Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year


Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year
Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year

Destiny :) [FF]-COMPLETED! :) (Page 39)

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After the wedding ceremony...The newlyweds head back to the Khuranna's Mansion...

"Welcome to your new home..sweethe.."Yuvraj stopped when he saw Suvreen sad face..
Yuvi:"miss your family?" Yuvraj lift Suvreen chin lightly to have a clear look at her face
Suvreen nods.Yuvraj gave suvreen a hug to comfort her "Don't be sad,everything gonna be alright"Day Dreaming
The Newlyweds room

Yuvi: "This is our room..How is it?"
Suvi: "this room is huge...nice..but its so guy type..we need to do some changes"
Yuvi: "Of course its a guy type..i'm a guy...we'll do some changes later" 
The newlywed head towards the couch. The room is filled with awkwardness and silence...
Yuvi: "Aaa...suv...errr..So"
Suvi: "What!?"
Yuvi: "Theres no need to shout!...i wanted to ask.. what should we do now!?"(LOL)
Suvi: "Owh...urmmm...we are married now...don't u think we should discuss about our do's and don'ts"
Yuvi: "Okay...let just write it out in a paper and exchange for each other to read"
After 15 minutes

Suvi:"Done!so lets exchange and read"
1. Husband should always respect wife
2. Always help each other
3. Always wear the wedding ring! (Wink)
4. Be honest! Don't lie!
5. Don't ever leave me alone in this big house! (LOL)
1. Wife should always call husband 'sweetly' (Shocked)
2. Wife should greet the husband every morning, after work and before sleep with a kiss (ShockedLOL)
3. Call me twice a day (Thumbs Up)
4. Don't spy on me (LOL)
5. Be considerate
Suvi: "what do u mean by 'sweetly'?"
Yuvi: "Something lovey dovey..rather than calling me with the 'Mr' and 'ji'.. 'Darling' maybe?"
Suvi: "well..I'll think about it...and what's with the kiss greeting?"
Yuvi: "sweetheart...we are husband and wife u expect your husband to greet u every morning with a hand shake..."yuvraj replied with a pouting face (LOL)
Suvi: "okay okay...i'll be considerate and think about it" suvreen chuckle "so any problem with mine?"
Yuvi: " kiss to seal the deal"Yuvraj move his cheek closer to suvreen
Suvi: "What!?...erghhh" suvreen gave yuvraj a peck on his cheek..."deal" Day Dreaming
The first step for her fear was in the past now, the other fear she had..The bed.
"Oh wow, that was tiring." yuvraj yawned and laid down on his bed.
"Hey!!" suvreen shouted.
Suvi:"Your.. Uh.." she stammered. "Your uh.. Sleeping there?"
Yuvi:"it's a bed isn't it?! And humans sleep on beds don't they?!I'm going to go take a shower." he said. "I'll be back."
After he went into the bathroom, suvreen gathered the blanket and a pillow and placed it on the sofa across the bed.
Yuvi:"What is that?" he asked, pointing at the things on the sofa from the bathroom.
Suvi:"Your place."
Yuvi:"Why do I have to sleep on the couch?"
Suvi:"Because I'm sleeping on the bed!" she argued and went into the bathroom.
When she came back out, she saw everything put back nicely on the bed along with yuvraj on the bed.
Suvi:"What are you doing?! Get back on the couch!"
Yuvi:"I have never heard of a husband and wife sleeping separately." he smirked. "Come on sweetheart, it's not like we never slept in the same bed."
She sweetly smiled and nodded at him. She got into the other side of the bed with him next to her.
Yuvi:"That's the way it should be,doesn't it feel great to share?"
she looked at him and his pervert smile and kicked him off the bed. "BUT I DON'T LIKE SHARING! Now if you don't sleep on the couch, then sleep anywhere you feel like.. Just not this bed!" (ROFL)
At this point, yuvraj was rubbing his back, groaning in pain from her kick and the fall. "So mean." he muttered and jumped back on the couch.
Suvi:"Oh and just in case you have any stupid games you haven't played yet." suvreen said and tucked a pocket knife under her pillow' (Shocked)
Yuvi:"What the hell!" he complained. "Do you always keep a knife under your pillow?!"
Suvi:"Only when I share a room with a pervert.." she smiled and went to sleep.
He fluffed his pillow and grumpily went to sleep still muttering words to himself'
The next morning, yuvraj woke up and noticed that suvreen was missing and the bed was neatly made. He freshened up and walked downstairs.
Ramu: "Good Morning,Lil master." the butler greeted.
Yuvi: "Morning..Ramu kaka...Where's suvreen?"
Ramu: "She's in the kitchen."
Yuvi: "The kitchen?" he smiled to himself. "She's cooking for me?"
Yuvraj rushing to the kitchen,but there is no one in the kitchen.Yuvi turned around when he saw suvi was standing behind her with her apron on. He thought that she looked really adorable.
Suvi:"Good morning"Suvi gave him a peck on his cheek that startled him and made him to blush. Day Dreaming
Yuvi:"Morning...Why are you up so early?"

Suvi walked towards the kitchen...
Yuvi:"You haven't answered me yet, why are you up so early?"
Suvi:"Can't you see what I'm doing?" she asked. "I'm baking."
Yuvi:"This is nice, you are baking for me."
She stared at him and let out a small chuckle.
Yuvi:"Then whose the cake for?"
Hearing the name Rathi, was already bad enough. Now she's cooking for him? yuvraj ignored that name and unhappily sat down at the kitchen table with his newspaper.
"Coffee lil master?" another maid asked.
"No!" he grouchily answered. "I don't want anything!"
The maid left the kitchen after being told by suvreen.
"Your own husband is right here and your cooking for some other guy?!I was the groom yesterday not Rathi!"he mumble and complain to himself until suvreen put out the breakfast that she had made earlier.
Suvi:"What are you complaining about now?"
Yuvi:"I said I don't want to eat anything!"
Suvi:"You mean I woke up early in the morning to make breakfast and you are not going to eat it?!" she argued. "Fine, then it's going into the trash."
Yuvi:"Wait, wait, wait." he held her hand, stopping her. "I'll eat it.."
Suvi:"I thought you didn't want anything."
He smiled and pulled the plate back from her.
Yuvi:"I'm hungry, and can I get some coffee too please?"
She shook her head and laughed. She had never seen anyone so immature.
Suvi:"How come you didn't want it earlier?" she asked as she made her way to the coffee pot.
Yuvi:"I thought you were thinking about that cake more than me.Why are you making a cake for rathi for? As an apology for marrying me instead of him?" he added with a hint of sarcasm.
Suvi:"it's a new flavoured cake I'm trying.I was going to let you try some and tell me what you think."
Yuvi:"I want some!!"
Suvi:"Finish your breakfast first" suvreen ordered. "If you get a stomach ache, I'm not responsible."
After yuvraj shoved all his breakfast down his throat, suvreen cut him a piece of cake. After taking a bite, his eyes widened and then it closed. The expression he had on his face was as if he had died and gone to heaven. "Wow.."
Suvi:"What? Is it good?"
Yuvi:"What cake is this?"
Suvi:"Blueberry chocolate cake, What you think?"
Suvi:"If its good' thank you for the compliment." she smiled. "Bye."
Yuvi:"Wait, you are going back to work today?!"
Suvi:"Yes, Is there a problem?"
Yuvi:"I don't want you to work there anymore."
Suvi"Why not?!" she shouted. "You want me to quit just like that?!"
Yuvi:"Well.. How would it look?Wife of Yuvraj Singh Khuranna is working at a cafe?"
he reasoned out, but it was just an excuse so she wouldn't have to stay near that Rathi again.
Suvi:"It shouldn't matter right?"
Yuvi:"I don't care!" he stated. "You are not working there anymore after today!"
Suvi:"Oh right..You never cared about what makes me happy anyways." she wrapped up the cake and left the house.
"Oh damn it yuvraj, what the hell has gotten into you?" he scolded himself. "Your goal was to be the one that makes her unhappy, why do you have this stupid guilt in you?! yuvraj, you are going to straighten yourself up and be strict and mean to her!!"

Strawberry cafe

Annie:"Oh my gosh this is so good!" annie complimented. "You are so awesome suvreen."
Rathi:"You made this on your own?"
Suvi:"Course I did, you think a ghost just popped out and helped me or something?"
Annie:"It could happen." annie laughed.
Suvi:"Ermm..guys..I...I" suvreen paused and sigh "I won't be working here anymore."
Rathi:"I knew this day would come.." rathi said and walked to the back.
Suvi:"Rathi, wait!"..
Annie stopped Suvreen from trying to follow Rathi because she knew that now suvreen wasn't like before. "You are married now suvreen, don't go after him."
Suvi:"What does it have to do with me being married?"
Annie:"Now you are newlyweds, the reporters are still on you guys" annie explained. "If they see you with Rathi,Yuvraj might get the wrong ideas."
Suvi:"I don't care."
Annie:"But yuvraj cares, you always said he hated you right?" she asked. "Don't add embarrassment to his hatred."
Suvi:"So being famous and wealthy means you can't have friends?"
Annie:"it just means that you have to be more careful for yourself.Now just promise me that you'll take care of yourself."
suvreen nodded and hugged annie. Maybe annie was right, leaving Rathi alone for awhile would be good. She just didn't want rathi to be mad at her.. But she knew that if she keeps showing up in front of him.. He can't let her go.

END OF CHAPTER 17: A quick trivia quiz!why did suvreen gave yuvi a kiss the next morning?Smile...Hurmmm whos do'd and don'ts u like more?yuvi's or suvi's?Big smile

Note: Do check out the chill out corner DOWN HERE! Wink

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Hey hey i promised last week i'll interview u guys for my chill out corner...

Here comes the First Celebrity for Mia's chill out corner!Its Manish B.Shetty...a good friend,writer,actor and 100% genuine dreamer!... A modest guy but this guy surely have a crazy check out his interview down there!u guys would know more about Manish! Wink
1.Your Nickname?
Hmmm...By the way I have a lot of nicknames both in the forum as well as in my college, let me tell you some common ones: Ladoo, Sorry Kumar, Teddy, Manchu, Mani,...
2.If you were trapped on an island with only one CD, what CD would you want it to be?why?
Interesting...May be a CD of Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, if at all it is made into a movie, because I can learn how to live in an Island all alone (By the way hope I am provided with a Laptop to watch the video )
3.What one super power would you most like to have?
Mast hota agar meri ekh chutki bajathe hi saamne wale ke chere mein ekh smile aa jaye
4.In your pinion what is the Best Clothing Style and who is your fashion icon?
Best clothing style according to me is casuals because this is what makes a person feel comfortable and for me dress should be something that can provide comfort to the one who is wearing it, and my Fashion icon would be Vidya Balan because I just love the way she always carries herself in a Sari.
5.You are one of the FF writer in the forum,What inspire you to write FF?
It depends from one FF to another. For Lights, Camera, Action it is my dream and Passion; for You Are My Destiny it is the love that readers give me through the lovely comments I receive; and Under One Roof it is my experiences in college.
6.If you could have three wishes, what would you spend them on?
One would be on My dream, the other one would be on my family and the last one for my country. Sorry, if I am being too selfish by placing myself on the top, but then my dream has got to do not just with me but also with people around me.
7.Your reaction when u first heard 'YUVREEN'?
Silly Fights and Campus Romance
8.What's the strangest talent you have?
I can take any shit from anyone, but still have a smile on my face (but its another thing that once that person is out of my sight I either get real angry on things lying around me or else I get really emotional)
9.Name some crazy thing you do when you're alone?
hummph...humph...Now this one's a clever one to bring out some secrets...But don't worry they are not that personal either, actually when I am alone I end up talking to myself, some times I make up some of my own stories and start picturising those scenes...(now do you get where I get what to write in my next update of my FF)
10.Do you have any strange phobias?
Not really, but then ya if some one very close to me suddenly stops talking to me then I get afraid instead of worried even if I know that I am not guilty, and later start finding my own mistakes...its weird...
11.Name 1 celebrity would you spend the rest of your life with and why?
May be Sana Khan (a.k.a Lavanya Kashyap in IPKKND) because I find her cute and also mere age ki hein..also I somewhere feel that she is very down to earth...
12.What is your favorite tv show that has been cancelled/off-air?
Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon
13.Describe one of the character u hate or love in SG by using a song.
Love Suvreen Guggal: Har Lakshay ko pana hein (title track of Lakshay)
14.If u can be a character in a show u love,who would u be and why?
I would love to be Jolly, why? That's because as per the current story line he would be a katta-meetha kinda of a character, He would be both harsh and sweet to Suvi and I think his charcater sketch is kinda interesting, and as an aspiring actor I believe it would be fun and challenging to play his role.
15.Msg to your friends,fans and Mia's chill out corner
Okay fans?? ...Chalo but I think my fans currently are my best friends so one message to guys, love you all loads and please do keep giving the support to write my FFs and also your feedback on whatever you feel isnt up to the mark, this will surely help me improve myself.
Coming to Mia's Chill Out Corner...first of all it was a pleasure to be here and give this interview, It was my first ever interview and guys Mia is a wonderful writer and Please do support her and hope this corner would be rocking just like everything that Mia takes up...!!! All the best Mia
That's all for todays celeb chill out corner...see ya next time with more interviews and other celeb!Wink
Note:U guys can PM me request on who do you want me to interview.

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Beautiful update, it's really funny to see YuvReen's fight on silly matters.. nd Yuvi started to get possesive on her, just after the day of marriageThumbs Up But his ego still leads... Ur a great writer Mia...
nd is Manish an actor???

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Lately bt u updated it. Ws seriously waiting 4 it. Vacation me sbse jyada. Superb scenes i imagined while suvi gave dat cheeky wicky to yuvi...update soon all d best.

and manish u r superbly talented creature on earth.

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Amazing Update
Luved Yuvreens list of do's donts, luved their silly arguments
Great Interview Manish very good anwsers, great set of questions Mia... I have never come across this interview idea for fanfics its great
Cont Soon

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Wow Mia such an amazing update thank's a lot for the pm and waiting for the next update

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this was really really osum mia
wow jst d way yuvreen  shud be

prince is getng pyaar ka doosra manzil paar
bt lyk tht room betrr!!!!! thtz too kinda updated

hmmm bechara rathie...btt i kinda think annie is gonna b his superwoman
nyway superb update mia

nd d interview mani is a rockstar hmmm bt mia u too r a rockstar!!!!

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