aditi Malik-She's a fun loving girl who's always stood by Kria at all times. She secretly likes Kabir but hasn't confessed yet.

Kabir Ahuja - He's the one who's always buried in his books and gives advices to everyone. He has a crush on Aditi but hasn't confessed yet.

Siddhant Mehra - He's the prankster of the group and he can make anyone smile with his jokes and humour. He is in a relationship with Shivani.

Shivani Agarwal - She's a soft hearted and sensitive girl but when required, she becomes ready to face any problem with courage. She's in a relationship with Siddhant.

Note:Varun, Aditi, Kabir and Shivani are unaware of the real reason behind Kria leaving Mumbai. But they know that Kria has a past in a past in Mumbai which she never mentions.

Story line:Kria has moved back to dehradun and has joined a college by the name of St. Xavier's College. She lives a life without any purpose but her friends in Dehradun are trying to bring her back to normal. Destiny strikes and she is brought back to her Dance as well as Mumbai but she reluctantly has to stay away from herDil-Rey. Will Kria and Rey ever be KriYansh?

P.S.:For those of you who think this SS will have a sad ending, you are right as well as wrong.Smile

Plz hit the like tab!!! LOL n we will continue soon!! Thnx to all those who liked it!! Big smile
For PMs, buddy KriShaReYamBig smile Scroll down for Part 1!!!!

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KriShaReYam IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Part - 1

Scene: At Dehradun Airport

Varun - Are you sure hum sahi kar rahe hai?

Shriya - Varun its better ki hum usse yeh baat chupa kar rakhe.

Siddhant - But I dont understand guys! Kria ki mom ko Mumbai se itna ka problem hai?

Shriya - Woh sab chodo Sid! Tum sirf usse kuch batana mat! Tum logo ko yaad hai na kria ko kya bolna hai?

Kabir - haan matey Shriya! Hum sabko memorise ho gaye hai lines!

Shriya - I know lekin to bhi mein ek baar wapas bata deti hun.

Kabir, Aditi, Shivani and Sid sighed in irritation.

Shriya - Ok so Kria ko yeh nahin pata chalna chahiye ki hum dance fest ke liye Mumbai jaa rahe hai. Usse ye batana hai ki hum pune jaa rahe hai. Agar usse pata chal gaya toh who nahin aayegi hamare saath because woh aunty ki saari baat follow karti hai. So make sure yeh baat Kria ko naa pata chale.

"Mujhe kya pata naa chale?" came a voice from behind them. All of them turned around and saw Kria standing there with her luggage in her hands.

With her chocolate brown eyes, her infectious smile, her silky and smooth hair, her high cheekbones and fair complexion Kria looked like as beautiful and flawless like an angel.

Shriya - Ummm' woh Kria' actually'

Varun - Arey woh sab chodo kria! Tum itni late kyun aayi? Check in time 8 baje ka tha aur abhi 8:20 ho gaye.

Kria - Sorry sorry guys! Woh maa breakfast khilaye bagair nahin bhej rahi thi. Chalo ab chalte hai.

All of them maneuvered their luggage on the trolleys and head inside the Dehradun Airport. After going through the security checking and other formalities, they all headed towards to the waiting lounge. All of them sat down and started discussing about the upcoming dance fest. After a while, Kria rested her head back on the chair and closed her eyes. She thought about her luck that she was going to dance, in front of an audience. She smiled at the thought. She was going to dance! The word dance itself was enough to send a shiver down her spine. She felt so happy and content. She thought about the reason for her dancing again.


Kria had left Mumbai, her passion, her dream, her friends, her life and her love. It was as if everything had been destroyed. Nothing was left for her to hold on to. She neither had a meaning nor a purpose in her life. She shifted back to her old Dehradun house and joined the St. Xavier's college. She went to college everyday and completed all her work but it was all robotic and lifeless. She was like a living dead. For weeks she did not talk to anyone. She neither smiled nor did she eat properly. Smriti was very tensed seeing all this but she knew that all this was for Kria's good. Day by day Smriti waited for Kria to get normal but there was no change in her. She remained as lifeless as ever. She did not talk to anyone in college nor did she make any new friends. Sometimes Kria would silently go and watch the dance rehersals of their college dance team and she would remember HER dance team, HER friends and HER rey! But soon a gut wrenching pain would arise in her and tears would start flowing from her eyes. Pain twisted in her body and the jagged hole in her heart would rip her open from inside out. She never danced nor did she try to contact anyone in Mumbai because she had promised her mom. She never asked her the reason nor did she disobey her. When there was no response from Kria, Smriti would get infuriated and would tell her to talk! But Kria would just nod in response and return back to her room.

One day Kria was having dinner with her mom when Smriti's fist banged down on the table, "Thats it Kria! Ab mein tumhara ye behaviour aur tolerate nahin kar sakti! Tum nahin achche se khana khati ho, nahin baat karti hi, nahin hasti ho! Mujhe meri purani Kria wapas chahiye!"
Kria said nothing and silently collected her dish, put it in the sink and went back to her room. Kria was very hurt but she did not want to act harsh with her mom. Smriti was very hurt and infuriated. She wasnt able to decide what she should do to bring back her old Kria. She had an idea and she opened the St. Louis College website in her laptop. She searched for the Weaklings Footloose Elims Performance. She saw how flawlessly Kria danced. There was so much grace in her movements, strength in her arms and legs, fluidity in her motions and exprressions on her face! Tears formed in her eyes looking at her daughter's amazing dance. She was mesmerised by her daughter's dance. she made a decision. She wiped her tears and headed to Kria's room. She entered the room and saw Kria working on her assignment.

"Kria, kalse tum wapas dance shuru kar dogi. Tum kal hi apne college ki dance team join karogi. I am sorry beta. Mujhe tumhe dance se dur nahin rakhna chahiye tha", said Smriti.

Kria was shocked. She froze. She couldnt believe her ears. Had her mom really allowed her to dance again. Smriti smiled seeing Kria's confused expressions. Seeing her mother's smile, Kria knew it was true. She couldnt control her emotions. Tears started flowing through her eyes and she rushed and huged her mother. Both of them stood there, hugging each other and crying.
"Thank You maa! Thank you so much!", said Kria.

Smriti said, "Your welcome beta! Ab rona bandh karo aur so jao! kal subah tumhe dance team join karne ke liye jaana hai na!".

Kria smiled for the first time in so many weeks and went to her bed to sleep. She thought about dance and happiness burst through her veins. A smile constantly played on her lips and she felt very happy and content. She was very excited for tomorrow and she could'nt wait to go to college! Controlling her excitement, she decided to sleep.

Next day:

Kria woke up early and rushed to get ready. She hurried outside, pecked her mom on her cheek said goodbye and went to the college. After entering the college, she went to the canteen to look for the dance team. The dance team included six students. They were Shriya, Kabir, Aditi, Varun, Siddhant and Shivani. All of them were amazing dancers. Kria found them in the canteen and went towards them.

Kria - Hi guys! i am Kria. I need to talk to u about something. May I join you?
Shriya - Of course. Come, sit.
Shriya introduced Kria to everyone.
Shriya - You wanted to talk about something?
Kria - Ya. Actually I wanted to ask if you could take me in your dance team. I'll go through auditions and everything, just try me out once.
Shriya - What? You want to join the team? Do u dance?
Kria smiled at her question.
Kria - Yes i do. Will you try me out?
Shriya - Ok fine. After college finishes, meet us in the rehearsal hall.
Kria - Ok. Sure. I'll be there. Thanks a lot. Bye.

Kria smiled and headed to the class. The whole day passed in a blur for Kria as she was very excited for her auditions. Soon the final bell rang. Kria hurried towards the rehearsal hall. She first changed into a track and a tee and then she waited for the others to come. Soon all came and her audition started. A fast music track was played and Kria started performing Hip Hop. Her feet swayed on the music effortlessly and her moves were sexy and energetic. Everyone was amazed by her dance. After the song got over everyone cheered for Kria.

Varun - OMG Kria! You are amazing!
Kria - So am i selected?
Shriya - Yes you definately are!

Kria was overjoyed! She hugged Shriya and then all of then started practicing a dance routine. Kria's life changed in the next few weeks. Happiness was again filled in her life. She still missed her friends and Rey but she was happy that dance was back in her life. Her days were busy with the dance practices and her nights were busy with dreams of her friends and Rey. Kria had bonded very well with evreyone. Varun and Shriya were her best friends. She told them everything about Rey, her friends, her team and her reason for leaving. both Varun and Shriya were in tears by the end of her story, The rest of the gang knew that Kria had a past in Mumbai which she didnt want to talk about but they did not know the real reason for her leaving Mumbai.

After few weeks of her joining the team, a circular for the Dance Fest arrived in the college. everyone was really very excited for it.

Kria - So dance fest kahan hai?
Shriya - Ummm... its in...
Varun - Pune! it's in Pune!
Kria - Ok!
Varun - Kria tum jaake songs aur dance routines ki preps chalu karo, hum sab princi ko mil kar aate hai.
Kria - Ok.
Kria left from there.
Sid - Varun tune jhut kyun bola ki fest Pune mein hai?
Varun - Guys you know na ki Kria kabhi bhi Mumbai nahin jayegi. Isliye jhut bolna pada. Aunty Kria ko mumbai kabhi nahin jaane degi aur kria unki saari baat maanti hai. So koi usse nahin batayega ki fest Mumbai mein hai. Am I clear?
All nodded. They went to rehearsal hall and started their practice. After going home, Kria asked her mom for permission to go to Pune for Dance Fest and she agreed. Kria joyously packed her luggage and slept with happy dreams.

*Flashback ends*

The announcement for the flight was made. All of them headed towards the terminal. They entered the plane and sat on their respective seats. The air hostess asked them to fasten their seat belts and the plane took off. Varun signalled Shriya to tell Kria the truth. Shriya gulped in nervousness and looked towards Kria. Kria was looking outside the window with a smile on her face.

Shriya - Kria! Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai.
Kria looked ar Shriya.
Kria - Haan Shriya. Bolo.
Shriya took a deep breath and said - Kria Dance Fest Pune mein nahin Mumbai mein hai!
Shriya said all this in one go.

They all waited tensely for Kria's response. Kria was shocked! She was going to Mumbai! But she had promised her mom that she wouldn't go to Mumbai ever again!

Shriya - Kria! Kuch toh bolo!
Kria - Guys tumbe mujhse jhut kaise bola! Tumhe pata hai na I can't go to Mumbai!
Sid - Oh c'mon Kria! Pls! Hamare liye maan jao! You know na yeh Dance Fest kitna important hai hamare liye.
Kria - Yes, I knw guys! Lekin...
Shivani - Lekin kya Kria? Pls maan jao Kria! Hum tumhare bagair perform nahin kar payenge.
Kria sighed in frustration. She looked at all of their pleading faces and she finally relented.
Kria - Ok fine!
All of them cheered and Shriya hugged Kria.
Shriya whispered in Kria's ear - Don't worry Kria! St. Louis' college shayad Fest mein naa aaye.
Kria shook her head and whispered back - No Shriya woh log zaroor aayenge.

Kria leaned back on her chair and closed her eyes. She was going to Mumbai! Back to her friends! Back to her Rey! A sense of happiness rushed through her but she knew that she couldn't break her mom's promise. She thought about te previous dance fest. The time in d girls green room where Rey had tied her blouse string, Her and Rey's impromptu dance, her confession and Rey's overjoyed response. She smiled thinking about all dis.

The voice of the air hostess came through the speaker.
Air hostess - Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to reach Mumbai in a few minutes. Please tie your seat belts.
Kria tied her seat belt and got ready for her destiny.

Part 2

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For PMs, buddy KriShaReYam!!!Smile
Your critisism is welcome!!!Big smile

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KriShaReYam IF-Sizzlerz

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Character Sketch: Page 1
Part 1: Page 1
Part 2: Page 13
Part 3: Page 43

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KriShaReYam IF-Sizzlerz

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Res fr Jaanvi
KriShaReYam IF-Sizzlerz

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Res for pradeep bhai


Sorry thoda late ho gaya
back to update
Wow amazing writeup ayu&rivi
Amazing kriya and her friend are amazing all are fun
Cann't wait to see kriyansh together but tu itni jaldi tho milayegi nahi wait karna padega
Update jaldi karna

Pradeep Bhai.

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..-Chabhilal-.. Goldie

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great concept
very interesting start
cnt wait for the  kriyansh reunion
hope kriya's heart doesnt break
thnx 4 da pm
continue soon

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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Awesome start

Loved it

Thanks for the pm

Waiting to read more

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Res:-D. . . .
Unres. . . . .:-D:-D
wow. .wow. .wow. . .
Rivi and arushi . . . . .
Awsome job guys. . . .
Superb concepts. . . .
M so loving it. . . . . . .
Wow. . .kriya gona enter soon in lousians life. .
Wow. . . . .
And her news frnds looks good. . .lovly 2. .and i realy lovd their bonding and their love,care n affection for kriya. . .
Waiting 4 the nxt update. . .
Update super se bi uper soon. . .

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