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Chahat11's : AnSh FF Agar Tum Na Hote Thread # 1

Chahanya IF-Stunnerz

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Agar Tum Na Hote 

Dear Readers,
                    Hi. This is chahat11. I have started a new FF on AnSh. This is my first attempt to reach out to viewers and readers who have  a problem in understanding Hindi. I have in the prologue attempted to write the dialogues in English. I hope my efforts make it easier for all you guys and you can enjoy reading my work, if you guys read and like. It is also a treat (if my writing is considered to be a treat) for all my regular readers. 
                    I know I am being a bit of a push over by crowding the forum with my writing. I just can't help it. I want to share my inner thoughts with everyone. I like to write and have always written only happy things for AnSh.
                    In this story you might find AnSh a bit different as circumstances happen to them. I promise to have all my regular elements in this story too.
                    The characters are inspired from the original show Balika Vadhu. I have no rights over the character what so ever. I do solemnly swear not to taint any character unnecessarily.
                    Today I ended my FF Makar Sankraati by what I have read in comments was a beautiful ending. I here by start my new FF. I hope I can reach the hearts of the readers the same way as I did eralier.
                    Please do hit like and do post comments in appreciation or even give suggestions to make my writing better.
                   OK that was  a lot of blabbering. Please hit like and comment.
Signing off,
 Your's sincerely,

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Chahanya IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2013 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Agar Tum Na Hote 

                                                                                       By chahat11


The Shekhars:

Mr. Prem Kishore Shekhar and Mrs. Kussum P K Shekhar

Mr. Alok P K Shekhar and Mrs. Ira Alok Shekhar

Mr. Arup P K Shekhar and Mrs. Meenu Arup Shekhar

Mr. Shiv Raj Shekhar and Mrs. Anandi Shiv Raj Shekhar

Master. Soumya Anandi Shiv Raj Shekhar

Miss. Saumyaa Anandi Shiv Raj Shekhar

Mr. Mahinder Arup Shekhar and Mrs. Muskaan Mahinder Shekhar

Capt. Mr. Satya Shekhawat and Mrs. Saachi Satya Shekhawat

*The lady in white* : Late. Mrs. Ashima Shiv Raj Shekhar

The Singhs:

Smt. Kalyani Devi Singh

Shri. Bhairon Singh and Smt. Sumitra Bhairon Singh

The Singhs:(Anandi's biological parents)

Shri. Khajaan Singh and Smt. Bhagwati Khajaan Singh

Note: More characters will be added to the list as the story unfolds

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Chahanya IF-Stunnerz

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Prologue      Pg 1

Part 1          Pg 8

Part 2         Pg  16

Part 3         Pg  23

Part 4         Pg  27

Part 5         Pg  29

Part 6         Pg  36

Part 7         Pg  45

Part 8         Pg 53

Part 9         Pg 61

Part 10       Pg 75

Part 11a      Pg 92

Part 11b      Pg 100

Part 12        Pg 115

Part 13        Pg 122

Part 14 a     Pg 130

Part 14 b     Pg 142

Thread 2

Thread 3

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Chahanya IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2013 at 11:27am | IP Logged

Agar Tum Na Hote


Venue: Kesar Buag

Date: 30/11/2009

Laughter had scarcely been heard in Kesar Buag these days. It had been roughly a year since they have lost a loved one. The Shekhar's were joined at tea time by their samdhi Khajaan Singh, his wife Bhagwati Singh. They had come to meet their 21 year old daughter Anandi. Anandi had made tea and snacks for everyone.

Prem Kishore Shekhar: Arre Anandi beta jaldi karo. Tumhe pata hain na ki mujhe tumhaari haath ki chai aur naashta bahut pasand hai. Aha aur tumne toh halwa bhi banaya hai.

(Hurry up Anandi beta. I simply love the tea that you make. Aha and I see that you have prepared halwa too.)

Anandi: Jee Daddu main humesha halwa banati hoon aur haan aaj bhi banaya hai. jaise sab ke liye banati hoon aiwse hi aapke liye bhi banaya hai. Daddu aap bhi halwa kha sakte hain par wo jo maine khaas kar aapke liye banaya hai. Aapke ke liye special sugar free halwa.

(Yes Daddu I always make halwa and today too I have made some for everyone. Daddu you can have some too but the special one that I have made. You will get to eat sugar free halwa.)

Alok: Samdhisa bahut accha hota agar aap yahaan kuch der aur ruk jaate. Aapke aane bahut maza aata hai. aap bhi chai naashta lijiye. Aapki beti ne banaya hai. Anandi ne humaare ghar ko khushiyon se bhar diya hai. Aap aur samdhansa hi to hiss pyaari si bacchi ko iss duniya mein lane ke liye zimmedaar hain. Toh humaare jeevan aur ghar mein toh iss roshni ko aap hi le aaye hain.

(Samdhisa it would have been nice if you could stay here a little longer. We really love to have you here. Please have some snacks and tea. You daughter had made it. Anandi has lit up our house and you and samdhansa are the reason behind her being in this world. So you have brought this light into our home and lives.)

Khajaan Singh: Arre nahi nahi samdhisa aapko toh pata hi hai ki hum iss ghar mein na toh kuch kha sakte hain aur na hi yahaan ka paani pee sakte hain. Ye humaari beti ka ghar hai. hum aur nahi ruk paayenge. Hum toh bas yahaan humaari beti se, kuwarsa se aur aap sab se milne aaye hain.

(Arre no Samdhisa you know we can't eat or drink the water of your house. This is our daughter's home. We also can't stay any longer. We have come to meet Anandi, kuwarsa and you all.)

Ira: Anandi beta please apni ma bapu ko smjhao beta ki ye unka bhi ghar hai.

(Anandi beta please explain to your parents that this is their home too.)

Mahi and Saachi come in and join the others.

Saachi: Mom baby ro rahi hai. Mahi bhaiyya aur mujhe pata nahi kya gadbad hai.

(Mom the baby is crying. Mahi bhaiyya and I don't know what is wrong with her.)

Anandi: Saachi uske saath koi gadbad nahi hai.use bhook lagi hogi. Mujhe do. Main use feed kar deti hoon. Meri laado ko bhuka lagi hai? Abhi aapko meetha meetha doodoo pilaati hoon.

Saachi there is nothing wrong with her. She must be hungry. Give her to me. I will feed my laado. My laado is hungry? I will feed you with sweet milk.

Anandi goes to the kitchen and gets the baby's feeding bottle. The baby girl was in her naani's (Bhaago's)lap. She was crying but as soon as Anandi took her in her lap she stopped. Everyone is very happy on seeing the baby happy in her lap. They all exchange meaningful smiles and looks. The honk of a car is heard.

Meenu: Mujhe lagta hai ki Shiv office se wapas aa gaya hai. Anandi tumne Shiv ki chai aur naashta banaya hai?

(I think Shiv is back from the office. Anandi have you prepared for his tea and snack?)

Anandi: Jee sab tayyar hai. Baby doodh pee le phir mein unhe serve kar doongi.

(Yes everything is ready. I will serve it to him as soon as the baby finishes her milk.)

Ira: Anandi baby ko mujhe de do. Main use doodh pila deti hoon. Beta tum jaao aur Shiv ka naashta aur chai le aao.

(Anandi give the baby to me. I will feed her. Beta why don't you go and get Shiv's tea and snack served.)

Anandi: Jee. Nahi nahi aapne use galat tareeke se pakda hai. please ise aise pakadiye. Meri laado ko aise doodoo peena pasand hai hai na? Umm uski bottle ko please theek se dakhiyega. Warna nazar lag jaayegi ise.

(OK. No no you are holding her in the wrong position. Please hold her in this way. My laado likes to have her milk in this position. Umm her bottle needs to be covered properly. She will have evil eye her/Bad omen will happen to her.)

Bhaago: Laado Iraji ne bahut acche se do bacchon ko bada kiya hai. unhe pata hai ki bacche ka khayaal kaise rakhna hai. Tu jaakar kuwarsa ka khayaal rakh.

(Laado Iraji has successfully raised two children. She knows how to take care of a child. Why don't you go and take care of kuwarsa.)

Anandi goes to the kitchen and prepares for Shiv' tea and snacks. Meanwhile Shiv comes in and kisses the baby. He wants to hold the baby. He is warned that she has just been fed.

Mahi: Bhaiyya sambhalkar. Aapki laado ne abhi doodh piya hai. Aapko pata hai na ki doodh peen eke baad ye kya karti hai?

(Bhaiyya be careful. Your laado has just had her doodoo. You know na what she does after having doodoo?)

Shiv: Mahi koi baat nahi. Ye jitney chahe mere utne shirt kharaab kar sakti hai. Ye meri laado hai. Meri laado kaishi hai? Mujhe yaad kar rahi thi? Oh ho ye kiya kiya laado ne? Mujhpar doodoo ki thuki kar di.

(Mahi it is ok. She can spoil how many of my shirts she wants. She is my laado. How is my laado doing? Were you missing /remembering me? Oh ho what has laado done? You spat out milk on me?)

Shiv gave the baby back to Ira. He was going to his room to change. As he was leaving he saw his laado cry.

Ira: Arre Anandi zara jaldi aao ye phir se rone lagi. Ye ladki bhi na sirf Shiv aur Anandi ke saath hi khush rehti hai.

(Arre Anandi please some quickly she is crying again. This girl she can stay happy only with Shiv and Anandi.)

Anandi: Aayi.


Shiv stood still a bit far and heard.

Meenu: Didi har ghar mein Anandi jaisi beti aur bahu honi chahiye.

(Didi every household should have a daughter and daughter in law like Anandi.)

Shiv did not like what he heard. He did not like the looks everyone gave. At that time Anandi came out of the kitchen. She was about to take the baby in her arms just then Shiv called her.

Shiv: Anandi meri chai aur naashta kamre mein le aao please.

(Anandi could you please get my tea and snacks in the room.)

Anandi: Jee.


Shiv goes to the room and Anandi follows. After a few minutes everyone in the living area heard the sound of someone being slapped. They saw the door open of Shiv's room and Anandi had tears in her eyes. She ran out of the main door. Everyone in the living room is shocked to see her cry. The clouds started to pour down. They were too crying with Anandi. They mixed her tears with the rain drops. As Anandi ran out she had only one question in her mind.

Anandi: Kyun? Unhone aisa kyun kiya? Unhone aisa kyun kaha? Wo aisa kaise kar sakte hain?

(Why? Why did he do so? Why did he say so? How could he? )

In Shiv's room, he was standing under the shower in the washroom. The running shower mixed his tears with the water pouring through it. He repeated only one thing.

Shiv: Mujhe aisa karna pada Anandi. Tumhaare liye. Sirf tumhaai khushi ke liye. Agar ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena.

(I had to do this Anandi. For you. Only for your happiness. If you can ever please forgive me.)

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AnusuyaYadav Senior Member

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Oh wow a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!Party I'm sooo happy chahat!!!!!!!!!!Dancing sooo lookin forward for it!!!!!!!!! Day Dreaming btw i prefer Eglish cause im not that fluent in hindi!!!!!Ouch  but still carry on with whichever ur comfortable with!!!!!!!!! waitin for ur update Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Chahanya IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by AnusuyaYadav

Oh wow a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!Party I'm sooo happy chahat!!!!!!!!!!Dancing sooo lookin forward for it!!!!!!!!! Day Dreaming btw i prefer Eglish cause im not that fluent in hindi!!!!!Ouch  but still carry on with whichever ur comfortable with!!!!!!!!! waitin for ur update Big smile

Thank You

I will try to write in English with a bit of Hindi here and there

Its better to write in English than to translate

So I hope you like this FF too.

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het27 Senior Member

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Thank You

One more from you

But what's this ? Who got slapped? Anandi? or Shiv?

Please rush with your work

can't wait to read

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AnusuyaYadav Senior Member

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pah like these bv ppl u've also stopped in the most important place!!!!!!!!!!!CryCryCry pls update sooon nah!!!!!!!!!! OuchOuchOuchOuch but no doubt im lovin this one too ClapClapClap

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