OS: broken friendship... completed

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hola amigos...
me back with my emotional atyachaar... Wink
kitna dimaag khati hu na main...Tongue
chalo... aaj once again...
this is a bit emotional... about sameer and arjun...
what if sameer and arjun loved the same girl??? with this question i have started. there ll be only one long update after this post... i ll post it after some time...
do read the introduction and lemme know how it is... this may remain just an OS or i may convert to SS..but for time being i ll keep it OS...

Why do we always tend to hurt the people we love and respect the most??

Jealousy? Insecurity ?

Is it due to fear to lose them???!

Or is it because we feel we are not worth for them?

Which is more important in life??? Marriage, love or friendship?????

Can we live all alone???without any one to speak, love and most of all without a friend...

Are we hurt when we hurt them??? Yes... but still not ready to acknowledge it???


"Well... this is me... ACP Sameer Damsingh Rathod... chief of ETF...

Who chose love over friendship... my own ego over friendship... and hurt him...  I moved away from him.. pushed him away... broke my friendship...

Today he lies there all hurt... just to save me..."

i ll update soon...

leave comments and hit like(if you like the concept)

ll pm after i cmplt this...


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it alwayz feel great to read more on SAm-jun
plz update soonSmile 

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lil scary hehe
gud title

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wow sam jun...!!!
interesting concept...!!!
eagerly waiting for the story...!!!
continue soon...!!

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thanks for liking my concept... i am posting it in fragments...but this is not an SS yet.
i ll upload the rest today itself...this fragment is what happened in past... it ll continue in next updat and then the present senario...
so here it goes...


8 years ago...

"sam... sam ruk na... see you know I cant walk as fast as you in this condition... itni bhi kya jaldi hai tujhe...?"

"arre yaar... today is first day of college and we are seniors now... its soo exiting... and kisne bola tha ki taang tod le(who told you to have a broken leg?)???"

"hey sameer... hey Arjun..." they heard a beautiful voice behind them. They both turned around and saw Aisha, their best friend. Sameer went forward and hugged her. She then moved towards Arjun and hugged him.

"get well soon buddy... well I think you got your lessons..."

"yeah Aisha...  I ll never pick a fight..."

(then he muttered under his breath)

"but if someone hurt sam o you... I ll never leave them..."

"did you say something?"

"not really... lets go to class... we are going to be late..."

Aisha went next to him and put his arm around her shoulders. She held him by his waist and supported him to walk faster... sameer was not happy at he way Arjun was looking at her...

"thanks Aisha... ye sam hai na... he was just leaving me to bully over juniors...:"

"sam... you should not.."

"no Aisha... I just..." said sam looking disapproving at Arjun...

"ok guys I think you don't want to get scolding from mr.dhanda... do you??? Lets go now"


Sameer and Arjun were best friends. Right from their school days..they shared everything with each other. Every person would quote them as an example for true friendship. Days passed and they entered college. There they met Aisha... aisha  kapoor... a beautiful, charming girl... she was a true leo by nature. She stood match for Arjun and sameer... soon they bonded very well..they became best friends...


Arjun was the most popular guy in the college. His charm, his ability to take up any challenge and fulfill it, his physique...every thing, made every person in college turn their head towards him. he excelled in studies, sports, extra curricular activities of college. Sameer on other hand was also popular, but not as much as Arjun. He was a silent guy, introvert. Not many people noticed him the way they always noticed Arjun...


The thing that was never in sameer arose then... jealousy... insecurity... he always struggled hard, but Arjun would easily pull things... he started seeing green. But it was not at all serious. Every relation undergoes this...


But everything changed the day when Arjun proposed Aisha and she asked for time to think...

Yes... Arjun, who never looked at any girl in that way had started developing feelings for Aisha... he liked her for the girl she was. He knew he was too young, mere 21...but there was no point in hiding his feelings. But what he did not know was, that his best buddy loved her too, but never told him...

 It was valentines day that he had gathered all his strength and proposed Aisha... she did not deny him... but she asked for some time to sort her feelings which Arjun liberally gave her.

That evening, he saw sameer sitting in his room, with bottles of beer. He went to him and grabbed the bottle that sameer was about to take to his mouth.

"sam... what are you doing??? Are you insane????"

"oh... Mr. Arjun Suryakant Raute... welcome... welcome... aapko kya chahiye iss naacheez se?"

"sam... what are you saying???? You are drunk... "

"hell yes I am.when I see my SOO CALLED best friend betraying me by proposing the girl I love, I need to stay quiet and calm na... "

"SAMEER... you... you love Aisha????? Why did not you tell me??? Why dammit?"

"haan haan... now you ll say you did not know that... could you not see that in my eyes my BEST FRIEND????????"

"sam...i never knew. If I would have known I would never propose her."

"don't you dare call me sam Arjun... you have hurt me today. I loved her and you tried to  snatch her from me...'

"no sam..."

" I SAID DON'T CALL ME SAM DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!" he threw the beer bottle on ground making it break into thousand pieces."

"sameer.. you are not in your senses. Lets talk tomorrow. Come on sleep now."

"I don't need you tell me what do I do got it... what more you want??? You have whole college dancing on your tunes... most famous guy of college... ladkia to tumpe fida hai(girls go gaga over you)...   and me???? Always under your shadoew may how much I work hard. Why??????? And today you are snatching away the girl I love... koi aur nahin mili tumhe Arjun??"

(Arjun with tears in his eyes and voice cracking) "sam please trust me. I did not do that for purpose. Even I love her... today I told her my feelings... you should have had told me... even now it is not late... I ll say to her that I did not mean anything today.. you ll have her with you... I promise you..."

He turned around and saw sameer. He was sprawled across the sofa, limp.


There was one person unknown to him, heard their entire convo.

to be continued...

if you like this do like and do comment...

and if you find something off, please feel free to tell me...

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Please continue soon...!!!

Ayesha being the reason of their fight...Please continue soon!!!

PM me on update!!!

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here is the last part...

There was one person unknown to him, heard their entire convo.


Next day in college...

Aisha knew she did not love Arjun. She could not deny him in front all so she asked for time. She knew he was a wonderful guy... a man every girl would dream of... but not her. Because she loved sameer... and she wanted to tell her best friend about this.

She met Arjun in the college. He looked bit off...

"hey Arjun... where is sam...?"

"here I am Aisha..."

Arjun turned to see sameer and passed him a smile... but sameer... he just averted his eyes from him with a frown.

Arjun's eyes moistened at this but tried to keep his emotions under check.

"Arjun I need to tell you something... wo yesterday..."

"Aisha... kal jo kuch bhi maine kaha wo bus ek mazaak tha... someone had challenged me ki I have to propose you infront of whole college... I did it. I really don't have any feelings for you... I am sorry if I had hurt you but it was purely for fun...i am sooo..."


Aisha had slapped him across his face. Her face showed the anger and hatred towards him. sameer grinned at the scene unfolded infront of him.

"what do you think of yourself ha? You called me as your best friend and you did this to me??! Disgusting Arjun. I came here to tell that I don't love you, but sameer. I thought I would hurt you by saying so. But you... chii...i never expected this from you... you disgust me Arjun. I hate you. Mujhe sharam aati hai tumhe apna dost kehne mein bhi. Aaj kisi ne kaha ki propose me, so you did. Tomorrow someone will tell you to take advantage of me, so will you take???"


"no Arjun. Its over. This is the last day of our friendship. Tum jaise ghatiya aadmi ke saath koi rishta nahin rakhna hai mujhe. I hope I ll never see you again..."

She made a disgusted face walked off.

Sameer came to him and said

"dekha Arjun... Aisha bhi mujhse pyaar karti hai. But what you did yesterday, I ll not forget and forgive you for that... ever..."


That was the last day anyone had seen Arjun... no one in the whole college knew where he was... except for one... Shreekant... shreekant sen. Their senior...


Sameer would receive letters and mails from Arjun day in and day out. None had his address. But none reached sameer. even when they reached him, he just threw them in thrash or burn them. Sameer was determined not to forgive him. after all long term, friendship had turned into hatred.


It was after all these years, sameer and Aisha were married... sameer had become chief of ETF. Aisha worked there as ammunition expert.

There were three more members to join them. None other than Shreekant sen as tech expert, ACP Arjun Raute as encounter specialist and Mrs. Riya Raute, sister of Shree as research specialist.

Riya and Arjun were married for an year now. It had taken tremendous efforts from shree and riya to bring Arjun back to life. He respected shree a lot and had married his younger sis riya on his insistence. After all it was shree who had given him shelter and love after the scene in college... he had no one to call as his other than them now. Riya knew everything about her husband's past. She even knew that he had started loving her. She was a patient person...she understood him completely.


It was the day they had to join ETF. When they entered ETF, there was a huge fireworks. Accusations  flowed like water and Arjun was just listening to all those. He still considered himself as the reason for his two friends pushed away from him.

Shree was a man of less words. He was a keen observant. He within a short span of time noticed how efficient sam and Aisha were at their work, but not as much as Arjun. Arjun was a keen observer, his senses too sharp and had very quick reflexes. He always saw things that were beyond obvious and every one in the police force admired him for that.

Yet again jealousy...

Arjun's work in ETF was no less than Herculean task... every day, every moment he faced challenges, accusions and yet he stood firm. Who knew that the person who stood firm with head held high was dying everyday, every moment???????????




Shree: sameer, he has undergone soo much... now you know the truth... entire truth... what do want to say now???? After he joined ETF you started gaining more name... have you ever thought how???? It was because of Arjun... aur tum Aisha... kehte hai na ki aankho dekha bhi galat ho sakta hai????? Tumhare shabdon ne usse tab toda tha aur aaj bhi toda hai... ab batao kya karna hai???

Sameer and Aisha hung their head down.

Riya: bhaiyya... what have the doctors said????

Shree: nothing... all we can do is wait...

Riya: bhaiyya, I need to tell him... tell him he is going to be father...

Shree: riya...

Riya: haan bhaiyya... but wo to...


She started crying... sameer was stunned. Now because of him, his friend, sorry his lost friend was there and. his wife was in pain...



His mind drifted back to the case they were solving... it was a very difficult one to crack. They were attacked by many people but they handled it very well...

Sameer was focusing on a person in front of him and did  not notice danger lurking behind him.



Sameer turned around and saw Arjun right behind him shooting a person.

He opened his mouth to yell at him, but saw Arjun collapsing on to the floor like a sac. His chest was covered with blood and was shot.

He immediately bent down and took his head on his lap. He patted his cheeks and spoke

"Arjun... Arjun get up dammit... open your eyes..."

Arjun opened his eyes and spoke...

"you...huhk...are safe... Aisha happy... I...(he took a staggering breath) I was always your friend sam... I...was...waiting for you...but...but you never...came... now... I ll go for ever... breaking friendship... be friend..."

With that his body went limp.

Soon he was shifted to hospital.



"I wish Arjun I could go back in time and mend our relation...

I was a fool... jerk..."

He felt a hand on his shoulders and saw his wife..

"galti sirf tumhaari nahin hai sameer... maine usse itna kuch bhala bura kaha ki aaj main khud sharminda hun... hope we get a chance to amend things... to mend our broken friendship..."

"haan Aisha..."


They turned towards the ICU where he was between pipes and machines, sleeping peacefully away from all accusions. Pain, hurt and anguish...
he was in coma...

how is it...??? i know not good enough but...
hope u ll like it...
if you like please do like and comment.
if you find flaws please lemme know so that i can improve myself...Smile


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