The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

l The Buddy Project l Season 1 M e m o i r s :

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Hello and welcome everyone to...

t h e    b u d d y      p r o j e c t
s e a s o n   1      m e m o i r s .  . .

TBP is one of the shows to come back with season 2 without going off air! Based on the youth, this unique story captures the true essence of life. Uske liye toh memoirs banta hi hai!!

so here goes some of the many best scenes through our the season. The thread dedicated to each and every person of the show who has worked so hard to make this show a success. Be it writers, directors, actors, screen-plays and more! 

Here's presenting... 

  T a b l e  o f  C o n t e  n t s

Ye Pyar Na Hoga Kam - Love/Hate moments: 
 post 1
Yaron Dosti Badi Haseen Hai - Friendship: post 2
Knowledge ki deewar, Ratta Mar - Inspirational JJ:
 post 3
Do Jism... Ek Jaan - Vats + Banga!: post 4
Yun Hi Re...Yun Hi Re, Mile Rahe Hum - Buddies United:
 post 5+6
Credits: post 7

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Oh how their relationship starts off!! What can words say? I'll let this amazing siggy made by none other than Piyu talk for itself!! 

Ishq Wala Love/Main Sharabi:

Even though both of them hate each other at this point, they acknowledge each other. Due to which, KD couldn't help but come to Kiya's rescue when Kunal was up to his motives. This was KD's protective/possessive side kicking in. He was alright with Kiya being intimate with him. But he could not stand and watch her being close to someone else Day Dreaming 

KiSha First hug: 

Happens in the camp... Kiya runs to KD and hugs him as she hears the junglee janwars in the distance. 

KD so miraculously manages to calm her down. His passionate voice of concern for Kiya can be heard. While he goes through the new feeling of friendship and 'love' for Kiya. 

He stays with her throughout, consoling her she's fine and she trusts him and his words. She stays by her side. It was one moment to cherish for sure. It was the start of new feelings for them... which are lost and at the same time, not lost currently. 

Both of them, conscious of the other. 

Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa: 

Followed in KiSha story was this mesmerizing sequence. It let out all the pain of Kiya and her heart broken trust by KD. The intensity of the song used and the way Bharti portrayed the emotions through Kiya were heart warming. 

KD finds the truth that Kiya was actually a helper... not a betrayer, he tries undoing what was already done. But alas. Destiny had it's pick. Kiya had to find out and no matter how much he apologized, the scar followed throughout the season and ended on a bitter note between the two at the end of the season. 

Along the way, KD stopped apologizing as there was nothing more he could do. While Kiya still worried for KD and helped him when in need, she could never bring herself to completely forgiving KD. As her character has it, she fears from trusting and making friends. When KD broke that... the first person she had started to trust in her life, it all went amiss. 

So over all, what was it for KiSha?

The love-hate relation??!!
Ring a bell??!!
Of course KiSha!!
Right from the very beginning these 2 have always been in a fierce relation!!
They have had a "Fatal Attraction"
From where should I begin?????

The bracelet scene??!
Wht not!!
That bracelet breaking scene itself told us a lot about these 2!!
Wherein . . While Kiya Called him a Stoneface and KD had his "chicklet"Oor do u gals remember the mood nai hai scene!!
It portrayed an open challenge. A dare from both the sides!

Or maybe the canteen scene??!!
Where Kiya pays on KD's behalf??!!
What do we get??!
A self esteemed man hurt and brags!!
Coming to the infamous Main Sharaabi!!
Aah that dance Sequence . . defined KiSha to the T. ..!!
Talk about twin flames??!!
They just blew us all away!!!

Then came the revenge phase.. . when our Angry Young man went through a RB!!(revenge bhoot!!)
In between friendship crept in and when it graduated to love? KiSha never realized!!

But they say
Life is no fairytale!!!
They too got that shock of their life!!!!
And life took a u-turn!!!

Slowly n gradually things began to settle in again!!
The trust started coming back!!
The torn Shirt incidence playing a major role!!
But then the trust wasn't enough to withstand up coming tsunami!!!
Life's a roller coaster ride!!
And these 2 really have had a great experience!!!!

RaHi Jaane Kyun: 

This adorable pair, starting out as childhood friends, have given us million memories to cherish. 

One of them being the first Jaane Kyun sequence where Nonu consoles his Moti to cheer up after Kiya has insulted her. 

And we get to see more of their cute friendship and their moments. From Ranveer allowing her to ride his cycle to them enjoying music to him buying her chocolates and both of them going in their own world (Moti eating and Nonu listening to music) and yet, their silence was speaking volumes! And that way, they spend the whole day away together. 

 Then continued by their second Jaane Kyun Sequence. This time in flashback when their friendship is falling apart due to Alien invasion. 

It reminds the viewers of the friendship they shared and even though it being so strong, there can be chances of it fading away, only to come back together, stronger as never before! 

"Friends for Life"

This was one of the other magical moments created on the show by Nonu and his Moti. A phase when Panchi hasn't forgiven her nonu just yet but cannot ignore him either. The times when Nonu does a write up for his moti in the yearbook. The words that come straight for the heart. 

He does start off reading it from what he has written, staying true to his nature. Then he lets the curtains fall and he comes in his real nature, the one when he is in when it's just him and his Panchi. When he doesn't care about the world. When he doesn't care if anyone knows his name 'Nonu' 

And By God, the write up he has done for her! Not essay long but not as short either. It was to the point and kudos to the writing team for the scene and to the dialogue writers for amazing commentary on Panchi from Ranveer. A scene much needed. A scene that forced Panchi to let go of her anger and welcome RV back in her life! A scene when RV was finally relieved because he had his life back. His Panchi. His Moti.

*Exact Quotes Taken from WU*

"Panchi. The best friend one could hope for." Panchi looks away and RV closes the book and puts it back. "The one who takes care of the smallest things related to her friends. Who while watching TV, gives the remote to her friend. If she goes out, she gives her share of french fries to her friends and if her friend is on diet, she can even eat their share happily." They giggle at it a little and a smile creeps on Panchi's lips. "But jokes apart, she is sweet enough to give diabetes. Cuter than a soft toy. Bubblier than a happy dog." RV reaches her side and leans closer to say, "The Best Buddy." (I am having eargasm and there are tears in my eyes and my heart is bursting with all these feels...Allaaahhh!!! ) 

HiMa Confession:

It was one of the many of their sweet scenes. Juhi always has her blonde moments and Samar is always upto ignoring her. Until a time comes when he starts cherishing their moments after blind trust activity. Since then, he doesn't ignore her. When Banga puts a ban on them and none of them can see each other, Samar misses her the most and helps her from a distance. 

Finally at the end with Samar confesses his true identity, she too confesses that she loves him and doesn't care if he's royal or the son of sweet maker. She loves her. And Samar is baffled! Not knowing what to do or say... Eventually, he opens up his arms and confesses back!!

This has got to be the unique love confession never seen before in any show! Both of their innocence took the scene to another level and made it all the more adorable. 

PiBby: Cute Talli.

Piddhi has been one of those men who can make u laugh even when he's not literally doing anything at all Tongue Tongue 
And which scene makes u laugh the most!!!
ofcourse the drunk proposal!!

During the camp scene when Samar-Piddhi-KD had "Shaahi Sharbet"
Piddhi who was deeply missing his Bobby. .   starting imagining Her everywhere after getting drunk!!
What followed was a hilarious scenario!!
What with Piddhi reaching the gals tent and taking Naina ma to be Bobby!!
The entire proposal makes you go on a fix!!
Whether to laugh at him or go awww... !!

This boy's been in a true sense a "lover boy" when it came to Bobby
His love for her so pure!!
The way he comes to the tent and lovingly goes on to tell Naina ma assuming her to be Bobby how much he loves her!!
And Naina ma being the sweet lady she's always been!!
Doesn't say anything rather lets him speak his heart!!
Then when he finally realizes its Naina Ma... his reaction!!
Keeping that aside
One thing that touched our heart the most!!
His Pure feeling and love for Bobby !!!!

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This describes the whole of the show... Let's see what it is for the viewers. As written by blue_orchid.

Aah . ..Beginning with my favorite category...
After all . ..The Show is about..."Buddies"
hmmm. .. Where to start from? Ermm 
These 8 have from the very beginning shared a unique bond. ...
With time and again, they all have landed with each other whether they liked it or not!!
Starting with 1st 2 sweet bonds which touched us the Most
The Nonu- Moti Best frnd jodi

and KD- Piddhi brotherly love!!!
Nonu n moti have always shared a unique bond!!!
They had always been for each other. ..
Yes they saw loads of lows but what matters is that in the end they always have each other!!

The most touching moment??!!
Despite of everything. . Despite being ill treated . ...
Moti proved her friendship by saving her Nonu . And staking her own life for that!!
Nonu isnt far. ..He realizes his mistake the hard way. . 
But makes sure his buddy stays happy...

Does things for her which keeps her merry!!
Knows her the best!!
Coming to KD-Piddhi
These 2 share a unique bond!!
They are there for each other no matter what!!!
No matter how wrong/ right the other might be!!
They trust each other blindly!!!


And though they too saw a low.   Where KD actually slaps Piddhi!!
They never faltered in their bond!!
Most touching moment
The Angry young man... The boy who wouldd rather keep his emotions to himself
actually gets drunk n completely breaks down in front of Piddhi n the way he takes care for him!!
It was touching to see a role reversal!!

Ofcourse there are many more beautiful friendships like that of Samar-Piddhi
Juhi-Panchhi. .while SaPid Tickle our funny bone. .PanHi emit pure innocence
But the bond that struck us the most was ofcourse the bond of all 8 of them together!!



The last few epis were the best thing that could happen to us:
The way all the 7 buddies help KD in their own way itself shows their affection and care towards each other
Then again when Panchi met with an accident. . The pain which she went through was shared by all regardless of the fact that they were each other's enemies!!

Coming to 2 unique bonds 
That of YaRa n RanSh!!
YaRa became friends when they suffered the most!!
The 2 of them went through a troubled time and understood each others pain
both were hurt, betrayed n lonely. . !!
Their understanding for each other makes their frndship unique


Though short lived their frndship was something we all wanted!!
Ending their enemity these 2 tries their best to keep their sour relations behind!!
A very cute bond wid loads of handshakes/ hi5s /hugs n even dance!!!
Another bond worth mentioning was PanSh!!
What can I say abt these 2??
They have an understanding of their own!!
They might not openly share a frndly bond
but still have always stood for each other
and trusted each other!!

And of course "The Buddy Project"
strengthened the buddy's bond with each other
whether it be d blindfold moments

the slave moments
or the camp moments

where they caught fishes, scared the boys and girls respectively, did lots of masti. 

their friendship was bang on!!


Coming to d last leg!!
Oh the beautiful bond the 8 of them shared
though short lived touched our hearts!!
Whether it be during the Viva where all of them study together n come close to each other
or when the exams finally end!!
Their carefree dance together!!

The time all 9 junglees camp together in a farewell to JJ
specially the 8 of them sharing food wid each other!!
Feeding each other
dancing together!!
Living that very moment with each other!!!
All these moments will always remain in our hearts!!



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Knowledge! When exam comes, it not only tests our intelligence but also our patience! Our courage. Our level of determination. And so here we have some moments of buddies strong determination as they fight Banga and his 'exams'. 

Exams! Its a word that every student dreads. Everyone is tensed when the exams are near. But once they are over, its a moment of joy for everyone. Same was the case with our buddies. The way they threw their papers shows their joy of the completion of exams. It was a perfect scene according to me. I just loved that scene.

APC Competition:

Alpha Plus competition... It had it's causes and it's effect. One of the in between was when they learnt to trust each other and themselves. When JJ told them that they can beat Banga fair and square. They are, as together, all rounders and if they use their right talents, they can rise above Banga and there would be nothing Banga can do but watch. 

JJ Boosts their confidence:

With Banga always on the verge to bring the buddies down, the buddies are stressing and it just so happens, JJ comes to give them moral support. He makes them realize they're 'smart' and they need to prove to Banga that as united, he cannot defeat them. In the race, they will win only if they keep the trust on their buddies. 

Ratta Maar - Studying for exams + Viva

It starts off with Ranveer taking notes in organized manner on his study table [Frankly, hadn't expected him to be serious] Embarrassed 

Panchi as adorable as ever no matter what she wears. 

KD in his vest Day Dreaming 

Kiya <3 I feel as if even when she sits, she holds a attitude in her :D

Juhi! Found her the cutest of all. 

The hopeless expressions she was making when she couldn't understand something. Perfect xD

Bobby ... Now what do I say? Picture hi dekh lo Tongue 

Samar. ROFL Kitabo bhi aab kharidi ROFL Nawab sahab ka pata nai kya hoga. 

And then their reactions on FB page. Mission BBF: Banga Black Face Tongue 

Over all, the whole sequence was lovely. All of them played their expressions out perfectly. 

And so there goes the last of it... JJ's final wishes for his junior junglees Day Dreaming He can be the best guiding force one can ask for. The innocence of all the buddies and how smartly JJ handles each one of them has been so far anything but commendable. 

This one episode was a must watch. It all had all! Tears, laughter, knowledge, party... kahin pyar toh kahin takrar. 

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Bahon ke Darmiyaan- Do pyaar Mil rahe hai


Doston doston'.. Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani suno. Yeh kahani Ishq wala love KiSha, dosti wala pyaar RaHi, jealousy wala pyaar HiMa aur one-sided love wala PiBby jaise bilkul bhi nahi. Ye hai Banga aur Vats ki kahaani- ek anokhi prem kahaani jo shuru se khatam tak Saath Nibhana Saathiya ki kahaani hai. Jo log unki prem kahaani dekthne zaroor poocha hoga Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai?  Ya phir Iss Pyaar Ko kya Naam Doon? Ya phir Kaisa Yeh Pyaar hai?  Lekhin meri manna hai ki is prem kahaani ko dekhke Kuch Toh Log Kahenge ki ye Ek Hazaaron mein Ek Prem Kahaani Hai. Yeh Ishq Haaye!!!


Jab hum pehli baar unhein dekhte hum lagta hai ki are they Best Friends Forever? Lekhin phir pata chalta hai ki ye ek Pavitra Rishta jaise hai. Buddies ke liye sab musibaton ko ek saath katta karte hai. Aur jab wo har jate hai tho milke rona. Banga ki Mann Ki Awaaz tho hamesha kehti hai bas Vats ko. Har prem jodiyon jaisa chupke chupke bathroom mein milna, pyaar bari baatein share karna sab hotha hai.. Uske ladai aur phir rootna manana sab humein Bade Ache Lagte Hai. Kitani Mohabbat hai un donon ki beech jo saari prem kahaani ko peeche chod diya. Yeh Diya aur Baati jaisa rishta Dil Ki Nazar se Bahut Khubsurat Hai. Love ne finally Mila Di is Jodi ko.


Ek baat hai, baaki couples ko screen space mile ya na mile in donon ko cvs bahut pyaar se vichar karte hai. Phir bhi Romeo Juliet, Laila Majnu, Prem Heer ki tarah inke prem kahaani adhhora reh gaya. Lekhin is Pyaar ka Dard Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara hai. Aise kaahi sirf Har Yug ein Aate Hai Arjun ke tarah. Chalo hum prarthna karte hai ki yeh adhoora prem kahaani poori ho. Ye hai Banga aur Vats ki kahaani- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. Mere liye woh donon Saath Saath Forever Hai. Kya tumhe ye prem kahaani Qubool Hai?? 

Banga and Vats!!
Love them. Hate them. But you can't ignore them!!
This has been 1 comical duo!!
1 always planning evil 
And other ...standing in a corner n enjoying the whole scenario!!

While Banga can be termed as a man full of flop ideas 
Vats can be termed as a smart con!!
What makes me say that?!!
Well Vats may look dumb. .. but has a clever mind and a great humor quotient. 
This guy would encourage Banga to plan Treachery!!
Stand in a corner and smirk !!
And when the plan fails . ..very smartly this guy would mock and get away with it too!!

His double meaning talks have always trickled our funny bone 
And these 2 together . . are like a house on fire!!
Their chemistry bang on!!!
Life has its own ways to create humor and these 2 are an epitome of just that!!!

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Banga Ki Pungi:

A Bang(a) on start for TBP

TBP couldn't have started on a better note than Banga ki Pungi. It was amazing how a single prank could ensure one of the best starts that any show could have ever had. The whole Buddy concept could be clearly seen from Day 1 starting from Banga ki Pungi seeing how all the boys decided to cooperate just to bring down Banga even though KD and RV were "so-called enemies". These guys took the whole concept on "prank on the evil vice principal to teach him/her a lesson" to a whole new level.


The whole plan divided and executed into different steps was simply ingenious and nothing else. Starting with a poster on Banga ki Pungi, fiddling with the sound systems and accompanied by the most apt song for the situation "Tai Tai Phish" and making students throw eggs on Banga was in fact nothing short of pure brilliance and creative thinking. The CVs made me wonder how one earth they managed to come with such an idea for TBP. Staying together even while fighting was also the best part and one of the main reason why Banga ki Pungi was successful. This also showed how much Banga was loved [NOTE THE SARCASM :P] by the students.


It is evident that Banga ki Pungi made way for a kick-ass start to the show and also played an important role in shaping the story. If there was no such prank then Junglee Jaitley would have never come to RA and then we wouldn't have got a better way to introduce The Buddy Project to the 8 buddies. Piddi, Ranveer, Samar and KD's acting were also flawless and completely realistic which was also another positive point to the prank. Mind blowing introduction to a mind-blowing show. If the CVs' motive was to capture our attentions and to raise our expectations from the show then I would say "Job well done!"


In Jungle:

The first time all the buddies worked together!! In order to get out of the Jungle where their Junglee left them stranded... on purpose LOL We had love moments. We had hate moments. We had Juhi's blond moments and Piddi's comedy. But above all, we had buddies

The day we got to see the real Kunal and Palak

 Panchi's accident.

December 3rd 2012. For any other person this might be just a normal date. But for all RaHi fans especially me, this date is engraved in our hearts forever as it was the day when we finally got to see the real Palak and Kunal and their mindblowing acting. What should i say?? Mind blowing??? Fabulous?? Stupendous??? No it was much more that that!! No film or show can make me cry easily!! But there hasn't been any other show that made me cry so hard like this!!

*Credit for Avis go to Roshini and StandingAlone*


Rahi!!!  I really don't know what to say!! Speechless, stunned, call it whatever you want!!!  They nailed it!! Yes today we got to see the real Palak and Kunal with their flawless acting and heart wrenching emotions!!! But the star of the whole scene was Kunal!!! RV's emotions were mind blowing today!! The realization,the pain, the shock, the guilt everything was just portrayed through his eyes!! RV calling out to Panchi to wake up and look at him!! And the way he held her and cleaned her forehead!!! So delicately like a porcelain figure that would break easily if he was not careful.. Repeatedly asking her to forgive him. And accompanied by one of the best compositions ever of Kal Ho Naa Ho Heartbeat and the everlasting depressing song Jaane Kyun!! What more could I ask for?? Take a bow Kunal for you were and always will be the one of the best actors and my favorite forever!!!  This was the perfect way to bring back the Moti-Nonu friendship in our lives.


Panchi- However hurt she was he just knew that she had to save her best buddy however she could. Even if it meant that she would be in danger or even die. There was no second thoughts before saving her best friend. Even if her best friend can be the biggest jerk at times, she won't think twice before taking drastic steps in things that involve RV. All those months of ignorance and hurt did not even affect her the moment she knew he was in danger. This was the biggest test of their friendship in which Panchi and RV passed with flying colors.


RV- the star of the day with his flawless acting. The thought of losing Panchi made him realize what a big jerk he was being. He took her for granted and misunderstood her intentions time after time. This accident brought him back to his right sense of mind and he finally understood the importance of Panchi in his lonely life. He repents for all his mistakes and is brought in such a situation where he wishes that he was in Panchi's place who is on the verge of dying. He realized how he can't afford to lose his only family to death once again. Take a bow Kunal for that emotional breakdown of RV that made all the RaHi fans numb and cry along with him.


Putting RaHi aside, all the other buddies' reactions were also heart breaking. Juhi and Kiya consoling RV, Piddi blaming RV, KD and Samar concerned for Panchi, all this showed how loved Panchi is. The thought of losing Panchi was unbearable to all of them. This shows how she is the strongest link between the buddies. This is one of the very few scenes that defined perfection for me.

A Farewell


The last episode of Season 1... where they had a special party with JJ, their junglee. How emotional the scene was. When they had all began, who knew they would get so close to JJ, whom they thought of as enemy in the beginning. JJ who knows them all so well... whispers secrets in their ears and wishes them all the best for the next step in life. 

The buddies, thinking that JJ is going to USA forever, make promises to remember everything he's taught them. 

As emotional as the scene was, it was nevertheless inspiring and touching to see them all together, celebrating the last moments of their school life with those that mattered to them in one way or another... whether they accept the fact of not. 

Buddies.. ..and Perfection??!!
don't rhyme too well. .    do they?
But then trust JJ...   to show them the right path... and bring them to near Perfection!!
Perfecto Buddy scenes so far??!!
The whole of buddy Project!!
All the buddies had an awesome tym during TBP!!
Their bonding were spot on!!

HiMa: this cute couple made us smile like silly!!
What witj Juhi's silly antics n Samar. . simply enjoying all this n more
KiSha: These 2 had finally started taking baby steps towards each other!!
the blind leap being a huge part!!
AmBy: these 2 for the 1st time had some fun together . . what with the whole upturned table slide during blind fold and the first ever AmBy Dance on the show!!
Next on the line were Nonu - Moti!!
Now during TBP. . RV truly saw the contrast between His girlfriend and his best friend. . blind fold may not have gone too well but slave task was a huge contrast!!

Coming to the camp scenes!!
It may not have united them as " buddies" 
but still taught them a lesson. .. how to co-operate with each other
and how to survive in extreme situations

Coming towards the end!!
KD's problems n Banga's revenge
Again united them!!!
And this time around like buddies!!!!
They stood by each other and helped each other academically and otherwise!!
The last JJ farewell bought them closest!
They fearlessly revealed their darkest secrets and in general had a great time!!!

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A Farewell...continued


A lovely OS dedicated to the heartwarming scene of JJ with his buddies by CutielovesChocs

What does she have to say about the scene? 

"That heartwarming scene when JJ+Junglees were having their farewell party out in the woods... It was simply beautiful. I wanted to write something more but time hi nai tha, and I really wanted to contribute."



A picture is worth a thousand words; that's how the quotation goes. But for certain students, their whole childhood flashed before their eyes once they opened a few photo albums.


The big 8, or Junglees as they were fondly called, had come a long way since their first meeting. After a lot of fights, physical as well as verbal; taunts, pranks, an expulsion letter along with a contract that had stated otherwise many moons ago; the students had matured. They had learnt to control their tempers, have a firm grip on their egos and above all, learnt to respect and care for one another. The Junglees felt so comfortable around one another after a few months that they hadn't felt the need to interact with their peers. They'd all become a part of a family. That's what they liked to call themselves. A crazy, whacked out, protective and close-knit family. Despite the million curses that they'd thrown at Jaitley, they couldn't help but admire him for what he'd turned them into. They were obviously much better people, and they understood each other perfectly. They had some sort of a coordinated harmony. Some people had even tagged the bunch as 'Jaitley and his eight dwarves' 


The octet now sat down at KD's palatial house 15 years later, their eyes boring into the giant television screen that stuck to the wall before them; looking at some old photographs.




The first photograph that blared was one that was particularly cheesy. It showed the 9 standing on a beach, arms around one another, grinning like idiots. It had been a celebratory picnic; they had just passed their grade 11 exams with flying colours. After a lot of splashing and messing about, they'd decided to commemorate the moment by handing out Juhi's new camera to a passer-by and posing like Christmas had decided to come early.


It had been such a fond memory that it brought smiles on everyone's faces.


'Oh man, that was ONE great day!' commented Ranveer, who hadn't changed in his physical appearance, but emotionally? He was a lot freer now; he trusted each and every person in the room without any hesitation.


'Yes, it had to be! After all, you weren't the one who had to spend 3 hours in the shower making sure all the beach sand was out of your hair!' Panchi retorted, causing everyone to chuckle.  


'OHO Moti, don't deny it! You're looking SO happy in the photo. Don't you dare tell me that you didnt' have fun? Panchi had lost a lot of weight since high school, but Ranveer insisted on calling her 'Moti'; after all, it was his birthright.


'Mr. and Mrs. Shergill, if you're done being all couple-y, can we get back to the next picture?!' Samar said, evoking yet another bout of laughter and a smack from Panchi. He couldn't believe that all the people sitting in the room at that very moment were still friends with him after they'd found out about his lineage. He smiled to himself and felt like he finally had an identity. 




As soon as the next photo came on screen, none of them could hold back and the whole room echoed with peals of giggles, rounds of chuckles and full blown booms of laughter.


In the first half on the photo, the 8 of them were surrounding a very large cake, a hungry look in their eyes, as if about to devour it right then and there. In the second half, all of them surrounded the same table on which the cake had stood, but instead of it being in their stomachs, it had been on their faces and in their hair.


It had been Samar's birthday and all of them had insisted on applying a little cake on his face; just to make the occasion a little merry. However, what had ensued had been total chaos, as Samar had ducked, and Juhi had mistakenly applied the cake on KD's face. What followed after that had been nothing short of a food fight. Aniruddh Jaitley hadn't been able to resist it and had taken a photo of 'before' and 'after' the event, compiling and making it into a collage.


After the laughter in KD's living room had subsided, there were comments following this particular photo as well, much to the amusement of everyone.


'Yaar, can't you just NOT do anything to my hair ab se?' Panchi grimaced once more as a frown appeared on her face.


 'Oho Panchi. Don't be such a girl abhi! I don't remember you complaining when you were applying the cake on Piddi and Kiya's faces!' exclaimed Bobby, causing the girl in question to flush and bury her face in her husband's chest; the room erupting in laughter once more.


'Haan yaar Panchi, rona toh mujhe chahiye tha!' That was something that hadn't changed! Piddi agreed to whatever Bobby said, even 20 years later! Although Bobby had become more feminine, so to speak, she still hadn't lost certain traits of her tomboy-ish personality. 




A third photo appeared on screen, making everyone cheer; Piddi couldn't help but carry out a little victory dance of his! The picture showed a big trophy, held up by Anirrudh Jaitley as the others had broken out into roars and screams of 'WE WON!'


The picture was quite candid really! KD was hugging Kiya from one side and Piddi from another, Bobby was high-fiving Ranveer as Panchi, Juhi and Samar had broken out into a little 'bhangra' step; broad smiles evident on all the faces.


KD took his eyes off the TV screen and looked at the girl sitting next to him. He couldn't believe how far they'd come. If someone had told him in high-school that he'd be engaged and was soon to marry Kiya Gujral, he'd have slapped them and then laughed. He suppressed a chuckle, and kept on looking intently at his fiance.


'Tere chehre se, nazar nahin hat ti, nazaare hum kyaa dekhein?' sang Juhi as she observed the two from the opposite sofa.


KD looked away, slightly embarrassed and Kiya simply blushed.


'Kya yaar KD, sharmaana tujhe suit nai karta! You aren't affected by anything bey! Kya HO gaya hai tujhe? You've softened up!' Ranveer threw a smirk at his nemesis from 10 years ago.


Yes, the two guys who'd hated each other ever since they could remember were the closest of friends now. Who'd have thunk it? But their friendship didn't stop them from constantly pulling each other's leg. The only difference being that they now did it for fun, and none of it was taken to heart at all.


'Ranveer, mere bhai! It'd be better if you don't comment on my embarrassed behavior theeke? Do you want me to remind you of how you had acted on your wedding day?'


Samar and Piddi broke out into laughter and it was Ranveer's turn to look away, scratching his neck.




The next photo was just too adorable for words. All 8 of them were sitting on the 'mandap' after Ranveer-Panchi's wedding; slightly bent forward, and chins in hands. It was an absolutely ethereal moment.




The emotions that this photo evoked were too many; sadness, joy, the pride that they'd had as they threw their graduation caps in the air.


The picture was once again divided into two halves. One was all of them throwing their caps up in the air and the other one was with all 8 with Naina maa, Raama sir and Aniruddh, grinning from ear to ear in their graduation robes that were navy blue and yellow; Royal's colours.


Juhi blinked her tears away as she looked at the people sitting in that room that very moment. So much had changed and yet, it felt like nothing had.


'Alrightey everyone! Photo opportunity! POSE and don't forget to save me a space, I gotta run' she jumped up and took out her DSLR. After making the required settings, she placed the camera over the table in the corner, timer at the ready.


The 7 quickly huddled around the sofa, KD sitting right next to Kiya on one side, Ranveer on the other; Piddi squashed in the middle with Bobby and Panchi on his sides, followed by Samar, who stood behind the sofa, leaning towards the other 6, saving a spot of Juhi next to him. He changed his mind at the last minute, rushing towards the sofa, crashing into Panchi's side, causing them all the tilt and fall a little towards the right, with KD at the end, stretched out and laughing. Juhi entered the picture as the timer beeped and collided into Samar on the sofa, tilting them all further. Lots of swearing, laughter and gasps echoed around the hall as all of them faced the camera.




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All the scenes covered in this thread: 

1. Ye Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

  • KiSha Hug in Jungle
  • Sajnaa Aa Bhi Jaa/Post Slap Scene
  • 1st Jaane Kyun Sequence
  • RaHi patch up scene, "Friends For Life!"
  • Main Sharabi/Ishq Wala Love dance
  • KiSha last scene from Season 1
  • HiMa Confession
  • Piddi imagining Bobby while being drunk LOL

2. Yaaron Dosti Badi Haseen Hai

  • Buddies when they get to meet Panchi in hospital
  • Buddies when the exams get over and they throw the papers!
  • Buddies setting up KD's coaching class!
  • Buddies catching fish during camping track LOL
  • KD-Piddi patch up after the slap thingy

3. Knowledge ki Deewar, Ratta Maar!

  • The one after NYP fiasco
  • The APC qualifying competition, JJ says they can prove their worth by beating Banga fair and square
  • The last wishes he made for everyone! Day Dreaming
  • can't think of more LOL

Do Jism, Ek Jaan!

  • When Banga's teeth are knocked out ROFL
  • "We should come out of the closet!" ROFL
  • Their overall chemistry

Yun Hi Re, Yun Hi Re Hum Milte Rahen

  • First Banga ki Pungi
  • 100th Epi CCTV sabotage!
  • Last Episode ke last scenes CryCry
  • Panchi's accident and the Buddies reactions to it
  • Farewell Party with JJ
Do you have any more to add? Please do on this thread!! Big smile

-Maisy, Khushi + Juleka-

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