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 Ariel is a lovely mermaid who is dissatisfied greatly with her 
life under the sea. Paying no attention to the warnings of her father, 
King Triton, and the court musician, the crab Sebastian, Ariel and her 
best friend, Flounder the fish frequently reach the surface of the ocean, 
and with the help of the goofy seagull named Scuttle, they collect human artifacts.

 Regardless of her awareness of the forbidden contact between 
humans and sea people, Ariel strives to become part of the human world. 
Hiding in her secret cave, Ursula, who has been looking for a chance to 
take revenge on King Triton for bashing her from the kingdom 
decides to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

 Our sweet birthday Girl resembles lots of this Ariel Embarrassed 
Despite hurdles in her life, she always moves forward with lots of courage
never once looking back or regretting on anything she had done.
She strives hard to become part of this virtual world
just like Ariel, hiding her secret far away.
She flows around us with lots of care love and her bubblyness
one can miss not having her a day around here 
her creativenss had captured many of hearts here.
Her non stop pranks Shocked and yet many still falls for it LOL

 A warm welcome to the thread of our ariel. Our today's girl, is famous 
and a very active member in IF. At the beginning, she was scared to even 
open the threads and commenting. She was scared of IF members and by 
course of time, she got used to everyone through her friendly and caring nature. 
Her funny comments are remarkable and extraordinary. She is interested in 
creating siggy's and avi's. 

 Today this Ariel has turned another day younger Embarrassed
She is the queen of rose among the roses Embarrassed
Come on lets learn more about our birthday girl.

 Innocence is a blessing easily tarnished
Innocence sees beauty even in dark souls
Innocence has belief to calm brutal beasts
Innocence is a sacred gift easily forfeit lost

 Innocence has faith to restore hardened hearts
Innocence has vision to invoke creative remedies
Innocence is a unique seed of passion harmonies
Innocence has truth to see path to restorations
Innocence has patience to work new miracles.

 She is very friendly and makes others to be friendly with her innocent nature.

 She is very innocent when it comes to interview others.

 Our Ariel when she has to prank someone, she tries to make it so natural by being innocent to the person and tease them later.

 She never expects anything in return, her friendly nature and simplicity makes her more special.

 She is always ready to help others and her creations (threads/siggy's/avi's) are always unique. When praised, she stays so calm and innocent as if she hasn't done that.

 Being fully innocence in life makes life bore Tongue a little pranks there and here spices up and brings in more fun.

 I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy 
godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should 
be curiosity. 

 Everything that is new or uncommon raises a pleasure 
in the imagination, because it fills the soul with an agreeable 
surprise, gratifies its curiosity, and gives it an idea of 
which it was not before possessed.

 She is very curious about many things again when it comes to interview others.

 Ariel wants to learn how more about new and different things in PS and also teaches her students in msn which makes her a more innovative person.

 She is always curious to know, when will shammy read for her exams when the exam is tomorrow.

 She is very witty and her curious questions sometimes makes others fall for that same doubt too.

 Regarding Thendral, she is eager to know why Anand got promoted to CBI branch.

 God is the greatest artist
To whom no one can compare,
Streaking sunsets very beautiful,
Painting rainbows in the air.

 Brushing green the hillside scene,
Blotting blue the sky above,
Splashing flowers 'cross the ground beneath,
Shading white clouds with His glove.

 Of the wonders God has made
There is none that is so fair
As the smile He paints upon your face
When you realize He's there.

 She attracts others so friendly and she is very helpful. She always hope to have as many friends.

 Our Ariel is a practical person and makes everyone around her happy all the time.

 When once talked to a person, she never forgets even the minute detail about them which is really a unique personality.

 She always plans everything perfectly to prank others and gets scared once the base is laid for that prank.

 She is very humorous and her comments, creations and chatting in msn proves it right.

 When the world says give up, birthday girl whispers try again.

 There are two kinds of dreams. There are dreams that we have 
while asleep and dreams that we have while we are awake. 
Both kinds of dreams are about the yearnings that are held deep 
inside us. 

 Some of these desires are so secret that we dare not 
share them even with our closest friends. Those of us that dare to put 
our dreams down on paper are showing the courage and faith 
that they will come true.

 She is dreamer of many things in life. She dreams of starbucks everyday.

 Her desire is to treat everyone with her beautiful birthday threads and fantastic siggies.

 She really wants her darling to get a new smart phone so that they both can continue their nursery classes in whatsapp. LOL

 She loves reading and has it in her daily routine, but her dream is to read for the whole day all night.

 Birthday girl, when she hears the word dream, she gets reminded of Ratna akka dreaming about one of shammy's doubts. ROFL

 She wants to meet all her Saka Sakis. Day Dreaming

 She believes dreaming permits her to be quite and feels safely insane in every hurdle she goes through.

 A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom. 
Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong 
attempt to acquire it. Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.
 One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.
Don't become something just because someone wants you too.

 Our girl is known for her excellence in everything she do and she is very patient in nature.

 Birthday girl is very caring in nature and loves to learn more about others.

 She is very energetic and keeps everyone around with fun, joy, and enthusiasm and makes other's day a special one.

 She is very dynamic, creative, and contempt in which ever tasks she takes up.

 Our girl learns new things and is very smart whenever she takes up to prank or plan something to damage others.

 She always believe in being herself and doing things that makes her happy and hurts none around her.

Think you all guessed our girl of the day by this time:

This is a very special day
Your friendship has filled my life far beyond what words can say
I give thanks to the Lord for sending you my way
That's why we celebrate today
Happy Birthday!

 for her unique TALENT which is inspiring.
 A for her ADORABLE nature, ARIEL, loved by everyone.
 for her NAUGHTYNESS in everything she does
 I for her INTELLIGENCE and curiosity.
 A for her AFFECTION and caring nature to her loved ones.

Here comes a special wish
For a special person, For a special reason
To make time special,
With special fun
, With special joy
With cute wishes, With sweet prayers.

PartyDancing( Nixkie)DancingParty


A true friend is hard to find,
Someone who is always kind.
Words of advice; freely share,
Helping hand, always spare.

A true friend is hard to find, 
Someone always on my mind.
Listens, cares, and understands,
Hardships; mutually withstands.

A true friend is hard to find, 
Someone like you! Let me remind.
Birthday greetings, from my heart,
This celebration, we must start.

Happy birthday for today,
You're kind and clever I must say.
With moments worth a million hugs,
Talks, with coffee in those mugs.

Your heart and values seem so right, 
We share our views without a fight.
Our memories live with eyes so true,
Adventures grow in a life's canoe.

I wish you more than words can say,
That you will never, cease to play.
Happy birthday for today,
I'm here for you, on this special day.

HugPartyHappy Birthday Tanu!PartyHug

Having you as my friend
I learned that there are those,
few who believe a friend
is cherished, not mocked or set aside
for any reason.

Having you as my friend
has lifted my spirits, made my days brighter, 
allowing me to be me
you encouraged me to not just
accept each day as it comes, but
to make each day count.

Having you as my friend
opened my heart to achievement
take a stand for myself because
no one else will, to expect the

Having you as my friend
has me not lonely, but missing you
greatly now that I can't visit
you as much as I'd like.

Having you as my friend
has been, will always be forever
kept close in heart and on my

Having you as my friend
is what I wanted, and yet not expected,
Leaving others jealous.

Having you as my friend
and I as your friend is a
friend that is,

 Aries - biggest strength is your courage. You are known to face the challenges of life without fear. Your most prominent positive qualities are independence, generosity, optimism, enthusiasm and fortitude. 

 Raji: Funny Little Troublemaker (one half of a duo LOL guess who the other is?)

 Mini: Talented, hardworking girl with patience

 Esther: Multitalented, loving and caring

 Jaya: Friendly, courageous, talented

 Shubba: Naughty, courageous, multi talented cutie pie..of all my darling baby

 Jinju: Cute, friendly and sweet

 Hema: Loving , sweet and strong at heart

 Hollie: KindEmbarrassed-PranksterLOL-Nice

 Gisel: Love. Life & everything in it

 Smiles: Fun, Likes children, Good friend

 Shobi: Loveable, Cheeky, Adorable

 Bhagi:  Saka Saki, darling, sweet heart Heart

 Ratna: Delicate, inspired vivacity

 Pearl: Loving, caring and multi-talented

 Shammu: My Love, Saka Saki and Ariel Heart

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When someone is right by, you know they're your friend,
Like a lioness protecting her cub.
You know it's not going to be the end,
Just like a strong, never-ending club. 
When in desperate need for a giant smile,
Friendship may be the best route to go on,
Like a rider going on a mile.
And when someone that you love is gone,
Like a lonely duckling to his mother,
You have a buddy's shoulder to cry on,
And a friend to me is like a brother.
There at all times, just like a loving mom,
As long as you have someone there for you
Then you should always be the for them too.

 Raji: Best comments, funny character interpretations and a very kind person! Smile

 Mini: Generally a kind hearted girl who will always try and make other people smile. She will put her 100%effort in to makeother happy always. Tanu, blessed with these god-gifted characteristics.

 Esther: Tanu, you're a multi-talented person who is also a loving and caring sister!!! I love reading your comments on updates and the beautiful birthday threads that you make. May you never outgrow your childlike sweet and innocent qualities!!!

 Jaya:  I like everthing i know abt tanu! she is very warm, friendly, loving, sensitive and somehow senses everyone's feelings! also like her witty n angry outbursts in her updates!

 Shubba: I like everything and everyone around tanu Big smile

 Jinju:  I have not interacted with Tanu outside the forum. So I don't know much about her personally. But I'm a fan of her comments. They are short, crisp and witty. And I have sometimes wondered how they totally sync with my thoughts. If I have to describe her in three words  would say cute, friendly and sweet. It's the genuine impression I get from her posts. =) She is friendly to everyone that is the quality I like most in her. 

 Hema: You are a loving , sweet and strong at heart girl ! I admire you for that.

 Hollie: Tanu is a lovely person with full of ideas and creativity. I like her  personality, neenga ippidi reality la thana nu theriyele, but I like it.Big smile

 Gisel: Keep your innocence. Your childishness. Your cute smile. Your prank'ing attitude. Your perfect timing forever.

 Smiles: She is very helpful and nice.  She expresses her thoughts openly.

 Ratna: Hahaha tanu this shammy girl send me pm like 100 times asking me what i like about you nu ROFL plus with the nonstop bugging via wassap Cry yabba iva kitta essu agamudiyalae. TongueSo tanu .. naan unmai sollatha poi sollatha Tongue U and i Day Dreaming ennatha solla.. as you said i am your kid sister ROFL yess that is how you make me feel. You make me feel very young and naughty ROFL  umm vera ennatha solla .. tanu sorry ma ennaku poi sollamudiyalae ShockedROFL but tanu is semma naughty girl Tongue avalodhu chutti tanathuku oru alavae illa Wink habba idhu podhuma shammyROFL

 Shobi: What do I like about Tanu!!! Is there any thing that I do not like about her!! Thinking hard... None. I like everything and anything about Tanu... I am glad that I got a chance to know her personally... Some people that you cross in your life make a big impression. Tanu is one of kind... Have a wonderful day and an amazing year ahead little one. 

 Shammu: I like everything about Tanu. She is my Saka Saki Big smile Tanu your one of the best person I ever met. Really wanna meet you in person, soon I will come Day Dreaming I love you a lot. Your very helping and my teacher aswell. Whenever I have a question about Thendral, school things or normal things your there to help me. Love your PS teaching, the best teacher ever. You know enaku sometimes avlo sikiram ethuvum puriyathu nu, but ur teaching I learnt fast Big smile Our first first phone call was the best till date. Phone la sirichukitte hello hello practice panna people naamala thaan irupom D'oh But then our second call was like 5 mins long. I was soo happy to have talked with you a lot. Soon you I will call you again, be ready to get scared LOL Your my Ariel and Im your Prince, thats a very cute relationship. So happy to have a sister, friend, lover and wellwisher like you. Im excited for our project together, be ready one week la enaku hols LOL We did a lot of things, we will also do many things in the future. Tanu, wish you all the success forever and be always happy. Hug
Love you a lottt Heart

Im a Bad Bad Bad boy LOL Enna iva song oda entry tharale nu yosikireengala? Illainga, oru ponnu inga naan nallava nallava sollikondu thiriyuthu. Ellathukum naan inniki oru full stop vekka poren LOL Yaaroda maanam kappal la poga poguthoo, Andavaa pls help them LOL
Start the music... 

Our sweet member Bhagi had a VIP interview with someone who is in the MOST WANTED list. Antha VIP vera yaarum illainga, namma NIXKIE LOL (Mind voice: Intha ponnuka ivlo periya build up).. Sari vidunga public public.. Tongue
Namma Tanu romba ushar, Bhagi etho dangerious work pannapora nu therinchu, intha Tanu ponnu answers ellam soft ah sollichu. Ivangala vachukittu Shammu enna thaan panna poralo, therila. Ava romba paavam D'oh

Welcome to Coffee With Bhagi Party

Bhagi: Vanakkam neyargale. Inniki namme show la oru VIP ah meet panna porom. Avangala patti sollanum na, hmm enna sollalam? Director ethachum sollunga, enakum ethuvum thonamathenguthu.

Shammu (Director): Ada nee vera ma. Antha VIP patti perusa ethuvum solla illa. Avanga Thendral Forum oda important member am. Sila per Powerstar ku publicity panra mathiri intha ponnukum publicity panni famous aakithanga. Namma neram interview panna vendi pochu. D'oh

Bhagi: Sari Shemmo, naan ivangala kupaduren.
Welcome Nixkie Clap
Come and take your seat.

Nixkie: Hello Bhagi. How are you? How is your family?

Bhagi: Nixkie ithu vanthu oru Tamil show. Tamil la pesunga, engalala subtitles ellam poda mudiyathu, please.

Nixkie: Ohh well, I dont know much Tamil. My mother Ratna and father Shubban thaught me only English. Anyway I will try to talk Tamil. Okeva?

Bhagi: Nandri Nixkie, lets start the programm. Thendral Forum la neenga oru periya padavi la irukeenga nu kelvi pattom. Apdi enna thaan neenga anga pannureenga?

Nixkie: Well, its like a promoting center. Anga vara makkalugaaka naanga oru serial eduthu update panni promote pannuvom.

Bhagi(Mind Voice: Ithuka ivlo build up?): Ohh nice nice. Can you tell us about your working team in Thendral Forum?

Nixkie: Ya well, they are basically very nice and funny aan...

Bhagi: Stop! Ellaraiyum patti ore time la sonna interview 5 mins la end panni vidum. Please tell one by one, okeva?

Nixkie: Ohh apdiya? Sari, btw where is my touch up boy? Eric??

Bhagi: Athu yaarunga touch up boy? Unga manager ah?

Nixkie: Hahahaha no no, he is my darling. We are Ariel & Eric. D'ohBtw Bhagi your show name is Coffee with Bhagi, enaku coffee ellam venaam oru Starbuck Hazelnut frappucino pothum. 

Bhagi: Enaku thalai suttuthu, ok audience lets go for a short break. BREAK!

Intha Tanu ponna epdi prank pannalam nu german hotel la room pothu yosichen, aana ethuvum thonala. My genius sisters ku kooda ethuvum thonala. And oru sila kalama Tanu escape aanathala, we didnt prank her but did something else. Bhagi ya vechu oru interview pannom.
Athoda result you will see down.
Bhagi asked Tanu what she thinks about Thendralians nu, athuku namme Birthday girl super replies ellam kudutha. Btw as there was no time, we couldnt ask about all, so sorry Embarrassed


(Jaya akka be careful, Tanu is planning evil things with you)



(Pearl akka notice this point. You was friendly aam. Appo ippo friendly ah illaiya nu kelunga)


(Hitler ah?? Akkoiii see this)







(Akkaa vaa? Yov this is too much)

Tanu mom oru thing ku kolaveri aavangalam, ethu nu thinking ah? LOL

Last but not the least, Tanu adores something a lot nu said Heart

Tanu Tanu Tanu, someone wrote a letter for you Shocked That person adampidichu wanted to write a letter, nejama. Naan kooda kekala Shocked Maybe its a love letter? I havent read it yet. Let us open it together ok? Yaarum theriyama naama rendu perum open pannuvom Tongue

Hi Hi Hi Tanu

Eppidi irukiunga haa haa haa...

Wish you many many more Happy returns of the day...Heart

Enaku theriyum ungaluku enna moota madila irunthu pudichu thalli vidra alavuku kovam... ana enaku ungala romba pudikum Day Dreaming

Enu keka mateengala... haaa haaa haa ROFL

Enna namba rendu perum romba supera video games vizhayaduvom.. Ana additionala neenga super a B'day threads ellam pannuvinga, Photo Shop la killadi nu kelvi pattiruken. Ennaku video games mattum than vizhayada theriyum.Haa Haa Haa...

Appuram enaku oru doubt, athu eppidi ungala ellarukum ivlo pudikuthu ana enna mattum entha thendralians kum pudika matengithu. Please share the secret with me OK. Haa Haa Haa.. LOL Ungaluku herbal tea vera panna theriyuma? Enakum koncham sollithanga, deal?

Again many more happy returns of the day. Enjoy your day Heart

With Love,

Tanu kitta Thendralians patti mattum illama Thendral cast ah pattiyum kethom, athuku ava panna replies irukeee D'oh

Tanu kitta oru reply vaanga naan patta paadu irukee. AiyayayoooD'oh

Omg Tanu u got another letter from someone Shocked Namma rendu perum parpom ok? Lets not tell akka, because approma she might jollufy that boy with her KKs LOL

My first ever kuttima,
I have never written a letter in my life. Don't think it is because of the ISD call rates. The day you left, I swore I'd never talk to you again. I never wanted to be the first one to make contact. But today, my life is at stake. 15 years love-u ma, etho chinna pillainga ariyama panurenganu un parents una einta irunthu pirichu kuttitu poitanga. College la epdi irunthom, nyabagam iruka? Evalo class cut adichutu, antha marathadi nyabagam iruka?  Ethavuthu nyabagam iruka? 

Tanu ma, ethavuthu puritha? I feel so drained and empty. Some niggling feeling of loss. I feel so incomplete, why? Why is the love so loveless in my life? Do you understand what I mean? Nothing feels the same without you. Tanu, I'm just going crazy without you. Do you see my hard luck? It is broadcasted daily, my ill-fate. Nama padicha school pakathila thaan. Konjam school pilanga cross panitu irukum pothu thaan. Anga thaan avala pathen. Athuthaan my ezhu ara start ana time. Ena merati thaali vangi kita. Ippo ena kandu kirathu kuda illa. She can't spend even 3 hours with me to watch a movie. Always studying. Life la the biggest mistake I made was marrying her. If only I had found out where you were before. If only. Sigh. How can I describe the feeling now that I know where you are? I'm the most unlucky man. I have missed you. I have missed your beautiful eyes that will look into me and see that I'm safe and happy. I have missed your rosy cheeks that would glow at the sight of me. I have missed your honey coated lips that could...huuh...ippo kavala patu ena projanam? 

Your eyes. It still kills me. That look. Appa! ippo nenachallum current eiruthu Tanu ma. Una pathu kitei irukalam pola irukum. Evalo alagu. Un peicha sollava venum? Nama rendu perum seinthu evalo pranks panirukom. Ippo nama life ai oru prank aiduchei ma. Aiyoo Tanu ma, ippo matum ein pakathila iruntha, una apadiyaa...sss...I love you Tanu. It's true, Tanu. Unaku athu nalavei theriyum. Don't you think we could start over? Just wipe out all the grievances and start fresh?Can you give me a chance? Thulasi a easy a divorce panirlam and I can board the next flight to be with you. Forever...
I think we can. If you feel the same please reply panu, illana, oru devatheiya miss pana thurudhashtasalia intha Tamizh unakaga adutha jenumam veraikum kathutu irupein...

Love you kuttima Heart
Un Tamizh. Eppoluthum un Tamizh...

Enna Tanu nadakkuthu ingaa? Enaku sutthama puriyala Confused

Not only in Thendral, but also in Thendral Forum we have many cute pairs. So I asked Tanu to rank them from 1 to 5. Athuku ava first koncham morandu pudicha, approm yen sad face ah parthu she finally replied me LOL

Tanu our love is strong Heart Enga love ku Tanu oru definition kudutha, see this:

Ipdi oru definition yaaralaiyum kuduka mudiyathu ROFL 

Itha parthu enaku azhugaye vanthichuu Cry

Btw someone is lately in love with something am LOL

Shammu was sad that she couldnt prank her Ariel, but antha worry ah down panna she got such things like the interview and etc. It was happy to play with Tanu, but she is semma kedi. I think she sensed that we are planning something nu, athaan ivlo nice and soft answers. Bad Tanu LOL

Tanu Tanu all the best in seeying Prabha and Suchi falling from terrace one day. Its your dream right? Btw Akka you can use this picture as your siggy:


Ariel when are you going to come and meet your Prince Eric?? 
Come fast he is waiting for you Day Dreaming

It has meant so much
Having you as a friend
You will always be a part of me
Until the end

When times are tough
You are always there
It has brightened my world
Just knowing you care

You make me feel the love
I have inside
You are a friend,
A mentor, a guide

Since we met
Our friendship has grown
While you're in the world
I will never be alone

I feel blessed to have met
Some one like you
And to have found a friendship
So special and true

Wish you a very happy B'day Tanu. 
Hope you have a blast!

Dear Tanu,

Wish you a very Happy Birthday! May God Bless you 
with Best health and All Happiness in this world!
Have a wonderful Birthday!

Here's wishing you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hope this day is filled with smiles and laughter with the people you love.  Have a blast and send over some pizza and burgers for you know who (wink wink).

P.S. I'll take the cake! 

Hahaha tanu girl shammy was chasing me 
up and down daily .. asking for my voice recording ..
Disapprove but u know tannae .. how bad my voice is due to 
cough and cold .. Niway ..
 today is your birthday and you are turning another day younger
Ennaku siggy avatar laam panna theriyadhu di so only wishes Tongue
Wishing you a blasting beautiful birthday 
May god bless you always and don't forget me okie
when you are having your cake Shocked Wink

Happy Birthday


You are my sunshine
You are my shining star
Everything I'm not
You are
You make me laugh
You make my heart smile
Everything you do
Makes life worthwhile
You give lovingly
You always have cheer
Everything you are
I hold dear
You are so sweet
You are so very kind
Everything I cherish
In you I find
You are a blessing
You are an angel I see
Everything about you
is Gods gift to me

 By: Esther

 By: Hollie

 By: Hema

 By: Haritha

 By: Bhagi

 By: Shobi

 By: Pearl

 By: Shubba

 By: HGs

 By: Shammu

You're the one I most admire, with great intentions and loving desires.
Passion and trust and knowing that you care, brings a lifetime of
Happiness for us to share...
Being so gentle, understanding, and kind, brings comfort, faith, and a
Joy that shines.
Tears and laughter are fellings that's rare, but a true heart shall
Never dispare...
Love is unique in it's very own way, taking risks, and challenges
Day by day.
But when a heart is made of gold, there is so much to share. Like joy,
Laughter, and a friendship that's there...
So I give you my heart as a token of love, from one friend to another,
And the heaven's above.
So take my heart and cherish it too, cause there is no us without

Thread: Bhaghi, Ratna, Shobi, Hollie, Shubba & Shammu

Special Thanks to Gisel, Esther, Mini, Jaya, Pearl, Ranu, Guns, Sandy, 
Hema_M, Jinju, Smiles, Hema, Raji, Haritha 

Another Special Special Thanks to Deepak for his wonderful wish 
and our friend who helped to get Deepaks wish




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ROFL tanu naan appovae sonnen nee taan nambulae Cry see hopper did not lie to u.. damage corner was in progress ROFL idhulae  shobi and pearl tanu ma u trust us tannae nu Cry and u felt for it ... hahaha okiee lemme essu before design design chappals comes from Germany Tongue

shammy & the gang super beautiful tread and love the idea of voice recording from tendralians.. ippo each name ku oru voice iruku Embarrassed and deepak Shocked wohh tanu VIP wishing you da Wink aww shobi love ur daughter's wishes.. especially d last girl instead of tanu akka she said tanu appa Embarrassed that was soo cute.

Wishing you beautiful birthday as you are,
May god bless you always.
Thank you for always being there to help when ever i ask for
without hesitating a moment too ...
Many more happy returns of the day
anbudan ratna

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So on this very special day
I would like to say to you
I hope you'll always find happiness
In whatever you may do.
PartyHave a Wonderful and a blessed Birthday!Party
God Bless you!
HugHugYou are so precious to us!HugHug
PartyPartyMay all your dreams come true!PartyParty

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viswai123 Senior Member

Joined: 30 September 2011
Posts: 516

Posted: 16 March 2013 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
Hi Tanu ma,

Many many many... more happy returns of the day. Since the day I recorded the voice my kids are asking when we are going to go to Tanu akka's B'day Party. :)

Wish you a wonderful full filed day. God bless you kiddo. Love U. Heart

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TTfan Goldie

Joined: 15 October 2010
Posts: 1420

Posted: 16 March 2013 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Tannnuuu Darling... My love, saka saki 2... Happy Happy Birthday!! Tannuu darling..  as usual I was late in sending the voice this time too da.. as i used to send late aa every time to u..U knw about my sincerity right... LOL

Many more happy returns of the day..Embarrassed !! Have a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead da..TongueLoads of love, and wishing you full of happiness always..Big smileKeep smiling dear.. Big smile My Darling... I love you..!! (Still remember how I first said I love you to u..) (being Jealous----WinkROFL--) Have a colorful birthday!! HugHug HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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ParulRatiShivi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 March 2009
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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Tanu Nixkie

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Suha95 Goldie

Joined: 02 May 2012
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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 11:08pm | IP Logged

May god bless you with good health and prosperity ...!!!

Edited by suha1995 - 16 March 2013 at 11:09pm

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