OS - Amarprem - Chapter 10

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      link to Chapter 9 :
                 here I am posting Chapter 10
                                                                 Chapter 10

                                    Gayatri Devi fumed, strolling away from the kitchen corridor , going through the hall , as Meera , who was standing near the curtain came towards her ...'Ma sahib...'she called in a sweet voice...Gayatri turned , shocked , her eyes darting to the corridor n the curtain's another headache, thought Gayatri , her anger flaring ...she had handpicked this beautiful girl from a fresh bunch of girls arrived in Mumbai as potential prostitutes...she had wanted to continue the family tradition of mistresses as her mother was one...but Sajjan never wanted to continue it, until she tricked him to believe that his wife was a bad woman... He had gone blind in anger n has welcomed a mistress for him, mainly to punish sumitra, although the woman died of cancer within years...


                                  she had convinced  Sajjan n her good for nothing husband that she don't want Krishna to bring every other girl to their house , while he is at home n so the tradition of mistresses continued...n Krishna is seldom at home n she has been feeding meera for free for most part of the three years, although her lustful son has asked her many times to give meera to him ...n off late , as usual, Krishna has grown bored of this one too...which was a good sign  anyways as no one has been able to impress him or affect him in a way Sajjan got affected with Sumitra, she thought angrily ...far worse than that, Gayatri thought, smiling internally... he didn't even saw them as living beings... ...just as she wanted...the family will seize with Krishna , no new heir ...n all business n crores worth of property will be hers n her son, angad's...



                               n it was a bad sign too , as she will have to toil hard to pick up a right one again who will stay loyal to her...meera is very loyal to her n she knows many of her secrets, such as how she has been playing fowl with the servants' salary , she thought worriedly...sending her away just like that could be a problem...she will continue the tradition of mistresses at any cost, Gayatri thought angrily ...her mother was one n she wanted her mother's tradition to continue , no matter what...she will have to send away meera quickly n look for a new one, Gayatri thought smiling at meera...or else she could  give meera to Angad , just to shut his mouth for sometime, she thought wearily ...

               'What?' she arranged her face , as usual emotionless , her tone warning ... 'nothing... I thought i would ask u a new diamond necklace... this one is old now..' Meera said , playing with her necklace... Gayatri Devi , looked at her mockingly ...'a new one? ' she scoffed... 'actually I am thinking of getting a new mistress for the haveli...u seem to have ran out of use... he don't even looks at u nowadays...he seems to have lost his appetite for u...tell me, meera...when was the last time he used u? Hmmm let me think...' Gayatri devi said , her tone humiliating 'aah, 3 months ago...n after that he was here 5 nights more , staying here I mean, n as far as I remember , u were as good as invisible for all ur attempts to get him glance at u , let  alone use u...' Meera looked shocked but recovered quickly , as she said, trying not to panic  'ok ok...i just asked ...' she finished lamely  ...


                                       Gayatri snarled 'Be in ur limits, bitch or else I will have to show u ur real place in this house... I can't see u staying here any long though... ' Meera , bowing down, her tone pleading , groped at Gayatri's feet 'oh no , malkin, pls don't send me away...i am ur most faithful, most loyal...' 'enough...enough ...'Gayatri cut her ranting...'I will see...may be u can stay here as a maid ...or may be angad will take u... ' Gayatri walked away...

                                     Meera stood up, dabbing her eyes, a crooked smile in her she said to herself...'I will not leave this haveli or chote Thakur, for my life, u filthy woman!... I know that u will not get rid of me easily as U very well know ,I will expose u to all ...I will do it, one day... but not before i get everything i want from this gold mine' her eyes straying greedily over the place...But she felt a little sad n afraid...

                                    sad, over the fact that Chote Thakur has lost his interest in her ...even though she knew  that she was a speck of dirt for him, she loved a sort of selfish, self-praising, boasting way... she was glad n proud that she was his mistress , compared to other girls...she had tried her level best to impress him, but failed miserably... she can't even think of the humiliation when the world finds out that she has been sacked from the position , she thought she will have to find a way to stay in the haveli,  she thought frantically... if she had to sleep with angad , she will do it, she thought grimacing, atleast she could see chote thakur every now n then n continue to live in the splendour ...

                                      afraid, bec  she may have to depend on Angad to stay put in the haveli... bec she knew that angad was a maniac...she will have to be careful with him...n Gayatri devi hid many things about him from all, she will have to find what to blackmail Gayatri into giving her the riches , thought Meera ...n she was feeling jealous...she won't let any new girl take her place in the haveli, she thought savagely ... ...but her apprehension n tension washed away as her eyes took in the majestic splendour around her once again...'what ever, i won't leave this place...ever'she said to herself, caressing  the silk curtains...                                          **************************************************


                               Krishna , threw his gun lazily on the couch , in a king size bedroom ... richness n style glittered from every corner of the room... he munched the apple , walking towards the huge n wide ceiling to wall windows , n drew the curtains... his eyes gazed intently at the servants cleaning up the garden ... Chandu came in , cutting his phone 'The train will reach here in 1 hour... arrangements to get the cartons out of the goods compartment have been made...the truck will reach our estate at 5 pm...i hope Angad will take care of it...' he said to Krishna, his face grimacing in dislike... Krishna nodded, his eyes still surveying the garden...'n ur new Rover will be due in half n hour' Chandu continued...

                                           Krishna, still gazing down at the garden,  said 'we need to get bansi's body back... if the rats haven't disposed of it by now...we owe him  a proper funeral...his family will be waiting... if he had disposed off Bansi's body , he will have to dig it up for me...' Chandu looked fondly at Krishna...'yes, u r right ... what's ur plan? Go directly to Sakthi's house n settle them once n for all?'... Krishna looked around at Chandu, smirking...'I would love to, Chandu... but  as bauji says, killing off the rats just doesn't grant even entertainment value...' 'But they r sprouting poisonous fangs...' said chandu... Krishna's smirk widened ...'for the time being, we can just knock them off... '

                                Krishna walked to the bed , sitting down leisurely , throwing the stump of the apple carelessly over the floor...Chandu came forward n bend n picked it up , smiling n shaking his head resignedly n  walked towards Krishna ...he was always like that , thought chandu fondly n worriedly ... using n throwing, wanting new things immediately as he loses interest in old ones ... n yet really not much bothered about the whole thing... he wondered how come meera can't understand such a simple fact about him , n foolishly trying to impress him ... he knew that Gayatri devi is looking for a replacement for the post of resident mistress as Krishna has lost his interest , if that could be called,  in meera long ago...

                                        'hmmm' Chandu cleared his throat, as he sat down with Krishna... krishna looked up , his eyes questioning ... 'About angad' Chandu began awkwardly ... 'yes ?' Krishna , sighed , his eyes angry ...'What did he do now?'... 'I don't know, krishna' chandu began...'I think there's more to him that meets the eye...' he took a long breath 'I suspect he is hiding things from us...what things , i don't know'... Krishna , swirled his iphone btn his fingers, his face set... ' I know, Chandu... if not for Pratap mama, I would have kicked out that worm n his friend ,Kaliya from our midst... keep close watch on him...' Chandu nodded... Krishna , sat up straight n leaned sideways , turning on the music system ... Chandu stood up ...Krishna always liked to listen to music alone, n he had a peculiar taste to listen to classical music... 'I have send our men to find out sakthi's whereabouts this evening... U r coming down for tea at evening, aren't u?'asked Chandu as he made to close the door... ...krishna , his fingers moving in tune with the classical music , nodded...

                Pratigya , her face set , danced to a classical Khathak song...she was a Khathak student n found the dance rescued n relieved her from the worries n feeling of sadness n helplessness in n around her...she had a very bad feeling about this party...she was banking on the rented house at Mumbai to escape this hell...but some devil has to kill some other n her plans were washed away to the sewage canal, she thought angrily, hating ...why do people kill each other, she thought...she herself had thought of killing shailendra a lot of times, but she didn't believe in taking a life however evil it is, to settle other life...the law will take care of evils, she thought , a determined look coming over her face...she will make sure that every culprit n every evil were brought infront of the law n they got the maxm punishment...she hoped to God that the police find the culprit soon or her friends arranged a new house soon...

                                             Renuka came , her eyes moist , holding a beautiful salvaar , her eyes watching her daughter lovingly... the music ended n Pratigya , panting slightly , walked towards her mother... she looked earthly beautiful... Pratigya eyed the dress in revulsion n hatred ...Renuka caught her hand, caressing her sweaty arms as she said 'don't care about me, beti... I am long dead... escape, escape this hell...' 'No ma, I will not leave u here to ur fate... i will fight ... i want u to live ur life, if for one day, that one day...' Pratigya said , holding her mother's hand... Renuka, said, silent tears spilling from her eyes 'Its all my fault... my bad stars r affecting u too...' Pratigya , towelling herself , took the dress from her mother, saying 'whatever the party is for, he will not succeed in it...' her eyes, angry...                                             ******************************************

                                                                'Party! I knew it...' said sakthi excited, as he sat down next to his father for tea...'we r going to celebrate our win over them...' durjjan just smirked... 'That n much more bata' he said ...mannu cleared his throat 'but...but wouldn't they suspect us if we throw a party at Royal...?' Durjjan said 'but this party is organized by the defense minister...not by us' ...sakthi deflated 'What? I thought the party was for our procuring the gold!' ...'who cares? There will be girls , right?' asked lakhan ...Durjjan drank his tea, as he said, calmly 'u will find out soon...'   


                     Krishna came down for tea, during evening... Chandu n Pratap Singh sat on one couch n Sajjan n Gayatri on another one... Krishna sat down , nodding slightly to Pratap singh, on another couch , his fingers still drumming in some tune of the music he heard earlier... Pratap singh acknowledged the nod , smiling slightly...'The gold is still with Sakthi' said Gayatri pointedly ...Krishna looked at her , bored , yet his eyes piercing, as the servants served them tea ...Gayatri Devi tried hard not to flinch , as she lowered her eyes ... she would rather kill herself than to admit that she feared him , even when he was sleeping ... ...

                                                    Sajjan was busy on phone , some problem at their gold mines abroad ... Chandu , smirking at gayatri's reaction , said to Krishna 'our man will be calling any moment... he will tell us where we can find him, if he is not hiding in his house , that is'... Krishna nodded ... Chandu's phone rang... he listened intently for a moment , before snorting 'u don't tell me!' ... Krishna looked up, raising n eyebrow ...Chandu , trying hard not to laugh , said to Sajjan , pocketing his mobile 'Shailendra is arranging a party tonight , at Royal... the chief guests r Durjjan family...' Sajjan looked up, angry 'oh , so that dog is getting the help of Durjjan to pay back my money...' Krishna raised an eyebrow 'what? Why pay back the money now? I believe we lend that for his election campaign?' ... Chandu said , waving his hand 'long story , i will tell u ...but there's more ' he laughed , unable to control himself as he continued 'there r rumours that this party is going to be the official announcement of sakthi's engagement...with the minister's daughter, ofcourse'  Krishna gaped at him, then a smirk spread across his face, as he looked at sajjan n then at Chandu...'Tonight is going to be so much fun'


                   Hope u liked it Embarrassed

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superb update dhanya eagerly waiting for kst's dhamakedar entry on party Tongue

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wonderful update..Clap..nd me too waiting fr nxt update soonBig smileBig smile
be fast nowEmbarrassed

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Fantastic superb update Dii Clap
Waiting for KST entry next update plz fast Embarrassed
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great update DhanyaClap
looking forward to the next update and what KST is going to do at the party and what P and K's reaction will be when they see each other.Tongue
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Its Super Duper Dhans.. I'm loving ur style of writing... So... will Krishna see Pratigya in the party???Looking forward... plzzz be soon to update...
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Originally posted by DareDevil_VickY

superb update dhanya eagerly waiting for kst's dhamakedar entry on party Tongue

   Thanks bro Big smile   soon

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