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Phir Subah Hogi Express # 10

Welcome all to the 9th Newsletter of our forum Titled as
PSH Express for 15th to 31st Jan 2013


Summary of the m- Chalhov
Best & Worst Scene of the month - Vinnie
High & low points of the month -Julie
Blunders/Bloopers of the month - Payal

Most Romantic Scene of the month- Ash_arti
Disappointment of the month- Julie
Emotional Scene of the month- Sandy
Best Dressed Male & Female Character of the moonthnth - Rozey

Scene of the month- Ash_arti
Rating & Picture of the month - Omaramdas

Best Dressed Male & Female Character of the Month - Rozey

Our Best dressed Female goes to :
The one and only beauty queen :
Sugni / Chulbuli
Dancing to the song "Jhalla" , there was no denying that she was truly the best dressed female.
Looking stunning and beautiful.
Our best dressed Male goes to :
He is undeniably stylish and suave not to mention the man has got the most commanding and powerful look.
The one and only
Thakur vikram Singh
He was my choice in the last NL as best dresssed male and he remains with the title since no one has managed to impress me.
TVS remains with his strong portrayal of a man that was hurt and in doubt of himself, but now after discovering he has gotten a second chance, he has regained his strenght and power and will fight and will never give up.


Emotional Scene of the Month- Sandy

Scene: 1.

Vickram's overwhelmed with extreme sadness, excessive guilt and self condemning after he was the reason and responsible for Sugni's demise. He became engrossed in his own self destruction by attempting to end his life.
Vickram's several attempts to end his life, and was unsuccessful. Fortunately in his last attempt, he was save by Chulbuli/Sugni, after his death defying stunt.
While Vickram was recovering in the hospital, he reflected back, on how he was unable to save Sugni from impending disaster/death, and he became emotional upset, sadden and disheartened. Each day Vickram's emotional anguish continues, knowing that he destroyed "the love of his life".

Scene: 2.

Suman's became the domineering figure in the Haveli, with the help of Thakur Jwala Singh and Digvijay. She bullied and threatened Maa Saheb at every given opportunity. She forcible took over the running of the Haveli, the key to the vault and Vickram's room.
The pressure of be subdued, bullied and threatened weakened Maa Saheb defensse, as she broke down, and wept bitterly, infront of Jiji. She express her weakness [Adi], as he's in Suman's custody/captivity, as she tearfully explained to Jiji, why she's incapable of rebelling against Suman.
Maa Saheb was heartbroken and emotionally distraught, that their santity and happiness was was snatch from them, by life's cruel game. She missed Adi and Sugni immensely, and awaiting Vickram's return to rescue them from Suman's clutches.

Scene: 3.

Vickram was shocked and dumbfounded as he stared at Chulbuli/Sugni, slowly he approached her, as he reminisce about him and Sugni memorable time together.
Vickram reached out and touches Chulbuli/Sugni's face, to make sure, it's really Sugni and not his imagination.
Vickram was overcome with emotion and at the same time elated, as he tearfully explaining to Sugni, that he's excited that she's alive and not dead.
Chulbuli/Sugni looking bewildered and flabbergasted at Vickram, as he hugs her and keep on rambling, about how devastated and heartbroken, he was after her death.
Sugni was shocked, terrified, disturbed and confused as she pushed Vickram away.

Scene: 4.

Vickram's in Sugni' room and she's disturbed, distraught, and confused, why he's there. She told him to leave and grab a vase to hurt him or herself.
Vickram told  Sugni, that due to misunderstanding, he accidently killed her and after her death, his life has been an emotional wreck.
With folded hands Vickram begged Sugni's forgiveness, and hope she grant him, or else his emotional turmoil, pain, agony and anguish will prolong for the rest of his life.

Scene: 5.

Hukum took Maa Saheb, Kuhu, and Rewa to seculded area, where a group of men with gun were in their hand were dancing, infront of frame photograph, decorated with a garland of Maa Saheb
Suman informed Maa Saheb, that the men are celebrating her "death ceremony". Maa Saheb was shocked, devastated and heartbroken by Suman's unkindly act. Maa Saheb questioned Suman, why
does she wants her to be dead, Suman answered, that if Maa Saheb don't give into her demand, "the plot of land", she will declared her dead to the world, and even provide a "dead certificate"
to make it valid, even though she's alive and breathing.
Maa Saheb wept as she looks on devastatingly.

Scene: 6.

After Vickram kidnapped Chulbuli/Sugni, Amma was emotional upset with Diwakar and his goons for not being capable of protecting Chulbuli/Sugni. She reprimand everyone as she cried desperately
for Chulbuli/Sugni safe return. It's evident that Amma has some deep emtional attachment to Sugni, be it "financial or motherly love"
Chulbuli/Sugni arrived back at the "Kotha" safe and sound, and Amma was estactic and both of them tearfully hugged each other.

Scene; 7.

Maa Saheb and Rewa were preparing food in the kitchen, Suman approached them, and asked Maa Saheb, her decision about "the plot of land". Maa Saheb refused to give Suman the land. Suman angrily
added extra chili powder into the food.
Police Officer arrive at the Haveli and saw Suman bounded to a chair, they question her, and she claimed her life is in danger, her Mother-in-law wants her dead. Maa Sahed denies any involvement
in attempted murder of her Daughter-in-law [Suman], but the Police Officer believes Suman false accusation and arrested Maaa Saheb.
Maa Saheb was furious, hurt and sadden by her Suman ploy to hurt her. Kuhu was heartbroken, as she cried bitterly, and pleaded with the Police Officer to release her Mother, but he was adamant.

Scene: 8.

 Maa Saheb was praying, weeping, and asking "God", why her Family is suffering, when throughout her lifetime, she has been kind and honest to everyone, why this injustice. She is extremely
worried about Vickram ans his whereabout, and she's devastated and heartbroken about Sugni untimely death.
Maa Saheb felt someone has wipe her tears, while she was praying, she opened her eyes quickly and saw Sugni Photo near her, and considered it a good omen. She picked up the photo and called out
Sugni' name. She was elated, as she ran upstairs calling out for Sugni.Rewa and Kuhu informed her that she's dead, but she is adamant, she felt Sugni presence.

Scene: 9.

Vickram's absolutely positive that "CHULBULI" is none other than "SUGNI".Many clues/hints indicates that he's correct, such as the 'Daagad Maagad Stone", which Sugni twirled in her hands, whenever,
she's in a dilemma, the strange attraction and strong connection between the two of them, her amazing driving skills, physical feature and characteristic are indentical to "SUGNI.
vickram's comvinced that Amma's hiding the truth about "Chulbuli/Sugni" indentity, and he's hell bent in finding out the truth. Amma's about to give Sugni some homemade medicine, which is injurious
to her health, but Vickram stopped her midway.
Sugni's sleeping peacefully, while Vickram keeping guard over her. He reminisce about some unpleasant memories between them and became sadden by it. Sugni's was Vickram's "HEART AND SOUL", and losing
her drove him into desperation to end his life, but after finding her in a "KOTHA" in Banarsi, was the ultimate happiness of his life, and he's adamant in taking her home, back to Mawari, where she
belong amongst her Family.
Chulbuli/Sugni has no knowledge of her previous life, cause she's suffering from "amnesia". There's a mystery behind Chulbuli/Sugni, being in that "KOTHA", and Amma's hiding the truth from Vickram.
Vickram's heartbroken that Sugni can't remember her past, as he sat beside her bed, protecting her from Amma. Its' heartwarming and heartbreaking for Vickram to be near the "LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, and
can't even expressed his feelings and thoughts to her, without frightening

Disappointments of the Month by Julie

Holding Aditya hostage was a really poor reason the CVs gave for Suman ruling the roost at the mansion. There was no detail of just how it was put into motion and this really has us confused.

MT came onto the show as a well-known thakurain whom everyone supposedly knew and respected. Yet Suman is able to have her pronounced dead and have her arrested.

It was really funny and entertaining seeing MT, Reva and Jiji work as servants but it's becoming a bit too much and unbelievable now, the things that Suman is capable of doing.

For instance, if Suman had Aditya holding as a guarantee to be head thakurain then surely she would have had MT sign over everything in exchange for Aditya's life.

These filler plots needs to be wrapped up or let viewers know what took place in the six months.

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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High & low points of the month -Julie

High Points

1. Vikram and Sugni had some really romantic Ore Piya moments
2. Chulbuli/Sugni had a couple flashbacks of her life as Sugni.
3. There seems to be a mystery in store for us on how Sugni came to be Chulbuli.
4. Vikram has confirmed that Chulbuli is indeed Sugni has resolved to find out her truth.
5. Chulbuli finally realises that she may have a past that involves TVS and runs away to Mahuari to find out what it is.
6. Chulbuli/Sugni has memories of Vikram only so surely that means she has some sort of feelings for him.
7. As the show progresses, we are getting back more and more of the old TVS. He has just one thing in mind and that is too save Sugni from the lifestyle of a prostitute.
8. He did not claim to be Sugni's husband when the doctor asked him and he even showed Sugni her mangalsutra. 
9. He has thankfully given up on his gun-toting days and is instead, thinking with a clear head, each step of how to save Sugni. 
10. Thankfully, the sordid story of Suman and Hukum seems to be fast reaching its end. 
11.We have Reva taking control with her blackmailing Suman. She should be a far better villain, and maybe the storyline faced in Mahuari would actually make sense now.
12. We can expect Reva's scheming to be either devious as she has always wanted to be in control or she can shed some light on Aditya now.
13. We also have some suspense that actually has viewers curious to know just who this "Man in black" [as he has been dubbed by some viewers] is and what is his connection toSugni. 
14. The show is once more, filled with suspense and drama to have viewers wanting to see the next episode. 

Low Points

1. Reva and Vikram are still legally married. Unless that is taken care off in the near future then we will have the same issues as before once Sugni regains her memory.
2. Ammaji was initially able to show TVS pictures of an adult Sugni, as proof that she is Amma's daughter. TVS actually believed her at that time.
3. Maa Saheb was praying for TVS to return to save them from Suman, but when Sugni's picture blew on her, she started praying for Sugni to return and save them.
4. That did not make any sense at all, since no one had accepted Sugni as part of the family.
5. There were too many filler episodes of Suman, Hukum and Nagania shown with nonsensical stories. Even the dream Suman had of Sugni haunting her was  ridiculous as Suman had clearly known it was Aditya TVS wanted to kill.

Blunders/Bloopers of the month - Payal

Jiji has been turned into a servant by Suman for 6 months but she did not know why until MS told her that they have to tolerate Suman because she has kidnapped Adi? As his mother should she not have been told from the start?

         MS says we need Vikram to come back and save us from Suman, rescue Adi , and save the havali (wealth) even though he is bad because his evilness will counter Suman's evil actions. This is the first show on Indian TV where the so called bad guy is relied on to always step in and save the day while the so called good guys stand by and do nothing.

         Amma  is showing pictures of her and Chulbuli together to prove that Chulbuli is her daughter and not Sugni. The pictures are from the episode when Chlubuli took TVS to the hospital ie. only a few days/weeks old. Surely if she trying to provide that Chulbuli was borne and bought up in Benaras she should be showing him pictures for her and Chulbuli from baby all the way to current period not ones taken recently.

         Chulbuli's dialogues to Amma and TVS were word for word the same as Sugni's use to be. Amma (Gulabia) you know I cannot live without you. Mein apna apa ko mardalugi yeh tum(apa) ko. Seriously !!!!!!

         Sugni-TVS romantic moment in Vishnu Doctor's home:

- Sugni welcoming TVS with open arms. Even in his dreams he would know that the chances of that happening are about the same as me winning the lottery.

- Sugni is walking backwards very slowly, there is nothing to make her miss a step so why does she suddenly start to fall. Presumably to give TVS opportunity to grab her. 

Please director sahib be more imaginative.

         The grave Hukum dug for Naginya was big enough to hold several bodies ' why would a man who does not like to do work go the extra mile?

         The TVS sits Amma to introduce her to Vishnu Doctor he has a stubble. Amma takes him out to the Mohaala for her dramabazi and he is clear shaven. Is there a shaving point between the front door and the gate?

Best & Worst Scenes of the month by Vinnie

Best Scenes

Well PSH  has taken some twist and turns this past fortnight .  And so far it has been a refreshing change to the  love triangle. So here are some of the best and worse secene.
  1. Vickram meeting Chulbuli  absolutly mezmerizing.   Vickram  beating up the goons , and Chulbuli going into her trance. Gulki was excellent  in her portrayal, and so was Varun.  the sene where he led her upstairs was a bit corny with flashing lights and  winds out of no where, but  this show has always had  symbolism...don't think we can get away with it.

2. Vickram  and the Doctor,  finding the doctor and trying to  figure out what happened.  His  day dreaming  of  Sugni  was thrown in there for audence pull, but at least it added to the mystery.
Later when the Doctor denied that he  knew Amma. 

3.. Aama interactions with Vickram, when she tried to persuade him that Chulbuli was indeed her daughter.  Later  down the week we had  her threaning Vickram who did not take  well to that one.  and when she  went to the public saying Vickram was theathning to take her daughter.  Amma  Character surely knows how to adapt to her situations and she may seem helpless  at times  but she  is always  working to turn things in her favour.   Scene when Divakar   tells her he paid for Chulbuli... and she becomes all sweet and tells him he misunderstood her.!

4. The Kitchen scene  with MT.  refusing to cook any more food, was  excellently  played.  The wasy she  turned off the stove and stood her ground. MT.  handled her self with the dignaty of a thakurine, even when she  has lost it all, her pride intact.  Again when she was being accused of  hiding the keys.,  were well  done.

5.. Reva  blackmailing   Suman was the one of the best scene.  Jiya  Biju  is a stong actress and she executed the part  excellently. 

6. And the last one worth mentioning is of course  Vickram  saving  Sugni and then trying to remind her of  who she is and where she came from.  Him  confessing  that  he was the cause of her being Shot, an indication  that he indends to come clean about everything in the comming weeks.

Worse Scenes

1.  Sugni  coming to  Mawahri,  it was pointless as  it  led to nothing.  Sugni hearing voices in her head? She was hearing that even before ever since she  met  Vickram.  Aama   finds her before she  meets any one who knew her ...again  made no sense., Sugni was born and raised  there,  some passer by   would have recognized her for sure!

2. Maa  Thakur  getting a premonition that  Sugni is  alive an  needs her. The  Photo flying in from no where...again  over kill with the  symbolism. 

3. Vickram   following  The man in black  to a house and  finding all th  pictures on the wall... reminds us  of the wall collage  vickram has of Sugni...* if he dose  turn out to be ADI  again it would just be a copy cat  of his Uncle no?   Stepping on her  photo ...again over kill with the sybolism!.

 This  past  weeks  have left more questions than  answers  for us. The biggest mystry is  HOW  did  sugni end up being  in Aama's  Khota?  And  How did  AAma  know she was at the  Doctors??  I hope  we get answers to that  in up coming episodes.  Until  Next  Fortnight, enjoy the show!!

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Most Romantic Scenes of the month Vinnie

With all the mystery  surrounding  Sugni/Chubuli's appearance at the Khotha... we did not have a much  romance  going on...but we did have so very cute romantic  moments  between Vickram and Sugni/Chubuli. The chemistry  between these two is  palpable  no doubt.   So here are the romantic moments we  had:
1. Vickram taking  Sugni's hand and leading her upstairs.  The  background  music of the unforgettable  Oh Re piya , lending to the atmosphere. Getting lost in each others  eyes.  Uff  just   breathtaking. Heart

2. Although  Sugni  insisted she  didn't know who he was, she was still in a trance after the beart up Divakar and placed her in the  jeep.  She followed him...even though her brain said he was a mad strangerLOL. Much  to the surprise  of Aama and Divakar.
3. The scene  where Sugni is  asleep  and Vickram is in her room guarding her. He realises that when she dose get her memory back  she  would hate him for what he did. But he also  said that he would protect her even from himself.  His expression as he was looking at her with his head on the bed was  a mixture of love and sadness that was romantic as it was heart breaking.Broken Heart

4.. Vickram  hiding in the  Khota...while Sugni is playing hide and seek with the little girl. The sence was cute and romantic. His expression at watching her play the game, just  pure love. Then him  him picking up the end of her duppata and following her so it would not drag on the ground,  was just so sweet.Heart

Ratings & Picture of the Month.

Ratings-Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star

This month the story paced well and Vikram was finally able to find out that chulbuli is none other than Sugni, he found evidences in the form of her clothes & Mangalsutra. Suman was fooled big time by hukum and nagania & reva blackmails suman for killing nagania.


Our cute couple - i am feeling the chemistry all over again- love varun in this stubble.

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First of all Thank you thank you so much for all of your time and efforts you guys have put into this NL.Hug
I immensely enjoyed reading each of the segment. EXCELLENT JOB by all of you.Clap

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Great job everyone.

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Great Job every one!!!  Thank you  for   helping to put this all together!

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Sandy66 Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Great Job everyone. Everyone contributions
make the PSH NL#10 look fantastic. Thanks you
Guys. Superb editing Tulipdaisy.Clap

These beautiful roses are for the lovely ladies contributions to the PSH NL#10.

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