Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Maneet 1 /38 april 20

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I  am so so happy to open 5th thread..Big smile
thank u guys for ur love n affection u r showing meBig smile..
im very greatful to u all..Star
sorry for testing ur patience..

n i bow my head before u girls for being with me
n still remembering geetanjali n spamming 
the love u showed on aarav n anjali with maneet..
i cant put it in words..
ani n aru has stoled my heart..Heart
n i will miss them a lot..Cry
i have tortured u no more bak bak..
                                    THREAD 1
         epilogues 1-5 below

                      epilogues 6/7/8-page 38
banner credit goes to ruby devil friendEvil Smile 
thanks for all friends who gave me ideas for ani aru's pranksLOL

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maneet celebrating anjali n aaravs birthday..
maans surprise plan got fulfilled..
so at night when all are sleeping he leaves mansion to his destination..

Armaan came to drink water..he saw someone moving out n in..he thought may be a thief n came to have a look..he was shocked to see maan walking with slow steps like a thief in his own house..

Armaan:where are u going..bina kisisekuch kahe..n we are here to spend some time with geet n kids..where r u taking them'

Maan smirked n moved to car..settling the luggage..he came to armaan who has followed till exit..

Maan:amy..i'm kidnapping my own wife n my children'only for myself'.

He winked n sat in the car..driver drove away leaving a baffled armaan back'.

armaan got a msg in his cell..

the unsaid words of maan was there..


note:as i have given a long break..i have used last parts dialogues here in epilogue too..

all readers for ur support

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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note:as i have given a long break..i have used last parts dialogues here in epilogue too..

Epilogue 1

The car reached the destination..maan came out n opened the house..he settled the  childrens on the bed n scooped sleeping geet n placed her also in bed..

driver came n kept the luggages inside the room'.maan gave him money n said..

Maan:take the car n go back'n when I say u come here..

He went inside n wrote something in a paper n put it in an envelope..

Maan:give this to dadi..

Driver ji sir'

He left..

Maan rubbed his hands..he was feeling butterflies in his stomach..he was like a teenager in love..

Maan:never in this world I was excited like this..waiting for u to wake up jaan.mazaa aayega..but sherni ko bhi face karna problem..i can face ur anger too..


.hmm jaan u r till in same dress..let me help u to change.


He had a naughty smirk..he slowly removed her jewels 

unwrapped her sari..seeing her in single cloth,,he was lost in her beauty..maan kam pe lag ja..he wacked himself mentally n took out his see through shirt n weared it over her ..

Maan:how u will react geet seeing urself like this..

He touched her forehead ,eyes nose lips chin..drawing a straight line from up to down..he stopped in her thigh..her milky white slim legs..he was feeling aroused..

only few hrs jaan till u wake up..the sunrise will give us a new turning point in life..he tried to sleep..but he couldn't..he was looking at the clock seems every minute was like centuries for him..he was looking at the three angels who gave him a meaning to his  life..he would kiss all 3 often showing how much he loves them..he felt peace seeing them smile in return..



When the clock struck  5..he started to do his works.. babies will wake up any minute..he has promised himself,that he will give his time to all three n will give them extreme happiness till they are here..he has even switched off his no one will disturb them..

Maan boiled the milk n filled it in sippers n kept ready for ani n aroo..they were still sleeping..

Maan st:may be they are too tired ..

Maan made tea for geet n came to her..

he showered rose petals on her to wake her up..she stirred ..he can see her eye balls moving..she tried to open her eyes..she felt everything blur.. she opened her eyes very hardly.. she felt dizzy..

Maan:slowly jaan..

He made her sit leaning on bed post..she held her head which was spinning..

Maan gave her the tea..

Maan:u need this to get rid of ur pain..she dazzly took n sipped it..

Maan:ur favourite adarath wali is it..


After half of tea she had she felt refreshing..n now she looked at the surroundings'the sound of water,'the breezy air..the view of river thru window..the wooden house..

she was shocked n surprised..

Geet st:how I came here..last I was in room..maan came with milk..oh no..milk..not again.

She screamed :maaan'u..u..u..u again drugged me'she throwed the pillows on him..he grabbed her hand n pinned her to bed..closing her mouth..

Geet:hm..u..mmm hh p..

Maan took the hands from her mouth slowly..

Maan:shh..jaan ani n aroo are till asleep..u want to wake them now..if I did not add sleeping pills then how would I give u this surprise'

He was still over her'

Geet:surprise..ya..but shocking also'but maan this is not our tree house..


He looked at her with bedroom eyes..his intense gaze on her..she felt her cheeks burning n turning red..

Maan:before that I want my morning kiss from you..

He bent to take her petal like lips..

But it was too late..aroo n ani woke up when they heared geets scream'n was checking the surroundings

Mama ..papaa..they called n crawled over them.. see..u woke them ..

Geet took aroo n maan took ani in their arms..

Aaroo was giving a tough look to maan as he saw him lying over his mama..after maan shifted to bed,aroo came n shifted himself over geet..geet chuckled seeing both aaroo n maan giving glares over each other..

Geet:possessive baap ki possessive bete..

Maan:I love my princess..he took ani in his arms..she kissed his cheeks..

Maan:see jaan..this is my princess..without asking she gave me my morning kiss..but u both make me crave ..

Geet screamed suddenly ..n looked at aaroo ..

Aaroo who saw geets nipples thru the see thru shirt started to suck as he still remembered his feed..

It took seconds for her to come out of shock..she was in maans shirt,that too in a sexy form before the kids..she gave an angry glare to maan..he gave a puppy look..

Maan:sab gaya pani mei..meri jaan sherni hogayi..

Maan took aaroo in his other arm n played with him'geet was cursing maan.. 'but still she was embarrassed being caught by her son..

 She then came n took aaroo from him..

ani:mama,shame shame..

Geet looked now n saw she was wearing nothing below..arghh maan.. she took a bed sheet n wrapped over her..she threw all the things came to her hand..

Maan placed kids on bed n nudged everything..


Geet:I hate u..

Maan:I love u..

Atlast she was tired..she sat on bed with grumpy face..the one who was happy was aroo..his mama is making his papa was enjoying it a lot..he crawled to geet n kissed her..

Geet:ok..ok..ab enough of mast'

Geet:maan,cant u see they are hungry..where is kitchen?

Maan:don't worry honey..when maan is there y to worry..i am at ur service 24x7 ..not for u only but for u all 3..

Geet knotted her brows..ohh..then my dear service man..go n get milk for my babies..they r hungry..

Maan:yes mam..

Geet giggled forgetting his anger becoz of his cute antics'

maan gave aroo's milk bottle to geet..n he took the bottle for anjali n fed them..

geet looked at the house now..

it was a tree house..very close to river..

its not same which they came before..she looked through the windows n saw the outer view..she couldn't stop her admiration..she was left speechless..the one word came from her mouth was


she forget to blink her eyes..

maan was happy seeing can be clearly seen in her face..

maan:how is the surprise geet..

geet thought to play with him..

geet:what surprise maan?

She muffled her laugh seeing maans face turning pale..Maan glared her..

maan:u cant see the surprise..geet..this is my gift for u

geet:for what?

maan: ..for gifting me two angels'n one more thing..

he winked at her..his eyes expressing his naughty intensions..geet s cheeks were heating..still she composed herself n continued her play..

geet:one more..what is special..

maan:the 3 months time I asked u..its no more needed..geet,that tree house has our bitter memories too..where I left u alone ..but here we will make new memories..this is what I planned these days..our 2nd honey moon..

maan was getting emotional.. 


he pulled her by waist n looked into her eyes..his eyes filled with love n pain..

maan:geet,can I ask u one wish..will u fulfil it..

geet:yes maan..

maan:geet,I want to become a father again..i want to cherish all those moments of a father from when our child forms inside u till u delivers it..i want to feel the kick of baby inside u..i want to see how ur belly grows up slowly..i want to be with u when u deliver the baby..will u give me the happiness geet'the moments I missed in my life,I want to live those moments with u..

geet was also too emotional..she never thought he was holding only to make their start in different I forgot this is MSK..if he cam make arrangements to trap n marry me without others knowledge,he can do anything for his love'

geet:I will maan..i want only ur happiness..i too want to start a new fresh with u n kids..n I too want to be a mother again with u beside me..

maan:thank much darling..he bent to kiss her lips..


man:argh..meri bache..they hate to see me near u..then how will I make u pregnant..

he said bluntly without realizing what he said in frustration..

geet:man..chi chi..bache ke samne aase blogi kya.. they wont let me romance better u change n lets go out n see the sunrise n will take bath in river n come..

man came to her ears n said:do u remember our bath in river..he asked huskily making her whole body shiver..

geet:man.pls..i am already having goosebumps thinking about what u said

maan:what I said jaan..he said teasingly..

geet went n opened the luggages..she saw her dresses were mostly knee length dresses like frocks. half pants n mini is not like she has never weared it..but man liked to see her in Indian..then why?

Maan:read her questioning gaze..

Maan:becoz this will be easy to take off..n I can see u the way I want..

Geet:chi maan..aap na bohut besharam hogayi ho..

Maan:besharm ab bohut bakhi hai jaan..i haven't started yet..

He said teasing her ..geet nodded her head n went to change'

She came out wearing the red frock,which was complementing her skin n adding beauty to her..she can feel maans gaze on her exposed arms n legs..she tried to avoid his eyes..but she looked without her own will..his eyes were dark filled with passion..n his desire was fully visible'geet averted her eyes..

Maan lets go..she took aroo n maan took ani n moved to the river..ani n aroo was totally happy n enjoying the sceneries..maan has weared them the shoes n let them down..they started to play,running behind the birds n butterflies..their laugh echoed in the jungle..maan n geet both sat in a rock n watched their kids playing..the sun rised between the mountains giving brightness to the day..



Maan:I promise in the name of this light,I will be always be with u ,as the brightness of ur life n our childrens life..i will never break ur trust..n I want u as my life partner for all my life..i will love u as no one loved their wife..from now ,my happiness n my life is only u n our family..

Geet saw him getting emotional she tried to lighten the atmosphere..

Geet kept her fingers in her chin like thinking..

Geet:but this promise is not enough..

Maan:what u want..ask me..

Geet:one promise more..


Geet:u wont get angry n show ur big eyes to all..

Maan glared her..

Geet:see too u r showing ur big big eyes'.

Maan:geet ..u r making fun of serious.. too..serious..chodo tumhari guzza..

Maan:ok let me try..with u around me nothing is impossible..

Geet:so sweet'

Maan:sweet is u honey..he cupped her face leaning to a kiss..

Geet screamed in horror'aaahhh..

 1775 words

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Maan turned n looked at the kids..why geet is screaming in fear seeing them..maan chuckled..there is standing his cuties with the small snakes in can he forget geet is scared only to snakes..

Maan:geet,ye tho chota hai..he moved n took the big snake behind the kids..

Maan:ye iska bache hai..n they know they wont harm..maan ,pls..leave it..muje dar lagraha hai..geet was turning pale n shivering..maan:ok..ok..he took it n left it near the tree hole..he took the small snakes which were trying to get rid from his childrens,as they were holding it hard so it may not move..maan took them n dropped it near its mother snake..they moved fast inside the whole like it want to escape from their enemies,before they crush them as juice..

Geet was relieved

Maan:geet when I am their why r u worrying..

Geet:what if the snake bites..

Maan:ye humari jungle hain..aur jo bi animals n birds are there,they are also ours..n they listen to my words'

Maan can feel geet still shivering..he took her in embrace..kuch nehi hoga jaan..jab tak mei zinda hoon,I wont let a tear in urs n childrens me,this snakes wont harm us..

Maan was about to peck her lips..aroo called them..mama papa..pani..bohut pani..

Ani:maa paani..deko..

They are standing in the banks of the river..

Maan was frustrated every time he moves near geet they interrupted their romantic moments..maan was annoyed..but geet was enjoying the plight of maan with shy..


Maan:removed the cloths of childrens..there was a small tub near a tree n the water was flowing in it too..maan placed both kids..

now u both can enjoy the water..let me enjoy with ur mama..

He lifted geet n moved inside water..he threw her inside it..bohut hasi aarahi thi na tumhei..ab haslo..he took of his vests n tracks n dived into the water..

Geet gulped her saliva..ani n aroo was enjoying the sight n playing.splashing water on each other.

.they looked at their parents..maan was trying to get hold of geet..but geet was going away from him every time'they both were playing inside the water like two fishes..aaroo laughed seeing his dada couldn't catch his mother..n she was showing her tongue out n went inside the water..maan was now in determination..he went deep inside the water n found her..geet was looking for man ..he pulled her into the was so sudden..she screamed..but she was sealed by his lips..maan kissed her hungrily..he pulled her by waist close to him..she encircled her arms around his neck..both were lost in each other forgetting the surrounding'


Maneet opened their eyes n instantly parted n came out of water only to see the both cuties their parents were out of sight,they got scared ..feeling left,they cried in top of their voice..making maneet come out of their romance'

Maneet came n took the their eyes were trailed with tears missing maneet..n both pouted cutely seeing them back..

Maan:sry baby..sry..papa ko maaf kardo..ache bache haina..

aroo slapped maan..n maan took his complaints silently..geet also consoled them with her sweet talks..

geet took the towel n wiped both n changed them to dry clothes..ani aroo still was sobbing..

geet:maan,I think we must give them breakfast..its late..

maan:hmm..lets go back..

both moved to the house'geet placed them on floor n gave them toys to play ..


maan was already inside kitchen to make breakfast..geet too joined him..soon they made the food n came to kids.. ..but they are msks kids ..still,they were sitting their with grumpy face..

both had to manofy a lot ..ani was dadas princess n being so sweet she cooled down quickly..but making aroo cool down was like making sun rise in west..he was stubborn n did not take food..maan took him a piggy bag ride around the house n geet was feeding him with lots of buttering..then only he cooled down..

they came back n had their breakfast..

maan:im feeling tired..

geet:hoga na..aap ithni kaam jo ki hai..

she giggled making maan more annoyed..he glared at her..

geet:mr..hubby..u r breaking ur promise..

maan knotted his brows..

geet:ur big eyes..

maan smiled n nodded his head saying he wont break his promise..

maan:how much u want to annoy me..u can dear..but u will pay for it heavily..when I get the payback time..

geet smiled sheepishly thinking how wild he may go ..


after that both cleaned the plates n started to prepare the lunch..geet made milkshakes for kids..n thought to give after sometime'man kept the veg in cooker..she started to make dough for rotis .. maan came from behind n encircled her waist.

.he nuzzled his nose on her nape..she moaned..


hmmm r there..

maan:they are playing..let me love u for some time..

he placed her hair one her back was visible..he placed kisses on her spine..she arched her back leaning on him..


shh geet..he moved his fingers on her arms'she was totally glued to his body..his sweet torture was unable to handle for her..he pulled her more to his frame..she blushed feeling his arousal..



maan rubbed his stubble on her cheek..

geet:u will be flooding soon..

maan:what to do..when my childrens are my biggest enemies of romance..

both were lost in their world..did not see the two pairs of small cute eyes looking at them with anger..ani n aroo looked at each other..

ani:aru..maa dada..booli(boolgayi)

aru:hmm..dada ko  mei'

his eyes twinkled in mischievous..he slowly climbed on the chair near by..

ani thought he is going to take milkshake'but aroo was clever..he opened the bottle with full effort n threw it on maneet..haha..maneet drenched in milkshake..geet was in maans embrace,so she was partly drenched..poor maan'feeling the sudden liquid both jumped..geet knew its their chota devils work who was standing their with fuming eyes..she closed maans eyes..

geet:maan,pls don't show ur big eyes n scare them..

she said giggling'

 maan:leave me I will drench him also in milk..

geet:its ur fault..why are u scolding him..

 maan:my fault..

geet:yes yours..

maan: how?

Geet:I warned u maan babies are there..u only told they are playing..ab look funny maan..geet chuckled seeing his state..

maan:I am sticky..

geet:yup..go n bath maan..i will clean the mess'


while both were busy talking ani n aroo looked here n there..they were hungry..n their moma n dada were busy with each other.. pointed fridge to aaroo..n aroo understood,they can get something to eat from many times they have see their nana,nani,mama n uncle taking fruits n jam from there..both pulled the door with their small hands n successfully opened..only vegetables can be viewed from their height..ani climbed inside the self..the chillness made her hands numb..she came down..n twisted her lips..

aaroo now climbed the shelf..he looked for fruits..he couldn't..then he took the jam n gave to ani..he saw eggs..poor aaroo did not know its not he took it'he was not able to clutch it tight..


maneet turned to the sound n saw the mischief of their kids..ani was eating jam with her fingers n jam was smudged all over the face

n aaroo was looking at the broken egg is gone..he reached other one..


geet:aaroo no..


before she reach he dropped that too on floor..geet lifted aroo n closed the fridge..she looked around the side maan standing in milkshake..other side ani smudged in jam..aaroo 's dress was also she lifted him with flour hand...the floor full of milkshake n broken eggs..

geet:god,what I will do with these naughty khuranas'


he winked..

geet:maan,I am angry on you..all this becoz of u..u  kept me distracted

maan:don't worry jaan..mein hoon na..

geet:I did not ask u for srk film listen to what I am saying..


 maan: mama bohut guzza hai let us keep our fingers in mouth n quietly listen to ur mama..maan himself n made the kids to keep the fingers on mouth..geet laughed seeing maans attempt

geet:maan,u r impossible..

maan:I am possible for u darling..

geet:ab bohut hogaya..are u taking them to clean or will u clean this mess..

maan:anything u say dear..common angels lets have an another wonderful sunbath..he lifted both n went to the river..geet was very happy..there was no more black memories..maan is trying his best n giving them all which she never expected..the lonely life with kids'n her worries all are vanishing with maans utmost care n love..the dream of hers a happy family with loving husband n cute kids..what else she want in this life..i want to fulfill my maans wish..i want a baby again..i too want to experience how it will be with ur husband beside me when I carry our love within me'what baby it will be boy or girl..or twins like ani n aroo..omg..can I handle the twins again..


her every nerve jittered with the thought of being a mother excitement came within her along with it thinking about their night... her dreams where never ending'maan has returned back ..he placed the kids in chair ..he turned n saw geet still in same position smiling to herself n blushing..

maan: ye lo..dont blame me again sweet heart..

geet came back out of her world..with his voice..


maan:if u blush like this then I will surely take u now itself..dont make me hard..

geet looked at floor in shy..

maan:what are u thinking..let me guess..ur cheeks are red like I think u must have been ur husband will look at bed..

geets cheeks burned..he came near her ear n whispered huskily making her drive insane..


 maan: even im thinking same will u be with me at bed..will u be able to keep my passion or u will faint..

geet was lost in his words..he was turning besharm..

maan:hmm besharam hoon..n poora besharam dikaunga ..after all it is our honey moon ..wait till the kids sleep..i will make u also besharam..

geet was all sharam se pani pani..

maan:ok dear..enough of are hungry..will u place the table..roti tho nehi ready we must go with rice only..


seeing her state maan himself settled the table..he took rice in bowl n smashed it..he added the dal n ghee..he wrapped the bib around the kids neck n started to feed them..

maan: if u stand like this na jaan..kuch nehi hone wala than the time pass..clean the kitchen soon n ur hands too..see it is dry..


her knees were turned jelly n she was turned up only by his words..what will happen when the kids sleep..she took the cloth n wiped the mess..

maan successfully fed the kids many times he has seen geet feeding them ..telling them stories n talking to them in their language..he used the same trick n fed them..maneet too had their lunch..

maan:we must make them sleep..

she can read the hidden meaning too..both took them to the bed..will the two sleep..when they are enjoying the surroundings..maneet only turned tired seeing them playing..both sat on either sides of bed patting them to sleep..both were throwing their legs in air n talking between themselves in baby language..after whole 1 hr they slept'


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dont know why it happens with me to geetanjali always...i lost typed parts 2 times..first time bcoz of my idiocity i deleted ..2nd time my pc got angry..alas..i was able 2 collect here comes the 3rd epi...
once again thanks for not throwing rotten veg  n eggs on me..salam for ur patience..sry daughters exam came along ..
Epilogue 3

maan:n geet too slept becoz of tiredness'it was two hrs,maneet n kids were sleeping..ani was the one who woke up first..she rubbed her eyes with back of palm..she saw the other 3 sleeping peacefully..she climbed over aroo, n shook him hard,making him woke up'



(nini nehi aarahi hai)

Ani :bujiiiMonkey Icons Cici

:she screamed loud in happiness showing her hands out..maneet wokeup with the sound of them..

Maaan:kya hua princess..

Geet:why u r screaming..aroo ne kuch kiya..

Aroo:ye lo..why all think I will be the one to make them cry..he  made a puppy face..

 maan: geet,he is quiet..he did not do anything..

aaroo:hi.mere papa muje support karrahi hai..

maan:he will torture me only,not princess..

aroo:uff..ek minute meine sochatha..dada supports me..but usual he teases me..chalo aaroo aaj dada se katti..dikado tum bi uski bte ho..aarav maan singh khurana..torture karthi hoona meinaapka..i will show u dada what is real torture..he smirked mentally..maan saw it..

maan:ye devil ki mind mei kya chalraha hai..zaroor mujei tang karnekeliye kuch sochrahi hogi.

ani showed the tree outside..

ani:buji..mera buji'

geet:maan,ani ki dora buji dolls kahaan hai..shayad wo wahi poochrahi hai..

maan:wo..i did not bring it..i brought all new ones..n night in hurry it left my mind..

geet:aaro ki spiderman..


maan:wo bi laana boolgayi..

maan made a sad is not going to be easy..for him to manofy them without their favourite aaroo st:,dada ab aayega mazaa..

aaroo:sidl man..mama sidl man

geet:lo,aapka laadla ka spiderman chahiye..

ani:buji..buji..Monkey Icons Cici

she again showed outside n cried..

maan: princess don't cry..


maan:geet she is pointing outside..let me see what is she showing..

maan:princess ko bahar dekna hai kya..


:maan saw a monkey in tree..seeing them it got scared n climbed up

 maan: oh,so u saw the monkey..


maan: u thought it as ur buji..but its real monkey princess..


aroos devil mind laughed.LOLBig smile.ab meri bari hai..

aroo:sidel man

maan:princess,ye asli monkey hai..u cant play with it..

geet:u told maan,all birds n animals belong to us..they will listen to the monkey n make it stay near for a while, aaroo bi chup hojayega..

maan:smiled sheepishly..LOLhe he geet..LOL

geet:what is this laugh for?

maan:geetu monkey haina..

geet:haan ye monkey hai..mei donkey thodi na bola..LOL

maan:it is scared of me..ROFL


geet was shocked,but maan was grinning a mad man..

maan: after u left I was so frustrated n blasted on everyone..adi told me to take a break as I fired most of the staffs..n I came here. ,fruits  n whatever things I kept for my use got  vanish..then I found it is this was having banana that day which it stole from my table..i took the gun n shot the was scared seeing it...from that day it never comes near me nor disturb me..

geet:wah wah..kya ache kaam ki hai apne..ek jaanwar ko bhi nehi choda..LOL

maan:ab mein kya karun..

geet:u better leave for a while..i ll make it come here..

maan left..

geet took bananas n kept near the window pane

geet:rama,come here..take it..

monkey looked at maan who was standing few trees away from the gathered the strength n came took the banana hurriedly n jumped up to the heights of branches..

geet kept a papaya..

the monkey scratched its head..ani n aroo also imitated the monkey..

monkey again scratched its was thinking to go or again saw maan who was looking up on it again went near the window n hesitatingly took the papaya n returned back to its looked down maan was not geet again kept eatables one by one ..sometimes throwing it to monkey n making it catch..n few minutes monkey was comfortable around geet n kids..n kids were enjoying the monkeys mischieves..


here maan was getting bored n his neck ached looking up..uff..when will they call me back..maan heared some moments at he went to look for it..maan looked at the was a banana leaf moving..maan took it n saw a small baby monkey inside was placed on dry leaves n covered with banana leaf.the sun rays has disturbed its sleep..maan looked at the small was scared seeing him..he plucked some fruits n gave it ..then covered it again..he came to tree house n took the axe n nails n came down..still  geet n kids were playing..maan started to cut the branches of trees n soon made a small wood house..geet along with kids came down hearing the sound'monkey feared to come near was looking at its baby..will it be safe'maan climbed the tree near by n placed the wood house between the branches..he took the grass n spread it inside..he took the baby monkey..the mother monkey screamed thinking he will harm its baby..maan gently placed it inside n kept a bowl of water with some fruits which geet gave..

monkey was looking at maan..

maan:..ur baby is safe..n now it will sleep peacefully'I wont harm it..n u too'monkey went away like it understood him..

maaneet came to the front side ..

aroo showed his big eyes spitting anger..

maan:now what?

Aroo:mera spdr man..(my spider man)

Ani:my buji..

Geet was looking at the two kids who are missing their favourite toys n now monkey has also went away..maneet knotted their brows thinking what to do..their angels were in verge of crying..

Ani:dada buji..up..down..she was animating with her hands showing tree n maan..

It took some minutes for maneet to understand what their little princess was saying..

Geet started to laugh loudly..while maan was looking at his princess with frown..but he has promised himself he will give them every he climbed the tree from one branch to other like what the cartoons will do..aaroo was also happy as his spider man too does this in tv..both ani n aroo were clapping n enjoying the circus show that their dada was doing  for them..geet was gigling continuously..when maan stopped aaroo will scream in his high tone making their ear drums deaf n maan has to climb,jump n dance for them..noone of the outer world will believe,The great Maan Singh KHurana has turned a joker before his kids..

Geet stopped her laugh when she saw a pinch of pain in his face..still he hided it n continued..geet came to him n stopped him..she took his hands n saw a piece of wood pierced in his hands n was bleeding..

Maan:nothing jaan..

The kids too looked at him worriedly..

Maan:kuch nehi jaan..its small doesn't pain..geet wiped his blood n kissed his palm softly only to make aaroo frown n man happy..

Maan:jaan..dont do that..otherwise,u know..i can take u here itself.. im trying to reduce ur pain..n u..

Maan:its not reducing my pain..but its awakening the desire inside me..then don't say kids are here with us.n .chi chi maan.aap besharam hogayi..

Geet looked at him with her eyes opened..though she was red she managed to say

Geet:ok..i let us go n give u first aid..



Both went inside..geet dressed up his wound..though it was small it pained her heart..thats love..chot ek ko lagi n pain is felt by other..he lifted her chin by his index finger..some times I feel am I the right person for u geet..the love u shower on me makes me insane..n now I can't live without u even for a minute..i love u geet..i love u so much..

He has to express himself ..though both knew they are in love unconditionally..maan was often saying ILU to geet..they are moving ahead,but the love which is not said cant be felt fully as the scar he has given is deep n his words are the one which can take away the scar..

Geet:I know maan..u love me..n I love u too..but I bet u cant love me more than aaroo..

She giggled n took aaroo in her lap..

Maan:hmm..u too cant love me like my princess do..

Both bursted in laugh..they were teasing each other  n playing..they both played with kids and made their dinner ..maneet with kids had their dinner in the open was full moon day n the moon was witnessing the pure lovable family..after all finished their dinner ,maan said geet to make kids sleep,he will go out 4 some time n will be back soon..geet did not question him as she saw some glow in his was surely something which is related to them..may be some surprise she thought..n the nearing night was also not leaving her..her stomach tickled thinking about their togetherness..after all they are going to become one again after more than a yr'


She heared some moments of water which in time slowed down..may be a boat..but boat here kaise..ani n aroo did not let geet sit peacefully..after half an hr maan came back..

Geet:maan,kids are not sleeping without u..

Maan:its common let go out..

He took a bag n filled some things for babies n took ani n geet took aaroo..both were yawning but were stubborn not to sleep

Maan:wont u ask me where we are going..

Geet:no maan..i know u r upto something..n I want to feel it than asking u..

Maan:u will love my surprise'

He hugged her sideways only to get a push by aaroo..

he nodded his head..kuch nehi hosaktha till I have my devil near me..

Maan took them to the river..there was a boat ..maan asked geet to sit in it, With kids n he started the motor..the  river was glowing at night time in full moon 5 minutes they reached the mid of river n there she can see some lights n dias..

The sight was mesmerizing..maan helped geet n kids come was a small glass house in mid of water..maan took the steps up n there was a lift which took them under water.. was all filmy for geet..she has seen in America the under water museums..but maan making it for their own something which she never expected..she was shocked when the lift opened n gave the view of their beautifully decorated was decorated like it was their Sr..with small candles n red a romantic feel..geets every nerves jolted seeing it..

.the room was parted by another glass which was for kids..the kids can watch the colourful fishes swimming around them..aaroo n ani jumped in maneet hands to leave them on floor..n they did..soon kids were trying to catch the fishes which were touching the walls of the glass..

Maan looked at them n slowly cornered geet to the other side..his eyes full of naughty n mischief..geet gulped her saliva seeing it..

Maan:today there will be no barrier between us..n I think kids also wont disturb is the surprise mrs.khurana..

Geet was all shy..she lowered her head n looks like MSK style..i am impressed my sexy hubby..

She said teasing him..

Maan came to her will be a long night with ur sexy hubby..are u prepared  wifey..

Geet:im waiting for it hubby..she said playing with his buttons unknowingly undoing it..his bare chest came to her view man saw his effect of him on her..he took of his shirt making her gasp..

He pulled her in his embrace n was about to take her lips..

Geet:maaan bache..

Maan:uff..i forgot..

Both moved to the other side only to see the kids half sleeping..maneet patted them n soon they drifted to sleep..when maan was sure ani n aaroo was having deep slumber,he came to geets side n lifted her in his arms n moved to their side..

 1971 words

next part strictly above 18+

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Epilogue 4
warning 18+ only..

Maan placed geet on bed..he can see her eyes closed but her cheeks showed how much shy she was..he pressed a kiss in her cheeks..

 Maan:you look eatable with this red hue on you..he bit her making her blood rush to her cheek making it grow more red..she was silent..she want him to proceed ..her hands were still holding his neck sensually rubbing n threading his hair..maans hands went behind her back captivating her eyes with his..geet can feel him lowering her zip of her frock..

Geet gasped feeling his fingers barely touching her skin..she had goose bumps n she hugged maan was more easier for him to remove her dress..she was in her minimum clothes n her eyes were shut tight..feeling his intense gaze on her body..

 Maan:geet..i want u also to feel me the same way I do..

She opened her eyes only to meet his longingness n desire for her..he guided his hands to his dress making her undress him..

Maan:I want our night to be u like my arrangements.

Geet could only nod her head..she was way too speechless as he started to give her smooches all over her face ..he was feeling her like a flower…handling her very tenderly..she can feel his hardness poke her abdomen..he was holding it as he want to go slow..he kissed her almond eyes.. sharp nose…red chubby cheeks..her earlobes..her grip on his shoulder was tightening n she bit her lips controlling her moans…

.he kissed her neck n her jaw line n after torturing her to extent he captured her lips..her juicy lips tasted heavenly for him..he was feeling her as geet for first time ,not as anjali…geet was responding him with equal passion..

both their eyes locked in each other..their tongues playing with their pairs trying to dominate one another..he took her both lips in his mouth for a whole mouth kiss..she was out of breathe..he left her having a winning smile…she shied more..

 Maan:I never thought a girl who spent her life abroad can be this shy..

Geet:girls are girls maan..their nature cant change…n shyness is one of the qualities of girls…she said in low voice..

 Maan:hmm wo tho hai..i love it…

His hands went to her back snapping the hooks of her bra..


Maan:better u don't wear these things till we are here..

Geet was all red again hearing his shameless comments..

 Maan:I am serious takes time..he said throwing it on floor along with her last barrier..

Geet:then..u must also be free like me..

She said it in one go..then closed her face with her palms for blutterring shamelessly like him..

 Maan:hmm..not a bad idea..he took his last barrier n joined her on bed ..he hovered over her..both their skins were glued with each other ..geet was drooling his manly body n inhaling his drove her insane..but he was busy in the mould of hers..he was sucking kissing n squeezing it n teasing her hard buds..she arched her back giving him more access to take it..he gave importance to both the curves making her jitter..he held her waist n kissed her belly buttons..geet was digging her nails on his back..he was licking the soft skin over there.

Geet:maan pls...

Maan:not so soon jaan..he started to tease her with his tip touching her core..his hands massaged her thighs..

geet :maan…pls.. i want u …

Maan was busy in cherishing her..he did not concentrate on her words..

.geet had enough of his tortures..she flipped n came over him..

Geet:enough of ur torture meri bari..

She started to feel him in her own way..she kept his hands locked in hers n kissed his every part of body marking him as hers.she kissed his lips hardly making him bleed..she showed her desire on him wildly..she kissed from his head to toe..he growled when she bite his nipples...this may be the first time they are enjoying themselves without any 2nd thought…or hatred..

Maan:oh..geet..he moaned..n geet was busy kissing his manly assets.his abs,his chest..his ironic body..his body stiffened as she continued her pecks.she came down n kissed him between his thighs..n that was it..maans control broke..he wanted to go smooth but geets torture made him lose second geet found herself under him n maan pinned her hands above her head like she he was within was so sudden ..she screamed in pain n tears rolled down her eyes..maan kissed her tears..

Man:geet..what happened..

Geet:its paining maan..he came out of her n came down witnessing her blood stains..

Maan wiped it with tissue n kissed her virginal lips..

Maan:do u want me to continue or stop..he asked her in concern..

Geet:I want u badly maan..this is not the stage to stop..n I know u also need me badly as I do..

Maan:yup..then lets start again with slow passion..till u relax under me..

Geet looked at him..he slided his finger inside her feminine part slowly moving in n out..


Maan:is it gud..


She was wet n soon flooded..she reached her climax soon..maan again plunged his fingers in n out ..he slowly kept his tip on her core..sliding slowly..this time she was comfortable letting him in..though a slight pain occurred..he came to her face n took her lips in his…

geet:im ok now maan..

she said in between the kiss..he started in slow rhythm n was kissing her madly n started to thrust her deep deep n more was ages n the separation n starving has made them desperate..geet was moaning his name countlessly n her ahh..hmm maan..ya 

of moans in her mono syllable  added fire to him..he kissed her hard making her lips was no more gentle..both were rolling on bed n taking turns to show their love on each other.geets nails digged in his skin..he filled her with his love..both felt exhausted as they both hit their peek..he rested on her valley panting heavily..geet was all red n blue n was sore at the end of first time itself..her eyes shed tears..he kissed her tears away..

Maan: was I too rough..

Geet:no..i love it..

Man:then why this tears jaan..

 Geet was silent..but saw him looking at her for answers..she said

Geet:I never expected I will get my dreams in real..this night is indeed very special for me..thank u maan..

Maan:no more tears jaan..i know I was wrong on our SR..but today ,u r my wife in all ways jaan..i love u by my heart body n soul..

Geet:I love u too maan..she pecked his lips n maan took her lips in his..both started to lose themselves n it was a long night for them..both filled the year gap inbetween them the whole night..she never complained him she needs rest n he was busy exploring her the whole night..they lost the counts how much times they were together at night..for their luck the kids too did not wake up giving their parents to have a long passionate night..

 Maan saw geets eye lids seeking sleep..then only he left her..she was lazily sleeping on the bed the minute he stopped making love to her..maan saw her..there was no part which had marks of his teeth..he caressed her face lovingly..he took the frock n made her wear without waking her sleep..she snuggled close to him n he patted her to go in deep slumber..he placed her on bed comfortably ..n wore his pants n went to check kids..they were still in deep sleep..maan moved away the partition so now it looked like a single room with two large beds..they can see the kids if they wake up..maan came to geet n took her in his arms n slept peacefully..


The kid's baby talks woke up maaneet ..they looked at the watch n saw it was 8..they were sleeping 4 a long were out of bed..they did not disturb maneet as they had the fishes ,sea horses n many things to keep them busy..


He touched the blue fish which came touching the glass n went..


Ani ghowed the yellow fish..

Maaneet find it cute n watched them without disturbing..

Ani n aaroo trying to touch them..they feared n swimmed back..they kept the nose on the glass like trying to imitate the fishes..

Geet:maan..they must be hungry..

Maan gave the flask to her…which he bought at night..

She poured the milk in the kids sippers n gave them…they did not make any tantrums..they had it silently…

Geet:we must fresh up ..

Maan : im ready to give bath to u..

Geet:maan har waqt masaaq..where is bathroom..

Man:oh..then we must go back..with that maneet came back to their tree were enjoying the ride back in boat..


The days passed soon.

.they started their regular morning with their naughtiness making maneet have eyes on them all time..n maneets small romances in between making food.ani n aaroo disturbing their romantic moments..aaroo giving glares..monkeys visit to take food n make kids enjoy...their freshing up in river..n making out inside it without kids notice…n back to tree house..n the nights became endless ..maan never let her sleep peacefully..their nights were always long ,happy loving n passionate..geet was totally exhausted in his up every time he nears her..there was no skin left without his love bites..which was marked deep inside her soul too..

Maan knew she was tired n in mornings .he made the break fast n took care of babies giving geet a peaceful sleep..romance was in full air..

Geet asked inbetween when they will be back n maan will say they have just arrived n so no thinking about it..

at night

at the end of 3 weeks geet asked maan..

Geet:maan when will we go back..

Maan:im not in mood to go back..he said nuzzling his nose in her nape..n his one hand busy in her curves..she pulled the duvet covering them both having look on kids..

Geet:maan..i want to go home..

Im feeling home sick..think about dadi n mom n dad..they will miss ani n aroo too..n we have kc too..ur presence is needed in office..3 weeks is a big time..we must be back to our life..we cant be like this maan..

After a long time of geet knocking sense in him..maan agreed to go back to delhi half heartedly..

 Maan:promise u will be like this with me 24x7..then I ll come..

Geet:maan..aap na bilkul bache hogaye stubborn..

Maan:hmm but its with u..n u only..


Before she starts her puran of going back,he sealed his lips with his with hers shutting her..geet always was vulnerable..after being with him so many times too he has the effect on her..she lose herself in his one glance or his one touch..soon she was moaning his name n maan was having immense pleasure n a never ending night..he left her at morning was long than ever..

 Maan:we will leave today to delhi..he said kissing her swallon lips for one last time..

Geet:hmm..she said drifting to was noon when she woke up..she saw all things packed up..ani n aaroo freshed up n playing with man..


Maan:get ready will come any time..

She blinked..

 Maan:if u stay here for some more time i'll change my mind..he said with a naughty smirk..she took the towel kept near her n went to bath in river..maan was watching her swimming n relaxing from the window..she had no clothes on her..she trusted even the first time when they came there..she came out n wrapped the towel drying her body..she looked the place around..her cheeks turned red..her blush expressed she is thinking about their moments in water..she took slow steps to the house n entered it..

She took the sari to change..


Maan:waise..we will come here thinking for our 3rd hm…he winked making her blush more ..


Geet had her tea made by the time car arrived..maaneet started back to delhi..



Maneets arrival was making the whole mansion upside down..geets friends are back with her parents..they missed their grandchildrens  n their naughtiness a lot..dadi was giving instructions to clean kids room n stuffed it with more new toys..


Kids were taken away from maneet as they entered the mansion..though maan was annoyed seeing geets glare he kept mum..

Ammy teased maan:biwi ki gulam…

 Maan:meri biwi..mei kuch bi karoon..tumei kya..

All laughed hearing his open statement..n geet hid herself in his embrace..

Ani n aroo loved the attention given to them..all missed the kids n was pampering them.

Dadi:maan geet..u both go n have some rest..we will take care of babies..

.maneet retired to their room leaving kids with them..but maan had his own plans..entering the room he locked it first n scooped geet to bed..geet shrieked..maan..


Maan:shh..we have to be careful there thinking about they are with their grand parents n uncle let me love u without any fear..

N that's the start…soon the room was heated with the passion filled in air..

Days passed into months n months to years..

Maan was the one to be disappointed everytime hearing geet having her regular cycles..they were perfect..but the news he was waiting,he did not get..he went to dr too..n she confirmed there is no problem in geet..nor maan..n maans desperation to become a father again was growing day by day..sometimes he thought god is punishing him for his past deeds..that he wont experience geets motherhood days passed he was losing hope..that his wish wont be fulfilled….n geet asked him to keep patience..still they are young n they can have baby any time..maan will smile n hug her..that hug will show her his anticipation n desperation…which she too nowadays prayed to god to gift them a child for maans sake..


next will be long one..may be at mid night or typing last scenes..

n 6th will be last epi..that will be on sunday or mon

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Epilogue 5
Epilogue 5
Another year passed..Ani n aroo has grown too much naughty..maan
made vickys admission in delhi n let him stay with them..vickys pampering
always made maan jealous..n he calling his princess as irked
him..but Vicky loved annoying his jij..
in mean time Vicky fell in love with nikita aka niki'.
The very first day he met her as his junior n he had
feelings for her he came straight to geet to confirm is he in love or is it his
infatuation..geet was giving ideas to patofy niki..n finally Vicky proposed
niki n brought her home..everyone was awed with vickys selection..she was
modern yet cultured'she was very cute n kiddish..which ani n aaro liked the
most..niki's most of her qualities
reflected geet..n they can feel why Vicky has fallen for this girl..nikis
parents too knowing Vicky bil of maan accepted their relation..
Kids were also behind niki calling her maami ..sometimes
made the maansion upside down just to see niki..n to play with her.dadi was
very happy hearing the giggles n laughs filling maansion..
Ani n aroo started learning alphabets n rhymes from
all..they loved painting..
It was one fine morning..
Maan was he came from abroad at midnight
only..geet was in kitchen leaving ani n aroo in nursery to play..they painted
something..n was very eager to show maan..they came to maan n saw him
sleeping..he was facing his back sleeping on stomach.without vest...aroo was
already in anger that he missed maan for 3 days..n now too maan sleeping
without giving importance to them..

aroo looked ani who had the painting things
in her hand..she thought to paint with help of her dada..aaroo took it n came
to maan..he looked at his bare upper..
uff he is small..if any teenager was there they must be
admiring maans features..

but this is aroo..who
loves irritating his father..he slowly painted maans back..n encouraged ani
too..both having fun colouring maans back..

maan first thought geet is playing or tickling him with
some soft thing(brush)..when he felt the chillness of paint ,he turned n looked
his cute devils..who were standing there with the colours..aaroo had a smirk
while ani looked her dada with puppy eyes seeing his annoying look..

Ani:aroo,dada gussa




He damn cared for his dadas much angry maan may
be he will surrender himself atlast to his two cuties..n that aroo knew a lot n
that's the confidence in him to grow naughtier around maan..




Maan was keeping himself calm only becoz of his princess
cutie pie who is still looking at him with her puppy face which was scared
too..before he could react his room was filled with loud laughter..he turned to
the sight who is making fun of him..his bil..vicky n his fianc nikki.(her
parents were gone abroad so they left in care of dadi here in maansion).then
followed by his lovable wife geet n his pyaari dadi..he cutely frowned at them
for making fun..which made them laugh more..n kids too relaxed n joined the


Geet:ok ok..maan go.. enuf of paint bath..go n fresh up..


Though she tried to hold her giggles,she again bursted into
laughter holding her stomach becoz maans face also had some paint marks which
looked like a joker..


Maan:arghhh..i hate u


He said moving to the washroom..not before smudging his
paint on aroos face..only to make jr.khurana 's plan backfiring to him..ani
laughed seeing her bro looking colourful... kya..wo tho bache hai..tum tho nehi..


Maan:mei aapki bache hoona..ab bhi..


He moved taking the towel..


Dadi nodded her head thinking maan is turning kid along with
his kids..


Dadi:geet,give shower to aaroo..kaun baap kaun bacha kuch
samaj mei nehi aaraha hai..sab ki sab shararat karthi hai..


Geet went to kids room n gave shower to him..changing his
dress n then to ani'


Nikki was helping geet dressing kids..




The loud scream of calling her made her shock..why maan is
shouting her name like that..


Maaan:geeet'.where r u?


Geet:mei nursery mei hoon maan..


She continued with her work answering him..


Nikki:bhabhi aap jaayiye..shayad bhaiya ko kuch chahiye..


She said with smile knowing their romaance always in air.


Geet:no nikki..if I go then I cant '.she stopped saying what
she was about to blurt(I cant come out of his spell..he will make me stay with
him )


Geet bit her tongue n blushed hard..


Maan came running like he had done a marathon..


Maan:Geet come with me..


Geet: No maan..ive work..


Maan signaled nikki to go out n she obliged him..


Maan:here im restless n what u r thinking..she did not let
him speak as she started to say


Geet:I know what made u restless..not morning sessions..ive more works to kitchen n must check
our London project files too


Maan:chup..bilkul chup..let me complete..


Geet looked at him..he was really restless..his eyes had
some thing ..but she cant understand..was it reflecting happiness..




he gave her the strip..


Maan:u have skipped ur periods..did u remember..


Her heart skipped a beat'she forgot her date..but maan
she can knew its his expectation n eagerness..he pushed her inside the washroom
n paced inside the room..passing every second looked like ages for him'his
heart was pacing fast..

ani n aroo was looking at maan like he is an alien..even
they have felt his weird behavior strange..he looked at the door when he heared
the click sound..geet stepped out..she twisted her lips n bite it..he looked at
her..thousands of emotions mixed in his face..the one word he expected from
her..geet can see his questioning eyes n she nodded her head as yes..her face
was fully red by now'maan lifted her n turned around..


u jaan'


Geet:maan maan..leave me down..


Maan:first lets go to dr..i'll keep an appointment now..n
from now..u r not coming to office..u will be at home and take rest..u will
take care of baby n our angels..n I will say kaka n inform dadi to give u
healthy foods in enough intervals'then u must be happy worries..i read
baby will be moody if mom is not happy during pregnancy..he was going on n
on..geet was in tears..he forget that she is a mother of twins already n she
knew everything what she will face..but maans love n possessiveness..just
hearing she is pregnant has made him forget everything ..n in happiness he was
blabbering so much ..geet missed this in ani aroos much she
wished maan to be happy when she was
pregnant with ani n aroo..he simply told to abort was a mu that anjali
created..but still it hurts what if she had really done it..maan was also
feeling the same.. how much they may try to push the past it comes infront
haunting them..if geet has aborted he would have missed the two angels ..he
cant even think about it now..he was saying all sweet things n how to take care




she want him to stop or she may break down more which she
don't want after this happy news'so she just sealed his mouth with hers..she was
wild n maan was shocked as she was kissing before kids .

maan held her by waist
close to him n kissed her tenderly than ever..he kept a little gap between both
their stomach..he was afraid if he held her tight baby may get hurt or feel much brilliant a man may be,when it comes to his love n care
he becomes silly n over possessive..thats what maan was doing..he broke the
kiss to give them a break..n also seeing his possessive aaroo looking at him
with jaws open..haa..that expression was same alike geet..he smirked seeing him
n looked at his angel..who was just starring at what her parents were doing n
why her bro is standing there like
burning maan..


Maan bent on his knees n touched geets stomach n kissed
there..his eyes were moist..he was having happy tears .

.hai baby..u know what im the
happiest man in waiting for ur arrival eagerly..thanks for coming in
our life..


Maan:thanks geet..thanks for the wonderful gift..


He pecked her forehead lovingly..


Geet:maan..i must say thank you to u have made me
feel special..thanks for making me a mother again..n make me feel my motherhood


Maan:again..haan ya..


He has forget that she had faced it before..


Maan:am I have seen them after grown
upna that's y it slipped out of my mind..


Geet:maan we have decided not to go into don't
think about it..let me cherish this time..haan..but iska matlab ye nehi ki aap
jo bhi kahengi mein sunoongi..




Geet:haan..u r behaving like im a small kid..i don't know
anything..i will come to office..ive worked even when I was carrying ani n




Geet: maan I think we must share this news to our
family..they will be happy..


Maan:yaa..i will only say them'


Geet:ok..ab chalo..




He turned to his angels n took them on either side of his


Maan:angels another baby is coming..ur sibling..u r going to
play with the baby..


Ani aroo :baby.. will love its brother n sister a lot ..


Though they didn't understand much they thought it to be
some toy which they can play n they grinned ear to ear..






Maaneet came to dining with kids..vicky dadi n nikki were


Nikki who saw both blushing started to tease.


Nikki:bhai bhabhi..why u both are blushing..


Vicky:oh fo nikki..why u are asking about their morning romance..


Maan showed his big eyes giving him an angry glare..vicky n
others giggled seeing his face'.


Nikki..:I thought..aroos colour is still on bhai..i have
never seen men blushing..


Dadi:I have also not seen men blushing..


How can she leave the chance to tease maan.


Vicky:I never blush dadi..but u can see jij blushing


Maan made his face stern.


Maan:I want to say something..but u all are not letting me


As it was going too




kids were now in Vicky n nikkis arms..dadi was calling ani n aroo but
vicky n nikky were denying to give to dadi'


Dadi faked anger turning other side..


Dadi:hmm..i hv two grand childrens but see they are busy
with the persons who brib them with dolls n chocolates who will be with
this old dadi..


Maan:the new family member..




Maan:ur another grand daughter.. will be her grand son..


Maan:no will be my princess..


Geet:no prince..


Maan n geet were fighting n dadi Vicky n nikki was shocked..


Did we hear what maan said'it means means'


The next second maaneet n dadi including kids closed their
ears hearing the scream.of Vicky nikki..


Vikky nikki:w'o'.w..another angel is coming me going to be
uncle/me aunty


bhai bhabhi../di jij..congo shongo'


they were shouting in top voice..


Maan:chup..vicky nikki..chup..see babies are scared..


Maan came to his msk mode to make them shut'they both nodded
their heads n kept quiet..but was dancing with kids enjoying the happy news..


Geet came n touched dadis feet..


Dadi:im happy for u both..jeethi that's the reason
behind this colour..of dark red


Maan:yes dadi..


Dadi called nakul n ordered him to make sweets to celebrate
this happy the time maan made
appointment to dr for check up..he did not leave geet for a minute was
his dream that is coming true..he threw aroo up in air n catched him..he was
happy ..aroo kicked his legs in air..he loved the flying feel..maan kissed his
cheeks n anies too..


Maan:now I'll have one more princess..




Dadi:uff..when u both will stop this kiddish fights..beta
jau aur hospital keliye tayaar ho jau..




Vicky was thinky deeply with his fingers in his cheeks..


Maan:what? I said what if its twins..


Maan:hmm then it will be 2 princess..


Vicky:if its boys..


Geet came there..


Geet:I said na if it is twins too this time it will be 2


Nikki was having fun seeing them fight for gender..


Dadi:stop it u will be a boy n girl go to





Maaneet went to dr..she checked up n confirmed the pregnancy
,,she tested geet n said she is fine n healthy foods along with multi vitamin
tablets were enough as it is only 37 geet went with operation the
previous time..this time also she must undergo csection she need to
take iron based food n keep her blood the lack of loss of blood
wont affect her..


Maan thanked the dr n came out..he was holding geets hands n
his another hand encircled her waist supporting her to walk..


Geet stopped walking n looked at him with anger filled


Geet:maan,whats this?


Maan did not understand why she is angry..he looked at her
with blank expression..she shoved his hands n stood facing him..


Geet:I can walk maan..why u r treating me like I need
support to walk..




He gulped his saliva..from morning he is being over
reacting..but he could not help it from doing like that..he want to be with her
in every step..


She stamped her feet n walked away..maan ran behind her..


Geet's 4 hours he is irritating me..he
stuck with me..not leaving me for a minute..reacting very possessive like an
obsessive lover' I am annoyed with his
acts..what will happen in rest of me..from my husbands
possessive nature..


She made a short prayer n sat in car with grumpy face..


Maan stopped the car in a fruit stall..he ordered juice for
her..n bought lots of fruits for her to eat..





The day was just the months passed his
possessiveness only grow up for her'one side geet loved it..other side she was
irritated to extent..maan has to go to office as she pressurized .or he stayed
at home..maan was making sure in all ways geet had full rest n had healthy
foods.she puked everything that she ate..maan will take care ..n again stuff
her with foods...he played with kids..n kept them before his they
won't hurt geet by making run after them..ani n aroo too started to talk 2
their sibling..




It was end of four months..n geets mood swings too
started'what ,when how she will behave..noone knews..maan has to tolerate her
along with kids..she behaved like a stubborn kid..asking for icecreams,panipuri
,maango,spicy things sometimes n sweet things times it was easy
for maan to handle..but her mid night cravings made him test his patience..n he
brought it for her..after all he is msk..nothing is impossible for him..




It was Geets first scan..maan was nervous looking at the
screen ..dr.was applying the gel in geets stomach n placing the instrument over
it.. she stopped..hearing the double
heart beats..




Maaneet got worried..


Maan:what anything wrong..


Dr:no mr.khurana..its a gud news..there are two fetus
growing up..

She turned to geet: its twins again 'mrs.khurana..

happiness was boundless..maan gripped geets hands in his..n kissed her


Maan looked at the screen which dr,was was only
black n white he knew nothing ..but he was happy..they heared dr.explaining
about babies functions.n made them listen babies heart beat..maaneet heared
it..maan was in tears at end..he cherished every moment which he missed


The drive to maansion was silent..she too kept quiet..knowing he is very emotional'


He parked the car in a lonely place n hugged her..she
soothed him by caressing his back..


Maan:I missed it..


Geet:I know..but u are with me now..


Maan:hmm..n I will never leave u alone..i will capture all
the moments in my heart..


Geet:maan lets go home..mujei halwa khani hai..


Maan smiled..n moved to maansion..




Geet was sharing the gud news with all..maan came with halwa'


Geet closed her mouth..i don't want halwa..i want
spicy..chilli aachar..


Maan:geet u only asked for halwa..


Geet:mujei ab spicy khanei ki maan hai..


Maan looked her like she has two horns'


Dadi :maan,twins haina..yesa hotha hai..


Vicky:but dadi,she did not behave like this was
rare..that too a month before labour only she did like this..


All looked at geet who was now eating the spicy aachar..she
was licking her lips with her tongue as it is the most sweetest thing..


After having enuf,She looked at Vicky n said..


Geet:that time I controlled myself..n mostly I was thinking
about my future with kids..


There was silence in hall..


Geet:ab tho mujei chintha karne ki koi zaroorath nehi na,,my
hubby is with me..n he does everything for me..


Maan took her in embrace


Maan:sorry..sorry for not being with u.. I have no complaints..when u r taking
care of me..n wen will u stop this sry puran..


Maan:I have made such a mistake,even if I am trying my
mistakes comes before me..what can I do..


Geet:maan,I want chocolate icecream now..


Maan smiled:5 minutes baby..


He took the car n went to icecream parlour n came soon to
fulfill her wish..




It was 7 months..


Ani n aroo will touch the big belly of geet..they will talk
with the babies..n feel them kicking..if maan was possessive,these two were sticky
n always beside her not leaving her for a minute..they want to be with the babies.they slept holding geets
became hard for geet with both..geet finally made a decision n convinced maan too
to join kids in play school..she can be relaxed atleast for 3 hrs..n ani n aroo
will also learn to study..




ani n aroo started going to school..the first day ..ani n
aroo held their hands n waved bye to their parents..


maan:geet,what if they need some will they ask an
unknown person..n my kids they wont feel will they eat n drink..what
if they are sleepy...what if the teachers did not take care of them..what if
they don't like the school..what if they r not comfortable with other kids ..


He was blabbering n panicking to leave them alone..


Geet:mr.maan singh khurana..chup..bilkul chup'they are not
the only kids to go to school..we have already done research on schools n have
chosen the best for zip ur mouth n ur panicking heart..they will be
fine than you'


she yelled at him..


maan looked on the kids ..they were confidently walking with
the teacher who showed them their favourite toys n gave chocolates... other
side geet was walking away.stamping her feet...he sighed n followed his wife to
maanofy her'he has no other way..n he has to work hard to made her talk with
him..geet n her mood swings..






maaneet came to pick up kids..n the first what they got was
complaint about aroo..he beat a boy..


geet :aroo what is that..why u beat the boy..


aroo :he laughed at ani..




aaroo n ani started to explain what happened..




all were playing throw was anis turn to catch the
ball..the kid next to ani stumbled n ani missed to catch'the boy next to ani
laughed at her..


boy:u look so bubbly'but u cant even catch a ball..the other
kids too laughed..


n aroo being a possessive brother could not take the insult
of his sister.who was standing there with heads down..n moisted eyes...he punched the

geet was holding ani..


maan took aroo in his arms n silently whispered in his


well done my boy..u taught hima gud lesson for messing up
with ur sister..


geet:whats that..


maan:kuch nehi..i was saying..hmm..erm..haan..fighting is
not gud..


geet:hmm..tell him..not to fight..they are also kids..


aroo n maan gave hi5 behind geet..the teacher was about to
faint seeing the dad n son joining hands
to be mischief..


maaneet went back to mansion..


he saw pandit..he looked at dadi..


dadi:wo..we did not do anything at the time of ani n
aroo..but this time I want everything which I missed..we have decided to do
baby shower by the week end..


maan don't know much about rituals..but if it
means babies n geet gets blessing from elders n that's some sort of function to
celebrate..he will do it..




the week end..the whole mansion was per geets
choice..maan made it a grand function calling his n geets close friends n staffs..ani n aroo enjoyed the whole..ani was watching geet keenly..dadi
gifted geet maany jewelries n maan gave her a set of diamond jewelries..


n he gifted her a nursery which he himself decorated..ani n
aroo painted baby pictures n gifted


geet was in cloud nine..her emotions made her chock..she did
not want anything more than this happiness in life..

after all guests left, they found ani missing..then they saw ani drapped in sari or to say just wrapped around herself like her mommy did..she looked so cute..

maan took ani n kissed her..she is so cute like her mother..

at night

geet kissed maan
breathlessly showering all her love on him for giving her so much happiness..'for which maan too responded with
equal passion n made love to her..


days mid night geet was cranky.. her taste buds
was asking something ripe n spicy...she messed up the whole kitchen which made
all wake up..n check geet..


maan:geet what u want..


geet licked her lips..i m hungry..


maan:ok I will make u something to eat..cheese pastha..


geet:no..i want puli khuzhambu..with rice..n papads


maan :what is it..he have never heared such a dish..rice n papad.. ok..whats that another one


Vicky came as savior..


Jij..its south Indian gravy..


Maan:but where to go now..its two mid night..all restaurants
will be closed..dadi do u know'.


Dadi:no beta..


Maan:Geet,do u know how to make..i'll do it..


Geet nodded no..she started to have tears that she couldn't
get what she wants..


Maan called anie..n she too said she don't know..geets dad n
mom have went on a pilgrimage maan could not call them ..that too at
midnight they may get worried..maan was scratching his heads what to do..but he
kept the rice in rice cooker so he may think something till it cooked..






Vicky:there is a neighbor in Chennai..she is a dentist n sis
very close to them..we can ask her or her parents..i hv the number..


Maan:then call them quickly..


( this is for my nalini,who gives big comments encouraging me n others with her red block letters)


Vicky called them..first nalini was shocked of the midnight
call..then Vicky explained the situation..his sis is in tears becoz of craving..


Nalini:acho avala azhuvakkodathunnu sollu..illa na receipe
solla matten..


(say her not to cry..or else I wont say the receipe)


She is bubbly n naughty..noone can say she is a dr..


Nalini:ippothaikku maanga ooruka iruntha antha bottle ava
kaila kudu..saapudattum kuzhandha..


(till u make the dish hadle her maango pickle..let the child
eat..)she giggled..LOL


Vicky searched the pickle bottle n gave to her..geet wiped
her tears n took one piece n kept in mouth..when all faces changed weird ,her
face had immense satisfaction..


Maan nudged ask receipe..


Nalini:yaaradhu pakkathula..


(who is next to you)


Vicky:maan jij'.he is only making the tell soon
before sis break our head..


Nalini:one condition




Nalini:I will say to my maan aka gc only..


Vicky looked at geet:thank god she did not hear it..warna
world war must have started..


He gave to maan.


Maan:hai nalin..


His charm had the same effect which all girls have..


Thud..nalini fainted..n her sister rajji sprinkled
water..her brother shook his head..drame baaz..


Her bro karthi:nalini..if u stay like this I will cut the
call or I will ask him to chat with someone else..


Nalini:no..o..o..dhrogi(u enemy) here dying to talk
to him..n u..


Maan heared it n chuckled..hmm one not is


Maan:miss.nalini ..will u say the receipe..


Nalini was flying in air..zameen pe pau nehi..she has seen
her gc in maan..he had 6 packs n chiseled iron like body same like him..


Nalini:anything for my gc..but this miss not miss it..only nalini..




Nalini:..first give small onions n garlics to the persons
around u to rip the outer skin..n chop some tomatoes..n u soak tamarind of
lemon size in water..n take its essence'


Maan smiled at her language..


N he gave it to vicky nakul n dadi to peel..


The onions were making them cry..n geet was licking her




Nalini:place the pan..add 1/4 spoon of each of mustard seeds,dal ,methi ..the onion n garlic ..fry till the onions colour change..then add
tomatoes..n when it turns juicy..add the tamarind water..add chilly powder n
coriander powder as per the spice u need.. a lil of turmeric powder..add
salt..let it boil till the smell of chilly powder change n the gravy becomes
thick..nor liquid'garnish it with coriander leaves n curry leaves,,thats all..


Geet was now standing beside maan n tasting the gravy with
the spoon..she rolled her tastes so gud..


Maan:arei baba..its 4 u only..cant u wait till it boil..


Geet:no..i want it now..see my babies are starving..she
rubbed her tummy making all laugh..


Geet:aap sab hasrahi ho..


Maan saw she is going to cry again..becoz of mood swing..


Maan:kisiki itni himmat..meri jaan ko tang kareii..


All nodded n went quietly to their rooms ..leaving maan can
handle geet now..


Maan placed rice n added the gravy n gave it to her..geet
had it like a small girl who got her favourite candy..


Nalini:hallo..hallo..halelllo..ellarum ithu mathiri
than..kariyam mudinja udanei maranthuruvanga.. wat to do..tutudu


(hallo haalello..all peoples are same..after their work is
done.they will forget us..wat to do..tutudu..)


Maan kept the phone in his ears..


Maan:anyways thanks for ur receipe..he cut the phone not
even listening to her cribbing


(nalini's cribbing:hu,,I was having dream sequence with my gc..maan spoiled
it..n c his attitude..hmm..atleast he said thanks..ok go to bed n
continue ur gc aka maan gc..i was in his arms..)


She said dreamily n went to bed..


After having her food n satisfying her crave geet went to she was normal..she kept her head on maans chest..


Geet:im troubling u na maan..


Maan:I can do anything 4 u n my sleep peacefully..




The time came'

geet had the labour pain n maan was driving her
to hospital..maan was sweating badly hearing her screams..


Geet:maan,what babies it would be..


She asked in between her pain..


Maan seeing her state was panicking..


Maan:I want u n my kids safe jaan'no gender is needed
now..what it may be..its our kids..n I ll love them ..


Geet smiled..exactly that's what she wanted to hear from
him..she always fought with him becoz she loved irritating him..when it comes
to life n death..we always want our life safe.


Geet was immediately rushed to the OT..maan n others were
standing restless..he had tears as geets screams grew louder..after some more
time they heared babies cry..all the worries vanished n smile replaced their


Dr.came out with smile..


Dr:congrats mr.khurana geet n ur 2 sons are health n safe..


Maan took the dr in his arms n twirled her in joy..ty ty so
much dr..can I c them..


Dr..u must wait..till we shift them to room..




The staffs cleaned the babies n gave to the grand parents..even
Vicky n nikki took the cuties n cooed them..


Geet was sleeping becoz of tiredness..


Maan looked at the two cotton bundles..he was crying seeing
them..finally he has experienced the whole motherhood of geet..n now seeing the
cotton balls moving their cute little hands n legs in air..he felt peace..he
got everything back..his life..his jaan..his this cute bundles..

Dadi made man sit n gave him his son..maan was afraid to
hold them too..thinking he may hurt them..but dadi gave him n he tenderly took
them in his trembling hand n kissed them both..his tears fell on their
cheeks..geet opened her eyes n saw the lovely sight..the babies sensed geet n
started to cry..


Maan looked up ..


Dadi:I think they are hungry..


Man:dadi but both are crying..


Dadi took one baby n gave it to geet..maan was having the


Geet:dadi,mom dad pls all go for a while..i want to be with maan..


Maan wondered why she is shoving all'


When all went..geet called man to sit beside her n help in
feeding kids..maan was baffled.. could i..


Geet:keep pillows on my lap..he did..lower my zip..he
did..he was shivering ..n was nervous for first gave a gummy smile to her..

geet kept her bud in
babies mouth..n it started to latch..maan was looking at her very proudly..


Geet:maan wo bhi roraha hai..keep him on my right side..



He carefully placed the baby on her left n kept geets nipple
in his mouth..she was feeding both..


Maan:geet will it be enough for them..i mean ur feed..


Geet:now they are small n it will be enuf..i know..but later
we have to give formula milks too..


Maan was holding geets breast which was pressing babies
nose..he thought it will be tough for then to breathe..but soon the cute
fingers pushed him away..n showed his tongue out..











After few days geet was discharged n brought home..ani n
aroo was happy to see their brothers..

both kissed the babies..

it was naam karan day n pandit was doing


Pandit:what name u have chosen for babies..say in kids ears
3 times..


Geet:maan..i kept names for ani n aroo..Its ur turn..


Maan looked at her..then aroo..anjali..


Anjali is her sister first was her
first ray of this kids will be our pride


Maan:garv gaurav..


Vicky:wow jij..what a rhyming..aarav..garv..gaurav..n my
only princess ani..n can u sis n u are childrens of 4..


Maan:ya..i cant my life its
revolving around my family only..maan kissed geets hands..n the babies gave a
loud cry..maan took his hands from geet..they stopped.. he looked at aaruu who
was smirking..




Maan:this is too much..nowadays..i cant touch my wife too..
all 3 sons in 1 team..


Geet:u n ur princess make other..but can u deny..u n our
sons possess the same mad possessiveness for ani too..


Maan:yup..i agree..


Geet:if any one must be pitied na..then it must be ani for
having possessive brothers..n born in a khurana family as only daughter..


Ani looked at maan who nodded yes..


Yes..the years passed on..the kids grew up..ani was a cute
loving princess.n a caring sister...but her brothers were over protective n
possessive..n u can add maan in the head post of this list..he pampered all the
childrens..but the 3 sons were over affective to geet than maan..geets day was
nowadays fully with kids..vicky n nikki got married n ani also gave birth to
peehu after so many years..but kiddo geet always stole the attention of
aroo..she was kind of scared of aarros behaviours too..

Aroo started to get
complains from all beating all his fellow students even if they looked at
ani..geet has to separate them by making ani 's admission in girls school..then
only aaroos naughtiness reduced..but in house aru,garv n gaurav made geet run
behind them..
N khuranas were leading a very happy life..
5101 words..

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Epilogue 6 
a ani n aroo is 21 yrs..garv gaurav is 18..kiddo geeta is 20..dia is 12..vickys only daughter pari is 10yrs..
rest after typing...n promise this is last epiWink

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