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6/3 Dragon Club: Third Umpire Needed!

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   Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Here are my thoughts about the episode from discussion that I have patched together in a take for today with some additional thoughts:

Cricket Match


Radha had no right to question Gayatri's mamta and this blasting was a long time coming for her! She was getting too cocky, roaming about Gayatri's house acting like some mahaan saint and telling Gayatri what was wrong and right. True, the outburst should not have happened in front of Yash, but every word Gayatri said was absolutely justified and in fact much needed!

But that last line about Yash being willing to lose everything for Gayatri's love... ermmm foreboding much?

Gayatri has a very distinct pattern of "anger management." Today she maintained her cool until Radha provoked her by calling her out on the faulty decision. So Gayatri is looking for other people to start the fight and SP is the only one who unfortunately knows her too well to give her what she wants in terms of provocation. Gayatri's usual mode of anger is reactive, not proactive, and SP, knowing her fiery temper is not giving her a proper trigger to react to. We will see their confrontation, I think, when Gayatri comes into her own as an individual, is secure in the love of both her sons and realises where the guilt truly lies. Also, I think it is a big step for her that the rose-tinted glasses have been removed in the first place. SP keeps trying to divert the issue from his own mistakes, first to the fact that Akash wasn't fit to be in the family and now to Gayatri's impending, dangerous, angry volcano of emotions, as seen in the precap. The only one seeing through this tactic is Gayatri and he can only dodge the blame for so long when she is on to him.

Sometimes parents make mistakes and all they can do is admit that they made one and try to make it up to their children by explaining as best they can. This is what happened with Gayatri today, which reminds me strikingly of the time when Aarti slapped Prashant and then Yash beat him up, all in front of Ansh. Ansh saw a lot of things that he shouldn't have because Aarti sort of went off on an emotional impulse that day instead of doing what was best as a parent. She is human, it happens and I would say the same for Gayatri. Sure, it should not have happened in front of Yash because it had so much potential to hurt him, but all those things did need to be said; Gayatri has been waiting for the right trigger and it was just plain bad luck that she was triggered in front of Yash. But this is also how we get to see what good parents Gayatri and SP are, because when it came to their kid, SP who has been quiet thus far did not hesitate to call out her mistake and Gayatri who was so blinded with pride and anger put it all aside to make things right with Yash. It is great to see all the layers to these characters!

Gayatri is sort of approaching SP in a weird spiral pathway. She is taking the passive-aggressive route as opposed to Akash's aggressive one, to provoke SP into a fight. And today she finally got SP out of his stoic silence but it worries me that she did this by undermining Yash... I suppose there will be more of that to come, especially given that Yash was so understanding today.

The CVs never turn anyone "evil" really, except maybe Prashant, but that seemed to be an exception under extenuating circumstances. Gayatri is going through a very understandable gamut of emotions and because she just found out about the infidelity, it is as though it just happened for her, whereas SP and Radha have had thirty years to learn to justify and deny their actions. Gayatri in her anger, is not able to wrap her head around the fact that this happened thirty years ago and blew up at Radha as though the baby-swap just happened, because in her mind it just did. So the "najaayaz" baby that she was ranting about was more of an abstract thing than the beloved son actually standing there. It was only when she came out of her anger that she realised she had been referring to Yash directly in her outburst.

I do believe that this storyline is built around Gayatri's empowerment as a strong woman and leader of the family. The SP's humanity will emancipate her and perhaps they can build their relationship anew with both of them as equals and human beings, instead of a devotee-god kind of dynamic. So much like Aarti and Yash! These CVs and their brilliance, I say!

As for Paridhi, I think her reaction to the necklace incident was not so much resentment against Yash and Aarti as it is bitterness over the kind of man her husband turned out to be after marriage. Sure, Yash and Aarti saved her bum but it was Prateek's lie that she could work after marriage that landed her in such a soup in the first place. She is now an ambitious girl, who hated all things domestic, cooped up in the house with the ghosts of her dreams and life goals haunting her 24/7. I would say she is entitled to a little bitterness and unlike Gayatri, at least she is directing it at the person who is actually to blame for her plight. She has become completely jaded thanks to the Scindias' hypocrisy and I for one can't fault her that!

I think she does have huge respect for Aarti and Yash but she was targeting Prateek's ego with that statement rather than Yash himself. It was as though she was saying, "look Mummyji changed her favourite so easily... maybe if you had put in a leetle effort that could have been us as the new faves!"

Kitchen Scene

I think it would actually be kind of facetious for Yash to blame Radha and I appreciate the fact that he is not doing that simply because he has faced no negative repercussions of her act yet. I like that by not blaming her and calling her act a sacrifice he is candidly acknowledging all the privilege he got growing up, and being grateful for it. He suffered for like five minutes when he found out the truth and he immediately had Aarti by his side to assure him that nothing would change and then the Scindias themselves backed that up. By not questioning Radha and not blaming her, Yash is very comfortingly humanised in that he recognises how great his life has been thanks to Radha's wrong act, whereas Akash has to work for the same position when it was rightfully his. Yash is in no place to really "blame" anyone because he hasn't suffered first hand for their actions. If he were to play the blame game, it would be on an abstract, moral level and that would seem extremely patronising and self-congratulatory to me... something I do not associate with Yash. This set of reactions fits his character, I think.

I have no idea what Yash and Aarti were thinking when they brought Radha into the house and expected all to be hunky dory. That line when Aarti said with time Gayatri would accept Radha... oh how I ranted about that line! Accept Radha as what exactly?!  To be honest, Yash and Aarti are idealistic to a fault and a little silly in this respect, but what about Radha? She probably should have taken a stand and said she was going back home now that both her sons had their rights. Sure, Yash and Akash would have protested but she is their mother; a kasam or two would have done the trick just fine! In short, if Radha wanted to, she could have never entered SM in the first place, so the logical conclusion is that she does want to be there, for any number of reasons. My guess is that her number one is to be near Yash now that she has found him. In a way she is taking advantage of Yash and Aarti's naivite and Gayatri's good parvarish!

One thing that I really, really liked about this scene was that while Gayatri explained herself and felt accountable to Yash, she did not apologise to Radha. I am in total agreement with this because in my opinion she had nothing to apoligise for. Radha was way out of line when she accused Gayatri of having inadequate mamta and in my opinion she deserved, maybe not a slap because physical violence is never a good idea, but some kind of huge reality check. I get that they have to show it explicitly on TV, so a slap it was in this case. When Radha questioned Gayatri about their mutual decision that Yash had hit a six, my blood boiled along with Gayatri's. Radha did not include Gayatri on her decision thirty years ago as to who was out and who would hit a six, so Gayatri must have felt, why should I include her in my decision now? Was Radha's decision then fair that she should be questioning Gayatri's sense of justice now, when Gayatri knows in her heart that she is striving only to make up for Radha's mistake? Yes, Gayatri owed Yash an explanation and an apology for him having to hear what he did... but not Radha.

I think today was the heralding of Yash's downfall in Scindia house. Maybe downfall is too dramatic a word, but at least his growing emotional distance from Gayatri. But we were all anticipating this, weren't we? Yash and Aarti were too overconfident when they brought Radha into the house and expected everyone to live harmoniously... they had to learn their lesson and that lesson has begun. It was easy all this time and still is, though maybe slightly less, for Yash to preach morals and take the high road but what happens when he feels his identity slipping away from him? He too is human and though he might try to be the bigger man and allow all of Gayatri's indulgences towards Akash, at some point he is going to get possessive of his mother like all kids do. Even today he does not go to Radha for comfort, but to apologise for Gayatri and justify what she did. Radha is someone he feels obligated to; Gayatri is his mother. All the parallels they are bringing back are so interesting because this reminds me so much of the debate track, where Ansh felt bad that Aarti was supporting Palak when he had always been the center of her world. Today when Gayatri gave Yash out, it was akin to when Ansh thought Aarti had switched his speech [AHEM, OPEN LOOP] to make him lose. Yash is an adult so he has a higher threshold, but he will crack soon enough.

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I saw nothing in today's episode other than 3 words spoken by Gayatri ...that is "Yash is out" Ouch...We can come up with several excuse of Gayatri's anger as a woman was on Radha or Gayatri's anger as a wife was on SP or Gayatri's affection as a mother was on Akash because he is her long lost biological son but the fact remains those 3 words coming out from Gayatri's mouth after all the permutations and combinations she did when both sides asked for her opinion on who won the match ,nailed the fact that Gayatri in her full senses today chooses Akash over her Laadla raja beta Yash which in these 30 years she never did when it came to Pankaj or Pratik...Yash always remained her ladla beta but today Yash out...Akash in ...Unhappy...

When Gayatri said "Yash out hai" , we saw one team celebrating while other team disappointed while the winning team bahus Paridi and Ishita fighting for the exclusive necklace of Gayatri ... But my eyes were simply glued to Yash standing outside the picture in a side ,symbolically feeling left out from the Scindia family OuchOuch..When Gayatri gives him out , he not only feels out in the game but he feels like an outsider in the family too for the first time Cry...His expressions suggested that he is not really bothered about the defeat since he too was happy to see Akash winning it and feeling all secure in the family but his main heartbreak was Gayatri maa declaring "Yash out hai" with a pride in her face as if Yash means nothing to her anymore in front of Akash Cry... 

Yash now knows that from here on he might no more remain Gayatri's raja beta Cry...Just how Gayatri is a human and has the right to finally vent out her frustrations as a mother and as a woman in front of all ,same way Yash is a human too and he too has the right to show his emotions to someone and in this case he knows that he cannot show his emotions in open to anyone when he himself is a result of that mistake and so he opts to cry his heart out in Radha's lap and talk about the dilemma that he faces right now where on one hand he cannot take the humiliation of his biological mother while on other hand he cannot revolt against it either since the lady in question is his Yashoda maa because of whom he has a proper identity today CryCry...

More than Gayatri or Radha , my heart today goes out to Yash Hug...In this one upmanship game of both ladies , Yash is the one who is suffering for no fault of his ...Mayb his only fault was becoming too mahaan and bringing Akash-Radha in the house to get them justice Ouch...Radha's presense and giving lecture to Gayatri on how her motherly feelings got weak and partial today triggered up Gayatri's anger which is natural whereas Gayatri finally venting out her frustrations since she has been wronged as a woman ,wife and mother was also natural but in this fight of two mothers ...Who is defeated in the end ??...Its Yash OuchOuch...Gayatri feels the need to prove a point to Radha that she is a superior mother and knows better about her own blood Akash whereas Radha feels the need to prove a point to Gayatri that despite knowing the truth she has been always selfless as a mother to both his sons and this is the main reason why both got into a catfight today but both mothers forgot that the person in question who actually ended up getting all the taunts and abuse is none other than Yash who wants the best for both his mothers and in return he is getting this ..humiliation ,embarassement and shame from both his mothers Thumbs Down...

SP who was more of a third umpire today and stops the catfight of both ladies had the same above thought , reason why he stopped both on time before Yash faces further embarassment from both his mothers Smile...SP realised that in this fight of two mothers ,its Yash who is loosing his place in the family Cry...SP could feel that slowly all these regular taunts and war of words between two mothers will make Yash feel like an outsider in family and this is SP's biggest worry because he cannot afford to loose that confident self-made man in Yash Smile...

Gayatri and Radha both r somewhere right and somewhere wrong ...Gayatri is right about questioning Radha on who the hell she is to give lecture on motherhood whereas Radha too is right about questioning Gayatri on why she has to get her one son defeated to give victory to her other son Approve...Gayatri's justifications as a mother to Yash was valid too when she says I m human and I had to vent it out one day but is it right to snatch away the smile from one son's face just to bring smile on her other son's face ?? Ermm...Gayatri trying to give happiness to Akash and make him feel at home is perfectly fine but doing all this at the cost of making Yash feel like an outsider in family is not right which is what Radha wanted to point out and so Gayatri slapped her because Gayatri too knew Radha is telling the truth even though Radha actually has no right to tell her this truth when she herself was being selfish as a mother during the baby swapping act Ermm...

In the end ,whichever mother is right , Yash still becomes the sufferer Ouch...This is my as well as SP's worry Unhappy...Again it comes down to why Aarti-Yash ever brought Radha ...homeee ...sighhh ... Cry...

I see the climax of cricket match very symbolic to whats coming in future ...Yash hits a sixer which goes outside the Scindia boundary ...I see AarYa with kids soon going outside Scindia house boundary too and again Gayatri will b the woman to give them Out Unhappy...Today Yash won but yet he looses because of Gayatri ... In future too Yash will win in his 1 week deadline of transforming Akash and getting him acceptance in family but yet Yash will himself loose his family and leave Scindia mansion because of Gayatri's decision making CryCry...Like Bua said in the end "Ab tera kya hoga kaalia...errr Yashuaa" LOLOuch...Overall a thought provoking episode Thumbs Up

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                                                     TWO WRONGS, 
                                                 DON'T MAKE A RIGHT

Ishita thinks that instigating Aakash against his own father SP who has been ignoring the latter ever since he got to know that he is his son will make up for the way he has been treated. But what the former fails to see or understand is that the more she pushed her husband to rebel against his father the more he will lose out. 


To impress Suraj Pratap Scindia, one have to do something that will make him respect that person when he/she has surpassed his expectations. And Aakash isn't there yet but it would be nice for SP to acknowledge at some point that he is the one that set everything in motion and takes some responsibility for his actions may they be his past ones or his present ones.


                                         NEVER NEGLECT THE PEOPLE 
                                    WHO ARE MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU
                                     SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY 
                                              WILL ALWAYS BE THERE

Gayatri in her quest to get Aakash his rights, she is starting to neglect her relationship with Yash...Her two sons can to take her blessings but while she is showering her motherly love on her long lost son (Aakash), she doesn't the son she has raised for 30 years (Yash). 

Even during the family cricket match, Gayatri has been showing favoritism towards her biological son, Aakash's team. She even reprimands Radha, Yash's biological for something she didn't do. Being partial towards Yash


All the tensions & the happenings didn't go unnoticed to SP, he has been seeing the very thing he didn't want happened in front of his eyes...G3's ignoring Yash and paying attention to Aakash & her confrontations with Radha. 


That is why SP wasn't keen to the idea of Radha, Aakash & Ishita stepping into the SM cause he knew that all of them couldn't live under the same roof giving Gayatri's nature. And that there would always be tension between the two women. Now the one thing he fears is happening, the relationship between G3 & Yash is changing and his son that he loves so much is starting to feel like an outsider.   


A very emotional episode Cry Cry Cry Cry

It starts with Aakash pitching the ball and Yash hits it high, everyone is anxiously awaiting to see how it will all ends...Aakash catches the ball but he does it out of the boundary line, Yash and his team starts to celebrate while Aakash comes running screaming that he won...Aakash wants to know why they are celebrating when he is the one that won...Hmmm Aakash my dear once you foot passes the boundary line the other team automatically wins even though you catches the ball, I thought you were a great cricket player so does that means you cheats your friends when you play with them?! Ermm LOL LOL

Pankaj tries to explain to Aakash that once he puts his foot on the boundary line, you're out but Aakash being the sore loser that he is doesn't want to listen to reason so both teams decide to go ask the umpire, Gayatri...They are all talking at the same time, Aarti tells G3 if she has a problem to ask Radha cause she too is an umpire...Gayatri goes and asks Radha who tells her that Pankaj is right that Aakash's leg was out of the line, Gaytri goes back and everyone is awaiting her verdict and she says that Yash is out shocking everyone...Aakash and his team celebrate while Yash's team is heartbroken...Seriously that's not the way things are done, Aakash's team lost what will G3 accomplish by cheating and making Aakash win when he wasn't the winner??? Appreciation form her long lost son while she was being unfair to her two other sons who were the actual winners Ouch Ouch Angry

G3 gives the necklace to Aakash just then Ishita comes forwards and asks the former to give it to her but he refuses, Gayatri tells him to give it to Ishita as he can't wear it himself...Pari comes and asks for her claim on the necklace as well as she was apart of the team, G3 laughs and tells her that since Aakash was the captain of the team so it's his wife who gets it...Aakash gives the necklace to Ishita to which Gayatri puts it on her...ha I knew that's the way it would play out with the necklace it's the captain's wife who gets it Tongue LOL poor Pari and if it was Aarti who had won that which she did technically, Aarti would had shared it with Vidhi and even Pari...that's the difference between Vidhi/Aarti/Pari and Ishita, the latter is selfish. 

Pari walks up to Pratik and without looking at him she tells him that Gayatri changes her color so easily and that she never gave him preference before cause there was Yash now that she has got her own flesh and blood she even sidelines Yash for being her step son to which Pankaj and Vidhi hear...Wow Pari isn't holding back anything she sure called G3 a chameleon and didn't care if anyone heard her but I get where she is coming from Big smile it is true that G3 and SP never really showered Pratik or Pankaj with so much affection and love or maybe I'm reading too much into things Ermm 

Aarti looks at Yash who gives her a reassuring smile, Ansh says to Yash that they lost...Yash tells him not to worry as they will win another time, Aakash takes the kids have a treat leaving AarYa, Sp, boa, Gayatri, Pankaj and Vidhi there...I love how AarYa are still positive after the injustice that they have just suffered and Yahs telling Ansh that they will win next time just gives his son confidence about being able to lose and not let him upset him...AarYa are installing great values in their kids, they are teaching them to always look at things positively just like they did when they were banished to the upper room after the divorce lie came out...they are the world greatest parents even though something they make mistakes along the way Heart Heart Smile 

As G3 is about to walk Radha asks her to wait a minute, the latter  tells the former that they have decide together that Yash's team won then why change her decision, Gayatri asks her what she means and if she is saying that she cheated and if she purposely made Yash lose...Radha tells G3 that she didn't said that she just wants to know how such thing happened, G3 goes on a rampage and tells Radha that how can she think that after what she did by taking her husband and swapping the babies so her son, Yash could get all the benefit of luxury and comfort....Hmmm seriously G3 needs to get her facts straight but didn't Radha leave when she found out that SP was married and a father, SP is the one that lied to her why is it always the woman that gets blamed when it's the man who made the mistake??? Ouch Ouch Angry

Without knowing that Yash wasn't her son she showered him with motherly affection, unaware of the fact that the child she considered her own son was in fact the product of someone's mistake leaving everyone shocked, Radha asks her not to talk like that...G3 tells Radha that she came to destroy her family, and change the relations in a second to which Radha tells her that she never distanced anyone and that it was G3's motherly affection that got caught up n a weak moment...resulting in Gayatri slapping Radha, the former asks the latter if she will question her motherly affection, SP shouts at G3...Radha leaves followed by AarYa, Pankaj/Vidhi and SP...Both women were right, Gayatri had a right to slap Radha for questioning her motherly affection like she did just like Radha had a right to tell Gayatri what she did about her motherly love being caugh in a weak moment which is true and we have witnessed it yesterday when she didn't notice Yash seeking her blessings cause she was all caught up in Aakash and today when she declared Aakash the winning when we all that it was Yash who won the match...Gayatri doesn't know how to give equal love to her sons, she thinks that in order to love one she will have to ignore the other one in order words she doesn't know who the love her children equally which is sad and will cause problem in the future Ouch Ouch Ouch (hope I made sense) Poor Yash the look on his face when G3 utter those words about him being the product of someone's mistake my heart broke in a thousand pieces Cry Cry Cry

SP leaves as well leaving buaji standing there and in self thought she says that this drama is better that the match itself and wonders what will happen to Yash now and how long will he be unaffected...ahhh buaji it won't be long before Y ash gets affected cause you know how sensitive he is and he can't bear to see his loved ones suffering and he has come to love his birth mother as well so if she continues to be insulted like today, Yash will not be able to take it Unhappy

Radha is crying in the kitchen when AarYa come in, aarti goes and stands next to her placing a hand on her shoulder while Yash puts his head on her lap and tells her that G3 couldn't control her anger and he apologizes on g3's behalf...Yash cries and tells her that she stayed away from him so he could get his father's name and this is what happens to her, he goes on to say that he knows that all this is happening because of him as he couldn't do anything...Radha lifts his head and tells him that it wasn't his fault but hers and that she can't blame him for it, Yash goes on to tell her that she was insulted in front of him and he couldn't do anything but watch on helplessly as she was being insulted...Yash wishes that none of it happened...Awww that was one emotional scene poor Yash is taking on the weight of 30 years on his shoulders, he is caught between two mothers the one that raised him and the one that gave him life...poor guy thank goodness he has Aarti there with him or else he would have fell apart, I love the way Yash just went a rested his head in Radha's lap and the hug they shared Cry Cry Cry

SP reprimands G3 asking her if she knows what she did to which she replies yes that she slapped Radha who is her rival, she says if she had know before she would have done it then as well...SP asks G3 if she doesn't regret what she did, he goes on to tell her that the woman she slapped is Yash's mother and that she knows how Yash is when it comes to his parents...he process to tell her that if Yash detaches himself from her and the family it will be all because of her immaturity as he would be able to bear Radha getting insulted...SP sarcastically tells G3 that it wouldn't matter to her cause he isn't her blood, he leaves and G3 is pensive...SP has a point in reprimanding G3 for her impulsive action but he needs to realize that he is the cause of what is going on right now and if anyone needs to get slapped it is him Angry Angry Wink

Yash tells Radha that he can't tell her how helpless he felt seeing her get slapped and it all happened in front of his eyes, and he couldn't do anything...he wishes he could stop it. yash holds Radha's hands and tells her that Yashoda maa's love is on him and no money can't buy that, he can't even repay it, Radha affectionately holds Yash's face...Aww Yash and Radha have come closed, he doesn't hold any grudges against her cause he understand the sacrifice she made and she doesn't ask him for anything more than he can offer her now and that his love and respect as his birth mother...they are so similar, they have good hearts sure they act out in anger or when they get hurt but then they try to make amends for their blunders Smile

G3 comes into the kitchen, Radha steps aside and goes and sits down, the former wipes away Yash's tears and asks him to please forgive her and says that what she did today she didn't want to she doesn't know what happened to her...she goes on to say that she controlled herself for the passed few days but she lost it today, she proceeds to tell him that what SP did to her 30 years ago overtook her motherly love for Yash. She continues to say that she was very angry being a woman who was cheated on by her husband and lost her temper that she is human...Yash asks her not to apologize, G3 says that Radha was right and that she deliberately made Yash lose as she wanted Aakash to taste sweet the taste of success, Yash understands G3's dilemma.

Gayatri asks Yash if by making Aakash win did she betrayed Yash as the childlike happiness on Aakash's face was to die for when she knows that he haven't had happiness like that ever since he was born...Gayatri breaks down in Yash's arms and asks if she did anything wrong to which Yash tells her that she could never do anything wrong as a mother could never be wrong...Yash goes on to say that he could lose everything for the sake of his mother's happiness...Awww another emotional scene between Yash and his mother G3 Cry Cry Cry I'm happy that she apologized to Yash and admitted that Radha was right poor thing is just trying to make up for the all the times Aakash was lost out on anything but I still think that isn't the right way to go about it Ermm...Why do I get the feeling that Yash's words are going to come true soon and that he will have to give up his place in SM in order to please G3 or because Radha will get insulted again Ouch Ouch

PRECAP: Yash and SP in the latter's room, the former tells SP that what G3 did to Radha was out of anger after knowing everything to which SP tells him that he doesn't understand as this was just a spark and if not taking care of no it won't take long for it to become a fire and destroy everything...Ouch that was very foretelling meaning all he!! is about to break lose soon in the SM Ouch and May gonna have a grand time cause she loves those kind of things Tongue LOL

Gurmeet Choudhary, Zahida Parveen and Dolly were the stars of the episode tonight as well as Kratika Sengar being Star Star Star...Yash, G3 and Radha's emotions were off the charts, Yash's helplessness to stop what was happening to Radha n G3' anger towards her rival was well portrayed by GC and ZP...Same could be said about Radha's confrontation with G3 and Aarti supporting her husband, KC and Dolly were awesome Clap Clap Clap

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Yaaay Big smile

Res ~

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Thanks Sam
, Nice title!! Embarrassed

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Zetter fab picture take ClapClapClap .. I agree Ishita's way of handling her life has totally gone wrong saince her hatred for Yash is overshadowing her upcoming happiness which she could get with Akash with some efforts  ...

Coming to Gayatri's behaviour , sighh feel bad for Yash ... slowly Gayatri is distancing herself from Yash just because she wants to prove point to Radha by showering extra love on Akash but she does not realise that she is actually hurting Yash in the process CryCry

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Nice title samana..

I am getting ready with full of hand tissues to handle today emotional episodeCryCry

Thanks Jyo for Segments and Spoiler pics..

Thank you veena and all others for pics for GC visit TongueTongue

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