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Happy B'day Hazel Eyed Hunk -- Sumit Vats!! (Page 2)

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RISHI  DIWAN,the main male protagonist of the story is the Managing Director of the DIWAN  EMPIRE and the one and only son of the owner of this company Mr Ranveer Diwan and his wife Mrs Simi Diwan.He is very serious in the matters of business and his work but never carries a bossy attitude.He is very witty,flirty,playful and shares a very friendly and sweet relation with his staffs.

INDIRA  SHARMA,the main female protagonist of the story,is the Managing Director of the SHARMA  GROUP  OF  INDUSTRIES and the one and only daughter among the two children of the owner of this company Mr Inder Sharma and his wife Mrs Kutumb Sharma.She is a disciplinarian in her office but possesses a very sweet character outside.

Now DE,SOI and another company Agarwaal Builders (AB) decided to build the biggest,luxurious and the most expensive resorts in Delhi in collaboration with each other.As the proposal was given by DE,so,the MD's of the other two companies were requested for attending a meeting in DE office to sign the deal.So,Indira and Natasha Agarwaal,the MD of AB reached DE office.

Rishi's PA welcomed them and took them inside Rishi's cabin.He was playing video games in LCD  TV.On seeing them,he put off the TV and welcomed them inside.Rishi shook hand with Natasha at first.He gave his most attractive smile to her and said,"Welcome to Diwan Empire Miss Natasha Agarwaal and I must say that you are looking very gorgeous and very sexy today."He winked.Natasha blushed and thanked.While talking,she put the strand of hair,that was falling on her face,behind her ears.But Rishi grabbed her fingers and stopped her from doing  that.He cutely said,"Rehne dijiye na ye lat yu chehre par dhale huye hi achche lagte hai."Natasha said,"Aap kaafi interesting kisam ke insaan hai Mr Diwan."Rishi made a sad face and said,"Yehi to kar di na aapne gairo waali baat.Ab to hum partners banne waale hai so call me just Rishi,sunne mein bohot apna sa feel hota hai."Natasha played with his suit's collar and said,"Uh-I think'."She very seductively looked at him and said,"I need to explore you more Rishi."He returned a naughty grin.

Indira cleared her throat to gain attention.She gave her hand and said,"Good Morning Mr Diwan.I think aap mujhe bhul gaye hai."Rishi behaved as if just woke up from sleep.He joined hand with her and said,"Oh!Miss Indira Sharma.Nice to meet you.By the way'"His eyes traced her from top to bottom and then he said,"You too are very pretty Miss Sharma.By the way aap bhi mujhe Rishi bula sakti hai."She smiled formally and said,"Thank you so much Mr Diwan,par mera manna hai ke professional relations apne limit par hi rahe to achcha lagta hai."Rishi raised his brows for a second and then smiled and asked,"Kya bachpan mein aap muh mein hari mirch lekar paida hui thi?"She nodded her head and said,"Ji nehi karela lekar."Rishi gave a silly kind of smile.Ranveer's manager came to Rishi's cabin and informed them that he is waiting for them in the conference hall.

After the meeting,the deal was signed.While leaving Natasha said,"Uh'.Rishi,vo actually,uh'vo,mere mom dad kuch dino ke liye abroad ja rahe hai,so..main tab ghar mein bilkul akeli rahungi,so if you don't mind,well'"She came very close to Rishi and said,"We can hang out'at nights."Rishi held her by her waist and pulled her towards him with a jerk and said,"By the way offer to bohot hi'mindblowing hai par uske liye time management bhi to zaruri hai na."Saying he winked.He then looked at Indira and said,"Oh sorry Miss Sharma,main to aapko congratulations aur thank you kehna hi bhul gaya."Indira smiled and replied,"No need to apologize Mr Diwan.I take your leave and both of you'"Her eyes tossed from Rishi and Natasha and said,"Please continue."Saying she left.

In the evening,after returning from office,he took a bath and got ready to go outside.Simi came to give him coffee and asked,"Ja raha hai uske ghar?"He smiled and said,"Uske alava aur kaha jaaunga mom?Ek usike paas to meri sabse khaas cheez hai."He put his hand on the left side of his chest and said,"Mera dil."Simi chuckled and cared his cheek and said,"Tabhi to apne bete ke liye usey jald se jald ghar laane ki tayyari kar rahi hu.Unhe kehna ke hum thore dino baad shaadi ki date pakki karne waha aayenge."He nodded his head and left.

Rishi stopped his car in front of a big mansion.After reaching the doorstep,he rang the calling bell and within a few minutes,a woman in her 30's opened the door.On seeing Rishi,she smiled and said,"Arey Rishi,aao aao andar aao."She called everyone and informed them about Rishi's arrival.Everyone came in the hall.All were very happy to see him as well as very tensed.He took everyone's blessings and on seeing their expressions,he asked,"Ghar ka mausam aaj kuch zyaada thik nehi lag raha hai,upar badal garaj rahe hai kya?"A man in his 40's said,"Garaj to raha hai aur tujhe dekh kar to Iam sure baras bhi jaayega.Tum dono ke beech mein kuch hua hai kya?Jabse ghar waapas aayi hai tabse lakar abhi tak bas tera janaaza hi nikaal rahi hai.Usne to ye dhamki bhi di hai ke tujhse shaadi bhi nehi karegi aur ha ye bhi kaha hai ke agar tu yaha aaya to vo tujhe goli maar degi."Rishi swallowed the lump formed in his throat and said,"Main ja raha hu upar aur aap sab please meri salaamati ki dua kijiyega aur ha agar helmet vagera kuch ho to de dijiye aaj mere sar par bohot kuch tootne waala hai."He chanted the name of God and moved towards her room.

On reaching her room,at first Rishi pulled the door-knob and peeped inside.He found that she was lying down on the bed on her stomach.He didn't dare to move inside but called her from outside,"Jaanu!"The girl was weeping by covering her face with the pillow and on hearing his voice opened her eyes.She angrily took a deep breath and turned her head towards the door.On seeing Rishi's face,she angrily stood up on her bed and put her hands on her waist.She was none other than Indira Sharma,Rishi's fiance with whom he fall in love when he first saw her at the time of grabbing a contract of a foreign company.Earlier,if Rishi looses a single contract he used to be very angry at himself and used to lock himself inside his bedroom but that day when he lost the contract to Indira,he was not at all angry but was very very happy and content to the core of his heart because in place of the contract,he got the most precious thing of his life and that was the day he saw Indira.Her smile,her attitude and her childlike happiness on her win,captivated his heart.From the moment,he saw her,he couldn't stop thinking about her.He fall in love with her at their first meet.He collected all information about her and started following her everywhere.He used to irritate her to the core with his cute antics.Not for a very long time,she could overlook him.Her started melting slowly and she too fall in love with him.Finally when Rishi proposed her,she accepted.Their relation had crossed almost two years and when they informed their families about their relationship,they eventually agreed and decided to get them married.

Indira was so furious to see his face that she shouted,"Yaha kyu aaye ho?Jaao apni us pyaari Natasha ke paas aur jaakar hangout karo.Yaha aakar apna waqt kyu barbaad kar rahe ho?"Rishi made a helpless face and said,"Sorry Jaanu vo tumhe pata hai na ke mujhe tumhe sataane mein kitna mazaa aata hai aur jab tum gussa karti ho tab tum bohot khubsurat bhi to lagti ho."She said,"Main khubsurat hu?Uswaqt to Natasha tumhe bohot sexy aur gorgeous lag rahi thi na,aur main sirf pretty aur tumhe to uske baalo ka lat chehre par dhale huye bhi kitne achche lagte hai aur bohot apna sa bhi to feel karte ho uske saath.To jaao uske paas."He said,"Jaanu,tum to jaanti ho na main tumhaare alawa kabhi kisi aur ke baare mein soch bhi nehi sakta."She took up a flower vase and said,"Agar aisi mkkhan waali baate karke tum ye sochte ho ke main maan jaaungi to tum bohot galat soch rahe ho Mr Rishi Diwan.Ab agar ek aur minute bhi yaha khare rahe to main tumhaara sar phor dungi.So just Get Lost!"He said,"Par jaanu meri baat to suno,you know na how much I love you aur main chahe kisi se bhi flirt karu,par pyar to tumse hi karta hu aur shaadi bhi tumhise karunga."She said,"Sharam nehi aayi tumhe apni honewaali biwi ke saamne kisi dusri larki ke saath aisi harkate karte huye?Dekho Rishi abhi ke abhi tum mere kamre se bahaar chale jaao,mujhe tumhaari shakal bhi nehi dekhni aur agar abhi nehi gaye,to I swear aaaj tum apne ghar zinda waapas nehi jaaoge."He tried to talk with her again but now she threw the vase on him out of anger.He somehow managed to save himself and fled away from there,before the situation gets out of control or there occurs a question mark on his life.After a few minues,he again came and peeped from the door and Indira threw his photoframe pointing at him.He immediately closed the door and the frame crashed on hitting the door.

Rishi came downstairs wiping his sweat.The woman in 30's was Indira's SIL,Sanjana,her elder brother,Vidit's wife.She asked,"Kya baat hai Rishi?Uska gussa thora kam hua ya nehi?"Rishi said,"Nehi bhabhi balki aaj to mera pack up hote hote reh gaya."Indira's mother,Kutumb said,"Arey shubh shubh bol beta."All were talking when suddenly Indira came out of her room and stood on the staris.She yelled,"Ye abhitak nehi gaya?Ma isey yaha se jaane ke liye kaho varna aaj mere haatho se iska khoon ho jaayega aur ha isey ye bhi kehdo ke bhale hi main kunwari mar jaaungi par issey shaadi hargiz nehi karungi."Saying,she left.Rishi made a face like a fool and said,"Main chalta hu varna aaj sahi mein shaayad main apne pero mein sahi salaamat ghar nehi ja paaunga.Vaise mom ne kaha hai ke vo log yaha kuch dino baad aayenge shaadi ki date fix karne."Suddely,at that moment,a cushion came flying and hit his face and Indira yelled very loudly from her room's door,"Get out Rishi!"He,too,without wasting any more second,left from there.

Rishi tried to talk with Indira many times,made her calls,but indira didn't respond to him.After a few days,Rishi alongwith his parents came to Indira's house to fix the marriage date.On seeing him,Indira turned her face against him.The whole SF welcomed them.Simi said,"Rishi ne to zarur bataya hoga aapko au maaf kijiyega aise bina bataaye aa gaye asal mein khabar hi aisi hai ke humse raha hi nehi gaya."Kutumb replied,"Kaisi baatein kar rai hai aap?Apne ghar mein aane ke liye puchna thore hi parta hai,aap sab bethiye hum abhi aate hai."Kutumb and Sanjana were about to go when Simi stopped them and said,"Aap log abhi kahi nehi jaayenge,bethiye yaha.Hum sab aapko yaha ek khush khabri dene aaye hai."Inder asked,"Kaisi khushkhabri?"Simi said,"Shaadi ki date agle mahine ki 5 taarikh ko tey hui hai."Everyone became very happy on hearing this.Ranveer said,"Ab to jaldi se aap sab meri beti ko mere ghar bhejne ki tayyari kijiye."Indira blushed for a second,on hearing this,but at the very next moment,with a straight face said,"Par uncle mujhe Rishi se shaadi nehi karni hai."Everyone looked at her with a jerk.Indira's family thought that she was not serious and she might be was angry temporarily,but they never imagined that she would say this directly on her would be in law's face.Rishi got up from his seat.Ranveer and Simi were also very confused.Simi asked,"Kyu beta kya humse koi galti ho gayi?"Indira replied,"Nehi nehi aunty aisi baat nehi hai par ye jo aapka beta hai na ye ek number ka jhoota,dhokebaaz aur nihaayti ganda insaan hai,isiliye main isse shaadi hargiz nehi karungi."Ranveer turned towards Rishi and asked,"Kyu kya kiya tuney Rishi?"Rishi replied,"Kuch nehi dad,vo bas aise hi."Indira said,"Kuch nehi???Himmat hai to zara sach bolkar dikhaana."Saying,she left for her room.Ranveer asked,"Dekh Rishi,sach sach bata,tuney meri bachchi ko kya bola?"Rishi made a baby face and said,"Kuch nehi dad,vo bas'"He narrated the whole incident on that day in office.The SF burst out into laughter and Ranveer sarcastically said to Rishi,"Indira ne jo bhi kiya bilkul thik kiya,tu isi laayak hai pata hai na tujhe.You deserve it."Rishi said,"Par dad,main to bas uske saath mazaak kar raha tha."Simi asked,"Agar usne aisa tere saath kiya hota to?"Rishi lowered his head.Ranveer lightly slapped on his head and said,"Ab khara khara hamaara muh kya dekh raha hai,ja jaakar manaa usey."Rishi said,"Usdin se yehi koshish kar raha hu par vo hai ke manna hi nehi chahti balki mujhe dekhte hi mujhe kaatne ko daurti hai."Ranveer said,"Aaj chahe kuch bhi ho teri jaan rahe ya na rahe par tujhe usey manaana hi hoga varna mujhe bhi apni shakal kabhi mat dikhaana."Rishi almost cried,"Mom dekhona'"Simi said,"Tere dad ne bilkul sahi kaha hai.Aajtak hamesha maine tera har baat mein saath diya hai par aaj main tere dad se bilkul sehmat hu.Ja jaakar usey manaa."Rishi made a face and started walking towards Indira's room.He murmured,"Kuch bhi karo par latakti hamesha meri hi jaan hai."

Rishi before knocking into Indira's door,chanted God's name and then said to himself,"Aaj chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye par main tumhe manaake hi rahunga."He then knocked on her door.Since,guests were there,so without shouting like before,Indira opened the door.On seeing her,Rishi covered her mouth and pushed her inside followed by locking the door from behind.

Rishi leaved her on entering inside.Indira grinned,"Tumhaari himmat kaise hui,mere kamre mein is tarah se ghusne ki?"Saying,she pushed Rishi.He asked,"Maar kyu rahi ho jaanu?"Indira asked,"To kya aarti utaaru tumhaari?"Whatever was coming in reach of Indira's hand,she started throwing it on Rishi.He was pleading again and again,not to do this,but indira didn't stop.He was gradually becoming irritated on her.At last,his patience breathed his last.He grabbed her hands tightly and pushed her on the bed and threw himself over her.He covered her mouth and said,"Tabse aise request kiye ja raha hu ke meri baat suno,meri baat suno par tum  ho ki meri baat sunna hi nehi chahti.Kehto raha hu ke maine tumhe ye sab tang karne ke liye kiya tha aur kya tumhe mere pyar par bharosa nehi hai?"He removed his hand from her mouth and Indira said,"Sataane ke liye hi karna tha to itna zyaada chipak kyu rahe the uske saath?You know what sach kehte hai ke insaan apni fitrat kabhi nehi badal sakta.Uncle-Aunty kitne achche hai par pata nehi unke ghar mein tum kaise paida ho gaye?Tum hamesha flirt the,ho aur zindagi bhar raho ge.Bas larki dekhi nehi ke shuru ho jaate ho.Larkibaaz kahike!Abhi hato mere upar se."Saying,he tried hard to push him away.Rishi said,"Agar larkibaaz hota na to kabhi tumse sagaai karne ko raazi hi nehi hota aur abhi na tum hadh paar kar rahi ho.Tabse bohot pyar se tumhaare saare nakhre jhel raha hu,par iska ye matlab nehi hai ke tum apni manmaani karti raho aur main chupchap bethkar dekhta rahu."Indira asked,"Achcha???Kya kar loge tum?"Rishi said,"Dikhaata hu ke main kya kar sakta hu par baad mein mujhe kosna mat."Indira grinned,"Bhaar mein jaao tum,main tumse nehi darti."It was becoming almost impossible for Rishi to control her and also his anger so at last grabbed her hands tightly and locked her lips with his.She was totally shocked with this sudden incident.She fought for a while but as soon as he deepened the kiss,it slowly acted like a sedative for her.She was angry at first but later on she was feeling very relaxed and was deeply enjoying it.After a long while,Rishi removed his lips from her.Both were taking deep breaths and gave each other the required time to get accustomed to the sudden shock.Indira slowly asked,"Aisa kyu kiya?"He,too,slowly replied,"Tumne mere paas koi aur option hi nehi chora tha,isiliye aisa karna para.Vaise apni honewaali biwi ko kiss karna koi gunaah hai kya?Aur ye koi pehli baar to nehi kiya."Indira said,"Main tumse shaadi nehi karungi.Tum bohot gande ho,tum kabhi ye nehi samajh paaoge ke jab bhi main tumhe kisi aur larki ke saath dekhti hu to mera dil karta hai ke main us larki ki jaan le lu aur puri dunia ko aag laga du.Main tumhe apne alava kisi aur ke saath nehi dekh sakti kyuki main tumse apni jaan se zyaada pyar karti hu."Rishi cared her face and said,"Vo to main bhi tumse karta hu na jaanu.Tumhe pata hai na main tumse kitna pyar karta hu.Maine to tumhaare saath bas mazaak kiya tha aur kuch nehi.Main to khud hi tumhaare  bina ab ek aur pal bhi nehi reh paaunga yabhi to itni jaldi shaadi ke liye bhi tayyar ho gaya.I only loved you,I only love you and I'll only love you forever."Indira asked,"Sachchi na?Tum hamesha mujhse hi pyar karoge na?"Rishi replied,"Ha karunga na.Hamesha karunga."She asked,"Shaadi ke baad bhi karoge na?"He replied,"Ha karunga.Shaadi ke baad bhi dher saara karunga aur itna karunga ke tum khud thak jaaogi par phir bhi pyar karna nehi chorunga aur shaadi ke baad kisi bhi larki ke taraf aakh uthaakar bhi nehi dekhunga,tumhaari kasam.I really love you very much."Indira at last smiled and said,"I love you too."Both were going to hug but at that moment,Rishi's phone rang.

He got down from the bed and picked up the phone.It was of Natasha's.He got scared on seeing it but still he picked up the phone.The convo :-

R :- "Hello."

N :- "Hi Rishi."

R :- (scared) "Uh,Hi Natasha."

On hearing Natasha's name,Indira's mood again got spoiled.

N :- "Vo mere parents kal bahaar ja rahe hai,so I think you remember about'our hangout,so'"

Rishi was talking with a smile on his face which Indira couldn't tolerate anymore.She was about to leave her room but Rishi grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.He put the phone on loud speaker.

R :- "Vaise chal to sakta hu par vo kya hai na uske liye'" (Rishi kissed on Indira's nose) "Mujhe mere honewaale bachcho ki honewaali mummy se permission leni paregi."

N :- (yelled) "What???"

Indira bit her lips not to laugh out loud.

R :- "Ha Iam going to get married aur main to tumhaare saath time pass kar raha tha apni jaanu ko jalaane ke liye."

N :- (raging in anger) "You used me???How dare you??"

R :- (with an attitude) "Jo tum baaki larko ke saath karti ho vo maine tumhaare saath kiya to tumhe itna bura laga?So sad.Tum to subhe kisi aur ke saath hoti ho aur shaam ko kisi aur ke baaho mein milti ho."

N :- (shocked) "Tu'Tu'Tum???"

R :- (sarcastically smiled) "Business aur larki dono maamlo mein aagey barne se pehle main puri kundali nikaal leta hu."

N :- "You'You just go to hell.Main abhi ke abhi tumhaare saath kiye gaye contract ko terminate karti hu.Kuch dino mein documents mil jaayenge."

Natasha was about to cut the call but Indira snatched the phone from Rishi's hand and threatened Natasha.

I :- "Aayinda aaj ke baad mere Rishi,mere honewaale pati ko phone karne ya uske taraf aakh uthaakar dekhne ki bhi jurrat ki na to aakhe nikaalke gutter mein phek dungi samjhi.Jo karna hai karo,I give a damn care to it."

Saying she cut the phone and returned it to Rishi.

Indira climbed onto Rishi's feet and put her hands around his neck and apologized,"Iam sorry.Vo mujhe uswaqt tumpar bohot gussa aa gaya tha Rishi'""Ssshhh!"He put his finger on her lips and said,"Nehi Rishi nehi,vo bulaao jo tum hamesha mujhe pyar se bulaati ho.Rishi to tum mujhe gusse mein ya sabke saamne bulaati ho."Indira very cutely said,"I love you my'"She pulled his cheeks and said,"Shweeetu.!I love you sooo much."Rishi said,"Abhi jo peechle kuch dino se meri neend haraam ki hai,mujhe itna pareshaan kiya hai,mujhe uska compensation chahiye."Indira smiled and pecked his lips and hers.

After sometime Rishi and Indira came out of Indira's room and started going downstairs.Sanjana was coming to call both of them at that moment.When both of them crossed her,Sanjana asked,"Itne der tak tum dono kya kar rahe the?"Rishi replied,"Aapko pata hai na bhabhi ke aapki nanad ko manaana kitna mushkil hai."Sanjana giggled,"Ha vo to hai.Ghar mein sabse laadli jo hai isliye nakhre thore zyaada hai.Tumhe bohot mehnat karni paregi Rishi vaise jaldi jaao tum dono ka neeche sab intezaar kar rahe hai."Rishi said,"Aap apni nanad ki fikar mat kijiye,usey to main apne sar aakho par beetha ke rakkhunga."Indira and Rishi were about to leave when Sanjana again stopped them and asked,"Rishi is haalat mein neeche jaaoge?"He asked,"Kya hua bhabhi?"Sanjana's eyes tossed from Rishi to Indira and then back to Indira meaningfully.Indira followed Sanjana's eyes and looked towards Rishi and she found his lips were badly wrapped by her lipgloss.Indira was very embarrassed and she immediately put out Rishi's handkerchief from his backpocket and rubbed his lips.He understood what was the matter and he took the handkerchief from her hand and started rubbing off his lips.Sanjana disappointedly nodded her head and said,"Shaadi tak bhi tum dono ko sabar nehi hota hai na?Kuch hi din to bache hai phir bhi tum dono apni besharmi se baaz nehi aate."Rishi shamelessly replied,"Ye mara shaadi agar ye muhurat ka chakkar nehi hota na to main to abhi isiwaqt aapki nanad se shaadi karke usey yaha se lekar jaata aur ye kya bhabhi sirf ek kiss hi to kiya hai,usme kya jaata hai?"Sanjana remained open mouthed at his blunt reply and Indira fled away from there.

Rishi and Indira came downstairs where all were waiting for them.Ranveer asked Rishi,"Kyu manaaya ke nehi meri beti ko?"Rishi replied,"Mujhe ghar ke bahaar nehi sona hai dad."Everyone laughed at his reply.Indira put her hands on her waist and asked,"Oh!To tumhe ghar ke bahaar nehi sona hai isiliye tum mujhe manaane gaye the?Varna nehi aate hai na?"Rishi bit his lips and realized what blunder he has made.He said,"Arey nehi it was a joke darling samjha karo."Saying he winked.Indira made a face in reply.Simi said,"Chalo ab jab sab kuch thik ho gaya hai to hume shaadi ki tayyaariya shuru kar deni chahiye."Indira replied,"Mujhe aap sabse kuch kehna hai."Simi asked,"Bolo beta?"Indira said,"Main ab Rishi se gussa nehi hu sahi hai par maine abhi tak shaadi karne liye ha nehi ki hai."Everyones expressions changed and their happiness faded.Kutumb was tolerating all of Indira's nonsenses but this time she couldn't tolerate it more.She angrily asked,"Ye sab kya mazaak chal raha hai Indira?"Indira strongly replied,"Main koi mazaak nehi kar rahi hu ma.Iam serious."Kutumb grabbed her arms tightly and scolded,"Kuch dino se tere nakhre bohot zyaada bar gaye hai.Pehle Rishi ko itna pareshaan kiya abhi uske gharwaalo ke saamne ye kya naatak lagaakar rakkha hai?Tameez se pesh aao.Kyu unke saamne hume sharminda kar rahi ho?"Indira freed her arms and said,"Main larki hu iska matlab ye nehi hai ke meri koi khwahish nehi hai.Maine ye nehi kaha ke main shaadi nehi karungi bas meri ek shart hai."All the SF were getting very annoyed and embarrassed due to Indira.Inder apologized,"Aap sab please iski baato ka bura mat maaniye.Iski taraf se hum aapse maafi maangte hai."Simi said,"Aap sab ye kaisi baate kar rahe hai?Pehle hume jaanne to dijiye ke vo kehna kya chahti hai?Bol beta."Indira said,"Meri shart ye hai ke'"She moved towards Rishi and said,"Shaadi karne ke liye sabse pehle larki ko shaadi ke liye propose karna parta hai ye baat pata hai na?To isiliye main chahti hu ke'"She took a deep breath and continued,"Rishi sabke saamne apne ghutno par beth kar mujhe apni shaadi ke liye propose kare."All released a sigh of relief especially the SF on listening to her condition.

Ranveer said,"Ha Rishi ye bohot galat baat hai.Shaadi karne ja raha hai par abhi tak tuney shaadike liye pucha bhi nehi.This is really not done."Rishi annoyingly said,"Achchi ragging ho rahi hai meri kuch dino se.Itna to mere college ke time par bhi nehi hua tha."Simi said,"Ye jaisa keh rahi hai vaisa hi kar."Rishi asked Ranveer,"Aap mere dad hai ke iske?"Ranveer giggled and replied,"Tera to already hi hu jo na to tu badal sakta hai aur naahi main,par'"He stood by Indira's side and put his hand on her head and said,"Indira ka to main honewaala dad hu isliye jo vo kahegi vohi tujhe karna parega."Indira made a victorious smile.Rishi said,"Dad kuch to sharam kijiye.Main is ghar ka ek lauta damaad hu.Aaap mere hi sasural mein meri hi beizzati kar rahe ho."Indira corrected,"Oh hullo!Damaad nehi,honewaale damaad.Abhi tak maine green signal nehi diya hai."Rishi looked helplessly towards Indira and asked,"Kya sach mein karna parega?"She nodded her head.He then,without having any other option,kneeled down in front of her.After that,he said,"Marry me Indira."She looked at him surprisingly and asked,"Baniye ke dukaan se mahine ka samaan kharidne aaye ho?Propose karte waqt to bare style se kiya tha to ab kya hua?"Rishi politely said,"Marry me Indira."She folded her arms and with an attitude asked,"Order de rahe ho?"Rishi finally joined his hands and pleaded,"Please mujhse shaadi karlo Indira.Please meri ujri hui zindagi ko apne pyar se savaar do.Please meri zindagi ka hissa bankar mujhe hamesha hamesha ke liye apna ghulam banalo.Pleaseee!"Indira was trying to hid her smile seeing Rishi's condition.So,showing mercy to Rishi,she agreed,"Thik hai jab tum itne pyar se haath per jor rahe ho,girgiraa rahe ho to main shaadi ke liye tayyar hu."Rishi gave a sigh of relief and said,"Aapka bohot bohot shukriya mere to bhaag hi khul gaye jo aapne ha ki.Main to dhanya ho gaya."She replied,"Its ok."The DF and SF congratulated each other and exchanged sweets.Rishi got up and murmured to Indira,"Bas ek baar shaadi ho jaane do,phir saare beizzati ka sood samet hisaab lunga.Just wait and watch."Indira accepted the challenge and said,"We'll see."Rishi gave a devil smile.

On the pre-decided auspicious day,Indira and Rishi got married.During their first night,Indira was waiting for him in their bedroom.When Rishi was about to enter inside their room,he was stopped by the girls.As usual,they were demanding for money.He found it useless to argue with them in this matter so he stood quietly.After sometime,when the girls fixed the range and told Rishi.He asked,"Ho gaya tum logo ka ya kuch aur baaki hai?"They agreed that they were done.He went to hos study and came out with a cheque in his hand.He gave the cheque to the leader of the girls and said,"Ye lo blank cheque.Tum logo ka to vaise koi bharosa nehi hai kab demand bhar jaaye isliye ye de raha hu jitna chahe bhar lena.Ab niklo yaha se."After entering inside,before closing the door,he called them and said,"Aur ha abhi agar kisine disturb karne ki koshish bhi kin a to is cheque se ek paisa bhi nehi milnewaala.So,think before you do anything."Saying,he banged the door on their face.

With slow steps,Rishi came inside and found that Indira was standing in front of the windowThe whole room was decorated with candles and the moonlight outside falling on Indira's face making her look more beautiful.The moment from which he saw Indira today,her eternal beauty was constantly making all his desires go wild,but only he knew how difficult it was to control his emotions.Finally,after such a long time,he got the opportunity to fulfill all his wild ambitions.He moved towards indira and grabbed her from beside.She sensed his presence,the moment he entered inside the room,so she was not surprised.He whispered,"Nayi naveli dulhan ko suhaagraat ke waqt suhaagraat ke sej par hona chahiye naaki khidki ke paas."Indira freed herself and turned towards him.She put her hands around her waist and said,"Vaise maine to suna hai ke dulhan sej tak apne aap to chalkar nehi jaati."He said,"To kisne kaha ke main in naazuk kadmo ko zamaan par zyaada der tak rehne dunga.After all'"He picked her up in his arms and continued,"In kadmo ke neeche mera dil jo hai."He came in front of the bed and made her lie down on the bed.Just the moment,he was about to join her,she moved on the other side but Rishi was too stubborn for her to avoid.he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him and got on the top of her.He pinned her on the bed and said,"Bach kar kaha jaaogi jaanu?Kaha tha na jo tumne meri un dino itni beizzati ki thi main uska sud samet badla zarur lunga."Indira asked,"Agar main chillayi to?"Rishi,without replying,just with the soft touch of his fingers,opened her nose ring and said,"To tumhe chup karaane ka tareeka bhi to mujhe aata hai na aur vo bhi bare pyar se."He kissed on her nose.The touch of his lips and warm breath on her skin was making her go mad.Rishi slowly removed all her jewelleries and replaced them with kisses.Indira happily surrendered to his desires.He put his lips much closer to her and whispered,"I love you."But he didn't wait for her reply and sealed their lips.A mild and sweet wind from outside touched them and blowed off the candles thus allowing them make their first night memorable forever and of course Rishi to take his sweetest revenge.The moon became the only witness of the love that they showered on each other.

                                                                                                           THE  END.


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-Paulomi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Happy birthday to you my HAZEL  EYED  CHARMER  SUMIT.ClapClap
May God bless you.
Have a successful year ahead.Thumbs UpThumbs Up

kuch meetha ho jaaye.Big smileBig smile

your yummy and hot favourateBig smileBig smile

and last but not the least,a birthday cake for the birthday boyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

All these are for you SWEETU!Hope you like it.Blushing

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-Neha04- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 12:13pm | IP Logged

Aaj us ek shaks ka birthday hai,aaj se 31 saal pehle vo shaks is duniya mein aaya,jo aaj mere is forum mein rehne aur aaj ye artcle likhne ki sabse pehli aur khaas vajah hai.

            7th dec.2011 time 8.00pm Ch. Zee tv par ek naya show,naam HITLER  DIDI.Kehne ko to ye bas baaki serials ki tarah ek maamuli sa fictional show hai,par pata nehi kab ye meri zindagi ka ek bohot hi zaruri hissa ban gaya aur iski asli vajah hai us serial ka ek naughty sa par cute sa,aam hokar bhi bohot khaas sa,ek green eyes waala banda.Na naam pata tha na uski history par phir bhi pata hi nehi chala ke kab vo dil mein is kadar ghar kar betha ke jiski surat dekhe bina din hi nehi guzarta.
Vaise to bollywood kahu ya Tellywood,kisine itna paagal nehi kiya jitna isne kiya,koi bhi itna na achcha laga jitna ye laga,koi dil ko itna na bhaaya jo ye bhaaya,par ye naam SUMIT  VATS aur inki ye jodi jisey hum pyar se INSHI bulaate hai bas dil par ghar kar gaya.

[ye Smile wow]Embarrassed

SUMIT aur INSHI,aaj mere liye ye show dekhne ki sabse ahem vajah hai.Mere liye ye is show ke jeene ke liye zaruri OXYGEN hai,saans lene ke liye zaruri DHADKAN hai,show ke registaan jaise maahaul mein BAARISH  KI  BOONDEIN hai ya agar ek shabd mein kahu to ye dono is show ki JAAN hai.Aaj ye show aur ye dono mere dil ke itne kareeb hai ke inki khushi mein main hasti hu aur inke gham mein mera dil rota hai.

Jab se ye show shuru hua aur jab maine isko show mein pehli baar dekha tab se mera ek ki kaam reh gaya tha ke is hari aakho waale MONSTER ka asli naam aur uski puri kundali nikaalna,yehi sab karte karte main aaj is forum par aa gayi,jaha main aayi to thi bas ek member bankar par pata hi nehi chala ke kab main is parivaar ka ek hissa ban gayi.

Yehi meri ID create hui aur Chat Club,Appreciation Threads and last but not the least,sabse important mere is zabaan ke vajah se,yahi par main pink bhi ho gayiEmbarrassedDon't worry sharam se nehi balki main SIZZLER ban gayiWink.

Thanks to Sumit Vats AT or sare SV ki gopiyaEmbarrassedWinkLOLand last but not the least mere pyaare RISHI aur INSHI.

Happy Birthday RISHI aka SUMIT.Love ya lotzzz and God bless you.


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Subhe ki roshni jab khidki ke andar se chupke se ghus kar mere chehre se takraayi to mere hotho par pehli baar ek meethi si muskaan chaa gayi.Is muskaan ki vajah vo pehli subha ki roshni nehi balki (oh God kaise bolu)mere Sumit ki cute teasing waali smile hai.

                 Haaye subha ki bhi shuruwaat hai.Par aap sab ye mat sochna ke Sumit mere saamne sach mein tha.Vo mere saamne to tha par mere sapne mein.


                       Sumit,mera hero,meri jaan,pyar se muskuraakar mere aagey apna haath barhata hai.Main bhi muskuraakar uske haatho mein apna haath rakhti hu. Par uske baad jo hota hai usse mere dil ki dhadkan hi tez ho jaati hai kyuki mera Sumit,oh sorry,mera Sumu mere ungli mein ek pyaara sa ring daalta hai

Oh God mujhe aisa laga ke main abhi faint ho jaaungi arey faint kya uspar to agar main hazar baar mar bhi jaau to bhi kam hai.Usne kaha,"Aaj se hum dono engaged huye."Embarrassed Main to bas uske taraf dekhti hi reh gayi Day Dreaming

                .Phir achaanak se usne kaha,"Get up Megha!"Maine pucha,"Kya?" Usne phir se kaha,"Megha meri ma,ab to uth ja.Kabtak sapna dekhegi?"Achaanak mujhe kisine bohot zor se dhakka diya aur main chilla uthi.Aakhe kholne ke baad maine dekha ke mere aas paas sab kuch badal chuka hai.Main tab bhi sadme mein thi.Maine dekha mera Sumu mere aas paas durdur tak nehi haiOuch,maine uska naam bhi pukaara par usne koi awaaz nehi diOuch.Phir dheere dheere main hosh mein aane lagi aur maine dekha ke mere aas paas sab kuch bohot jaana pehchaana hai,phir dhhere dheere mujhe ehsaas hua ke main to apne hi kamre mein hu aur saath hi saath mujhe ye bhi ehsaas hua ke main sapna dekh rahi thi.

                Phir mujhe ek awaaz sunaayi di aur jab main us taraf muri to maine dekha meri the great PAMI Evil Smilemere bagal mein khari hai aur itni der tak vo hi chilla rahi thiAngryUswaqt mere itne khubsurat sapne ko torn eke vajah se mujhe uspar itna gussa aaya ke maine usko aisa jhaara aisa jhaara ke main khud hi thak gayi.Phir pami ne mujhse kaha,"Oye kyat u apne aap ko itna lucky samajhti hai jo tu MRS  SUMIT  VATS banegi?Apni sapno ke dunia se bahaar nikal ja."

                 Maine tab kuch bola nehi par mujhe uspar itna gussa aaya ke fresh hone ke baad aakar maine seedha uska gala pakar liya aur kaha,"Tune mere Sumu ke saath meri sagaai nehi hone di.Kameeni,Ila mata (version 2),pyar ki dushman".AngryAngry

       Maine phir ek gehri saans li aur kaha,"Tere vajah se mera sapna pura nehi hua to ab tu hi mera sapna pura karegi."

         Pami ne socha,"Ye to puri tarah se paagal,nehi nehi chota shabd hai psycho ban chuki hai,chalo iska kaha maan hi lete hai varna isko daure parte hi rahenge."Ye soch kar Pami maan gayi.  Smile


Phir hum dono milkar plan banaane bethte hai ke kaise kya kya kare.Actually plan ye tha ke bmere aur mere sweetu Sumu ke beech mein aane waale saare haddio ko hataya jaaye.This list is as follows :-

1.Pehli hai sabse bholi CLARA (agent 2 haddi todu)Wink.Ye hamesha mere Sumu ke peeche pari rehti hai,par khair koi nehi,isko bas rishwat ke taur par uska pyaara second choice,uska rajdulaara SID de dungi,bas is ek cheez ko vo manaa nehi kar paati aur isse vo mere raaste mein bhi nehi aayegi.

2.Dusri meri pyaar si gudiya SONIE (agent 2 tea).Ye filhaal khatra behi hai kyuki khatra banne se pehle to isko khudko sambhaalna parega na,par vo kaise sambhaalegi,bichaari hamesha to talli ho kar pari rehti hai.Par phir bhi agar isne kuch gadbad karne ki koshish ki to iske haatho mein ek bottle branded whisky thamaake iska muh bandh kar dungiWinkBig smile.

3.Teesri meri MONA  DARLING (agent 3 tree).Ye maharani to itni teri hai ke agar iske ek kaan se koi screw ghusaao to vo dusre kaan se spring bankar nikalti haiLOLWink.Khair ye bhi utni problematic nehi hai,kyuki is maharani ki dukhti rag Yuvraj Singh mein basti hai,so uski ek photo se kaam chal hi jaayega.

4.Chauthi meri SONIA (Inspector Komal Aatma).Maharani ji ka ek hi takiya kalaam hai MAIN  AATMA  HU.To isse to mujhe kabhi koi problem ho hi nehi sati hai kyuki aatma ke paas dil aur sharer dono hi nehi hoteWinkBig smile. Par agar isne mere Sumu ko nazar lagaane ki koshish ki to main hu na apne sweetu ki nazar utaarne ke liye.

5.Paanchvi meri nehi meri marjaani sautan SEEMA.Ye kambakht hamesha mere Sumu par nazar garaaye bethi rehti haiEvil Smilejaise bas ek mauke ke talaash mein ho,jise paate hi vo mere jaanu ko uraa le jaayegi.Par mere andar JAB  TAK  HAI  JAAN.Main apne Sumu ko kisi aur ka nehi hone dungi.WinkEmbarrassedBig smile

6.Chati meri LADY  SALMAAN  KHAN matlab mere Sumu ki BODYGYARD VEENA  DI.WinkYe hai to naam ki bodyguard par meri dusri sautan hi hai hamesha mere aur mere Sumu ke beech mein deewar bani bethi rehti hai,mujhe usse milne bhi nehi deti yahatak ke sapno mein bhi aakar pareshaan karti hai.Huh!Ouch

7.Saatvi mere Sumu ki mummy,oops,galti maaf meri pyaari aur pujniya sasuma CONNY  DITongue.Paay laagu saasuji.Main to apni mummyji ki sabse laadli bahu bankar dikhaaungi (par unke bete ki lagaam apne haatho mein rakkhungi).Big smileEmbarrassed

8.Aathvi meri EMAAN hai.Vo mere Sumu ki behen yaani meri nanad haiBig smile,bari pyaari hai aur meri to vo sabse favourate hai (sorry can't help iski jhuti hi sahi taarif to karni hi paregi varna baad mein rora banegi mere raaste ki).WinkEvil SmileBig smileLOL

9.Aakhri hai meri SAUMYA.Well uski chinta nehi hai kyuki uski to har do pal mein pasand badalti rehti hai par agar kabhi iske pasand ka teer mere Sumu ke taraf aaya to kuch soch lenge par filhaal ke liye NOTHING  TO  WORRY.WinkBig smile

So ye hai puri list,ab dheere dheere kaam shuru karna parega.So now the MISSION  BEGINS.

Ye mssion Mere Sumu ke Bday ke pehle pura karna honga Bday ke din surprise jo dena hainEmbarrassedTongue


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Ranjinikishan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
I am thankful to all those who said NO to me It's because of them I did it myself

The Biggest Suspense Of Life Is' You Know For Whom You Are Praying But'.. You Never Know The Person Who Is Praying For You

shrimatiji aap chinta math kijiye, mein hoo na aap ka caugh syrup aap ka madad karoonga dance practice mein

Sumit Vats..the real king of tellywood

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of our joy

Aap ka haat muje dedijiye mmj, hum saat saat chaltehai

Love is not a game but a way for you to express your feelings towards someone

Laugh and the world laughs with you

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh

Your Birthday is God's way of reminding you that you have many more big things to achieve. Wishing you a great day and lots of success for the future. Happy Birthday Sumit Vats! Smile

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-dear10- IF-Stunnerz

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    ek actor jo jita hai dusron ki zindagi parde par parda chota ho ya bada farak nahi padta par parde par nibhaya gaya character dekhne walon ke dil ko kitna chhua ye imp hai , ek character tabhi parde par jee uth ta hai jab usko ek actor nibhata hai actor hona bohat badi baat hai attitude dena aapko star bana sakta hai par actor banaye jaruri nahi. 

main baat kar rahi hoon ese hi ek actor ki jisne dil se kaam kiya or sidha dil ko chhua wo hai humare green eye hero sumit vats.ab main aapko bataungi mere one of the fav character Rishi kumar ke bare main ki kis tarha se ek sadharan se charitra ko ek abhineta ne asadharan bana diya ki kharab se kharab writing bhi iss character ke charm ko khatam nahi kar payi.
                                                 rishi kumar you can call him RK
sumit vats ki entry as rishi kumar urf ricky diwan ,ever smiling , chalak ,charming rishi kumar jisse kisi ko bhi pyaar ho jaye chehre par badmashi saaf nazar aati hai phir bhi masumiyat nahi chhupti, maksat ek hansna or hansana, 
ever charming RK shayar painter and no.one jugadu koi kaam inke liye namumkin nahi hai ,magar khushi ke pichhe ka dard jyada time nahi chhupta magar yahan humko RK ek raaz ke sath nazar aate hai , gues to bohto ne kiya raaz par koi bata nahi paya ki itne talented bande ko kya jarurat pad gayi ki wo SN main kirayedaar ban gaya ye tha RK ke character ka dusra padaav.
ab aate hai makan malkin ji ke dost kam pati ever smiling rishi kumar jinka maksat hai apni hitler makan malkin ji ko hansana or unki sabhi pareshaaniyo ko door karna bhale iske liye unko apni mom or bhai se kyon na ladna pade par wo pichhe nahi hatne wale.
ye hai shriman rishi kumar jo bahen felaye apni shrimati ji ka intzaar kar rahe hai magar inko kya ye khushi milegi itni jaldi to nahi milegi ,
ye hai humare pyaare jugadu rishi kumaar urf jugadu daddy rishi kumaar or unki bitiya indu kumar rishi ki life ka ek or bhaag.
                                           caring father caring husband rishi kumar 
ab sabse mushkil  face emotional rishi kumar jisko wife or beti ki takleef ne bohat dard diya jo bohat dard main hai but kisi ko keh bhi nahi sakta rishi ke dard ko uski ankhon se mehsoos kijiye mujhe vishwas hai aap bhi ankhen nam jarur hogi.
ye hai character rishi kumaar jise kharab se kharab writing main nikhara hai sawara hai ek sahi mayne main abhineta urf actor ne jiska naam hai sumit vats. not a great but perfect actor who can make us smile ,sad happy hats of to you sumit vats god bless you hope to see you in big show jahan aapko bohat kamyabi mile my actor jo star hai without attitude. love you 

picture credit rajni di Hug

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-Cyn- IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy birthday Sumit Party 
May this day bring lots and lots of happiness, love, success in your life and all your dreams come true Embarrassed Keep rocking Embarrassed  God bless Embarrassed 
 Have an awesome day Embarrassed

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Heema22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal 
Saal Ke Din Hon Pachaas Hazaar

Suraj Roz Aata Rahe, Roz Gaata Rahe 
Leke Kiranon Ke Mele 
Palachhin, Kaliyaan Gin, Gin Teraa Har Din 
Tab Tak Rangon Se Khelen
Rang Jab Tak Baaki Hai Bahaaron Men
Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal 
Saal Ke Din Hon Pachaas Hazaar...

Yahaan Vahaan, Shaam Ho Chaahe Jahaan
Yun Hi Jhume Shama, Sun Ke Tumhaari Baaten
Pyaar Liye, Chaand Ka Tikaa Liye 
Yun Hi Juganu Liye, Chamake Tumhaari Raaten
Noor Jab Tak Baaki Hai Sitaaron Men
Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal 
Saal Ke Din Ho Pachaas Hazaar...

Near or far wherever you are,
My best wishes are with you,
Aap jiyo hazaro saal,
May success & joy be yours every day,
Yehi hai meri wish heart se!
     LOVE. Your  fan HEEMA 

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