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~Happy2ndAnniversaryToThe Epic Chandragupta Maurya

Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Asaphalta ghere tujhe...
Marg ho virudh...
Pass na ho dhan tere...
or kam ho apar...
BHAG MAT..Kar pryas...
Chahe tu has tu ...
Kintu aanken ho nam...
Raat hi din hai...
Nikle ga fir suraj...
Duur shiticj apaar...
Pirha hi sukhi hai...
Sukhi hai pirha...
Haar hi jeet hai...
Jeet hi haar...


A very warm welcome to all of you. It is our greatest pleasure to have you all with us to share our happiness for this lovely moment which you all would have known what it is by now. Let's celebrate this special day... Yes you heard it right its a very special day for history lovers...

Year 2011 March 11 is the date when the Epical show Chandragupt Maurya Started...

Chandragupta Maurya was an Indian historical drama broadcasted on Imagine TV based on the

life Chandragupta Maurya, the famous 4th century BC Mauryan emperor. It premiered on 11 March 2011 and ran until Imagine TV's closure, on 12 April 2012.

Although it ended abruptly but yet its fans loved it n tried everything to bring it back from rallies to blood donation camps n many other things... A group of more than 1lac+ joined the mission through the world of internet.

It shows that we CGMians still love Our Acharya ,Chandu n Dhanu

So lets get together n celebrate the 2nd annivery of one of the greatest epical show on Indian Television.

Jai Ho!


Chandragupta Maurya (TV series) logo.jpg

Main Cast
Actor Role
Rushiraj Pawar Young Chandragupta Maurya
Deepti Dhyani Mura
Manish Wadhwa Chanakya and Chanak (Father of Chanakya)
Nitin Prabhat Aambhik Kumar
Rajeev Bhardwaj Bhadrabhatt
Romanch Mehta Purushdatt
Sooraj Tapar Dhana Nanda and Mahapadma Nanda
Tej Sapru Amatya Rakshas
Ali Hasan Shikari (Virajas)
Mohak Meet Aditya
Ankit Shah Young Shashank
Mohsin Shaikh Sukant
Sidharth Dhanda Young Digvijay
Manas Adhiya Ghanghor
Rishi Raj Arya Aerawat
Ravi Patel Akshay
Malini Sengupta Chitrarupa
Onkar Nath Mishra Acharya Shreshtha
Ashish Sharma Chandragupta Maurya
Vishal Singh Shashank
Lallit Singh Negi Digvijay
Sumit Vyas Ambhik
Rohit Purohit Bhadrasaal
Niddhi Tikoo Durdhara
Tia Gandwani Mihika (Vishkanya)
Khan Jaan Dadhich
Raj Premi Ahirya
Tarun Khanna Karvinath
Rajesh Shringarpure Seleucus I Nicator
Yashashri Masurkar Mrignayani
Ankit Kakkar Aryeman
Shiraz Hussain Alexander the Great

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 12:55pm | IP Logged

Story So Far
credit anu
(CGM Childhood... Till Moora's death Part 1)

The story begins with the Alexander(Sikander)'s invasion in many countries and his next target was Bharat (India).

The greats of those times knew that Sikander can easily take over Bharat as there was no unity among the kings in India

One of the Greatest man of those times was 'Chanakya' teacher of Takshashila university. His ultimate dream was 'Akhand Bharat'

Acharya Chanakya asks Principle of Takshashila that he want to leave for Magadh his birthplace to convince the King Of Magadh Dhananand.

Chanakya reaches Magadh with his Shishya Bhadrabhatt and realize that the people of Magadh were unhappy with the unjust rule of Dhananad. Chanakya ask one soldier to give message to Dhannand that Acharya Chanakya has came to meet him and discuss about the protection of Bharat from Sikander's invasion .

Soldier ask him to wait as king was busy with something more important. Chanakya was waiting the whole day still King didn't call him. He angrily enters the palace and saw Dhananand was busy with dancers and wine. Chanakya still tells him about the need to have Akhand Bharat and shows him the map. Dhananand didn't show any interest and angrily kicks Chanakya down , tear that map and orders to hold his pony throw him out  of his palace .  Chanakya shouts Dhannand 'Dhanand with his ministers come out' Chanakya  opens his pony and takes Chanakya Pratigya(oath) that he will not tie his pony until he dethrone him and place some capable person on throne  as King of Magadh who will always stand by truth and justice .

Chanakya leaves from there and he searches for someone who can be an able leader who'll stop Sikander and fulfill his dream of Akhand Bharat.

In some village a boy run very fast wins the race. He returns home and suddenly someone tells him that his uncle is arrested by King's soldier. That soldier asks for 15coins to free his uncle. Some Shikari comes who purchase children and make them slaves. Shikari  gives 15 coins and free his uncle. Shikari says that now he has freed his uncle now that boy is his slave. His mother cries but he says that he'll come back.

This boy was Chandragupta Maurya.

Chandragupta was put in cottage where there were other slaves too. Shikari made them to work like animals whole day and gave only 1 roti each.  Chandragupta gave his roti to other  boy nad slept. He wake up and remembers his mother's words about his name being Chandragupta (ray of hope in darkness). Shikari  told him to forget his name but Chandragupta  says I'll never forget  m y name.

Chandragupta  ask him about giving those slave children proper food  but Shikari  promise Chandragupta that if Chandragupta win the bet then he'll give those slaves proper food. Chandragupta agrees .  shikari shoots a pigeon and tell Chandragupta to race with dogs. Chanakya with Bhadrabhatt were passing by' Chandragupta wins the race impressed Chanakya. Shikari   was stunned and says that u've done cheating and  he pushes Chandragupta. He falls on feet of Chanakya.  He shouts at Chanakya but Bhadrabhat introduces him and Shikari gets scared. All slaves have  good food. Acharya decides  to test Chandragupta again . Chanakya ask Chandragupta to hold a pot of water and climb up hill and there should be water left when he reaches top. Chandragupta accepts the challenge and starts climbing. Chanakya throws stone and pot breaks and water flows ou t. Chandragupta tries to stop the water by hand and finally Chandragupta wins. Acharya  gets the one whom he's searching for. Acharya gives Shikari money and freed Chandragupta.

Dhananand on other hand orders Amatya Rakshas to trap Chanakya at any cost ..

Chanaky takes Chandragupta to his village. His mother Mura fell on Chanakya's  felt and expressed grati tude. At night Chanakya said Chandragupta can become future king of Magadh if she is ready to give him Chandragupta.She also told him about Chandragupta's  father  owned some small kingdom which was captured by Nandas and his father being killed in war with Magadh. Moora agreed to give him Chandragupta.

Chandragupta didn't want to go with Chanakya to Takshashila but his mother Mura tells hi m that he has to go' Amatya's men were searching for Chanakya continuously.  Chanakya  & Bhadrabhat  were in disguise so Amatya's soldiers couldn't find  them. Chandragupta went to Amatya at night and told them about Chanakya and Bhadrabhat in disguise sleeping at some place.

Amatya's soldiers arrest them and put them in prison. Dhananand in morning order  to hang them and rewards Chandragupta with gold coins. But Chandragupta soon realized that he has done a big mistake and release horses to create chaos and saves Chanakya and Bhadra.

Chanakya  warns Dhananand that this boy in future will  de-throne  u and give u punishment for all ur bad deeds. Amatya's soldiers fail to capture Chanakya and Chandragupta.

Chanakya takes him to Takshila  capital of  Gandhar. Chandragupta was amazed  to see the beauty of Takshashila gurukul and students learning sword fights and more..

In teacher's meeting Chanakya put of the proposal of giving admission to Chandragupta in gurukul but some Acharya said that Chandragupta was not royal blood so why to give him admission'Chanakya replied that not only royal princes but even others have right to educate in reputed gurukul. Finally Chandragupta gets admission in Gur ukul.

Chanakya knew that Amatya is not going to be quiet and would be planning some conspiracy of killing Chandragupta. So he told Purushdatt(Chanakya's shishya) to be with him all the time. Chanakya  told Chandragupta to pick every falling leaf from  the tree before it touches ground, also sleep on tree. Prince of Gandhar Ambhik and his friends made fun of him and troubled him time and again.

Amatya sent some contract killer to kill Chandragupta'When that killer tried to kill Chandragupta killed him. Thus he understood why Chanakya  gave him task of picking leaves and sleeping on tree. But Chanakya sent Amatya message from the contract killer's side that Chandragupta is dead. Amatya on receiving this message feels happy.

Ambhik put forth the proposal for Chandragupta that he'll pay his fees and in return he has to entertain him. Chandragupta initially accepted his offer but later realize that this was his biggest mistake . Chandragupta later asked Acharya Chanakya about fees'Chanakya adviced him that there are two ways easy and hard so easy way has always some disadvantage. Chandragupta under stood this and decided to gain scholarship for education in Takshashila. Chandragupta controlled wild mad horse and thus gained scholarship.

Chandragupta finally gets admission in Takshila. On other hand his mother and other women were brought in Patliputra as slaves. Mura becomes the dasi of Dhananand's wife Queen of Magadh. She many  times try to kill Dhananand on learning about Chandragupta's death assumed by Dhananand.

In Takshashila Chanakya informs Chandragupta about participating in Veer Yatra. Chanakya tells him that if he successfully return from Veer yatra then he'll get the armor of the great warrior who never lost any battle.

Ambhik and co plans conspriracy to kill Chandragupta and challenges him for duel on some hill. They were no tsupposed  to use real weapons but they break that rule and push Chandragupta down hill. They happily return to gurukul and tell that Chandragupta fell by himself. Akshay one ofChandragupta's mat e who never liked Ambhik but Ambhik gave him scholar ship so was forced to be with him saw all this.

For making him capable of being a part of Veer Yatra  Chanakya takes him in some place unknown island where there were 4 great warriors who were enemies of Dhananand . They mastered Chandragupta in all weapons and made him capable of participating in Veer  Yatra and defea ting Dhanand. Dhanand's soldiers came to know about Chanakya being present there and attack that place. Those 4 warriors tell them to leave and sacrificed their life for Akhand Bharat.

Chandragupta with Chanakya return to Takshashila and Challenges Ambhik to lead in Veer Yatra. Moora  again tries to kill Dhananand but some other dasi gets killed and Mora gets saved. Akshay tells the  truth t o princy of gurukul . Chandragupta comes and saves Ambhik and co . Akshay afraid that now he can't continue his studies  but Prince Digvijay one of Chandragupta well wishers friend promises to help Akshay.

Chandragupta was getting ready for  duel with Ambhik for leading Veer Yatra again Sukhdev (Ambhik's acharya) plan a conspiracy  to trap Chandragupta in a room so that  he don't reach the place on time. Still Chandragupta overcome this and reach the place and defea t Ambhik and lead Veer Ya tra. Chanakya decide Ambhik's friends to accompany Chandragupta in veer  Yatra. Sukhdev with Ambhik and co decide to kill Chandragupta in Veer Yatra itself. Chandragupta over comes many obstacles in way to Veer Yatra by Ambhik and other too and finally emerged victorious and also gained confidence of Ambhik's friends thus they became Chandragupta's friends.  Chandragupta gets that Great warrior's armor and while returning Ambhik snatches it from Chandragupta and reach Takshashila and tell that he has won Veer Yatra and brought A rmor . Bu tKing of Gandhar who is present there know that Ambhik is lying  and gives it back to Chandragupta.

Chanakya  place Adhidhira (one of  the4 warriors) 's wife Chitrarupa (whom Dhananand had sold to a king) in Dhananand's palace as dancer who impress him by her  dance and beauty. She  informs Chanakya about important and confidential  news from  palace.

Meanwhile Chanakya also meet Vishkanya Dakshita who eats poisonous fruits and saves her from villagers who were ready to kill her and take her with him so that she  too can contribute for Akhand Bharat.  Chanakya informs Chitrarupa to tell Mura about Chandragupta being alive and not to  take any drastic step against Dhananand. But Chitrarupa didn' t get proper time to tell Mura the truth and Mura adds poison in Dhananand's food. Dhananand unknowingly gives that food to his son but mura being true and kind hearted cannot keep herself silent and stop Dhannand from giving that food to his son and thus get  to reveal the trap. She gets arrested Dhananand orders to kill her but seeing no fear in her eyes he decides to put her in lifetime prison in Khadaan.

Chanakya  gets that message from Chitrarupa about Mura being imprisoned. Sukhdev takes advantage of the situation and gives that letter to Chandragupta . Chandragupta on reading this immediately at night along with Digvijay, Shashank (Chandragupta's friend) leave to rescue his mother from prison. Acharya comes to know about Chandragupta not obeying him and gets hurt and decides to go after him. Chandragupta was very thirsty but there was no water as Shashank had finished it. So they were seeking for water and food and Chandragupta accidently drank poisonous water after which his condition worsens. Chanakya with Bhadrabhatt &  Purushdatt  on the way to reach that village where  Chandragupta and his friends were there.

One Old woman Tairani from that deserted village help  Chandragupta and saves his life. Her husband Bhuvantells Chandragupta about Tairini being dumb bcoz of shock of her  son's death who was killed by Samant Karvinath of Lokhandi. Bhuvan tells him about how Karvinath killed many people from that village who were incapable of paying over taxes. Bhuvan gets killed by Karvinath's men. Chandragupta promises all villagers to get them rid of Karvi's atrocities. Chanakya reaches that village where Chandragupta and his friends were helping those villagers. Chanakya initially gets angry on Chandragupta and Chandragupta apologizes for leaving gurukul without his permission .

Chitrarupa sends important message to Chanakya and Amatya gets doubt about Chitrarupa. He informs this to Dhananand but Dhananand saves her neglecting Amatya's doubt.

Sukhdev and Ambhik reach Lokhandi to ask help from Karvi. Chandragupta  promises villa gers to save them from Karvi . Sukhdev tells Ambhik that Karvi is step brother of Dhananand. Chanakya discovers some tunnel which leads  to Lokhandi. After reaching Lokhandi, Chandragupta immediately decides to go to find Mura and rescue her. But Chanakya reminds him of his duties towards those villagers. They make plan to defeat Karvi.

Dhanand appoints Chitrarupa as their main security agent. Actually this Dhananand's trap for Chitrarupa and tells Amatya to keep close eye on her activities. Chanakya asks Chitrarupa for the map of Khadans and Chitrarupa sends him clue. Amatya's spy informs about this to Dhanand and Amatya.

Chanakya gets  to know about Khadan  where mura is imprison. Chandragupta gets to know about the pillars which leads to Khadans. Chanaky reaches a cottage where dwarf worker Dadich lived. Chanakya with Chandragupta took help of him and made plans to create misunderstanding between Karvi and Dhananand.And  Chananakya's plans succedd too. Chandragupta enters Khadans with the help of dadaich who was made to work in Khadans. He sees his mother's name Mura engraved on the pillar where prisoners list was there. According to Chanankya plans Dhananand send Amatya  to Lokhandi to take charge of his treasure which was secretly kept in Lokhandi. Chanakya knew that this treasure was forcefully collected from poor subjects of Lokhandi  and this belonged to them and not Dhanand. So they planned to loot this treasure and distribute it in subjects.

Dhananand on learning about Chitrarupa being Chanakya's spy kills her brutally and thus Chitrarupa sacrificed her life for Akhand Bharat. Dhananand himself goes to Lokhandi to see if his treasure is safe

 Mura feels like her Chandragupta is somewhere near him and cries. Chandragupta was also in search of his mother. Chandragupta realize that now there is very less time to save his mother. Shashank gives him idea that if they are not able to find her among all these slaves then they should do something so that they  all slaves come together a t one place.So Shashank bangs the drums which are banged only when there's some problem. This creates chaos and Chandragupta and Digvijay hide behind the Rock and Chandragupta tries to spot his mother Mura.  In the chaos Chandragupta's mother Mura accidentally collides with Dhanand and Dhanand identifies her. Dhanand says the colliding with Dhanand means death. He threatens the anyone who'll try to block Dhanand will get Death. Chandraguptacould not control his emotions and he throws a stone and Dhanand gets hurts on his forehead and he bleeds. Taking advantage of this Mura get successful in running away from Dhanand. Chandragupta searches Mura in the chaos but fails. 

To find the truth Amatya puts Dadich in jail. Dadich afraid of death tells everything . Amatya is shocked to know that Chandragupta is alive and leave Dadich. Dhananand's men taking Mura to Dhannand's palace. Dhananand mentally tortures Mura but Mura on knowing that her Chandragupta is alive becomes happy nad curses Dhananand that one day Chandragupta will destroy him and his empire. Dhananand  by then comes to know about Chanakya's plan to create misunderstanding between him and Karvi .

Ambhik and Sukhdev join hands with Alexander(Sikander) for their selfish motive. Inderdutt minister of Puru also a childhood friend of Chanakya tells this and Chanakya give them advice about how to stop Alexander's movement  towards Bharat for a while.

Chandragupta and his friends facing lots of difficulties succeed in looting the treasure.  Karvi was waiting on the way for Chandragupta to give him treasure and then to kill him. Chandragupta understood his intention and decides to fight with him and kills Karvi . Villagers dance around his body with joy as they got rid of cruel Karvinath. Chandragupta ask his friends to take the treasure to the place where Chanakya was waiting on mountain. On learning this news Dhanand gets a big shock and decides to take advantage of Mura to get their treasure back.

Ambhiraj King of Gandhar scold his son Ambhik on knowing that he has joined hand with Sikander. He says that he'll not let anyone even his son to tie his motherland Bharat in chains of slavery. Ambhik gives angry stare at his father.

At foggy night Chanakya told Bhadrabhat&Purushdat to get  salt bags and logs of wood tie them together and with treasure gold and throw them down valley in water. Dadich realize that he has told everything to Amatya and now they are going to be in Big trouble. Chanakya  saw Dhananand  with his soldiers  is coming towards him and there is big confrontation between them. Dhananand fumes when he gets to know that his gold is thrown in water. He asks Chanakya for Chandragupta but Chanakya told him that he has sent him to  Takshashila . Dhananand take his sword and to and keep it on Chanakya's neck suddenly Chandragupta throws big stone and sword fall down. Chandragupta  takes sword and points it towards Dhananand. Dhananand brings Chandragupta's mother Mura tied in chains and tears comes out of her eyes seeing he Chandragupta. Chandragupta also breaks down seeing his mother.

Dhananand put Khanjar on Mura'a neck and ask Chandragupta to choose between Guru Chanakya or Mura. Chandragupta in real pain and Dhanand ask him to kill Chanakya  to save his mother Mura. But Chanankya says that for every child mother is his first teacher and should save Mura. But Mura knows that only because of Chanakya Chandragupta is alive and has to become King of Magadh.  She knew that Without Chanakya Chandragupta can never become Samrat and create Akhand Bharat so Chanakya life is more precious than hers and herself cut her neck with Dhanand's Khanjar and falls down. Chandragupta was totally broken to see his mother dead. Dadich too died in fight.

Chandragupta takes her in his arms and asked her why she killed herself and Mura replied that this is not a suicide by mother's sacrifice for Akhand Bharat and one day he has to fulfill dream of Akhand Bharat and destroy Nandas.

Chanakya as everyone that they should escape now taking advantage of the fog. Some soldiers pushed Chandragupta and Mura falls down in dark valley '


Best Dialogue Part 1  


Mera naam chandragupta hai, aur mein apna naam kabhi nahi bhulunga. Approve

I guess we can easily find 'dialogue of the year' in every 10 minutes! After struggling a lot to settle on just one, i m choosing this dialogue. Not just those words had power but da way they were delivered by Rushiraj was really commendable. Clap Just hear it urself only! Big smile

Best Scene Part 1

The scene of 25th March 2011
Background story :
Not being able to understand Acharya Chanakya's real plans for taking him away from his mother moora, chhota chandu gets chanakya arrested. Chandu doesn't know that Dhananand is actually going to kill chanakya.
Present scene :
Dhananand has given orders to kill Acharya publicly. Just when Acharya was about to be killed, Chandragupta comes and saves him as he feels guilty for putting chanakya's life in danger. The whole place is at chaos as a result of this sudden attack by the kid. Acharya chanakya and his disciple Bhadrabhatt run from the place & Dhananad's guards are following them. Again Chandu comes to the rescue and put the place on fire so that those guards don't catch acharya..
Before the final escape, Acharya loudly shouts and tells :

Dhananand... Ye tere vinash ka arambh hai, is balak ne jo aaj kiya hai woh matra tere aanewale din ki ek jhalak hai. me pran karta hu. yahi balak tera hi nahi, tere pure kul ka vinash karega.
Njoy the moment again!

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Story So Far
credit anu
Part 2






Some soldiers push Chandragupta and Mura fell in dark valley. Chandragupta in huge shock... Chanakya decides to take advantage of dark fog and escape from there. Chandragupta, Chanakya with Purushdat and Bhadrabhatt with Shashank and Digvijay leave that place taking advantage of the fog.

Dhannand order Amatya to catch hold of them but they fail. Chanakya distributes that treasure among villagers. Chandragupta in trauma becomes rebellious.

 Some small kings sign treaty with Alexander to save their kingdoms. In Gandhar Ambhik kills his father King Ambhiraj who is not in favor of Ambhik's decision of friendship with Alexander. Ambhik puts the blame on Gandhar's loyal senapati.

Chandragupta in rage decides that he'll kill Dhananand but Chanakya stops him and make him understand that he cannot succeed if he can't overcome his anger. Also he makes him understand that he should not be selfish about taking revenge from Dhananand but has to serve his motherland by fighting against Alexander. Chandragupta don't listen and gets ready to kill Dhannanad entering his palace.

Chandragupta reaches Dhananand's palace killing all soldiers and enter Dhananand's chamber where Dhananand was listening songs. Amatya learns this and rushes to Dhananand's chamer where Chandragupta attack Dhananand and Dhananand gets injured fell on ground.

Chandragupta smiles on killing Dhananand but Amatya gives him evil smile and Dhananand enters the chamber and tell him that one who got killed was the look alike of Dhananand and not the real one. Dhananand tell him that there are more 9 lookalikes of Dhananand who are always with Dhananand. Amatya arrest Chandragupta to give death.

Bhadrabhatt along with Gandhar's senapati come to tell Chanakya about GandharNaresh's death. Chanakya asks soldiers of Puru to serve for motherland and save the life of future king Chandragupta.

Chandragupta was brought to kill by Dhananand but those soldiers save Chandragupta but Chandragupta was still rebellious so they make him unconscious and bring him safely to Chanakya. Chanakya sprinkle some water on Chandragupta's face and be regains his consciousness. He hug Chanakya and Chanakya console him.

Chanakya take him near Mura and he cries hard seeing his mother's body. Chanakya makes Chandu understand his duty towards his motherland and punish Dhananand at right time. Chandu understands and agree.

Before cremation of Mura's body Chanakya takes promise from Chandragupta that he'll burn his fear in this fire and become strong and burn the fire in his heart that the enemy cannot stand before him'.These words were recited in his mind he turn towards Acharya Chanakya and gave him promise and then give fire to Mura and then fire continues(Leap) and Chandragupta becomes a brave warrior

5yrs ago Alexander's minister inform him about their soldiers losing the strength so Alexander decides to himself motivate his soldiers. Here Chanakya starts Chandragupta's training to become Great warrior.. Alexander proceed towards Bharat and fight with Puru. Puru fought fiercely but finally gets captured. Alexander ask him how should I treat u'Puru says just like one king treats the other king. Alexander gets impressed and become friends.


Alexander reaches on banks of River Beas(Vyas) and was determined to capture entire Bharat(India).

Chanakya places Chandragupta in Greek army.Chandragupta kills greek soldiers and leave only Indian soldier and tells him to be faithful to motherland.

At night Chandragupta was sitting under a tree thinking about his past and Chanakya arrives and tells him not think about the past instead think about the present. Chanakya and Chandragupta make plans to destroy Greek power. In Greek camp soldiers were demoralized and were not ready to believe Indian soldiers.

Chanakya ask Chandragupta take advantage of their blind trust on God and create superstition among them by using the name 'Maurya'.

Chandragupta follows Chanakya's plans and scare them by the name 'Maurya' who belongs to Magadh and has supernatural powers and he can kill many at a time. Chandragupta told them that if they don't believe him they can go to Karvasa and check bcoz Dhananand was going to visit karvasa to arrange meeting.

Selucas(Alexander chief commander and friend) don't believe in superstitious appoint some men to keep close watch on Chandragupta. So Chandragupta decides to fire their national Symbol so that the Greek men believe in Maurya. This happened for Chandragupta and Greek soldiers were afraid of Maurya as burning of their symbol was bad omen for them.

Indian soldiers were not happy with the treatment they were getting from Greeks.

Dhananand reaches Karvasa and takes meeting with other Kings of neighboring small kingdoms and put forth a treaty that he'll save them from Alexander for which they have to pay Dhananand security tax.King of karvasa  along witj other kings agree but 1 King opposes Dhananand kills him.

Chanakya tells Indradutt that he is ready with some plans over present situation and call meeting of Vidwans..Callisthenes alexander's friend and administrative advisor also invited and comes to attend the philosophers meeting. Callisthenes gets impressed by Chanakya's speech and great ideas.

In Karvasa Dhananand hears a girl's voice and gets attracted towards her. That girl was Princess of Karvasa Mrignayaini. Dhananand develops attraction seeing her beauty and kind nature.

Callisthenes ask Chanakya about the burning of their national symbol and Chanakya says that it's the curse by God and God is not happy with the rule of Alexander. Callisthenes fully believe on Chanakya's views.

Callisthenes believes in Maurya but Selucas and Alexander doesn't believe in Maurya. Selucas has kept some secret soldiers after Chandragupta bcoz they believe there is some connection between Chandragupta and Maurya. Chandragupta succeeds in fooling Greek soldiers but they see some girls and those Greeks with bad intention goes towards them. Mrignayani was also with those girls and in order to save them Chandragupt divert their attention and saves Mrignayani by killing them. Mrignayani loves peace and thinks that Chandragupta is cruel man. There is heating conversation between them on this topic.

In palace Dhananand is furious about the news of Mrignayani missing. He orders soldier to search her. Chandragupta takes her safely to palace. In Greek camp Greek soldiers hit Indian soldiers and ask about where is Chandragupta'

Chandragupta drops Mrignayani in the palace, Dhananand becomes very happy seeing Mrignayani safely back and decides to give prize to one who saved her. Chandragupta and Dhananand hence gets face to face initially Chandragupta thinks of attacking Dhananand again then he remembers Chanakya's words and stop himself from doing anything like that. Chandragupta introduces himself as 'Maurya' one who serves his motherland by defeating Greeks. Dhananand gets impressed and decides to give him service in his sena but Chandragupta refuses his offer which makes Dhananand angry. But Chandragupta tactfully says that he like to work alone. Dhananand ask him about what prize he wants from him. Chandragupta says that he'll definitely take price when right time comes. Dhananand gets impressed and gives his chariot for Chandragupta.

Chanakya knew that the real purpose of Dhananand coming to Karvasa was just to scare other Kings and collect money from them with just assurance of giving protection so  Chanakya asked Puru to keep ready his army for Chandragupta  to defeat Greeks. Chanakya also ask Puru to loot the treasure which was given by him to Greek for the sake of motheland.

Chanakya ask Indradutt to get him infected rat which would spread an epidemic in Greek camp.

Indian soldiers are beaten by Greek coz they don't find Chandragupta anywhere.

Chanakya tell Chandragupta to take that infected rat and place it in Greeks kitchen. As per their plans rat has started infecting food.Chandragupta tries to convince all Indian soldiers to keep fast for 3days the main reason was to save Indian soldiers from the epidemic.

Callisthenes was trying his best to making Selucas and Alexander understand Chanakya's thoughts about the bad omen that has happened with them. But both Alexander and Selucas were not interested  in such thoughts.

Dhananand orders King of Karvasa to give his grand-daughter Mrignayani to him and he'll take her to Magadh. King asks her mother about this Mrignayani over hears this and agrees to go with Dhananand for the sake of  safety of her kingdom Karvasa.

Acharya Chanakya on the other hand was busy in collecting soldiers from different provinces of India who lost to Alexander but were not ready to surrender and serve Greeks. Chanakya was planning to collect huge army for war against Greeks.

Chandragupta was worried about Indian soldiers who were not ready for fast. Selucas's spy Leonidus was continuously keeping a close eye on Chandragupta and wanted to catch him red handed. Chandragupta trickfully killed Leonidus in his chamber.

 Chandragupta finally succeeds in convincing Indian soldiers for fast. Alexander gets a bad dream in which he see rat and thinks that this is bad omen. Alexander and Selucas gets to  know about Leonidus's death and declare it as natural.

Selucas on learning about fast decides to break the fast but Chandragupta is firm so Selucas doubts on Chandragupta and beats him badly.

Acharya Chanakya leaves for Harshila to meet King of Harshila and convince him for support in war. Amatya gets to know about Chankya's visit to Harshila and already waiting for him. Amatya and Chanakya come face to face. Chanakya convince Amatya about peaceful discussion about whatever he is doing is for his motherland. Amatya warns Chanakya that he'll not arrest him now but if they again come to Magadh against Dhananand then he'll not leave him'

In Greek camp , Greek soldiers who eat food were suffering from food poison and dying on the spot. Selucas was pretty sure that whatever is happening around is not a curse of god but some conspiracy against them. Callisthenes was trying to make Selucas understand that this is Indian Gods curse and Gods wants them to go back to Greece. Selucas say Alexander will not return back as capturing the world is his dream and there is nothing like curse and all'

Ambhik and Sukhdev come to  meet Alexander & Selucas and Selucas explains them about the present scenario and about someone called Maurya

On learning about food poisoning Selucas tortures Indian soldiers to instigate Chandragupa. On seeing his colleagues suffer Chandragupta takes blame on himself and agrees that he has added poison in food. On hearing this Selucas beats Chandragupta cruelly. Chandragupta says that he has taken all blame on himself to save his colleagues but this poisoning is actually a curse of Indian Gods.

Ambhik and Sukhdev comes out to see Chandragupta. They feel his face somewhat familiar but were not able to recollect who he was. But Chandragupta recognizes Ambhik'In Alexander's chamber Ambhik tells him that that guy(Chandragupta) reminds him of a boy in his childhood who was just like him and  his Acharya was determined to make Akhand Bharat's Samrat.

Chandragupta free other Indian soldiers who were arrested and united them to fight against Greeks.

Chandragupta on accepting all blame Alexander orders to kill him. Chandragupta again says that he has accepted all blames just for the sake of his Indian soldiers who were arrested. Callesthenes speak in favor of Chandragupta but Alexander orders Selucas to give him death.

Mrignayani leaves Karvasa with Dhananand'

Chanakya mean while joins hand with other brave warriors and ask help from Puru about poison

Alexander says that If Chandragupta want to get free then he has to defeat their main warrior who was Alexander's bodyguard too. If he win he'll get his sword as a prize. Alexander tells Selucas to harm Chandragupta before the duel. Chandragupta in spite of wounded by Selucas wins the duel and kills that warrior and Alexander impressed by his courage gives him his sword and appoints him to the new post as his personal body guard.

Ambhik and Sukhdev come to know about the real name of that guy as Chandragupta and both were shocked. Chandragupta and Ambhik-Sukhdev come to know about Chandragupta being Maurya.

Selucas was not happy with Alexander's decision of giving him high post. Alexander makes him understand his point of view.

Puru informs Alexander about treasure looted by Maurya. Callisthenes again comes and tries to convince them that this was not a coincidence but curse of God and they should respect Indian Gods and return to Greece.

Alexander insults Callisthenes'Puru informs Callisthenes about Chanakya's message to meet him. Chanakya instigates him to add poison in Alexander's drink. Callisthenes agrees and adds poison in Alexander's drink'Alexander believes that he's God.

Callesthenes arrange Puja in Greek camp and invite Acharya Chanakya there. Chanakya tells that whatever they are doing is wrong but Selucas say that they are sons of God and they have right to do whatever they want.

Chanakya ask Alexander to give his blood so that he can predict the future but Alexander was not comfortable with it so Chanakya said that even sweat will do. He did some puja and predicted that Greeks should leave now as this will lead to dangerous consequences if they don't leave.

All Greek soldiers believed that it was God's curse and they need to return now'.

Indradutt with army was ready to protect Acharya if anything goes wrong.

Alexander fell unconscious and Greek doctor Udomos tell that he is suffering from poisoning.Selucas ask doctor to make him well till morning where they'll move ahead and cross Beas (Vyas) River.

Alexander was completely disheartened and was thinking of returning to Macedonia. Udomos told that Alexander needed mental treatment to boost his moral. He Selucas to take him to someone who can predict that he can become Samrat'Udomos suggested some saint in jungle who always say that Some Samrat will come who'll rule Akhand Bharat.Alexander, Selucas, Udomos with Chandragupta reach that place where that saint was there. Alexander asked him tell who'll become Akhand Bharat's Samrat. That saint replied that the one who'll rule whole Bharat is not U but this guy'He points towards Chandragupta. All were stunned'Sukhdev and Ambhik also reach that place and say that Chandragupta is traitor...

They come to know that Chandragupta was 'Maurya'. Alexander orders Selucas to kill Chandragupta. But Chandragupta fled and assure Selucas that they'll surely fight again.

Chanakya motivate all Indian army for war'. In Greek camp Alexander and Selucas too get ready for war.

War begn but unfortunately Indian soldiers were not able to stand Greeks for long and eventually lose. Chandragupta gets disheartened with the fact that they lost but Chanakya said that it was not possible for such a small amount of army to win over huge Greek army. But this war was demoralize the Greek soldiers which is in favor of them'

In Greek camp , Alexander motivates his soldiers that now they'll cross Vyas River soon 'But Alexander suddently falls unconscious which breaks the moral of Greek soldiers. All soldiers wanted to return to their home. Selucas also disheartened and decides to return. Alexander died in Babylon but the real reason behind his death was a mystery'Some say he died bcoz of poison mixed by Callisthenes some say its bcoz of Poisoning of food 'or maybe God's curse or Alexander's own fear killed him'Alexander was very upset with Callisthenes bcoz he broke his dream of capturing whole world. Callisthenes says that history will call him Great by the history he was going to write about him'.Selucas takes oath that one day he'll fulfill his friend's dream'..

 Chandragupta and Chanakya see Greeks returning back and were feeling happy

Best Dialogue Part 2  


Yahi hai wo jo akhand bharat par shashan karega

23rd sept 2011 

Selucus is worried for his king alex's bad health, he has heard of some saint Dandayan who used to say that 'ek samrat ayega jo pure bharat par raaj karega' they decide to go n meet the saint n confirm it themselves that Alex only will rule on akhand bharat. Alex, selu and chandu goes to meet the saint.
But the saint had something different to say, he sees Chandu and looks at Alex and shouts:

Samrat wo tum nahi... Ye hai.. Yahi hai woh ladka jiske liye mene bhavishyawani ki thi, Yahi hai wo jo akhand bharat par shashan karega, Yahi hai wo! Approve

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Story So Far
credit BK909

(Alex's Exist Till End )
Part 3

Achary n CG leave for taxilla after alex's exist, thr acharya realize that cg need to learn more traits of a gud king n it could only happen if he observes the surroundings of ppl for whom he has to live as a king, thy decided to leave for patliputra. Other side, dhanna got to know that channakya is coming to patliputra, he decides to capture him n he calls sum jasus to keep eye on them , meanwhile cg n acharya reaches the shikari;s place where acharya make him free, he lives all moments, he then reached his village remembering his mother n there acharya told im that its her mother's dream n his father was a kshatriya who faught againnst dhanna, it motivates him a lot. CG meets his childhood mate at shikari's place n decudes to free him , he pays to shikari n take him alongwith, he helped lots of poor n needy ppl , acharya was impressed. Thy were heading towards thr destination but one day cg saw a dream that some1 is taking his acharya away from him n he was upset soon this dream cum true n his frnd betrayed him n acharya got captured by dhannu. CG dnt loose hope he want his acharya back n he reaches dhanu's palace where he met dhurdhra, dhanu's dauughter, she unknowingly help him. Soon cg was able to impress dhanu n becum his soldier, he was trying to find out acharya n other side acharya was getting tortured in jail, dhanu was giving him poison, soon cg found him n fight to get his acharya back. Acharya were in save hands, bhadrabhatt n purushdutt starts his treatment by medi, which was written on acharya's feet n soon he's f9.Acharya want to form army n thy decide to take help of ahiria, the leader of tribals who dnt like dhanu, n here dhannu called bhadrasaal who was capable of handling tribals, acharya n cg meet ahiria n cg had a race with ahiria in order to impress him n he save his life n then thy r together, soon shashank n mihika, who was actually vishkanya of acharya but working as a maid of dhurdhara , join the team. Thy head towards the rob of dhannu's gold n unknowningly again, dhurdhara help cg n slonly both fell in love. Acharya noticed it n alert cg, bhadrasaal was failing at each n every step of capturing cg n acharya. Here acharya told that how dhannanand become king, his father mahapadmansnd killed his father n brothers to become king of magadh n after that thy had fight with the kshatriyas of rajgad but thy lost n from then thy r thr slaves. Thus thy decide to include them in thr army n train them, soon dhurdhara n cg get to know of thr realities n both r heart broken but stil dhurdhara help cg in capturing rajgad fort. After the capture of rajgad fort, thy escape to avoid more los n plans to attack dhanna on basant utsav but thr after lot of preparation, thy lost which broke acharya from inside, he dnt want to fight back. Then B & P told CG that dhanna killed acharya's father n thats y he was to avenge his past, cg motivated acharya n both r back again. Thy escape from thr n want to take help of pruraj but failed n finally thy decide to kill ambik n make cg king .

Acharya ask them to remember that only 5 things help them to get success, one among them is morality, which get them close to ppl n thy start following them, thy leave. Bg voice says, that acharya very well knows hw to find success without sheding blood.

Scene changed, amatya inform dhana that acharya is in takshila, dhana makes fun of him saying that he has given them public challenge n then realise that hw will thy do it, thats y he has gone to study again, after a moment dhana gets serious n says that he's not that fool n amatya agrees that he might be planning sumthing against them, dhana says whatever he'll do he's outside bharat n if he try to cross river vyas thy'll finish them, but still thy doubt n dhana ask amatya to ask bhadra to keep them updated.

Scene changed, kalyani was praying on river n wish to bless her, so that thy win ambik's heart, as she turns she saw cg, cg wishes her n introduces himself as puru's men, he came with a letter n says that he has came to help her as all knows puru behaves badly to her n he also knows abt last night, kalyani got worried n ask not to inform puru abt it, ambik is her husband, cg says that he expected this from her, she ask him wat he want n he says that he wanna help her n ambik n insist her to meet his guru, he'll surely help her.

Scene changed, kalyani n cg in a gufa with a baba(shanky in disguise), the baba ask her that he'll do a puja for 3 days n ask her to give sumthing which ambik given her n she gave a ring, he ask her to chant a mantra n not to disclose it to ambik, as it will lead to his destruction, she leaves, cg returns n shanky gave him ring.

Shanky goes in disguise to meet eudomos, he was really acting well as a gay n dealer, he impress him by his adas n ask him to meet a girl,he predict her very well, he got impressed n agreed to meet her but ask that y has he came to him with this proposal n shanky says that the girl herself want to meet the most powerful man of takshila n he's one of them n then ask again n he show his interest n orders the soldiers to leave, shanky calls mihika.

Mihika entering with all her latka jhatkas, which is impressing eudomos, shanky introduce her, mihika ask abt him n shanky says that he's the most powerful n she replied that of that so y any1 in takshilla dnt noe abt it, anyways she want to meet ambik if ots possible, it hurt his ego n he show her as more powerful n wealthy.

Scene changed, mihika seducing eudomos, he says that he dnt trust women n mihika says that its not needed n gave him a chain with the same ring, eudomos ask abt it n she says thr's always a purpose n leaves.

Scene changed, Bhadra entered gurukul in disguise with his men, he show sum letter at entry n hv a look at the map carefully, he got permission to enter, his men surround the gurukul n search abt acharya n cg, other side, acharya was waiting for his cards to get open n the moment ambik meet eudomos.

Scene changed, ambik n eudomos was drinking together n competing that who's more powerful even after drinking so much, thy decide to do a competition, ambik was over confident, while competing ambik saw the ring in his neck, he remembers that he has given it to kalyani as gift, meanwhile he loose the competition n ambik ask abt the ring but dnt get a proper reply.

 Scene changed, ambik lovingly ask kalyani abt ring n she make excuse, ambik ask to wear it n faints, kalyani got happy that baba's formula is working. Scene changed, bhadra hides himself in acharya's cottage, he knows that he'll cum here soon, he heard acharya coming n was quite, other side, acharya says that thr plan is working, ambik started doubting kalyani, now its time for final step, bhadra hear it.

Acharya before entering got doubt n says that thr might be enemies inside as whenever gng out he ties a hair to the door, so that if sum1 enters in his absence, he get to know of it, bhadra heard it n suddenly thrs fire around cottage, bhadra came out n thy saw him, acharya says that if thy hv not taken care thy would hv been captured by enemies, cg says that now he dnt leave bhadra, bhadra got irritated, acharya says that thr time in gurukul gets over here n thy leave for the final mission n bhadra shouts on more failure.

Scene changed, kalyani got to meet baba n he ask her to do puja on river side for a day without letting any1 know of it, she got agree as she has changes in ambik, other side, ambhik was searching for kalyani n got a letter of her (offcourse fake), it was written that she's gng to eudomos in search of true love, ambhik got angry.

Other side, shanky in disguise again goes to meet eudomos , he try to recognise him but shanky was at his best, he ask for security as he has heard ambik's minister talking that ambik is gng to attack eudomos n take the control under him n suddenly thr's a attack, shanky ran out of fear n ambik enters, thy had a fight n finally ambik kills eudomos, he got scared n ran from thr.

Scene changed, acharya reaches greek camp n instigate soldiers to fight against ambik, other side, scared ambik ask the minister to close the door as thy might attack anytime, back to camp, acharya convince them perfectly n want to give them a leader n introduces Maurya, thy remember him n acharya remembers his promise to mura n says that he's thr new leader chandragupta maurya.

Scene changed, minister inform ambik that greeks hv attacked, he got scared n try to hide, he killed sum of the soldiers n calls minister but cg came in front of him he got scared n rembers his meeting with cg, he ran n reaches a room where he saw acharya, he was dng sumthing, ambik ask abt it n acharya replied that he's preparing for his shraadh, he was shocked, he try to talk to him but acharya says that he's a traitor n now his time has came, shanky n cg entered, thy remember gurukul moments n fight starts, acharya starts the puja n finally cg killed ambik, cg was keep on hitting him in anger n acharya stop him.

Kalyani reached n saw ambik dead, she slap cg for betrayal, she cries on his body, cg goes to her n says that he has killed ambik in other's eye but as per him he has punished him for his sins, if she want she can kill him n take revenge, acharya interupts n says that he knows that thr marriage was a compromise, puru dnt want it, now its upto her whether to cry or to work for thr motherland. Scene changed, kalyani, devarath n acharya channakya with full support announce cg as the new king of gandhar.

 Acharya ask to do his rajyabhishek n invite all kings, shanky was happy, acharya ask slowly to kalyani to not invite pururaj as he himself after rajyabhishek, handover kalyani to puru n ask devrath to not forget to msg dhana, he remembers his chunoti to dhana, he designate cg as maharaj which surprise him n tiy leave.

Bg says, chanakya has taken a new avtar of kautilya from kutilta but no one follows him, although he was right as thr motive was right.

Last Episode

CGM: WU 7th April '12 * Rajyabhishek *

Acharya was distributing invitations to send them n bg voice says,

Chanakya ne kaha tha ki bhujti raakh se bhi aag prajwalit ki ja sakti hai,Andheron me ghiri chaaya se bhi prakash ka sota nichora ja sakta hai, Badal daalo us hathiyaar ko jo kund ho jaaye,aur badal lo us talwaar ko jo tut jaaye,aur ab unhe do satta jinke sar pe pidhiyon se rajmukut na tha, ab apni sam daam dand bhed waali neeti se chaanakya ne chandragupta ko raja to bana diya,kintu vo janta tha ki aag me tapaye bina, kundan ko bhi log khara nahi mante,aur isiliye vo cg ke rajyabhishek me samilit hone ke liye sabhi janpado me nimantran sandhesh bhej raha tha, jisse jo chingari usne gandhar me paida ki uska samachar saare bharatkhand me aag ki tarah phail jaaye.

 Means acharya knows that its the time to change, its time to give power to the one who deserve it, thats y he's sending invites to all kings of bharat, the students leave with invites n scene changed to dhana, he has send invitations to all kings of bharat except porus including dhanna n he was waiting for dhana's reaction.

Dhana says that the last time acharya attacked them , how many soldiers of them thy hv captured, amatya says its around 5000, dhana says that he has forgotten n ask to kill all, amatya says its not possible to kill all 5000 people, dhana ask to hang thr dead bodies from magadh to gandhar, its thr reply of invitation n if thy increase thr territory thy'll hang more dead bodies of thr men n then he'll see who'll loose first. Scene changed, dhara was talking to the diya that she has listen that he has become gandhar king n she has faith that clouds couldn't hide sun's light n soon it will be spread over whole country, she knows thar huge celebrations was gng on in gandhar, if she would be thr she'll be more than happy but she's also happy here, n now he'll start working or country from there n she'll serve from here.

Scene changed, cg was getting ready as king, acharya was doing his rajyabhishek n remembering the little chandu whom he met in shikari's place, acharya gave him sword n all do his jai hai kaar...his journey from chandu to samrat chandragupt maurya were infront of thr eyes. Acharya designate him as king, shanky n mihika were very happy, cg bow down to acharya once again for the blessings n got acharya's blessings " kirtimaan bhav", acharya make him stand n then ask him to sit on throne,pointing towards throne, cg with others move towards throne n sit on the throne,all were happy with the jai jai kaar.

Kalyani ask acharya tht y ppl doing his jai jai kaar with two different names of maurya n chandragupt, acharya says that its one, n than annonce that from now he's Samrat Chandragupt Maurya n than again jai jai kaar, thr was a proud feeling in acharya's eyes, he ask him to sit n finally CG acquires the throne.

Scene changed, shanky n cg came to the bed room , shanky got over excited after seeing the room , he lie on the bed n ask his chandu to experience it n says that all happening itself no one making them work, a maid came with thr old clothes n ask wat to do with it, shanky ask to throw it but cg orders to keep them safely n ask shanky that its thr reality n one shud never forget from where thy hv cum, acharya came n appreciate his thought n says that now he's a king n he wanna teach him how a king behaves, after sadhna he'll wait for him n he leaves.

Scene changed, amatya told dhanna that arrangements hv been done to kill 5000 prisoners n also letter is ready to send channakya, dhanna says that today he has realised that beyond river vyas the part is also called bharat, its the same bharat channakya called as akhanda bharat, but its impossible to make akhanda bharat, amatya says that he knows channakya he's now working with sam daam dand bhed neeti,dhanna says watever neeti he's following but for it ine shud need to be cruel like devils, if he'll becum like this, he's an ordinary teacher, he cant kill ppl like him, he has heart n soul, he cant be like him, he'll defeat him in this neeti n ask amatya abt his next step, before amatya say anything dhana stop him n says he knows wats his next step n that is to make a larger army n for this he has only one plan n that is to collaborate with puru rajj, channakya thru greed take him on thr side , before he continue he saw a man standing near window, he ask who's thr n ask to cum forward.

The man came forward from darkness to light, dhanna ask abt him n amatya says that he's his secretary kanku, he's trustworthy n loyal n working with him since long, in his absence he'll administration services n like them he also hates channakya.

 Dhanna ask y he hates him n he replied that for a teacher all students are equal but in gurukul he only pays attention on cg, thy all are no one for him thats y he hates him,dhanna was impressed, kanku says that the teacher who's partial is not a teacher n firstly he's a magadhian so he hates him, dhanu was impressed n ask amtaya to immidiately meet puru n malayketu n take them on thr side, he leaves.

Scene changed, acharya wanna teach him sumthing by tying a thread,cg says that he's present from heart n mind, acharya start tying the thread n telling him that a king shud always be a ruler from mind n wellwisher of praja fom heart,king is a person who works for all n maintains stability among all, praja decides a true king always work for them firstly,for him his life cumes after praja, he didn't discriminate but find the best, a king shud always motivate the praja for best but also make the best for them, a king does not succed by his army n treasure but the ppl he makes frnd n his truth, a gud king shud never fear from his enemies,but enemies afraid of him n a gud king shud always take advantage of it,a king shud never forget that he's a common man, its administration that makes sum1 king n other praja n it contributes all ppl n thats y a king shud always work them n it makes it possible, n one shud remember while sitting on throne that until he works for all he cant be a true king, cg gives promise that he always try his best n follow wat he says n acharya bless him.

Mihika came n told acharya that thr messenger send msg that dhana ask amatya to do treaty with puru n sened a msg of dhanna, acharya read it n leaves.

Scene changed, sukhdev was treating injured bhadrasaal n ask if it hurts n he says that wat he thinks that he's kidding, sukhi says that if its really his pain then he shud says that its a difference between him n ambhik, he changed after becoming king, get lost in treasure of a king n for taking revenge this pain is necessary, bhadrasaal says that he'll not leave him just want them once, sukhi says that thy hv done it easily from them, searching a king is not so tough n for traping him one shud attack his praja.

Scene changed, cg ask him wat happen n acharya told that dhanna has send the names of thr ppl who supported them in vasant utsav n got captured,n now got killed by dhanna n hanged them from vyas to patliputra, cg ask to attack them but acharya ask that its not the time to get worried thy shud think n react, he has sumthing else planned for them, he want him to steal the rajmudika from amatya before he reached pururaj, it will be beneficial for them in future.

Cg says that he has done it before so it will be easy for him, acharya says that if he has done it before its not gng to be easy for him, this time amatya is more careful, thy dnt know where he has hidden the rajmudra, first he has to find where it was hidden n then theft it by not getting theft, cg was confused, acharya gave him clay to take the impression of mudrika but its upto him hw to take it, cg says that he'll do it but worried for thr captured soldiers, acharya ask to leave it on him.

Scene changed, dhara was dng puja on river side, a person came from behind n gave her acharya's msg to help the captured soldiers, she turn to saw him but no one was there.

Other side, cg was resting under a tree, mihika came n ask that if he met dhara when he went to magadh n he denied, she ask that if he missed her n he again denied, she got happy n says that he has over those feelings for dhara now n he'll surely get true love, cg says that he knows it but now he's working for his true love, his country.

Shanky came at the same time n informs abt amatya that he's gng to take rest in a nearby guest house n its a opportunity for them but hw will thy get the impression, cg got sumthing in his mind n he says that amatya himself gave him the impression.

Other side, dhara was thinking that hw she help those soldiers n at the same time nayantara came to meet her n show her grief to her for wat happen in her marriage, she says that she's happy becoz she dnt want to marry, she loves sum1 else, nayantara asked abt him n she told abt cg n his mission n that she want to help him, nayantara says that she too want to help, which gave her new idea.

Scene changed, amatya reaches the guest house, the owner n his wife welcums him n appreciate thr food n service n take him inside, cg n shanky was already inside, thy call for food for amatya n shanky in disguise take the food n give it to amatya, search amatya from his eyes n then came back to cg n signals him, cg came out n signals 4-5 men in disguise, thy attack the guest house, thr was chaos inside, owner came out to see n behind them amatya n before he reacts shanky attack him n he faints.

Other side, dhara with nayantara reached to the jailor, he wished her but she ask to wish thr motherland n forced him to say jai maa bharati n he say so, she says that thr r sum prisoners in thr jail who belong to kapilvastu n nayantara came to take them n she has dhana's approval, jailor was confused, on dhara's statement he take them to the prisoners.

 Scene changed, amatya open his eyes n found himself in jail, cg was sitting outside but it was dark so he's not able to see him, cg talk in changed voice n denote him by sum other name, he try to explain but he says that he's a theif n taken money from them, either to return it or thy kill him, he leave, from other side, shanky in disguise of an old man n denote him by the same name n in order to make him believe he gave him the impression of rajmudra on his hand.

 In magadh, jailor ask dhara to mark thr prisoners n he himself goes to confirm it from sum1(dnt know him), jailor ask abt confirmation n he reply that if dhara is here thr's no need to confirm,In jail, dhara n nayantara start taking the names of prisoners (random  names), in order to free them.

Scene changed, shanky was taking amatya out from prison n mihika from behind hits him n he faints, shanky take the impression. In magadh, all prisoners came out n dhara send them with nayantara, other side, amatya open his eyes n found himself in guest house, the owner was crying, shanky told that he saved him, he ask to gift him but shanky ask to help the owner.

Scene changed, dhana gets to know that dhara helped them n he slaps her n lock her in room, other side, acharya got the impression n told cg that dhara free the captured villagers, cg was proud, he ask hw will thy use the impression n acharya says that its time to use daam now n it will help them.  

Best Moment 

Ep.2nd Dec 2011 - Bada Chandu meets Chhota Chandu

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Lets Celebrate The Journey... Happy 2nd Anniversary Chandragupta Maurya

You Will Always Be There In Our Hearts

By Proteeti-

By Charu-

Small Avis -
aahhh.. just look at Ashish's expressions.. loved him a lot...  Embarrassed
Vertically Stacked ones -


Horizontally Stacked
2 Avis


4 Avis


Same wid a bit different effect of darkness..



ICONS!!!!!! Embarrassed



By Me Wink

ClapCongratulations MauryansClap

Credit: Riu, Anu, Proteeti, charuHug

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AWESOMME THREAD ... 2 yrs of cgm , missing it like anything ..

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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thnx udit :)
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Lovely thread Khushi!! thanks for making it Hug

Wishing our fav. show a very Happy 2nd Anniversary Big smile

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