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OS:Different roles!!updated pg 45!

rocking_gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2013 at 8:45am | IP Logged
ok guys im back with my bakwaas again!
sorry back with my bakwaas...!
this os (ya ss depends) is dedicated to all women.."HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY"Big smile
its to all women who play many roles.wife mother sister daughter and as frnd...for women who easily molds into differnt roles easily,big Hug to all women
now coming to this OS,its based on women's day..yes its Women's day special
pata nahi how the first part turned out to be...will write more parts where each part will describe each role i.e. mother wife sister frnd daughter...
but but not that easy ppl
will continue if only i have good response...will see and decide nahi toh it will be only os,wont continue...guys evrything is accepted good ya bad comments evrythng so humble request plz comment and appreciate our efforts we put in writing for u...special request to silent reader plz comment...
first part in next post...
sorry mujhe thoda boring hoga but please give it try and comment ur opinion whether i should cont r nt...
thanking you for listening to my rambling...

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Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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rocking_gal IF-Dazzler

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theek se karna...!

aur kitna theek se karna yar...tujhe karna hai tu karle...!

one giggling sound is heard from the chair in front them...that giggling sound brings a wide smile on the both men  face...

"Aapko bahut hassi aari apne papa ke aise halat dekhe...!"
the baby looks at his father with round eyes and a big smile appears on the gol motol face of the baby,as if telling yes!

the baby is lifted from the chair and thrown in the air and caught by his father which increase the laughs of the baby...

Arjun is enjoying watching all this...the proud smile Sameer has on his face looking at his son...

Sameer just grins and catches his son and enjoys the sweet laugh and kisses on both cheeks of his son..

Both Arjun and Sameer once again look at the prepartion they have been working hard from early morning...satisfied with it now go to dining area which they have arranged in the garden for today...
decorating the area responsbility was given to Shree and Chotu...they had very high hopes on them and Chotu and Shree  didnt disappoint them even a bit...

A long  table with a beautiful table cloth covering it...a vase with flowers at the both the ends side with red and white roses and at one side with tulips...beautiful ccokery placed and most important thing a high boaster kid chair;)...evrything was just fine,it was as the men wanted it to be...the food was placed and everything was set..the only thing the table had missing was the Sameer and Arjun went to get the guest of honours for today...where as Shree and Chotu settle themselves and wait for them...

Sameer's room:-

When Sameer was nearing the room he kept a finger on his lips to indicate his son to be silent...they both entered the room silently,and on the bed they both see the best thing or person in their life,sitting with laptop typing away something...

There she sat with a laptop trying to finish off the report of the last case,she wore a simple white shirt and black jeans,even though simple it maked her look damn beautiful for Sameer,and to add to her cuteness was her specs which she wear only in her personal space and  Sameer was the only one to see her like this in the team...

She lifts her head when she hears the door opening and finds herself staring at the two handsome guys of her life standing their with mishecious smile on the face,"jaise papa waise beta...ek hi smile hayee!"she thinks...

Sameer comes near her and puts his son on the bed who crawling goes to his mom all the way giggling,She keeps the laptop away on the bedside table and takes her son in her arms and kiss both his cheeks...

"waah adi aap toh bahut handsome dekh rahe aaj...papa ko competition dena hai kya aapko" she ask teasingly,Adi only claps his hands and smiles...both the parents smile at this...!

"chaltha hai Aisha khali Adi hi toh hai...mujhe usse koi problem nahi hai"he tells kissing her forehead and sits beside her...she just smiles at him...!

"waise aap dono kahan gaye the early morning...?aur aapki dhamki...woh kya tha??"she enquires at him raising  he reyebrow...

Sameer sheepishly rubs his neck and remembers the note he left for her and tells "woh hum tumhrahe suprise  ki tyaari kar rahe the isliye woh dhamki dena padha...nahi toh tum kahan maane wali thi haan...!"

Aisha just laughs...Samee takes her hand and pulls her out of bed..."Chalo tumraha suprise wait kar raha...chalo ab...",she just lets him drag her out of her room with Adi in her hands...

Arjun's room:-

He just opens the room and sees a sight and that brings a big smile on his face...

"abhi thak so rahi hai yeh..." he thinks...

He goes near her ,kneels near the bed and just kisses on her cheek in order to wake her up...he could smell her bath wash scent and thinks "toh madamji fresh hoke phirse sogayi...kya karu iska main..."and shakes his head...

She know that it was him the moment he entered,but she prefers to keep on the act...but the moment he kisses her cheek,she loses the battle and smiles at his action...and the smile is not missed by Arjun

"Riya I know your awake chalo utho..."  he tells

"hmm" she mumbles and snuggles more into the pillow...

"Riya chalo na utho,you dont want your suprise kya...???"he tells wantedly as he know the word "suprise" would to the trick and it did...

She opens her one eye and look at him ,smiles her dimple smile and gets up and sits on the bed,he is still kneeling infront of her...

"suprise????kaisa suprise???...kahan hai..?"she asks 

"kitne sawal riya...sab bata dunga thoda intezar..chalo..."he pulls her from the bed slowly and carefully...

As soon as he  turned to go for the door,she pulls him back and settles herself in his arms...

He is little shocked but smiles and engulfs her in a bear hug making sure he doesn't hurt her...

"kya baat hai aaj bahut gale lageye jaare hai...kal toh aapke nak pe gussa tha aaj phir..."

"kal aapki galthi thi..mujhe mat boliye..lakin aaj bahut aache dekh rahe hai...bilkul mere hero"she giggles and hugs him tightly...

He just rolls his eyes at her,pulls away,kisses her nose and tells"aacha meri heroine chale breakfast ke liye...aur yeh kya Riya jab fresh ho chuki thi tum toh phir se sone ka matlab..."

"woh na aap apni beti se puchiye..maa ko itna thang kar rahi hai ki,main jaaldi thaak jaati hoon..."she tells him pointing at her 6 months belly!

Arjun grins when she tell "apni beti"...he rubs her belly and speaks to the baby..." gudiya maa ko thang mat karo...abhi itna thang karogi toh yahan pe aane ke baad hum dono kaise thang karenge...thodi masti jab ke liye rakhlo...samjhi ya samjhun...?" and winks at Riya...

Riya pouts at first and rolls her eyes later and thinks "baap aur beti bahari hone wale hai merpe",she pushes him a little,takes his hand drags him for breakfast...

Dining Area:-

Chotu tells"arrey yeh kab aayenge mujhe bhuk lagi rahi hai..."

"tujhe to hamesha bhuk laghta hai...main baas pray karta hoon ki Riya aur Aisha ko humraha suprise aacha laageye...!" Shree prays

At first Aisha and Sameer enters with Adi,they settle themselves and after sometime Riya and Arjun comes hand in hand...Arjun pulls out the chair and helps Riya settle down comfortable in the chair,she smiles at his concern,Arjun later sits on his chair...

Sameer sits at one side of head of the family place and opposite to him is Arjun,Aisha is besides Sameer,whereas Riya is besides Arjun,Chotu and Shree are exactly opposite to Riya and Aisha,in between Aisha and Riya is Adi on his booster high chair...

Riya and Aisha are shocked as well as happy at the efforts guys have put into suprise them today ...

"iski kya zaurat thi..."Aisha asks...Riya pipes in"haan hum manage karlete na..."

"hume bhi toh kuch karna ka mauka milna chahiye na...toh aaj din bhi sahi tha aur mauka bhi.."Sameer answers him

"lakin aapko apne off ke din kyun yeh sab..????"Riya questions the guys

"woh hi toh aap logon ko toh back to back two cases the and even me Riya werent much help to you,aapko relax karne chahiye tha..thats we planned this outing right"Aisha explains

"ab humne thodi hi heavy lifting ki hai haan..khali chota sa breakfast hi toh banaya for our  special girls  toh kya hua...aur poora din hai aaram aur masti karne ke liye...dont worry.."Arjun answers

"haan mam aur Riya ,you deserve this and yeh toh bahut chota suprise aap ke liye..."

"haan aur zyaada effort nahi kiya aap feel mat hoye...aacha se enjoy kijiye after all aaj aapka din hai..."

"happy women's day" all the guys wish them together..

The gals blush and smiles at the attention but inwardly are very proud and happy to have them in their life who understands them so well...

Their attention is pulled by Adi,who keeps banging the toy on table..

"chalo khate hai...before Adi saab gussa ho jaye...bilkul tumpe gaya hai Sameer...khana dekha nahi aur shuru hogaya.."teases Arjun

Everyone laughs at that and Sameers just warns him"Arjunnn",Aisha takes the toy from Adi and starts feeding him food and all others also to starts eating...

They have fun filled with Breakfast,teasing other discussing various topics,small nok jhoks between Ariya which amuses all others,all of them have a bright smile through out the meal

For later day everything was planned for the gals,after breakfast they had settle in hall,moved the couches,lay down a blanket settle themselves,there was a baby cot placed near to them where Adi was enjoying in his own world...later they had quite talk and later they played all gals favourite boards games,business where Riya won,next sudo where Arjun won and many other games to keep them entertained...

Riya started yawning,at the same Adi eyes were drooping...Aisha took him and went to her room to put him to sleep and Riya also follows them,watching Aisha,she just couldnt wait for all that,slowly her eyes also starts closing,she settle herself in Sameer and Aisha's room itself and sleep,even 
Aisha starts feeling sleepy and lays down on the bed,settling Adi in between them ,as soon as her head hits her head she falls asleep...

Sameer and Arjun comes in to check them,Sameer just smiles at the sight before him,his cute son,his wife and his sister who plays many roles in their life all so relaxed...Arjun rushes out his room tensed on not finding Riya,he sees Sameer standing near the door with smile goes there and see the sight and the frown disappears and smiles overtakes it...they see each other,nods their head and slowly leaves the room closing the door and let them relax..

how was it?????boring na???sorry if yes!!!
should cont???
me waiting for comments!!!
sorry for typo errors!

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khabardaar aapne isse bakwaas kaha to...
it was just awesome...
samisha having a son... wowSmile
riyu dear to 6 months pregnant...Smile
love it di...Smile
ab raha nahin jaa raha hai mujhse...
jaldi update karo...

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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alee001 Goldie

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howww cuteee!!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed!!!!

its veryyy nyccc stryyy!!

loved it to bits!!!

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap!!

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boring nai superb hai di... loved it...
shooo cutee... sam aisha have a son and riya pregnant...
love the boy's surprises for them...
continue soon... cant wait for the next part...

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hey nice one do continue to post ur writings. Will u please tell me how to post mine plz

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