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First of all Thanks for all the wonderful and long detailed comments and precious likes.I am more than overwhelmed to read those as it shows how much you feel for the characters ad the story..that is indeed my best reward ...Thank you so much everyone...Arti ,poo,Pinki ,Neilu ,Mini..Love you all.

I am just a little worked up right now will reply everyone individually bit by bit CHOORYYYOuch Till then O am posting the last part of the story.Hope you all like it..BOUQUETS OR BRICKBATS M ready for all of themHug

"Damn Damn Damn She had driven me to the verge of insanity .I had no control over my tongue, What the hell was I speaking? .What perturbed me more I was more than curious .Whether it was her moving on or did I really WAIT NO !! I DO NOT WANT TO GET MARRIED!!", Soumitra nodded his head still fuming like a mad bull on rampage only until he stared at her again.

Horror had paralysed his limbs. Soumitra looked at her; the eyes inflamed shooting daggers at him, yet moistened with a thin film of tears, her countenance creased with the fine lines of a frown mixed with disappointment, and her lips parted in shock. His seething anger and his voice had been so loud and thunderous that all the other faces in the restaurant, some in shock, and some in amusement were focussed on them.

"Arghh ",Why can't I ever control myself", shoving his hands back into his pocket ,he threw himself back on his chair .He watched everyone losing interest slowly and moving back their widened eyes back to their own boundaries but he shook like a leaf watching Urmila shooting daggers murderously at him. Silence ensued for a few seconds as he sat with lowered eyes clicking his fork on his plate making an irritating noise.

"This is not right. ", Her feeble voice grew firmer as she spoke suddenly without any warning. Soumitra could sense her rapid breath as she spoke in a hurried angry tone,

"This is so bloody unfair .First of all you turn up on empty handed without even caring for my feelings ,then you reject me happily and when I decide to move on you just keep on shouting at me .This is not right. Shaadi nahi hui tab tum is tarah se chilla rahe ho na jane shaadi k baad kya karte. Thank God we are not getting married!!You are not only a kadva karela but a --snob ARROGANT- moron…Thank God We are not getting married. !!", her voice grew fervid  with a blithe disregard for anything now.S he was furious at the indignation he had treated her with.

The restlessness grew more virulent with her sharp words like a shadow overcasting his rational thoughts. He was roused to fury with her snub, her embittered gaze threw him off balance ,"Yes !!Thank God. How can I marry you or as a matter of fact .How can I marry anyone?", he almost yelled, words were beyond his control now, " Who will take care of Raghav Bhaiya ? Who will take care of Siya Bhabhi ? How will I find time for Luv Kush..How will I bloody find time for them.. You are right!!i DO NOT GET DESERVE TO BE GOT MARRIED TO..I am a moron ..you are right…", his face grew as purple as a plum ,almost choking as he continued, "If I marry you I would have never been able to give you time…My only aim in my life is to take care of my family. I cannot give time to anyone..Samjhi So why will anyone get married to me…when I will not have time for her…?", Soumitra spoke in a frenzy ,his muscles became tensed, heat emanated from his cheeks while he spoke in a quivered voice.

Urmila stared at him in shock, his eyes filled with tears which were ready to roll on the slightest blink. He clicked his fork even more vigorously and stuffed his mouth with rice spoon by spoon at jet speed .He kept on shoving it down his throat in anger unless he could bear no more, it choked him and he burst into an unexpected cough rendering him breathless. The tears that had remained in their restricted barriers rolled freely down his cheeks.

"Soumitra Soumitra …!!", Urmila held his hand stopping his frenzy, her cool hands startling his body burning in a funeral pyre .She extended a glass of water ,rubbing constantly his back while he regained his breath and his seething rage seemed to die a slow death.

" Are you OK now", She said with a worried expression .

He said nothing, simply nodded his head ,gulping another glass of water .

Urmila stared at him for a few seconds .His face was dull with a gloom.

 "Listen..Ok Come one let's do some time management for you.. Maybe I can help you chalk out a good schedule ..See..", Her dramatic liveliness came back with a quadrupled enthusiasm as she pulled a tissue paper and clicking on the nib of her pen startled scribbling on it .

"What?", Soumitra 's eyes popped out in confusion .

"Yea See" ,she extended the leaflet before him.

"Good LORD  ...What was she made of? After all this she made a schedule for me .Some woman .Urmila spare me the horror please !! I have already have enough confusion since the last two hours", Soumitra imagined himself begging for mercy at her feet. She was evil .

"Here we go.. Early mornings you can drop Luv Kush to school then go to office take care of Jiju afternoons you can have lunch with him. Evenings you can chat with Siya di and help Luv Kush with homework and studies…Umm dinner we can all be together and Let's see when you can find time for me…Ummm ..YES NIGHT  !! NIGHT ..NIGHT YOU CAN BE WITH ME….SEE ITS SIMPLE THE SCHEDULE!!", her helpless innocence made Soumitra gasp. If only he was aware that Urmila did all this to lighten the mood after watching him ready to erupt ,the dreadful gloom on his face had made her restless.

"What?", he pouted

"Now don't tell me you have to guard Siya di and raghav jiju's room while they make love at night So see night time you are free Hahaaahah ",She giggled loudly winking at him.

"Let me rip your head off Urmila", Soumitra tightened his jaws as he swore  to himself.

"Goddamn you  ..All this looks like a joke to you right…",he spoke out aloud gravely annoyed at her illuminating insight of his much serious problem.

"Hmm well Do you really want me to speak the truth Soumitra…", Urmila spoke out of turn ,her face now grim .

Soumitra was baffled as he watched her fold her hands across the bosom and continue.

"For God's sake Speak without any prologue and epilogue Arghhh I can't read her thoughts", Soumitra shook his head in anxiety thinking too hard.

"The truth is ..this is escapism. Yes it is…", she said in a serious tone ,paused for a second and continued, "Why do  all men have this strange conviction of  not being able to fulfil more than one roles. It's just a pathetic way to escape responsibility. Tell me who on earth said that a good brother cannot be a good husband or a good Uncle cannot be a good brother –in law .Why are all men commitment phobic. This is a wonderful way to escape more responsibilities .You can claim to devote your life to your family so won't your wife be again a part of your family .I wonder how all you men claim to be the stronger sex when you chicken out at the mention of ADDITIONAL responsibility .SEE I AM GOOD BROTHER SO CANNOT TAKE YOUR RESPONSIBILTY. That is a very Shallow way of escaping the challenge of the institution of marriage. Tell me A woman can be a daughter, wife, mother, sister, sister –in-law, daughter-in –law all at the same time without even an iota of confusion .Does a woman ever gets scared NO!! Does a woman escape? NO! The truth is… she stands tall, takes up the challenge and proves herself be to the best in every sphere of life, nurturing and equally cherishing every relationship. But STRANGE --you men. You are always so Uni -dimensional .PATHETIC - ESCAPIST TENDENCIES.", she spoke without a pause making Soumitra swallow a baseball lump in his throat. Her obstinate defiance of his plight made him mad.

He clenched his fists, eyeballing her and blurted in anger, "You do not know me!!You do not know anything about me and again you started judging me. You want to know the real reason why I can't marry. Well What if the one I marry throws Luv Kush ,Siya bhabahi and Raghav Bhaiyya on the streets like Sundari Kaki did to our family after Dad died. Can you even imagine our kaka -our father figure got carried away by kaki's jealousy and threw his brother's sons on the streets. Siya bhabhi was pregnant at that time .You know how we passed those days ,without any home, without any job ,without any money. The brother who loved his brother like his heart did not even bother to look at his kids when he died, Kaka did that to us..Sundari Kaki ,who was like my mother – Can you imagine the way she threw us out. All because of her love for money .We got nothing from the property. Those days were horrible Urmila. And the only reason Sundari Kaki…She separated brothers, broke the family. Do you think after all this my heart has the strength to bear another heartbreak. What if one fine day my wife does not want to see Luv Kush and throws them out.. What if she turns out to be like Sundari Kaki. .What if? Will I be able to stand this…."

Soumitra shivered in nervousness. It had been years he had spoken about this to anyone. He had never uncloaked his heart ,never allowing anyone to peep inside him ,but here it was strange, he had just laid his heart empty unclothed and bare for her. He had feared this vulnerable state ,he had never ever dreamed of venting all his fears out but there he stood before a woman whom he barely knew yet her ambrosial essence had laid down all his defences.

"Do you really want me to sympathise with your experience Soumitra" ,Urmila took a long pause, her face became even more stern.

"What?", He exclaimed in disbelief. Her aloofness stabbed him , her words  pricked at his heart.

"What had you expected Soumitra, she would comfort you hugging you huh", Soumitra cursed himself. Though there was stern defiance, yet somewhere in his heart he had been reduced to a child who told everything to her, his deepest secrets, his worst fears ,he had blurted .He wanted her to caress his forehead, assure him ,allay his fears .Yes he wanted her to do that but instead she gave him looks that were beyond his imagination. He grew aggressive as she spoke again.

"The truth is I find your logics hypocritical", She said with a strange coldness.

"How dare you call me hypocritical when you yourself are always so obsessed with money .See I told you women care about money and power that's it…Just like Sundari Kaki. All your life you just want to dominate"; he replied severely .

"Wow that was rude and that was judgmental too. So you happily assumed since I care about each and every penny I spend with caution ,I am ought to be a bloody gold digger who is desperate to get married to a self-made rich architect so that I can throw your brothers kids on streets RIGHT!!Wow Soumitra I should have saw this coming from you because only a person like you can utter those words. THAT WAS SO SOUMITRA..", Urmila shot back with stinging ,her face was that of graven image, his aggressive selfishness made her cringe.

The tongue wounds more than a lance. Her words clearly manifested that the ruthless words he had hurled at her in anger had hurt her in the worst possible way .Her voice grew more firm, the hurt just swam in her eyes, it was evident from her face. The anguish was not only evident on her face but her eyes just ran dry yet misted with tears. He watched her sigh, taking a deep breath her voice almost choking into hiccups.

Soumitra felt choked too, her words did pierce him .He was plunged in the depths of guilt .His anger had been his worst enemy and he had done it again. Shouting at a woman who had come to meet him with millions of hopes; he did not only crush her heart with his bashful words but also made her seem like a selfish woman.

"Screw you Soumitra Nanda", He bit his tongue in desperation.

"Listen I just did not mean to.." , clearing his throat ,he tried to emerge from his accumulated burden.

"Do not bother to apologize Soumitra .I am what I am ." , she carelessly chewed her food and sipped some more martini ,licking the fine droplets from her laced lips and continued in a monotonous tone without any upheaval in her mind ,calm and composed ,as deep as a lake ,deep and unfathomable.

"Your opinion will not change me. I calculate and save every penny to earn a living for myself. Every night I slog in call centres talking in sugary sweet tones to people hurling angry abuses at me just so that I can fund my own art school fees. I save because all my life I have been taught by my mother that every penny is precious. We are 4 sisters Soumitra and my mom slogged every day and night sewing clothes for others so that we get a life to help my father. I save because I do not want to be a burden on my father. Gurgaon is costly, I cannot keep asking for money from my retired father .He has educated me, I can earn and live for myself. The leap from Kanpur to NCR was a big one and difficult too. I travel in Metro that too with a card so that I can save ,UNDERSTAND.I really wonder that all that you could assume about me that I was a woman who would happily wear costly brands ,shop like crazy ,and spend your money buying diamonds after marriage.", not being able to calm herself she blurted ; her harshness grew manifold .Soumitra 's heart got buried under heaps of guilt, he felt like puking at his own crass behaviour. He had been brutal and he knew it. Still she sat with dignity and dared to face all his accusations with stoical equanimity .

"Where do you get that kind of strength from Urmila", Soumitra wondered with his heart lamenting his each and every accuse he threw at her.

 "Sorry Mr Soumitra Nanda but I have my own dreams. ", she almost pointed her fingers towards him, I want to complete my masters in fine arts ,I want to paint ,open my own gallery .",her eyes lit up ,a smile emerged on her lips. Soumitra was left spellbound, as she spoke her heart, he felt sinking into her heart. He could see her through ,the inner beauty radiated through her eyes.

"Arghhh How can you reject such a woman", Soumitra grew furious on himself.

"For the realization of those dreams I need money and I want to earn myself .Every rupee I save is a stepping stone for the attainment of my goal. Sorry Soumitra but I will stick to my statement. Your stand is plain hypocritical .If life has wronged you than my life hasn't been a bed of roses either, but still I am ready to give it a chance. I work every day to win the battle against my life. You seem to have become rich, but what you lack is the zeal to fight back. You are hypocritical Soumitra .In fact you are a coward.", her brows creased as she sipped again ,there was not even a hint of softness in her voice .

"What the hell?  Listen I am sorry I take my words back. I have been rude to you but you do not have any right to call me coward", he shot back utterly dismayed brought out from his stance. Her words, her accusations were like pots and pans thrown at him without even a warning. Till now he had been a warrior,at least he had thought himself to be but now he did not understand himself anymore, instead her words made him think, think about his life .He stared at her ; the woman with antagonistic views was charming him . This charm made him angry , this whole effect of her being trying to tame him made him mad . He felt lost yet found himself in a new light. This heated discussion was thrilling him. He sat there looking at her dumbfounded while she spoke.

"Oh yes you are Soumitra.. Truth is bitter but you have to face it. You have locked your heart in fear that you might end up getting hurt. That is hypocrisy. You assume things and end up shunning everything in a pursuit to save you from being hurt. That is again escapism. Just because a woman broke your family, you assumed that every other woman would do the same. That is again a pathetic escapism. You are wearing a suit to protect yourself, IMO that is not an act of bravery but again an act of cowardice. Did you by chance ever think that Your Siya Bhabhi is my sister and those kids are my own blood too. No!! you happily assumed that only you can love your brother and I cannot love my sister. What if I say that my love for my sister is much more than you. But Listen I do not need to prove my loyalty to her but not loving anyone else. Love increases by sharing. It has many forms, Seconds or hours do not matter .It is for eternity. You do not want to marry because you are scared. Scared to shoulder responsibilities,   scared to get hurt, scared to love. If you were the same boy whom I had known years ago, you would have dared life to hurt you, Stand out in the open embracing life with open arms, accepting every challenge, rather than locking yourself up away, in a singular caged shell and hiding under the mask of fierce loyalty towards your family. Soumitra Nanda you are scared ..ADMIT IT!!"

With her brutal honesty, with the fire in her heart, she had melted his sheath  ego, bit by bit thread by thread. It was as if nothing separated him from her now. His fragile heart just peeped through the soft sheath which could shred off any moment. Had it been some other day; had it been someone else; Soumitra would have minced her flesh to pieces for daring him, for speaking so bitterly. All his life he had this annoying obsession with his own set of convictions but her words broke him chip by chip , her perception made him shiver.

"I am not scared Urmila. .But how can I trust when life has betrayed me so badly, Life was never fair to us .Is it wrong if I want to protect me and my family from being hurt.? Is it so wrong to protect your family?" , his shaking voice gathered all his lost courage to fight back once. Like a lost child he sought for answers .His eyes looking up to her. She wiped her lips with a tissue paper finishing her meal , leaving her forks shabbily .For once Soumitra's attention was captured gain ,Urmila smiled and placed the forks back crossing them against one another and whispered, "Ahh Soumitra !Old habits die hard …", her giggle was uninhibited , pure and beautiful just like her heart, crystal clear was her tone just like her thoughts. Soumitra struggled , struggled with a variety of emotions. He was more than curious now.

 She leaned back scrutinizing him with her fingers on her lips," Hmm now coming to your question Nothing is wrong in being protective but  shutting yourself in  cage in the fear of being hurt is not being protective !! Have you ever seen Luv Kush riding a bicycle huh?",

 "Many times why?" ; He nodded in confusion

"Now  all of a sudden from where did Luv Kush come from…Arghhh  Unpredictability thy name is woman", Soumitra felt like strangulating her. Her array of emotions, her viewpoints made him confused

"And did they fall sometimes too while learning", she rubbed her palms.

"Yes..", he replied suspiciously

"So did you stop them from riding the bicycle again…?, she ran her fingers through her hair tucking a stray curl behind her ears. The twinkle in her eyes was alluring him.

"No why would I ..It was a part of their learning .If they had quit they would have…", Soumitra stopped for a second .A sudden realisation hit him ,he had answered himself .He gasped in excitement , he had clung to her like a lost child but he himself found his answers.

His eyes gleamed in awed admiration as an ecstatic scream escaped his mouth, "Urmila "

"EXACTLY Soumitra ", She threw is a smile , the familiar triumphant glee ,Without any elephantine attempts ,she had proved her point and she knew it. The victory was evident on her face.

She continued in the same spirit, "If they would have been scared to try out the experience again they would have never learnt to ride it. Then how can you just not try something that is so beautiful due to the fear of getting hurt….", She smiled .Her caressing presence made Soumitra speechless.

And then wonders of wonders happened ,She slowly slid her hands on his palms ,the balmy touch made him flip, the approving smile melted his heart , cooling his anxious soul .Her face now had a strange soft radiance which was completely unlike her stern ,bitter truths she had thrown at him.

"Life had been unfair to your family I agree, but see the other side of it. Life ain't PERFECT …!!Is it? That is the beauty of life. .WABI SABI—RIGHT !!It changes every second like it did change for your family when you were thrown from riches to rags, it makes you stronger like it did make Raghav Jiju to venture out and make a career for himself without the crutches of his father's wealth, it fortifies bonds like it did for your family. THIS IMPERFECT LIFE GAVE YOU A REASON TO LOVE EACH OTHER UNCONDITIONALLY. To stand for and with each other against the vagaries of adverse fortune .Look at the brighter Side Soumitra.. THIS IMPERFECT LIFE MADE YOU A MAN WHO MADE HIS OWN FORTUNE- A MAN WHO LOVES HIS FAMILY UNCONDITIONALLY – …Isn't it beautiful.. The IMPERFECTION……", Her soft ,endearing voice sunk deep inside his heart .Soumitra breathed heavily , a part of his mind was soothed .He felt lighter, he had been wandering in mazes and labyrinths always clueless of why life had treated them this way but with her conversation he realized that he had been at war with nothing. All his fears were baseless. T ill now he had thought himself to be a great fighter but why was he fighting ,he never realised it.

Soumitra drank another glass of water .His face was drained but with a calm resignation ,he took solace in silence ,deciphering her words, trying to analyse what he missed in all those years. All these years ; he had wasted his time in brooding when Life had offered him much more than it had taken from him. His rock hard defiance was corroded by the waves of her strong conviction and soft assurance. Her caressing smile, her strange way of looking at life made him contemplate seriously.He sat there,his mind speculating but his eyes glued to her.

"Kuch samjhe ya k i…", she pulled her hand back and signalled the waiter to clear the table and continued , "Everything flew above your head in projectile motion…Hmm and LOL do you know what happens when a PERFECTIONIST like you sees an imperfect Life…?", she chuckled.

Soumitra was about to say something when , the attendant extended the desert menu towards them. Without even bothering to looks at the menu, She ordered hastily, "two strawberry ice-creams for us please.

The attendant left and Soumitra blurted , "Wait Ice-creams  that too strawberry..Are you crazy"

Even before she could answer, the deserts were served in no time. "Arghhh Urmila Damn you which boy eats a strawberry ice-cream ewww ", he wondered.

"HAHAH Yes Mr.Perfect I know this isn't perfect for you but a hot guy err I mean a Khula sand ( Free mad Bull ) like you needs ice-cream to calm him down, else you might erupt like a volcano every now and then Hahha",  her bubbly smile widened leaving a blush on his face. She dug a handful and slurped it happily moaning sweet nothings. , "ummm heavens.." . He watched her lips twitching and was amused at her antics.

"O wow after kadva karela ,sukhi kakadi I was crowned with another title Khula sand EWW Urmila ", Soumitra wanted to gag her but her smile soothed him.He   chuckled; her soaring naughtiness evoked   a strange sense of humour in him  and he winked at her, " UMM You are wrong Urmila ,May be a Hot guy I mean a khula sand  like me needs the cold touch of your palms to calm him down hahahha", Soumitra winked at her shocked by his new found cheekiness.

"Haila " ,her nude lips pouted in a PERFECT O as she continued , "…Cheeky huh…Looks like finally someone is in good spirits Tell me na The touch did work right!!",She guffawed and he grinned. There were no inhibitions.

"This date is fun !! DATE !!OK FINE IT IS A DATE ",Soumitra  nodded his head speaking to himself.


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"So you were saying something   ---what happens when a PERFECTIONIST like me sees an imperfect Life…?",Soumitra scooped out the ice-cream which he really seemed to enjoy directing back the conversation from where it had abruptly ended.

" Oh that …HE ESCAPES LOL…LIKE YOU DID ", her boisterous laugh echoed in the air.Soumitra was amazed .She had this unique plastic power ,her free spirit almost instantaneously used to mould itself in different forms .This made her the enigma ; she was Difficult to decipher.

Urmila stopped for a second and in a soft tone whispered "Marriage is a beautiful institution Soumitra, it's not necessary you marry me but look at Raghav Jiju and Siya Di..their life has been imperfect yet beautiful. What if Siya Di had been scared and not held Raghav Jiju's hand in desperate times? She must have been scared too, but she took the plunge along with him .This is what marriage is all about .To love and to share…The feeling is beautiful…." , her eyes grew warmer and her look purged his soul. Soumitra forgot to blink his eyes for a second, spellbound by her warmth.

All these years he had remained trapped in forlorn desolation, bounded by his own circle of self-restraint and prolonged his misery until he had reached a stage of absolute seclusion, his soul had been deserted from his body but with her vision he saw himself in new light. All those fears seemed to be baseless. Now there was no more fear to admit.

"Hmmm But Raghav Bhaiyya and Siya Bhabhi fell in love at first sight. I think I cannot love anyone. My heart dosen't feel anything anymore now…You were right I am scared  " , Soumitra finally gave up as he folded his hands across his bosom , and nodded his head in the flow of the moment.

"WAIT DID I SAY THAT Soumitra Nanda admitted that he was scared no no no ", Soumitra jolted back to realisation as he saw Urmila pulling a paper napkin and she placed it on her lap and scribbled something with her ,his view was barred by the table but he quickly had to do some damage control.

"Umm I mean no…arghhh..I mean I cannot love anyone it's simple", Soumitra stuttered curious looking at her moving hands not able to  find the appropriate words  to conjure up a perfect coveting statement.

"Never mind ..", she mumbled still keen on her work making Soumitra curious  and answered stopping for a second looking at Soumitra , "Huh What is your idea of Love Soumitra"

"What..I mean I ummm", he was again struck dumb clueless.

"Tumhe kya lagta hai jab pyaar hota hai to violens bajte hain Wind blows and you enter a silly eye lock with your beloved. No one can teach you to be in love. It just happens. It's natural like breathing. It happens even before you know it. It happens !! Soumitra only if you give it a   chance .It happens if you open the doors of your heart instead of locking it up under heaps of denial only due to the fear of getting hurt. Give life a chance .Love will happen. It happens and it is beautiful TRUST ME!!", Urmila looked at him deep and hard .The gaze made him uncomfortable and unhappy .

"Am I stone hearted Urmila….If I cannot love someone does that make me incapable of getting married…", he replied in a question with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

She sensed his unease and giggled, " hahaah who said Love is essential for marriage.. One can be friends with benefits lol  but only if you do not need a doctor warna yeh idea bhi flop if you can neither love nor enjoy any benefits ….haahah", her brazen sense of humour was on a roll.

Soumitra stopped for a second , his face flushed like a rose, which grew red ,redder and finally into scarlet red .His cheeks burned with embarrassment trying to understand the pun intended in her words .In a disastrous attempt ,to mask his uneasiness he almost snatched the paper napkin from her hand, "What have you been scribbling Urmila…Show me…"

 His face froze , his eyes misted and first a wave of pride and then a delirious ecstasy swept him off his feet. There lied in his hands , his sketch on the paper napkin , with a free smile on his face which touched Soumitra's own smile which widened an inch every passing second.

"Urmila", this was all he could squeal in joy. His heart pounded beneath his bosom , his mind echoed with all that had happened ever since the day he had met her.

She paused for a second, lowered her eyes and suddenly looked at her watch, "I think I should better leave now , its late I will miss the last Metro.."

"Urmila Please don't leave I …", Soumitra wanted to stop her ,but she got up in haste and unzipping her purse laid out the money on the table , "Here is my share of the dinner and the cost of the tie pin..I was just joking… Bye.."

"Urmila ..Listen…Please Don't go I just..we need ..I mean I need you…",Soumitra clasped her hands diffidently clinging on to her. His voice choked at the thought of leaving her.

She pulled back her hand back and found her voice, "Listen Soumitra, This has been draining for me .The rejection of almost 14 suitors had made me bitter. I never really wanted to come ,but I came just to prove that I cannot be an escapist. I just came to meet you because I knew a boy years ago who had actually the guts to speak against his Kaki when she had demanded dowry from Siya Di's father."


Siya's father cried at the feet of Sundari kaki in a courtyard begging her to show some mercy in the dowry which she had claimed without the knowledge of Raghav and Soumitra .

" Bs kijiye", he roared , even brother his brother Raghav could take a stand, "Bas kijiye Kaki Maine kaha na Koi paise nahi liye jayenge Bhabhi is ghar ki hi beti hain aap aisa bilkul nahi karengi samjhi aap ", Saying this he gathered Siya's father in his arms.

"Lucky yeh sab theek nahi kiya tune tum dono bhaiyon ko yeh beizzati bahut bhari padegi ", Sundari kaki walked away angrily stomping her foot . Soumitra and Raghav smiled while Urmila looked at him with awed devotion

"Urmila please let me . ..Just listen to me ..", Soumitra tried to block her way.

"No you listen to me. Phir mauka miley na miley. So just let me speak. I thought I can be the shadow of a man who had such respect for relationships that he had stood for my sister even amidst thousands of relatives .I really thought I could be the shadow of the man who had struck some unknown chords in my heart the day I had met him. But Sigh…Shadows don't exist in darkness, you need light to cast a shadow. How can I become a shadow when you yourself want to lock yourself in darkness away from the light of life .Shadows merge in darkness so I guess I can never be your shadow.", she spoke as the torment of her heart was evident in her eyes, which were bleak  but dry as if she had swallowed her tears .The moment was dreadful for her but she was strong and she had to prove it. Seconds they thus stood , face to face not speaking a word. Soumitra felt as if he had been struck by lightning .He was caught in an unknown vortex of emotions which numbed him as he watched her take a deep sigh masking her sad face with a feigned smile; she extended her hands towards him for the final goodbye,  "It's been a pleasure to meet you Soumitra.."

He was dumbfounded, rooted to the stop, frozen like a statue unable to react. Urmila pulled back her hand and wiping a lone tear that had escaped her eyes walked away dragging her feet.

 Soumitra was choked dead; there was a strange excruciating pain in his heart. Suddenly a realization hit him and a  chill ran down his spine watching her go away, I n desperation he ran towards her almost pulling her "Urmila please just", the grip on her shoulders was so sudden and harsh that she lost her balance and in shock closed her eyes due to the fear of a fall only to be caged in Soumitra's firm ,arms which grabbed her with surety and protection. She lifted her eyelids ,her eyes locking gazes with the finest  and deepest she had ever encountered ,obliquely set on her. They stood thus for minutes .

"Violins baj rahe hain ", Soumitra whispered in a husky tone looking at her dazed.

"Hain What…", She fluttered her eyelids.

"Yes Violens baj rahe hain..This is just PERFECT", Soumitra said firmly.His heart knew what he wanted.

"PERFECT NAHI PICTURE PERFECT" ; a blinding flash from a camera jolted both of them and they straightened up parting from each other hearing Raghav's voice..

"Chachuuu", Luv Kush ran towards Soumitra and Urmila saw her sister also emerging from behind Raghav smiling at both of them. The restaurant was almost empty now as most of the customers had left by now. Only the attendants cleared the tables and watched them.

"Di Jiju aap dono yahan..", Urmila bit her lips trying to wake up from a dreamlike state.

"Oh God Your Di was so impatient you see. She was worried for you too because she knows how Soumitra can burn anyone with his temper .But you too seem PERFECT together.", Raghav chuckled placing her hand around Urmila.

"Don't you trust me Bhabhi… and BTW she is COOL She SURVIVED everything ", Soumitra kissed Luv Kush 's cheeks and buried his hands deeper in his pocket .

"No Bhai I was just worried that it was getting late so thought we would ask Urmila to come home with us..so that she could spend the night…", Siya was baffled and tried to quickly cover up

"Nooo..I mean I will drop her myself  ..to Gurgaon by car…", Soumitra blurted .The truth was that he wanted to spend time with her alone. What better than a ride back home in loneliness. He did not want Luv Kush hovering around him and Siya sneaking around eaves dropping their conversation and teasing them.

"Ahem ahem…Bhai…You want to be left alone with her ..Don't worry ghar par we won't disturb you….", Siya cast a fleeting glance at Raghav and exchanged a sheepish look with each other.

"No no…Umm  Oh Di stop giggling we were just talking ok…", Urmila dug her heels on the wooden floor trying not to look at both of them. Luv Kush ran around the whole restaurant playing tom and jerry.

"Oh Talking So what do you think I mean what did you decide …Jaldi batao..na…Did you like him…", Siya grinned and shook her shoulders in excitement.

"Um I mean ..He is not ..I mean I am not…", Urmila talked incoherent words still unsure how to tell them that they are not getting married. She gazed at Soumitra but he seemed to be pretty much at ease as if enjoying this tease.

"How was the meeting tell me na…",Siya coaxed her again..

"Oh the meeting ..Oops date was Great BHABHI..", Soumitra Intervened leaving everyone including Urmila shocked.

Raghav grinned with his parted mouth and there was silence for a few seconds as Soumitra winked at Urmila and spoke loudly ,"I like her…"

Urmila's jaws dropped as she stared at him wide eyed in a state of shock.

"Ummm Let me check…" , Soumitra frisked his pocket opened his cell phone and after scrolling a bit  spoke in an affirmative tone without any single expression on his face, "I think I am free next weekend…We can get married ..Ask her if this suits her…"

""Yeayyy", almost a deafening scream escaped Siya's mouth as she jumped and hugged Soumitra who had a sheepish smile on his face staring at Urmila blatantly. Urmila felt giddy headed unable to comprehend whatever just happened

"Oh Bhai I am so happy for both of you….", Siya wiped the tears of happiness ,parting from him and gently ruffled his hair. Everyone seemed happy and in a joyous mood .Raghav hugged Soumitra and congratulated him.

 "Wait This is insane .I need time to think….", Urmila squealed in horror ; her head still reeling under a state of shock , an inexplicable sensation fluttering its wings in the pit of her stomach

"o Yes of course you do take your time…", Soumitra placed his arms around her shocking her. Before she could yank away Luv Kush came running and nudged the edge of his pants, "Chcahu chachu I want a snap with you and masi please…"

"Oyes yes of course ..", Soumitra pulled both of them near him and stood face to face with Raghav who held the camera in his hand.

"Awww they look so good", Siya 's tears rolled down her cheeks as he squeezed Raghav;s arm

"Dramebaaz Always needs a hug when she sees some other lovey -dovey couple ", Raghav thought smacking her hand and crushed her in a deep hug .

Urmila stood SPEECHLESS   for a second still trying to process everything that happened.

"Say yes !!You have only 24 hrs with you to think… I cannot wait any longer.", she froze as she heard his husky voice and his warm breaths tickle near  her ears.

"Wait you cannot force me like this AND HOW DO YOU KNOW I WILL SAY YES…", She turned towards him and folded her arms across her bosom ,rolling her eyes. This was just a too little fast for her. She could not understand what made him change his mind all of a sudden

"Because I know you are dying to marry me… after all you love imperfections and I am the most imperfect man for you ---Wabi Sabi Right…and you are just the perfect girl for me…", Soumitra winked and Urmila blushed lowering her eyes unable to bear his gaze anymore.

"Oh I AM SO HAPPY…", Siya parted from Raghav

" jaldi photo lo na papa ..Chachu chachu..why is mumma so happy", Luv nuged Soumitra again.

" because I am getting married to your Urmila Masi ..", he said with accentuated playfulness making Urmila even more nervous.

"Will you kiss Urmila masi after you get married?", Kush nodded his head and everyone burst laughing ,Urmila felt like sifting the earth and burying herself up .Her embarrassment grew leaps and bounds.

"Ok everyone pose for us now…",Raghav signalled them and the 4 of them stood facing the camera .

Soumitra suddenly placed his arms on her waist pulling her closer to him giving her goosebumps while whispering in her ears, "Violins baj rahe hain…?"

"What …?", she mumbled intoxicated.

"Ab bajenge…", with this he suddenly placed a delicious peck on her cheeks ,Urmila's lips pouted in horror as Soumitra  ruffled Luv's hair ,  " I need not wait till marriage to kiss your Urmila Masi "

  Raghav clicked the picture,"NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL PICTURE PERFECT"; Raghav  grinned while Urmila ran towards her sister after hearing Soumitra whisper near his ears again, "AND LAST AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I DO NOT NEED A DOCTOR for God's sake"


As he drove her back home, after series of stupid logics , coaxing and cajoling, evading Siya Bhabhi's sheepish looks, Soumitra manuevered through huge empty roads with a snail slow speed. Not every movement was intentional, the thick blanket of fog engulfed them threatening to swallow them and throw them off track, but Soumitra whistled faintly while he drove. The 45 minute drive was lengthened into almost 1:30 hours, yet there was an insatiable urge in Soumitra to keep driving forever. The silence between them was as thick as the fog around them, the gap between them almost reasonable, yet the richly captivating feel of satiety brimmed Soumitra's heart. He glanced at her through the corner of his eyes. She had not spoken to him at all except giving directions; neither had he made an attempt to talk. The haunting silence around them was beautiful. She leaned on the half opened window, the chilly wind wafting her poker straight hair  ,her eyes half closed in deep contemplation looking outside in the grey bleak, glum darkness.

"This was not an ideal long drive with a woman alone in the dark, Ideally we were supposed to hold hands, But this distance, the silence,the imperfection attracted me Ahh Soumitra you are so dead", He thought with a deep sigh casting a furtive glance at her. He was at peace, for he saw her with new eyes ,for he tried   to grasp her thoughts, her dreams – they were his now. Here she was the woman ,who would be there by his side forever, giving never demanding yet will hold his hands like a guiding lamp when he would walk in the feet of erring. She would a balm to soothe his savage heart. She would be his forever.

"Stop", Her faint voice made him pull over applying  the brakes. It was then he realised that she had probably reached her hostel.

Soumitra switched on the light ,she gathered her purse and canvas bag and yawned ,and was about to move out when an unknown fear gripped Soumitra ,his sweaty palms gripped the steering hard, taking a deep breath ,he turned towards her  and looking deep into her eyes whispered, "I do not want you to be my shadow ,I want you to be a mirror where I can see my reflection….Like you were for me today. .I want this to be forever  .I want this mirror for life .Am I greedy ?"

He watched her face wake up fresh as a morning daisy from her slumber, the smile emerged from her lips but it touched her eyes, radiating throughout her face.

" Yes you are Mr Soumitra Nanda", She chuckled, her hands moved on to the switch ,the lights went off for a second. Words stopped and her lips connected ,brushing his with a brief peck, the thrill ran through his veins, the lavender made him dizzy ,eyes almost brimmed with tears and even before he knew ,the two seconds passed, the door slammed open and he watched her run away in embarrassment  at her audacity.

He sat there for hours motionless, still wrapped in the lingering Lavendar, alone in the darkness of the night , lips still feeling numb, his breath racing a mile mingled with her sweet one, heart still fluttering and rolling in an ineffable ocean of joy and her silly idiotic grin on his face .

"LIFE COULDN'T BE MORE PERFECT", he wondered as he drove back, the dawn bursting, cutting through the haze , tiny lights peeping through the thick layer of fog, the first faint rays of the orange sun ,seeping through the wind shield falling n Soumitra's face cocooning his already over joyous heart. The big wide smile had still not left his lips.




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poo_j IF-Rockerz

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Fabulous!!!Clap Loved it a lot!!!Smile Urmila is an amazing character..Clap  So Soumitra's all this aloofness regarding marriage is coz of his kaki..He is highly disturbed and it deeply effected him..OuchBut how in a simple way she made him to understand everything..Clap

Soumitra needed Urmila the most..Wink Finally his family too joined them..Nice touch!!! Everything fell in place and how come he can say no to marrying her..Impossible!!!Embarrassed

Thanks for writing this story Piu!!!Smile

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SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Very Nice. Loved The Final Chapter. (:

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nneeiill IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2013 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
hi piu..
oh my take me bow for this chapter full of awesome lines...
my my...this is just a SS full of inspiring romance

what lines man...how can any one not be floored with such a gal..soumitra was bound to get messed up..
a date which churned out everything out..

the way urmila dealt with soumitra was just mind blowing..i mean how on earth u write such awesome lines...me toh totally inspired...u r genius piu..

what a parallel u have drawn from  ramayan...kudos yaar..sundari kaki grrr
now i know why soumitra was not allowing himself..this soumitra needed one urmila..u expect a gal to show sympathy..but hell no..urmila is very  knowledgeable person..may be its her circumstances which made her like that ..so she showed the mirror to him..much needed. well said by soumitra in the end..kya kya praise karu piu..har ek line is a treasure in this chapter...

there was a dormant love for each other in their hearts and they had to meet...and i loved the ending...flirty side of soumitra was a treat to read...kitna naughty hai yeh...perfect for each other..

btw i loved how she wrote the schedule..ofc nights hi tho chahiye na,,hahaa the double meaning jokes of urmilaROFL..bechare all shy why hahahah but he did take bful revenge for all that in the end...i loved how he asked about next weekend free hu...i toh loved him there..main toh usi waqt shaadi kar leti usse...LOL

and the best moment was his peck on her cheek and raghav bhaiyya clicking...epic moment

and the journey was so romantic without anything cliched...ufff too good..i think this is one of ur best piu...me mega impressed 

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LoLali IF-Dazzler

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Oh piu . . .first let me tell u that when i first read that this is last chappi . . .my reaction ws like "what ?Shocked? How could she ?? There is so much to tell !!" . . .but but by the end of chappi i had this HUGE happy and content smile on my face . . .u see this SS proves that one does not need a string of events to tell appealing story . .only a few meaningful ones r enough to touch ones heart . . . in these 5 neatly bundled chappies u have given us a delightful ride . . .ok coming to the chappi . .again the star of this story "the dialogues" have been excellent . . .i don't know piu whether it's effect of some magical potion or what Shocked. . .since when u started writing such epic dialogues . .i have said before that descriptions and detailings have always been ur stuff . . .i also admit that no one can defeat u in writing cheeky lines (remembering rawat Tongue). . .but the lines that u have given to urmila and soumitra here have completely left me speechless . . .i personally believe that the whole part where urmila makes soumitra understand his false insecurities, the meaning of love and marriage , the bravery of letting oneself go and feel things can aptly be refered as "Urmila Geetha" . .this term instantly came into my mind . .she ws literally enlightening a confused soul -Soumitra . . .coming to the sundari kaki part . .well piu i had this idea in mind while reading soumitra and raghav conversation that his insecurity has something to do with their parents . .so i ws right there . . .now come to the part where he caught her sketching his smiling face and she blurted why she wanted to marry him . . .and soumitra ke dimaag ki ghanti baji . .then that violin wala line plus arrival of the most dramebaaz family on earth .LOL . .till now i ws team urmila but khula saand has pulled me to his party when he started showing his imperfection LOL. .so not done soumitra . . .this guy drived her insane with his unpredictability LOL. . .till now 'i can't marry u' all of a sudden 'i want marry u just next week'.Shocked . .i can understand urmi's reaction on his cheeky lines . .and bless my narad ji and indra ji for not poking their chachu hard Tongue. .the final part where they wr driving together in complete silence was so peaceful . . .really they don't need to talk now . .they have talked enough in that resturant for the rest of their lives . . .they need some action now and urmi ne action ka chota sa trailer bhi dikha diya . . .i can imagine them living together holding mirror for each other . .finally both souls are content . . .so am i as a reader. .really piu this tiny story has been quite a ride for me . .from a confusing and hesitant start to a meaningful end. . .loved it . .love u.Heart

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poo_j IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2013 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Unres done in the same page..Smile 

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MR21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2013 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Piu Hug...just completed reading the last 2 chapters...they r simply superbClapClap
I really liked the way how the debate took place between them on perfection n imperfection...that was too good n well writtenClap...coming to urmila character...i just loved her yaar...the way she composed once he rejected her n then the way she showed him the mirror of his imperfections...urmila character is one of the best characters u have written...at last lucky accepted to marry her...loved the actual lucky at last who is all free from the baggage of past...
This is an excellent story piu...loved it...
Sorry...i am unable to write my long essaysUnhappy...totally occupied with release work even in weekendsCry

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