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Second Love!!! #2 Part 8- Page 8 ( 23rd sept)

Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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S e c o n L o v e

                                               -falling all over again for you love Heart

Holla people!!! Thank You!! I can't thank you people enough!!! I am so much overwhelmed with the response... really glad that people love my work to this extent... thanks a lot!!!

2nd thread!!! really can't believe!!!muaahhh!!!! Hug

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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I  N D E X

Thread 1

Part 7- Scroll down

Part 8- Page

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Well sorry sorry for this late update...I had my reasons... I am stuck with this story, I made it so complicated for myself ...I mean I imagined a lot and failing to put it in words. Well let me try this...Sorry in advance for letting your hopes down.

"Rey!!!" he came to reality as he heard a deadly tone. He frowned and turned aside to just see a fuming Sharon he wondered what happened.

He raised his eyebrow as if asking what happened.

"Rey...what's wrong with you usse itna tang kyun kar rahe ho?? haa??? har baat pe usse tang kar rahe ho aur..." she kept on shouting when Rey came near her.

"Shar relax ...relax...idhar aao..."he took her into the room and made her sit on the bed and kneeled before her as the whole gang stood behind him.

"Shar..."he was cut.

"mai kuch nahi sunungi Rey jab dekho tab usse pareshaan karte rehte ho ..." he spoke in between.

"Shar.."he was cut again

"What's your problem Rey!!"she exclaimed ...

" what's your's??"he said with that always oh-so-cool smile and looking at her which irked her more.

"What do you mean?" she asked irritated.

" I am just asking ... what's your problem shar??? tum toh kriya ko leke itni protective kabhi nahi thi ??" he asked smiling knowing his bestie well.

"protective?? kaha mai..."she looked away as all raised their eyebrows. after few minutes she sighed.

"Okay I accept ...mai kriya se emotionally attach ho chuki hun, so I can't take anything which troubles her ...khush??" she looked at Rey with a pout . He just smiled and kissed her palm.

" bohut... par sharon please kriya se itna close mat ho " he said worried for her.

"What do you mean Rey!!" she barked at him.

"This!! itni choti baat tumhe itna effect kar rahi hai and agar galti se bhi usse sab yaad aagaya aur wapas chalijayegi toh tab reh paogi??? That day you will be broken sharon " he said to her tensed about his bestie when she looked at him in disbelief.

"How could you rey?? how could you say that she will leave me?? She is not gonna leave me... got it??? never!!!" she said stubbornly.

"see this is what I am feared of. sometimes I think you are good as a egoist brat. "he hissed.

" par wo mujhe kyun chod ke jayegi??" sharon pouted sadly.

"sharon we never know future mei kya hoga , jaise hume kriya mile achanak waise achanak wo chaligayi toh??" he asked concerned.

" isiliye jyaada connect mat ho ...bohut pain hota hai"he said squeezing her hand.

"tum utna connect nahi hoge kya?? " she asked back.

He was baffled he has no answer. 

"sharon I had to face I love her already!!! I can take a heart break but not yours!!" he said trying to make her understand.
 She shoved his hands and stood up furiously fuming.

"Wo meri behan hai aur mai bhi usse pyaar karti hun Reyaansh Singhania... sirf tum hi nahi!!! so apna gyaan apne paas hi rakho " she barked and went to kriya.

" maine kya kiya??" rey pouted sitting down confused at the sudden outburt.

"dude tune baat hi aisi ki.."swayam joined him and patted his back.

"but I was just concerned"rey tried to put his point.

" woh toh sahi hai mere bhai par tune jo kaha ki pyaar na karo wo galat tha "vicky walked and sat on the bed.

"maine aisa kab kaha" rey pouted.

"dude you are impossible" vish shook her head and all laughed.


" How are you now Kriya?" RDX asked caressing her hairs.

She looked confused at him.

"Humare cultural head " swayam said standing beside her. She made a "ohh "face and smiled at RDX.

"I am fine sir... sorry wo maine"she was cut.

"no problem kriya...I know!! "he said as she smiled in return.

"Guys I know aaj hi aaye ho but as usual I want my team back to action so maine socha iss baar apni fav dance team ko professional banau"RDX said proudly all looked shocked at him.

"What!!???" all exclaimed. "hum professional level pe??" everyone said excited when Kriya just looked at everyone with blank face.

"Yeah guys!! bas ek saal mei tum log pass out kardoge... and I want this big turn to take place in my presence. I wanna see you performing as a professional team."he said .

"No ways!! wo kabhi nahi hoga"they heard a voice and were confused.

There came nicole as usual stunning in a black dress making nil go gaga over her.

"nil...she is my wife"RDX glared at him.

"sorry sir"nil looked down.

"mere bina toh kabhi nahi banne doongi "she said walking in.

"ofcourse mam aapke bina , ye kabhi nahi ho sakta "Rey said flashing his smile. Kriya raised her eyebrow. She never saw him smile that wide in a split of sec in the whole month.

" Kriya!!! kaha chaligayi thi tum "nicole said by mistake. all looked at her.

"I meant itne dinon se gayab??"she covered up.

"wo accident hua hai mam!!"she said still confused on who she is.

"humari ballroom dance teacher" swayam hugged her sidewards and whispered. She smiled at her.

" Now go to your classes guys I want everyone in RH by 3" nicole ordered.

"you too kriya"she said as kriya was silent as if it is not for her.

"main dance karti thi??" she asked eyes wide.

" haan tum toh sharon ki sabse badi dushman thi "rinni said.

Sharon glared at her . If eyes have the power to kill rinni would be in powder now.

"dushman?? sharon ki??" kriya asked .

"arey she meant competitor.."Rey covered up.

She looked for once at him as he looked in her eyes searching for the love he needed. But all he saw was blank...nothing.He sighed and broke the eye lock.

"toh hum ab chalte hai sir"he said and all left.


A/N : Kriya will be studying in 2nd year where the gang were in fourth. Rules will be rules remember.  So wait for some senior and junior interactions, what you call ?? ragging??

"Sharon mujhe toh koi nahi pata, kuch samajh mei nahi aata" she said.

"arey tension na lo... mai tumhe sab kuch sikhadoonga " all time savior swayam stepped in.

"Rey tu sikha sakta hai??" sharon asked glaring at swayam.

Swayam pouted as kriya got startled.

"par swayam"she fumbled.

"samjhona.. pehle mera assistant , uske baad humari classes aur tumhari padhai toh" she tried her best to convince.

"ohhh... bf ke saath tym!!! " kriya teased, sharon blushed but sighed as atleast it hit her.

"okay!! par rey bhi toh busy"she tried to avoid him.

"Rey sabse acha sikhayega" neha said grinning. all nodded .

mai??? mai sikhaunga?? khud isse seekhtha tha... mai kya sikhaunga?? par isse baatcutter ke saath time spend kar paunga . Sharon you are the best .

"mujhe koi problem nahi ..if you insist sharon "he acted.

"jyaada drama na kar mann mei laddoo foot rahe haina??" all the boys gathered behind him and asked. Rey gave a shut-up look.

She nodded her head with no option.

"toh chalo guys class ki time ho rahi hai " all went her leaving alone.

"mujhe toh kuch samajh nahi aayega ..mai kaise jaun??" she spoke to herself when she felt a tap on her shoulder .

"swayam??"she said suprised.

"class ki time horaha haina??"she asked.

"sab jaa rahe hain.. hum canteen chalte hai chalo.. I know u can't go today to class "he said giving a stupid smile.

"but your class??" she asked.

"bunk !!"he said and pulled her to canteen.


"swayam kaha hai??"sharon asked as soon as they got seated.

Before further discussions the professor entered and started the lecture.

" guys swayam kaha hai it 1hr now!!"sharon asked as soon as the prof went out.

" no idea"all shrugged

"chalo dekhte hai!! "rey said

"tum log jao mujhe canteen mei kaam hai "amar said  in his tone and left.

"guys jaldi canteen aao " they got a message from amar. all went there to just see a laughing kriyam. lost in own world and cracking jokes on each other.

"idiot!!"rey said and walked front.

"abey batake nahi aasakta ?? we were worried" he said beating on his head.

"ooppss I sneaked !! you know tum log jaane nahi dete "swayam scratched his head. All laughed at him.


"I don't remember anything!!"Kriya said fidgetting with her frock.

"Try once kriya its in your blood ." nicole said.

"come follow me"sharon said and stood beside her . Both took positions and kriya looked at sharon through mirror.

She did a wacking step . Kriya looked front in the mirror sighed once and started dancing but as she saw herself dancing she started sweating.

"I ..I can't do this"she said as she stopped and walked back.As she walked back she hit someone and she looked at the mirror to see Rey looking at her back in the mirror. He caught her waist and lifted her up as she without knowledge folded her legs half pointed. He made her stand and turned her to him. She shivered as she looked into his eyes. They showed some unknown passion. Something very deep which she couldn't understand ... his fingers carressed her arm as she closed her eyes . He caught her palms in his as she looked at him and twirled her with much force. She twirled and finally he caught her waist. stopping her . As she stopped she saw swayam catching her. She looked back at Rey standing at a distance still he had the same look.

"Start!!"Rey  said in the tone of a captain and switched on the music player. Swayam understood what Rey meant. As he saw Rey walking to her to dance with her he feared whether she will remember again. But next instant he saw Kriya twirled towards him. He looked at  Rey with a sorry but a look of gratitude .

"On the beat 5678...1"nicole started .

Swayam held her by waist pulling her closer and took her left in his standing in a exact salsa pose.

As the song started the beat he turned twirled her. He could sense her fear. Not of falling and all but the fear of dancing. He never in dreams thought he would see fear for dance in her eyes.

"you fine??"he asked as he held her close and both twirled, smoothly.

"mujhe darr lag raha hai swayam dance karne se!!"she said and suddenly stopped dancing .

She was sweating badly!!

"mujhe nahi karna"she said and walked back from swayam's arms.

"kya hua kriya??" swayam wiped her sweat and asked , all were confused, Rey he was slightly fuming, he was not able to understand the only word "I can't dance is irking him to core!!"

"swayam mujhe nahi karna!!" she pleaded him. He was about to nod when Rey asked in a stiff tone.

"Kyun??"he was fuming now!!

"mujhe dar lagta hai!!" she said not looking at him.

"look at me and speak"he said sternly.

"muj...mujhe darr...darr lagta hai" she stammered saying looking at him.

Suddenly she felt a sudden pull and she banged into his chest... She looked at him wide eyes when she saw him angry. She wondered why he is angry!! He turned her crosssing his arms in front of her and her back banging into his chest . He held tight and slid her back between his legs when she smoothly slid her face facing the ground and he pulled back and twirled her and pulled her towards him with such a force that she wrapped her arms around his neck as he held her waist and twirled!!! As he turned her both never breaking the eyelock she started getting some flashes.

She frowned and slightly held her head . Rey got it but he is in no mood to stop... he lifted her twirled , threw in air , he danced with such a speed that she almost went blank because of fast dancing and the flashes. As he held her and both twirled together he said.

"look at me"he ordered as she was looking down . She followed his orders and looked at him .

"I want a perfect performance "he ordered and pushed her back .

She stood for few seconds registering all. Flashes started but his present words were heavy that those. She decided to ignore the flashes. She looked at him and took a leap of faith as he gathered her in his arms like a baby and twirled with left holding her as she played with her fine legs making the lift look beautiful!!! She actually felt good. Both dancing looking at eachother in the mirror... (eyelock through mirror :P)

Their kicks jumps were in sink . Both were taking spins . She in the frnt and he back of her slightly to her right and suddenly she stopped spinning and fell back opening her arms as he quickly caught her and turned. Finally they ended up with her sitting on his left shoulder.

Once she got down she wondered how on earth she could dance. She still doesn't remember a single step. It just happened.

She looked at Rey with gratitude but saw him brush his hairs and walk out in urgency frowning.


Well I was about to update yesterday as I promised. But stuck up at the college part. Hope it atleast is good.

Do comment please!!Embarrassed


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plzzz update soon
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Deetha ki bachi 2 mahine pehle update ke liye res krti hai phr gayab
update kr
warna tere es thread ki bhi laga dungi main
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update soon
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Dis is so not done.. M dying to read an update but tum ho ki,Update e nhi krti Cry

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