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Blast from the Past Thread #6, ep 78, pg 115 (Page 43)

Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by ArshiHamesha


Thnx I don't think I was strong but when Life dump you like that then you just take it as it is and if you are a fighter you can fight but if not then other options you know what but I always seek guidance from God and no one else.He is always there for me.This is my Faith.Yes as a human sometimes I do collapse but thats what life is all about for me.

true, arshi, when all the chips are down, when darkness and defeat stalk you, and there seems not a single door open, just closing your eyes, breathing in deep, and trusting, and opening yourself to the touch of the eternal can do things you never thought possible. strength is in that trust. that very faith.

and how the way gets shown. sometimes coming to you, knocking on your door, saying, "hey, i am the way, come walk on me."

hi everyone,

i have been assured by my friends who do not get carried away by a hindi serial, who do not spend hours on an online forum, that i am going through a mid life crisis... also online people are not real peoplle.

i wonder what they'll say if they saw our conversations. you guys are some of the most real, interesting, strong, colourful people i've met in years. the so called "real world" is curiously bereft of this... the masks are too thick, the hearts and minds too covered by protective gear. and i seem to have no connection with most of them. but here, where the physical is out of the way... who looks like what, earns what, belongs to which family, drives what car, nothing of all that extraneous stuff getting in the way, i seem to sense the real people behind the fonts and colours.

me likee this unreal real world. thank you for being the explorers of this new reality with me.

i love my mid life magic spin.

Hey Indi do you think they come and read us .I don't think so may be some.Its only we bunch read each other most of the time as the forum is not the same anymore.

In bold count me in as this is insanity what we are doing here but LOVE it as it takes a whole toll to do something like that .We are true Fans I wish they see our Pagalpan and realize how far we brought ourself with this show.

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Katelyn IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by DurgaS

Originally posted by supriya.arshi

Episode 70

Title Credit : Cynthia

Arnav nd Khushi Janmashtmi Special Embarrassed

Wow, lovely as always. Loved the 2nd one more. Smile
Awesome collages, Supriya!  Clap I love the second on as well!  They really can't keep their eyes off each other!!

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Katelyn IF-Rockerz

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      birthday.giftoast.gif party.gif  flowers.gif
Supriya, wishing you the best of things to come! Hug  May happiness and love surrounds you always!! We love you, dear!  My sincere apology as well for not paying attention and missing your special day!!

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cinthiann1758 IF-Dazzler

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@ Samin,

What I neglected to say in my post to you, (the post you wrote about your dad), was that as my father worked he did it with a smile on his face.  As he accumulated his wealth, we never knew, but that money was for the care of my mom, who in the last 10 years had developed Alzheimers disease.


, Sunday the 10th of March, my beloved Mom has passed, Crypeacefully in her sleep.  I now know she is with my Father and they have become stars in the sky for me to see forevermore...Heart

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Katelyn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family!  Cry Hug 
May the sorrow you feel in your heart fade away by the love that surrounds you.  Yes, they are stars and may you find great comfort when you look up to the beautiful sky!  We are here for you!  Please take care!!

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cinthiann1758 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Katelyn

      birthday.giftoast.gif party.gif  flowers.gif
Supriya, wishing you the best of things to come! Hug  May happiness and love surrounds you always!! We love you, dear!  My sincere apology as well for not paying attention and missing your special day!!

Oh my goodness so sorry Supriya that we missed your special day!  happy happy Birthday! love you!!!

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chalhov

Originally posted by wiwy

(Dedicated to my captain, indi Smile)

REPORTER (calls me 1.10pm): Mam I am going to interview Barun Sobti today. He has asked me to call him between 1 and 2 pm. Will you be able tocome on line? Then I can connect you to him.
ME( Jumping with joy but trying to speak calmly): Sure. No problem.
REPORTER calls me at 1.30pm: Mam Barun is on line.
REPORTER 1.31pm: Oh! I think he is taken another call. his line is busy.
ME to myself Oh! No, no, NO!
REPORTER: Mam, stay on line. I will reconnect with him.
Me in my nervousness disconnect the line promptly! And feel like the pits!
REPORTER the Saviour, calls again: Mamplease do not disconnect.
ME: Yes, ok ok. Sorry, sorry!
REPORTER to BARUN: Barun, she is on line.
And then with waited breath, I hear his uff so familiar deep and sexy voice! Holy cow! I would have recognised that voice anywhere! He is saying to my Reporter friend: Can you please call after half an hour. Something very important has come up.
ME (to myself! I can't let him go!!!!! And just said without thinking): Hi Barun. Please can I talk with you?
BARUN: Ok. Hi! How areyou?(Maar dala!Allah! MAar dala! And that was really sweet of him as he was in a big rush and could have justsaid sorry n disconnected. My reporter friend also felt the same, wen we talked later)
ME: I am fine. How are you? Its so kind of you to speak with me cozit may mean nothing to you but means the world to me.
BARUN: No, no. My pleasure.
ME: I wish you success in all your upcoming and future endeavours.
BARUN: Thankyou very much.
ME: Will you be coming to Calcutta to shoot your new movie?
BARUN: Uh...uh...uh...not sure.
ME: Ok, Barun. I am a member of IPK Forum. And me and my friends from.all over the world, US, Singapore, UK are on this thread called Blast from the Past. We are still very much into IPK. We analyse episodes. There are poems, riddles, collages, songs, vms, pics. And you, you  are all over the thread. So, will you please give a message to my friends on the thread?
BARUN: Well, please thank all of them. Ask them to watch all my movies. I'd appreciate that.
ME: Yes Barun. Thankyou so much!
Then there was a big pause. Coz by this time it had sunk in that I was talking to HIM and I was feeling faintwa. I thought he had disconnected the line. But he had not. And then he said the sweetest thing I had ever heard.
BARUN( a deep, husky, sexy n sort of concerned): Okay?
I guess he was asking if it was ok for him to go back to important work now. Oh! So cute! Or maybe by a stretch of imagination he was wondering why this female who was blabbering continuously had suddenly shut up. So maybe the ok was like in, 'tum theek ho?!'
ME: Yes, Barun. Thankyou. Thanks again.
REPORTER: Ya Barun. Ok. Thanks.
BARUN: Right. Thanks.
And he was gone...
REPORTER Was that ok, Mam?
ME: I don't know how to thank you.
All the while my heart was going dhak, dhak, dhak...

Wiwy from Planet Barun


Thank you so much Wiwy for sharing this fantabulous experience with us.
It's good that you could able to talk with him.
I would probably get numb and dumb or act like an idiot if I get a chance to talk with him.LOL

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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@ BarunDiwani
Awesome take on episode-69.
I expressed my thoughts in red.

A power packed episode that  beautifully depicted the cause and effects of relationships, situations and a certain connection that increases in strength by the minute...
Just the right words to describe the episode.

When the dimaag(brain) is not on guard the dil(heart) escapes in her direction and indulges. Does Anjali  not see this look on her brother's face while looking at this girl he despises and forgetting his own girlfriend beside her???
He was more enamored by Khushi than his GF. Though he wanted to hide it, but Khushi sure did notice it.

Sobti's  eyes flawlessly show his transport back in time, through his eyes we see how his heart fills up with pleasant memory. 
Barun's eyes speak volume.

he looks back at her and her increasing "acidity" was visible through out the airy piano notes. 
Beautiful scene indeed.

one's mind wanders to that white kurta/pajam he wears next rakshabandan...sigh complet with that red tillak, Lord have mercy on all of us!
he was looking too hot on that day.

A woman who never lets her economic condition define her and lives with pride, a hard shell on the outside but a hear of gold on the inside. you rock Buaji!
Buaji's character was very strong in IPK. She is a woman of immense self respect and confidence.

This delightful evening takes a turn for the worst with the sound of a doorbell that bring the police into the RM. Finally the reason revealed for La's constant staring at the front door. Khushi's entrance into the RM has been negatively effecting her insecurity. She felt jealous of her to begin with because of Arnav's unexplained attraction and now she was winning Naani over with the snap of her fingers. She caused this situation thinking it would drive Khushi to quit her job.
True, but she was a bit annoyed to take training from not a high class girl like Khushi. 

Arnav's eyes immediately shift directly to Khushi, who looks back at him as if telling him, "hum teek nahi hai (I'm not ok)"
he saw tears in her eyes.And he guessed something happened wrong with her.

This one second reminds me of her running towards  him in the hospital lobby and wrapping herself around him, just needing him to protect her, console her. 
In the hospital,she just couldn't share her grief to anybody. When she saw Arnav she couldn't control, but submitted her anguish to him. Coz deep down she already fall in love with her laad Governor.

Didn't he insult her with words like "overtime" and "more money" earlier? The thing is he can hurt her, humiliate her, insult her, point finger at her character, but how dare someone else? Even before that hospital scene she had been kicked out of his car, yelled at by him...but at the sight of him in her broken state, she runs to him. Deep within, a trust has been established
Coz he thinks khushi belongs to him only. Remember how he beat up those goons in Nainital for touching Khushi."tu Khushi ko haath lagaya". He meant, how dare you touch my Khushi. She is mine.

he quickly looks away and starts walking up the stairs, just so she misses him...but he can only walk a few steps before her tears act lilke thorns on his feet to stop him. 
He couldn't see tears in her eyes.

The beauty of watching this couple, witnessing the effect they have on each other, while they try to figure out the cause
Can't agree more.

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