Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

NautankiTimes#37 - Kuch To Tha Tere Mere Darmiyaan

snowflake. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 7:43pm | IP Logged

Dimple : Aanchal now we have two hotties in the show Blushing

Aanchal : Don't remind me of Dips :/

Dimple : sorry?!

Aanchal : Koi dikha nahi ki shuru ho jana hai tujhe bas.. Dips ke jaise :p

Dimple : What Angry aur tune to bittu ji ko bhi nahi choda :p

Aanchal :  Hum ye baad me discuss kare, private me?? Stern Smile 

Dimple : Ok, bring on the NL  Party

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Heads: -Dimple-, --Shivu-- & SilentPromises
Headers: -Stutz-
Award Signatures : MarshP & -Dimple-
Ishqian Moment of the Week : M.Hurr
Punchline of the Week : Armu4eva
Stupidest Moment of the Week : Armu4eva 
Dialogue of the week : -Dimple- 
Bachao Scene of the Week : Armu4eva
Bakra of the Week : Phoenix.Xeelan
Chugli of the Week : -sweetgal19-
Fashion Sense Needs to be Trashed : Phoenix.Xeelan 
Picture of the Week : Armu4eva 
Superstar of the Week : M.Hurr
Golmal Scene of the Week : MjhtFan_Mahima
Article of the Week : Jyo_KSG
Most Active Post [STICKY] : -Deepali-
Most Active Post [Normal] : -Deepali-
Nailed It Scene of the Week : -Dimple-
Icon of the Week [ANIMATED] : -Dimple- 
Signature of the Week [ANIMATED]: Sunshine Girl
Signature of the Week [NON ANIMATED] : Sunshine Girl
OS/SS/FF of the Week : Silentpromises
VM of the Week : bubblygal1711

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snowflake. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 8:23pm | IP Logged

During the shooting RK keeps drooling on madhu which results in depali falling the haystack instead of RK's arms,in the same scene when madhu is not around RK gets restless.

Tuje bhula diya,rishabala misses each other and have flashbacks of their sad and happy moments.
Later RK confronts Madhu for making all worried and himself and how he was so restless when she just left the location without informing anyone and madhu too retorts saying he has no right to question her,but when madhu enters the chawl she's somewhat happy to see RK there and RK too hold her shoulder and cups her face and asks if she's allright.

1. RK: Dare you, Madhu ki taraf agar ek bhi kadam badya to. Biwi hai woh meri

Oh ho possessive WinkTongue I must say abhi to RK just saw his eyes. What will happen when he will see his face. Tab to he will not even give any warning. After all its his BIWI. Bus haq hai ek meraWinkDay Dreaming

2. Mein jee nahi paunga, mein marr jaunga.

You know what when I heard this dialogue I just connected this with Madhu's dialogue "Mein kaise jeeungi" Both are so connected, both cannot even think about living apart from each other. But I must say now you realise Mr. Rishabh Kundra how it feels when the person you love the most, is going away from you. Madhu had to go with this same for her she lost her love of the life and for you the fear of loosing Madhu made you so restless and scared. Now please accept that you have a heart too and you love her.

3. RK: Kyunki mein tumhara pat...
Madhu: Nahi mr. Rishabh Kundra, Tum mere kuch nahi ho

Clean bold, Reality check. RK, Madhu never even thought in her dreams that she will ever say such lines to you. For her it was only you and only you. It was your decision which you took alone. And now when you want to say that you are her husband(bas haq hai ek mera) Madhu says that you are no one too me. I loved this one, coz the more Madhu will say that you are nothing to me the more he will realise that only he has the right on her, he is her husband!

4. RK: Hum dono ek kamre mein kya kar rahe the, aur uska dupatta mere upar kya kar raha tha

OMG OMG *Hides face* OMG did he really said that?? Kisi ne acha naam daala hai THARKEYROFLSilly This was a hilarious dialogue. Husband wife wakes up in the morning. And husband asking Bittu ji what he and his BIWI doing at the night?Shocked Like seriously Mr. KundraShockedSilly How can you even expect bittu ji to answer this question. Its your room, it was your BIWI and whatever happened between you both only you know *Hides face again* BlushingD'oh

Pistol hai. .hair dryer nahi ... tedi pakdi hai.. !!! 

Shocked oh teriii ... this boy ..this boy .. this boy Embarrassed Sultan.. to bhai. .cha gaya..! Even when Madhu stood aiming the gun straight towards him ..He stayed calm! Not just that he even pointed out that Madhu was holding it wrong..!! Way to go.. Sultan Clap  Mai to fida ho gai! Tongue LOL

Dead  Dead  Dead  grrr . .is Despo Dips ka kya kare.. !! No matter how many times.. RK verbally kicks her out of his room .. she finds a way to slip her way BACK! Angry  This time round.. she ensured to land up in RKs arms..just as he woke up panting n sweating from a Nightmare regarding Sultan & Madhu..!! Dead  Really felt bad for atta boy Sikky .. Ouch

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No doubt the scene of the week has to be "Tujhe bhula diya" OMG Day DreamingBlushingwhat a apt song for the perfect situation. ClapStarIn this song sequence Madhu and RK were far apart but still were with each other. In there minds, in their hearts,Heart in their emotions and not to forget in their tears.CryDay Dreaming

Madhu thinking about RK. and RK is so worried about his BIWI. He just waiting to see the glimpse of that face which is his soul, which is his heartbeat. He had those tears in his eyes that was reflecting how much he is missing his BIWI and how much he wants to be with her and take her in his arms and never let go(Kisse chupa raha hai RKAngryTongue)

Sultan ofcourse,very grand and filmy entry is the highlight of this week.

The crew member of RK's movie or maybe some extra we don't even know but he dared to hit on Madhu knowing she is superstar RK's wife but it's not just about madhu but what he tried to do with her. he harassed her at first and then when flirting didn't give any good outcome he started insulting her by saying disposal,used etc degrading her honor Dead thanks to RK, who came in time and bit him up black and blue for messing with Madhu. the crew isn't a regular cast of the show but due to his hideous act he deserves to be the worst of this week. 

My Favorite sense disaster is back to busines s- Trishna Mallick LOL on last saturday episode her pink or whatever multicolored flowery print jumpsuit was absolutely not happening and over that she wore a white jacket which was looking extremely weird. the dress was such a miss-match.

Hello Shello doston ! Wink

Aur Aaj ka Taaza Khabri yeh hai ki Radhaji aur Sullu bhai,Arrey,Hamare SultanTongue,ek doosre ko jaante hain,pehle se hi,in fact Sullu Bhai,Radhaji ka jaasusi (Detective) hain! Wink

Samjhe Nahin ?Evil Smile

Meri Source ne mujhe ye bataya hai ki Radhaji aur Sullu Bhai RK ke khilaaf Saazish Kar Rahe Hain! ShockedShocked

Chawnk Gaye ?Cool

Aap sab log jaante hain haina ki RK bahut peetha hai,aur Radhaji iss wajay ke karan,bahut pareshan thi !Ouch

Aur Isliye to make RK stop drinking,she came up with a plan! She went to HDA(Healthy Drinkers AssociationWink) and hired Sullu Bhai to pretend as if he was trying to take Madhu away from RK ! (Madhu also is aware of this planTongue) so that every time RK drinks to drown his sorrow,he would be reminded of Madhu and would keep thinking about her which of course would be a blow to his "Ahankaar"Wink

Hence use peena chodna hoga ! Wink

Samjhe ?Wink

Kya Plan ! Main bhi chawnk gayi,yeh plan sunne ke baad ! Clap Waah Waah ! Kya Idea hai Madamjee ! WinkClap

So Yeh hain Aaj ka Hot News ! Wink

Aur Taaza Taaza Khabar sunne ke liye,tune in Next week,same time,same place  ! Silly

Asta  La Vista  !Cool

Funny scenes in this week were rare. With Sultan's entry the story has been given a huge twist. All funny scenes had to do with Deepali only. The way she was questioned about Madhu by bittiju and the way RK told her that if i want to hear Bakwas i'll call you were all really funny if you look at Deepali. The funniest yet was certainly when Sikki asked her if Madhu is lost why is she calling RK.

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snowflake. IF-Stunnerz

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>> Nazar se nazar mile

Day Dreaming  uff ..these two... one moment of eyelock n u fall flat.. Embarrassed  .. no matter how bad things get between them. .no one can deny the bond they share..!! Smile  This moment just outside Madhus tent when RK helps Madhu to collect her bag.. just makes me go all 'Awww' 

>> Aya re Aya .. Sultan the Don !!


^^ Shocked  ooi maa... what was that.. a bird. .an arrow. .a bullet ?? or wait..was that Sultan Wink Making a splashing entry literally .. Sultan decided to get to business. .as he bashed up some crooks. n carried Madhu on to his bed! Wink

>> Tum thik to ho...

What a moment.. !! U did wonder if such moments would ever come back..?? but sigh they did..when a non drunk RK couldnt stop expressing his concern for his biwi..upon her return from her jungle sojourn! Embarrassed

OS: Forgive Me by sweety2728

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SS: Rishbala- I can feel you by emptyworld

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FF-Seduced in the Dark by zara.92

your gift

by Sapna Jaiswal

your gift 

by -Dimple-

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by --Shivu--

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by mjht_one

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Do CVs/RK remember what they/he said to MB...


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Entry Of An Anti-Hero!

Source: Rangmunch ; Posted by: suk19 ; Likes: 20+ ; Comments: 15+ ; Views: 600+

The article this week shows us the full sight of the entire week.Big smile

It tells us about Rishbala's drunk tete-a-tete, Blushing a dance and fall by Dips Stern Smile and the "dhamakedaar" entry of Sultan! Star

To read more check out the article and stay tuned to MB-EIEJ..Wink

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Congo on another Fab NL girls !! Hug It looks beautiful and loved each and every segment !ClapEmbarrassed Congo to all the Winners too Hug

Congratulations Little Mouse Congratulations

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Zara_92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2013 at 1:40am | IP Logged
Congrats to all winners Big smile
And thankYou for Chosing my FF Heart

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Fallen Angel IF-Sizzlerz
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

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Another rocking NT you guys! :D
Fab job :)

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