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T2: Har pal... OS Seq part 3: page 72 (Page 16)

Pamalo Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 3:21am | IP Logged

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naughtykittyyy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 4:58am | IP Logged
i hate sik...i hate sik ..i hate sikAngryAngryAngry
iss updt ko padne ke baad yeh word hi dimag mein ghum raha hay
hey u r wright isse padne keliye sach mein mujhe towel lekar hi baith par raha hayCryCry
poor roshnii...n hr last line ...realyyy mk me sadd
she cnt cmplt her words to him
arjun helplessness...hrtrenchng painOuchOuchCry
da whole part of roshnis death is realy well describd
evil ness of sikandar
arjun s attempt risk
roshnis part all r prfctt yettt sadd
bt da last part gv a new ray
dat dis time will b dfrnt dfntlyy
he thrw da bandg...nw he dnt need it
ready 2 face da present
hope issbar sabkuch thik hi ho
bt ab jab bapas firse present dikhana suru hi kar dia hay to thora sa ariya vi dedo dear plzzz

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Deleted_Account Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Wow Kunchu di! Kya track lyn hai. Superb!! Um... So sorry di, aap k itne saare PMs k bavajood, mai parh na payi, thori, nhi, BOHOT zyada busy thi, isliye itna late comnt kar rhi hu, maaf karna. Lo kaan bhi pakar liya... Wese tum na iss Sikky Kamine ko mere havale kardo! Zinda ya murda, i wud LUV 2 KILL him, 1000 tyms, 1000 ways...

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fly.high IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 March 2013 at 12:46am | IP Logged
hey loved it
bt hd tears in my eyes...
plz update soon

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kunchu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 March 2013 at 11:46am | IP Logged
hello everyone... here is the next part


Arjun and the team walks to the room where Riya and badima was sleeping. Badima was still not up. Riya was looking around to find an unfamiliar place. She was worried to see badima asleep. Sam walks in much to the comfort of Riya. He walked to her and huggd her tightly.

Ri: bhai, Pari.. Pari kaha hai? kahi wo log..

Sam: Sh... Ma so rahi hai. can you come out of the room?

She nods yes and he supports her to the hall, where the whole team was waiting for her. Her eyes were filled due to guilt.

Arj: Riya... abhi time nahi hai. tell me what happened there.

Ri: sir... we were going home. Saath 2 officers aur ek driver bhi thi. We didn't know ke doctors then jaldi kyu hamara discharge karwa raha tha. We asked them, but he didn't say. Meine aap dono ko call bhi ki thi. Lekin nahi mili. Aur raste me jab apke call aya tha, thab opposite ek gaadi aaya. Someone got out and fired at an officer. Gadi, driver ne bohot mushkil se rokliya. Fir wo log, Driver aur dusri officers ko bhi maar dala. Hum sab kafi dar gaye the. Fir wo log aage aya aur gadi se Pari ko bahar nikal di(Arjun and Sam were trying their best to control themselves) wo bechari hosh me bhi nahi thi...

Riya started to cry. Sam hugged her shoulder and asked her to carry on.

Ri: ma aur meine kafi koshish bhi ki thi. Lekin wo.. (she placed a hand on her cheeks. They have already seen a slap mark on her face)

Then her face showed that she remembered something. Arjun noticed it. it looked as if he was waiting for it. "did he say something to you??"

She looked at him surprised. "apko kaise patha??"

Arj: wo kabhi bhi mujhe message deneka chance nahi chodtha. He left you both there just to pass the message. Now tell me what did he say?"

Ri: (thinking for a while) he said... sab wahi khatam hoga jaha se shuru hua tha...

Sam: iske matlab??

Arj: firse wahi jagah.. wahi demand.. wahi log.. aur iss bar Pari...

Sam: no... iss bar nahi...

Arj: ha Sam iss bar Pari ko kuch nahi hoga... kyunki iss bar mere paas kuch aisa hai, jo pichle bar nahi tha, aur ye kehdu ke pichle bar meine apne paas nahi rakha tha...

Sam: kya?

Arj: ek dost... (turning to Sam) ek sache dost.. ek team...

Sam was happy now and so was the team.

Ri: but bhai, kuch karo jaldi se, warna Pari...

Arj: nahi riya, he gave 24 hours. Aur is beechme kuch nahi hoga. We will wait for the call.

He walked off to the cabin. She noticed that he was not wearing his bandage this time. she had only seen him without bandage when he was admitted in hospital. Not any time else. Sam also went to his own cabin to call the commissioner. There were 2 persons in the hall who wished to support the broken hearts- Sam and Arjun. though Arjun was emotionally attached to Pari, Sam was blood related too. He couldn't think of being separated from his own family. He had called his father back at Jaipur many times and assured everything will be alright. And the father had full confidence in his 2 sons.

Aisha noticed Riya in thoughts. She went to Sree who was a bit more close to Riya than her, to speak to Riya. As Sree moved to riya, Aisha moved out of the hall to give them some space. She walked by Sam's cabin and saw him at the window. She went in. "Sir...( he turned around) it wont be fair to ask if you are alright... still can I help you?"

He just looked and mentioned her to take a seat. He just came and stood behind his chair and leaned on to it, while she took a chair. He looked tired. "Ghar pe call kar rahe the. Papa kafi tensed hai. Pari ko leke..."

Ais: aap fikar math kijiye sir... its gonna be fine..

Sam: I hope so. Is bar Arjun mujhe bhi apne paas ane derahe hai. you don't know how much I am relaxed now. Ithne saal se jo ghutan tha, wo kam hothe araha hai. ab Pari ko wapas lana hai, and have to finish this affair for once and whole...

Ais: aisa hi hoga, Sir. We are with you.

Sam: thanks Aisha... I really mean it.

Ais: any time sir, after all what are friends for??

Sam smiled at her. "hows Riya?"

Ais: Sree bath kar rahe hai usse.

Sam: ok...

He looks out. "What is she going to do now?" Aisha turned to see Riya walking towards Arjun's cabin. "that's a wrong move Aisha..." he tries to go out, but she holds him back.

Ais: nahi sir, let her go.

Sam: par.. that's Arjun... he don't know what to speak at times.

Ais: well its good at times sir. After all we are human beings.

Sam just looks at her enquiringly. Then his eyes fall on her hand that was holding his upper arm. She just then remembers it and leaves it embarrassed. "sir... trust me... let her go"

He nods and takes his seat, while she sits back to her seat. His eyes are at Arjun's cabin, waiting for Riya to come back, while Aisha's eyes were on Sam.

Few minutes back, in the hall:

Sre: kya hua Riya? Kya soch rahe ho?

Ri: aaj sir ne wo bandage nahi pehna...

Sre: aaj hame sab patha chal gaya Riya, ke Roshni ke saath kya hua tha..( he describes her everything quickly. she is in shock) I don't understand that man Riya. Ithne sab kuch hua, aur wo aise khade hai jaise dil pe pathar rakhe ho. ab bas usse sirf Pari ke khayal hai. aur kuch nahi...

Ri: iske matlab... bhai aur Sir... sab teekh hogaya?

Sre: kafi din se badlaw dekh rahe the... aur ab wo sabit kar diya that they are the best fiends. Aaj Sir bandage uthar diya. He is ready to move on. Bas ab Pari wapas uske zindagi  me aye...

She was numb for a while.

Sre: are you alright Riya?( she nods yes) dekho, I have some work. Take care ok?

She nods and he goes to his work station. She thinks for a while and then as if in a trance she walks to his cabin. She knocks at the door and she dosent hear a reply. She just opens the door and walks in.

There on the seat was Arjun, leaning forward, with his lower arms on his knees and a photoframe in his hand. He seems to have lost the sense of the surroundings. She walks close to him. Then he feels a presence and looks up. "tum... yaha?"

Ri: I knocked...aap suna nahi...

Arj: ok... wo.. mien...

Ri: its ok sir, kabhi apne dil ke baath share karne se thode aram milthe hai!!

Arjun just looks at her. She pulls a chair and sits opposite to him, without taking his permission. He looks down at the photo. She puts her hand forward asking for the photo. And he gives it to her.

It was a photo that was taken long back. Pari looks younger, and was with Roshni and Arjun. " uss JAipur trip ka nishani hai..." he speaks up. She gives the photo back to him abd he touches the picture delicately.

She was waiting for him to open up. But he didn't. she took her courage, and help his hands. He was a bit surprised.

Ri: patha nahi, ke kya kahu mien apse. But ithna zaroor kahungi. Roshni aur Pari, sirf apke hai. Roshni may not be here. But she is here( she points at his heart and touches his chest)

She takes her hands off his chest. "jaha bhi hai, wo safe hai. aur unhe waha se koi bhi nikal nahi sakthi. Aur rahi Pari ke baad, bas kuch aur ghante ke wait kijiye. agle raath ko wo apke saath apke room me hogi. Usse aur kahi sona pasand nahi hai na... so just don't worry. She will be here soon"

Arj: why do you have this much trust on me?

Ri: mujhe aap me nahi, balke apke pyaar pe bharosa hai.

She smiles at him and walks out of his cabin. Sam notice it and goes to her. "Don't worry bhai, he is ready"

They meet in the hall again. Sree rushes in. "Sir, ek call araha hai..." they connect the call.

Sak: hai, aaj koi dialogs nahi. Bas ithna hi puchunga. Pari ya wo bache??

Arjun looks at Sam, he nods positively.

Arj: as before, same answer from me. Bachonko ko chod do...

Sik: are you sure??

Arj: I got your message Sikander. I'll come soon. Was just waiting for your call.

Sik: ok then see you soon.


the final fight..


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wildire IF-Rockerz

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Gurmeet4Drashti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 March 2013 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Hey ...
Terrific update :-)

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naughtykittyyy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 March 2013 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
nice move in da updt
climax ke pahele wala lastprt..its touchng
riya descrd how dey kidnap pariAngry
pari ws nt in her senss tooCry
sikandar badima n riya ko sirf wo msg dene ke liye chod diya
thn gd he needs 2 gv da msg warna un dono ko vi mar detaOuch
bt now arjun is bcm stable
now he hv his best frndzz n a da bestst team tooo
how cn he fail
like da raesha scn...aysha gv supprt 2 samEmbarrassed lv ds scn

den riya is gng 2 gv supprt 2 her manEmbarrassed
finalyyy thora hi shi bt ariya to mil hi gayyEmbarrassedthnkuuu
lv riys s dio..arjun dfntlyy bng influncd by her words
now he s ready 2 face any thng 2 save pari
sikandar wana rept da past bt ...dat s wld nt b hpn...i knowSmile
watng 4 da final fightt(bt uske baad thora jada ariya chahieee) 

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