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Blast from the Past Thread #6, ep 78, pg 115 (Page 3)

RebeccaDaphne Senior Member

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
Wow! Thread 6 and it's lookin' good already!! CONGRATULATIONS everyone!

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 4:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Katelyn

More celebration here!!  Party
Anyone missing Arnav and Khushi working in the office together?  This one is especially for you Ami and all the ladies who likes the wet and sexy ASR!! Wink Dead  Water fight anyone?  Watch it in HD!!
Aaoge jab tum mere office... by ahladini


hasn't rained in singapore too long.

barsega sawan... august will rain (oh august, and some people born that month... like me, and...)
... twice repeated across the two of them chucking water at each other. one of my favourite songs and some of the hottest scenes. how fabulous is it to find the love of your life under the desk, wearing really shiny very unfashionable (include all pam sim sniggers) clothes.

you and ahladini reminded me again why a confirmed non serial watcher like me is still hanging around here. barun is hotwa, he is the pull that gets me here, but that's not the only reason i stay.
having said that... had he left, i'd have vamoosed too.

respect for your vm collection and knowledge.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 5:02pm | IP Logged
hi rebecca, good to see you. hope you are catching up on episodes here still. can't believe three months and more are over without any new ipk. but these early days are gorgeous enough to make you forget everything.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by wiwy

2 pages old! 

 Indi : Thread 6 heaby lagche!! ClapJust the place to gulp down oodles of gussa with hot cups of tea and flying dupattas with red sparkles! 
@ Durga : Your rhyme is  a chime
  .  .  .  .  .  .  Of our love in time
  .  .  .  .  .  .  That we all miss!
  .  .  .  .  .  . And you deserve a kiss!Wink Clap
@Arshi : I am sure your take on IPK, loaded with symbolisms, draws many readers to the thread! Great job! Clap
@Cynthia :  Aawww!! The Youtube link and the story of the Beauty and the Beast relived by Arnav and Khushi is simply fantastic!  Only a master storyteller like you knows how  Barun brings out the Beast in all of us! LOLClap
@BD : Hey Blaster! Do you know like many others  I was first attracted to BFTP by your Drool Corner! Its hot significance is but self evident! Embarrassed  Can't thank you enough! You rockwa!Clap
@ Supriya : I adore you for maintaining my position on the Beast's coat's sleeve, close to his heart!
@Katelyn : Only you can  blast the thread with more promos, VMs and goodnight pics! 
@Chalhov : Khushiyan hi  khushiyan ho damam mein jiske
          Kyun na khushi se wo deewana ho jaye Big smile 

heabby laagchhe ROFL ok, severe bong connection at home/life i see. unless you too are, poor thing, part oph the (pron: theee) land oph the eileesh magur rui.

thanks, dear girl. pondered that interesting beast issue you bring up. yeah, the animal instinct is certainly stirred, and taking a look at that, examining it closely, wondering where to keep it in the little jungle inside one, builds character. hotwa, in the end, is good for you, just like guiness. Embarrassed
i hear he likes beer, hyuk.

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
where is the epi 70 indi
Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 5:14pm | IP Logged


@ Indi--    Heartfantastic and splendid job.Thank you for your extra effort and triumph for keeping the thread running like a river and deeper like ocean.Thumbs UpHugStar

@supriya such a lovely job on your collages and that for Cynthia's collage and VM .girlfriend a big cuddly hug any thing for our Doll.HugClapHeart

@Cynthia love your BEAUTY AND THE BEAST post and the collage along with vm just magnificent.ClapHeartYing Yang

@Ami now I know the origin of DROOL CORNER and its evolution we see everyday.Loved your deep research on DC.ClapLOLHeart

@Durga you are the winner of this opening ceremony love your poem HeartStar

@wiwy.hey hey hey you are giving me Maha goose bumps with your Maha riddle.I have to think ,think, and think...but at least I have seen it today to think,think, and think.SmileThumbs Up

@chalov--my fav babita and chumpu kapoor song waiting for complete version.Take your time .ClapHeartSmile
@Katlyn your VMS and promos are keeping us fresh as Day one.Just love em.ClapCool

@Anita you are a master of sarcasm in between your writing.Wink

@sohara love your writing with off screen and on screen Sarun pics with loads of vocabulary and focabularyClapClapBig smile

@samin hey colorful insight lady.Love this post with the emergence of Names in anger by our beloved couple.Such a beautiful post.HeartThumbs UpClap

@Rebecca your small and loaded analysis are just too good.HeartWink

@Ritu Your picture story edition is awesome.ClapEmbarrassedThumbs Up

Congratulations... Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

where is the epi 70 indi

it's on thread 5. sorry, will update main post. was out last night, just posted the episode, didn't update main post. page 124 or so.

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Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 5:44pm | IP Logged





                                    Episode 70          


                                                  PART 3


                   Janmashtami is in full swing and harmony with close ones together by putting their differences aside and that's exactly what a family stands for stick together through thick and thin and the colors of joy and happiness are spreading like rainbow in the hearts and minds as this festival brings peace and harmony among all.The delectation and the ecstasy of togetherness is the message of this festival which is just playing a role by Fate to join Divine forces to bring these two families together so these two soul mates can come close for eternity as well as other members can be alleviated from their pains and sorrows by removing distress and sorrows of these two.What a beautiful concept is behind all of this and how it is connected with the Divine powers among us .Breathtaking.

 Khushi's pain and joy is stringed with her family and for that she can do anything and can go to an extra mile as "Apne parivar keh liye sab manzoor hai"[I can accept anything for my family]

Khushi put her distress ,pain , humiliation ,degradation , and self respect in one plate and balance it with  her upmost duty "The welfare of her family "."humare liye yeh sirf eik naukari hai jho humain zaroori paise deh rahi hai" ..[this is just a job for us as this is giving us money for our needs].But Buaji was adamant to leave after this big flippancy and insolence from Raizadas as she is a simple straight forward woman and her self respect is above all no matter what.


Sweet smell of love is widening with delicious aroma and redness on cheeks in between Akash and Payal.Very cute and shy love which brings a lot of emotions on the surface in between these two along with the smile on their faces.A level of gratitude and respect is balancing and developing on this side of the romantic story.

Pause here:Payal got Sindoor on her face ,future Bahu of this house and Akash 's reflection on her Thal meaning oneness in this love story is inevitable.


The other side of the story, Love is at roller coaster ride as Arnav was bringing the Ghee towards Khushi for the Pooja where she takes it from his hand by putting her fingers in between in such a cute way that they wouldn't touch his hand...EmbarrassedLove her smart move as he wants to be near her and does not leave any chance touching her.She outsmarts him here.You rock Khushi.Very small but very touchy and dainty scene.

Khushi,"Arey aap par tou ghee lag gyea ...Balgopal ne Ishara kia hai" Indeed Balgopal has set the perimeter for him to deal this upcoming  emotional challenge with courage and wisdom being "Amrut" [with sweetness] , "Bali"[with strength] and "Jyotiraaditya"[resplendence of the Sun].{Amrut ,Bali , and Jyotiraaditya are the names of Balgopal]


Khushi brings Anjali in the middle of this as she knows he cannot refuse to his Di and reminds him about his presence during Teej but Arnav,"iss ghee keh girne se mera dry clean ka bill bharne keh ilawa aur khuch nahi hua hai 'aur agar iss baat keh liye tumhare Balgopal aasman khol kar mujh par bijali girana chahain'.. tou mein intizar karoonga"'[This ghee only increase my dry clean bill and for that if your Balgopal want to punish me then I'll be waiting]

His rebuff attitude left her with fuming "ghusa"."Eik insaan apne aap ko bhagwan kaise samajh sakta hai"[howcome one person thinks him of a god and all] She is determined to bring Arnav in the Aarti as well as making him apologize to Balgopal too.She is too cute with her monologues and pouting with "Ghusa"Embarrassed


Pause here:"Khushi has no idea the real reason of Arnav for not coming in the Pooja is not what is she is thinking of as she reflects one side of the mirror.Its the painful memories attached with that event which opens his past wounds making him like that.But later he will be doing all these rituals for Khushi whether he has belief in it or not as next Jamnashtami he will be a part of it standing right next to Khushi teasing her.


Khushi and her plan to bring Arnav in the Aarti takes a new angle as she is a one heck of smart cookie.She knows when and where to hit hot iron to mold it according to her own invocation.She instills an idea in La's goofy brain to impress Nani as this is her weakness .She surely knows how to play tricks with La's brain to use her own weaknesses to make her to do what she wants her to do regardless of La's attitude. She taught her how to wear saree and how to make Arnav wear new Avatar of being "Bhagat" of Balgopal.La's fear is quiet natural as she has no skills to convince Arnav in this matter.

But some how our "Genius " La got trapped in the "Chamak" of Chamkili as she wants "Ghabar"[Nani] to be happy with her.I must say La's attempt to win Nani's heart indicates her good intentions and upbringing no matter what. 

Pause here:La accepts the skills of khushi and praised her while leaving after finding the truth of Arnav and Khushi as "tumhara style acha hai'tum jab chaho ASR ko eik do suna daiti ho'Magar mein un se bohat darti hoon"[I like ur style as u tell him whatever u want but I get scared]


La tries her best but ASR's "ghusa" crossed all limits as he already had disavowed  Khushi then how come he can go downstairs .Its his defeat and that is totally unacceptable for an atheist and an egoistic ASR..."Lavanya  "I said leave me alone".His antagonism and arrogance disappointed La because all she was doing just making Naniji satisfy with her.


Other side Khushi informs Nani that La will definitely bring ASR for Pooja and Nani is adamant as this is a bitter pill to swallow for her that La can do anything.She has a set mind for her and at this point very difficult to change.Nani,,.."Nahin ayenge ..bohat zidi hain.."...[he will not come ,he is very stubborn] La throws her tantrum on Khushi as because of her ASR was angry at her and here is our "Khushi keh Dimagh ki bati jal gayei" [she got an idea] with new quest of bringing "oonth pahaar keh neeche"  as "Nuthkhut balgopal keh saath hum bhi tou nutkhut ho sakte hain nah" [I can be naughy with naughty Balgopal] Today Khushi is extra cute.Sanaya surely did splendid job.ClapWink

Pause here: Khushi hides her pain behind her smile and naughty moves and  this is her biggest weapon of all which made her win over hearts easily.No one can be angry from her for a longtime not even Arnav and that is the biggest reason even in his forced hate he attracted more towards her than ever.


The stage was set , decorations were done, actors were ready and the only thing was missing and that was "action"....The director [Khushi] said,"cut" drama starts by turning the lights off, Hero[Arnav],"what the hell"....comes downstairs by calling "Jay prakash" three times .

PONDERING POINT:Why today Jay Parakash why not hari parakash, or om parakash we always make fun at these but there is a link with everyone guys .I will be pointing out each time.Its not coincidence! 

SYMBOLISM: the # 3 means victory and the meaning of "Jay Paraksh " means victory of light as Jay means Victory and Parakash means Luminous or Light.

CONNECTION:Arnav will be victorious at the end against all the evil and the darkness within him and will turn into light by Khushi as Khushi is the one who brought him today in this light and she will be the one who will remove all the darkness within him with her selfless Divine love for him.

He enlightens the candle of his life unintentionally by Khushi and by nathkhat Balgopal who is playing hide and seek of life with him but brightens his world with treasure of rejoice and ravishment in the form of Khushi.All he has to do just seek her in this hide out.



He knows some how exactly,Khushi is behind all of this as the colors of his face expressions change and Khushi is aware of it as mind reading has started without acknowledgement.Anjali stops him and requests him which obviously he can't refuse.


Look at this pic and their positions.Khushi is in the middle of Arnav and Anjali and La is aside hinting this future more than one time.Arnav is facing Khushi as he will be with her all the time either in hate or Love,Anjali is having a slight back at Khushi as there will be a tiff among them until next Janmastami.La will be out of this triangle.


Khushi's smile for her winning nathkhat chal is amazing.She sure is naughty and Temptallcious!Wink She did fulfill her promise to make her LaadGovernor come in Aarti,make him apologize as he is submitting himself by doing Aarti and all this happened by the grace of Balgopal ,with united Divine forces which are propelling around this family as a vortex to keep them inside it safe and protected by the upcoming storm which has no boundaries on itself or anyone else.


Pause here:She winks at Balgopal today for bringing ASR in the Aarti and she will wink at DM in Mandir during her remarriage for Arnavji being there for her.


PONDERING POINT: Today Arnav is in the Mandir BECAUSE of Khushi and during permission of their marriage he will be in Mandir FOR Khushi.Khushi is here ,Khushi is there ,Khushi is everywhere.Wink


 Arnav's eye corner is focused on Khushi's moves as usually even in this Aarti and he is fuming over his defeat as consciously he knows its all Khushi's scheme as he has this feeling you know which we call LOVE and he calls it "BLUUV" as a Bluff because of "tum jaisi..." but during this BLUUV he gets the chance to touch his Khushi's hand to save the Aarti Diya's Love and our RabaVeWinkLOLHeart

Pause here:They are saving the Diya's light together meaning they will be protecting this unity ,this family's strength and above all their faith and love for each other always. "Hamesha"


La takes the credit for Bringing ASR in Aarti but Nani knows better as She looks at Khushi with affection.La warns Khushi for not telling anyone about the plan of  turning off light and bringing ASR in Aarti was yours.She has no clue who she is talking to,Khushi a selfless cookie."But this tough cookie has no clue who she is telling to ,ASR  a self made goner who is up to no good.Our Natkhut Khushi is now in the clutch of Khutput ASR'."Khuda bas Khair Kare" [God may help now]

Pause here:...Khushi,"Bhagwan ne aisa khail khaila keh aakhir unhain un keh samne sar jhukana hi para....[God tricked him to bow down to him] Deep meaning indeed all Divine forces are joining for not only to bring these two together but to nip the evil in the bud too as "Burai jitni barti jati hai ...utna hi achayei ka samna karne ki taqat khoti jati hai..."[ the more evil increase ,the more weaker it gets in front of goodness].In other words "jitni barhti hai ..utna ghat ti hai...


ASR growls at La for his defeat over KKG because he has a full control over La as she is his punching bag.There are no emotions involvement or any feelings are displayed.She a point though it does not matter whose plan was it but Naniji was impressed by the power of KHUSHI.


Love this parallel scene as Anjali sees her hubby chabby [face] and scene changes from her to Shyam doing Aarti seeing Khushi's face and threatening Kahana "you can't take Khushi away from me...I will get her at any cost." Dude do you know the meaning of "lagan"[Faith] and "bhagati"[worship by heart] because both of these have "Shakti" [strength] to gain whatever you want as it comes with the permission and love of God towards you not by "Dhamki"[Threat]Angry



"Aarti Kunj Bihari ki...

shree girdhar Krishen Murari ki..."


Aarti was beautiful and mesmerizing .The whole moment was the symbol of unity and strength as future depends on it.This Janmashtami has spread the layout for all of these members to play out their roles and cover the journey to make these relations pure and divine all across.

CONNECTION:Arnav along with Khushi will be protector and guardian angels of this "Shantivan" and above all the strength of FAITH and LOVE among them will be indestructible.While this bond will be getting stronger and stronger each day so is the plan of evil as Shyam is not only sharing just the name of Balgopal but also the darkness of his skin as he has strength to hide all of his evilness in this shade until next Janmashtami .


Audios Amigoes till next time...

                MOMENT OF THE DAY:
                            Ghee ka diba in between fingers



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