Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

FF: "The Next Page" - Completed!

Senpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2013 at 3:36am | IP Logged
I've tried my hands on what would have been appealing to me in NBT2, with a leap and separation being inevitable! With efforts to get a storyline from the separation point of view, and to keep my best efforts to do justice to the wonderful characters of NBT. Hope you like it!
Do let me know your genuine feedback so that I can continue/discontinue accordingly! LOL
Thank you for all your support and comments! Hug
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Senpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Page 1:
Mohan in his bedroom was sitting on the bed, next to Rimmy, who was sleeping! He held a letter and a photograph of grown up Addu and Nanhi together smiling with Megha! He smiled at the signature of the letter "Lovingly - Your Mirchi"

He has FB!

After the bitter moment with Addu @ his school - Mohan slapping Addu for keep insisting on "step father" clause! Nanhi watched this and queried him for his action! Mohan felt bad, said "Sorry" and tried to explain the kids! Nanhi understood him and she helped Mohan in making Addu understand as well! Addu was never in mood to heed to anyone.

Back @ home, Megha put Addu on her lap and was told story about Kanha, Yasodha and Nanda! How Krishna got attached to his parents who adopted him! Addu got very angry and shouted "I know what you are trying to say! I don't want to listen to it." Addu ran off and Nanhi followed him to the room!

Mohan looked worried seeing all this and put his face down covered in his hands! Megha walked towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder, gently! Mohan turned to her and held her hands in his

"Megha, I am sorry! You know I should not have slapped"
Megha cut him in and said "I understand Mohan! Addu gets very difficult at times and I know it! He needs more time!"

Mohan gave a teasing smile at her "Anything more than my Mirchi Madam?"

Megha smiled back triumphantly "There you see! So what is your problem in getting to Addu when it was done with me?!"

"Do you think? I don't know why, but I am losing my hopes, Megha!" he said in a weak voice!

Megha sat in front of Mohan, held his cheeks in both her hands, and turned to make him face her!

"Really? Mr. Musibat in musibat, himself??!!" Mohan gave a feeble smile @ Megha's tease while she continued

"Nanhi's Spiderman can never lose hopes, you know! What will Nanhi think of you if she gets to know that something is not possible by her spiderman?"

Mohan closed his eyes as if something hurt him! Megha swiftly stood up and held Mohan close to her! He hugged her around her waist and rested his head there, feeling all his pain relieved! She smoothened his hair with her hands

"Relax Mohan! Everything will be alright!" He squeezed his eyes and tightened his grip around Megha's waist
"Megha, Hold me like this forever and I am sure everything will be alright!"

Nanhi ran in and hugged Megha from behind "Sure, everything will be alright!" Mohan and Megha looked at Nanhi and smiled at her brightly! Nanhi walked towards Mohan "Don't worry Spiderman, I sure believe that you can make Addu love you as much as I do! May be you were too lazy all this while"

Everyone laughed! Mohan adored Nanhi's simple way of making him smile! He said in his usual style "Hey chavvanni, sunna! Why is your brother so unlike you? Piddi!".
Nanhi stared him down, in mocking anger, crossing her arms! Mohan actioned to hold his ear as if to say sorry and hugged her
"Your belief in me makes me all the more strong and wants me to do better!"

Megha intruded "If papa beti is done with their lovey shovey dialogues, shall we think of doing something about Addu?"

Mohan asked Nanhi "Where is Addu?"

Nanhi actioned to show that Addu is sleeping! The trio got seated around and started thinking!

"I have an idea! We will lock Spiderman and Addu in a room for one full week! Spiderman will sure be able to convince Addu, that he is the best papa in the world!" Nanhi giggled saying this!

Mohan gave a grave look at her!

"Naa Naa! These two might end up hurting each other or sit doing nothing in some corners of the room!"

Megha and Nanhi laughed at this imagination while Mohan got all funnily furious and acted like spanking Nanhi, which she smartly escaped!

Mohan jumped in "How about I and Addu going on a full day outing doing all sorts of fun?"

Megha looked interested and asked "What kinda of fun stuff?"

Mohan thought hard and mumbled to himself "I should take this Piddi to Pub or Discotheque to completely bowl him down!"

Megha tried to understand his murmurs but in vain "Mohan??"

"I will take Addu to some movie or bowling"

"Bowling will be best! He loves it!" Megha said happily!

Nanhi ran into Mohan's arms and kissed him! "Best of luck, Spiderman!"

Mohan hugged her warmly "I need it very much, Nanhi"

The following day the boys - Mohan, Guru and Addu went on their outing plan while the girls planned some shopping and temple visit for themselves.

In the evening Nanhi was looking at the door waiting for the boys to return. Megha called from the kitchen "Nanhi, Come and have your dinner!"

"No maa, I am waiting for Addu and Spiderman! Will have dinner with them"

Megha walked to her "They might finish their dinner from outside, beta"

"Naa, Spiderman promised me that he will be back for dinner and will play carom with me before going to sleep"

Just then the boys walked in, Addu as usual in his angry mood and the others showing no expressions. But they all looked very tired. "Spiderman, how was Addu's day out?"cheered Nanhi!

Addu ran into Megha's arms "Mummy, Nobody likes me! I hate being here and going anywhere with him"

Megha gave a confused look at Mohan, where he was all seen very upset! Guru gave a pouting look, showing that nothing went good out there!

"Addu beta, everyone loves you so much and don't you trust your mummy?" Addu looked unconvinced. "I made your favorite snack. Don't you wanna eat?"

As Megha and Addu moved away from there, Nanhi came to Mohan "What happened, Spiderman?"

"Arrey yaar! What to say! It all started well. Later, one by one went wrong and we ended up fighting for every silly matter. And see, now we are back to square one!"

Nanhi put her hand on top of her head as if to say hopeless! Mohan gave a helpless look while Guru was smilingly looking at them! Megha came in "Nanhi, Are you ready to have your dinner, now?" Mohan looked expectantly at Megha to read her expression but there was none that he could see! Then Megha gave a mockingly angry look at him and set the table for them. Mohan now joined Nanhi at the table and started his usual chat, knowing that Megha was cool.

Later in the night, Megha put the kids to sleep and came out looking for Mohan. He was found sitting near the window and looking out somewhere but not really looking anywhere! She garlanded her hands around him from behind and bent close to his ears "What is it Mr. Bhatnagar?"

In any other situation he would have pulled her into his lap to continue the play with his Mirchi! But now he forced his mind to work into serious thoughts.

"Megha, I am scared! What if Addu doesn't approve me at all? What if he continues to hate me like this?"

"Why is it like that?"

"I am trying, you know"

"I know"

"And I am failing too"

"I don't think so"

He gave a dry smile to her but then took her hands to his lips and placed a soft kiss there. She sat next to him and rested her head on his shoulders.

"I was worried that you wouldn't try. But I am happy for what's happening"
Mohan gave a confused look at her.
"Yeah I know the results aren't what we want but I hope we will be there someday".
She held his arms and closed her eyes peacefully getting into sleep.

Raging and anger, Mohan was ready to face but expectations and high hopes, he was highly scared of them. He dreaded to think of the outcome, if a failure arose on his part, would bring on her. He closed his eyes and tilted his head onto hers. They sat there in their favorite position, and fell asleep through the night.

FB ends.

Guru came into the room and saw Mohan lost in his thoughts. "Bhaiya, Is anything wrong?"

He came closer and saw the photograph in Mohan's hands. Guru smiled and took it from him.
"How pretty they look, hai na? Look at Addu, how grown up he is!"

"I will never be able to get those lost days, where I missed to see their growing up, Guru"

"Bhaiya, Please don't think like that"

Mohan and Guru, walked out of the room and sat in the balcony.

"I see only empty space in that part of their lives"

"Bhabhi has filled that space with everything that you could cherish for. You should be happy for that"

Mohan nodded in agreement. "You know, Addu has been selected as the captain for his college cricket team. And Megha thinks that he is still following the trick that I taught him long back!"

Mohan continued "Nanhi has joined as Junior Reporter in AI. Megha thinks that she is more like me than her!"

Guru smiled cheerfully "Bhabhi makes you feel part of the family even in your absence!"

Mohan was all the more hurt and squeezed his eyes in pain. "Oh! I miss her!"

Guru gave an understanding look at him "Bhaiya, listen to me. Write to bhabhi that you want to meet her"

 "No Guru! I don't have the guts to walk away from Megha, after I meet her. And I don't want to give her any more pain than what she already has"

"Ohho Bhaiya! Why are you doing this to yourself? At least talk to her on the phone."

"Why isn't everything that simple, Guru?"

"If you think it is simple, then it is!"

"Every time I get a letter from Megha, I am looking for that one line asking me to come back and saying that 'Everything is alright now'. But I am not sure whether that day would ever come by!"

Guru could read Mohan's thoughts and did not want to say anything to disturb him further.

"Chalo Bhaiya, sleep well. Rimmy's new kathak teacher is coming in tomorrow morning. Hope this one continues to stay" Deviating Mohan's thoughts Guru walked off from the room.

Mohan looked at Rimjhim adoringly and smiled to himself. "Same to same like my mirchi. Hope you like this teacher at least!"

Pages to be Continued...

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sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2013 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Poo, just hoped that the makers had shown some conversation between MM about what you have written here...good one Clap

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dsgirl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2013 at 4:03am | IP Logged
awww...i love it poo..wish NBT2  was in dese lines..nevermind ..loved it and wish to read the next part soon!!

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1973anu Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2013 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Oh poo how I wished our SN2 was like this... hats off

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Megher_Palok IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2013 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Its Up !! Tongue Great !!   Will read ASAP !!

Reserved !! Embarrassed

*Unresing* Embarrassed

ClapClapClap Loved the MNM convo u described here discussing Addu n his probs Tongue I really wish to see something similar in the show too...which looks like very high expectations nowadays LOL thats why i loved ur writing more than what i thought to be before reading it Big smile n what a sensetive n much awaited subject u ve choosed Poo!! Approve Clap

Thanks for the PM n thanks for start writing it on my request Hug i can tell myself tht at least one good work i ve done for our forum Big smile Wink

Eagerly waiting for the Next Page !! Embarrassed

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-RadhaRani- IF-Stunnerz

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Love it YaarDay Dreaming Total NBT style Thumbs Up keep written plzWink 

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Good OS PooThumbs UpClap

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