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Editorial Note

Hello everyone,

I take immense pleasure in unveiling the feb edition of Uttaran Newsletter. I don't know how long Uttaran will run but let us atleast enjoy our favs characters and give them a tribute through this newsletter. Although CV's show us a sadistic storyline we'll have a fully positive and joyous newsletter. As earlier the feb edition of the newsletter is dedicated to Rasya(Jan edition was based on veecha). So let us enjoy the beautiful rasya and raukta(rathore-mukta) moments and give a tribute to the rocking rasya family.

So lets begin this wondrous journey and recall all the happy uttaran moments. Happiness increases by spreading. So lets all be happy and make others happy
Big smile

Special Entry:
Raukta siggie by nerulala(Nerusha

Our dear friend nerusha has taken her precious time and made an awesome siggie of the magical father-daughter jodi rathore and muktaClap . The siggie brings out the strong emotional bonding the Rasya and awesome chemistry that the two share. A big thumbs up to her for thisThumbs Up

Evil plan of the month(by princessofkesar-shraddha)

Evil plan of the month!!Ouch

Well it was very difficult for me to choose as the full month was filled with evil plansShocked, which was meticulously carried by surbhi and akash!Clap I was confused whom to give award! akash or surbhi?Confused

After thinking for a while I thought if I again award mrunal jiju ,Embarrassed people will call me biased , and say things like  I m doing all this for nerusha!OuchLOL And how on earth anyone can ignore sacrifice of surbhiShocked who married to kanha , the most boring husband on the earth Winkjust to help her psycho bua [aunty] in her revenge !Cry 

it's not easy to pretend and act as loyal loving wife for two years.Shocked What a performance!Clap Alas surbhi  if you had used this talent in movies I bet you  would have got Oscar!! TongueBut she is devi of sacrifice, she sacrificed her talent and  precious time of her youth with a boring family and her husband.Ouch She wasted her tannWink mannConfused dhann LOLin their seva 'tch tch poor girl!Cry So she deserves this award.Star

You know friends I don't have any words to praise surbhi Cry, I mean no one can spy so intelligently and manipulate a girl like mukta!!ShockedShocked My mukku EmbarrassedCry, how much I was proud of her that she is such intelligent and sensible girl . But surbhi proved me wrong!! OuchHer talent and training in FBI plus her experience of her past life as james bond girl was so strong that, mukta was easily fooled by herOuch and surbhi could pass all the information to the akashDead and this was major turning point as akash used the  same information to prove mukta wrong in the mandap. She helped him in mukta's kidnapping and also successfully managed to  prevent meeting  of real Vishnu   with mukta and icchaShocked. The great surbhi mata Sleepycan flip her side faster than diyaSleepy , in front of mukta she is her supporter and guide and behind her back she saw seeds of suspicion in the minds of thakur family and meethi and widened the gap between themAngry . she back stabbed her on right time in mandap and mukta was all alone except for the support from her dadOuch.

Now with new entry of evil peopleDead, competition will be tuff to win this award from next month onward. But  akash and fly are successful in their plan only because of mahan surbhi maDeadDead'.jai ho surbhidevi ki!Angry

Ps- sorry guys ,I did not attached pics with this post Wink, coz it's summary of evil plan in the month rather than a sigle planTongue. It's not my fault okWink that  surbhi is so talented  and I could not judge which was her best planOuch . And if I had to post all the pic's  than this newsletter would have been filled with pic's of all episodes of uttaran in this monthLOL. So just banner to give summary of postTongue.

VM of the month (by princessofkesar-shraddha)

sorry  guys , there was not video mix as such  made in this month  by other people , except for the yukta vm made by me [and idea was given by  isha] and isha had made mix of  tina 's pics on beautiful song  from lovestory 1947..so i could not judge vm of the month [how i can judge my vm LOL].
so instead i  made new vm only to be published first in this newsletter.
this vm is on yukta [my fav couple] on a very romantic song teri jhuki nazar...which just suits themEmbarrassed

Best Scene of the month(by nishmitha)

Very nice scene selection nish. Definitely the best scene. Awesome creation and writingClap

Mukta in her hotel suite. She hears a knock and goes to open the door. Rathore is standing with a cake in trolley. She brightens up seeing him. Rathore asks his princess if he can come in. She nods.
But she says that it isnt her birthday then why this cake?
He smiles and says that he knows. But for years, when you were not with us.dint knew about youthen I used to celebrate it with this cakeall alone.
She smiles. He shows her their childhood pic.
Rathore says that it is of the first time when he had held her in his arms. But back then, he dint knew that she was his daughter. And now that she is with him & changed his temporary residence into home.they will celebrate all the rest of her birthdays together. She smiles and agrees.She blows the candles and he sings along the tune. Both feed cake to each other. She says yummyhugs him and says a big thank you to him.
He asks for the reason for her thanking him.
She says. because he has been with her always. He trusts her always. Ma dint trust her but he still stood by her. You saved me from the goonsyou also supported me in the marriage hall. Thank you for everything papa.
He brushes it aside asking her not to waste her time saying all this or crying for this. He says that if anyone tries to harm you or say something against youshould I just stand by and watch? You are Mukta Rathore.if anyone even tries to hurt youwherever he is, I will kill him right then and there only. They both share a hug.Mukta says. in her childhood, both of her parents were not together. But she cant express how happy she isafter cutting this cake with him. Today, ma is not here with usits all my fault. She is angry with me.its all my fault. Rathore says that she dint do anything wrong. She was absolutely correct. She couldnt do anything more than what she has done. You must have heard that truth is bitterand it always hurts.people cannot take it. I am telling you with experience that saying the truth is very tough. Its very tough to walk on the path of truthyou might waver or fall but you have to get up once again and in the end, you will definitely win. And as far as your mom is concerned, your mom cant stay angry with you for long. She will come soon to meet you. She asks if he is sure. He says yes, he is sure.

Action Packed Scene (by Rashamifan-Nishmita)

Rathore is driving and reaches at an isolated place.
He calls the Inspector saying, you told me that the call was traced from Madhuban Valley right. I have reached here. You send your guys asapwith an ambulance!

He gets down from the car and looks around. First he sees nothing but then spot light coming from afar. He says wherever there is light there are people. Thanks God, Mukta I am coming. He starts running back to the car. All the guys are sitting around a fire just outside the place where they have locked Mukta in. The main kidnapper asks them not to sit here but go in and keep a check on that girl. Here, Mukta is worried that the fake Vishnu must have reached by nowwhat should I do now? The goons douse the fire and go back inside. Rathore finally reaches the place.Rathore gets down from the car and looks at that place.
The kidnapper ridicules Mukta that till now your father hasnt come.
The other goons look at her lustfully and think how long will they be just looking at her from far. He says she is Akashs bird.maybe he will take the first initiative. All laugh at her.
Footsteps are heard. All become alert now including Mukta.
The main guy orders the other guy to go and check. And if it is this girls father then take this gun and shoot him then and there only.

Rathore knocks from outside. The goon asks him who he is.
Rathore replies that his car has stopped abruptly. I am very thirsty; can you please give him water?
The goon replies rudely and closes the door on his face. When the kidnapper asks the matter, the goon was saying it when Rathore kicks the door and throws the goon on the floor.
Mukta becomes happy and exclaims Papa!
She now tells the kidnapper that I told you na. My papa will come. Now you just wait and watch.Rathores cleans the dust off his hands. He tells the other people that next time if someone asks for waterthen you must give it. Its a thing of virtue.a noble deed. Mukta just smiles hearing him.
He continues that I have made that guy understand. In life one must do noble deeds as it increases the virtues, which make death easier for them.
Mukta calls out to him crying. While he looks at her, one of the goons tries to hit him. He stops him in time and beats him. Mukta watches in a daze.
All others become alert and hold up their weapons at him.
Rathore speaks to the main guy that you did the worst mistake.worst sin of your life by kidnapping my daughter.
He replies that you did the wrong mistake by coming here. Now you wont be able to go out from here aliveonly your dead body will go out from here.
Mukta is dumbstruck now.

Rathore looks at him and then the knives and guns in their hands and then smiles.
He says, will you play with me with these toys that the kids play with. With Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. First see my toy and he pulls out a grenade from his pocket and shows him.
The kidnapper is shocked now. Rathore moves his finger towards the cap.
Scared, the kidnapper asks him to stop or everyone including his daughter will be blown off in pieces. Rathore says no one but only you and I will.
He asks him to bring her daughter out. And no one will move before I and my daughter leave from here. Put the weapon down or
The guy is super scared and asks everyone to put down their guns and get Mukta out of the lock up. The guy does as he is told and all drop their weapons in haste.
Rathore signalling the goons to release Mukta. She comes and hugs him while he has the grenade bomb in his hand. Mukta says, I believed papa that you will come.
The kidnapper says, you wont go out alive from here. Never.
Rathore replies now you should start counting backwards. He starts retreating 3 2
The kidnapper becomes scared. Rathore signals Mukta stand in a corner and she obliges.
Rathore says 1removes the pin and drops the grenade on floor. All the goons bend down on the floor to save themselves. Rathore looks at the goons and mocks that they dint hear it carefully. I told you in the beginning onlythat this is a toy. He drops that on the floor.
The kidnapper shouts that its fake. He tells the other to go and beat him.
Rathore asks Mukta to wait for 2 minutes while he goes and calculate their sins and virtues.
Mukta nods ok.Rathore is beating the goons black and blue while Mukta looks on in fear.Mukta is scared looking at Rathore.the way he is beating the goons. Whilst Rathore is busy fighting with the other goon, the main kidnapper flashes a knife as he falls back on the floor. Mukta notices this. She goes and pi
cks up the iron rod and hits him on his hand. Rathore sees this. He holds his neck in his grip. He says, my question was left unanswered. I will repeat it one more time for you. Who asked you to do all this?
He replies that I cant tell you or he will kill me.
Rathore tightens his grips and saysyou have to dieeither from him or from my hands.
The kidnapper takes Akashs name.
Mukta says, papa leave him. Its the same Akash who is getting married with Meethi as Vishnu. Rathore doesnt leave him. Mukta asks him to hurry up as they have to go urgently.
Rathore tells the kidnapper to give a message to your boss. He knocks him on his face and he falls on the ground unconscious. Mukta urges him to leave for Bundela House urgently.

Best Episode of the month(by itstimetospeak-Disha)

siggies by nerushaClap

SIGGIE BY NERUSHA (for her vishnu)ROFL

The best episode of the month was meeethi-akash wedding episode (wednesday's episode) There was lot of suspense lot of drama involved in it. I was literally glued to tv set to find out as to what will happen. Awesome acting by rasya mukta and meethi.Clap

There were so many emotions flowing out in the episode. Mukta told everyone how she had doubts on vishnu when iccha told her that real vishnu's father died when he was a child and real vishnu had never seen his dad while what akash said was exactly opposite. Then she told about vishnu's friend gopal whom akash didnt recognise and also about the cheque signed by akash chatterjee. Dumb thakurs and bundelas misunderstood her. She then told everyone abt how her shraddha was murderd and she kidnapped by akash.Tapasya tried to stop her but RPR intervened called taps as "mrs bundela". Mukta asked akash to show everyone the mark on his biceps but thanks to surbhi mata he had that mark. Mukta was proved wrong and Tapasya slapped her. The rasya family scene was really emotional and touching. The pain in rpr's eyes was simply worth watching.
Meethi gave an evil smirk when mukta was slapped.LOLLOL it reminded me that along with veecha's daughter she is also mai's granddaughterLOL
But b4 leaving our hero RPR challenged entire bundela and thakur family that this day will be remembered as a black day in everyone's lives and entire thakur n beundela fanily will be ashamed of themselves. RPR and mukta rockedClapClapClap hats of to themClap

Romantic Scene of the month(by prinessofkesar-shraddha)ClapClap

This month was full of mandap dramaConfused , both veecha and rasya were  too busy with wedding  preparations Tongue, mukta was busy doing cidgiriOuch and yuvi was in jailCry and meethi in dream landLOL.
so i could safely say maha sangam episode on 7th feb was most romantic episode, with beautiful dream sequence of rasya and tapasya blushing like newly wedded girl looking at rathore Embarrassed.And   veecha's dance with rpr and mohan megha dream sequence  added cherry on top of the cakeStar.

Beautiful scene selection by shraddha. wowww!!!Clap

Most Emotional Scene of the month(by Rashamifan-Nishmita)

After Tapasya slaps Mukta, Mukta cries bitterly & goes to hug him'papa!

Rathore comforts her'.its ok darling. I am here princess. I'm here.

Mukta tells in between her tears that she isn't lying papa. You know it papa, right?

Rathore assures her. I know darling'you are saying the truth. You are right. You tired your best. You came to help'you are right. Even if you are all alone, I know that you are right. Truth will always win. Whatever anyone says, I'm there for you. You don't have to feel bad. Mukta asks her you trust me na papa? You trust me, right?

Rathore reassures her again. (Very moving'the way he says it, it was so touching). I will always trust you'always! Whether anyone believes you or not, I will. I know that you were kidnapped & no one gave a thought to it. (Tappu is crying sadly listening to this.) You came here to help your sister'but no one believed you. But don't worry, I am proud of you. I always will be & will trust you always. Don't worry. Dont worry about them. Who are you crying for? Not even your Bade Papa believes you. Look at him. He is standing there quietly'.with his head bowed down & he too thinks that you are guilty. He is ashamed of his granddaughter.

Dont cry my dear. Look at your Badi Ma. Like always'.she is standing there quietly. No one knows why she keeps quiet all the time, only God knows the reason. Don't feel bad. I am here'you neednt feel bad. Your mother is angry too (crying) that you are poisoning her relations. But its ok. Whats the need of anything. We dont need anyone else'just you & me. Now your daughter will stay with us. 
Tappu is stunned & shocked now.

Rathore continues'she will stay in my home'..with me'.with all due respect & love that she deserves. No one will distrust her there. If you want to meet her'you are more than welcome'.as many times as you want to, you can come.

Then he says to everyone else. I am really really sorry everyone. We ruined your celebrations. But we are leaving now. You can continue with your celebrations once again. My princess & I have to go now. Come baby come.

Rathore & Mukta come out of the Bundela House with heavy steps.

Mukta looks back at the house with all the pain & tears in her eyes while Rathore opens the door of the car for her. Sensing her lost, he goes back to her & tells her never to look back in her life.

She cries bitterly in his arms. What has happened papa? Everything has been ruined'.by me. You too had to listen to so many things. Its all because of me. And no one tried to stop me from leaving papa. No one is proud of me.

Rathore comforts her by saying'I have full faith on you. I will always believe you. Its ok. She is crying non-stop. Rathore asks her to come. Its time to leave. He makes her sit in the car & they leave.

Comic Scene of the month (by itstimetospeak-Disha)

Well I didnt find any scene which was extremely funny seeing which I could burst out with lughter. The mukta birthday celebration scene was a happy scene. It can't be called funny.
However there's one scene which was funny and that ofcourse invloves our Nani and her funny bahu Rohini. Nani was frustrated that mukta is dancing in meethi's engagement and tapasya is contributing so much in the marraige of that makkhi(meethi). So she was sitting in the garden when the real vishnu came and asked Nani about iccha didiROFL Nani was so much frustrated and she said "hume kya pata." N she said that each n everyone asks about iccha. LOL nani's expression was funny. On top of that Rohini arrived there and asked Nani to join in the dance
ROFLROFL N said that all the food(jalebi etcROFL) is very tasty. When Nani went mad on rohini for this, Rohini made a funny angry expression and leftROFLROFL
Baki to ram hi rakhe

Blooper of the month(by princessofkesar-shraddha)

worst blooper this month which was clearly seen was , tattoo on diya's back!LOL looks like she had made for the occasion of meekash wedding!Wink yeh nani toh modern nikaliLOL

Awesome pic shraddha!!!!ROFL

Divya's tattoo lol

Creation of the month(by Ashvi_lolzzz  -Ashvi)

All creations are so good. So posted them all. Ashvi and Raukta(rpr-mukta) rockClap


Vertical stack!

Horizontal stack:

Large Avis:

Small Avi:





Dialogue of the month(by Newveechafan- poornima)

A wonderful post by poornima. Rocking post.Clap

Just like last time, i am in dilemma now. But ofcourse for different reason. Last time when i was entrusted to select the best dlialogue, i could hardly find something that deserve to be on our nl n i had to compromise n wrote something which i found just ok. But with our rprs entry we know that there is no chance for such a crisis. Sometimes i wonder whether its our same kg cvs who writes his part of script. Or does this man  have any personal scriptwriter like some actors having their own makeup men n hairstylists. Anyway , its a universally accepted truth that gaurav chopra is the only saving grace of this crap called uttaran which is all set to break its own records for torturing viewers.                                   Coming to the topic, it was tough to choose just one scene. I think all r expecting "24 hrs" dlg. But here i got something else frm 21st feb episode. Infact the first part of this episode is a treat to watch. To those who missed it, i request to watch the first 10 mts just to see the god gifted talent of gc.                                                                  
  In the episode after akash shows his scar, the brainless thakurs n bundelas r so relieved n they r happy that mukta was proven wrong. And taps goes one step ahead n slaps mukta in public. Rathore realises that neither himself or his daugher is trusted or respected. He didnt want any more humilation n deceided the leave the venue with mukta.          
Before leaving his final words to the whole cartoon gang go like this   "Aaj main aap sab ki nazar main, mukta ke liye sharm dekh raha hum. Takleef aur gurze ki aansu dekh raha hun...Aaj pure thakur parivar se aur pure ke pure bundela parivar se ek rathore yeh dawa karke jaate hai.ki app jab jab is din ko yaad  karenge, tab tab aap ki aankhon me aansu aaye. Har baar aaye...Par sharm mukta ke liye nahin hogi...Sharm..khud par hogi" 

WOW what a dialogue sirjee!!!!LOL

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Most Emotional Episode(by sm123 Sneha)

One of the best entries of the newsletter so kept it at the end.LOL

So many emotions going on in uttaran nowadays...but choosing the best of all..I would definitely say that the most emotional episode was the one where Rathore and Mukta reach the venue of the wedding and try to valiantly stop the marriage..but fail to do so Ouch
The episode starts with our handsome hunk mr.rathore saving his princess from those bunch of goons, and bringing her back to meethi's wedding!

Mukta tries her level best to stop the wedding..but Akash has ready made answers for all her questions..and mukta is just dumbstruck.
Tapasya gets angry after Mai's taunt, and tells Mukta not to utter a single word, and when Rathore tries to stop her, she retorts by telling him that no one can disturb her when she's talking to her daughter, and tells her that she belongs to bundela household...this saddens Rathore and replies that he knows very well that she is mrs.bundela, but he's here to support his daughter!

Mukta later moves on to Ichcha and asks her to remember everything, but its all in vain, as no one believes mukta..
Mukta later asks Akash to show his birthmark on his hand, and she is dumbstruck as she notices the birthmark! She begs everyone to believe her..but at that time, Tapasya feels that its all enough and walks upto her...and slaps her hard!

 Rathore is super shocked and tries to stop her, but Tapasya tells him that she is her mom..and Mukta starts crying!

 Tapasya asks her why she behaved like this, and starts hitting her mindlessly. Rathore thinks he should intervene, and he gently, but firmly removes Tapasya's hand..and finally Tapasya breaks down completely.

Rathore asks her whether her motherly duty is completed...and Mukta starts crying, and hugs him tightly and tells him that no one here is ready to believe her! Rathore assures her that he believes her princess always...and tells Tapasya that he's taking Mukta back with him and she can meet her anytime she wants to..and Tapasya is too sad to reply..

Rathore asks everyone to forgive him and tells meethi that he wishes her all the best, and that he truly hopes that she lives a happy life with her husband...and leaves the venue..

And finally the marriage takes place...

Again, awesome acting by everyone!Smile
P.S: Picture courtesy : BEHAPPYEVER, thank you so much, I took all
these beautiful pics from your post, thanks a lot Big smile

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FF of the month

The best ff of this month was written by sm123-sneha. Uttaran has always been the story of 2 friends iccha and tapasya. So the ff in which iccha n tapasya have a new beginning in their lives is the best one according to me. Here's the FF:


Part 1: The new life..

She woke up at 6 am..and after her daily ritual of bathing and praying god, she took out her list of chores of today..and went through it..today was a kid's birthday..and she had a baked a beautiful cake to surprise the kid :)
All the kids were ready..and were whispering to each other abt the birthday party they were going to have today..and when she entered they all had a huge smile in their face..because they loved her...she treated them like her own kids...
She closed the little kid's eyes..and brought the kid to the table where the cake was..along with the candles..:) "Happy birthday diya!" she said, and all the kids sang happy birthday along with her to wish little diya :)
Diya was stunned! She hugged her tightly, and said "Thank you maa"..and Tapasya's face was glowing, as soon as she heard the word maa...
There were 12 children..all tiny tots..who lost their parents..and now their world was Tapasya..Tapasya maa..as they called her :)
In a little village in Kolkatta, Tapasya built a little house to protect these kids..and she helped them live a life..along with them..she too tried living her life...
Diya, pretty Diya...she reminded Tapasya so much of the little girl she lost...everyday the only thing Tapasya prayed for was..that her little baby should be safe...and she should grow up to become a wonderful woman...
She left the kids to play for sometime...and went back to her room...and opened her drawer..and like always..got tears in her eyes when she saw the photos of her parents, her nani, her ichki, her daughter...and finally..her love..
"No" she reprimanded herself for thinking abt Raghu, and went on to send the children to school...
She left the kids in the school...and along with her was Maya, the caretaker of the orphanage :) Maya was 50 years old..and she treated Tapasya like her own daughter..
"Tapasya beta, I could see the happiness in ur eyes when Diya was surprised..and when she hugged you, I could see pain too...I understand that u lost ur daughter...but everyday, I see you looking at the moon in the night with tears...why is that so?"

"Its nothing maya maa, i just keep seeing how beautiful the moon is...very calm and composed...I wish I was like that.." she said..

Maya replied..."I think u are like the moon Tapasya...beautiful, and calm, caring and loving"

Tapasya just smiled and left...and later she felt bad for lying to Maya. She saw the moon, because once her mother told her that if you miss someone truly, and if they miss you too, then you can see their faces in the moon..she didn't know whether she was imagining...but everyday, without fail, she could see a single face in the moon...a face that she would see forever...
She got a call, from a wealthy woman, who had heard about her orphanage, and wanted to contribute something...and Tapasya agreed to meet her in the evening...her name was Priya Dutta...she reminded herself to remember her name..

Part 2 : Unfamiliarity:

She came out...after 18 long years..back to her ammo...the feeling when she jumped into ammo's arms and cried was wonderful...she had her mother back...
Ammo was thrilled to see her daughter back..."You're finally back" she said, with such happiness :)
Ichcha's eyes searched only for two things...her Kanha, and her own daughter, Meethi :)

"Ammo, how will my Meethi react after she sees me?Will she like me, or will she hate me?"asked a disturbed Ichcha..

"Mayya, please don't worry, our Meethi knows everything about you, only that we didn't tell her anything abt Veer...because you told us not to tell her, she still believes that her father is no more.." said Kanha

Ichcha didn't want the forces of the past to attack her daughter, and hence convinced Ammo and Kanha to hide the truth and tell Meethi that in the struggle they had, Veer had passed away..Bundela parivar should never separate Ichcha from her daughter..she already lost her husband to another woman...she saw the wedding photo of Veer with a woman in a magazine..and she thought abt her son, who never knew that she existed..
She wiped her tears...and ammo told her "Meethi is waiting for u Ichcha! You will be so surprised to see how grown up ur daughter is!"
"Yes, I want to meet my gudiya, lets go.." said Ichcha with a smile, and they left the premises of Satara, and after a long time...Ichcha felt like she was reborn again...her own daughter was waiting for her...she wished that she could meet her son too...but that will have to wait...and hence, she set upon her journey..back to her home...back to everything...and still she felt empty...because her soul, her Veer, wasn't hers anymore...and yet she reminded herself abt her daughter...which bought a smile to her face...

How will Meethi react after meeting Ichcha? Who is this Priya Dutta who's going to bring the past and future in Tapasya's life? What happened to Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore? And what is Veer's condition? What happened to Tapasya's daughter? Stay tuned for the next chapter, chapter 3 : Life goes on...:)

Thats all folks. Hope you all enjoyed the newsletter.!!!!!

Uttaran forum rocksClapClap

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awww disha awesome ClapClap Hatts of to U TongueSmile.plz continue the news Letters ! Plz Tongue
 Funny scene of the month LOLLOLNani ..food rohini ..lol

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WoooWW ! ! ! !!  its really fantastic work! ! ! !  Everyone really wrote well ! ! ! Felt in love with each and every entry ! ! ! ! A big round  of applause to DISHA to present them wonderfully  ! ! ! ! Clap Clap Clap
And thank you very much shraadha for not choosing Vishnu for the evil award ! (he is very sweet u know) ROFL 

Last but not least. . . 

.Love Vishnu ! Heart ROFL ROFL

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a very colourful newsletter!!! awesome job all!. this time readong the nl was much more fun due to the vibrant pics! thank u! uttaran rocks!

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oldveechafan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Awsome everythng was so awsme...i loved it...for sure frm next tym i will also b the past of nl...disha nd awl members hats ov 2 u especially poornima...loved the dialouge...Smile

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paviluvsvirika Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
awesome love it!!!!

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