Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

*^*Janmadin Mubrak Ho Badmash Baccha*^*

_Amina_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 3:14am | IP Logged

please don't think i'm going mad or anything OuchROFL
Rofling ROFL is the fav habit of the special person who's special day we gathered here to celebrate. Embarrassed
but to find out who is the special person is u have to wait a bit Embarrassed so stay tuneEmbarrassed 


before i tell everyone who the special person is here is some  descripstion and and clues which is given by some of her friends Embarrassed i asked them to describe her and here is what they said 

'god has created her after lots of thinking' 
by amina (thats me CoolROFL)

'she is a unique piece and a wild person'
by innocent young angry women aka sona

'she is my bro' ,sometimes she actually think' she got PHD in Smp'
mrs srk aka divya

'she is a sweetheart and against my preception she is thoughtful' 
by mrs avinash aka avi


'the best thing about her is she makes best vm's and the annoying thing about her is she make short vm'
by moonlight aka kaumu

so frind did u guys gussed who is the special person is?
butterflyNO? Ouch 
then here is some more clues Embarrassed
studying is not her thing Ouch but recently she started to study Big smileROFL
by reading her name everyone mistakes her as a boy ShockedROFL
she doesn't like girly stuff Ouch make and stuff is not really for her Ouch she likes to be a tomboy AngryROFL
she makes best vm Embarrassed
she doesn't like having guest Ouch she likes to be on her own world OuchROFL
by now i'm sure everyone gussed who is the birthday girl is Embarrassed
whover  haven't  u are very bad at guessing Ouch and whoever have well done Thumbs UpROFL
so my dear friends the person who's life we are about to celebrate here is non other then the 
no she isn't a bumble bee SillyROFL
she is the badmash baccha of YRKKH forum 
who is fondly known as Shy Embarrassed

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_Amina_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 August 2010
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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 3:14am | IP Logged

shy first of all we are sorry Ouch really really sorry for such a crap thread Ouch but we tried really really tried Ouch look at the proof how much we tried 


anyway here is your gift from all DD's Embarrassed hope u like them Embarrassed

and here is a special vm made by me Embarrassed behalf of all DD's Embarrassed
please don't laugh Ouch this is my first ever vm and made it in last minute OuchROFLROFL

A very special gift by a very special friend Embarrassed our sweet innocent little Bebo aka Sona 

It was a pleasant evening with heavy rain 

naksh back home alone as all others went to other town for a function 

naksh working on a project suddenly power off's with a strock 

akshara lights up all over with candels 

akshara : comes to naitik , naitik chahliya na terrac pay chalta hai 

naitik : terrac no way akshara , aap dekh rahi hai na kitni barish ho rahi hai no 

akshara : naitik isliye toh keh rahi hu chaliya na

naitik : no matlab no 

akshara :acha theek hai ghar ka garden may chaliya 

naitik : yeh kya baat hui nahi 

akshara :theek hai may ja rahi hu

akshara goes to the garden apart her arms and was feeling the rain drops and was playing around 

naitik comes at door with a candel , the candel light made him caught image of akshara , who was looking way to stunning with wet hairs , drops over face and a wet red dress
naitik was just amazed with tht one glance , he was all numb just then candel blowed off and broke naitik's glance 

naitik : akshara aur kitna bhegangi aap aajaye anadr werna aapki health bigad jaayegi 

akshara : shouts in joy nahi naitik abhi nahi 

naitik : akshara please 

akshara : acting , okay .. comes to naitik and pulls him out

naksh :  have fun in run by throwing water at each other , both run over garden chasing around , suddenly akshara slip over but naitik catch her over in slipping position 

         a tunder lights up , which sights naitik over akshara , she was just looking way to gorgeous , akshara was also lost over by naitik's touch n closeness 

naitik lifts akshara in his arms and keep starring her , which was making akshara more insecure , naitik takes akshara to their room , and leave her down to close the door 

and turns over at akshara , akshara was stunning amazingly in the candel light all over , naitik steps towards akshara , which makes akshara to take steps back , moving

over akshara hits a wall , naitik comes over akshara , first slighlty dresses akshara's hair back her ear , and place a gentel kiss on akshara's ear , the feeling was

so sensational that akshara close her eyes , suddenly it thunders out of fear akshara huggs naitik titly , naitik unkonts akshara's knot , akshara to hold up the feeling

tight her grip over naitik . naitik dive his hand way  down akshara's back and place a kiss over her neck 

naksh comeout of each others arms , naitik pucks in water drops of akshara face by kissing her around , naitik lifts up akshara to bed , places akshara on the bed , 

rest beside akshara and keep starring her ,akshara was flurishing with shyness with naitik's look , naitik slowly removes the duppta which was over akshara , akshra 

closes her eyes and hold over pillow titly , naitik slowly grabs the finger from akshara's forehead touching over her nose , lips and chin . naitik get on to akshara ,

the two lips freezing over in cold rainy finally meet ... 

The next morning , naitik spooning over akshara , akshara wakes up early to naitik , just opens her eye and keep smiling thinking about the night . which was equal to 

heaven on the earth , thinking over it akshara was blushing , catch over naitik's hand and fall a sleep again 

after quite a time akshara resting over naitik's chest , naitik wakes up , seeing akshara sleeping is so much peace just 

keep adoring her , a amount of akshara's hair fall over her face , which naitik very delicatly dressed them back and it brakes akshara's sleep

naitik : good morning , place a kiss on akshara's forehead

akshara ; good morning to u too , kiss over naitik's chick 

naitik : kya baat hai ..!! meri itni achi kismat .

akshara : hit naitik , aab chodiya mujhe , mujhe naha kaar , kahana bhi banana hai 

naitik : hugg akshara more titly and say no 

akshara : naitik chodiya na , dekhiya kafi saara kaam pending hai 

naitik : akshara kya kaam kaam

akshara : plzz , akshara tickle naitik and run out of bed .


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_Amina_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 August 2010
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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 3:15am | IP Logged


Shayal Or Better Known As Shy... A Synonym For 'Laughter And Fun' ... A Perfect Short VM Maker I Have Ever Come Across... And The Most Funny Girl The World Can Have... So This Day Along With Your Beautiful Birthday Should Also Have Been The Fun-Day Too For Everyone... :*::*: The Moments I Have Spend With You Have Been Super Crazy, Fun And Beautiful. On This Special Day Of Yours I Would Like To Wish A Heartfelt Happy Birthday...!!! May Gods Awesome Blessing Be Upon You... Loads Of Happiness' Love And Hugs... Muwaaahhh HugHug

Shayal aka Shalu Kumar. Happy Birthday Smile May You Be Blessed With A Great Year Ahead. Smile
I Don't Know You Much But You Make Awesome VM's. I Love Them Smile ROFLROFL

Shy My Love Big smile Even Though You Left Me And Our Child For Soyal. I Still Love You My Baby. Come Back To Me Cry  I'll Give You All The Happiness In The World Cry ROFLROFL

Happy Birthday Baby *kiss* May You Get All Your Wish For This 4th March Smile
Love you *kiss*
Keep Calm And Don't Stop Making VM's, Even If You Have School For 6 Weeks Smile ROFLROFL

With Best Regards 
Kaumu UnhappyROFL

Shayal! Happy Birthday To You! May God Bless You With All The Happiness In The World.. Have A Fantastic Day! *cheers* Though I Don't Know You That Well.. I Know Something That You Love Rofling ROFL And As You Are A Naksh Fan, I'll Say Have A Nakshilicious Birthday! 

Shy You Are Turning Just 17 Now ... OMG! How Could Anyone Believe It Shocked ROFL ROFL The Way u Discuss SMP ...It Seems That u Yourself ve Done It a Number Of Times ROFLROFL
Well Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Shayal Sonika Kumar ... Wishing u a Happy Walla Birthday !!!!! Big smile May God Bless u With All The Success n Happiness In Life ...Big smile
n More Then That Aapko School Se Chutti De De ROFLROFL

Happy Birthday Shayal...

Many Many Happy Returns 4 The Day...
u r pisces ,,me 2 pisces..

Happy Birthday To u  Big smile
All u r Wishes Comes True Big smile


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_Amina_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 3:16am | IP Logged

Shy here is a very special gift for u Embarrassed this what all DD's really think about u Embarrassed
Hope u liked the special gift Embarrassed

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_Amina_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 August 2010
Posts: 14687

Posted: 03 March 2013 at 3:16am | IP Logged

Finally it's my turn PartyDancingbut now my mind gone all blank OuchDeadROFL

</div>i'll edit my wish tomorrow Embarrassedbut for now my baby wishing u many many happy returns of the day HugHugHugi love u so so sooo much Hug

here have your gifts today Embarrassed

Naksh siggy for my badmash baccha Embarrassed

and a spongbob one for my little innocent baccha Embarrassed

hope u like them EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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_Amina_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Embarrassed
Before 30th november 2011 when i was addictive to YRKKH forum and was highly activeat night i used be here until 2/3 amthe forum used to be dead quite as everyone used to be in sleep but i used to see one person called Shayal1436 is active herewe used to play GOTW sometimes but never said hello to each otherfew times i did try to say hello then deleted it just before posting coz i thought she will be one of those big headed girl with lots of attitudei was waiting for her to say hello but she never didso finally in 30th of november i thought i'll say somthing and i didand this is how our friendship begainfrom that day till today its been a crazy crazy year of our friendshipshy every chat we have has been memorableour non stop spamming through pm, fb, threads, whatsapp at same timeu became my meri bacchi, dil, bro, dude, lesbo, except for hubby wife we share every other relationship out thereour friendship spreed it from forum to fb, vider, whatsap, line, instagram, twiter, vippe wechat and every other social networking sitenow not talking to one day fels i haven't talked to for a yeari know u know that coz i always get angry at u for that and its only coz i love fighting with ubtw its ben long time we haven't fightuff everything i want to say u already told me in my bday thread so i should copy and paste it shouldn't i?anyway i just want to say shy baby i love u very very much (friend wala love)thanks to this forum which gave me some wonderful friends and you are one of those very special onejust stay the way u are... don't ever change.. i don't like the goody goody shy so the way u are is just perfectbtw tas told me to write happy birthday from her too so a big wala happy birthday from hersorry my head gone blanki will complete rest of my wish in whatsappso once again HaPpY BiRtHdAy ShAyAl SoNiKa KuMaR *whatsapp kiss* (i miss whatap smileys in here :(]love u lotsss

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sonu. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 April 2011
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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 3:21am | IP Logged

shy Heart Blushing Embarrassed ROFL
confused Ermm ROFL through expressions i was trying to define wht all u mean to me ROFL
okay lets start ROFL 

First bday cake Embarrassed though we already have cut one , lets cut other cake   

yummy cake liked it ..??? afcourse u would have although he is ur fav EmbarrassedROFL
bday song Cool 
DW i wont sing one , im a very bad singer Cry besides that already u have heard many at school so Wink only

chalo done wht cake cutting lets have some gup shup Embarrassed

hmmm not i love u bcozz this the thing i have already said u no no of times , lets prove it this time  Ermm

u to me EmbarrassedLOL

ufff i have said u so many times what u are to me , but now im going all blank 
 yet would like to say 

U are surely one of the persons whom i would like to see are chat with before me going to sleep and after i wake up from sleep 
U are one without talking to whom my day wont end normally 
U are one of the persons whom i look always look farword 
U are one of the persons to whom i need not think bfr speaking , can speak up any crab without giving taught wht im speaking Shocked
U are surely one whom is miss in thr absence 
U are the one with whom i share many likes in normal like SL , VM ,RS etc etc ROFL

hmmm time for some confessions Cool ROFL

u knw i taught u are a boy first , but did i say u bfr starting a conversion without , i have gone through no of coments to urs , to confirm ki u are a girls nly ROFL
* I wasnt that great fan of emmi bfr meeting u LOL
*how much bad stuff i have done with u na i have not done with any one whtr it is K movie,K app or K movie , how much stuff in non veg have spoked with u na i have never spoke so much stuff of that sort with u any one 
*2 times i have specifically for u i carried phone to college ,that cyclone n stuff like thing OuchAngry

bas D'ohenough of confessions for nw 

NW wht i like of u Cool

waisa toh many times i like of u , and have said u many already LOL now something new 

i love it when u get worried of me ,
i love it when my silence bother u 
i love it when u miss me 
i love it u annoy me ROFL

D'oh bas enough of writing bit , now time for gifts Party

They say we would gift ppl wht thy like , according to that i would like to gift LOL


ROFL ROFLROFL ROFL cook it and eat EmbarrassedROFL

Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

BUT if u ask wht i would like to gift u than it would be Cool ROFL

D'oh its high time u should start being girls abb D'oh ROFL ROFL

hmmm enough for this bday , remaning next bday LOL
n sorry for late comment Cry u knw na my kk wifi Dead

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_Ilma_ Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 3:23am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Shayal! 


May God shower his blessings on you always and grant you JannatWink
Hope you have an awesome day filled with everything wonderful especially chocolatesLOL

You are the absolute gangster that I know who makes killer VMs of Naksh and the rest of the cast whom we can't tolerate LOL

Hope you meet lots of good boys and bad boys. But there will be one good boy especially made for you, like Raju Ji or Vish EmbarrassedLOL because of whom you will say Aashiq banaya aapne and Tumsa nahin dekha (in a good way of course) and scream out loud and sing Tum Mile... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
But once you find that Naitik don't keep it a raaz from us, tell us and we can all go and celebrate in Shanghai! and you can get married in Mumbai! So one day you can tell your kids, once upon a time in Mumbai... ConfusedLOL Maybe we can get there by train ConfusedLOL. But don't rush, coz you are just 17 Wink

We know that you have a PHD in SMP studies. This might be probably because you watch too many dirty pictures. But we also know that Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji! coz which 17 year old still loves Spongebob? LOL

Many happy returns of the day Shayal! Hope you have a FAB day! 
Loads of Love 

Ilma HeartHug

PS: Sorry about my extremely bad way of wishing! lol 

A siggie of your favourite couple... aka your inspirations ROFL

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