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Friday , Mar 22 updates

Pls apologise for delaying updates

Scene 1

Bar , Naidu and Chids at mottai madi discussing about the paln. Bat introduce mappilai actor and share her plan with Chids. At first Chids worries about devi response with the matter. Bar condole him and says that they have to do some time to make devi agree to marriage. Chids worries about the actor too, whether he can accept whatever adi thadi' results of the ponnu pakeran' ha ha.. Bar assures nothing will happen and Chid to support her n this plan. Chids supports her and tell that he will do his part

Scene 2

Chids summons Nat for a meeting. Nat wonder why his bro calling him at this time. Meanwhile Chid and Bar is discussing and Nat is not happy that he discussing with Bar. Chids normally talk to him first before anyone and he doesn't like this. Nat pretend concern over Chids for staying up late nite.  Chids tell Nat about ponnu pakeran function and both Nat and his wife a bit shock. Siva mentions that Devi doesn't like marriage and why comple her. Chids said cannot just et her with a way and ask Nat to talk yto Devi and make her agree. Siva also happy if Devi gets marriage soon. Nat venda veerapu says that he will talk to Devi. Chids ask him to advice her to be good at the function tmrw. Nat ask about the mappilai info. But Chids hide the matter asking him to see mapilai tmrw. He wants to be kep secret and Nat asks Barathy whether she knows about the mappilai sarcastically. Chids laughs at Nat for asking bar who doesn't know also.

Siva happily tell Nats that she will dress up Devi like mahalachumy. Nat on the side thinking that Chids hiding the matter from him and ahs discuss the matter with Bar and she is also acting with him. He is losing his mariyathai it's seems. Siva replies him saying that he doesn't like Bar from the beginning always talk low about her. She ask him to talk to Devi and make her agree to the wedding

Scene 3

Nat goes and discuss with Devi about the ponnu pakeran matter. Devi is shock and angry with the issue. Nat is buttering Devi to be angry and use it wisely to spoil any program. She shouts at Nat for bringing up the wedding issue again and again. She says she can't do and ask them to stop the function. Nat says he can't do that as this will affect his health. He ask her just turn away the mappilai like the before mappilai arrange by Chids. He also pokes he saying that he suspecting Bar is behind the plan and they have discuss the matter before him. He brainwash Devi that they also do the the same drama like Chids and Bar doing - To reject the mappilai at the last minute. Devi is thinking



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Tuesday March 26th 2013

Aattam 109

Badri says that the lady coming with the to-be bride is her chithi. Sivagami asks Devi to look at the groom as say whether she likes him or not. Bari insists to say in a word i.e. yes or no as groom likes prompt reply. Chids also asks the same. Groom gets angry and asks everyone to stop asking only Devi. He wants everyone to ask him as its more important. The groom announces that he doesn't like Devi even a single bit. He tells everyone that if he had known that the bride is Devi, he wouldn't have stepped into the house itself. 

The guy insults Devi for partying at night and roaming in streets. He says about the incident when Devi didn't respect law and order. The groom feels that a girl must be calm as mother Earth, should have known to control anger but he couldn't see anything like that in Devi. He says he is not here to marry her for the sake of money and property. The guy tells it will be better if he marries a girl who is poor and does job. He is sure that he will not be happy with Devi and tells off that she is not a world beauty. The groom says Devi doesn't even have a single quality to become his wife and leaves.

Devi gets angry on the groom for talking useless things about her. Nats asks the groom and family to leave before he and his son gets angry. The groom once again insists that he cannot marry Devi even if they force or plead him. All leave.
Barathi asks Devi to be courageous and not to loose hope. She also tells Chids to not to loose hope in searching a groom for his daughter.

Devi is recollecting the incident that happened in the morning and her chithappas words. She gets furious and goes to Nats room. There he is sleeping peacefully and Devi doesn't like it. She attempts to murder him by catching his throat. Sivagami stops her at right time and saves Nats. Devi feels humiliated in front of everyone and blames Nats for her situation. Nats says he will not leave the guy if he sees him anywhere. Sivagami consoles Devi that all this is common and talks to her sweetly. She tells Devi that she is beautiful for her eyes but it is not necessary for others also to think the same. Sivagami says she will support Devi irrespective of the matter. Nats asks Sivagami to stop her lecture and be with Devi. Nats thinks in his mind that what kind of girl Devi is.

Next morning, Sivagami gives coffee to Chids. He asks what was the matter as he heard some sound yesterday night. Sivagami diverts saying it was her bad dream and screaming. Chids cooly asks Devi whether she heard any sound and he himself replies that she would have been in deep sleep. Devi asks Sivagami about her looks. Sivagami doesn't know what to tell and escapes the situation.

Devi calls Bhupathi who was passing by and asks about her looks. At first Bhupathi is not sure for what she called but then gives his reply. He says he will be concentrating on how he can escape from the mobile that she throws at him rather than looking at her face. Next is Rajesh's turn.

Rajesh sits at the dinning table and asks coffee from Barathi who is working in the kitchen. Devi asks the same question to him. Rajesh says she will look much more beautiful if she reduces her anger. Devi asks for solution. He is not able to answer.
Barathi calls him to kitchen and says him to tell Devi to join meditation classes. Rajesh conveys the same to her. Devi in thoughts.

Aattam thodarum ...

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Wednesday, March 27th, Episode 110
Bhubathy and Barathy are in the car and Bhu notices Saravanan's auto stopping in fron of a house and aks Barathy," Madam you told that you told saravanan is working in Ambathur..but now...why is it like this madam?" Barathy seeing Saravanan is shocked and asks Bhu to go home.
She goes and gets inside Sara's auto and Saravanan asks," where to go madam?"  Barathy replies," Ganabathy my house" Sara recognises her voice and turns back and gets shocked. Barathy asks," auto will not come there...? if you want I can pay you extra?..." Then she laughs and asks," said that you work in the house people know about this?"
Sara replies," Akka...they also first did not know..then they all came to know...I only told them that not to tell you akka..I was over confident that I will get a chance to go to australia...akka do you feel disaapointed and ashamed?" Barathy answetrs," I am sad that you are an auto dfriver but I am not fact I am proud of you you are this" Saravanan  offers to drop her at her place. On his way he asks," Akka...are you really happy with Santhosh mamaa..becasue the other day when I came to your offivce I noticed that you were crying..sollukkaa" Barathy tells," I am not going to tell that there is no problem nu...but you dont go and tell all this to others. I will soon clear all the problems daa..." Sara says," Akka...I know you akka...and I am sure you will do everything alright soon akka.
Priya in JP creations office making some phone calls and introduces her as the co producer of the production and reminds that he has a meeting with director Madan ( Kadir). Here comes Devi and Priya asks sorry to her," I am so busy as appa has started a new movie after two years break..and as usual I am in charge for the production..." Devi asks about the mediation centre she was attending. Priya gives all the details and asks why she is asking about this.
Devi tells about her anger and she wants to corol it etc..and she asks," Priya is it true that you can control this anger by meditating..and you become pretty also? my cousin told about it true Priya?" Priya replies," 100% your cousing is right...even in my case...I experienced this...this cinefield is so stressful as I have to deal with so many people every single day...defenitely this mediaatation helps devi ..Ok let us go there tomorrow have to be there at 6 30 am...can you do it?" Deci promises," Hey...I will be at your door step at 5 am...isthat ok?" Priya smiles..
( Preethi looks stunning...!!!!)
Kadir says," Sorry...sorry I came in without knocking the door..let me come later.." Ptriya says,"it is alright ...Devi this is Madan our director and this is ram his friend..". Devi says hi to them and quickly leaves from there. Kadir says," I was actually confussed when you introduced me as madan...then I managed..." Priya tells," Appa told everyone here that we  all should address you only as madan..
Rajesh is at home and bored  ...hopping from channel to channel on TV. Sivagami comes and asks why  he is sitting at home like this...Rajesh tells," Amma...I do not have any friends here...anyway I will go somewhere amma...let me go to the room and get my wallet..." He goes...and herecomes Malathi...Sivagami tells her to sit and goes to the kitchen to take coffee.
Rajesh comes down and notices Malathi sitting there...and he recollects what Barathy told him about Malathi. He comes to her and sits. Malathi says," Hi Rajesh..i came to see you only but I told aunty..that I came to see akka nu as what news...Rajesh?" Rajesh carefullyanswers," You only came to see me...I have nothing to tell you...let us be friends...and you tell me the news"
Malathi continues her jolls," I just felt like seeing you...I am here for the second time to see you but you never made any effort to see me...even no phone calls.." Rajesh replies,' hey..Malathi I usually never call my friends unless there is something important...I am not that character is like that" Malathi asks," where are you planning to go...whereever it is I will also come with you"
Rajesh samaalichufies and tells," I am not going fact I have a severe head ache and I want to sleep for sometime" Malathi asks," You told me not to tell poi...but you are now poiying? Rajesh replies," hey...we are friends..why should I tell you pois..?" Malathi quickly asks," Ok...why are you repeating this many times that we are freinds...we are friends...even I am also considering you as a friend only...nothing else...I think someone has told you some bad stuff about me..." Rajesh refuses that and Malathi ,"See..again you are telling lies..Barathy akka defenitely told you something..that is are behaving like this to me...come on tell me what did Barathy akka tell you about me...?" Rajesh is shocked ..and stares at Malathi.

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Thursday, March 28th, Episode 111(Naamum )- by atina
Malathi gets angry and tells," I know Barathy akka the other day was watching when I went with you i n the scooetr...and I am sre she must have told you something bad about me...she told you that my sister is a different type..and she will desire beyond her limits...right?" Rajesh tries to refuse Malathi's statementbut Malathi gets upa nd tells," beleived my akka right? You better sleep nicely and rest..."
As Malathi storms out..Barathy gets down fro m Sara's auto...and tries to make conversation with Malathi...but Malthi pushes Barathi's ands and leaves Saravanan watching all this. Saravanan  asks about Malathi's anger..Barathi sammalichufies and tells," oh ..that is nothing daa.I only asked her to come here to talk..but I am late...that is why she is angry...anyway you dont tell all this to others...then amma will be angry take this 100Rs daa..." Saravanan refuses but Barathi insists that it is not  the auto charge but his pocket money as usual. Saravanan takes that and tells," akka...always the money you give has a special value akka" He leaves.
Malathi is waiting for her friend in a park. Here comes the friend and Malathi tells her about what happened with Rajesh.  Friend can not believe that Barathi told Rajesh all negative things to Rajesh. She tells," take this as a challenge ...your sister is jelous that you will also get into that you take measures to make that Rajesh to fall for can use any tactics and madakkify that Rajesh...okay?" Malthi replies, that is all ok but how to trust this Rajesh...he behaved like this just listening to akka...that is my worry" Friends suggests,
 All that will be there only until he falls in lvoes with you...after that he will totally change...mark my words...and work on it.." ( nALLA friend paa...damaal...damaal)
Yoga Guru is conducting classes to a large group. This place looks very serene and nice. Here comes Priya with Devi...Guru comes out and meets them and asks Priya whether she does Yoga regulalry and congralutates her dad for staring the movie production. He asks her to go and join the meditation group inside while he will start with Devi.
They both come to a mandabam and sit there. That Yogi asks Devi why she wants to do Yoga and Devi tells about her anger management problems. Yogi tells," Yoga is apart from any close your eyes ...keep your mind free from any thoughts ...and think  of a god ..any god is okay.." Devi tells that she does not worship any God though she believes in God. Then the yogi asks her to think of someone like er mom or dad...or any colours she likes ...Devi tells that she has never seen her mom...and she hates her finally she goed for the favorite  colour...and closes her eyes...tries to listen to the OHm...sound...Yogi leaves from there.
Devi does meditation for a couple of seconds but she is unable to in her mind all the past happening are running...
Finally the Karate master comes in her mind ...telling," nee karate mattum illai...vere entha can not learn...wait and see..."
She gets so frustrated and looks angry again.

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Friday , Mar 29th updates

Scene 1

Devi gets very disturbed and can not proceed with her meditation. She simply walks away from the Yoga the Yogi watches her goRajest meet malathi at a park. She acts crying to see him finally comes to see her. She asks him whether he ask Bar for her permission to see her. Rajesh ask why should he as she is the one who call him. She starts her story about her lifestyle. Why she behaving like this and why she like him very much. She likes his attitude and the way he has respect to the elder. She likes him very much and would like to be fren with him. But the way he accepting her friendships and scares to be with her and not sincere in friendships make her to make a decision. She wants to break this relationship. Rajesh ask to be patient and think rationally but kalli Malathi talks nicely and saying this the best way and she always pray for his success even thou they are not frens anymore'

Scene 2

Rajesh says that no one can break their friendships ans ask to be fren back to him. Rajesh wants to celebrate their reunion and go to coffee shop.

Mahati with her phone and sms her sis. Her mother scolds her for sitting with the phone all ay along. Santhosh comes there and mahathi runs to see her sis. Santhosh tells her that he came alone. Mahati tells her mum abt Santhosh arrival. Santhosh purposely sits outside and tell her that he just visit her as he has something on his way. Santosh send mahati out to buy cool drinks for him. Mum kulam visariching everyone at home include bar. Santhosh says everyone happy especially Barathy

Scene 3
Santhosh asks about Bar mum. Santhosh says he came to tell about something important about Bar that's why she sent Mahati out. He wants to talk to her but he feels a bit shy, anyhow he still needs to talk at least for the sake of bar happiness. He says that his chiti hs spoken to her and he expected some changes and Bar will change herself and accept him whole heartily but he is wrong. He spills the bean tell that there no FN between them until now. He asks whether she has spoken to Bar abot this. Mum says yes and Bar told her that she is happy with her husband. Santhosh asks whether she knows why Bar is behaving this way. He knows the reason and asks her not to mistaken him. He says the main reason is Santhosh in not in her heart only Kathir is there. She is thinking about Kathir only and don't let him touch her. He says we have force her to marry him. She only loves Kathir and that they all make mistake in this matter. They should not let her do this' Bar life is spoil and Bar is not happy with this marriage. She should be happy and he don't care about his life. He is ready to compromise anything for Bar and even will divorce Bar. Mum shatters hearing this


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