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Onir will change the DNA tests:Mod note Pg5 (Page 8)

ilovedhanjanird IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Better the baby stays with Arjun will not turn out like Purvi at least ..

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jdronamraju Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Jhanvi, Naava
I will withhold my 'I told ya' on Onir a little longer, but I am sure I will get there soon Smile ... Sorry Shyamala, but that has been my belief about him from the begining as you know.

BTW, I feel that this whole dna testing will be just a dud, and a no fizz track.. All they are gng to do is a paternity test which is useless.. Or the good doc will do his act once again to get himself and mishti out of trouble. They will still keep both the moms freaking out for a few weeks more and us pulling our hair out of frustration at this stupidity :)

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soapwatcher1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ilovedhanjanird

Better the baby stays with Arjun will not turn out like Purvi at least ..

Or with Ovi.  We don't want the little fairy carrying on the grandma, mom tradition of sacrifice and mahanta but we do not want the baby to carry on the tradition of great-grandma (Savi) and mausi Ovi either.  The last will make her a very selfish little girl indeed, always putting her wishes first and that will never ever make her truly happy.  

So for the sake of little Pari, I hope Arjun takes the baby and runs away from both her "mothers" to the ancient Saharan town (Timbuctoo) as fast as he can get!

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jdronamraju Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Originally posted by ilovedhanjanird

Better the baby stays with Arjun will not turn out like Purvi at least ..

Or with Ovi. We don't want the little fairy carrying on the grandma, mom tradition of sacrifice and mahanta but we do not want the baby to carry on the tradition of great-grandma (Savi) and mausi Ovi either. The last will make her a very selfish little girl indeed, always putting her wishes first and that will never ever make her truly happy.

So for the sake of little Pari, I hope Arjun takes the baby and runs away from both her "mothers" to the ancient Saharan town (Timbuctoo) as fast as he can get!

I have always wanted Arjun to run away from both the women to siberia but now we need to include the baby too with him. If the baby has to have some sane life then yes Arjun running away with is the best one :) both the women are detrimental in their own way. And, yes, absolutely my POV :)

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Originally posted by Kalapi

[QUOTE=soapwatcher1]Kakapi, Purvi is constantly

Dear, dear Kalapi, that makes two of us, I write exactly what I feel as well, so no hard feelings at all, we shall agree to disagree.

I question Ovi's ability to love anyone above herself because if she truly loved Arjun, she would have wanted his happiness above hers, she did not. 
Janhve dear, see I differ here to with your POV. She never thought that Arjun really loved Purvi, she thought Purvi was the one that played with Arjun, for he was rich Many do, you know. To her the question was always that Arjun 'phas gaye hain' in Purvi's calculated Web, and so her offer of money and the deal. She only got that bit when Arjun declared publicly, that is when it hit her - the reflective mirror is what was symbolic to me. Then if Arjun really wanted to let go of their marriage, to be she could have - but alas, Arjun wanted a second chance and she as an idiot blindly trusted - trusting a hubband who is lead by his ex...
If she had truly loved Manav, she would not have placed that sauda in front of Purvi, knowing full well her dad loved her mom.  If you say she disliked her mom for various reasons, granted.  But she was willing to overlook all those reasons to make herself happy by procuring Arjun for herself but NOT for her father's sake NOT to make her father happy.  
To me you hit the nail right on the head by , her dad loved her mom. She knew that even though she did have a lot of complains against her Aai, her DAd, is still in love with her. She has seen MAnav silently wait for Archana all those years. Her sauda was that she knew that MAnav will get back with Archana or will want to, if all misunderstanding was cleared - why not use it and make it happen for her dad too - you know killing 2 birds with one stone...I find her extremely pragmatic here...

In both instances, Ovi put herself before the people she allegedly loved.  Nothing in her past behavior makes me ready to give her the benefit of the doubt that she loves Pari above her own self.  That is all. Wink
I don't see it that she placed her happiness above others - one she believed otherwise and second she was pragmatic..
But, I guess we as members of this forum are back to square one LOL, so agree to disagreeLOL

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-ScarletRose- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 12:42pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
You see, Janhvi, this is what comes of thinking too much about PR!Wink None of the points you have raised is such as cannot be explained away easily, but if you are determined to see a dark shade in Onir, why then you will see it, for no one can prove a negative.

Let us take the organ trafficking charge against Onir, which is patently ridiculous. Mittal raises it to turn the tables on Onir, and kill two birds with one stone. Before Onir dug up that racket in the KV Hospital - which, by the way, was an open and shut affair, which forced Mittal to at least appear to sack Kundan in the spot - all was hunky dory. If Onir had been into organ trafficking, why would he expose Kundan at all? He would have joined forces with him and expanded his area of operations, and milked Mittal for whatever the traffic would bear for cooperating with him.

For you to think that Onir must be guilty because Why does Mittal accuse him of it? is really not worthy of you, my dear!  As for  why he does not report Kundan at once, he sees now that it is a mistake, but he does that because he thinks Kundan has been fired and he does not want to get Mittal, now a relative of his, into more trouble. It was ill-advised, as it turned out, but ill-intentioned? No.

As I noted above, if Onir was a master organ-trafficker, why would he be in any trouble at all now, after warning Mittal that he was going to report him? He would have told Mittal he was a fool to employ an inefficient chap like Kundan, and offered to do much better himself.

To sum up,the idea of Onir being guilty of organ trafficking is completely illogical and untenable. Not that you really believe it either; I suspect  it is more that you are tired of liking him and want to play devil's advocate and have some fun.

As for  his not wanting Purvi to come to court. It is because he is half afraid that though he has switched the DVD (why do they always call it a CD?), Mittal might have spotted the exchange and got another, correct copy. This would have led not just to Onir being exposed as a liar in open court, but to Ovi becoming hysterical and very likely violently abusing Purvi and Onir. He knows that Purvi is in a depressed and fragile emotional state - witness the way she breaks down and weeps all over him when he gets bail and comes back home - and he probably wants to spare her the initial, and very  unpleasant shock of exposure in the open court. And it would have been VERY unpleasant all round. He tells Purvi as much when she asks why he did not tell her of the switch before they left for court. It is because he is not sure he has actually got a reprieve.

He also knows that it is just  a reprieve, not an escape.What impressed me yesterday, even more than his cleverness and quick thinking in switching the DVDs,  was the quiet strength and calm with which Onir faces his likely disgrace and downfall, even as Purvi seems to be doing her best to drive him up the wall with her lamentations and her panic-stricken weeping. He not only steadies her then, but even after the court hearing is over, he neither discounts the probability that Mittal will have another copy and will produce it at the next hearing, nor does he panic at the prospect, or let Purvi panic.

He seems almost satvik  as he contemplates his bleak future, and one gets the feeling that this is how he really is, he is not putting on a brave face for show.  Such detached, clear-eyed courage is admirable.

Now, if you are insisting that even the adroitness with which he changed those CDs "boded some evil intent behind it all", I have nothing more to say, except that I suspect some very devious ( I was going to say 'evil', but settled for 'devious'!) intent behind your new tack!Wink Janhvi, how can you? I was very pleased that for once Onir displayed some street smartness and some survival instinct. Would you refrain from detecting some 'evil intent' in  him only if he had been cornered in court, like a bali ka bakra  thanks to his being besotted with your ex-ladli and sent to jail?

Well, as for his stopping Purvi from spilling the beans now, please note that it is he who will cop it in professional terms, not she. She got him into this, and now she wants to chicken out and leave him to hold the bag. What will happen to her? Nothing. She would probably have got another laurel wreath for her tyaag  if Archana had not been in a coma. But what about him? If it came out that a gynaecologist had actually swapped babies, no matter is it was with the best of intentions, he would be finished professionally, and for good. It would be the same even if he was not struck off the rolls. He would never get a single patient more, not even the poor from the slums of Kolkata, who would be the first to shun him. Do you then wonder at why he does not want the baby swapping to come out

You might want to applaud your ladli for wanting to spill the beans now in a blue funk -after all old habits die hard!Wink-  but I do not. I would be more inclined to take a hatchet to the wretched girl. She should have thought of all this before she  bamboozled him into it - clinging to his hands, weeping all over him, Onir, aapne har waqt mera saath diya hai, ab bhi mera saath denge na? She plays him like a violin, and the benighted idiot caves in. And dooms himself to being at the mercy of this undependable, irresponsible and, as far as he is concerned, completely selfish and uncaring woman with whom he has had the misfortune to fall in love. In his place, I would also have emptied a jug of cold water over her bewigged head!

As for his preemptive and decisive "no" to her sudden wish to share her wrong doing with the family, that is  because that is the only way to handle a hysterical female, who bleats Onir, ab ham kya karenge? Sab kuch khatam ho gaya! Some wife to have at his  side when things go wrong!
And it is not as though he does not cite any reason against the disclosure, for he does tell her that once she knows the truth, Ovi will reject Pari. That is enough to silence her.

Oh yes, the marriage, into which he 'bamboozled' her. Of course he should have let her carry on as an unwed mother in Kolkatta. The NGO would have dispensed with her services as soon as she started showing, fearing a scandal. No landlord would have rented accommodation to a 'loose woman'. Women would have sneered at her in the mohalla and assorted men would made passes at her thinking that she would be readily available.

Yes, Onir should have left her to face all this, in order not to be accused by you now of having 'bamboozled' her into marrying him. Of course he bamboozled her also so that he could have the incomparable delights of being  dragged to Mumbai, stuck with her dysfunctional relatives, carted to the K house when Ovi kicks Purvi out of the D house and, last but not the least, sleeping on the hard floor and making her morning bed tea, and all this without any spousal benefits or rights.

So  do enlighten me, dearest Janhvi, why would a supposedly devious Onir do all this to marry a penniless girl who neither loves him nor even cares for him, unless he happened to love her?  This last was a capital mistake, but then all lovers are insane one way or the other, and why should Onir be an exception to this?

Now for the blackmail money that Onir manages to salvage by grabbing it while Vinay runs off. It is 3 lakhs, or USD 6000/- .Onir does not need to collar this amount to say afloat; he would have been paid 10 times that much for a short attachment to a foreign hospital, and if he wanted it, he could have made tens of lakhs with any of the  big hospital chains like Apollo. But he chooses to avoid all these options,  and lives on a budget so shoestring that even his mishti complains about the funds squeeze. If he so was money-minded, why would he do that, pray? So where does this new doubt about him, concerning those 3 lakhs,  come from?

Have I left out any of your reasons for turning a jaundiced eye on Onir ? Yes, why does he not dissuade Purvi from the baby swap. It is, I think,because, for all his talk of hamara bachcha,  he does not think he has any real right to it. If it had been his kid, I do not think he would have allowed it,for then he would have had a right of refusal.

Lastly, I am surprised at your being dismayed that Purvi is not in the least concerned about what not just might but, as far as she knew, was going to happen to Onir, personally and professionally. She is like that only, and has always been like that only. They talk so much of her sacrifices. What she specialises in is human sacrifice, and her score in this now stands at 2.5.

And with that, Your Honour, I rest my case!Wink Not that any of the above  will stop you from peering at Onir with a giant magnifying glass looking for sins and sleaziness.Wink

But as I told Naava earlier, Onir is not a good candidate for a villain. Sometimes, I wish he was, and that he would become a sleek, silky, suave arch-manipulator, like Hrithik's Zafar Khan in the excellent Luck by Chance. That would be much more interesting than this goody two shoes. But Ekta has modelled what I am told is one of her favourite characters after another such, Rajat Kapur in BALH, and he is a preux chevalier  to the end. So, I am convinced, will Onir be, alas!Wink


Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Shyamala, Naava, for the first time yesterday I was a little uncomfortable about Onir.

Apart from whether he should be with Purvi or not, I have always credited him with a transparent good nature. Something was out of place yesterday, couldn't put my finger on it exactly. Onir's reluctance to let Purvi come to court, his reticence in telling her about the switch in the CDs, even the adroitness with which he changed those CDs, boded some evil intent behind it all.

Also, contrary to what some have insisted, Purvi is the one that has been bursting to spill the beans. After the Mittal confrontation, she wanted to go tell all, Onir held her back. Yesterday, she wanted to confess, he again pulled her back. I can understand if he "discusses" the option of baring all and then by citing the reasons against the disclosure, persuades her not to tell everyone. That is not how he has been operating, it is a preemptive and decisive "no" to her wish to share her wrong doing with the family.

Thinking back, Onir was readily acquiescent to the baby swapping, yes, he did ask her, "are you sure you can live with this" but no strong dissuasion especially as Purvi was in no state to make a sensible decision.

Maybe, just maybe there is more than meets the eye with this man. Onir bamboozled Purvi into marrying him, done ever so sweetly, the wait (court marriage) which takes a month or two was readily waived for him, I am a little on the fence as regards to him now. Even the money snatching when the police arrived on the blackmailer scene was clever, yes, at that moment it did appear as just an opportune move but was it really? Is Onir sly? Is he there for ulterior motives? His shades of grey if as Shyamala writes can be attributed solely to a man of close to 40 being in love for the very first time, I may reluctantly excuse him. Why does Mittal accuse him of organ trafficking? Baby swapping, yes, but organ trafficking? A far fetch or mistake on the part of the CVs? Why did Onir a good doctor not report Mittal and Kundan the very first time? Any doctor worth his salt whose profession demands he save lives not destroy them, would and should have been appalled enough to have raised immediate hell over the entire sordid situation. Why did not the good doctor, Onir? Are the CVs leading us a merry dance again?

All that said, two things displeased me about yesterday's epi, Purvi's dwelling on her sin of baby switching with no thought or mention of Onir possibly languishing in jail for long years and secondly, I did not like Onir's almost forceful stopping of Purvi from confessing, did not sit right at all.

One thing that did please immensely was Ovi's return to the demented zone, her panic, her nightmare, made me smile. Her terror at having something she believes is hers being prised away from her, warmed the cockles of my heart. Not punishment enough for snatching Arjun (yes, I have registered all the arguments that hold Purvi at fault but they make not a whit of a difference to me when it comes to Ovi's guilt) from Purvi. I gleefully hope she, Ovi, stews in this misery of doubt and fear for a really long while. Leopards don't change their spots and she for all her goody two shoes behavior lately, can never change her inherent arrogance or selfishness. She may be pitiful in her insecurities but good, not at all.

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
As for Onir past being dark, it is still speculative. There isn't much to draw any conclusions, other than he has fallen, but then as Shymala says if Purvi is Circe, well, men do become Pig and lose their manhood (?) too LOLLOL 
I think many wants to see Onir black, it is like Ovi and Romil LOL

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