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ARHI FF#6 Falling in love with enemy Ch32 on th#7

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my pm list has nearly 600 members CryOuch... is difficult for me to pm so many already know that i have got hectic college schedule...i dont have time even to type update during weekdays...considering the fact i hardly spend an hour or so in IF...
so if you want notifications for further updates...then follow anyone of these
1. PM me your mail-id...i will mail you as soon as i updateBig smile
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4. follow my index closely...i will update it as soon as i update any of my stories...
link to my index DEEPS Love-Hate Stories

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hi guys...well i am not quite satisfied with part AOuch...but Part B is going to be blast...and for that this was needed...hope you will understand...

ps: at end of part A, everything might look confusingWink...but part B will solve all confusion which started with La's re-entry



Kushi shivered in fear as her eyes met Arnav's rage filled eyes. Unable to withstand his heated stare, she lowered her gaze and twirled her neck little to get view of her shoulder which was enclosed in her husband's steely grip. "shhh..." She hissed as he squeezed her upper arm and making her to look back at him with widened eyes.   
"What are you do..." Arnav's high pitched tone died out as soon as he saw her widen eyes filled with fear and confusion. "You were crying?!?" His tone was nowhere near to the tone he had used a second ago. It was below than audible range crammed with sudden concern after seeing her red and little swollen eyes. Kushi simply stared at him forgetting even to blink.
"Why were you crying?" his voice became hard once again; his grip on her got tightened. She shook her head vibrantly and replied in surprised tone "no!?!" She lowered her head realising that her eyes would give him clue about what she was doing for last hour and rubbed her eyes with her hand.
"Don't lie!" he warned her with deathly tone stepping back a little and freeing her upper arm. "No, Arnav. Why should I cry?!?" She asked him with all her innocence raising her head again to face him. Arnav heaved a sigh shaking his head and then directly looking into her eyes, he asked "why are you avoiding me?"
Though Kushi became tensed, she didn't allow her nervousness to overrule her. Thinking that he is angry because she was avoiding him, she tried to manage saying "actually, I am not avoiding you Arnav. It's just i am not feeling well." Closing his eyes, Arnav tried to calm himself before gritting out "stop. Lying." Kushi began to defend herself, saying "i am not lying..."
 "I SAID STOP LYING DAMN IT!" the whole house shook with his voice as he fled towards Kushi raising his hand. For a minute, she thought that he was going to hit her and jerked back gluing herself more to the wall. She shut her eyelids firmly and tried to grasp fresh air hoping that it will slow down her racing heart beats. Opening her eyes, she saw him standing close to her and looking at her furiously. He had again pinned her to the wall with his one hand on wall.
Turning sideways, she noticed that his fist which he had banged on wall few minutes before was bleeding badly. "Arnav..." she panicked trying to get hold of his right wrist but he moved away from her. "What doing...Arnav?" she demanded him in trembling voice as tears begin to flow down her cheeks.
"Don't you think that you have already lied to me enough times?" He fumed while she simply looked back at him flabbergasted. "From the time you came here, did you do any other thing except lying to me?" He asked her angrily shaking her shoulders with his wounded hand. Leaving her, he stepped back and tried to calm himself before spitting out what was troubling his mind for long time.
"The day, you came here, you lied to me that you wanted to take revenge on my family. You lied to me when you said you want to marry me to clear our child's name. That day, in kitchen you lied to me that you will always stay with me even if it hurts. The day i confessed my love to you, you again lied to me that everything was fine. When i asked you whether something is troubling you, every single time, you lied to me, ON MY FACE." He pointed his finger towards his face shouting last three words.
Even tears on kushi's eyes froze hearing audacity in his voice. "I remained quiet all the while. but that never means that I don't know anything. I thought you need some more time to trust me completely and to open up to me to tell truth. i kept quiet because i wanted to give our relationship a chance." Their eyes got locked for few second.
"But what a fool i was?" he moved back dramatically throwing his hands in air. "I was trying to make our relationship work  like an idiot when in reality you didn't even wanted this relationship." Kushi gasped searching for his eyes and when they met, he said "Lavanya told me everything." His voice was sharp and up to the point. Kushi nodded lowering her head.
"You still think that i love Lavanya?" Kushi didn't know what was in his voice: pain or anger or disbelief. But hearing his tone, she felt uneasiness spreading throughout her body and didn't dare to look at him. "Look at me and ANSWER!" He was so close to her that Kushi could feel his hot breath on her. Opening her eyes, she replied "you may deny it. the truth is you still love Lavanya..."
He strode back looking lost as if he had lost his last reason to live. "But not more than me. In fact you don't love anyone more than me. Though pia is tuff competitor, I am the winner." She finished with sad smile, once again, losing in front of his true love. She had lied to him so many times as she didn't want to hurt him. But how can she lie to him when she knows it's the thing that actually hurts him.
 Their eyes held each other and even before Kushi could realise, Arnav cupped her face with his hands. "Kushi, if you are doing this in guilt of what arjun and i did to Lavanya, then please don't do it. You don't have to feel guilt. We will make Lavanya life better. We will find someone who will take care of her. I will make sure that she is happy till her last breath. I owe her at least that much. But you please don't do this to me; to us; to our child." He pleaded her brokenly.
Kushi shook her head sobbing heavily with her gaze fixed to floor. He removed his hand from her face. "I am not doing this for her Arnav." she sobbed more while he looked at her perplexed. "I can't stay here Arnav. It hurts, Arnav. It badly hurts. I can understand you love me more than anything? But your love alone is not enough, Arnav."
Arnav stood rooted to his spot as she began to pour her heart out. "i am not able to forget past. How can i, when seeing you every time reminds me about it? i tried lot to make it work by thinking you love a lot and everything will be fine in few months. But after so many months i still feel same pain, Arnav. When I think about the way you confessed to me, the next moment what comes to my mind is the way how you coldly said 'nothing personal, Kushi' in front of my dad."
"Do you know that i literally yelled at mom during my last conversation with her? I yelled because she supported you! I couldn't even apologize to her for it." she said letting out her misfortune. "i am so sorry, Kushi." he tried to soothe her but she refused his support. If one thing Kushi was known for was her stubbornness. She had already made her mind and no one can change it. "i have already forgave you, Arnav. But I can't forget it. I am going to leave. "
"You can't just leave Kushi. I won't allow you." He raised his voice suspecting that she was again lying to him. No doubt she was still in pain but he was sure she doing it only for lavanya's sake and she is saying these things to make him feel guilty and accept whatever she says. Where was the Kushi who cried in his arms talking about his mom and where was this Kushi who was talking mechanically about her mom.        
It was his love which makes her vulnerable and says things which she never wants to say. But his anger always gave her confidence. "Why can't I leave? Remember, it was you who had promised that i can walk out of this relationship whenever I want." She challenged him before saying "I need a break, Arnav. i have to get hell out of here."
"Go Kushi but come back to me. i will wait for you even it takes years." He replied to her with equal stubbornness. She said "You will wait for eternity! What about Lavanya? She still loves you Arnav?" there he got her. She is doing this for Lavanya, now he had no doubt about it. She continued "if we two are together, all three of would suffer. You said you will find guy for Lavanya. But one can take care of her like you can. Trust me Arnav, it is the best thing for you!"
 Arnav heaved sigh. She is making it difficult. He thought of hurting her with her own words. "i know what is best for me. i don't need your advice. Actually who are you to decide it for me, Kushi? Who gave you that right? In fact you have lost all your rights on me the minute you thought of walking out of this relation."  He said thinking she will hurt hearing that. Jealousy works.
"Fine. Marry her or don't marry her. I don't care. I will leave this place in two months. In fact that is right because you don't deserve her love in fact anybody's love." She said to him sadistically. Arnav had lost it with her words. He shouted "then leave now Kushi! What's the difference it's going to make if you leave now or two months after? You want to get out of this hell, right? Just leave! Even I had enough of you and your stubbornness. Just...just GET LOST!" he turned to other side and ripped his first two buttons feeling suffocated.  
She looked at him as fresh tears filled her dried eyes. Arnav began to rub his forehead as it felt heavy. He noticed his bleeding hand and was little surprised when he couldn't feel pain. This physical pain was nothing compared to his heart ache. he could clearly see that she was trying to sacrifice here. that was her nature. he knew it. but what was troubling him was how can she take it so lightly? if her love was true she could never do this so easily.
When he turned back after few minutes, she was gone. His eyes searched for her before he whispered her name. "kushi."          
strike like button  and scroll down for part b
scroll down arshisiree's post for part b

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scroll down for PART BBig smile

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hi guys...i am back...well i am happy...i knew this important chapter to my ff...but it came out well more than i it is added in my fav chapter list...hope you also like it...



"Arnav...Arnav...wait..." Lavanya shouted as she noticed Arnav descending stairs in a grumpy mood. Of course she didn't expect him to be in a sweet mood after hearing those ear-piercing noises from his room. She kept television volume high trying to concentrate on it rather than hearing couple's fight. But she was tensed thinking whether what she did was right or wrong.
Switching off the television, she placed the remote on couch and walked to Arnav who was standing at the end of stairs with irritation. She didn't want to infuriate him more but she just wanted to make sure that Kushi and he was fine. "Where are you going? Is everything fi...OMG Arnav!" she exclaimed, the minute she noticed his bleeding hand.
"I knew it. I knew that you guys will do something stupid like this. Is Kushi fine?" She asked in panic taking his hand in hers and inspecting it. Arnav just looked at her blankly observing her concern for him. She looked up at him and noticed he was lost somewhere. "Arnav! I asked whether Kushi is fine. Is she hurt? I mean physically! Where is she?" Lavanya stuffed him with series of questions.
 "She is fine...near pool..." He answered her in low voice to which Lavanya nodded and replied "okay...i will talk to her later. First I will dress your wound. Come with me!" She pulled his uninjured hand but he resisted it. "Lavanya, it's okay. I am fine. No need for..." He stopped when Lavanya glared at him. "I can see how fine you are! Come with me!" She hissed angrily.
And this time he followed her without any protest. He felt too weak even to talk now forget about protesting. Reaching her room, she asked him to sit on bed and was little surprised when he obeyed without any objection. He stared at nothing in particular. 'He is hurt.' Lavanya concluded.
The sound of opening of closet door brought Arnav back to the world. He turned and looked at Lavanya who was digging something from her cupboard. 'May be medical kit' he guessed. Suddenly whole day's event came in front of him. How he yelled at Lavanya for no mistake of her. Oh god, he even mentioned about arjun.
Arnav felt disgusted with himself for saying those things which he never meant to say. 'How can you steep so low?' his conscience questioned him. In trying to prove his love for Kushi, he had hit Lavanya that too below the belt.
"I thought you would have left!" Lavanya froze hearing his honest confession. Then picking up the medical kit, she closed the closet and moved towards him. "I will leave Arnav. But not now when you both need me badly!" She said stunning him and sat beside him before gesturing him to show his hand which he did obediently. He quietly observed her as she cleaned his wound tenderly.
 "I am sorry." He said meekly. Lavanya's hand halted its movement but she didn't look at his remorseful face. She put down the blood stained cotton and picked fresh cotton before continuing what she was doing all the while without looking at his face. "Lavanya!" he placed his other hand over her making her to look at him. 
"I am really sorry. I just told it in anger. I didn't mean any of it. Believe me..." He stopped when she looked at his eye directly. "It is so easy for you know, Arnav. To say hurtful things without thinking and then apologizing for it even without trying to understand how much pain it had caused others!" she exclaimed looking at his eyes and then removed is hands from hers.
"Lavanya...I am so sor.." his voice appeared broken; his eyes were filled with tears. "shhh..." Lavanya placed her finger on his lips silencing him. "You don't have to Arnav. We are friends, remember? I can easily find out whether your words are from here..." She pointed his heart and then his head. "Or from here. Though it hurts little, I know you didn't mean it. I understand you that much. Also I am used to your anger. Being a friend of Arnav Singh Raizada for ten years taught me at least that!"
She winked at him gaining a half smile from him. Heaving a sigh, she declared "I just hope Kushi also doesn't take your angry words to her heart. Now also you yelled at her, didn't you? She understands you but i am not sure whether she is used to your sky touching anger or not." She pouted applying medicines to his wound.
"Kushi understands me well? Kushi? She doesn't understand me nor does she care to do it." Arnav exclaimed dramatically. "And you have understood her very well?" Lavanya asked him raising her brow up. He stared back at her little puzzled. "What do you mean by that?"
 "You said that she doesn't understand you! I am asking is she the only one here who never understands? As far as I know you didn't even had a slightest idea of what was going on her mind." She argued indicating mistake was on both sides. "She masked everything with lies, laughter and love. Honestly i tried to understand her. But I don't think anyone can do it. She is impossible!" Arnav defended.
 He continued "one day she says to me that she wants to stay in my arm forever and next day she says she wants to get the hell out this place! One day she says she loves me more than her mom and next day she says that she hates me because i was responsible of aunty's death! One day she asks me to stay away from you and next day she asks me to marry you! I mean what can i make out of this girl, Lavanya?!? She is so confusing! She is driving me crazy!"
Arnav vented out his frustrations while Lavanya bit her lower lips feeling bad for him. She gently squeezed his wrist and said "relax Arnav. Everything will be fine. Just talk to her calmly and try to explain things to her." Arnav shook his head staring at ground. Then looking at Lavanya he said "we can explain things to people who actually don't understand. But we can't do anything with people who understand everything still pretends like they don't understand anything."  
"So you think she is doing everything wontedly?" Lavanya asked him tentatively wrapping band aid around his palm. He nodded and Lavanya further interrogated him "do you really think that it won't hurt her seeing you getting hurt?" Arnav raised his hands up in surrender and agreed "that's what is confusing me the most! She is not only hurting me but also..."
 He stopped when Lavanya glared at him before pulling his half band-aid hand down. She warned him with strict 'hang on!' like a mother who is angry at her son. "It's over." She smiled putting final knot to the band-aid while Arnav looked at her amusedly with smile involuntarily adorning his face. "What happened?" she asked him noticing his smile.
"I am proud of you Lavanya! I still remember you sitting here on same bed looking at me helplessly with fear two years back. You had not only risen from such a worst condition but also managed to emerge out as stronger women. I am really proud of you!" He said with genuine admiration; his respect for her growing thousand times.
Lavanya accepted his compliment with warm smile and replied "there is moment in everyone's life where they feel extremely weak. Two years back, it was my moment of weakness and today it's yours. But these are moments which will make us strong. Trust me, what Kushi and you are going through now is the thing which is going to strengthen your relationship."
Arnav looked at her in awe. "Oh...where did you learn these things? Please don't tell me that you sat under some tree and got enlightened!" Arnav exclaimed sensing huge changes in Lavanya. As far as he remembered she was girl who kept herself updated with current fashion and bollywood movies. Motivational talks were out of picture. She has become so much matured.
"Experience!" She replied hitting his arm playfully and chuckled happily seeing trace of carefree Arnav which she saw in college. Responsibilities have changed him completely. Seeing her chuckle, he popped a question. "Do i have to feel bad that i actually missed you?!?" Lavanya chuckled more seeing his puppy dog face. "Not at all!" She commented.
"You are actually lucky to get girl like Kushi! Do you know that? She is an angel!" Lavanya remarked making Arnav to smile and nod. "I know! She is such great being! She is matured and at the same time she is childish who is always seeking for assurance. She always did what she felt right and accepts her mistake. I don't know why she is behaving like this now...?" He shook his head in disbelief. "She does love me a lot Lavanya but..." Lavanya cut him off.
"Are you kidding me? She loves you?!?" she asked dramatically confusing Arnav. "She worships you, man! Worships!" Lavanya exclaimed before continuing "though you both never told me the truth, when i came to know about arjun, i figured out what you might have happened. i was upset with you, Arnav. When i asked her about it, she didn't blame you. Actually, she tried to convince me that what you did was right and any men in your place would have done the same thing!"
Lavanya gave dry laugh while Arnav looked at her shocked. "I mean she was the main victim but still she defended you! What could be the reason for it except her love? If I was in her place i would have never forgiven you! In fact i am still angry on you for what you did to Kushi. I postponed talking about it as you were already in pain. Still I couldn't believe that you did it? How can you, Arnav?"
Arnav closed his eyes in pain as tears flowed out his eyes. As Lavanya continued talking, it reminded him of every injustice he had done to Kushi which increased his pain. "I don't even remember what happened in four years? But you! You know everything! You know how much i suffered and what i actually went through! Even after that how can you even think of hurting innocent soul like Kushi?"
"I don't know whether I am worth to say this after what i done to you! But I am totally disappointed with you! You don't deserve Kushi!" Arnav shut his eyes more firmly as Lavanya's words echoed in his mind. "i feel so bad to think that i was reason behind all kushi's sufferings. You did it for me? but the Arnav i loved would have not even thought about it, forget doing!"
 Arnav had some grounds to defend himself but he kept quiet as he knows he deserves it. "Okay fine, she forgives you and now you are in love with her! But what if you had not fallen in love with her? You would have left her just like that after hurting her? OMG...what about your child Arnav? Will he be happy to know his father's real intension towards his mother? Won't he be ashamed of his birth?"     
 Arnav flinched in pain as the words he feared to hear came in front of his face. "Don't say like that Lavanya when you don't know anything. Our child is symbol of our love; true love." Arnav and Lavanya got up hearing kushi's voice. Walking towards them, she looked at completely broken Arnav remembering the wonderful night they shared; the night when she first felt his love for her. Never in her life, will she consider it as a mistake. That night, she loved him and he loved her. and nothing ele mattered.  
Kushi stopped in front of Lavanya and then looking at Arnav from corner of her eyes, she said "he loved me that night just like he loves me now. Don't talk about my child or Arnav's love for me like this again. I won't tolerate it." she turned to Arnav who looked at her without blinking and handed his mobile to him. "Di called. It seems like pia was asking for you from morning and now she is not even eating. Di wanted you to talk with pia. You call her."
Arnav nodded but stood there still not sure what to do first. Kushi added "Arnav I am fine. You first talk with her and come!" Arnav saw her assuring smile and stepped out of the room. As soon as he went out, Lavanya began talking grabbing kushi's hand.
"I am sorry Kushi. I never meant to talk about your child in that way. I know that Arnav would have never touched you if he had not loved you. But his initial intentions were wrong and you forgive him so easily even before he could regret. He deserved those words. If you had not jumped into his defence, i would have given him nicely today!" Lavanya told in one breath and Kushi nodded. 
Lavanya thought this was nice time talk with Kushi. She has to stop Kushi from doing what she is doing. They both sat on the bed. "i am sorry, Lavanya." Kushi said surprising Lavanya. When enquired about reason for her sorry, Kushi stated "i know Lavanya; you tried to make my marriage work. You could have easily walked out but still you stayed and got hurt. Arnav told me that you confessed him the truth. I am sure he would have yelled at you. All because of what i did..."
Lavanya interrupted Kushi. "No, no Kushi. He didn't yell at me!" Kushi grinned hearing Lavanya before questioning Lavanya "and now who is trying to jump in his defence?" Kushi wriggled her brows while Lavanya reasoned out "come on, Kushi. He is your husband. You can't let him down in front of me. Like that he is my friend and i can't let him down in front you!"
Kushi chuckled nodding her head in all direction completely accepting what Lavanya had told. "Kushi, I really don't understand why are you doing this? I think you itself don't understand what you are doing! What about your child? Doesn't he need a father? Tell me, can anyone will be able to love him more than Arnav?"
Kushi kept mum like she always does when Lavanya advices her. Lavanya further added "You will never come to know what you have lost until you lose it. You can't even survive one day without Arnav. Don't do this because you will regret it badly later." Silence continued from other end. Lavanya held kushi's hand.
"Every girl dreams to have caring family and husband who love you more than everything. You are carrying child of the man you love and he is ready to stand by your side for eternity. You have everything a girl wants to have. Even i wanted the same. It's still a dream for me; for most of the girls. But I can't understand why you are trying to spoil your perfect life." Lavanya finished in unsatisfied tone.
"I am feeling tired. I think i should leave." Kushi got up making Lavanya to fume in anger. But next moment she sat down holding her belly. "What happened?" Lavanya asked cautiously. Kushi shook her head and smiled saying "nothing, she kicked little hard." Lavanya looked at in amusement and asked nervously "can i?"
"sure." Kushi placed Lavanya hand on her belly and smiled when Lavanya jumped feeling the baby. "OMG...he kicked." Lavanya exclaimed while Kushi shook her head. "Not he; its she!" Kushi corrected Lavanya with a pout. "Whatever!" Lavanya said trying to concentrate on movements she felt. "She is the best thing happened to me!" Kushi declared to Lavanya who was lost in deep thoughts.   
"You know Kushi, i was also once pregnant!" Lavanya voiced showcased unbearable amount of pain. "i am sorry about it Lavanya! Arnav told me!" Kushi said sadly. Lavanya sobbed inwardly. She is strong but thought about her child always makes her vulnerable. "i wanted to abort the child first. But soon i realised my mistake and started loving him. Still He left me. Maybe he would have thought that i am bad mother!"
Lavanya gave sarcastic smile as tears wetted her cheeks and after that only she noticed kushi's pale face. Lavanya tried to cheer up wiping her face. "it's okay, Kushi. i am over with it. i have prem, pia and now even your daughter! Isn't she my daughter too?" Lavanya asked childishly for which Kushi nodded "she is!" Lavanya smiled "i am thinking how she will call me! May be maasi or chachi?..."
"How about maa?" Lavanya's face fell with Kushi's words. She tried to ignore it and removed her hand from kushi's belly which Kushi stopped. "i told you she is yours!" Lavanya looked at Kushi in shock. "your's and arnav's daughter."
"KUSSHIII.." The intense voice she heard from her back made Kushi to close her eyes while Lavanya immediately got up wiping her tears. Kushi cursed her fate for perfect timing and also herself for not keeping her mouth shut. Now it's just matter of weeks. She should have kept her mouth close from blabbering what she had decided earlier.
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING..." Arnav stopped seeing Lavanya who was crying silently and then at Kushi who was looking down as if she is not interested in his speech. Controlling his anger, he pulled her up and dragged her out of the room. Reaching confine of their room, he twirled her.
"What the hell you are saying Kushi?" he yelled grabbing her upper arm which was already red because of earlier encounter. "Our child already has a mother. And it's you!" he barked on her face while she desperately tried to pull away from his grip. "Arnav, you are hurting me."
"That's what you are doing Kushi! Hurting me!" he left her and stepped back trying to calm himelf by running his fingers through his hair. "Do you have any idea what i actually felt when i heard those rubbish things from your mouth?" he shouted while Kushi didn't dared to look at him.
"Why are you doing this?" he turned his head to other side in frustration. "i am not able to understand you!" he declared in low tone looking at ground and shaking his head. "You say that our child is your life. But then you go to other women and say that she is the mother of your child as if you are going to die tomorrow and..." Both of their head shot up and when their eyes held each other, time stood still.
Arnav gasped breaking their contact and asked in trembled voice "it is not what i am thinking, is it Kushi?" next moment he stumbled back a little as Kushi plunged herself into his arms. He felt her stroking his back like comforting him. He didn't hug her back instead he held her elbow and pulled her away from him. Looking at her, he said "Kushi, you are scaring me! Tell me what the matter is!"
 She shook her head slightly and gave him a half smile. As tears began to fill his eyes for unknown reason, he noticed there is not even trace of tears in her eyes as if telling things like this is her routine job. He gulped sensing that there was no fear or confusion or pain in her eyes for the first time in last four months. A cold sensation ran through his spines.
Her face appeared calm, composed and confident. That gesture of her increased his fears to maximum limit. The moment she parted her lips to say something, he knew that these are the words that's going to change his life forever. "Heard about unicornuate uterus?"
If I have to die tomorrow, do you know what I will do? I would spend 23 hours with you. You may think and ask about my last hour. Rather than spending it with you, I would prefer spending it looking for a person who will love you the way I do.
dont ask me anything...just trust me on this track too...if you loved this story so far...then you will love last 7 chapter also...yes 7 more chapters to go...iam excited for it...
if you are very tensed...i tell you one thing...i have given clue abt future track in lavanya's dialogue...dont ask me furtherWink
as usual 350 likes is my deal
ps: did you like arnav- la conversation? because i enjoyed writing it...i love to write on friendship...actually i have many friendship stories on my do tell me about it

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on your new threadClapClapClapClapClapClap

Omg Deep Awesome update

Kushi is so stubborn ha ha Arnav made her feel jealous its so cute
My fav dialogues
in kitchen you lied to me that you will always stay with me even if it hurts. The day i confessed my love to you
"I was trying to make our relationship work like an idiot when in reality you didn't even wanted this relationship"
"But not more than me. In fact you don't love anyone more than me. Though pia is tuff competitor, I am the winner."

What the hell deep I wonder how can u write like this its freaking Awesome

I was spell bound after reading Arnav Lav friendship they are cute &


. "No, no Kushi. He didn't yell at me!" Kushi grinned hearing Lavanya before questioning Lavanya "and now who is trying to jump in his defence?" Kushi wriggled her brows while Lavanya reasoned out "come on, Kushi. He is your husband. You can't let him down in front of me. Like that he is my friend and i can't let him down in front you!"

What happened to Kushi why she is speaking like this . I know she also hurt

but she is hurting Arnav so much
pls continue soon

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Why is kushi this much stubborn? Poor arnav..cant imagine his cndtn. I thnk she didnt left

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congratulation fr d new thread dear...

eagerly waiting for new update...

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Arshi FF: My Enemy's Baby (thread 2 on pg 159) 10/29/2014)

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Whisper Arhi SS Last Part Arhi

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