Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

4th November 2004

deadly Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2004 at 12:32pm | IP Logged

Purab goes and sit down again. Nandu and HM stare at him stunned. Nandu asks to Purab "How can you this ? You know we have to make the best bid. And one shouldn't mix business with personal life. Why are you doing that now". Even HM adds " I thought we had agreed that whatever decision there is related to 3T we will make it together. But what about this?  And Purab we are not only your business partner but your friend as well. You can tell us what's the matter. ?" Purab looks at them. "Do you trust me ?" he asks. HM says of course with an obvious tone. "Then we are not doing the contract." Says Purab, and stands up and leave. Nandu and HM stares at him a bit angrily. Nandu complains how their hard work was wasted. Then suddenly HM points "Hey ! Didn't he decide not to take the contract after Jassi called." This leaves Nandu thinking.  The scene changes to Billu and Bebe. Billu wants to call the designer. Bebe keeps saying hello hello in the phone. Billu comments that either this phone is spoilt or the designer is deaf. Bebe then notice the phone. She tells him that the phone is spoilt, as the wire is broken. Billu then starts complaining about the phone. Nandu walks in. He asks for Jassi and adds that she is not in the office as well. Billu says in usual loud voice "she is not here". Then he suddenly asks if he knows how to fix the phone. Nandu says no. Billu then tells him to get lost. Nandu doesn't have the time to bother about the comment as he sees Jassi coming from the window. He runs to her outside. He says " Here uncle ji is complaing about the phone and there your phone call brought a storm". Jassi asks what storm. Nandu says "I never expected you to call Purab and tell him not to bid and of him to agree with you". He leaves after he has let out his frustration. Jassi is left standing.

Jassi calls Purab. Purab smiles on hearing her voice. With out even saying anything else Jassi ass that why isn't 3T bidding for the mega classics company (not sure of the name). Purab smiles even more widely and cuts the line. Jassi stares at receiver. Billu comment that it must be their phone fault as the phone is ancient. Then in walks Purab. Everybody is delighted to see him except for Nandu and Jassi. Bebe runs to get tea for him. Amrit makes him sit down beside her in the swing. Jassi goes towards the swing. Purab tell her that he was on his way that's why I cut the line. Jassi orders practically " You didn't answer my question !!!". Purab simply replies " 3T is not going to bid". Then starts Jassi's tantrum in front of everybody.  "How can you this ? I never expected this from you. I thought at least you will think me equal of this but you don't. You have straight way decided that I am not worth competing against". Purab smiles at her tantrum and says " Its not you at all …its me" "No you have made up your mind that you won't compete with your fiance. That you will hold her hand and walk with her in every step. What's the matter with you ?". Poor Purab tries to interrupt but Jassi goes on and on. Billu doesn't look happy at all. "Here I am trying to prove to people that I can manage my personal and business life separately. But there you are ruining every thing for me. Do you know how much Armaan sir have worked hard for this….." Purab goes like "ok  you were right and I was wrong. Happy ?" Jassi says "No I won't be happy until 3T bid too. And if you don't I am not getting engage." With this she leaves. Purab looks at billu and says confidently "This engagement will take place." He also leaves.

Billu, Amrit , bebe and Nandu are standing down the stairs. Poor Nandu gets all the thrashing. "Its all your fault" accuses Billu.  "No uncle ji I didn't do anything." Says Poor Nandu. "Its because of you Jassi is in her room upset and my son in law left with out a word." With this he starts pulling Nandu's ear. Bebe and Amrit insist that he leaves Nandu. Nandu yelping to leave his ear or he will die of pain. Just then Jassi comes down. Jassi tell Billu that its all Purab's fault. That he is the one mixing business with personal life.  That he needs to look what a major mistake he is making.

Purab stares at the dustbin. He closes the file he was looking and keep it on his desk. He goes to dustbin and starts hunting in it. Nandu walks in. "Do you think I would have allowed you throw the file like that ?? I took out as soon as you left." Purab then says that he is ready to do the bid. Nandu looks really happy. Purab add that they will really work hard to do the best bid possible. Purab apologizes that he got mixed between Jassi and his anger. Nandu says that he was the one who spread the fire so he had to burn. Then suddenly Nandu bend down and start going through the dustbin. He takes out the file and hand it to Purab.  He says that he just wanted to fool him. (didn't get the next line)

Maria brings this huge teddy bear to the office. Nazreen and Veeru jump on him. They start raving on it that how cute it is. Maria says that the teddy bear name is Mr Supercalifraglisticexpilious. (Hope I got the spelling right)  Just then Armaan walks in. He ask what's the teddy bear is doing it. Maria in her nervousness even introduce the teddy bear to Armaan and says that its for her niece as its her birthday. Armaan informs her that toys are not allowed in Gulmohur. Maria promises that it won't interfere in her work and that she will take it to her niece during lunch. Armaan tell Veeru to take away the teddy bear…. Maria interrupts and repeats her promise. Armaan complete his sentence "verru take it and gift wrap it" With this he leaves with a happy smile and happy people. Maria starts squealing with happiness.

Armaan stares at Meenakshi's photo with a dreamy look. Jassi tells him that need to concentrate on the bid not meenakshi's photo. Armaan comments that they also need to concentrate on whom they are making the bid for. Just then raj walks in. Armaan and Raj together fill Jassi on Meenaksi as if she is there dearest friend. The she likes pasta, herbal tea , punctuality, parties etc. Jassi goes though the file confused and say that all this is not mention any where. Armaan says "May be raj might be a bit weak in business but flirting with sectaries is something he perfect at it. He went and got all this information out her sectary.". Jassi looks impressed and surprised as well. She tells them that keeping every thing in mind she will make the best presentation.

The scene changes to Purab's office. Nandu is going though every thing. He grumbles that Purab didn't quote the bid as he had wanted. And if he had then the phone call must have come. Purab says that what has to happen will happen. That this is business. And he is sure that Armaan has prepared just like them. Then purab suddenly adds with a serious tone "I am putting a lot of at stake by bidding. And I can lose this contract but no way will I lose Jassi." Just then the phone rings. Purab picks the receiver coolly and even talk even more coolly. He keeps the phone down. He tells them that they like their presentation. Nandu is so happy that he jumps and kiss HM on the cheeks. Nandu decide that there is no way they are going to lose this contract to anyone.

At Gulmohur the gang with raj is waiting for the call as well. Bidniya asks if Maria's niece like the toy. Maria says that her niece wanted a play station. Bindiya then say that she should have asked her opinion. Then a call come everybody jumps on it. It turns out somebody who wanted an accountant. Then another call comes. This time it's the classic whatever company. And they loved the presentation and invites Gulumhur too. Everybody starts celebrating.

Jassi prays sincerely. Then she calls Purab. She says that she is confident that Gulmohur will win like last time. Purab says lightly that lets wait for the contract first. Suddenly Jassi face falls. She looks a bit upset by Purab's tone which I felt was nothing worng in it.

The 3T group (Purab, HM, Nandu) enters the meeting room. Nandu is dead nervous. When he finds the room empty he asks if they have got the wrong timings. HM tells him to relax. He then starts listing things that he might have forgotten. HM wishes that she would have forgotten him instead. When they sit down then Gulmohur team (Jassi. Armaan, Raj)comes. Armaan is grumbling that raj made them late. Raj says that he needed to wear blue as his horoscopes said it will bring luck.  They enter the room. Armaan and Nandu says hi to each other with out any wrong feelings for the first time its mutual. Raj also says hi and wish purab on his engagement and asks "who is the beautiful girl". Jassi looks amused and gives him the look but Purab doesn't look too happy at the comment. They all sit down except for Jassi. She looks at Purab and goes towards him. Raj whispers to Armaan that he was right. That already Jassi is going towards there side and soon 3T will become 4T. Armaan gives him the look that clearly state "shut up". Jassi asks Purab " What's the matter?" Just then walks Meenakshi. She sees everybody in the room and her eyes fall on Purab. "Hey" she says and starts going toward Purab's seat ignoring everybody else. Jassi moves aside for some dumb reason. Meenakshi goes and stand near the Purab. Purab stands up. Meeakshi squeals happily on seeing Purab " I didn't expect to see you." Purab has a frozen look on his way. And without any warning she hugs him. Jassi doesn't look happy and HM nudge  Nandu on seeing Meenakshi behavior. Purab looks sick. He got that expression when you have to bear a stupid spoilt child tantrum (the really worst kind.) Meeanshi then says "its been so long". Purab's  face clearly says "I was happy with out you." Meenakshi continue " Its great to see you. And with you around there will more brightness in life". Jassi expression "what's happening"

ides IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 September 2004
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Posted: 04 November 2004 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Bless u Deadly......great update as usual.....

Just then Jassi comes down. Jassi tell Billu that its all Purab's fault. That he is the one mixing business with personal life.

LOLLOLLOLtalk abt the stove calling the kettle black....first Ms-I-keep-business-and-personal-lives-sepera te-Walia acts worried at the prospect of bidding against friends and then when Purab pulls back, she naturally assumes that it was because of her....it could well be because of some other reason tooConfusedConfused....but nooo Ms-I-know-it-all-CEO just had to pass judgment and force Purab to bid......

wow....if this is keeping business/personal lives seperate then I'd hate to see what happens with her when she mixes them.....Ouch
jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
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Posted: 04 November 2004 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
ok like I said in a previous post...Jassi is gonna be ticked off at
Purab for not letting her know that he knows this Meenakshi
chick...pooooooor Jassi....she is not the only one who can have
a past...Purab why didn't you come clean beforehand to
Jassi??? Ur in big trouble buddy. She is going to make a
chutney out of you....and knowing the T&Ds dumbness she will
not even forgive him.    Angry
navika Senior Member

Joined: 28 May 2004
Posts: 386

Posted: 04 November 2004 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Meenaksi is stupid she does not know what is going on. Well i have no idea what is going to happen.
amaypranay IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 November 2004
Posts: 6210

Posted: 04 November 2004 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
hey Deadly..thans for the update....really Jassi is just making chutney out of Purab, actually if you guys think, maybe purab should have explained to jassi, that he was not interested to deal with Meenakshi. and then go on to tell her more stuff in detail, which i'm sure is now going to come out ......but  guys...they want us to keep guessing on what 's going to happen next.... Right!!!!!
manimau Senior Member

Joined: 24 August 2004
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Posted: 04 November 2004 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deadly


"Here I am trying to prove to people that I can manage my personal and business life separately. But there you are ruining every thing for me. Do you know how much Armaan sir have worked hard for this….."

How does "3T is bidding for the contract or not" has anything to do with "whether or not Armaan sir have worked hard"???????????????????? Confused

In fact is it not better that since Armaan sir has worked so hard and 3T is not bidding? So Armaan's work will pay off in getting the contract..... Yeh kya ho raha hai bhai???????????

ides IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 September 2004
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Posted: 04 November 2004 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by manimau

How does "3T is bidding for the contract or not" has anything to do with "whether or not Armaan sir have worked hard"???????????????????? Confused

In fact is it not better that since Armaan sir has worked so hard and 3T is not bidding? So Armaan's work will pay off in getting the contract..... Yeh kya ho raha hai bhai???????????

it shows that Jassi has now officially taken leave of her senses....right now the only difference between jassi and any sane person is that she is NOT saneConfused
ahmed316us Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2004 at 7:05pm | IP Logged
thank you deadly.

I think purab will win the contract and then jassi will say meenakshi is your friend, that's why she gave you contract.

Edited by ahmed316us - 04 November 2004 at 7:06pm

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