OS Amarprem - Chapetr 13

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                here's the link to Chapter 12
Chapter 13

                    It was all Shailendra could do, to try hard not to flinch...   'They know what's the drama...' Krishna said, indicating Durjjan n his sons... 'but I dare say , they have stage fright as they seem to have forgotten how to talk, n r gnashing their teeth...' Durjjan's cheek twisted in anger... ' n as for u being a pimp, I think there is no need to show such outrage when someone calls u by ur real name.' Krishna said , his voice hard...n Pratigya found herself agreeing with whatever that man was saying...  'How dare u...?' Shailendra shouted ... 'What the hell are u waiting for ?' he rounded on Durjjan n sakthi 'shut him up forever!' Krishna looked on amused as one of his men pressed the gun more forcefully on Shailendra's temple...'one more word , minister , n i will forget that bauji had extended ur life till next week...' said Krishna, his eyes piercing into Shailendra's ...

                                      Shailendra stood shocked ...'I came here to see ur friends... don't butt in where u have no business , minister '...Krishna continued...'i don't find any pleasure in killing u infront of ur daughter n wife' he said, looking up at Pratigya's silhouette in the balcony ...n then back at Shailendra ...'so if u want to live for one more week , keep mum'...Krishna said , his tone ringing with finality...Shailendra visibly shrunk , n shifted uncertainly on his foot...


                                                     'It was a bad idea , to come here, Krishna... ' Durjjan drawled ...'what a name for a devil?' thought Pratigya...Krishna looked at Durjjan... 'I was waiting to give a gift to ur father for all his 'services' to me n i think I might just give him a special gift tonight , his son's dead body...' durjjan said , his eyes glinting in glee... 'Funny that u mention it , durjjan...' Krishna smiled , amused 'I was thinking of gifting u the very same thing... ' He paused , flicking the fingers of his left hand at his man who stood near the door...'ur son's dead body...' Sakthi n manu stiffened , while Durjjan looked angry n shocked as two men dragged a half naked n writhing lakhan through the doors... 'get off me... I said leave me...' he shouted as he was dragged down the hall towards Krishna...

                             "no...! leave him ...Krishna ! or else u r going to pay dearly... ' Durjjan said through gritted teeth... Krishna ignored him as his men threw lakhan at his feet ... Krishna gripped the back of his neck , forcing him on his knees n pressing his foot down on to his one leg, pinning it to the floor , standing behind his bend form, said, chuckling 'My men know where to find a pig , durjjan...he was apparently busy with some 'body' down in the toilet corridor...' ...lakhan , shouted in pain , as krishna's men laughed ... sakthi shouted , preparing to fire his gun 'leave him ... or else I will fire...' Chandu said , latching his trigger 'you would be dead even before u put ur finger on the will be ur brothers n father n ur men...' Sakthi gritted his teeth ... Shailendra looked shocked ...

                        Pratigya looked aghast at the scenes of violence below her ...  Durjjan was looking straight at Krishna in the eye...'so , ready for ur gift?' Krishna asked his hand around Lakhan's throat tightening, as his other hand caressed along his head , almost casually ,to pull back any moment , thus breaking his neck... Lakhan stared wild eyed at his father, horror gripping him as he tried to free krishna's grip along his neck... 'Ok...Ok...leave him... What do u want?...leave him...!' Durjjan said , trying not to stammer ...

                              'There' Krishna relaxed his grip around lakhan's neck , smirking ... Chandu said 'tell ur men to drop their weapons...' Durjjan turned to the rest of his sons n his men...'drop ur weapons... do as they'... Sakthi n manu dropped their guns , their face contorted in humiliation n anger ... Chandu n 2 other men picked them up... Krishna released lakhan, throwing him face down on the floor, as his men pocketed all the weapons , including theirs too... 'see... .so simple...' Krishna said , his eyes on Durjjan... 'What do u want?' Durjjan , asked , his teeth gritting in anger ...

                               'I thought that was obvious ' exclaimed Krishna , sitting down on a couch , crossing his legs , as lakhan crawled towards his men , wincing in pain... '2 things...first n foremost , I need bansi's body back... If u have disposed it or burned it, I don't care ... I want it back ... n if the dulhe raja has to dig it up or dip in sewage or gather the ashes , he will do it..., won't u , dulhe raja? That's ur punishment for fixing lalu to kill him...' he smirked at sakthi... sakthi turned color of puke... Pratigya looked at Krishna , surprised ... by the sound of it he was asking for one of his men's body back...whom most probably this durjjan n his sons killed off... 'n second, I want my gold , ofcourse...' Krishna said , relaxing back ...''n BTW, r u really going to marry?' inquired krishna innocently , to gales of laughter from his men... sakthi looked mortified...


                                                Durjjan n his sons looked at each other , shame n disbelief writ over their faces ...'my men will come with u , n stay with u until I get them back...n mind u, i want them before midnight...'Krishna said , drumming his fingers over the couch ...'n until then , he , will be under our custody ...' he continued , jerking his head at Lakhan... There was a stunned silence for some secs as Durjjan n his sons , started at each other , the humiliation frustrating them... 'What r we waiting for ?' asked Krishna in mock confusion... he got up from the couch and walked towards the side door...'hurry up...get on with it...there is only little time left for midnight...I will be back in ...' he looked at his watch 'an hour...n I want my gold at this table when I am back' he said smacking on top of the nearby table, tauntingly as he went out...

                           Chandu ,pointed his gun at sakthi , motioning him to move, as  two men hauled a fighting n kicking n shouting lakhan across to a side room... Durjjan n manu followed an angry n mortified sakthi out , with a curt nod at Shailendra ... ...Durjjan's men followed them , on gun points by krishna's men... 'You may take ur leave, Minister' Chandu said mockingly , as he went out , leaving the door open... Shailendra swore loudly , once chandu was out of eat shot... Pratigya , sighing , turned n got her mother up her feet... she rubbed her shoulders soothingly as she said 'don't panic mother...they r gone... we can go from this hellish place...' Renuka looked as if she may pass out ... Pratigya wrapped her hands around her, hugging her tightly as she helped her mother down the stairs ...


                                      bakshi cleared his throat as Shailendra looked around the party hall, angry n frustrated... 'The car is ready sir.' Shailendra looked murderous , but he nodded, walking towards the exit ...Pratigya couldn't help smiling as she thanked the gods for ruining the party, supporting her mother to the car ...


                                   Chandu entered the hall, after sometime , placing the briefcase on the table... he nodded to one man standing next to a closed side door n he said 'release him...' and he went through another side door , through which Krishna had gone earlier... He knocked on the door, checking his watch , calling 'krishna?' ...  'enter' came Krishna's voice from the other side n Chandu entered a spacious bedroom ...the girl was nowhere to be seen n Krishna was sitting on the couch leisurely, flicking through the channels ...Chandu noticed the wrapper of co***m lying on the floor n he shook his head n sighed, although he was relieved ... Krishna always used precautions... just as he would use his seat belt while he is driving ... that's all there to it...  

                                         Chandu said , picking up the wrapper n throwing it to a waste basket in the corner of the room 'The gold is here, as u said 'on the table' ...n Sakthi dug up bansi's body from his drug plantations...I have send it to bansi's house...' Krishna nodded , turning off the TV, bored ...'u r coming home, na?' Chandu asked ... 'yes, did u get that camera from them?' Krishna asked getting up...'oh yeah...' chandu said tapping his pocket , suddenly not meeting krishna's eyes as geetha's face emerged before his eyes... but Krishna didn't notice it as he walked towards the door... 'feeling sleepy' he murmured softly as he entered the hall n opened the briefcase , to see this gold secure ... 'ok come... have a good long sleep at home...'Chandu smiled at him... Krishna smiled ...

                          he was going to wake up to his destiny ... to a kind of path he himself chooses , but to unplanned consequences ...




                                      Shailendra thundered his way into his room...'how dare he?... I am the defense minister of this state n that insolent boy has the audacity n courage to insult! I will show him who i am...!' Pratigya smiled , asking ramu chacha who helped her support her mother up the stairs 'u r fine now na, ramu chacha?'...he nodded as he said 'thanks to that lad , I am perfectly fine beti' ...Pratigya looked at ramu , remembering Chandu , of what she saw of him at the party...'people r not what they project outward , chacha...'...

                                 n she climbed the stairs in silence n her thoughts drifted to the girls she saw at the party ... what kind of a life they r living ...? She thought shuddering ... flaunting their bodies , making all kinds of dirty signs n positions with their body , n ofcourse letting men grope n use their body...! how could they let a complete stranger touch them let alone have such an intimacy with them...! she usually felt worms crawling along her body , whenever some man's lecherous hands or eyes fell over her ... or else if the man was a friend , she felt as though some fly sat on her hand for a moment n then flew away ... nothing more... She thanked ramu , n she closed the door of her room, tucking her mother to sleep...

                               n the men!!!! She thought , bile rising in her throat as she lay down next to her mother ... using women as a commodity , an object for their animal lust ...! her thoughts drifted to Krishna, remembering how he had clicked his fingers at that girl ... the sheer arrogance of him as he ordered her !  n the way that girl simply obeyed him! How could anyone lack self respect in such a downgrading manner! thought Pratigya furiously ... n the way he was almost going to kill that man...! his hands n his eyes told a different story as he sat casually , innocently at the drinks table , but she realised that he was a killer as she remembered the cold way his hands gripped that man's throat ... n that man also was no saint , she thought bitterly ... what kind of wretched world  is she living in...! she thought angrily ... she didn't realise she has been thinking back about a man , either good or bad, , for the first time in her life... whatever happened she was feeling relieved that Shailendra's plan didn't work...she felt like vomiting as she remembered durjjan family... now she had 3 days , until Saturday... she will find a way to get her mother to Mumbai soon... with positive dreams , she drifted off to sleep...

                           she was going to wake up to her destiny , a path into which she was forced into unforeseen consequences...


                                         Their destinies smiled, conspiring against them, for them, speeding up to meet , finally ...

    Hope u liked it Embarrassed

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nice update.Clap.
.but you knw,,Wink vt we all are eagerly waiting for...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
give us the kriya meeting soonnTongueTongue

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Wow Dhanya, am really enjoying your story.Clap

Waiting to read what destiny has in store for Kriya. Update soon.Tongue

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wow dii very nice.Tongue this is somthing different way of writing FF. i like it . and dont be sad @ pratigya 2Cry we considered ur FF as pratigya2.Embarrassed

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Originally posted by teenss

nice update.Clap.
.but you knw,,Wink vt we all are eagerly waiting for...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
give us the kriya meeting soonnTongueTongue
 Patience Big smile coming soon

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superb update dhanya Clap
loved the kst daring n dada giri
pls update soon Tongue
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Enjoyed it thoroughly Dhans... U hv a gift of writing.. is a spl season of our beloved MKAP... We all gonna see this as MKAP 2... not Pearl's ...anymore...
huh!!!!!!!!!!! Krishna been with tht girl??? thts he only part i am feeling bad... but then,thts wht happening in real life...

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