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FF: "The Next Page" - Completed! (Page 3)

sakhisangni IF-Dazzler

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Wow Poo... This is what love is all about I guess. To sacrifice ones own happiness for the sake of their loved ones and I think that is what MM have done in your OS...the best thing they never lost the communication between them and did not abandon their loved ones for the sake of a god damn promise! Loved the way you showed MM understanding each other even under not so favourable conditions and discussing the issues faced by them. Wish some thing like this happened in the show as well but we needed to have munnas and beeras instead and camcorders and matchsticks and gas cylinders but that is the fate of NbT viewer. Waiting eagerly for next part and once again beautifully written!

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Senpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Page 2:

Megha is at the Post Office looking into her Post Box. A cheerful smile spreads across her lips on seeing a white envelope inside. She gently picks it up to see the words written in bold letters at the back "From - Mohan Bhatnagar PB No. 176" She traces the name with her fingers lingering on every letter in it.

Megha found herself smiling at the picture of Mohan and Rimmy smiling at her. She put herself comfortable on the park bench and started reading the letter.

My Dear Megha,

Every time I start writing a letter to you, I could only feel the way you feel my presence when you open my letter. I see the tears waiting to drop from your eyes! My hands don't move knowing that they are supposed to be there with you to wipe it off. Meghaaa'

Megha felt a lump in her throat and it was hard for her to swallow the tears waiting to peep. She could read the "Megha, I miss you" hidden in his call! She just closed her eyes for few seconds, took in the message and continued reading. She could see only blank space before the next paragraph started. She imagined Mohan typing, erasing and retyping; finally to leave the space blank for her to read his feelings. She could feel a moment of joy, knowing what he felt there. But couldn't help feeling a prick of pain added to it as well.

Our family picture is just perfect. Chavvanni looks so pretty and adorable! Just then I checked that you are there in the picture too! J You got to pick up some tips from my chavvanni! I will write to her so she takes care of you.

A smile crossed at the corner of Megha's lips. She knows how much Mohan must be missing Nanhi. She sees the other letter inside the envelope which is addressed to her. Megha is worried that this letter too will be left unopened like the others. Mohan has never asked in his letter, for Nanhi's reply. That may be because he had understood Nanhi's upset with him. Megha could feel the sense of missing his dear friend, in the way he mentioned about Nanhi, in his letters.

Addu is growing into a handsome young man! I know where that comes from J

Jaanu has successfully chased away her third kathak teacher now! I don't know how many more are on the line before she finds the best and that must be you J The other day she was asking about your hair! What color, how long and what hair style ' So many questions that I just couldn't help'

Megha understood what Mohan went through with Rimjhim's simple questions about her. He would have wanted to touch Megha's hair that had always made him shiver of joy.

Megha did not wonder why Mohan hadn't written anything more about Addu. She knew what Mohan wanted to know but he would never ask until the message goes out from her. She ached to heal Mohan for those unwritten hurt that he shared. She closed her eyes in pain.

She has FB!

Megha practicing kathak dance at home while Mohan comes back from work. He watches her adoringly then slowly comes from behind and hugs her leaving her choked in shying happiness! He rubs his lips softly around her neck leaving Megha mesmerized by love. She turns towards him to hold her hands around his neck and rubs her nose into his. Mohan holds her tightly as if he had arrested her into him.

"Mr.Bhatnagar, don't you remember kids are at home?"

"Well! I saw them playing outside, Mrs. Bhatnagar"

"Oh! My reporter has done his research well before his mission. That's impressive!"

"Yes! Very well prepared for my mission and you know that I don't leave any of my task unfinished"

Mohan winks at her wickedly for which Megha goes all red and pink. She closes down the gap between them pulling him nearer by his shirt collar. Unexpected to this prank of hers, Mohan loses his control giving way for her to escape his arrest. When he gets his senses and tries to catch hold of her again, he bumps into Addu who just entered into the house.

Addu shows his usual angry face to him and runs into Megha "I don't want to play with anyone mummy! All are cheating and playing tricks with me. They are making fool of me"

"You are the captain of the street team and you can make them play fair"

"No, I quit that because I am in no mood to lead the team"

 "But you love that and remember how proud you were when you were selected?"

"I am bored of everything and now I don't want to play cricket at all"

Megha and Mohan are stunned to hear this. They knew how much Addu loved cricket and being the captain of his team.

Mohan walks to him "Addu, Come I will talk to them and we will see who goes against us"

"I don't want any of your support. It's all because of you I lost everything!"

Megha rises her voice "Addu, You don't talk to him like that"

"Yes, I will, I will, I will!"

He runs into his room and shuts the door against them.

Mohan looks upset. Megha goes to him "Mohan, I am just thinking. Why don't we go out somewhere as a family? We would get some exclusive time to spend with the kids and know them better"

Mohan knows that Megha is just trying to convince him though she couldn't help the situation much. Anyway he wants to believe that what she suggests would bring some magic into his relationship with Addu. He agrees to it.

Megha is packing the suitcases while Addu walks in.

"Where are we going, mummy?"

"To a beautiful resort where you get to play games, swim in the pool and do all you want to"

Addu is all happy and Megha sees twinkle in his eyes. She thinks to herself 'Hope all your happiness and ours too get doubled'

Just then Mohan walks in. Addu sees him and cuddles into Megha as if he is going to lose her. Mohan and Megha look at each other helpless and not knowing what is going inside that little mind.

At the railway station, Addu clinging to Megha.

"Mummy, I don't want to go anywhere"

"It will be lot of fun, beta. You must like it"

Looking at Mohan he says "No, I don't"

Megha gives a blank look at Mohan when he turns away blank as well. Nanhi walks to Addu.

"Addu, We both will fly kites and we will play cricket too"


"Spiderman will teach us all tricks in the game"

Addu doesn't respond and keeps quite at the mention of Mohan. It looked like he is seriously affected with the thought of Mohan joining them to the trip.

Nanhi turns to look at Mohan. He is all lost his patience now.

"Arrey yaar! What have I done to you Addu? Why are doing this to me?"

No answer from Addu. He keeps staring at Mohan. Then he turns to Megha and Nanhi. As everyone has zeroed in on Addu, he gets angry and runs off from there. All the others start running behind him, while Mohan reaches Addu in a swift action and catches hold of him.

"No Addu, don't do this. You will be lost or hurt"

"Never mind. Nobody cares for me so it is better something happens to me"

Mohan felt a slap inside him. This isn't going easy and he dreads of something terrible coming to them.

"Ok Addu. We are not going anywhere. Let us get back home now"

"I am not going anywhere with you"

Megha goes closer to Addu and takes his hands to kiss them. Addu hugs into her and sobs.

"Mummy, I am scared and don't want to go anywhere"

"Ok beta! As you wish. We will get back home"

Nanhi and Addu stop by a shop to a get something for themselves while Mohan and Megha are lost in serious thoughts. They get back their senses on a scream from Nanhi "Addduuu'"

They see Nanhi standing alone at the shop but Addu nowhere near her.

"Spiderman, Mummy! Addu is not here. I don't know where he has gone."

All of them start looking for Addu everywhere around the station asking people about him. Mohan looks into the train compartments. Fear struck in everyone's face and they all looked dead after a search for more than two hours. Nanhi tired of crying and running around just dozes off on the platform. Megha sits next to her not knowing what else to do. Mohan sees this image and feels a sharp pain in his heart. He thinks to himself 'What happened to Addu? Are we not going to find him at all? What if something bad befalls him?'

Just then he feels a hand pressing his shoulder and turns around to find the railway police standing.

"Sir, Are you the one who had complained about a lost boy at the station?"

Mohan found it hard to get back his normalcy before he could utter "Yes, Sir! It's me"

"We received a message from the General Hospital about some boy met with an accident while crossing the road near the station"

Mohan is shocked and he could feel sweat falling through his forehead.

"It looks like nothing serious but he has some bad bruises and has been admitted. Can you please'"

Mohan did not let him complete his sentence "Yes, I want to go and see"

Megha is inconsolable the moment she heard the news. Before they could reach the hospital, thousands of thoughts wavered into Mohan's minds. When they found the boy to be Addu, it was like their heartbeats came back for them all in one go. Addu looked fine except for scratches in hands/legs and a deep cut on his forehead.

Mohan couldn't control his tear which was holding its way till then. He just stepped out of the ward and burst out while Megha followed him only to find him shudder in her hug.

FB ends.

Megha looks back into the letter to read the last paragraph that made her want to cry of joy and worry.

Megha, I know this must be difficult for you but I wanted to ask for it. As Nanhi is coming down to Bhopal for her Training Program at the AI branch here, I would love to have her stay with me. You sure know that I had written about this to her as well but as you know I may need your help here.

Megha could feel the hesitant way of Mohan's words and how much he fears for the response, if it doesn't happen the way he loves it to happen. She wished for things to be very simple and easy for everyone. She closes the letter back into the envelope, wipes off the drop of tear on her cheek and gets up determined for the next course of action.

Pages to be continued...

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sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb Poo... how I wish that they had stayed in touch during this separation Cry

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Senpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 6:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sumiswap

Superb Poo... how I wish that they had stayed in touch during this separation Cry

Yes honey! I never wanted them to fall into the hate-love trap again! It doesn't make sense at all!!!
-RadhaRani- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 March 2013 at 8:56am | IP Logged
aaawww wow i wish kaas Aaisa kuch huva hotaOuch to kisi pe blame nahi aata...BTW i loved FB sceneBlushing

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meghan27 IF-Rockerz

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Awww its too superb part..

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Megher_Palok IF-Sizzlerz

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ClapClapClap Superb Poo...just Superb ! Mind blowing ClapClapClap

Loved the FB scene most Tongue ...Keep the Pages coming Thumbs Up

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Senpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Page 3:

Back in her house, Megha saved the envelope in a box of envelopes inside her closet. She gently touched them and gave a brief smile of satisfaction. She thought to herself 'Mohan, I will try my best to get the one thing that you are asking for, which I always wanted you to have'.

Megha walked into Nanhi's room where she was engrossed reading and collecting articles for her new job. She lifted her head to give a sharp look at Megha then got back to her work. Megha knew this look of Nanhi which meant she didn't like to be disturbed. And this was what her response was most of the time when Megha returned from the Post Office.

Megha just placed the envelope on the table and sat next to her. Nanhi looked at the "From ' Your Spiderman" words on it and couldn't help a twinkle in her eye. Megha didn't miss to see those sparkles every time she handed over the letter to Nanhi.

"Your Spiderman is very proud of you for your new job"

No response from Nanhi. Megha continued.

"Kids' growing up and settling down always make the parents so proud of them"

"That must be for the parent who is part of the kid's life"

"Staying close or far away, parents will never become strangers"

"Kids cannot appreciate long-distance relationship"

"But you knew Mohan has always been part of our lives. He knows everything that is happening around us. His presence is felt in every moment that we share"

"Only through letters"

"And in our thoughts"

"Mummy we are through with this many times and why start again when I don't agree to what you are going to say!"

"You must know how much he misses you and how much he would love to talk to you"

"Did I stop him talking to me and did I ask him to go away from us?"

"Whatever had happened, we are always a family and that will never change. And I want you to do something for the happiness in the family"

Nanhi gave a confused look at Megha.

"Mohan would love to have you stay with him when you are in Bhopal doing the training"

"But Mummy, you know'"

Megha cut her through "Nanhi beta, I have never forced you to do things. And I would not want to do it now too. But I would want you to think through this with open mind without any rage"


"No, That's too fast. Take your time to think through and I will talk to you again."

Before moving out Megha said in a cheerful voice "There is a latest picture of Mohan and Jaanu! If you want to see you can!"

Megha waved the picture in her hands like a fan just so that Nanhi could glance at the details. Then she kept it on top of the envelope and got out of the room with a smile on her face.

Nanhi gave a soft look at the things awaiting her on the table. She slowly moved her fingers on the photo and took it in her hands. She couldn't resist a smile on seeing a smiling Mohan. She gently touched his chin and raised her hands, as if to remember the special gesture the Chavvanni-Spiderman duo shared. She then gave an envious look at Rimmy just to remind herself the space that she lost to her! The special space that she shared in her Spiderman's heart and life!

She took the envelope and went to her closet. There she pulled out a box full of unopened envelopes addressed "From ' Your Spiderman" except for one. She took that opened letter to read those faded lines, again.

Hey Chavvanni, sunnna'.

Oh! I find it very odd to write to you but I know this will help us much more than what we think. I miss you so much, Chavvanni. I hear the bell ringing almost every day! I feel like you are sitting and talking to me all the time. Whatever happened to us as a family has nothing to do with you. Our relationship remains the same and I want you to know that. Everyone makes mistakes and we just try to do the best to keep things alive without letting them dying. Hope you understand this one day or the other. But now I want you to know that I am always here for you, even when you don't need me.

Lovingly Yours,

'This is your first letter to me, Spiderman! And I had never thought that this will be the one that would keep me away from you for this long. You don't know how much I cried reading this letter. You were never near me to wipe my tears or to hold me or to call "Hey, Chavvanni, sunnna". I never dared to open any of the other letters knowing that they are just words from you without your nearness to me.'

Nanhi was in tears while saying all this to herself in her empty room.

'Every time I receive a letter from you, more than the joy that they bring, I could feel my fears rising with them. I see them as the element that keeps you away from me. They bring the message that you are not coming back any soon. They only indicate me that the day hasn't come yet. So I never felt like opening them. You might be thinking that I am angry with you but I love you so much to be in angry with you.'

Nanhi picked the picture in her hands.

'I know I had lost all my growing up years with you. Miss those days that would have made me know the person that you are and made you know the person that I am. And whenever I think of those empty space filled in my years, I feel very jealous of Jaanu who is sharing that special bond with you always.'

Nanhi couldn't bring herself to put the new envelope into the box. She touched and felt as if this one was something to bring her closer to her Spiderman. She wanted to treat this one as not the usual bomb but as a flower bouquet inviting her into her Spiderman's life, once again. She finally opened it.

Hey Chavvanni, sunnna'.

Have I ever told you that I am very proud of you? If not, then I want to tell it now. I am so proud of you! You are the sweetest and most beautiful daughter, I could ever ask for! You came in as an angel into my life bringing the most beautiful moments, which I always cherish. I would love to relive those beautiful moments with my dear Chavvanni. Will you please do me the favor of staying with me, dear? I promise, I will behave well and will provide you with clean towels and hankies! Big smile

Yours lovingly,

A moment of joy engrossed Nanhi and she dwelled in it closing her eyes. Finally the day had come to her which she always wanted to see, sooner than later.

She had FB!

Nanhi was sitting next to a sleeping Addu who was back from the hospital. She found Mohan and Megha sitting outside, holding hands. Though very feeble, she could overhear their serious conversation.

"Mohan, Don't worry. Everything is going to be alright"

"I too want to think like it but I know Megha, it is not happening"

"We have just started Mohan and still have long way to go. You.."

Mohan intruded "The long way will only make it worse, Megha"

"You never know'"

Again Mohan cut in "I know! I know! Yes, I know that feeling"

Mohan put his head down looking blankly at the floor. Megha looked worried but with dazed expression moved to him.

"I could relate myself with the situation and not know what I should do next."

"You and your dad?"

Mohan nodded in agreement "I had never let him explain things to me and adamantly held on to my prejudice"

"Don't you think you are trying better than your father?"

"This is not about me, Megha. Now this is about Addu!"

Megha struck with the realization. "Unless he opens up this is not going to be easy?"

She asked "Shall we do with a counselor?"

"I don't want to pressurize him Megha. It may take turns for worse"


"It's only when I moved away from my dad that I appreciated his efforts to reconcile with me. By then he was too far away from me. And we never made it to work!"

Megha was dreading to think what was going in Mohan's mind.

"I don't want anything to come between us that would kill our love for each other, Megha"

"What are you saying, Mohan?"

"My constant presence could bring trouble to Addu and I am scared of anything untoward happening to him"

Megha was not ready to hear anything more but the fear was vanishing away knowing how things would turn, if otherwise.

"I will go away somewhere for a while"

A horrified Nanhi ran into Mohan "No Spiderman!" Mohan hugs her into him and consoles her sobbing.

"Hey Chavvanni, sunna! Why are you crying like this? I am not gone forever. I will be visiting you every now and then"

Megha came closer to them and touched Mohan's shoulder not knowing whether this was going to work as they expect. She vaguely looked at Addu who was sleeping so peacefully.

FB ends.

Nanhi couldn't get past what happened after that. Every time Mohan visited them, Addu's behavior became worse. His weekly visits became monthly then yearly till they completely stopped 8 years back. After that it was only his letters that connected them. She was even angry with Megha for supporting Mohan.

'I believed you Spiderman, but things didn't turn out as you said. Why didn't you stay with us and find a better way than this? And now you ask me to come and stay with you? What should I do?'

Pages to be continued...

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