Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien


Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien
Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyien


swagakevin2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2013 at 1:36pm | IP Logged

Hey guys the journey of this Show all began back in 2011 on the 20th June. It start off with new characters which no one really saw except for Mukul. This show has gone through its thick and thins and made it thus this far , that is, tomorrow with a massive completion of 435 episodes ClapClapSmile Not forgetting that we hardly got promos, mahaepisodes, etc from last year when lead Rageeni has left.

Just want to share something with you. This is a wriiten update of the very first episode of MKKPB:

Epi starts with alarm clock ringing in the morning..   a hand is shown switchining off the alarm..taking a bath..and a woman getting ready.   and then she comes out of her room.   Her face is shown...and she is walking..and another door opens up and a woman comes out wearing salwar kameez and says peripona gehna bhahi...and says oopss..pranaam Gehna bhabhi...and gehna smiles.   and says kush raho neemi.   kids are awake.   and she says have they ever woken up so easily.   Mataji and everyone finishes the aarti and then i will wake them up.   in front of the mandir...mrs kaushik is lighting diyas...and it is 5.50am in the morning.   and then another woman comes and says pranam neemi bhabhi and gehna bhabhi.  And neemi says wow simran..ur sari is nice.   u r looking beautiful   and simran says from today this sari is urs.  and gehna syas talk later what if we are late..  and the clock is shown and it is 5.55am.

Another woman comes out of her room and neemi says now look at her.   and and simran says one min ria..i will do it..u wear ur watch.   and ria says thnx bhabhi.   and then she says good morning everyone.   and neemi says good morning is ok..but over here pranaam should be said.   and gehna says stop talking...MA will be on terrace for pooja..lets go.   and all come there and says ram ram MASA!!!  and mrs.  kaushik turns around and all bahu have palu on their head and take aashirwad.   and the 4th bahu palu falls off her head.   and then she says it is not necessary for all of ur to come here excatly at 6am.   u can come before that too.   I was here before u i wait for the morning..not for 6am in the morning.   Gehna says from tomorrow it will happen.   and all sit down to do pooja.   pooja is done.

All come downstairs...and mrs. kaushik gives aarti to her hubby and ask him to have breakfast and also take pills.  and he says why wont u give me the pills today..and she says i have to go to pundit today for kartik's marriage talk.   he says yes u told me.   and he says i have a question.   why so early to get him married.  he has just started work...and she says i am in no hurry but punditji called...i m thinking punditji must have found a nice girl for our 5th son.   so i thought whats wrong in seeing.   and he says and this time the marriage will be with a he is ur fav.   and mrs kaushik says all are same.   and mr. kaushik says ...yes...all four sons on one side and ur 5th son on one side.   mrs kaushik says think what u like.   and she calls gehna bahu and gives her instruction on breakfast...and tells all bahus what to do in the house today.   neemi gives her the purse and then mrs kaushik gives medicine to mr. kaushik and all four bahus watch her.   

Mr. kaushik says i know which tablet is which ..but i still like it when u tell me.  and all bahus smile...and mes kaushik is leaving..and mr. kaushik is doing countdown..and mrs. kaushik finally leaves...and all says AH!!! and all bahus..start talking and laughng and mr. kaushik says gehna bahu..u think about me or not..and she says only one..and she gives him sweets... and mrs kaushik is coming back saying..where did i put the fruit thela...and all hide the sweet and stands there...and mrs. kaushik comes and picks up her bag and leaves.   and evryone relieved.  

Mrs kaushik comes to the temple to meet punditji.   she takes his asshirwaad.   and asks whether he has found a girl for kartik.   and pundit says it is this time ur expectations are u want a girl who will get along with everyone.   they talk about how great and patient gehna is..

and gehna is shown taking care of breakfast for everyone.   Gehna's hubby is shown and she packs breakfast for him.   but he leaves.   and she is disappointed.   and her FIL says he wil have it in office.

Mrs kaushik says neemi is like hawa ka joka.   and neemi is shown readying her kids and full of life.   she says neemi is a kid with the kids...and she is like a kid with her hubby bittu as well.   and neemi is shown serving breakfast in a fun manner to bitto.    Bitto says i have to open the shop today hurry up..and he leaves.   and FIL says dont worry i will go to the shop with him..he wont be alone.   

then mrs. kaushik syas my 3rd son inspector shivdo fullfilled everything.   he was stubborn..but truthfully...when simran came...i didnt think she would be able to do it.  But she is so peaceful and mature.  she proved me wrong.   

and simran is shown ironing her hubby clothes..and then they both come and simran serves him breakfast.   FIL says shibu we have to renew shop license.   and shibu says simran u do it.  and simran tells her FIL dont worry..i will do it.  and mrs. kaushik saysing to punditji our simran is like a lake..u annoy her a bit and she gets really mad.   and simran is shown talking on the phone saying how can this be?   BAAP KA RAAJ hai kya?  i will come and see.  Gehna syas what happened?   and simran says a woman lodged a complaint that her hubby hits her ater drinking alcohol.    i put him in jail..but he is free now.   as his wiffe withdrew the case.   i know this hitting is not going to stop.  I m going to look into this.

Punditji says when i saw kundali of ur foreign bahu ria and ur son aditya ...u were also not sure.  and she says first she was form london..and she has a tej mizaz..but she has proved me wrong...  and ria telling in london we get ready made rotis...but over here...and she tells aditya i know they are not as nice as moms but still.  and neemi says stop saying london london..u were born here..and ria says but when i was 5 yrs old i left india..and neemi says birth place means birth place...

and gehna syas neemi stop talking we have lots of work.   and gehna says ria dont feel bad...neemi likes to talk...and neemi says if i dont mouth starts aching...and adi says ok..i m going to leave for office.   gehna gives him his tiffin.   and adi leaves and ria follws him and neemi says see..madam is going behind him...tata bye bye and a hug.   and ria is shown saying bye to adi and hugging him.    while huggin adi sees a rash on ria's neck and says what happened...and ria says cause of heat...and adi says ok..i will arrange for an AC for u real soon..i primise..and ria says promise...and adi says i promise.   adi says listen..and trys to kiss her but she tells him to go.

and mrs. kaushik says now we need a 5th bahu who is like sky...that everyone usme samajaye.   and kartik is shown telling his bhabhi;s i m here.   and kartik says mom is not home...and bhabhis ask him how does he knows...and he says i know everything...she told me her self.   and simran is shown dressed in a police outfit during this conversation.   neemi says devar is looking forward to his marriage...and they tease him...and ria says arrage marriage...and kartik says not everyone is as lucky as u that they do love marriage.  I will fall in love after marriage.   simran says MASA must have told u what kind of girl she wants.   kartik says wants a gilr  like gehna who make delicious food and like neemi who acts like a kid...and like simran who i can salute.   and like ria who is pretty like her.   but i have a big such girl has taken birth on this my mother will have to come home empty handed.   mrs kaushik says NO...i have found the girl and kartik is shocked.   and all 4 bahus..nervous.   Mrs kaushik comes and says we have found the girl we wanted by the grace of god and the efforts of pundit.   We are going to see the girl this eveing itself.    All smile.   and she tells kartik to go get ready and he says i m going.   

Mrs kauhik her hubby and kartik comes to girl's house and the come inside...and mrs. kaushik strighten the pillow..and girl's mom puts some snacks on the table and mrs. kauchik asks to see the girl.   and then girl is brought down and she comes with tea tray and makes tea for all.   and gives it to them.   mrs. kaushik calls the girl and asks her to sit next to her.   and gives her a gift.   girls's mom says she is very u can ask whatever u want.   Mrs. kaushik says i m not here to take an instead i m going to tell her about the rules and regulation of my household which all the bahus have to follow in my house.  

and a girl is shown riding on a scooter with a helmet on.    and mrs kaushik says respect to all ppl...and doing all house chores...and girl is shown riding a bike still...and she says if she makes a mistake ...own up to it..instead of lying...and the girl is shown parking her scotty outside the house and taking her helmet off.   and she is running inside...and mrs kaushik says i hate LIES...and the girl runs inside the house and all see her and are shocked.   and the girls father gets up ...and the girl walks up..and the girls father says who are u and why are u coming here like this...and the girl walks up to kartik and slaps him...and all shocked.!!!  and finally kartik gets up and she says how dare u betray me...and mrs kaushik shocked.   and present  as well.   

Pre-cap -- she telling kartik ..i loved me..u promised to live and die together and now u are refusing to recognize me...and then she shows a photo of her and kartik togetehr.

PS this update was copy and paste, so sorry for any mistakes Smile

The very first TRP was 2.1 making it number 7 show on zee tv check it out:

Zee TV'S Zingers
Serial No.RankDateDayStart TimeProgrammeTVR
1121/06/2011Tue9:00 PMPAVITRA RISHTA4.19
2520/06/2011Mon9:28 PMRAM MILAYI JODI3.39
31019/06/2011Sun8:00 PMJHANSI KI RANI2.55
41421/06/2011Tue8:30 PMYAHAN MEIN GHAR GHAR KHELI2.28
51619/06/2011Sun9:00 PMUMEED KA NAYA CHEHRA2.07
61721/06/2011Tue8:00 PMSHOBHA SOMNATH KI2.04
71823/06/2011Thu10:01 PMMRS KAUSHIK KI PAANCH BAHUEIN2.01
83124/06/2011Fri10:00 PMHERO HONDA SAREGAMAPA LIL CHAM1.57
93820/06/2011Mon7:28 PMCHHOTI BAHU1.45
105619/06/2011Sun3:37 PMHFF HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN1.12
126721/06/2011Tue6:59 PMCHOTI SI ZINDAGI0.98
137420/06/2011Mon10:30 PMSANSKAR LAKSHMI0.91

Target Group : CS 4 + Yrs ; 

I did lots of research guys LOLLOLLOL

Now guys I must say a big thank you to all of you who have supported this forum in every single way. I came to the forum just last year around June as well and i was never active, just then when the show started to go "insane" as many people said, i took the job and help with written updates etc. I love the support i got and the respect that was given. PS this forum was the first ever i did a written update for Clap and until today im here. So thanks to all of you for the support and for making this show a succes, 435 grand episodes !!! ClapClap isnt that great?

Now leave this show with a good heart, remember the good moments we had and good episodes you have seen. Dont be angry that this show is going off air infact we supportive and hope that someday the casts of this show will re appear on televison. There is much more to say but here is when i have to put a hault! So congrats to the team and a big THANK YOU to all. From Swagakevin2 to you. Love you guys and will certainly miss the show! thanks again!

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Meredith IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2013 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Thanx for the thread and update Kevin. I will surely miss this show. But as they say, all's well that ends well. And Yes, 400+ episodes is a big achievement.Clap All the cast did a wonderful job in portraying their characters.Clap Good luck to all the cast and crew for the future.

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swagakevin2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2013 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
The first episode was awesome i enjoyed it!!!

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swagakevin2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2013 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
welcome dear.. yes for a show that has struggled it made pass the 400 mark..thats amazing..i will miss the show like others..but life goes na..someday it will end.. but we have so much good moments that we will remember for a it and surely will miss it

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2013 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
Thanks for all the updates Swagakevin. 
Best wishes to the entire cast and crew of MKKPB in their future endeavours. 

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Proud-India IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2013 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Yes, i also loved show in starting, but after the meaningless tracks & fake tracks, i hate it.

I had earlier told that this show have not future now & i was right...

Now the journey have to come on end...Smile

So bye bye...

And big thanks...Tongue

I still remember, i was so happy when on 20Th June,2011 it was started,i was so happy to watch ''Shobha Somnath Ki'' & ''Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein'' on 20Th June,2011.

Sorry to all MKKPB fans on IF, because in past i had made some thread here,which felt bad you but it was totally right. 

I still remember tag line of promo

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Although I recently started to watch the show I caught up on almost all the episodes and loved each and every episode. All the cast that played each character were perfect for the role. This show for some reason was/ is one of my favorite shows it had a bit of everything in it. Drama, romance, comedy, love, hate and most importantly for me it was a show about a joint family which had some amazing people in it. Truly going to miss this show. But hey there is always youtube to go back and watch the episodes. I wish the entire cast and crew all the best for the future ans just want to say a massive thank you for a great sweet show Big smile.

Good Bye Mrs. Kaushik and her paanch bahuein SmileSmileSmile
swagakevin2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Mspe you seem like a villain now turn positive lol..yes it was true that the show had no future and it did hurt us but still bwe had prefer you didn't say those things..yep it was a great show and me will surely miss it like crazy... Love mkkpb

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