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All stories of Jalandhar-Vrinda here only/Nt pg 9

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Suta narrates the following story to the sages-

"Once upon a time, Indra was going towards Kailash mountain to have a 'darshan' of lord Shiva. Sage Brihaspati was accompanying him.

Lord Shiva came to know about his arrival. He wanted to test his devotion towards him. While both Indra and Brihaspati were still on their way. Lord Shiva met them on their in the guise of a hermit.

Indra did not recognize Shiva, who was sitting on the way disguised as a hermit. Indra inquired as to who he was and where he lived. Lord Shiva sat quietly without saying a word. Indra repeatedly asked the same question, but each time Shiva remained quiet. Indra became furious and tried to attack lord Shiva with his Vajra.

Lord Shiva paralyzed the raised hands of Indra by his divine power. Shiva's eyes had reddened due to anger which made Indra very frightened sage Brihaspati was able to recognize the real identity of the hermit as to who he was. He made salutations to lord Shiva and requested him to pardon Indra. Lord Shiva became pleased and diverted the power of his radiant eyes to the ocean. This way Indra's life was spared by Shiva. Lord Shiva then returned to Kailash mountain. Indra and Sage Brihaspati to Kailash mountain. Indra and sage Brihaspati too returned to their respective abodes.

The effulgence, which had been divided by lord Shiva into the Ocean resulted into the manifestation of a small child. This incident happened at the place where river Ganges submerged into the ocean and which is also known as Gangasagar now a days.

The child was crying so ferociously that an environment of fear was created everywhere. The deities and the sages went to lord Brahma to satisfy their curiously. Lord Brahma assured then to find out the reason. He went to the seashore. The sea put the child in his lap and enquired about the name of that child and also about his future.

Meanwhile the child pressed lord Brahma's neck with such power that tears rolled down from his eyes. For this reason he named the child as Jalandhar. Lord Brahma told the sea that the child will become the mighty ruler of the demons. No deity would be able to kill him except Shiva.

The sea was very pleased by lord Brahma's predictions. After Lord Brahma returned to his abode, the sea brought that child to his home and brought up that child with great love and care.

When Jalandhar grew up he married Vrinda, who was the daughter of Kalnemi. Later on he became the ruler of the demons.

One day Sage Bhrigu came to meet Jalandhar. After receiving him with due respect Jalandhar asked him as to who severed the head of Rahu.

Sage Bhrigu then told him about Hiranyakashipu who was the maternal uncle of Rahu. Sage Bhrigu also told him about Virochana - the son of the extremely charitable king Bali. Then sage Bhrigu narrated the tale connected with the churning of ocean and how ambrosia emerged from the churning of the ocean.

Sage Bhrigu told Jalandhar how Rahu's head was severed by lord Vishnu, while he was sitting among the deities and at the time when ambrosia was being distributed to all the deities.

Jalandhar became very furious after hearing this story. He summoned one of his messengers whose name was Ghasmar and instructed him to go and ask Indra, as to why had he misappropriated all the wealth of his father (Sea) which emerged during the churning of Sea. He also instructed Ghasmar to warn Indra about the dire consequences unless he takes his (Indra's) refuge.

But Indra sent back Ghasmar without any specific assurance. This action of Indra made Jalandhar more angry than before. He collected his army and attacked Indra.

A fierce battle was fought between his army and the army of the deities. Many warriors got killed from both the sides. Shukracharya the guru of the deities brought back the dead warriors from the demon side back to life by his mritasanjivani vidya. Similarly Sage Brihaspati brought back the dead warriors from the deities' side back to life with the help of medicinal herbs.

When Shukracharya saw that, sage Brihaspati too was successfully making the dead deities alive, he instructed Jalandhar to submerge the Drongiri mountain into the sea, so that it becomes impossible for Brihaspati to get the medicinal herbs by the help of which he made the dead deities alive.

Jalandhar obeyed the command of Shukracharya and by lifting the Drongiri mountain submerged it into the sea. The deities became demoralized and fled from the battlefield Jalandhar captured Indrapuri.

The terrified deities took the refuge of lord Vishnu and sought his help. Lord Vishnu gave a patient hearing and agreed to help them, but there was a hitch. His consort goddess Lakshmi considered Jalandhar as her brother because both of them originated from the sea. She instructed Lord Vishnu against killing Jalandhar.

Lord Vishnu promised to her that he won't kill Jalandhar. After giving his word to goddess Lakshmi, he went to fight a battle with Jalandhar.

A fierce battle was fought between both of them which remained indecisive till the end. Lord Vishnu became very much impressed by the valiance of Jalandhar and asked him to demand any boon he liked.

Jalandhar requested him to make his dwelling in the Ksheersagar-the abode of Jalandhar, along with his sister (Lakshmi). Lord Vishnu agreed to fulfill his wish and started living in the Ksheersagar along with his consort Lakshmi.

Being undefeated by Lord Vishnu himself, Jalandhar became the ruler of all the three world. All his subjects were satisfied by his just and virtuous rule, except the deities. The deities now eulogized lord Shiva to seek his help in defeating Jalandhar.

According to the wish of lord Shiva, Sage Narada came to meet the deities. The deities narrated their woeful tales to him. Feeling pity on their condition, he went accorded a grand reception by Jalandhar which pleased him very much.

Narada praised the splendours and prosperity of Jalandhar but added that it was nothing in comparison to Shiva's splendours Narada told him that inspite of all his authority and splendours, his prosperity was still incomplete, as he did not have a consort. Jalandhar asked curiously as to where could he find his consort.

According to his strategy, Narada advised Jalandhar to make Parvati as his consort Jalandhar fell into Narada's trap. He sent 'Rahu' to lord Shiva with a proposal to part with Parvati. Rahu went to lord Shiva and demanded Parvati, which made lord Shiva extremely furious. His anger resulted into the manifestation of a ferocious creature, which ran towards 'Rahu' to devour him. Rahu had no option but to take the refuge of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva protected the life of 'Rahu'.

The hungry creature, asked Shiva as to what should he eat to satisfy his hunger. Lord Shiva instructed him to devour his own limbs. The creative followed his instructions and devoured his limbs. Lord Shiva was very pleased by his sense of obedience. He named that creature of his palace. He also blessed him saying that he too would be worshipped along with him (Shiva). 

Rahu went back to Jalandhar and narrated the whole story to him. Jalandhar then attacked Kailash mountain with his huge army. A fierce battle was fought between the Shiva-ganas and the demons.

When Jalandhar realized that lord Shiva had begun to dominate the battle he created beautiful 'Apsaras' and 'Gandharvas' by his illusionary powers to divert the attention of lord Shiva and his ganas. He was successful in his attempt. Lord Shiva and his ganas became enchanted by the heavenly beauty of the apsaras. They stopped fighting and started watching their dance and music.

Meanwhile Jalandhar went to Parvati in the guise of lord Shiva but was recognized by her. Being enchanted by the beauty of goddess Parvati, he looked at her with his evil intentions, but was immobilized by her wrath.

Mother Parvati then went to lord Vishnu and narrated the whole story. She wanted to teach Jalandhar a lesson. She requested lord Vishnu to go to Jalandhar's wife in the guise of Jalandhar and act in the same way. Jalandhar had dared to do.

With the help of his divine powers, Lord Vishnu created many inauspicious dreams while Vrinda was asleep. Vrinda became very restless and when the anxieties become unbearable she proceeded towards the forest.

Vrinda saw a hermit in the forest who was preaching his disciples. The hermit was none other than lord Vishnu. She went to that hermit and prayed to save her husband's life.

Lord Vishnu disappeared from the scene and reappeared - this time in the guise of Jalandhar. But Vrinda was unable to recognize the real identity of her husband. She was very pleased after finding her husband. Both of them stayed in that very forest as husband and wife for a very long time.

One day, she came to know about the real identity of the person, who was impersonating as her husband. Realizing that her chastity has been breached, she cursed lord Vishnu by saying that just as he had played a deceitful trick with her in the same way somebody would deceitfully abduct his wife and he too would wander in her search.

After cursing lord Vishnu, Vrinda embraced death by entering into the fire

On the other side, after the departure of Parvati from Kailash Mountain and after the illusionary powers created by Jalandhar had ended all the apsaras and gandharvas vanished. Shiva realized that whatever he was watching, was nothing more than illusion.

Lord Shiva recommenced his battle. The demons-Shumbh and Nishumbh, came forward to fight with him, but ultimately they had to flee from the battlefield. Lord Shiva warned both of them that though they had escaped death at that moment, but they would be killed by Parvati.

Now Jalandhar again arrived to fight with lord Shiva. A fierce battle commenced between them. Finding an opportune time, Shiva severed the head of Jalandhar by his 'Chakra' which had been created from his toe. After his death, Jalandhar's soul united with Shiva.

When the deities came to know about the killing of Jalandhar, they became overjoyed. They came to Lord Shiva and eulogized him. Thy also hailed his great achievement. After expressing their gratitude they returned to their respective abodes.

Lord Vishnu was very much saddened by the death of Vrinda. He took the ashes from the pyre and after applying them on his body started wondering here and there.

The deities became very worried to see the condition of lord Vishnu. They went to lord Shiva and requested him to eliminate the false attachment with which Sri Vishnu was suffering.

Lord Shiva sent the deities to goddess Parvati, saying that she would ceratainly help in this regard.

The deities went to goddess Parvati and prayed to her. She became very pleased and with the assistance of Lakshmi and Saraswati, gave some seeds to then. The deities sprayed those seeds on the pyre, on which Vrinda had given up her life. Three holy plants manifested from that pyre-Amla, Tulsi and Malti. Later on Tulsi and Malti attained to the Vishnuloka, by the virtue of their respective penance.

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The energy thrown from Shivji's 3rd eye falls at Gangasagar, takes form of a small child. May be the Matsyakanya takes care of this child.

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^ Yeah that's what I speculated. I don't see what else this "mermaid" could be doing in the story. 

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Even Parvati sehgal has said it's a small role, so may be of 2 to 3 epi. It's a cameo.  

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Great! Thanks for sharing meenaxiSmile

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The Padma Purana also describes the story of Jalandhara. Thankfully, it is also online (I'm too lazy to type all this out myself LOL):

Once, Narada Muni went to visit the Pandavas at the Kamya forest. The Pandavas were living in exile and they appeared to be emaciated with grief. After very respectfully greeting the Devarshi,  Maharaja Yudhisthira inquired, "Do to what acts of ours have we fallen into this ocean of distress?Devarshi Narada replied, "O son of Pandu, give up your grief. What man can be happy in this material  world, which is full of conditions that create alternating happiness and distress? Nobody is free from material miseries. Everyone must tolerate distress.Just consider- even the Sun is attacked by Rahu.  Rahu's head was cut off by Lord Vishnu, even as he was enjoying nectar! And, Lord Vishnu Himself was thrown into the ocean by the brave Jalandhara. Yet, that demon was also killed- by Lord Shiva."

Upon hearing this, Maharaja Yudhisthira became very curious to hear about Jalandhara, and so Narada Muni narrated the story as follows:

Once, Indra, surrounded by all the demigods, Apsaras and  Gandharvas, went to see Lord Shiva at Kailash. When they arrived, the demigods were truly amazed to see Kailash's splendor and opulence. The trees were all kalpa-vrikshas (wish-fulfilling trees). The  land was made of chintamani (touch-stone), and it also yielded whatever might be desired. The mountain looked charming due to being adorned with champa, mango, ashoka, and numerous other  flowering trees.There were lakes, having crystal staircases, which were full of lotuses that resembled gold, clinging to stalks that appeared like emarald.Indeed, the demigods saw Mount Kailash as more  beautiful than heaven, as if it had been fashioned in a superior manner.Getting down from his airplane, Indra approached Nandi, expressing his ardent desire to see Mahadeva, while saying that he  wished to dance for the lord. Nandi went and informed Lord Shiva of Indra's presence. Thus, the demigods were quickly ushered to the place where Lord Shiva was staying.The Apsaras began to dance,  while others played upon musical instruments. Indra himself then performed a lovely dance. Lord Shiva was delighted and so asked the king of heaven to accept a benediction.Upon hearing this, Indra,  who was very proud of his prowess,said, "My lord, I would like to have a chance to fight with someone who is a warrior as powerful as you. Kindly grant me such an opportunity." After obtaining his wish,  Indra departed. Lord Shiva then told his attendants, "Just see how the king of heaven has become so proud!"

Indeed, Lord Shiva was very angry, so that his wrath manifested itself in a personal form and  stood before him. Lord Shiva told that angry person, who was like dense darkness, "Go and conquer Indra! At that time, the River Ganga, due to the strength of her youthful energy, became excited with  lust. Upon seeing her, the Ocean became infatuated, and as a result of their union, a mighty son was born. In fact, the boy was so powerful that upon his birth, the entire earth trembled. Even Lord  Brahma's meditation became disturbed.At the urging of Inda, Lord Brahma mounted his swan carrier and went to see the Ocean. He inquired, "Ocean, why are you roaring so terribly?


The Ocean replied, "I am not roaring. What you hear is my mighty child. Please protect him.The Ocean's wife then brought her son, and Lord Brahma placed him upon his lap. At that time, the boy  grabbed Lord Brhama's beard, and the grandsire was not able to free it. Upon seeing this, the Ocean laughingly took Lord Brahma's beard from his son's hand. Because of witnessing the boy's wonderful  prowess, Lord Brahma gave him the name, Jalandhara, and also gave him a benediction, saying, "This boy will be unconquerable, even by the demigods. By my favor, he will enjoy the lordship of  heaven. After saying this, Lord Brahma mounted his swan carrier and departed.

Thereafter, as he grew up, Jalandhara frightened all creatures- on the land, in the ocean, and in the sky. Indeed, the  creatures within the ocean hid themselves. When the subterranean fire within the sea saw the ocean devoid of creatures, it became fearful and so went to stay in the Himalayas. After attaining youth,  Jalandhara once requested his father, "Give me a very extensive place for my residence. The Ocean assured his son that he would get a very superior place to live. One day thereafter, the preceptor of  the demons, Shukracharya came to visit the Ocean. After very respectfully seating him on a fine throne, the Ocean joined his hands and said, "It is my great fortune that you have come here. What  service can I offer?" Shukra replied, "What is the use of a son that simply robs his mother of her youth? Your son, however, due to his great prowess, will enjoy the kingdom of the three worlds. There is a  tract of land in Jambudvipa that you have inundated. It was a place enjoyed by the female attendants of goddess Durga. Kindly give this place to your son." The Ocean happily complied and then called  for Maya Danava. He said, "Make a city for Jalandhara at the place designated by Shukracharya.Thereafter, Maya Danava fashioned a wondeful city, full of valuable jewels- a city that fascinated the  beholder with it's splendor. Indeed, the golden palaces were so brilliant, like the sun, that the peacocks would run away upon seeing them, fearing a fire.The Ocean, along with Shukra, and the  presiding deities of the rivers, installed Jalandhara in that city. The Ocean also gave his son a formidable army, and Lord Brahma presented him with weapons. Thereafter, the demons, led by Kalanemi,  who had been residing in the nether regions, came to see Jalandhara. An alliance was made and Shumbhasura became the commander-in-chief.

Meanwhile, there was an Apsara named Shyarna. Due to  connection with Krauncha, a daughter named Vrinda was born. It appeared that the Creator fashioned Vrinda's body by taking all kinds of beauty and assembling them in one place. Shukracharya then  asked Krauncha for Vrinda's hand in marriage, on Jalandhara's behalf. Thus it so happened that Vrinda married Jalandhara, according to the Gandharva style. Jalandhara remained a faithful husband,  not longing for any other woman, and Vrinda gave up her childishness, so that she could dutifully serve her husband.

One day, upon seeing Rahu's cut-off head, Jalandhara questioned Shukra. The preceptor then told him all about the churning of the Milk Ocean and the battle that took place between the demigods and demons, on account of the nectar produced from it. Jalandhara then sent  a messenger named Durvarana to Indra. After being respectfully seated by the king of heaven, he said, "I am Jalandhara's envoy. Please hear his order: 'Why did you, by employing Mandara mountain as  the rod, churn my uncle, the Milk Ocean. You then took away all the treasures produced from the Ocean,such as Lakshmi, Airavata, Ucchaishravas, and much more. Indra, give all these back to me and  leave heaven at once, if you desire to continue living." Indra laughingly replied, "Messenger, hear the reason why I churned the Milk Ocean. The foolish Ocean, your master's father, is the resort of many  demons, who are haters of Dharma. His brother always supplies milk, dahi and ghee to them. By thus taking away all the wealth from the Milk Ocean, we punished him." Durvarana then returned to  Jalandhara and related to him all that had taken place. Upon hearing Indra's speech, Jalandhara became enraged and called for his army. By his order, all of the demons assembled and then set out to  fight. This caused a terrible fear to all creatures, in all directions. Indeed, some of the demons had faces resembling horses, elephants, camels, cats, tigers, lions, and rats. Some had hair that  resembled snakes, and eyes that sparkled like lightning.Jalandhara mounted his airplane, which was one hundred yojanas long, and was pulled by crores of swans. On the first, day, at noon, Jalandhara  and his army reached Mount Mandara. On the second day, he reached Mount Meru.The demons then destroyed the Nandana garden, shattered the peaks of Mount Meru, and took the wives of the  Siddhas by force.Finally, after destroying the abodes of the other Lokapalas, Jalandhara arrived at Amaravati, the capital of Indra. Many fearful omens became visible to the demigods, and Indra's  thunderbolt fell from his hands. The king of heaven fearfully approached Brihaspati, who then advised, "You should take shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu, who eternally resides in Vaikuntha.

Thus it came to be that Vijaya, the gatekeeper at Vaikuntha, informed Lord Vishnu of Indra's arrival. Lord Vishnu quickly mounted upon Garuda and went to where the demigods were waiting. Indra  then informed Lord Vishnu of how Jalandhara had devastated heaven.After being given assurances by Lord Vishnu, the demigods set out to fight with the demons. Lord Vishnu, amidst all of the  demigods, shone brightly. Indra, riding up a chariot driven by Matali, went in front of Lord Vishnu. Agni, mounted upon a ram, was by the Lord's side. Indra's son, Jayanta, was mounted upon Airavata.  The twelve Adityas went in front of Indra. The Rudras, mounted upon bulls, went in front of the army. The two armies, that of Jalandhara and that of the devas, thus clashed, in the area between the  Mandara and Meru mountains. Indra ordered the Samvartaka clouds to fight, and so they mounted upon large elephants. Yamaraja also fought by taking the form of numerous diseases. Thus, a fierce  battle took place between the demons and the diseases. Being struck by acute pain, the demons writhed upon the ground.


Some great demons lifted up the enemy chariots and then flew into the sky. They then threw the chariots, horses and drivers down to the ground. Some demons picked up two elephants, placing them  on their two sides, and then put a third one on their bellies and a fourth on their heads.Lord Vishnu angrily attacked the demon, Kalanemi, while Rahu fought with the Sun and Moon. Brihaspati fought  with Shukracharya. Lord Vishnu soon killed Kalanemi. After defeating the Sun, Rahu attacked the Moon. Striking the Moon with his fist, Rahu swallowed him and then again spat him out. Next, Rahu  captured the horse, Uccaishravas, and took him to Jalandhara. Maya Danava tied up Yamaraja with nooses and presented him to Jalandhara, as well.Thereafter, Indra killed the great demon, Bala. This  enraged Jalandhara, and so he violently attacked the king of heaven, making him faint upon the floor of his chariot. At this, the Ocean's son roared with delight.After regaining consciousness, Indra  released his thunderbolt at Jalandhara. The demon avoided the thunderbolt, however, and after picking up a mountain crag, he rushed at Inra. Understanding that Jalandhara wanted to capture him,  Indra got down from his chariot and ran away. At this, Jalandhara mounted Indra's chariot. Keeping Matali as the driver, the demon chased after the king of heaven.Seeing this, Lord Vishnu urged on  Garuda, who could travel at the speed of mind, and He began to create a great slaughter of demons, causing the battlefield to become a river of hair, bones, intestines and blood. To retaliate, the  leaders of the demons came and surrounded Lord Vishnu, showering their weapons upon Him, in torrents.Indeed, the shower of weapons was so dense that Lord Vishnu and Garuda became invisible.  The demon, Shaiiaroma then rushed at Lord Vishnu. Vishnu's arrows bounced off the demons' body, and so the Lord took His sword and cut off his head. Still, the headless trunk came and seized  Garuda by the wings. The demon's head then bounced up and stuck to his severed trunk, and upon seeing this, even Lord Vishnu appeared to be amazed.Garuda fell to the ground, and so Shaiiaroma  picked up Lord Vishnu from His carrier's back. Lord Vishnu retaliated, however, by striking the demon with the palm of His hand, causing him to fall dead onto the ground. When he saw this, Jalandhara  urged his charioteer to take him to where Lord Vishnu was stationed. Coming before Lord Vishnu, the Ocean's son said, "Kill me without fear. I shall not kill you, Madhava."


Upon hearing this, the enraged Vishnu discharged numerous powerful arrows. In return, Jalandhara sent streams of his own at Lord Vishnu and Garuda. Indeed, Garuda, pierced by hundreds of arrows,  fell unconscious. At this time, Lord Vishnu thought of His chariot in Vaikuntha. Quickly, that chariot arrived. Garuda regained consciousness and so Lord Vishnu had him become the driver. He then  approached Jalandhara. Seeing this, the army of the demigods rallied, and a great slaughter of the demons ensued.Upon seeing how his army was being exterminated, Jalandhara went to Shukracarya  and said, "Even in your presence, my army is being destroyed. What then is the use of ascetic prowess?Shukra replied, "O King, just see my brahminical might!" Saying this, Shukra touched water and  recited a powerful mantra. After this, when Jalandhara discharged his weapons, the demigods fell to the ground in great numbers, their bodies shattered.Lord Vishnu then said to Brihaspati, "What is  the use of your so-called prowess? Why are you not reviving our fallen warriors?" Brihaspati replied, "My dear Lord, by means of medicinal herbs, I shall bring the demigods back to life.Brihaspati then  went to the mountain, Drona, within the ocean, and took the proper herbs. By using them, he brought the slain demigods back to life. Upon seeing this, Jalandhara said, "Shukra, how could they be  revived in your presence?Shukra explained how Brihaspati had brought medicinal herbs from the Drona mountain. Jalandhara then went to the Milk Ocean and entered a divine mansion there, within the  water. He entered the Milk Oceans's pleasure chamber, which was never too hot nor too cold. Darkness was never noticed there. Excellent women were seen, bearing the burden of heavy breasts,  although having thin waists. They were dancing, casting amorous glances here and there, moving to and fro with fascinating movements, and smiling enchantingly.Jalandhara said, "Uncle, you must  please inundate Brihaspati with your water, for he is siding with my enemies." The Ocean of Milk replied, "How can I inundate one who has taken shelter of me? Such an action would make me condemned  by all respectable people." At this, Jalandhara angrily struck the Drona mountain with his foot. The personified Drona then came to Jalandhara and said, "I am surrendering to you, please protect me and  consider me as your servant. If you like, I shall go to the nether regions and remain there with all the herbs, until the time when you rule the world.After the departure of Drona, Jalandhara returned to  the battlefield. Upon seeing Lord Vishnu, he challenged, "Wait in Your chariot until I have killed my other enemies.Upon seeing Jalandhara's renewed enthusiasm, the demigods sought the protection  of Brihaspati. The preceptor of the demigods then went to the Milk Ocean. Whend he failed to see the Drona Mountain, he anxiously returned to the battlefield and advised the demigods to retreat.

While Brihaspati was thus speaking, Jalandhara cut off his brahmana's thread and hair, with his arrows. Brihaspati hastily fled and the demigods followed. Jalandhara then approached Lord Vishnu, and a  fierce battle ensued.


Being greatly harassed by Vishnu's arrows, Jalandhara abandoned his chariot and rushed at the Lord. While tolerating the onslaught of arrows, Jalandhara took Garuda in one hand and Lord Vishnu's  chariot in the other. After whirling them around, he threw them all the way to Svetadvipa. Lord Vishnu got freed Himself from the smashed chariot, however, and returned to the battlefield.A terrible  duel ensued, but Lord Vishnu did not kill Jalandhara,having been forbidden to do so by Lakshmi. Finally, the Lord fell to the ground, having been struck by innumerable arrows. Jalandhara came and  put Lord Vishnu upon his chariot. At that time, Lakshmi came there.Lakshmi, who had also been born from the Ocean, said, "My dear brother, you have performed a great feat by vanquishing Lord  Vishnu. It is not proper to make your sister a widow.Upon hearing this, Jalandhara released Lord Vishnu, out of respect for his sister. Lord Vishnu, being pleased, then offered Jalandhara a benediction.  The demon requested the Lord to reside at his father's abode, along with Lakshmi. Saying, "Alright", the Lord remembered Garuda and then went to the Milk Ocean, along with Lakshmi. Since then, Lord  Krishna has been living at his father-in-law's house, within the ocean.Having thus conquered the demigods, Jalandhara began to rule the universe, without any competition. Indeed, during his reign over  the Earth, there was no death for human beings, and no one went to hell. There were no unfortunate or barren women. There were no ugly, wicked, distressed or notorious women to be seen. There were  no widows, and no poor men, within his kingdom. Every house was endowed with young and beautiful women. Nobody was harrassed, and all were wealthy.The demigods, however, had to leave  heaven, and their condition became quite miserable. Finally, the demigods approached Lord Brahma, who took them to Kailash. Lord Brahma and Indra praised Lord Shiva, seeking his refuge. After Lord  Brahma explained everything about the demigods' calamity, Mahadeva replied, "All of the ancient weapons have proved futile against the demon, Jalandhara. Therefore, a new weapon must be  fashioned, composed of my energy.Lord Brahma requested, "You should make this weapon, for only you know the limits of your own power.Lord Shiva then requested the demigods to discharge their  effulgence, combined with their wrath. At this time, Lord Shiva thought of Lord Vishnu, who quickly came there. Lord Shiva then asked Him why He hadn't kill Jalandhara in the battle.Lord Vishnu  explained, "If I had killed Jalandhara, how would I have been able to face Lakshmi? Therefore, husband of Parvati, you should kill the demon in battle.


At Lord Shiva's request, Lord Vishnu also donated His effulgence, combined with His anger. Since the others present, such as Vishvakarma, could not bear the strength of the combined effulgence,  Lord Shiva danced upon that lustre. Indeed, from that dancing, he created a wonderful chakra, having three hundred thousand spokes. Lord Shiva gave the chakra to Lord Brahma, but it burnt his  beard. Seeing this, Lord Shiva laughed and quickly took it back and put it under his armpit.Narada Muni went to Jalandhara and informed him that Lord Shiva had vowed to kill him. Jalandhara asked  Narada what Lord Shiva possessed, saying that there was no point in fighting without the desire to achieve something. In reply, Narada described that Lord Shiva possessed one wonderful thing- his  exquisitely beautiful wife, Parvati. At this time, Narada Muni described Parvati as being far superior to Vrinda, the demon's wife.After saying this, Narada disappeared from view. Jalandhara then sent  Rahu as a messenger to Kailash. Lord Vishnu had already left for the Milk Ocean. Rahu was brought by Nandi to Lord Shiva, and he delivered this message from Jalandhara: "I am the master of the three  worlds, and you are also under my control.While Rahu was speaking, Kartikeya and Ganesha came there. At this time, Lord Shiva was massaging his body with his hands. Because of this, Vasuki fell  from his neck, onto the ground. Vasuki caught the mouse-carrier of Ganesh by the tail. Ganesh told Vasuki to leave the mouse alone, and so the serpent again encircled Lord Shiva's neck. Rahu  continued his message: "You are always engaged in restraint and meditation and yet you are seen to lust after Parvati. How is this? Now, give that woman to me. Take your sons with you, and with your  begg ing bowl, go house to house, to maintain yourself.In this way, Rahu repeated Jalandhara's message. Lord Shiva remained silent and so Rahu urged Nandi to rectify his master's behavior, lest he  also be defeated in battle. Nandi then questioned Lord Shiva, and after understanding his indications, he sent Rahu back to Jalandhara. After hearing from Rahu all that had transpired, Jalandhara  assembled his army and began to march against Lord Shiva. From within the seven oceans, the Daityas and Danavas came to assist the great demon.


Jalandhara stopped to visit his father, the Ocean. The Ocean tried to dissuade his son from fighting with Lord Shiva, but due to a great desire to possess Parvati, Jalandhara ignored the advice.Vrinda  then came to her husband and said, "Why do you long for that woman? Is Parvati superior to me? Give up all thoughts of her and enjoy wtih me.Jalandhara replied, "After hearing of Parvati's beauty, my  mind cannot turn back. If I am killed by Lord Shiva in battle, always remember me.The demon proceeded toward Kailash. Upon arriving, he became astonished to see the wonderful beauty of the  region. Not finding Lord Shiva, however, Jalandhara questioned Shukracharya. The preceptor then explained that Lord Shiva had gone to the north, to a place that is not normally perceivable.The  demon, Jalandhara, went to the north. Lord Shiva first sent Nandi to fight, on a chariot pulled by thirty-two horses, having sixteen wheels, and which was thirty yojanas long. Kartikeya and Ganesh  protected the wheels. In the great battle that took place, the demon Shumbha fought with Nandi.In that conflict, Ganesh's trunk was cut off and so his mouse-carrier entered a cave. Parvati then went  to her husband and said, "Ganesh is being killed by the demons, and Kartikeya is also knocked down from his chariot. O lord, please protect your two sons and your attendants. Now is the time for you  to fight.Upon hearing this, Lord Shiva told Virabhadra, "Quickly make ready my bull.After warning Parvati that Jalandhara had come with evil intentions toward her, Lord Shiva set out. Virabhadra,  mounted upon a lion, guarded the lord's left side. When they saw Lord Shiva approach, the demons roared loudly. Soon, the demons surrounded Lord Shiva on all sides, just as the senses surround the  soul.Jalandhara came to attack Lord Shiva, but he was checked by Virabhadra. At this time, Manibhadra, another of Lord Shiva's chief associates, created a massacre within the demon ranks.Upon seeing  the awesome prowess of Lord Shiva's army, Jalandhara became discouraged. He thought, "I have not yet seen Parvati, about whom Narada told me so much. First, I will see her, and then I will fight with  Lord Shiva.Jalandhara then instructed Shumbha to take a form similar to his, and continue fighting.Saying this, Jalandhara gave Shumbha his armor, ornaments, chariot and weapons. He then secretly  went to a cave and assumed a form just resembling Lord Shiva's. His servant, Durvarana, assumed the form of Nandi. The two, disguised as Shiva and Nandi, then climbed to the peak of the mountain  where Parvati was staying with her friends. Seeing her "husband", who was pierced with arrows and smeared with blood, Parvati was surprised. When she saw that in his armpits were the heads of Ganesh  and Kartikeya, Parvati wept grievously. Picking up the heads of her sons, Parvati lamented greatly.


Jalandhara, in the guise of Lord Shiva, then told Parvati, "Darling, protect me now by giving me contact with your body in sexual union.Upon hearing these inappropriate words, Parvati replied, "You  are speaking improperly. The wise say that sexual union should be avoided when there is grief, when there is a cause of fear, at the time of meditation, and in the vicinity of elders. How can you solicit  me in this way at a time when I am very aggrieved on account of my sons' deaths?" The false Shiva replied, "Those wives who do not give sexual pleasure to their afflicted husbands surely fall down into  hell. Beautiful one, if you do not gratify me, I shall leave this place and give up my life. You can also go wherever you like.Upon hearing this, Parvati remained momentarily silent, being aggrieved and  bewildered. At this time, Lord Vishnu, lying within the ocean, became disturbed at heart. Suddenly, His eyes became filled with! tears. Getting up from the bed of Shesha, He thought of Garuda, who  immediately came and stood before Him with folded hands.Lord Vishnu said, "Suparna, go to the battlefield and see whether Jalandhara has been killed, or whether he has bewildered Lord Shiva, ^ee  the condition of Parvati and then return to Me.Garuda quickly went to the battlefield. By Lord Vishnu's mercy, ">e was not subject to any kind of illusion, and so he quickly understood bat Jalandhara  was masquerading as Lord Shiva.After seeing this, Garuda returned and informed Lord Vishnu of everything. He then suggested that Lord Vishnu go and kidnap Vrinda, Jalandhara's wife. Lord Vishnu  dismissed Garuda, and then covered the sleeping Lakshmi with a cloth, so that He could leave undetected. Indeed, the Lord assumed another form. Shesha then came and said, "Let me go with You. Tell  me, what is Your mission?" Thus, Vishnu and Shesha went to the forest, in the garb of ascetics, having matted hair and wearing tree bark. They constructed an ashram, and filled it with disciples and  grand-disciples.Lord Vishnu then used the potency of his Maya to attract Vrinda, thus causing a great longing in her heart. That night, Vrinda saw the severed head of her husband in a dream, and it's  eyes had been plucked out by a vulture. The goddess Kali held the severed head in her hand.The next morning, she called some brahmanas and explained her dream to them. The brahmanas sprinkled  holy water on the queen and advised her to give them charity.Later in the day, while sitting in her palace, Vrinda was attracted by Lord Vishnu's mystic power, and thus she had to get up and enter the  forest. With her friend driving the chariot, Vrinda roamed from forest to forest until she came to a fearful jungle. There, just before her, stood a demon having three feet, five arms and seven eyes. His  face was like that of a lion. Covering her eyes with her hands, Vrinda trembled with fear.


The demon came and lifted up the chariot, whirling it around, so that Vrinda fell to the ground. The demon then devoured all the female mules that had pulled the chariot. After doing so, he grabbed  Vrinda by the hand and said, "I have heard that your husband has been killed by Lord Shiva in battle. If you desire to live, then accept me as your husband.Upon hearing this, Vrinda practically fainted.  Just then, Lord Vishnu and Shesha, in the guise of mendicants, arrived there. Lord Vishnu said to the terrified Vrinda, "Do not be afraid. We have come to protect you. Why have you come to this  terrible forest?After comforting Vrinda, Lord Vishnu told the demon, "Leave this auspicious lady. By killing her, you will make the world void ot Cupid's pride.The demon angrily replied, "If you are able  to, then make me let this lady go.Then, just by his angry glance, Lord Vishnu reduced that demon  to ashtes. Vrinda, who was under he influence of Lord Vishnu's Maya, said, '"Who are you, that have  protected me? Dear ascetic, I shall practice peenance with you in your aslram.Iord Vishnu replied, "I am Devasharman, the son of Bharadvaja.My deiar, if you desire to practice austerities with Me, then  go along that pgath. My ashram is not far f"om here.While going, a fearful hunter, having loathsome features, chased Vrindai and her friend.Fiinally, after running and running, they arrived at a  charming forest, ;and within was the ascetic's ashram. It was wonderful to behold. Vrinda saw birds having golden bodies. In the river, which was full of rmilk, she saw golden lotuses. The trees dripped  with honey. There were he:aps of sweets, here and the'e.In a small cottage, Vrinda saw a very handsome ascetic, sitting on a tiger sskin. Vrinda said, "O sage, kindly protect me from this sinful hunter.'"

Just then, that wicked hunter arrived there. Being terrified, Vrinda embraced Vishnu around His neck. Lord Vishu, disguised as the ascetic, said, "By,' means of your touch, your husband's head has once  again become attached to his body. Go in:o the next room.Vrimda laid down on a fine bee1, and it so happened that a person appearinjg just like Jalandhara appeared there. When Vrinda inquired  about thee battle, the illusory Jalanchara explained, "Lord Shiva had cut off rmy head with His disc, but now, by dint of your prowess, I have been reviwed.Being very lusty, Vrinda happily embraced her  husband and kissed him. In tlhis way, Lord Vishnu enjoyed Vrinda's loving affection. Indeed, Lord Vishnu seemed to lose all attraction for Lakshmi, being delighted by Vrinda's charm.


Them, in that forest, Vrinda expanded herself as Tulasi. After enjoying Vrinda's company for a few days, Lord Vishnu remembered His mission to help Lord Shiva. Vrinda could understand that it was not  really Iher husband with whom she was enjoying amorous delights. When questioned about this, the Lord admitted, "I am Vishnu. Your husband hiad gone to fight with Shiva, hoping to take possession  of Parvati, buit now he is dead. Therefore, you can remain with Me.After hearing this, Vrinda angrily replied, "Is it proper for you to kidnap the young wife of he who had bound You and then released  You? How can one who is known as the master of righteousness dally with the wife of another? Since You have disguised Yourself as an ascetic, to delude me, it will so happen that someone else will  similarly disguise himself and take away Your young wife.Having thus been cursed, Lord Vishnu suddenly disappeared. Indeed, the bed, the ashram and everything else vanished, so that Vrinda found  herself in a desolate forest. Vrinda and her friend then went to the shore of a lake, sat down in the padmasana, and performed austerities, withering their bodies.Some Apsaras then came to Vrinda and  asked her to ascend to heaven. Vrinda dismissed the Apsaras, however, saying that she wanted to obtain an immortal state of being by dint of her own prowess.Later on, Vrinda gave up her body while  performing austerities. Vrinda's friend burnt her body and then threw the ashes in the Ganga. In this way, Vrinda ascended to heaven. That place where she had performed austerities was Vrindavana,  near Govardhana Hill.Meanwhile, after being solicited by Jalandhara, in the form of Lord Shiva, Parvati went to bathe in the Ganga. Parvati, suspecting that it was not really her husband who was seeking  her embraces, then told her friend Jaya to assume her form. Parvati said, "Go to him and ascertain the truth- whether he is Lord Shiva or not. If he embraces you and kisses you, without understanding  your true identity, then know for certain that it is the demon, resorting to deception.When Jaya approached, Jalandhara took her to be Parvati and so quickly embraced her. Then, after entering her, the  demon ejaculated prematurely so that his genital once again became small. Jaya said, "Demon, you cannot be Rudra.You are impotent and of wicked behavior.I am not Parvati I am her friend.Saying  this, Jaya assumed her real form, saying, "Due to this sin of yours, you shall be killed by Lord Shiva.Jaya then went and informed Parvati, "That one is Jalandhara,and not your husband.Being afraid,  Parvati entered a lotus, and her friends became female bees.Meanwhile, Jalandhara was informed that his wife had been kidnapped by Lord Vishnu.Hearing this, the enraged demon gave up his  illusory form and proceeded to the battlefield, saying, "An intelligent man should never trust a son-in-law, living in the same house.


A wise man should dismiss him, after giving him his daughter in marriage. One should never keep a son-in-law in his house, for he will gradually take away one's wealth and wife. Durvarana said, "You had  come to kidnap Parvati, but instead, your young wife has been taken away by Vishnu." Jalandhara then wondered whether he should first attack Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu. Durvarana advised, "If you go to  attack Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva will strike you from behind. Therefore, you should fight with Shiva first. Arriving at the battlefield, Jalandhara saw Lord Shiva, mounted upon a bull. Thereafter, the two  fought fiercely, covering one another with thousands of arrows. When Virabhadra fought with Jalandhara, he was soon knocked from his chariot. Manibhadra then came and caught Jalandhara by the  feet and dragged him from his chariot. Still, the demon struck Manibhadra with his foot, making him fall to the ground.Finally, seeing that his men were very afflicted by the demons, Lord Shiva came  to fight with the Ocean's son. After being struck in the forehead by an arrow, Lord Shiva released a powerful shaft that penetrated Jalandhara's chest, making him fall from the chariot onto the ground.  Seeing their leader unconscious, the demons wailed with grief.Regaining consciousness, Jalandhara remembered his preceptor, Shukracharya. Quickly arriving there, Shukra asked, "What should I do for  you?" Jalandhara honored his guru and requested, "Bring back to life all of the slain demons. Thereafter, Shukracharya sprinkled the bodies of the slain demons with holy water, thus bringing them back  to life. Upon seeing this, Lord Shiva made up his mind to kill Shukra. Understanding this,the preceptor of the demons came to Lord Shiva and said, "How is it that you are thinking of killing a brahmana?"

Lord Shiva then decided not to kill Shukra but instead, curb his activities by placing him in the vagina of a woman. While Lord Shiva as thinking this, a female deity manifested from his third eye.


She was naked and very fierce in appearance. Her hair was scattered and her belly was big. Her large breasts hung down and her eyes, fangs and vagina were fearful.As she awaited the lord's order, Shiva  said, "Kritya, quickly put this wicked-minded guru in your vagina. Keep him there until I kill the demon, Jalandhara.Kritya then ran to Shukra and embraced him. When she put him into her vagina, the  demons prepared to attack her, and so she suddenly disappeared.jalandhara once again challenged Lord Shiva so that a great carnage took place. Jalandhara then fashioned an illusory form of Jaya and  sent her to Lord Shiva. Jaya said, "O lord, Parvati has been kidnapped by the Ocean's son .In this way, Lord Shiva became dejected. Then, by means of another illusion, Jalandhara came near to Lord  Shiva on his chariot, and seated by his side was Parvati. Being deceived by the enemy, Lord Shiva greatly lamented. Jalandhara then released Parvati. When Lord Shiva went to pick her up, the demon,  Shumbha grabbed her and rose up into the sky. Shiva hurled a terrible spear at the demon, who then dropped the illusory Parvati so that she fell to the ground, pierced by that weapon. Upon seeing the  illusory Parvati dead, Lord Shiva's grief knew no bounds, and he fainted. After regaining consciousness, he cursed the demons, saying, "Parvati will kill you." Lord Shiva lamented, "O dear one, you had  given up your life at Daksha's sacrifice, but then again you were obtained by me. How are you abandoning me once more?" At this time, understanding Shiva's delusion, Lord Brahma appeared there and  said, "You are accepted by the sages as beyond the dualities of material existence. How then has this delusion come upon you? Now, give up the illusion created by Jalandhara. Parvati has taken shelter  within a lotus. Fight, and kill your enemy. " By hearing Brahma's words, Shiva's illusion was dispelled. Thereafter, he created a great slaughter among the ranks of the demons. At this, Jalandhara manifested  new illusions, so that it appeared as if he had millions of arms. He then made the Earth appear as if it were decorated with many nice temples and crowded with dancing girls, more lovely than Menaka.


Upon seeing this, Lord Shiva became distracted and gave up fighting. Lord Vishnu then spoke to Shiva, urging him to give up his delusion and instead, pick up his chakra, to kill the enemy.Thus, Lord  Shiva resumed fighting after assuming a fierce form. In the duel that followed, Lord Shiva struck Jalandhara on the chest with a spear. From the demons' mouth, Jvara emerged, having the head of a  lion. In response, Lord Shiva made a sound like "hum", producing Sharabha.Jalandhara came and seized Nandi by the tail. Whirling him around, the demon hurled him into the sky. Jalandhara came and  encircled Shiva in his arms. The demon struck Shiva violently in the chest, causing him to vomit the Sudarshana chakra.Lord Shiva angrily picked up the chakra, whose brilliance exceeded millions of  suns, and then used it to cut off Jalandhara's head. Indeed, that head flew into the sky, a distance of one hundred yojanas. After coursing through the sky, as the severed head came close by, Lord Shiva  used the chakra again to cut it in half. The cut head then fell upon the Himalaya mountains, and finally,entered into Shiva's existence. The trunk of Jalandhara's body continued to dance, while umerous  demons sprang from it's throat. Lord Shiva repeatedly killed these demons with his chakra. At last, from the slain body of Jalandhara, the spiritual spark emerged and entered the body of Lord Shiva.

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So looks like the stage is set to bring back Shumbha & Nishumbha now, and in the future.  The thing that surprised me the most about this story was Vishnu agreeing to be friends w/ a demon - something he never did.  And Jalandhar could have easily escaped death by not taking seriously Narada's idea about lusting after Parvati.

I doubt that they are not gonna show Mahadev having trouble against Jalandhar.  But what I do wonder - are they gonna have Indra abdicate his throne & show Nahusha ascend it?  Or is Nahusha's track completely over?

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