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NivRen SS: Marry Me :) *completed* (Page 8)

edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 5:31am | IP Logged


Nivi and Ria entered inside the club looking very happy and excited. It was a daily routine for them to come here every night especially since Ria was a model and she needed to attend these kind of parties to mingle with designers and Nivi happily accompanied her. For them this was the best part of their life since a year after their college got over. Throughout the day Nivi used to be busy with meetings in office and sometimes with recordings of the songs and Ria with non stop shoots. They made it a habit to chill out together as they loved each other very much.

Once they entered inside, they straight went to the dance floor loosing themselves in loud music and crowd of peoples. After dancing for a long time together, they went towards the bar. The bartender looked at them and smiled, taking out their favorite fruit punches. He knew them. Gulping down her drink, Ria spoke what was going on in her mind since evening when she met Nivi "So you like Viren?"

Nivi's head snapped towards her at this question and she stared at her with wide eyes for few minutes. Sensing that she is still waiting for her to answer, she shook her head and replied "I like him as a person and as a businessman but still I am not sure that whether I want to give this a chance Ria as you know what happened earlier. He is a nice guy but..."

Narrowing her eyes at Nivi, Ria spoke "Pari cut the crap. You know it wasn't his mistake, it was that bloody Bhardwaj who did all this. He messed up with your life a big time. Just because of what Bhardwaj did, you can't say that Viren is like him. You know in past 3 days, I have heard a lot about Viren Sood in Mumbai to last for a lifetime. Girls there are crazy for him. Some even were crying when they got to know about Viren shifting his base to Delhi. 'The most eligible and handsome bachelor' was the title reserved only for him. Apparently, many girls tried to woo Viren and failed very badly. You should be happy that he is taking so much interest in you."
 "I know but I can't help myself from thinking that what if he did the same Ria." Nivi sighed.
"Just give it a try Nivi. He atleast deserves a chance." Ria advised.
"I am thinking the same. I will tell him everything before going ahead in this relationship." said Nivi while fiddling with her hairs. Ria looked at Nivi carefully and realized that there was something more Nivi wanted to say but was hesitating.
"Pari you know na you can tell me anything. Tell me what's it?" Ria said while keeping her hand on Nivi's hand.

Nivi looked up at her and whispered "The way we danced together during party, the way he looks at me looks familiar Ria. His touch, his eyes looks like a page torn out of past which I am trying to read and every time I can't understand anything from it. He looks familiar like I have met him earlier somewhere, years ago."
Nodding her head, Nivi turned towards the crowd resting her elbows on the bar and continued "Yeah I am sure that I have met him earlier but where I don't know. He is not my childhood friend, school friend or college friend then where did I met him?"
Not knowing what to answer, Ria drank her fruit punch. Nivi kept the empty glass of fruit punch on the bar and scanned the crowd. She gasped when she looked at the entrance.
Hearing her gasp, Ria turned and following her gaze looked at the entrance to see a guy in mid 20's entering with some of his friends.
"It's him." Ria heard Nivi's voice.

Nivi was shocked to see Viren entering in the club with 2 other  guys behind him. Dressed in blue denim jeans and jet black plain shirt, he looked like a college going guy. His appearance was nothing like the past 3 meetings Nivi had with him. Today he wasn't looking like' Viren Sood the famous businessman', he looked like a normal guy-handsome and simply too hot to handle. She saw two girls rushing towards them and hugging Viren.  Making a face, Nivi turned not willing to watch Viren anymore. She didn't liked seeing the girls with Viren.
"Wow he is hot." Nivi heard Ria. Nivi groaned in frustration. Now she was sure that Ria is gonna drag her to meet Viren. But to her surprise, Ria kept sitting on the one of stools placed in front of the bar with her in tow. Nivi ordered one more drink meanwhile Ria started her live commentary.

"Now he is talking with some he is smiling, aww he looks cute while a girl came and dragged him towards the dance floor. I think he is trying to run away from the dance floor. That girl keeps her hands on Viren's waist and pulls him closer for dance and now he is dancing with that girl intimately. Now he is coming towards us Pari. I think he saw you here."

"oh shit." Nivi cursed under her breath. She brought her hairs forward trying to hide her face from him. Her father never knew about her visits to these clubs and if Viren saw her there, then he might tell her father. Hoping that he didn't saw her, she kept sipping her drink.
"Nivi? I am surprised to see you here." came his voice from the right. Shaking her head in defeat, she turned towards him with a smile and said "Hello."
"Hi." Viren smiled. Nivi looked at Ria and said "meet my friend, Ria. Ria this is Viren Sood."
Shaking his hand with Ria, Viren spoke "Hi, nice to meet you. Are you Ria Verma, the supermodel?"
"Yeah I am the one. But how come you know me?"
"Oh I do have some friends in fashion industry who keep talking about you. I must say you look very beautiful."
"Oh thanks."

Viren turned towards Nivi and saw her staring down at her glass intently. She looked very different from their previous encounters. She was looking absolutely hot and beautiful in black dress. As he kept staring at her, he saw her turning towards him as if sensing his gaze on her.
"Dance?" Viren brought his hand forward. Nivi looked at his hand for few moments while thinking something.
Shaking her head in a 'no', Nivi smiled and said "Sorry. You can take Ria by the way. She would love to dance with you."
Looking disappointed, Viren asked for the same with Ria who happily accepted his offer and made way towards the dance floor but not before throwing an angry look at Nivi. Nivi smiled while seeing them dance. She liked Viren no doubt but she was confused to move ahead in her life with him. All the things happened so quickly that it left her confused about her decisions and most important, about Viren. She wanted to clear all her doubts before going ahead with him in this relationship.
She was about to order one more drink when someone grabbed her waist and pulled her. Keeping her hands in front, she tried to resist that guy's attempts when a voice rang in her ears, freezing her.
"Hey Sharma how are you, my darling?"
For few moments, Nivedita stood still. Her mind stopped working after hearing that voice. But when she felt his lips on her hairs kissing them lightly, she jerked his hand away from her waist and pushed him away. She looked up to see a guy in mid 20's staring down at her with eyes full of lust.
Regaining herself back on time, She said in a stern voice "BHARDWAJ STAY IN YOUR LIMITS."
She turned to go away from him, when he again caught her wrist dragging her towards him " uh uh Sharma still angry with me baby?  I am really sorry for what I did with your family but I love you sweet heart."
"You DON'T love me. You are just a sick, greedy man who wanted to marry me for my parent's property and thanks to my presence of mind, you miserably failed in that purpose of yours."
Tightening his grip on her wrist, he hissed "What harm would it have done if you would have just said 'yes' for our marriage, Sharma? You are the most selfish girl I ever met. Defying your parent's wish about our marriage, you always did what you liked."
"You moron, I would have never married you, EVER. I hated you from the time I met you. Just because of my parents, I behaved politely with you. But don't cross my way again BHARWAJ, YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR IT."
"Oh really?" came his voice, full of laughter.
"Really and you are going to get a trailer of that now." grinning widely at him, Nivi raised her foot a bit in the air and stamped her high heels on his left foot hard, making him hop while letting out a shriek.
Not letting him get over with it, Nivi slapped him hard on the face and went away while yelling out loudly 'JERK' at him.

Nivi went to the dance floor while looking for Ria and Viren. Unable to find them, she was looking around when she was pulled in a tight hug by Viren.
"Where were you Nivi? When we came back after the dance, you were not there. I got worried for you."
Stepping away from him, Nivi broke the hug. Her eyes saw concern for her in his eyes making her heart melt for the man standing in front of her. 3 days, only 3 days it took for him to connect to her, to start caring for her.
Giving him a small smile, Nivi spoke in a small voice "I was just getting bored so I went out for a while. Ria come let's go. It's getting late."
Noticing the pained look in her eyes, Viren wanted to stop her to ask her about it but stopping himself, he nodded and said "sure. Good night guys."
"Good night Viren." With a sad expression on her face, she went away while clutching Ria's arm tightly, not answering Ria's questions at all.


The moment she entered in her room after dodging Ria's every attempt to know what happened, she locked it from inside. She went towards the bathroom. Turning on the shower, she allowed water to fall on her. With a small sob, she fell on her knees looking lifeless. Sitting quietly in a corner, she finally allowed tears to fall from her eyes with loud sobs. She was tired of running again and again from her life. She was tired of thinking that love isn't meant for a girl like her. She was tired to putting a fake smile on her face everyday. She was tired of everything. Finally her heart accepted what she knew from a long time,  SHE WAS HEART BROKEN.


"Papa I will marry Viren."
Keshav looked up at Nivi who was looking down, shocked to see her agreeing for marriage so soon.

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 5:38am | IP Logged was quite long and difficult update to type took me 3 days to write this...maybe i am getting lazy or may be the writer in me is sleeping nowdaysLOL...forgive any grammatical and typing mistakes guys

and one more thing i know this update don't have much of Viren but from next update you all will get to see most of NivRen only...i am going to focus on them nowBig smile

and next update will be on monday or tuesday...i am sooo life sucks life out of you i am telling youLOL

and please it would be better if you write more than 2 words in response to my updates...i feel all my work and time wasted when i see small comments not that i am complaining..even a single comment matter to me very much..i want my readers to enjoy my updates as it's my last SS

ok enough of my talks...see you all next weekBig smile

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UZIS IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 6:16am | IP Logged

me first... ooo...huuu...yahooo...Chahe koi mujhe jungli kahe WinkLOLBig smileSmileEmbarrassed... filmy writer... i really love this update... ClapStar
this ss is really different frm all that u wrote before...Smile
M waiting for the next one...for more dose of Nivren Big smileTongueEmbarrassed

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 7:35am | IP Logged
amazing update i like always NIVREN.

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
awesome part cont soon

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BabyHimavari IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 5:42am | IP Logged
gr8 updateClap

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kmfan_2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Beautiful update...I am glad she said Viren!

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achu28 Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 9:03am | IP Logged
superb update last nivi said yes to waiting for more nivren moments.

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