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RAABTA #2 Part 106- 14 (1/11)

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                                                       RAABTA  - Thread 2Party


I had never expected my FF to cross even 50 pages, i thank each and everyone of you for hanging on to my story from the beginning..
Treating as your own tale, giving your precious time to RAABTA, which wouldn't have reached up till here..I bow down to each and everyone of you..
It feels wonderful! When we know that people are more excited than writers..
I know the number of readers have gone down..it continues to decrease, no problem, but i can't put an abrupt ending to my story..im not that talentedLOL
So, bare me for few more updates, not sure about the number though..will promise to wrap it up sooner, i know i've been saying this often lately and not putting into action, can't help, my cute friends over there want me to continue..

                                                            - unknown connection..

Time for siggie guysWink

                                              Credit goes to HEERClapPartyLove you heerHug

                 Kuch toh hai tujh se RAABTA
               Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fikar hai
           Jeene ki wajah hi yehi marna issi ke liye
         Kehte hain: Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
          Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
                             Har kisi ke liye


                  Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
             Ab kya hai kehna, humko hai rehna
        Jannatein bhula ke teri baahon mein mein panah leke
           Faili thi siyaah raatein, aaya toh subah leke
            Khama si zindagi mein jeene ki wajah leke

The tale, which told about the connection they shared, the relation Shanak shared with each other and yes with Aayush too..It was beyond love..
Enjoy reading..Smile

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Part 106- 14 - Last partSmile

Thank you all once again for reading..Smile

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Part 97

Khanak and Aayush are in Aayush's room, Aayush is just sitting on his bed and playing with his PSP, while Khanak is cleaning up..His room was a mess! Khanak would clean it up every next day, but no use, it would remain like as though its not been cleaned from so many days..After so much of coaxation, Khanak had agreed to take Aayush with her to the hospital, for the hospital thing, she has still 2 weeks, but the room! Hai bhagwan!

Khanak: Aayush, kitni baar kaha hain, apna cupboard se aaram se kapde nikhalna, lekin nahi, tumhe toh sunna hi nahi hain na??

Aayush: mom! Main kya karun, mujhe mere pasand ki kapade milte hi nahi.. (still playing)

Khanak: haan toh phir kaunse waale nahi chayiye batado na, I will remove those..

Aayush: mom aaj nahi..(whines)

Khanak: kyun nahi??

Shaan: kyun ki hum bahar jaa rahe hain..(announces it from the doorway)

Khanak: yeh kab decide hua??

Shaan: abhi!

Khanak: lekin Shaan..

Shaan: Nothing Khanak, waise bhi ghar main kohi nahi hain, so we'll go out and come by evening..What say Aayush??

Aayush: Bang on papa! (he's out of his bed, and moves towards Khanak) Mom! Aap yeh sab chodo, aur mujhe tayar hona hain..aap bhi jao aur tayar ho jao..

Befor she knows, Aayush pushes her out of his room, Shaan grins Khanak is shocked at the same time angry, but in the next moment, her temper had been cooled down..

Shaan: chaliye madam, hum bhi tayar ho jathe hain..(the looks is not comfortable for Khanak)

Khanak: matlab?? (Shaan throws a knowing look at her, the glint in his eyes, the mischievous smile)

Khanak: no! (before he could voice his feeling)

Shaan: yes! (with the same glint)

And the room door is shut behind them..

Shaan wanted her in western clothes, so here she is, wearing back denim jeans and a white A&F tee, with the collar, her hair tied in a poni, her ears were adored with the studs, her magalsootr tucked inside the shirt, other than that no more accessories, her nike shoes complimented her look..Shaan in his casuals, a lime yellow tee on brown cargos, not be left behind, Aayush dressed in black tee with blue jeans, looking handsome! Dashing! As Khanak called..

Shaan didn't wait for her to acknowledge him, as he knew that, she was the one who wanted him to wear this..So the look on her face complimented him! About Khanak..he was the one who got her ready, so she was in his choice! And these three made a perfect family, sooner a new member will be added to this family..

It was decided that they'll go for shopping and then lunch, and then to home…

They are at a store, for Aayush's clothes, Aayush is too fussy about his clothes, he wants a perfect one, he makes the shop keeper open a bundle of clothes for him, Khanak is tired convincing him, Khanak saunters away..Shaan is with Aayush..Shaan's phone rings, he receives it while looking on to the clothes..

Shaan: Hello..(he's drawn towards Aayush, Aayush is showing something, Shaan shakes his head in denial, Aayush leaves that and looks for more) There's no voice from the other side, Shaan looks at the phone, tries to recall the number which was displayed on the screen, Shaan has no idea..

Shaan: hello?? Is there anybody on line??

And suddenly, he hears a…hhheeelllooo! A female voice sang..

Shaan was sure that it was not the caller, he turned back abruptly to his wife, startling her in process..

Shaan: Khanak! Why did you call me?? Aur yeh kaunsa number hain?? (call is on a hold)

Khanak: mujhey kya pata..i never called you..(shrugs)

Shaan: then..

Khanak: call cut karo! If they want to speak, they'll call you again..

Shaan: you're right! (cuts the call, tucks the thing in his pocket)

After about half an hour, they are finished..Khanak sighs..

Khanak: Finally! We are moving out of the shop! (her hand on her chest area)

Aayush and Shaan exchange looks..

Lunch time!

They are in a hotel, Shaan and Khanak is looking at the menu, Khanak sees the picture of icecream, it was a vanilla scoop, dropped with hot chocolate sauce plus nuts and chocolate chips..This made her mouth water..She can't take her eyes off..

They were seated on a sofa thing, which was in semicircular shape, Khanak in between Shaan and Aayush..

Shaan: Khanak kya kahogi..

Khanak: ice cream! (Gleeful)

Shaan: kya??

Aayush: mom, yeh mera dialogue hain! (chuckles)

Khanak makes a face at both of them..Shaan shakes his head, he orders the menu..The food arrives in 15 minutes..

Khanak: ice cream kaha hain??

Shaan: you'll get that only if you promise to eat up your lunch!

Aayush quietly digs in..Khanak agrees to Shaan, finishes her lunch and yes the ice cream was ordered…

After the lunch, they decided to go for a long drive, Aayush and Shaan talk non stoppingly, while Khanak dozes in the back seat, they both let her sleep..

When they returned bach home, it was evening, Akshay and Khushboo were heading out..

Khanak: bhabhi kya kaha doctor ne??

Khushboo: kuch nahi Khanak, everything's normal. (smiles)

Shaan: bhaiyya, date pe jaa rahe ho?? (his eyes dance)

Akshay: Kya baat kar rahe ho Shaan..Khushboo wants to see her parents so we are heading out to their house..(disappointed)

Khanak: oh! Then when are you returning bhabhi??

Khushboo: Khanak, bus dinner ke liye jaa rahe hain, I'll come back today itself..

Khanak: you could stay tonight over there..

Khushboo: abhi nahi Khanak..waise bhi teen main eke baad mujhe apne mom dad ke paas hi toh jaana hain..(winks)

Akshay: waise chote iss mamle main tu bahut lucky hain..Khanak kahi bhi nahi jayegi..(blurts out)

Khanak is silent, Shaan watches her, she simply smiles at them..Khushboo too smiles and hugs her..

Akshay: im sorry Khanak, I didn't meant to say..

Khanak: it's fine bhayya, you don't have to ask sorry..(smiles)

Akshay smiles back, and they both leave from there..Aayush returns back, and pulls Khanak to the kitchen, Shaan just looks at her back..

He knows that, she is somber, he lets her be and climbs up the stairs..

Khanak's attention is towards Aayush, she didn't get to know the time, Aayush finished his school work, sitting on the dining table, since Mahdvi, Sunil and dadi were out..It was only Shanak and Aayush..

Shaan stepped down for dinner, saw mother and son engrossed..its been ages Shaan seen Khanak like this..

Few months early, nearly 8 months, 6 months for their marriage, her life revolved around this kid only..Whom she believed that, her strength lied in, her happiness, her smile, her everything depended on Aayush..She had let him (Shaan) enter in her life..She had depended on him, her husband..She made him, her everything, giving all the rights to him, before he could even hesitate to ask..Her smile, her tantrums and she herself had brought happiness in his life..She didn't know how much he was falling in love with her each and everyday..He expresses it each and every day in his own way..She never stopped him, she wanted the time to stop..Whenever she used to lay on him completely, she had told him, she repeated many things, which he craved to hear.. She was much more like angel for him..who had bought colours in his life..And he owed many things to her..

Before his thought process could even go further, he was disturbed..As Aayush saw him and came running to him and hugged him, Shaan hugged him back..Khanak sat there, and smiled..

Aayush and Shaan joined her, Khanak served them dinner..

Shaan: toh phir kal school Aayush?

Aayush: haan! kyun? Kal bhi chutti hain kya?? (smiling looks at his papa)

Shaan chuckles and shakes his head..

Khanak: jee nahi! Aap school jaoge aur aapke papa hospital! (happy, that now the matters are under her control)

Shaan: nothing more was expected! (under his breath)

Khanak: kya kaha?? (spitting fire at him)

Shaan: nahi! Kuch nahi! (shakes his head) aur tum?? (looks back at her)

Khanak: main kya?? Main bhi hospital hi jaaongi!

Aayush: Mom! Aap kyun nahi kha rahe ho??

Shaan: haan Khanak! Bait jao..(pulls a chair)

Khanak: nahi main baad main khaongi..

Aayush: mom aap nahi khaoge, yeh hum jaanthe hain, issliye aap abhi baitho!

Khanak: Aayush im not feeling the urge to eat..i mean, mujhe bhook nahi lag rahi hain..

Shaan: Khanak is everything fine??

Khanak:yeah..its just that my stomach is all queasy..(makes a face)

Shaan: You should not have eaten that ice-cream..(curses himself for getting her that)

Khanak: ice cream ka kuch nahi hain..its normal, im used to it!

Shaan: phir bhi thoda sa khalo..

She knew these 2 wouldn't leave her, so she takes a seat, and serves herself, and starts to eat..She struggles but completes the food on her plate..

After the dinner, Aayush is tired he wants to just crash on the bed..Shaan and Aayush starts walking towards Aayush's room, Khanak stops near their room..Shaan turns back to look at her, she's about to open the room..

Shaan: Khanak! (calls out loudly startling her  and Aayush)

Khanak: kya hua??

Shaan: kuch nahi..tum Aayush ko good night nahi bologi..(stutters initially but then speaks confidently)

Khanak: tum jaa rahe ho na Shaan..Aayush wouldn't mind..(smiles)

Shaan: phir bhi Khanak! Tumhe bhi hamre saath chalna hoga!

Before she could even protest, Shaan pulls her with him..Aayush hits his sack in no time, these two comes out, shut the door gently, starts walking to their room casually..

Shaan has a grin pasted on his face..

Khanak: Shaan, why are you smiling??

Shaan: you'll get to know..

She returns a quizzical look at him, by this, they have reached their room, she turns the knob to enter in..

Shaan: ek minute! (Before Khanak could say anything, Shaan closes her eyes with a cloth..Now her eyes are closed, Shaan holds her upper arms)

Khanak: Shaan, what's this??

Shaan: wait madam..Shaan opened the door with one hand, he made her walk in, his hands on her upper arms guiding her..

The room shone due to the lights emerging from the scented candles..The scent from the candles told her that something special was awaiting her, she smiled..Her eyes still covered..

Khanak: Shaan yeh sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi?? (overcome by her emotions,  she turns and hugs him)

He smiles at her and hugs her back..

Shaan: abhi tak tumne dekha hi nahi..already guess kardiya kya?? (chuckles)

She doesn't answer him but hugs him more tighter, resting her head peacefully on his chest)

Shaan: Khanak, I've got something for you! (she pulls herself out from the hug, not wanting to leave the warm embrace)

She just stands in front of him, waiting..He pulls her hand, opens her palm, places the gift on her hands)

Khanak: abb main kholo??

Shaan: aankhen ya gift??

Khanak: dono!

Shaan: abhi aankh nahi khol sakthi, lekin bathroom jaa kar khol sakthi ho, aur gift bhi..

Saying that he makes her enter the bathroom, he leaves from there, making her standing alone, he shuts the door behind him..She removes the cloth around her eyes, opens the gift..Its a beautiful red saree..It's simple as she would love it..She smiles and starts to freshen up and changes..

After about 15 minutes, bathroom door opens..She's stunned by the beauty of their room.. There were photos all over, theirs with Aayush, the floor of the room was covered by the petals, the candles burning, slight breeze running about, as the balcony was open..Bed is also covered with red rose petals..

She smiled, her hair flowed with the breeze..The next moment she was engulfed by him, he hugged her from back, her back is resting on his front, she leans back and closes her eyes, her hands on his. He holds her and closes his eyes..They stay in that hug for several minutes..

Khanak: Shaan..yeh photos?? (opening her eyes)

Shaan: you know the saying na..baby which is now being formed, would look like a person whom the mother looks often..Whom you see more often the baby will look them..(smiles as he releases her)

Khanak: but Shaan, abhi time hain….lekin teeno ke photo kyun hain??

Shaan: I was confused..first I was being selfish, I thought I'll hang my photo, then I thought what if it's a girl, so thought of putting your photo..then after the babay's birth, Aayush would ask for the similarities between him and the baby..So, I thought of putting all our photos..(shrugs)

Khanak chuckles hearing that, but she loves this..She sauters around and looks at all the photos, a wide grin pasted on her face..

When she turns back, she sees him kneeling in front of her, he extends his right hand for her, she complies by placing her right hand on his..

Shaan: can I have a dance?? I promise it to be slow..(smiles)

Khanak, smiles too and nods..Soft music played in the background; he stands up, holds her left hand on his right hand, places her right hand on his left shoulder and his left hand holds her by her wiaste..

Pulls her forward, as she blushed, their foreheads touching, both of them breathing audibly, they sway lightly to the music, slowly as he promised..

She leans more forward, places her head on his chest and engulfs him more to her, his hands now at her back..They continued to be in the same position..

Shaan: are you tired?? (concerned)

Khanak just nods..Shaan wanted her to talk about missing her parents, but he thinks this was not the time..She's happy now! That's what he wants…May be at that moment she did miss them, but now she's glad that he's therein her life!

Khanak: (suddenly, moves out of the hug, but stays in the cling) but not for my sweet husband..(smiles)

He stares back at her with that intensity, she's moved, she cups his face, his hands are now at her wiaste..she pulls his head down and places a small peck on his lips, he pulls her more closer, he kisses her on her lips, passionately, both of them tasting each other..not wanting to let go..

He pulls himself away from her, trying hard to control his feelings, she moaned louder and..

Khanak: Don't stop here..(her eyes closed leaning on him)

He didn't need any further compliance from her, he fulfilled her wishes and his..Taking care of her and their baby..

Two weeks ran, her 10th week pregnancy, her first prenatal visit..She's nervous, edgy; she's in her hospital as a patient for the first time, she's not sure who is the doctor for her..Dr.Lata had assigned her a gynac doctor, Khanak didn't have any idea who the doctor was, Khanak never felt the urge of asking also, she trusted Dr. Lata..so here she is with her MIL and Aayush..

Shaan wanted to visit too..he was lined up very badly, his schedule was very hectic, todat also was the same thing..Their baby's first check up and he's not there..He had cursed himself when he told her that he won't be able to make it..She knew, he was feeling low..She smiled and told it was not a problem, there's always the next month! She tried to cheer him up but nothing helped..She had to cut his call as Lata called her in..Khanak walked in with her MIL..

Lata: So Khanak, how are you feeling?? (beaming)

Khanak: good! (smiles)

There's a knock on her door, and there enters Dr. Anjali..Khanak is surprised..but doesn't utter a word..

Lata: So Khanak, Dr. Anjali will be looking after you fromtoday onwards..

Khanak is seriously surprised after hearing that..

Khanak: Dr. Anjali?

Lata: ya..if you have any problem the speak up Khanak..Anjali told you both were good friends, so I chose her for you..(Friends?? When did that start?? Khanak's mind questioned)

Lata: If you want another doctor, I can assign you..

Khanak: oh! No problem maam, im fine with Dr. Anjali! (smiles)

Anjali is shocked to hear that from Khanak, she agreed?? Why would she do that?? Anjali's mind questioned..

Lata: ok then..Anjali take Khanak to your cabin..

Anjali just noded..Khanak stood up thanked Lata and moved out with Anjali..

In Anjali's room..

Madhvi: beta you look so young, are you sure you can look after Khanak?? Im ready to check other doctors also..If not her then may be..(Khanak stops her)

Khanak: mom! Im fine..Anjali is seriously a good doctor! (she's not faking) Top to that..she's my friend..(looking at Anjali)

Anjali is also looking at Khanak..

Madhvi: Are you sure beta??

Khanak: mom! (Khanak assures her by keeping a hand on hers)

Madhvi is convinced by her DIL, but we know someone who won't be convinced with Khanak, who would blister up thinking about Dr. Anjali..Let's see what awaits us..

Please commentSmile

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poo_j IF-Rockerz

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Congrats on thread 2!!!Clap

Loved it..:) The outing of ShaNak and Aayush was so good..Who is that mystery caller to Shaan???Confused  Is that Dr.Anjali's sis???Ouch I liked when Aayush said its his dialogue on ice-cream..Clap Too cute!!!

Khanak must definitely felt bad..As usually daugters go to their parents house for their first delivery and stay there for few months..But Khanak will be with Shaan fully now!!!Smile

Wow!!! Shaan's surprise is awesome!!!Big smile He does every thing to make her happy!!!

Awww..Shaan didn't come with Khanak for check up..Khanak is such an understanding wife..Smile OMG!!! Dr.Anjali is Khanak's doctor..Shocked Shaan definitely not gonna like it..Ouch

Looking forward and thanks for writing a fabulous update..Smile

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virika01 Senior Member

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wowww lovely update!!!!

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snigdhanagar Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2013 at 3:16am | IP Logged

hey chandu congo!!!!!!!!!Clap

superlike d update!!!! awee icecream part was cutee...

even aayush is taking care of khanak...

photo frame part was nyce..omg anjali is khanak dr??????

m sure shez positive char frm nw on...Wink

update nxt soonnn

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kp_yasharan Goldie

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Congrats chandu for new thread   Clap

wow update was supub...

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jaisyjazz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 12:42am | IP Logged
many many congo for new thread
love the update
sorry a little bit in a hurry pehle hi late comment de rahi hun so chota sa comment accept karlo
anjali ? yaar isse samaj ne ke liye plz ek aur update soon
ofcourse shan is not gonna like it 

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heer_85 Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 10:44pm | IP Logged

Awesome Chand Clap
i loved Smile
khanak n Aayush  are adorable jodi of mom n son i love them so much and when Aayush trouble khanak is fun to see how khanak react heheh!! 
Poor khanak has to clean Aayush room as he made mess of his cupboards heheh!! their cute conv is always treat to read Smile  splendid chand Clap
wow!!!!!! outing that's awesome Big smile
shanak n Aayush's day out  
so khanak choose clothes for Shaan n shaan did for her kya baat hai very nice 
both didn need to compliment each haa bhai dono neh eek durse koh joh tayar kiya hai Big smile
first they did shopping yeh toh banti hai 
omgeee!!!!!!! Aayush is too choosy at clothes LOL itne saree kapde nikale phir bhi he did like any Poor khanak she was tired to convince him heheh!!
phone call koun hosakta hai 
kya yaar chand again phn misery Angry  but its lovely to have suspense LOL
shaan thought it might be khanak but nope it wasn't khanak then koun hoga thinko thinko LOL
yes khanak finally Aayush kih shopping puri hogai LOL
khanak wanted ice cream at lunch time nice mood swing LOL Aayush is right khanak tumne Aayush kah dialogue steal kiya very bad LOL i love this part of lunch Smile
she is like a baby heheh Smile shaan treat her like dat pehle lunch n then ice cream ROFL
wow!! long drive after lunch awesome yaar 
lkhushboo n Akshay going to khushboo's parents house 
khanak must be missing her parents this was little emotional part Cry 
shaan thought were penned very nicely yes khanak is an angel came in his life who brings Aayush to with her Smile
dinner part was awesome too Smile Aayush dialogue are always awesome heheh!! 
wow!!!!!!!!! surprise in a shanak room awesome Big smile Big smile Big smile candles and all shaan ayee!! hayee!!! Wink
how romantic Chand Clap shaan gift her red saree 
the way u penned room decoration i can imagine it 
so beautiful chand Smile i loved it 
shaan aaj romantic mood main hai Wink 
wah!!! what a reason of hanging 3 photos shaan m impressed heheh LOL
sach kaha shaan neh agar baby girl hui toh n yes if Aayush want similarities Smile
slow dance kya baat hai  Dancing m in the dream land seeing them dancing Day Dreaming
lovely dance description i loved it Smile
wow!! 2 weeks passed n khanak check up start 
omgee!!! Shocked doctor Anjali will be a looking after khanak 
is dat call shaan received was from doctor Anjali uff!! so many questions 
Anjali is too surprised that  khanak agree 
how will shaan react when he comes to know Anjali is khanak's doctor 
will khanak tell shaan about Anjali 
so many questions r in mind 
awaiting for next part Smile

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