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Kool's Commentary : March 1:Final Warning Pg111&135

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Kools reporting from base :   Tamasha after Archana's coma in PR

All were weeping . It was a weeping competition . The only people who didn't weep were DK and Damodar . They express grief differently .

Baba Manav wept the most . The thought that he would have to spend nights alone like the 18 years was unbearable to him . He offered the doctor his property and bank balance for bringing his wife out of the coma . The doctor was non plussed .

Baba Manav also shouted at the doctor . He wanted to hit the silly guy who was inadvertently spoiling his romance .

Sage DK, the suave ,cool  dude who believes in controlling emotions , lighting cigars and appearing cool [ who has supposedly shaved his muchchi for Jodha Akbar but i firmly believe it is for some fantasy involving Archana] told him to control himself .

Sage DK was distressed himself . The only purpose of his life was his business partner's gorgeous wife .  True , she had done a case on him and tried to shut him down once and true his son had broken off with her adopted daughter but thankfully the rishta had remained kayam when the bio daughter had become his bahu . After that there had been no looking back , the gorgeous lady had even done his dead wife's death anniversaries most maganimously , looking lovelier and lovelier on each occasion . Sage DK  had found her very pleasing to his eyes and thought with satisfaction that his business partner's wife had really , really maintained herself very well . 

Damodar consoled the weeping Baba Manav glumly , wondering if  he should have a good stiff drink with full haq this time to mourn this grief of his favorite bou .

Savita screwed her face up and cried and told the weeping Baba to become Aai Manav .

Sulochana did not get an asthma attack . Her asthma attacks r erratic guys . She was very satisfied with the grief her damad was displaying
 [ trying to give all his property to the doc and all] and she wept and told the damad to look at the faces of his kids and be strong .

The kids [ Purvi , Ovi and Teju] wept dutifully in the background .

Then Baba Manav remembered the culprit of the haadsa , Soham . He became enraged and hysterical . He tried to hit Soham with a hammer and dragged him on the hospital floor and made a bigger tamasha than even the Aai had hitherto done . All his years of association with the Karanjkars as damad had not gone in vain .

Soham screamed it was an accident . 

The damads ...Prince Arjun , Dr Onir , farsanwaala Sunny [ who now washed dirty  bartans ]and Sachu tried to pull the Baba back while the women looked lovely and wept stufffing their sari ends or dupattas in their mouth .

Soham declared that the lady in a coma was his mom and a devi .

The lady in the coma looked lovely in the coma and took everyone's breath away .

Vandu the goat who appeared erratically but was a staunch vahini chamchi wept by flaring her nostrils .

Sachu finally got a dialogue . He  told Soham he was a big dramebaaz when Soham stared at his mother for a long moment before being led away  by the police .

Here what happened

Curly haired Mittal has seen the CCTV footage and smirked devilishly and figured out that silly Onir has swapped the babies .

He has intelligently decided to gather more proof and told Dr Kundan to talk to the nurse and the wardboy . He will soon find out that a dead baby was disposed off .

Then he phoned Punni and fired her for not taking advantage of the situation and getting Aaji's signature .

Manju has found out that her troublesome daughter has a contract marraige of six months and if they don't get Saas's signatures it is nullified .

And now for Sanskaari Purvi as seen today .

Sanskaari Purvi appeared calm and composed . She wept with sanskaari dignity . Since Baba Manav was doing the hysterics and since she had recently done them when the baby had breathing problems , Sanskaari Purvi controlled her urge well .

Then Sanskaari Purvi prayed to Bappa to make her mom better  briefly in the hospital .

Then Sanskaari Purvi told Soham Dada that it would have been better if the bullet had hit him by accident and he had died when he tried to tell her it was an accident . Sanskaari Purvi had not thought of dying herself when she had blackened Archana's parvarish and sanskaars by becoming pregnant before marraige but had come out of that shameful phase most successfully by handling it most pragmatically .

The Pre Cap shows Sanskaari Purvi secretly giving the baby she gave up doodh [ breast feeding] in a car in the parking lot and Cunning Punni watching with shock . This my guys is the latest kaand of Sanskaari Purvi .

A special Thumbs Up to Ankit Narang who plays Soham . My heart went out to this character who was beaten black and  blue by Manav who had no shame but wanted to kill his own child for no fault of his . The kidnapping and the faulty upbringing was not his fault nor was the mistaken shooting ...he had ultimately decided not to shoot his father and defy Balan .

Poor Poor Soham and i hope heartless Manav and hypocrite  self righteous Purvi get good from God .

Kools signing off for the day . Enjoy guys and ciao .

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 11:12am | IP Logged
First Congo Shongo Kools and the gang for our 2nd KC...Kools your efforts are appreciated by one and all...Keep it coming love...Glad to be the first one to comment Big smile
Fabulous commentary Clap on a OTT hysteria, illmannered Manav, No hospital decorum..
Here is my post on Pari's topic abt WU
hospital scene with OTT Angry Manav at the doctor and than Soham...Totally misbehaved 60 yrs old such a successful man not knowing mannerism in how to behave in the hospital...But who am I to say when he only cares for his WIFI Archana...
He beats up Soham and does nto want to listen to Soham's explanation and reminding Manav that he loved his Aai and never wanted to hurt him either..No one believes him...he begs Purvi to listen but she yells at him too..Sachin is rude too
Misunderstood and screwed up Soham made the right choice by not killing Manav and ended up hurting Archana who he called Mai and Devi from his heart was beaten up black and blue by his angry father..Which father would do something this sort??? Horrible Mother who practically gave him away to psycho sister and father hates him for hurting his beautiful teenage WIFI who is SOham's Mother which actually was an accident..Boy needs a BOD at this time but no one around to give him one..All there to judge him  and blame him.
Manav may have right to be sad or angry but in hospital there is some decorum one must follow..Sick people are admitted and not crazy ones allowed to visit...
Dr. Kundan shares DVD with Mittal which shows Onir switching babies...Mittal figure is it out that its baby swapping..
Mittal threatening Punni for getting the work done..Apparently contract marriage is abt Punni getting Sulo Aaji's signature on K property papers within 6 mo or marriage is off..Manju over hears this convo and punni confides in to mommy Manju
Precap: Punni catches Purvi nursing Ovi's baby in a car parking lot..ShockedDeadOuch HTH did she get her hands on Ovi's baby?? Shocked

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m_masti Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Awesome commentary Kools...

liked curly haired mittal...

how low this purvi can go...she is feeding the baby...but congratulations predicted this....i wish punni recorded this thingy on her mobile......

purvi for fraction of second didnot cry for ovi's baby loss...ovi is/was very concerned about purvi's baby loss...

i hope everyone should declare purvi as mentally unbalanced for doing such things with baby...

i am not sure why CVs are giving us hopes...but i am keeping very low hopes that punni or mittal will expose the truth...

i thought purvi is going to support soham...purvi supported soham when he shot 2 bullets on arjun and gunpoint on manav...but now purvi doesn't support soham because he shot her so called archu aai...where did purvi forgot when she told to onir she doesn't have aai...

so because sanskari purvi is not supporting arjun and onir will also not support soham...

i am not liking soham character...he has sanskari booth on him...he supports archu and purvi...when we see the past, it was completely manav who was protecting soham all the time...

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Afss_94 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 11:19am | IP Logged
As usual fantastic Kool di! Dk part was superb! Oh shaved Mustache! ROFL
3 damads! Curly MittalROFLROFLROFL
Thanks di for making me laugh! Hug

I will update it. You can call it Reserved post.ROFL

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pari87 Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Kools !! Welcome back on the new KC! you have started it with a bang as usual! loved the KC! What an episode ! I haven't watched it but your commentary and the brief update from Naresh and varsha di had me in splits! :P 

 Glad to miss monday's episode though...Purvi is so getting on my dare she? Who does she think she is nursing Ovi's baby like a sneak. I want Ovi to go give her one tight slap across her face when she finds out. Please CV's, one slap to Purvi from Ovi. I don;t care if the forum goes haywire hoping death and hell on the poor girl, but Purvi needs a tight slap for sure on the show. Please god! 

Mittal hoshiyar has my hopes up now...Baby-switching scam found! :P Let's see if Onir gives in to his principles by being part of organ donation scam for his lovely destruction machine wife or does he stand up and admit he swapped the babies like a man. :P  

Punni, is totally vamping up the story, which was much needed. I was so tired of Archana and Purvi and their gun gaan by everyone, and ofcourse incessant tears by both and histrionics a class apart. I really want her to pull the plug on Purvi;s kaands. She needs to get back to her detective mode like her chalak husband. what a team these two make! match made in heaven I say! :P Balanced couple of PR. :P ahahahah

What do I say about the useless baba. He has done nothing for this child. nothing at all. Thanks to his beautiful teenage wife, this poor boy has suffered a most pathetic life getting tutelage of life lessons from a gunda of a father and a psychotic mother. Now he is embroiled in police cases left rigth and center. What a shame of parents these both are. I will forgive Archana as she really tried to get soham on track and give him the life she could not give earlier. I will use that as redemption for her earlier mistakes. but this shameless Manav, sings praises of wife, does honeymoon after 18 years and forgives his silly wife for all the lochas she had done. he forgives her for letting his kids have a bin-ma-ki parvarish by never fighting for them, he forgives her for chawl case and he EVEN forgives HER for giving soham to psycho varsha. He says " nahi nahi tumhari galti nahi thi archana" and today this guy has the nerve to beat up his son who was wronged by them? THEY have screwed up his life, not Varsha and Balan. THEY have been most disgusting irresponsible parents. The boy spent so much time in jail, Manav did not once go to meet him. Manav did not WANT him. Why? Because he tried to harm his pyaari wife. I want to go and slap Manav. This entrie dysfunctional family is thanks to his teenage sundari. And he goes around whamming his innocent kids? I am sure it was not Soham who fired. They boy looked helpless and concerned for his aai and even decided to go against Balan for this ruthless most undeserving father. 

you know this is what I feel, such kids never get on track when their parents are such. Instead of saving him from his dirtbag life, Manav has pushed him into jail once again without os much as consideration. Why should soham return to his bio parents then? Varsha has given him love and she protects him, unlike this guy. I hope Soham takes his revenge on this entire family and sends them packing off to Canada, SUlo in tow. I really want soham to now become full fledged gunda and give them their dues paid back in full. 

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Gauravc_More48 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Kools you made my day by giving us new brand KC.
"Savita screwed her face up and
cried and told the weeping Baba
to become Aai Manav" this paragraph made me fall down of my bed its really energetic yaar.
I really feel bad for Soham just for the sake of misunderstanding he has beaten up n send his own child again behind bars but When Manav shot Soham that time his son didn't launched a complain against him.
Soham is right that Manav never behaved like a Father to him.
Purvi is getting in trouble with her Kaand,Is there any need to feed baby in a parking lot?Now she doesn't has Haq on the baby so why she is bringing the problems on her side?
Brillant acting by Ankit n Hiten.

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Abt the mandir scene yesterday my take..
Manav was wearing white as the whole family is still mourning for Purvi's baby loss and not happy for Ovi's baby..
But but
Beautiful Teenage Aai Archana all decked up in Red with gajra in her hair looked like a nayi naveli dulhan who is at the temple first time with her husband LOL
She has been missing doing teerthyaatra for her daughter's loss but never ever forget to always look her best...
Dhanya ho aisi aai ka...

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Gauravc_More48 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Varsha di again Sulochana will go for Teerth Yatra n this time Onir will take her there in Free of cost.

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