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Harshad Chopda FC# 83 : Prem Prem Prem

TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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Prem Prem Prem

"Beta paida hone par...ussey ek naam diya jaata hai...taaki wo naam...uski pehchaan ban jaaye...

Tera naam sirf tere chehre ki pehchaan nahi...tere dil ki pehchaan hai...
Tera bass naam hee Prem nahi...tu khud Prem hai...
Maa ke liye izzat ke roop mein...
Apne behno ke liye sneh ke roop mein...
Bhaiyo ke liye prerna ke roop mein...
Aur kisike liye...kisi din...junoon ke roop mein...
Tu jisey bhi pyaar karega...
Ibaadat ka roop dega...aur wahi tera junoon hoga...
Tu jisey bhi pyaar karega...kabhi kahega nahi...bass pyaar karta hee jayega...
Log aksar apna pyaar jataate hain...par mehsoos nahi karte...
Kuch log apne pyar ke liye jee jaate hain...kuch log apne pyaar par mar mitte hain"
These were the words which had introduced millions all over the world to Prem Juneja ... a character that changed our lives forever ,,, little did we know that this simple looking guy was going to live each word said by his mother
Little did we know...that this simple word..."Prem"...will change our lives forever...
Prem..means love...and Prem Juneja was not abt loving his heer...but he was all abt living each relationship that was in his life...he was all abt living them..respecting them...
Prem considered his parents as his god...to him...they were above everything else for him...he placed his family above himself...so for him...he would rather face everything...all miseries pains...protect them from all harm...
His belief...his faith...everything was rooted in his family...and for Prem..life was all abt living for the ones whom u loved...living for the people whom u worshipped...
He was that son...who did not observe shraadh for his deceased biological mother...coz for him...his mother(Gayatri) was alive infront of his eyes...he was that son...who's father felt proud...wen people recognised him as Prem's dad...
He was that pillar of strength for his siblings...nurturing them...under his care...fulfilling their dreams...no matter if they were at the sake of his own dreams...
Prem was never the one who thought abt himself...he was the one...who always thought abt others...before anything...
And if prem was like this...wat was his love all abt.?
It was indeed Ibaadat for him...His Junoon...
He was that lover...who was willing to forgo his love for her happiness...but only if she chose to be with a man who would love her with full dedication...
He was that lover...who did not think twice before roaring like a tiger announcing to the world...defying the gods...that heer was a part of him...
and he stood between his love and the world...
He did not need a verbal acceptance of his love from heer...it was his eyes which understood the unspoken language in her eyes...it was his heartbeat...which beated steadily in her heart...
He was such a lover...that the mere dream of losing her...made him embrace death...lest death might try and separate him from his heer...
He was that lover...who rose against the desert sky...just to save his love from falling in the hands of the unworthy...he defied death...to be with her...to fulfill the promises he made to her...to stay with her forever...
A lot has been said abt wat Prem is all abt and his love for heer...so i'm not going to repeat it all over again...but...all i'll talk abt today is...wat made Prem soo special...wat made Prem so lovable...so memorable...and the only reply u get is...Harshad Chopda...
and the brilliant portrayal of this character by him...
Prem kept on saying.."main bhagwaan nahi hoo"...people kept on worshipping him...treating him no less than god...wats that one thing that made people turn a blind eye to wat the character himself kept on saying...it was Harshad...
One can't deny...the kind fervour that was created by Prem...for Prem...owes a lot to the actor...who breathed life into that amazing mania...called Premania...
The way he portrayed his relationship with his parents...made u feel...do guys like this exist?
The way he shared his relationship with his siblings made u cringe for a sibling like Prem...
The way he loved heer...made u start believing that yes...there is one Prem for me out there...who'll love me just like the way Prem loves his Heer...who'll keep each tear shed from my eyes close to his heart...
The mere look which Prem gave heer...made people fall in love...the way Prem  said "Heer" still echoes in our ears...
5 years on Prem Juneja still lives on ... through  the love he taught ... through the relationships he lived ... his husky voice still echoes in many ears ... the twinkle in  his eyes still comes in many a dreams ... the naughty smile, the blush, the depth of character still makes many smile

It's just one word, four letters.
I'm not talking about love. 

I'm talking about the man who embodies love, not just in name, but in spirit
About Prem

Who is this man, the wandering passerby will ask
Why are so many girls mad over him?

He seems just like any other silly serial character
Or maybe it's because of the love they feel for the actor

So I will try my best to explain
The actually unexplainable magic behind a man called Prem

Prem is the dutiful son
In an era that breeds brats, he is certainly not one

Prem is the confused expatriate
Who has come to India to challenge fate

His love , Heer, has been separated from him by a terrible lie
But Prem is no wanderer Ranjha, he believes in do or die

She was bethrothed to him in childhood, there's no way he will let her go now
He decided to bring his bride home, and how

Prem is that lover who will not forget you
Whether you're separated by family, the seven seas, or just plain bad circumstances

Prem will come back to haunt you even after he's dead
And in one lifetime, he will give you many romances

Prem is not somebody who will play games with you
He will not leave you after a night
You know those cliched songs you hear about
About a man being your guiding light
Prem will always be by your side

Prem is important because that's when Harshad really came into his own
From a mass of twinkling matter, a star was born

He played that role with every fibre of his being
To go from ordinary human actor to god-like lover is no mean thing

His chemistry with Heer brought down the screens
Such that people still remember it though years have passed

Prem is unforgettable because he set a standard
That no other hero has surpassed

Poem:- Megs
Banner and last siggy:- Sugii
Writup and middle siggy:- Vandy

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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

Joined: 29 August 2011
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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 4:00am | IP Logged


5 years on..Prem Deewangi keeps on going stronger...and its at this point that we decided to relive our Prem Deewangi moments...that one moment which introduced Prem in our lives
Day Dreaming
prem!!! Smile

i first saw him on 7th april when he bumped into heer  Day Dreaming..,i still remember..the house was out of current so both were unable to see each other...he was unable to see her face since all her hairs covered her face and she was abt to drop this haldi ki handi...which was saved by prem n in next stance she was disappeared...

i got attracted to him on 29th april when he forced preet to apologise meher for preet's rude behaviour..preet was some1who was loved and pampered by him the most..,he wud've neglect this little issue but when saw meher crying ,he cud'nt let it go...n by then was unaware with fact k she was heer's sister...
Haayyyeee jab maine pehli bar Prem ko dekha tha ufff Day Dreaming
to be very honest i didn't like Harshad Chopra during the time LRL Confused...i don't know why...Confused
But when i saw him Kis desh mein hai mera dil as "The Great Prem juneja"...uff main to pagal ho gai thi Day Dreaming...Infact today also i admire Harshad as Prem...Mere liye to Harshad ka doosra naam hi Prem hai...becoz i liked no no actually i loved That character of his as Prem Juneja...the ultimate lover boy Day Dreaming...i love the way Prem gets angry, i love the way he gave the romantic looks to Heer (with his intense gazeEmbarrassed)...After Kis desh only i starting loving my harshuuu Day Dreaming as my dream lover  and my Prince charming Day Dreaming

The day i saw prem i was taken away by his cuteness...
With each passing episode my pagalpan for him only increased...
The passion and the affection he had towards his loved ones
made me prem deewani...
The relationship he shared with...be it preet,harman,kuldi,baapji,maa n his heer was just perfect...
Thankyou harshad for making us prem deewanis...

When i first saw Prem i was like OMG this guy is so hot yet cute and adorable.I was like this guy is one of the main reason i would be watching kis desh..but as time passed i started to love Prem's character maybe because of his nature or his love for his mom who in actual was his step mom or maybe due to his passionate love for heer.I started to dream that one day i will also get a prince charming like prem who would love me unconditionally and would fight with whole world for me.HC as Prem just rocked and took my heart away as Prem juneja andmy craziness for him is still alive may be due to his power packed performances

Zoha Khan

kab pehli baar dekha i don't remember frankly ... but itna pata hey in no time he made a place some where in my heart ... and then his husky voice, his dialogues, his character, his eyes, his gestures, his love, the way he said heer, his relationships kept making that place deeper and deeper ... so much so five years on i can still hear him say heer, aaj mey prem juneja, tumharey aik baal ko safaid hotey dekhna chahta hoon and many more ... Prem Junega one character put to life so brilliantly by Mr. Harshad Chopda that its hard not fall in love with him.


I had seen Prem's entry on 12th march, but it was on may 2008 when some successive scenes such as his confrontation with his mother or his confession to his lady love, such incidents happened in the show and my life turned 360 degrees updown and i became prem deewani .His confession and the mandap scene took off my breath and i went ga ga over this guy who redefined romance and selfless love, or should i say Harshad Chopda, the actor who breathed Prem and became my 1st love in Television.

I first saw Prem on 13th march 2008 (repeat telecast of 12th march episode)..
Apart from his impressive entry ..killer looks and the circumstances in the story line where he made an entry..The Thing which strung my heart and bonded me to him was the way he was bleeding from left elbow/shoulder...(caused by a  collision with an opponent)... fell on the ground...and heavily exhaled in to the ground causing a mini sand storm...and his first utterances (for me) "Preet"...was BANG on...hit me like a dart on target... That was my D-MOMENT...Rest as some say is History...

When I first saw Prem, he was stepping out of his car. That first step made my heartbeat skip a beat and slowly as his face was revealed my first thought was oooh. Slowly that changed, especially on  hearing his voice. Little did I know that I had fallen in love (I was too naive at that time LOL). Anyways, that first day I realized that this guy was hawter than hawt, cooler than cool, sexier than sexy, lovelier than lovely, handsomer than handsome, and the most like-minded person ever!!! I love you Prem!!! And I love you HC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day Dreaming

My Prem deewangi moment started in may...wen i first saw the jail promo...that intensity in prem's eyes prompted me to watch the show...and the way prem took that tear of heer's and kept it close to his heart...made me his deewani...it just made me wonder how could someone love somebody so much...he just blew me away

Prem Ka Aisa Rang Chara

Kyun na rang jaaye ek hi rang

Preet ke dangon se khud ko bandleinn ek duje ke sang

the exact lines came to my mind when I saw PREM for first time. 

Prem magic was spread all over me

The magic which was...

Undefinable, irreplaceble, irrestible

Prem define a perfect son, brother, brother in law, and lover. 

And this was most special thing about him

and HC with his magic made it even more special.

Love you Harshad who brought prem to life.


Well I have no idea when n
where Mr Prem Juneja stole my
heart!when I realised that
something i not "okayyy" I was
head over heels in love with
him..he was the man who made
me a pagal...his deewangi his
pagalpan his dard his love
everything was so dreamy and
beautiful...love him and love
my harshu


prem was ideal son father brother  and husband...
he was so committed to his relations that..he never thought twice before sacrificing himself...
his name only says that he is filled with love...
not only he possessed killer looks ...but also Gem of a nature...


" My first encounter with Mr. Prem Juneja : the most adorable fictional yet so real personna that has aura of love, sensitiveness, tenderness, affectionate, caring a common combination to be found in fiction world but it was yet so real that we believed prem existed very next to door and we all felt his presence. The prem has the chord stringed to our heart never to leave. This is what i felt instantly when i saw him first on 26 and 27 may 2008 accidently when my mom was watching and i was forced to see the show as i was never interested in saas bahu saga. But instantly what i saw and felt has never been experienced on screen. Prem confession was going on and i was shivering with excitement,awe and fully engrossed . Who is this prem? Where can i get him? How can i reach him, feel him real...whole night dreaming.. I checked net , you tube and other sources to get to know how prem was born. I got that show started on 12th march with prem entry. Here i was next day watching crazily all previous episodes... Prem Juneja has occupied my heart never ever to go. HARSHAD CHOPDA and PREM JUNEJA became synonym. Prem cannot be real without HC. He made me believe in this world Prem is there... Sorry written too big but kya karein Prem can make go on and on... Hats of to HC to give me prem and thanks to Prem who made us fall for Harshad Chopda. ... "




Siggies:- Vandy
Messages:- FC members

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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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Award Show Category Character For The Show
Year 2008
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Beta Prem Juneja Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Bhai Prem Juneja Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor Prem Juneja Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Year 2009
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Pati Prem Juneja Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Beta Prem Juneja(paired withAdditi Gupta) Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Indian Television
Academ Awards
Best Actor-Popular Prem Juneja Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Year 2010
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor-Popular Prem Juneja Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
New Talent Awards Best New Onscreen Jodi Anurag Ganguly(paired withAnupriya Kapoor) Tere Liye
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor-Popular Anurag Ganguly Tere Liye
The Global Indian Film and TV Honours Best Actor-Popular Anurag Ganguly Tere Liye
Zee Gold Awards Best Actor-Popular Anurag Ganguly Tere Liye
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Beta Anurag Ganguly Tere Liye
Zee Gold Awards Best Jodi Anurag Ganguly(paired withAnupriya Kapoor) Tere Liye
Year 2011
New Talent Awards Best New Onscreen Jodi Anurag Ganguly(paired withAnupriya Kapoor) Tere Liye

Award Show Category Character For The Show
Year 2008
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Naya Sadasya-Male Prem Juneja Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Yogya Jodi Prem Juneja(paired withAdditi Gupta) Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
New Talent Awards Best New On Screen Couple Prem Juneja(paired withAdditi Gupta) Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Year 2009
Star Parivaar Awards Hottest Jodi Prem Juneja(paired withAdditi Gupta) Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Year 2010
Indian Television Academy Awards GR8! Face Of The Year-Male Anurag Ganguly Tere Liye
Indian Telly Awards Best Actor-Male Anurag Ganguly Tere Liye


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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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Born in Gondia, a town Near Nagpur(India) on may 17th 1983 , Harshad Prakash Chopda's family decided to move to Pune, following his graduation as a computer engineer from Modern College Of Engineering. His parents never approved of his celluoid dreams and thus they enrolled him in an engineering college.Harshad audaciously states"I only did engineering because my parents asked me to do so.However, i was clear in my mind as to what i wanted"
Later after completing his studies he headed straight to Bombay to pursue his acting career hoping to make it big one day just like Salman Khan, his favorite Bollywood actor. He struggled hard during these years waiting for his big break but before that break would come he found himself successfully auditioning for Zee's Mamta and so began the journey of the actor Harshad Chopda!

He bagged his first prominent role in his second serial Left Right Left where he essayed the character Cadet Ali Baigh. This role found him a small measure of fame as he starred alongside actors like Rajeev Khandelwal but he feared typecasting and so he soon quit the show. He joined the cast of Amber Dhara soon after quitting Left Right Left. He essayed the role of Akshat and his performance was acknowledged at a larger scale. Unluckily, his stint with Amber Dhara didn't last long due to problems with the production house.

After remaining off screen for a short period of time, Harshad bounced back strongly with the Balaji show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil where he portrayed the character of a passionate lover, Prem Juneja. He was recognized for his outstanding performance at various award functions.
After Desh, Harshad bounced back in action to essay the character of Anurag Ganguly, a character which had various shades as Anurag's journey to discovering love unfolds...where ultimately Harshad played insanity to such perfection that Pagal Onu had his own exclusive fan following...

After Tere Liye...Harshad shed the lover boy image of telly and played the grey shaded character of Mohan Gala in Dharampatni who is far from being the perfect and loving husband...as he portrays the role of a drunkard who ultimately discovers the positive things in him to create a success story. Harshad played Mohan To The T...be it his one liners...his passion for work...his guilts...his struggle to breathe free in Gala house...everything was perfect...

Recently, he had played the role of Raghav, a fearless young man who only works on what his heart says. Not only his name but his personality too is synonymous with Lord Ram, who was saviour for many, same way he is a saviour for many though his ways can be different given account to his intensity and angst but all he wants is no injustice with anyone but he does not like fighting for them, he likes making them capable to fight for themselves. HE does not speak much as his actions do that job and if often being misinterpreted for the same.His fearless attitude, strong will, passion to set everything right and for that going to any limits is what sets him apart from the crowd.
Below is a brief description of all his on screen characters so far...


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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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we r still in the process of uploading prem and ali/akshat channels...plzz bear with us as we plan to give u all the exclusive shots of harshad as these characters..
we r also planning to create an exclusive channel for full epis for all his shows...the link for which will be updated in this thread in due course

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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 4:10am | IP Logged





















Lrl fan

Delhi_ princes








Sweety rajveer























































Raksha- -athena-



















Alina Zaidi







Sara - S_sara












Noor Abdullah







Pari _Rinki




















Nandini- - nansy-






curled up











Kanak - tere_bin















































sayanti_ashiuv (sayanti)

komal jagdesh

shil_hc (Shilpa)





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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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Harshad Chopda At His Candid Best Telly Chakkar Video*2nd November'12*

HarshSri Performance In Ramleela : 18th November 2012

Harshad Chopda In Telly Tadka Video : 9th December 2012 *Chatters Few Matters*

Harshad Chopra Photo shoot for IFs Youth Icon Calendar 2013

Harshad Chopda In Wassup Tv For Zing Mag Photoshoot: 17th December 2012

Chatters Few Matters with Harshad Chopra : Full Version

Rapid Fire With Harshad Chopda In Telly Dost Video: 30th October'12

Harshad Chopda In Telly Dost Video : 30th October '12 *Him Leaving SB?*

Harshad Chopda In Telly Dost Video: 20th August 2012

Up, Close and Personal with Harshad Chopda

HarshSri In IF Video" 25th May 2012

Harshad wins naya sadasya award at SPA 2008

Harshad wins yoga jodi award along with Additi Gupta at SPA 2008

Harshad wins best new on screen couple award with Additi at New Talent Awards 2008

Harshad wins best jodi award with Additi Gupta at SPA 2009

Harshad wins Gr8 face of the year award at ITA 2010

Harshad wins best actor award at Telly Awards 2010
Harshad Performing in Femina Miss India
Harshad Introducing Femina Miss India Contestants

Harshad's performance in SPA 2011(The Venetian Macao)
| Credit: Tellychakkar

Harshad Chopda Thanks His Fans

| Credit: Tellychakkar

Harshad Chopda in an Exclusive Interview:Part 3


Harshad Chopda Shares His Most Embarassing Moments:Wassup TV


| Credit:Star Plus

Harshad Chopda is bad when it comes to giving gifts...

Three things in your purse/Pocket !
Celeb's thankful Quote to their 'Fans'
Harshad Chopra to return with...!


Are Harshad Chopda-Aasiya Kazi the new couple in town?

Back in Action
Harshad's views on Desh 4th Anniversary
p.s: Please Refer The 68th FC for Previous Articles

SBB/SBS Videos Till April 2010

Videos of Ali and Akshat Along with VMs on Harshad

Prem and Heer Scenes from March 2008 till May 2009

Prem and Heer Scenes from June 2009 till February 2010

Prem and Chahat Scenes

Eternal Classics of Harshad as Prem Juneja

Harshad Chopda Performance Links Till March 2010

All Articles till May 2011
U can Refer The Link Below For All Of Harshad's Videos...from all his shows...
we do understand that there might be some links that have expired and r not working..incase u come across any such link...just pm me and it'll be uploaded for u...its a promiseSmile
we also understand that youtube being blocked in most countries members r unable to watch some videos...
incase u need any particular videos..me pm..u'll be provided with an alternate videobam or zshare link...
we r just a pm away...so don't hesitate

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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC
Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC
Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC
-We Miss You
The News Letter
Caption Contest Result
A New Beginning
Harsh Is Back
Jab We Met
Rock On
Journey Continues
Iss Pal Ko Jee Le
The Only Prem In Our Life
Come Join d B'day Caravan
Proud Of U-Cheers To Harsh
Rise To Stardom
Master Of Our Hearts
Summer Treat- White
Monsoon Hungama
A Walk Down Memory Lane
Rains &Awards Season
Live It Up
In Appreciation
Silver Jubilee Bash
Smiles Galore- 1
Smiles Galore -2
Simplicity And Humility
Hands To Die For
Its In Ur Eyes
Cuteness Personified
You Are A Winner
Journey Of Prem -1
Prem's Love Journey
Prem:The Journey Continues
Thanking You
PremThe Journey Continues
Tara Zameen Pe
Telly Screen's Badshah
Curtain Raiser
Fan Interactive special
True Colours
Prem's New Avtar:Papa-1
Prem's New Avtar:Papa-2
Winter Wonderland
A New Beginning
Sweet Memories
Rock On
Celebrations Galore
Missed You Harshad
Welcome Back Harshad
Tere Liye
MoonSon Magic
The Name Says it
Jeet Liya Dil
An Ode To Anurag Ganguly
Anuragging is Still On
You're Mine
King of Angels
Eyes that Speak
And the Hunt Goes On
Aa Gaya Hay Mohan Galla
Change is the need of the hour!
Either My Way Or The Highway!
Mohan's volatility
An ode to Mohan Gala
More than half was through
Wah Kya Entry Hai Boss
Raghav Raghav Raghav
HCFC "Walk Down The Memory Lane"
*Happy Birthday Harshad*
Raghav-The Innocent Victim Of Cupid

This FC is like a second home for the fans and is dedicated to Harshad, so please treat it with love and respect 

* Do not make requests for personal info of the star like email id's and contact numbers. Also his personal life is none of our concern and it shouldn't matter to us what he does or who he is with off screen.

*Please don't spam the FC, I hope we don't get to see posts which are frivolous and contribute to spam. No One Liners and Hi Byes' are allowed!

* No abusive language
* Respect other members Point of View. If you don't agree with someone then agree to disagree, it's better than fighting . Still if you want to fight use PM service for that.
* Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated
* We encourage open dialogue here. So, more the thoughts flowing, more the ideas evolving and more we learn from each other.
*New Members are requested to introduce themselves, giving their names and telling existing members that what is it about Harshad that makes them a fan and how did they learn about the FC?
* Members are requested to please check 5-6 previous pages of the FC before posting any new info or pictures so that the same info or pictures are not posted again and again, it will make the FC look messy.
Members are requested not to forgot that this fc belongs to harshad chopda and discussions are limited to his onscreen chemistry...
If any personal discussions are done...they should be related to him ONLY...

* This is Harshad's FC so if you are not a fan then don't bother joining just to make fun or bash. As a true Harshadian you must be aware that past is past and it will never come back but nonetheless the future will be better and more promising, so look forward to it with open mind and arms!

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