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Salaam Alaikum Doston

Welcoming you all to

Zee TV's No.show Qubool Hai's Double Celebration Party!

100 Episodes Completion!
Ranking 1 on Zee Tv!

Yes, you all read it right! Finally our baby QH has become 100 days old on 15th March 2013 and another good news is that with its century it has also ranked No. 1 on Zee Tv..

 So here's wishing the fantastic show heartly congratulations! And wish they cross 1000 episodes super soon too! 

Please spend some of your precious time to wish the entire team of Qubool Hai.

Banner & Texual Glitters Credit: .Tanya.
Layout Credit: Jyo_Ksg


CoolJyoti (Jyo)Cool

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Qubool Hai is a refreshing story about changing cultures, based on the lives of three young individuals Asad, Ayaan and Zoya, who are far different from one and other, their families, views and ideas, all set in a Muslim backdrop..It is not about any love triangle or something but the story of two families related by blood and yet distanced by circumstances. It is the story of two brothers Ayaan and Asad who are separated by their families but are united in their hearts.
It is also the story of Zoya, a girl who starts by hating the culture of hypocrisy in joint families and eventually ends up bringing together the two warring families.
'Qubool Hai' is a happy, cheerful and lively show that reveals the fine distinction between modernity and traditionalism... Religion isn't the focal point of this show. It is the story of a culture which is so rich yet misunderstood the most. Muslims from all over the world have a long history of making significant contributions to the society. They are diverse in nature, enriched with rich literature, music and language heritage that has a profound impression on all of us.

Asad Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Lion/ Brave Man

Asad is a very serious guy, who doesn't smile and has been through a lot in life. He has never had a male figure to look up to, so he became the man of the house before time. He is a big sadu and very heavy character. He is an angry young business tycoon who does not believe in love as he feels it is a waste of time. He is a sorted and religious person, tries to follow his culture as much as possible. He has made a business of his own. Asad's sole purpose in life is to become successful.
Asad is the eldest son of Rashid Ahmed Khan and Dilshaad Khan and have a sister Najma who is younger than him. He also has a step mother Shireen, two half  sisters Nikhat and Nuzhat and a half brother Aayan.
Asad is way apart from his father as he left Dilshaad, Asad and Najma 17 years back for the sake of his second wife Shireen and his family with her... For Asad hiswhole family consist of him, his mother Dishaad and younger sister Najma. Asad is an obedient son of his mother Dilshaad and a caring, protective brother for his sister Najma. 
Though the two families are very much distant from each other but Asad and Ayaan are united by heart and shares a sweet brotherly bond.

Zoya Farooqui

Meaning: Full of Life

Zoya is an NRI who is on a vacation in India with her family. She has some goals in life and is determined to achieve them. However she comes across hindrances while realizing her goals. Marriage isn't on her mind and she has many friends..
Zoya is a vibrant and new-age girl too who walks hand in hand with changing time. She is modern but keeps it in accordance with her culture and the traditions instilled in her. She is against the stereotypes and never hesitates to question them.
Zoya represents the educated progressive youth of today who are very well sorted and rooted in their culture. Yet they are not regressive. They are people who have adjusted to modern times and are trying to find their own place in this world.She is a cultured and balanced girl who is very conscious of her rights.

Aayan Rashid Ahmed Khan

Meaning: God's Gift

Aayan is a happy-go-lucky lover boy without a care in the world. He is not mechanical. He works according to his heart. He believes in reflexes, success and most importantly his big brother Asad. 
Aayan doesn't get angry fast but is stubborn and to some extent respects his elders. 
He keeps silent instead of speaking his mind.
Aayan is the son of Rashid Ahmed Khan and Shireen Khan and have two younger sisters, Nikhat and Nuzhat. He is Asad and Najma's half brother and Dilshaad's step son. Ayaan is 5 years younger than Asad.

Rashid Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Rightly guided, pious

Rashid Ahmed Khan is married to two women, Dilshaad and Shireen..He is a man who is caught in a lot of personal problems.
Rashid's first wife is Dilshaad with whom he has a son Asad and a daughter Najma but he left them 17 years back to achieve some other goals of his life due to which Asad doesn't gel up well with him.
His second wife is Shireen with whom he has a son Aayan ad two daughters, Nikhat and Nuzhat. He is the head of his second family and lives with them.

Dilshaad Khan

Meaning: Happy/ cheerful

Dilshaad is Rashid Ahmed Khan's first wife and Najma and Asad's mother. Dilshaad has faced the rough challenges of life to bring up her son and daughter. With her son flourishing in his career and becoming a business tycoon, life seems to be a bed of roses for Dilshaad.
She carries a very strong and dignified character. Her husband had deserted her for more money and a better lifestyle. Dilshaad has worked hard to give her son and daughter the best education. Her son is in fact a bigger tycoon than his father.

Najma Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Precious Star

Najma is a diligent student who tops her class.  Najma is a cute and slightly chubby girl who tries to follow various diets but never really sticks to them.  
She is the daughter of Rashid Ahmed Khan and Dilshaad Khan and Asad's younger sister.. Asad is a very protective older brother to her who monitors what she does and wears. 
She has a step mother Shireen, two half sisters Nikhat and Nuzhat and a half brother Aayan.
Najma is 7 years younger than Asad, 2 years younger than Aayan and 1 year older than Nuzhat.

Shireen Rashid Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Sweet

Shireen is the second wife of Rashid Ahmed Khan and mother of Aayan, Nuzhat and Nikhat. She is a very loving person but also acts as a fool at the same time. 
She carries a confused and weak character and is not at all independent in any manner. Shireen is Dilshaad's sautan and Asad and Najma's step mother.

Nikhat Rashid Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Sweet fragrance

Nikhat is Rashid Ahmed Khan and Shireen's daughter, has a younger sister Nuzhat and an older brother Aayan. 
Nikhat is a dark complexion girl whose dream is to become a famous Dancer. Dance is her passion, but coming from a conservative Muslim family it's not easy for her to pursue her dreams.
She is Asad ad Najma's half sister and Dilshaad's step daughter..
Nikhat is 7 years younger than Asad, 2 years younger than Aayan and 1 year older than Nuzhat.

Nuzhat Rashid Ahmed Khan

Meaning: Help, aid, assistance, support

Nuzhat is Rashid Ahmed Khan and Shireen's youngest daughter, has an elder brother Aayan and an elder sister Nikhat. Nuzhat is a very passionate kind of a girl. Interestingly, she wants to become a fashion icon but her looks don't allow her to do so. Nuzhat wants to do something however her family doesn't allow her.
She is Asad and Najma's half sister and Dilshaad's step daughter.
Nuzhat is 8 years younger than Asad, 3 years younger than Aayan and 1 year younger than Najma and Nikhat.

Gaffur A Siddiqui

He is the head of the family who is very  strict in nature.
He is Humeira's father and Momaani jaan's husband.
Cousin brother of Shireen and Mamu jaan of  Aayan, Nikhat and Nuzhat.

Razia Begum (Momaani Jaan)

The current villain of the piece, she was always the manipulator who has played her cards well and gotten her way.
Razia is a mother. She has seen her daughter fall in love with Aayan, son of Rashid Ahmed Khan (Vaquar Shaikh) and Shireen Rashid Ahmed Khan (Shabnam Syed). She wants to ensure her daughter gets her heart's desire. Her goal is to get Aayan for her daughter Humeira.

Humeira Siddiqui

Daughter of Gaffur A Siddiqui and Razia Begum, 
in love with Aayan.

Badi Bi

Dadi is Rashid Ahmed Khan's mother, Dilshaad and Shireen's mother in law and the Grandmother of Asad, Najma, Aayan, Nikhat and Nuzhat.
Her character is very positive in nature. She is sweet and a grandmom who loves to dress. She is extremely sugary and lives with Rashid and his second family.

Zeenat Razzaq Ali

Meaning: Decoration/Beauty

 Zeenat is happily married to an NRI Anwar and is staying in New York with her younger cousin sister Zoya. Zeenat and Zoya's mothers were real sisters.
Zoya calls Zeenat her Aapi and is very much emotionally attached to her... She has brought up Zoya like a mother.

Anwar Razzaq Ali

Meaning: Light

Anwar is an NRI from NewYork, extremely a happy go lucky man with a very positive and supportive character.. He is Zoya's jiju and is married to her cousin sister Zeenat.
Anwar shares a very friendly bond with Zoya and is a great support for her even when her Aapi doesn't understands her, he is always there for her.

New Entrant


Asad's childhood friend. Met Asad after many years. Currently staying in Asad's house. 
She is positive or negative? Only time will tell.

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By BlessedSoul

I wish QH to run long and longer.. 1000 to 2000 episodes.
Wish to see AsYa's little cute babiesLOL... 

KSG to shine more brighter and attain the unbeatable height of success Big smile. May he become the SRK of TV wood.
Surbhi Jyoti to look more prettier and fantastic...
is that ok or should I write more, you know I can write an essay on KSG LOL

By indu1911

Congratulations to the entire team of Qubool Hai
for completion of 100 episodes.ClapClapClap.

Qubool Hai Rocks...Karan Surabhi Rocks..

By Mayan6

Qubool Hai is not just any daily soap, it is a very special one. It does not have any mother and daughter in law drama. Since the first episode Qubool hai has amazed us, surprising us and sometimes giving us what we expect. There are many things that link us to watching Qubool Hai, however sad the episode is we cannot not watch it. It may be the Asya or Kabhi magic, it could be the clearly expressed emotions or probably the different background and story line. 
This is the first show I am watching produced by 4lions. I can just say one thing their shows are magical, once you see the show you cannot stop. The character are expressed so beautifully, strongly and most important clearly. Being an author, I feel the most important things in writing something are the characters, the reader has to understand them, feel their pain. That's what happens with us, when Zoe cries, don't we all cry with her? Most of us do. 
Even if I Asya breakup, I will continue watching the show for its unique story. 

By annanyaksgian

QUBOOL HAI kahase shuru karu...1st time i heard about the show,i m jumping with happiness as my dil ki dhadkan,mera angel 

karan singh grover is back...
journey started on 29th oct...angry asad and cute zoya stole our heart from the first glimpse...then their cute fights...asad s anger,zoya s shayaris...left a smile on my face always
everyday i eagerly waited for 9.30 to watch this show which not only gives us asad zoya but also a new meaning to hindi serial...hats off to 4lions for a show with muslim background
every episode of QH  is memorable for me,specially asya scenes,loving the way their relationship is shaping up
and now today it reaches 100th episodeClap
i wish it completes 100000episodes and we can see our favourite show forever

By Sanjana-ARMAAN

QUBOOL HAI-A Refreshing Story of Changing culture 
yes qubool hai is a unique show and this show completes 100 epi yeppi party time
Qubool hai marks the returns of hearththrob my love KSG when i saw the 1st promo iam not going to watch this show but then i get that KARAN SINGH GROVER is their in the show i said Yes QUBOOL HAI...as i love KSG but after each and every epi i started loving SURBHI she is doing great job.
The journy start on 29 oct 2012 and the sadest day of my life become happiest day very soon qubool hai become part of my life 
Today qubool hai complete successfull 100 epi with raising in TRP every week
Qubool hai is a happy,cheerful and lively show with superb actors and thats why the show complete successfully 100 epi i wish they wil complete succesfully 1000 epi and we wil do party like this

The best show on TV now is QH and i love each scene of asad and mangalpur epi was best 
I just wanna say congratulation QHians our show complete 100 epi
Rab ne bana diya jo yahi rishta kya cool hai puche koi to pyar se kahna ha QUBOOL HAI

QH is complete package of drama romance and fun 
Mujhe To QH ki Lat Lag Gayi!!!
Lets party come on everybody lets party

By Anika_243

Well, what can I say Qubool Hai has certainly been something special and a very important part of me right now. Surprisingly I've never really given such importance to a show to an agree that I I have to watch every episode and not only that but even watch the repeat telecasts without hesitation.

 It actually feels good to follow qubool hai since the day it start and seriously feels as if that was only yesterday that the show began and now you've completed 100 episodes. What makes this occasion even more prestigious is the fact that its actually really very successful. I don't have words to describe how wonderful the show is being different from all the usual saas- bahu dramas we've been used to. It's definitely a refreshing change. Infact, this refreshing new concept and ovcourse the star cast was actually what dragged me here on the QH forum. I only made an account in India forums just recently because I wanted to put forward the views I had of the show. No other show has made me do that. I'm glad that because of this show and the wonderful people on the forum I am easily able to put forward my reviews and comment on what other people have to say. I love QH and only use this forum. Just when QH has done 100 episodes I've just completed my 400th post. Yes!  It definantly feels good! 

I only wanted to watch QH for the new concept, Muslim background and because I'm a huge fan of karan singh grover yet interestingly I've grown to love everything in the show.. Not just karan singh grover but surbhi jyoti is also doing a fantastic job and it is really great to see how she's come on leaps and bounds and is now equally as good as Karan singh Grover! The rest of the actors also very good though I still believe a few of them still need to develop I.e rishab sinha but ovcourse the story and the performances of the actors make up for it so I'm never really left disappointed. I love all the twists they had and believe the PH is doing a fantastic job! The gudiya factory raaz and how it's connected to every one is brilliantly thought of and believe that this is just the start! It is only going to get better.

That was my experiences and as for the wishes well its no shocker that I will oviously wish the very best for the show and wish that it continues for at least 3-4 years because the show has potential and the audiences can see that. MY best wishes and congratulations are with every one in QH.. I truelly believe that their hard work has paid off and will do inshallah in the future too! Once again many many congratulations and may you have many more successful years of the show! 

By -Amanda-

Qubool Hai.., What do i say? It is already 100 episode, which i can't believe. But yes, All the episodes was just minblowing in there own ways. Asad , Ayaan & Zoya.. Three different individual, three different ways of thinking & doing things.
This show is just something different, which i just love. It's not everyday we get to see such an indian soap , with a out going , messy &crazy america return girl alongside a clean freak, strict, straight forward Asad. The chemistry between two is just crazy.
So here is to Qubool Hai for celebrating 100 episode.
Here is to the amazing & yet so different Qubool Hai.
Here is to the returnal of Karan Singh Grover.
Here is to the wonderful debut actress Joyti.
Here is to new pairing of the Sexy Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan & the beautiful Ms. Zoya Foorquie.
Here is the Qubool Hai Cast & Crew & Fans.
Celebrating 100th Episode.

By supriya.ipkknd

May the show touch many more milestones! The Best team ever! Congratulations on hitting century! Big smile
Zoya Farooqi, a character that makes us cry with her, laugh with her and get crazy with her. Thank You Surbhi for making the character of Zoya so remarkable. 
Asad Ahmed Khan, brilliantly portrayed by Karan Singh grover, carries an aura of brilliance around him. Even the viewers can feel it. 
And A Wonderful job.. To all the actors and cast and crew of The OH Team!.

By LoveRosh

Congratz to QHians, pray this show has many many more milestones as long as it maintains a good story and fab chemistry between not just asya but also the siblings and adults in the show. Relationships and acceptance are two of the main themes in this show and so far its been portrayed fabulously.

Congratz to the entire team behind the show who have made it the success it is and pray for their show and their careers! May they all have the best: karan, surbi, rishabh, neha laxmi, shaliniji, archana taide, shabnamji, alkaji, vidyaji and last but not least ketaki kadam who plays humera. All of these actors are beyond brilliant and i love them and their work! 

Godji/ Allah Bless Qubool Hai! 

By ishaaxx

100 Episodes , a milestone! Kudos to all the efoirt and hardwork by each and everyone ! And Hooe the show has many more milestones to come! Unquie Story , Characters , TALENTED actors and a great off screen team as well :)

And Qubool hai Trp increased and number 1 for Zee wohooo!!!!!! QH rocks and will always rock ! 100 episodes today!Bless this show and all the hard work everyone puts into it!

God Bless :)

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yes veryyy happyyy...

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Awsum Thread Jyo !!!

And seriously such a super way to hit a 100 ...here's wishing the team many many more with tons and tons of success

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Asya6 Senior Member

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Thank you Jyoti! awesome layout! I hope you get to make one for their 1000 episode completion!

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wow awesome thread Jyo. Party

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