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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

The Bhatnagar Chronicles #3:Meghan's Confrontation

bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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he Bhatnagar Chronicles: 
Meghan's confrontation


Song of the week: dsgirl
Summary of the week: polly_03
Picture of the Week: Amisha.Laher
Rating of the Week: Samilicious
Sad scene of the Week: Lekz
Romantic Scene of the Week MohanKiMeera
Awwwish Scene of the week: Fari-
Videomix of the week: -RD-
Best Character of the Week: _saumya_
Funny Scene of the Week: Fari-
Video avi of the week, Samilicious
Siggy of the week: OnlyHope
Best FF of the Week: SilentPromises
Video siggy of the week/ Icon of the week: SilentPromises
Most Active Thread of the week: -RD-
Most Active Member of the Week:Onlyhope
Fashionable One of the Week: Baki
Dialogue of the Week: Amisha.Laher
Message to CVs: misty85 (& polly_03)
Bheja Fry scene of the Week: CheetahsTopper

Banner, animated logos and winner signatures: Baki

Thank you everyone for supporting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have opened our 3rd NL.

-RD- and Baki

on behalf of NBTNMKK 2 Dev Team

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bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Navika is mad at Beera and tries to throw him out of the house but Renu intervenes and keeps him back. She taunts her over monetary issues and Beera overhears it. Next morning, Mohan apologizes to a worried Guru who wonders what would happen if Mohan ever happens to confront Megha. On the other hand, Beera butters Renu to get into her good books. Megha receives a call from bank asking her to convert the money Mohan sent to her into FD. Megha asks the bank manager to transfer the money back to him since they have no relation with each other anymore. Beera intentionally sings "Spiderman Spiderman" and closely observes the impact of Mohan's name on the family. Outside AI office, Mohan encounters Munna not knowing that he's stalking him. At school, Rimjhim discloses about being motherless to her friends on Megha's saying. At office, Mohan finds Nanhi absent from work. He talks to her pic and says that he wont let her break their relation ever. Beera discovers MM's wedding album and takes a snap of the family photo but gets caught red-handed by Jiji.

He tells Jiji that he intends to help Navika by sorting out her life since she helped him to get out of the web of wrong deeds sometime back. Jiji tells him how MM relation has soured post Addu's disappearance with everyone blaming Mohan for the incident. Renu spots the album with Jiji and mocks MM's love story. Beera takes it as a personal challenge to set things right. At the temple, Renu taunts Megha for performing Shivratri rites for Mohan's well-being. At home, Nanhi hears the bell ringing and runs to the terrace in disbelief. She finds Mohan ringing the bell and he jumps over the other terraces to reach the Vyas house. He tries hard to convince Nanhi of his love towards his family but Nanhi mocks him saying if that was true then what kept him away from them for 12 yrs ? She pours out all her pain and anger in front of him and says that he never loved Addu the way he loved them. Mohan leaves after telling her to ring the bell whenever she needs him. Next morning, Nanhi looks at the bell thinking about Mohan. Beera questions Megha on Addu's disappearance and asks her why he left his mom and sister behind if he really loved them so much. He asks her to think on the entire matter with a different perspective since it would set them on the right track to find him.

Nanhi is mad at him for making Megha cry. Munna arrives at Mohan's house on the pretext of delivering gas cylinder and closely observes the house and sees Mohan-Rimjhim photos. He comes to know that they are father-daughter. Megha sets out for the bank and Renu taunts her over her confused state of mind ' as to whether she really loves Mohan or not ? Megha reaches the bank and the manager hands her over the closure form which declared that Mohan and Megha are not related any more, to avoid any kind of legal complications. He leaves and Megha falls weak remembering her wedding with Mohan and fails to sign the paper. Mohan enters the bank at waits at the reception for his turn to meet the manager. Megha leaves the cabin and passes by Mohan who senses her and actually manages to see her. He reluctantly walks into the manager's cabin and finds the papers that Megha failed to sign, which filled him with new hope. He comes out and sees Megha struggling in the mob. She falls to the ground. Mohan rushes to help her and manages to get her out of the crowd safely. She realizes that it's Mohan and MM finally face each other after 12 yrs.

They get emotional and hug each other. Megha asks him about Addu thinking that he had finally returned after fulfilling his promise. Mohan shakes his head in negative and a shattered Megha walks off leaving him behind. Mohan runs after her trying to convince her that he tried all possible ways to trace Addu and he's still trying to find him. Megha says that she should have never believed in his promises in the first place and goes away in an auto. Mohan confronts Renu who taunts him for returning without Addu and making false promises to his wife. Mohan shuts her up and goes away. Nanhi skips office again. Megha returns to Juna Mohalla thinking of her happy days with Mohan. She spots the bell with the rope leading to their terrace in the Bhatnagar Villa balcony. She remembers Nanhi's nightmares and realizes that she had already met Mohan. On the other hand, Mohan returns to the bank and asks the manager for a closure form to officially close their joint account. Nanhi helps Jiji in the kitchen and Beera teases her for not being able to make rotis properly. Nanhi hears the bell ringing and rushes to the terrace and is shocked to see Megha ringing the bell.

Nanhi tries to explain things to Megha but she refuses to listen. Nanhi tells her that she didn't want to bother her. Megha tells her that she wont give in to the person who ruined their happiness and they have no relation with him anyways. Renu tells everyone that Megha had met Mohan. A furious Nanhi leaves for office to confront Mohan. In her room, Megha tells Jiji that nothing was impossible for Mohan and probably he never intended to find Addu at all. Jiji tells her that she's lying to herself only with her words. Nanhi barges into Mohan's cabin and asks him to leave them alone. Mohan agrees and severs all ties with them. He asks her what his fault is and shows her proofs of all the places he went and did everything in these 12yrs for finding Addu. At home, Megha feels guilty for choosing her own happiness over her children and considers it to be the main reason for losing her son. In office, Mohan declares that he henceforth severs all ties with Nanhi and her mother, and since he caused them so much pain, they should consider him "dead" henceforth.

Sigh! An accidental, unexpected meeting became the moment of a lifetime. Neither Mohan nor Megha knew that time is soon going to come to a standstill for them. God was making his own plans, after all, on a very auspicious occasion like Shivratri, which had marked their journey towards love 12 years ago.

Mohan did not want to come in front of Megha since he did not want to hurt her, but how could he see her in danger? How could he? He had to jump in, and he did. He protected her like a shield, and brought her out from the midst of the crowd by wrapping her in his arms gently. Megha felt secured and relaxed. Somewhere deep inside her heart, she found the arms, around her, familiar. Her inner feeling became stronger when she felt the person, who saved her, wiping off the colour from her face with a hanky. She was frozen. Was the man be really him after so long? Is the voice of her heart right? She was baffled. She was frightened to open her eyes, since she wondered what if her heart is proven wrong. What would she do then? How would she face the disappointment?

Mohan decides to walk away. How could he face her without fulfilling the promise he made to her in the past? He can't meet her right now. He has to leave. He turns around, and there Megha felt him leaving. How could she allow him to leave once again? Not again! She calls out his name, and opens her eyes, and sigh... The moment froze! 

Mohan knew that it's no use to hide anymore, while Megha becomes more eager to see his face. Finally Mohan turns around; instantly tears roll down his eyes, and a smile crept on his lips, while Megha was stunned and speechless. 

"Dil ko aaya sukoon tere deedar se,
Ab na hona rukhsat apne dildaar se,
Bin tere ik lamha ab reh nahi paata hai,
Yeh ishq mere Allah, kitna tadpata hai..."

12 years of wait and yearning was finally over. The two people in love, who were separated due to circumstances, met after ages. How couldn't the moment be super magical? It was a moment in their lives that's hard to explain in mere words.

Megha touched him. She felt him. Was he for real? She wondered, while Mohan looked at her with tears in his eyes, and his silence seemed to tell her that he was ACTUALLY there with her. 

Megha cupped his face, and Mohan inhaled the moment intensely, closing his eyes, living it, and feeling it with all his heart and soul. Mohan wiped her tears, and she smiled and glowed after ages. Megha wiped his tears affectionately, and he lowered his eyes since her touch soothed his desire of her. Mohan cupped her face, bended slightly and sigh... their foreheads were touching each other, which was definitely the best bit I found in this entire scene. At the end, they hugged, as tightly as ever, finding the world in each other's arms!

For me, it was one A-M-A-Z-I-N-G scene of Mohan and Megha till date as magic and heaven were oozing in their chemistry. It was blissful, sigh and awe worthy. One could easily find himself/herself losing in their dreamland of love and togetherness, while watching it. It was more of an emotional scene than a romantic one, yet deserves to be in this category since it was the grand reunion of the two imperfect individuals in deep love, who yearned for one another too much to properly express in words. Why should they express? They need not to. After all, they are always ONE. No matter what happens, how much the fate tries to distance them, they engross themselves in the darkness of false misunderstandings, and decide to be away from each other in the heat of the moment, both of them know one fact, once and for all, that they were, are and will always be an inseparable part of each other's existence, and thus, peace is hardly what they get when they're so far apart at the moment.

This week's "Bheja Fry scene of the week" goes to the scene where Munna follows Mohan in Shivratri and angrily looks on while displaying his dhol-playing skills as Mohan and Megha hug each other.

If Munna's sole aim was to follow Mohan, he could have easily done so without any disguise because neither Mohan nor Megha recognize him. But instead, he decided to go the creepier way a la SRK from the movie Darr, and thereby frying our bhejas.LOL

This week's comical serving was none other than the Beera-Renu scene of 11th March episode. It took us a bit by surprise considering that we had till then, been considering Beera's character to be that of an emotional fool plus simpleton but I guess that one burnt to ashes bike into the journey, he has learned quite a lot of sharpness in a span of few days. In this scene, he pressed all the right buttons needed for an entry in Renu's good books. Smeared fistfuls of maska polish topped with butter and he got Renu madam blabbering about her aspirations of becoming a better heroine than Kareena Kapoor LOL
But the funniest moment came (which can be call a bit droll too LOL) was when Beera heard Megha talking to the bank manager about the Joint Bhatnagar account. Beera picked cue to blurt out the knee-slap song "Isspiderman Isspiderman...le ke udd gaya sab ka chen, Isspiderman isspiderman, uss ko dhoonde sab ke nain" ROFL
It was so diverting to hear this renowned song in his voice which surprisingly suited it just fine LOL

Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
It was a week that was heavy on drama and comparatively light on cuteness quotient so only one Mphan-RJ-Guru scene from the episode of 11th march could qualify for the crushings.

The scene started off on a lighter note but progressed into an intense one. We got to see Guru getting righteously huffy on his "Bhaiya" for his ill-timed affinity to "sarson ka tel". Mohan looking sufficiently contrite tried to make it up to an unrelenting Guru but Monu sure had the starting advantage of Cutie pie RJ on his side. Rim Jhim even without knowing the magnitude of her "Dude's grievances" so cutely tried to bring on a grand patch-up,acting like the peacemaker aunt of two troublesome naughty little boys but seeing Guru's still sulky face, she fetchingly wished it to "eldder's court" and left for school. 


Apart from RJ, the veritably unrelenting Guru was furious but came across as all the more adorable in his sincere affection for Mohan. Its true that we usually do take our closest loved ones for granted and tend to perceive their rages as temporary and short-lived but Guru didn't soften & capitulate to Mohan's apologies this time and made it clear that learning lessons was imperative for Mohan rather than seeking forgiveness. Guru, we love you for this very innate wisdom, keep it coming.

Quite a few contenders for the 'saddest scene of the week ', most of them will be covered in the other segments, hence settling for this one that broke my heart into a million pieces.

Mohan stood there stumped, looking  Megha's receding back, unable to believe just a moment back she was in his arms tearfully holding on to him as if he were her lifeline.  Realization struck, he had returned without Addu. He called out, ran after to catch up, saw she had already gotten into a rickshaw. He ran after the rickshaw trying to tell her he had been searching for Addu all these years and is still doing. He would continue to do so and find Addu and get him back to her as promised.

All of it fell on deaf ears. Megha was not prepared to listen to him, she told him in no uncertain terms..that she regretted hanging on to his promise, she regretted placing faith in him...and what not.

And then he stood there in the middle of the road, for what seemed like forever.

When I lost you I lost everything
Now I'm falling apart cos you're still in my heart
When I lost you I lost everything
But I still love you

I think this has to be the saddest scene of the week, one shudders to treat a foe with such callousness '..Mohan was her life partner who retuned back after 12 years.

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Mohan To Navika:
Aazaad Ho Tum!

Meri Galti Kya Hai? Yehi Ki  Apni Zindagi Ke Barah Saal Maine Addu Ko Dhoondh Ne Main Nikal Diye!
Ya Phir Yeh Ki Es Barah Saal Main Is Umeed Se Ji Raha Hoon Ki Ek Din Wo Aayega,Jab Main Addu Ke Saath Latuga Aur Sab Thik Ho Jaayega,Sab pahele Jaisa Ho Jaayega...Sab Saath Main Rahege! Sautela Baap Sauleta Baap kya Bakwaas Hai Yeh Hai!    

The girl in me can't get over the two studs, Mohan and Beera. Beera was a strong contender because of his efforts to reunite the Bhatnagar family but Mohan beat him by his heartfelt conversations with Nanhi and Megha.

That rekindling emotion along with those rekindling shivratri and bell scenes were enough for the brains to stop thinking about anyone else than just him. His sternness while he rightfully ordered his Chavanni to listen to him, his giving in when Megha caressed him after 12 long years and helplessness when Megha told him away... Everything, made it directly to the heart of one and all and so did his frustrated outburst on Nanhi .
There was no way, anyone else would be the character of the week when Mohan nailed every bit of it.

Goes to Megha

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by Sano88

Here is your gift:

by Baki

Here is your gift:

by OnlyHope

Here is your gift

Direct Link:
by sehar mehrotra

Here is your gift:

FF Teri chahat se jyada
 by poojaluvnbt

Here is your gift:

How could she just walk away, how could she??!!
by zandu37

Here is your gift:


Here is your gift:

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I'm going to give this week another 10/10 purely because we've seeing a little pace in the story and finally our MM come face to face. Day Dreaming We got to see Beera trying to be a cupid between MM, Renu taunting Mohan,LOL Megha's POV been shown and Mohan as the angry young man. Blushing

Starting of this week has been really good. Mohan met Navika and the latter raised all the questions which we were raising. The much awaited Mohan & Megha meeting happened but it left a bitter taste in the mouth. Megha's first reaction after seeing Mohan after 12 years was happiness, but in the next moment she asked about Addu & when she got to know that he couldn't found him she stepped back & walked away coldly. This gave an impression that she was happy to see Mohan just because she was expecting Addu with him. So was she ever concerned about Mohan at all?? Did this marriage hold a value for Megha?? Ok she didn't sign on the closure form but she always took Mohan for granted. She never scolded Addu for his bad behavior. Rather than venting out her anger on Mohan's disappearance she simply gave him cold treatment for coming back without Addu. She could have reason with him & both could have searched for Addu but she put all the blame on Mohan for Addu's disappearance, wasn't Addu her responsibility too??

Interestingly we were never shown what's going on in Megha's head. She hardly introspects or vent out her anger like Navika. I really wonder how can Megha's character be redeemed after so much damage but it's a request to the makers to be sensible in portrayal of Megha. Even her introspections cannot justify her behavior. As a mother she had the responsibility to reform her child but she never stopped or scolded Addu for misbehaving with Mohan before or after their marriage. I understand that Megha is blaming herself for Addu's disappearance but she could have talked reasonably with Mohan or chide him, blurt out her anger & frustration rather than treating him coldly.

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Since it's exams session, some of you may not be able to do their sections for the NL. So please do inform us, so we can let the backups know soon as possible.

on behalf of The Bhatnagar Chronicles team

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Congrats folks for the 3rd issue of Bhatnagar Chronicles. Great job everyone! The newsletter looks great, and apt song choice :-)
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Awesome thread Baki... & nice effort by everyone including me. LOL

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