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BV WU 18/3...Transfer drama continues... (Page 4)

saba113 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Thanks for update 

This episode was breath of fresh air after two back to back extremely crappy episodes Jagaya Ganga scenes were really good and Shashank was superb today That was a relief seeing him getting some focus otherwise last week cvs really wasted his talent 

 Well i couldn't understand why Jagaya think he won't be able to see Anandi anymore now Where is she going she 'll be around them Just to add him in people grieving at Anandi's going away to create some emotional moments  Cvs created this scene  but never mind i think cvs only wanted to add Jagaya in the list of people grieving at Anandi leaving Jaitser while fact she is not going to Mars but to city near by Jaitser and will paying her frequent visits to Jaitser so?why everyone is so sad LOL but i am happy cvs didn't mess up with Jagaya's redemption  much  What his grief was here he over came it and involved  himself in other activities to console himself  instead of crying over Anandi That was brilliant and proved he has a will power to move on and i loved it he started to open up to Ganga and share his sorrows with her that he cannot share with anyone else Smile

Jagaya Ganga Mannu scenes were very good That was well written and the connection cvs made here  was heart touching Jagaya remembering his own child that he lost all because of  Gauri's dumbness . carelessness and cvs also made a great connection for future too Jagaya will find the child he lost in Mannu .This is great 

Anandi's sad face irritating me now Come on lady Udaipur is not that far away from Jaitser you can come whenever you want to come to Jaitser You are already not living with Singhs so why this long face ?Learn something from husband he was even happy in cutting short his holidays for you and he rarely gets time to meet his family but he was happy to make you happy wasn't carrying a long face in front of you so what is your problem really?Sleepy

Precap ..I liked .Ganga acknowledges she cannot stay under favors of Singhs or be a burden on them and will have to settle herself somewhere else but Singhs and Jagaya will stop her somehow i hope they do ,Not Anandi

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anshurg5 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
     Thanks for update,
J was again in crying mode , he needs to look Anandi's face every day to start living his life again .Dead
           Though liked the part where innocent mannu brought smiles on haveli people's face .

 Interaction of Shekhar's was nice .Shiv playing prank was  very good and giving a glimpse of their future in KB.

Though spending many minutes on Ghanshyam kaka's vidai was too much of the Drag.
jack0007 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jermey1

Thanks for update .After two back to back  extremely awful episodes this one was really better

All Jagaya Ganga scenes were   good Though I was pretty mad while seeing Saturday's precap but today after seeing that scene I let it go because all I can deduce is it was just for an emotional drama on Anandi 's going away to Udaipur  now cvs had to make Jagaya emotional too somehow otherwise there wasn't much sense in it Seeing Anandi happy it eases Jagaya's guilt but for that why he wants to see her face daily ? Doesn't make much sense as even this thought she is happy in her life can make him ease his pain and guilt because all that is required for him is Anandi's happiness that's it .When he left for laxmiganj village at that time this thought didn't cross his mind he needs to see Anandi happy to find his peace Lol  No connection anywhere just a scene created to make Jagaya emotional on Anandi's leaving somehow  otherwise neither any sense neither any connection just a scene created  for one reason make him emotional for Anandi Lol  Forget sense in it much but then I don't even expect any consistent track for Jagaya because cvs love to twist him as per their mood  But anyways I am happy cvs are not planning for any hiccups for Jagaya and brought him out of this transfer drama soon

Ganga thinks Jagaya is still in love with Anandi ? Well this is not his love mostly guilt and its restlessness speaking not love

How many meetings Anandi will have with Singhs before going to Udaipur  ?Yesterday went to meet them now again  Anandi's  Singhs and Jaitser mania will be difficult to lessen someday remember your father too why your brain doesn't work for your father Anandi?

Jagaya Ganga Mannu scenes were also nice Felt sorry for Jagaya remembering  his own child when Ganga said  he'll be a good father What memories he has for his own child Gauri's miscarriage? He wasn't at fault here it was all thanks to his dumb wife's carelessness he lost his child and don't know what she did with his second child that he is still unaware of ?

Precap   I expected that Ganga will want to leave She wouldn't want to be live under Singhs favors and will want to settle herself  somewhere but Singhs will stop her somehow or Anandi will ask her to stop Better will be Singhs stop her don't want Anandi's  lecture to Ganga to please take care of my family  that will be maha irritating

And must add Shashank was awesome today Loved his performance 

i think jagya made sense today..he clearly pointed out that at first it was very hard for him to accept that anandi is someone elses' wife so he fled away  to some other village to get away from the torture ..but now gradually he has been able to accept this hard truth.. seeing anandi happy helps him feel less guilty... n not being able to see her anymore would constantly remind him of what he has lost all becoz of his own misdeeds..

jagya still loves anandi or not no one knows..may be he never loved her.. but today he realizes how precious n special she was  n what his actions have cost him..
Casper- Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jack0007

i think jagya made sense today..he clearly pointed out that at first it was very hard for him to accept that anandi is someone elses' wife so he fled away  to some other village to get away from the torture ..but now gradually he has been able to accept this hard truth.. seeing anandi happy helps him feel less guilty... n not being able to see her anymore would constantly remind him of what he has lost all becoz of his own misdeeds..

jagya still loves anandi or not no one knows..may be he never loved her.. but today he realizes how precious n special she was  n what his actions have cost him..
 Why he won't be able to see her anymore ? Is she going to jupiter or dying of some incurable disease ?Think  about it then try to find sense 

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Surish IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Thanks for Balika Vadhu's update as of March 18, 2013
mahi12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Thank you for Update Khusi . A good episode better than last two awful ones but will give more credit to Shashank here for acting so well today for making episode good for me  

Jagaya being depressed on not being able to see Anandi's happy face in front of him to move on is something i cannot understand after seeing   his countless confessions by now  and his decisions with enough proofs that how he will move on by taking care of his family as well helping Ganga which will be his repentance  thats how he will relieve  his guilt, find his peace  to move on so seeing Anandi's face was no where in it because this thought was enough for him to relieve his guilt find peace in it that she is happy in her life and he has accepted this many times by accepting this fact very well that she is Shiv's wife now Shiv will keep her a lot happy So today these words were only forced from his mouth and to top it all even if we wants to see her  face with a broad smile in front of him  so where she is going away forever ? is she dying?  NO She will pay her visits to Jaitser so see her face then ? Is this really big issue ? No so just  cvs emotional drama without any reason  Just to add Jagaya in the list of people who are emotional on Anandi leaving JaitserLOLFor what don't try to understand LOL

Will give credit to Shashank to put  life in first scene with his brilliant  acting  Cvs  must thanks the actor  who made it worth watching  and i am very happy  that cvs didn't make any big mess with him to ruin his redemption track That was great. Poor soul only wants to see Anandi happy but his problem isn't  big that he cannot solve and move on  he himself solved it and came over it That shows his will power to move on 

Ganga thinks Jagaya still loves Anandi .Well this not love its his guilt speaking to which all of sudden for some short time cvs gave a new direction after all they love to play with their toy to create dramaLOLbut i am happy for this thing Jagaya and Ganga both have started to open up  with each other What they don't share with others they share with each other thats trust building in their relation which will lead to a strong friendship  and i am also happy for this thing that cvs pulled Jagaya out of his dilemma  soon thats a strength adding in him he has started to come over his problems on his own without anyone's lecturing Thats very good Smile

Good to see Shiv trying to be happy about his transfer to his home town  instead of that long face he was carrying for past few days but wonder when Anandi will get over it ?Sleepy

The best parts of episode The innocent Mannu bringing smiles on Haveli people was really nice ,Jagaya clicking Mannu 's photos was adorable and Ganga curious to know how these photos are clicked was also cute and adorable Jagaya and Mannu scene was very nice Jagaya will take good  care of Mannu and sooner Mannu will also adore him like other kids do from Nandu to Varun , Shagun .I am looking to forward to Jagaya's and Mannu's bonding and today was brilliant start for it with some heart touching connections from past Felt really  sorry for seeing tears of Jagaya remembering the death of his own child when Ganga told him he'll be good father .A ruin solely at the hands of his psycho wife Gauri because of whom he lost his child to whom he became really attached  to and the immense  pain of losing  his child still bring tears in  his eyes but some great connections  for future were  also shown in this scene that the child he lost couldn't even see him he will find him  in MannuSmileand Ganga predicted the future that she don't know but i know Jagaya will be a  good father Yes of course  Ganga  he will be a good dad of your MannuWinkLOL

Precap is good i love Ganga's spirit and i expected that Lets see how Singhs and Jagaya will make Ganga stay in Haveli  hope Anandi won't interfere in it much 

Overall i liked today's episode Much better than last two and Jagaya Ganga scenes were really good with some very good acting in them  which made them worth watching 

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Shinya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
thanks for WU... nice episode.  Jagya was simply awesome today when he was trying to tell ganga what was going on in his mind... then taking pics of Mannu.. shashank is a great actor !Thumbs Up

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Teeya Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
mujhe lagta hai ki Anandi ko khone ka gum aur dusri aur Gouri ka juthth lekin apne bachche ko khone ka us waqt ka dard yeh tino hi baat jagya ko ganga ke jkareeb le aayegi kyunki Anandi ki tarah hi ganga bhi B.V  thi, dusri baat yeh ki Ganga ko bhi padhne likhne ka mouka nahi mila hai isi liye jagya ko kahin naa kahin ganga mein woh purani Anandi ki chhavi dikhayi deti hogi ...isi hi kuchh pale thi jab jagya Anandi ko 0taane maarta tha us waqt ka guilt bhi abhi bhi mannn mein hai yeh baat bhi Jagya ko Anpadh ganga ki aur baha ke le jaayegi aur tisri baat hai munnu ki ganga uski maa hai par jagya ko apne aur gouri ke bachche ko khone ka jo dard thaa woh dard ab mannu pe pyaar ban ke niklega aur woh ganga maa hai mannu ki yeh baat bhul kar mannu ke karan hi ganga ko pyar karne lagega.

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