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Originally posted by SilverFairy

Hmm It's Different I Like It. You Should Conti Piyu.

Awww Nicita thanks M glad you liked itHug
manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by minizz

PiuBig smilemain aa gayi.I will be honest...I was a little hesitant about this concept but the first chapter has made me comfortable and I am actually looking forward to the rest of it.Kya naam hai Saumitra Nanda...nice,meaningful touch...loved the name a lotEmbarrassedhmmm so is he happy about marrying Urmila???His reactions are confusing me.He seems happy at the prospect of spending his life with Urmila yet he is not quite looking forward to it.There's something more to it and I want to know about it quickly so you better get down to writingTonguebas sirf ek complaint hai itna chota kyun hai chapter????

special mention about the brats Luv and Kush.They are too cuteBig smile

MiniHug Welcome ji Welcome  tu ayi EmbarrassedEmbarrassedhahha Hesitant me samjh saking re coz I am a bit nervous too with this one..Kesar and Gulaal have been so much imbibed in our bloods that I can barely imagine Neil as anyone else LOLLOLLOL But m still giving it a shot..Hope u all are not disappointedTongue Well regarding Saumitra and his confusion there is a lot moreEmbarrassed awww and Regarding the lengths of the chapter..Mini its not my usual update length but this time I want to be regular with it so shorter and quicker updatesTongueTongueThanks so much for your commentsEmbarrassed
manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by LoLali

Hey piu . .forgot to mention about luv and kush . . .me too loved them so much. .kids do poke their fingers like this yar when they need ur attention. .my cousins used to do that all the time . .pata nahi bina koche yeh bache baat kyu nahi kar pate.LOL .they just have to poke u.LOL

Poking and koching are kids ka USP PinkyLOLLOLLOL aww POOR you are I already LUBB your cousinsTongue Pinky ko khub pareshan karoLOLLOLLOLLOL

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manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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His emotions were on an all-time high and the ebbing of his heart's unknown dilemma made him sink into cavernous glooms. Feet dragged, the tie ,he had perfectly knotted it  beneath his chin hanging jauntily as he hurried downstairs sighing heavily .Sometimes he wondered what exactly was need to ponder so much on this  new confusion anyways .After all it was something inevitable. It had been decided. His fate ?So why not accept it and move on with it, hold hands ,walk along the garden in his huge villa, play with the kids and watch them grow along with her. The idea was beautiful, but the other half of his mind was cluttered. Every moment he tried to move on, the tales of his sordid past came to haunt him back with merciless ferocity, swooping upon him like a tornado, threatening to pull him down and strip him off any tender feelings which still sometimes brewed inside his simmering heart. His aguish was unfathomable and his wounds always remained fulminating.His eyes burned, his feet wobbled with nervousness. Who thought the high profile architect and the CEO of the Nanda constructions company would turn out to be a timid rat on the thought of meeting a girl. "Arghh! She is just another girl", he tried to shrug off his lame idiocy and breathed deeply to regain his composure. The table had been perfectly set. His tea 'cup ,the same one which he preferred to sip from had been neatly placed ,the ginger bread-piping hot from the oven 'freshly baked had been set up  on the platter .Everything was just perfect as he preferred. His eyes stopped for a second and narrowed as he scrutinized the table once again. The barometer of his temper reached its peak and he screamed refusing to believe himself, "Who the hell has done it'?",His roar almost turning the mansion upside down and all of them,Siya,Luv Kush and the handful of domestic helps ran over shivering in fear. The redness of his face quadrupled as he yelled, "Who the hell has dared to place the tea cup and the plate on Raghav Bhaiya's seat  ...How dare you allow my things to to be laid at Bhaiya's place...How dare you. Who has done it'?"The roar sent a chill down the new domestic help's spine as she looked at him beady eyed,"Sorry...Sir'" she stuttered

"You Stupid woman'" He was to unleash his harsh words towards her when suddenly a soft touch near his shoulders stopped him. The calmness of the palms stiffened his burning body and he turned around to lock gazes with the only man for whom he could even die for, his brother Raghav.

"Lucky. Off late you have been having these temper issues...This is not good'",Raghav's calm voice made him stutter, "But Bhaiyaa'".Lucky for his family and Soumitra for everyone,one thing he could never tolerate 'any kind of indignation to his brother who almost brought him up like his own son.

"Sorry Bhai. It was my fault. I should have informed the new help'" Siya tried to intervene and calm the already simmering environment. The helper rushed and changed the plates, placing it according to Siya's instructions.

"I am sorry Siya Bhabhi. I should have controlled myself", ashamed of his sudden outburst he was almost on the verge of tears. Last few days had been tumultuous for him. Already trapped in his own confusions, he was  on the verge of nervous breakdown. Ever since this alliance which was supposed to be 'a match made in heavens- propped up, he could not help but thinking too much about it.Days became terrible and nights even more horrific. Was he ready? Did he want to get married? All these questions made him mad and equally confused bursting at the slightest provocation. But then his brother's words were like commandments for him. Raghav meant the world to him and his wish, he  had to fulfill,  come what may, no matter how much he loathed the idea of marriage.

"Lucky Chachu'" Luv pinched the hem of his pants again trying to divert his attention towards him while all stood in silence still trying to fathom how to react

"Hmm", Soumitra replied looking at him with curious eyes.

"Tell us Will You also Kiss Urmila masi like Papa does when we sleep.", He chuckled and raised his eyebrows in his childlike accent to which Kush replied playfully, "Of course Urmila Masi Chachu ki wife hongi na'"Kush folded his hands across his bosom with an air of superiority as if being 15 mins older to Luv gave him an authority to claim the unannounced title of MR.KNOW IT ALL.

Everyone froze .Siya blushed furiously trying to nudge luv, "Ok enough blabbering now Drink your milk", While Raghav calmly smirked and sat down on his chair and tried hard not to look at Siya who rolled her eyes as if questioning him ,"See I told you this.."

One person who remained rooted to his spot and  flabbergasted was Soumitra .His heart almost thumped audibly and the level of his embarrassment compounded manifold as the servants started chuckled.

"Get back to work all of you'Is it funny huh'",Soumitra fumed and pulling the teak chair scratching it on the wooden floor puffed like a mad bull  and sat there with his head lowered while Raghav gave him sheepish glances. The helpers giggled and whisperin hushed tones scooted off to the kitchen.Almost a decade older to Soumitra, Raghav was amused at his antics ever since he finally had fixed Soumitra's marriage with Urmila a distant cousin of Siya. The alliance was the protege of Siya who could not stop gushing at the fact that he little cousin was going to marry her beloved Brother 'in- law.

Siya served tea for Raghav, her slender fingers brushing him briefly trying to steal some furtive moments of fun. Soumitra   glanced at them and quickly lowered his eyes trying to look away .Siya smiled and served tea for Soumitra, "Bhai A few more days and I will be relieved from my duty'Ahh ever since I got married I got son free hhahah So When Urmila comes at least I can breathe phew'", Siya giggled and Raghav joined in too at the leg pulling, "Oh yes! Finally you will be free Siya so that you can concentrate on me too haahh", their voices echoed in the same pitch and Soumitra dug his fork in bread crumbling it in to pieces, chewing his anxiety some more.

The winters in Delhi were chillier this time but this talk was actually making Soumitra giddy headed sweating like a pitcher placed in a humid room.

His eyes almost misted in tears as he looked in Siya's eyes, "Why re you both doing this to me'?"

Siya and Raghav stared him horrified. Siya ruffled his hair, "Bhai are you not happy'?"

"No I am not No I am not happy at all'Why Bhaiyaa Bhabhi. Why should I get married? Who will take care of you all? Why are you both alienating yourself from me..Have I ever tried to invade your privacy ?Have I done something wrong?", His voice was shaky ,his eyes misted with a thin film of tears as he continued, "What if she comes and'.",He choked upon his own words .He could not even summon up enough courage to speak further. He had feared this moment ,his entire life and now that his worst nightmare was going to be true ,he was scared .

"Lucky'",Raghav rose from his seat and held Somitra's shoulders, "Lucky you got to believe me It won't be the same this time'History will not repeat itself, not everyone is same brother'You have to trust me'",Raghav assured him in his calm voice. He knew what they had gone through, they knew what hardships they faced. Raghav hugged Soumitra tightly and rubbed his back, " Bad memories will fade Lucky. You have to stop suspecting everyone. Urmila is a nice girl. She will be just like we are. I have promised Siya about this. Don't you trust your brother..Huh?

"No Bhaiyya It's not like that ..But'What if'?",His statement was cut short by Siya who squealed feigning to be annoyed, "What are you saying!! No Bhai'?what will I say to Uncle ?I will be ashamed? Urmila recently has shifted to Gurgaon from Kanpur. What will I say to her? How on earth I am going to explain them all this?. It's my fault now what will happen'?"Slopping on the chair with her hands placed on her head ,Siya tried her best to shed crocodile tears which did not go unnoticed by Raghav who was on the verge of flipping with her very well time tested emotional act. He knew her tears made her win and this time Soumitra too could not escape her skills. Soumitra was terrified as he sat near Siya's feet and clasped his hands, "No Bhabhi. You need not be ashamed because of me..I will do as you say. Please do not cry",Soumitra wiped her tears making her cast a sheepish glance at Raghav and with a triumphant glee chuckled, "Sachi Bhai So you will go to meet her today'",She squeezed her eyes ,her body slopped, the facial lines sagged .

"Ahh Evil Woman", Thought Raghav, "She knows how to fake innocence", her act made Raghav fall in love with her some more.

"Oh yes of course. I will go. I think I should better hurry up I am already late. "Soumitra got up in haste sipped his tea in a go and was about to go when suddenly,Luv Jumped again and nudging the hem of his coat muttered, "Chachu .You did not answer me Will Urmila Masi also hug you when you meet her  like mamma does when Papa gets home..?,Luv was curious.

Soumitra nodded his head in disbelief and clasped him in his arms and kissed his pink cheeks, "God from where do you get those ideas.", He then glanced at Raghav and nodded his head, "See This is what happens when you do not allow these kids to hang around with me instead of hovering and tagging along with you'",He smiled half-heartedly, fighting his heart every minute but he was tied now, tied by his brother's trust and promise, tied by the tears of his Sister-in law. Placing Luv back on his feet, he grabbed his car keys and fixed his spectacles high up on his nose and turned around one last time before walking way to meet his would be wife, "BTW Siya Bhabhi. How will I recognize her?"

"Arey you saw her at my wedding na'",Siya exclaimed ecstatically

"Argh Right. There were almost twenty of them who were all your cousins.. all were giggling and mocking .And this was 8 years ago. You should have told me then only, "See Soumitra one of the giggling cousins of mine would screw you up for life right'.And Strange woman what's with this hide and seek. You could have at least showed me her picture'Huh'"

"Oh'Urmila wanted it to be a top secret'She said only one thing that you will recognize her once you see her'Ab who knows Bhai you must have cast a spell on her or something'",Siya giggled lmsot rolling in an ocean of joy. Finally her dream was coming true.

"STRANGE OVERCONFIDENCE HUH..LIKE I EVEN CARE'",Soumitra mentally cursed the elusive Urmila  who came like a hurricane , turning his life upside down ,forcefully barging into it .Like this was not enough ,she was now in the mood to play such kiddish hide and seek games.

The evening was freezing cold, the mist had already started setting in.His hair wafted with the chilly wind as he drove through the crowded streets, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. He fixed his specs closer and honked wildly trying to cut through the evening traffic.

"Silly woman. Delhi is not safe at night and she plans to come all alone from Gurgaon. At least could have called me to pick her up",Soumitra banged his fist in frustration.

"Now what was that? He grew cold feet suddenly. WHY WAS HE SO WORRIED ABOUT HER ?All these thoughts almost paralyzed his already confused mind.

The dusk had faded in the night sky. There was smoke everywhere. The honking of the traffic irritated him. The street signals scuttled from red to orange and then green. He stared at his watch-7:30 pm 'He braced up the gears and drove at a maddening speed.

"You have seen her at my marriage", the words of Siya came back to haunt him. First a wave of curiosity and then a thrill ran through him. With his one hand still steering his drive ,he took out his swanky I-phone and swiped through an uploaded wedding album. There were girls all over ?Who was the ONE for him. He checked then one by one trying hard to recognize her .His eyes fixed on a lonely girl dressed in a flaming orange suit. His mind raced.OMG EUREKA !Something struck his mind. That colour seemed familiar. As if by instinct he was about to zoom it to see her face clearly when suddenly a pair of lights blinded him and he applied the brakes .The tires skid screeching loudly and the traffic constable banged his stick on the bonnet, "*^^&$ Aye dekh k nahi chal riya hai abhi chalan katun kya'"

Soumitra was dumbfounded, In his quest to have a look at the mystery woman ,he broke the signal. Had it been some other day he would have landed in a bitter altercation with the constable, but his calmness deceived him. He only said sorry and started driving again. He was shocked. He grew more nervous. He had not even met her and something's had already started changing. He pulled the car in a secluded corner in utter confusion. His breath rapid, his heart hammering beneath his ribs ,he almost felt like puking.

"This is mere co-incidence, BREATHE SOUMITRA NANDA..BREATHE..",Pulling in gasps of air ,he looked at the phone and shut down the album even before looking at her carefully.

"I will tell her frankly Yes!! I am not one to get married", he tried his best to reason. Moving his hands through his hair ,he tried hard to tame his breath. Just when he was to start again his phone flashed with an unknown no'

"Hello..",he answered in a defeated tone.

"Umm Soumitra'",A crystalline tone answered

"Ya speaking Who's there..",Soumitra answered curiously.

"Umm it's me Urmila'",her voice slapped his ears and stabbed his heart. Fine droplets of sweat emerged from his forehead even at a temperature of 5 degree celcius .Silence ensued for a few seconds as he felt he had completely become tongue tied.

"Hello hello r u there umm.",her feeble curious and anxious voice buzzed near his ears making him come out of his suspended state of stupor .

"Ya ya. Oh yes..Ur'",He stuttered trying hard to find his voice.

"Silver or Gold'",she asked in a hurry and continued, "Haan bhaiyya ek minute ruko puch rahi hun na ..",she argued with someone else .

"WHAT? "Soumitra mumbled curiously.

"Just answer What do u like Silver or gold Silly ..",the annoyance in her voice manifested itself clearly as she continued to argue ,"Iska price jyada bataya apne'."

Soumitra scratched his head, "WHAT '"

"Arghhh Silver or gold ANSWER ME NOW'",Her baffled voice grew louder

"Gold'.",Soumitra uttered in confusion.

"GREAT'See you then'",The phone beeped and Soumitra stared at the phone as a statue of stupor ,clueless of whatever happened seconds ago'



So Hola everyone Thank you for your lubbly response Well so here is the next chapter EmbarrassedHope u all like it ..
Thank you
nish89LoLaliPrincessdisha17poo_jMR21minizzkiran_trudecentarti07GeeshunneeiillSilverFairyClever.Foxxy Hug

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wow really loved the second chapter. way too interesting
modern adaptation is like too good..poster mai raghav is looking dashing

so looks like some one has broken soumtira's heart..
btw my fav part is the car journey...loved it like anything

sorry for small comments...u know the reason rightCry

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nneeiill IF-Sizzlerz

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forgot to  say : pls post in Ramayan forum also..

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so sweet...loved it!!

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Hey piu Embarrassed. .nice update . .ok so the story is still in building mode and we r yet to meet urmila . . .hmm waiting waitingErmm . . .the best part of whole update was their little convo on phone . .those few lines give the hint that urmila is the kind of gal who can shut anyone up. Tongue.well at least i felt so Ermm. .let's see how is their meeting going to be. .btw piu . .call me crazy but i m toh scared of luv and kush . .i mean what r they . .some sort of portable surveillance system or whatQuestion . Stern Smile.poping out of nowhere .ShockedLOL .asking most deadly question at the most deadly time LOL. .why the hell they are so despo to know the answers yar . .hahaha. .u know they remind me of narad muni and indra ji from the show .ROFL . .like always poking their nose in other ppl privacy. .lol .LOL .

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