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NivRen SS: Marry Me :) *completed* (Page 4)

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Originally posted by UZIS

ClapClapClap What a start dear... seems the upcoming updates would be more interestingEmbarrassed


Uzi such a short commentBroken Heart kya baat mere jahanpanah naraz hai apni kaneez se?Ouch

anyway glad that you find my SS interestingBig smile

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Ragvir_Prishna

Nice update please PM me when you update please =)

thanks for the comment dearSmile...Oh ok I will pm every time when i update this SSBig smile

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The next morning witnessed two different scenario in a certain Sharma Mansion and Sood's Mansion.

In Sharma Mansion,
"Papa how can you say 'yes' without even asking me about my opinion?" came a bit loud voice of Nivedita
"That's because I know that he is perfect for you. Now I don't want him to land in hospital after eating some experimental dish made by you neither I want him to run away from this to escape from your wrath. So you better behave well with him, Pari."
Nivedita snorted rather loudly at her father's words.  After finishing his breakfast, Keshav bid bye to Vandana and Nivedita before leaving for office. The moment his car crossed the main gate of Sharma mansion, Nivedita pulled Vandana by her arms making her dance.
"Pari Stop it beta. Now go and get ready for office." spoke Vandana softly while patting Nivi's head lovingly.
Nivi moved towards her room when she heard her mother's voice "Don't behave that bad with him today beta. Your father will not like it."
Nivi grinned when she heard it. Her mother never failed to understand what's going on in her mind. Never ever.

In Sood's Mansion,
"I like her." declared Viren and looked up at his parent's happy faces. He continued quickly "But I would like to know her more before taking any decision."
"Sure Beta."


"So this is all that you all want to know about this project and I hope you guys got everything clear?" said Nivi as she finished briefing her team about the new Sood-Sharma venture they were going to join.
"Yes Mam" came an expected and unison reply of her team.
"And I think we get a deadline for this project as well. I think it's 25th September. So guys we have to finish it by then, Am I clear to you all?"
"Yes Mam."
"And I want you all to work hard for this one. I don't want any Sood employee and owner to point any mistake in our work, Ok?"
"Yes Mam."
Nivi looked up and saw bored faces of her team. She got an idea and grinned wickedly. She spoke "And I know you guys think that I am a fool, isn't it?"
"Yes Mam." her team once again not really listening to what she was saying. It took them a few moments to realize what she said and what they replied. They all looked up at him and quickly said "No mam."
Nivi burst out laughing and her team grinned at her. It's been only 10  months since she joined Sharma Group of Industries but It was completely bliss for them to work under Nivedita Sharma. She wasn't a strict boss, she preferred to keep the office environment light and full of fun. Everyone was used to her easy-going and positive nature. She made everyone feel comfortable.
She showed them a thumb up and everyone stood up while she spoke "Guys I really want you to work hard for this project. This project means a lot to our company and I don't want anyone to point or doubt my work."
Everyone nodded and said "We will do our best Mam." Like the way her team was used to her jokes and chirpy behavior, they knew how much she took her business seriously. Top of that, if she said that to them, that meant no mistakes should happen. They will never let her down ever as they respected her very very much.


Opposite to her, Viren Sood chose to keep the environment of Sood's Group of Industries completely professional. He was a boss that everyone admired for his professionalism. He never mixed his professional and personal life ever. No one ever saw him loosing cool on some employee nor did they saw him laughing and joking around with anyone. He was cordial, polite and sweet to everyone yet maintained a professional relation with everyone.

So when around 3 pm, A certain Miss. Sharma stepped inside, she saw everyone engrossed in work in complete silent environment except faint sound of continuous typing on computers. She walked up to the reception, took off her sunglasses and spoke to the receptionist "I want to meet Mr. Viren Sood."
The receptionist looked up and saw a pretty lady dressed in a grey formal business suit while a pretty simple pearl necklace adorned her neck, smiling at her which she returned with a warm smile.
"Sure Mam do you have an appointment with him?"
Nivi's smile faltered a bit. Quickly composing herself, she spoke again "No But just tell Mr. Sood that I am here. I am sure he will meet me."
"I am sorry Mam but I am a bit afraid that this isn't possible. Sir never meet anyone without appointment." the receptionist replied with a sorry face.
"I got your point but atleast call him and ask him if he can meet me?"
"All right Mam." The receptionist picked up the phone and dialed a number. After talking on it for few minutes she disconnected the call and said "Mam you can meet him. Please follow me."
Nivi followed the girl while bracing herself to blast Viren Sood. How dare he didn't told her about the marriage proposal last night when they were talking? She agreed that he was a charming guy whom she would have loved to marry but after what happened...she didn't want to marry anyone. She genuinely liked Viren Sood but marrying him wasn't even a option.


The receptionist stopped in front of a cool-looking cabin which had a name plate stuck on it. 'Viren Sood, CEO', it read.
"Mam, Sir is waiting for you inside." said receptionist and left. Nivi stood there for few moments, encouraging herself. Come on Nivi, tu ye kar sakti hai.
She took a deep breath and entered inside the cabin. She took in white color the wall adorned, black couch and sofa placed on the left of the cabin. She moved her gaze and looked at the center. A huge black table was placed there and a big, plum leather chair was placed behind it whose front was moved towards the window of the cabin which was giving a very pleasant view of Delhi.

She cleared her throat loudly not sure of Viren's presence in the cabin. The leather chair was spun around to reveal, a handsome and good looking Viren Sood sitting on it, his gaze fixed on the file he was holding in his hands. Nivi noticed his office attire, a white crisp shirt which was rolled up till the elbows and black trousers, his black coat placed around the back of the chair.

When Nivi didn't said anything for few seconds and stared at him, Viren lifted his gaze and saw her looking at him. He smiled at her which she returned with a scowl.
"Miss. Sharma please have a seat."
Nivi looked around to make sure that Viren was talking to her actually. What happened to him? He wasn't this formal last night? Ms. Sharma and all really Mr. Viren Sood?
She faked a smile and took a seat opposite to Viren. Viren stared at her intently which made her a bit nervous.
"So what made you come here? I must say, I am surprised to see you here." spoke Viren.
Nivi looked back into his eyes and replied "Yesterday my parents told me about the marriage proposal and I want to talk about it. I just want to say..."
Viren interrupted her in middle and said "oh so you are here for that. I am so sorry but I don't think I have enough time for that."
While Nivi stared at him completely shocked that he don't want to talk about it, Viren looked at his watch and continued "I need to leave in 5 minutes for a meeting."
What the hell !!! here she took time from her busy schedule and he is talking to her like that. Admit it Nivi, he is a jerk, no a JERK.
Viren stood up and picked up his coat from the back of the chair while Nivi was lost in her own thoughts.
"Miss Sharma?"
"Huh?" Nivi looked up, startled to see Viren all ready to leave.
"I am sorry for leaving you like this but I really need to attend this meeting. I will meet you tomorrow I hope. Bye." With a final nod at her direction, Viren left from the cabin leaving Nivedita behind. He smirked as he left the cabin. He didn't wanted to behave like that with her but it was fun to see her shocked face. much he had to do as adviced by Suhani. Behave rudely with her!!!! hmph she is too cute to act rudely with her.

Nivi stood up. Seriously what the hell just happened here? How can he leave like that without even listening what she came to say? Nivi the other guys you met were not this good looking but they treated her well. He is a Jerk Nivi, FIRST CLASS JERK, admit it.

After 5 minutes, the whole Sood office witnessed a pretty lady coming out of their boss cabin, fuming with anger and walked towards the reception. The receptionist looked at her with a smile which instantly wiped when she saw Nivi's red angry face.
"Fix my appointment with Mr. Viren Sood for tomorrow." Ordered Nivi.


Later that night when Suhani was talking with Pari, she sensed that she was angry over something. Out of curiosity, she asked
"Pari anything wrong sweetheart?"
"Sissy you know I met Viren Sood today as yesterday Maa, Papa told me about the marriage proposal and you know he behaved so rudely with me. I hate him."
Suhani smiled as she listened to her sister. Well done Mr. Viren Sood. She for the first time talked to me about any guy, that means she remembered you and is affected by your presence in her life. Way to go Viren !!!

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so here is the 2nd apologies for any grammatical and typing mistakes guys...I know this chapter is a bit boring but trust me when i say this that you all are going to love this SS...This chapter is basic foundation for this SS

So tables have been you all must have expected Nivi to do something it was other way round isn't itLOL

Next update next see you all next week...mwaahEmbarrassedHug

and new readers welcomeEmbarrassedHug

I am glad that you all took time to check out my SSBig smile

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Excellent update...I will write a longer one tomorrow...on how well you have written this chapter...Clap

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that  was awesomeClapClap

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very good update Neeti.keep it up.this SS s totally rockingClapClap. i m loving Nivren very much.Embarrassed

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Originally posted by edwardcullen19

Originally posted by UZIS

ClapClapClap What a start dear... seems the upcoming updates would be more interestingEmbarrassed


Uzi such a short commentBroken Heart kya baat mere jahanpanah naraz hai apni kaneez se?Ouch

anyway glad that you find my SS interestingBig smile
Short comment karu...toh bhi problem...OuchConfusedShocked... long comment karu toh bhi...LOLWink
Meri kaneez... aap ke liye mera har comment imp hai ki nahi...tell meWinkLOL

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