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Hellooo guyz, another new OS. Well this OS for my new friend Zebbie (Anika) who had this khwaish toh romance on fan fic with Arjun.. So darling here is getting well gift.. Now that ua perfectly olryt and as i promised here is ua gift.. Keep smiling.. Tu haste huee achi lagti hain.. 

I know this is all crap.. Zebbie i hope tujhe thoda bhi acha lage.. Pata hain utna khaas nahi hain.. Im sorry.. Par kaam chalale aur ek likhungi tere liye... 

Waise ek baat batau Zebu writing this OS I was JEALOUS.. Yaar Arjun and tu and not me... OuchYeh bahut naa insaafi hain... Mujhe dil par patthar rakhna pada... Ab tujhe pasand nahi aaye toh mhaari mehnat gayi tael lene... Do i make sense?? No, right.. I have gone crazy darling.. Have colg tomorrow and it is 02:30.. Bye Gotta sleep... 

"Arjun, ETF mein ek nayee member aayi hain.."


"Toh kuch nahi, second in command hone ke naate tujhe inform kar raha hoon..."

"ETF mein jisko jab aana hain aate hain aur jab jaana hain chale jaate.."

"She is a effecient member Anika Zaman.."


 The whole ETF team was present in the conference room... Rathore was opening a file and Arjun was standing near the door when somebody crashed into him and murmuring a sorry came and sat on beside Shree...

Arjun stared at her.. She looked up towards Rathore and suddenly gulped which didnt go unnoticed by the team.. Shree offered her a glass of water "Are you olryt.."

"Ya thankyou... " Her hands were shaking when she took the water... To make her feel better Rathore started -

"Welcome Anika... Team, aaj se yeh hamare saath kaam karegi... Anika, meet Arjun - my second in command, Ayesha - ACP Ayesha Kapoor, Shreekanth - the techie expert and Chotu - Our commando... "

Anika glances towards everyone and then when she looked towards Arjun she fainted... Shree and Ayesha sprinkled some water on her face... Rathore was confused.. He turned towards Arjun who shrugged his shoulders...

 After a while, Anika opened her eyes

"Anika, agar tum theek nahi ho toh you can take a day leave..."

"Abhi toh aayi nahi Rathore, aur abhi se leave... Good job officer.."

Anika was irritated but didnt dare turn her head towards Arjun...

Rathore asked the team to start investigating.. Nobody knew Anika had a photographic memory and before Shree could go through his records to find out the criminal she told him the name making it much more easier... After 2 hours, Rathore and Arjun decided to go to the location to find some more clues.. Arjun had slight pain in his arm so Anika was instructed to drive the SUV...

Anika's thoughts while going towards the car "Haye Bhagwaan Yeh kaise saza hain..."

Arjun looked at her while she was driving and she suddenly stopped the car abruptly.. Arjun got angry.. "Anika, why did you stop the car in the middle of the road...??"

"Woh, erm Arjun erm sorry..."

"ARJUN SIR... U get that..."

"Y Yesss i get it..."

Arjun was suprised at her guts, she was scared of him yet refused to call him Sir...

"Tum iss speed mein chalogi tum hum kal subah Bandra pahunchenge..."

"Wohh kyaa hainn naa, mujhe safe rehna pasand hain..."

"Safe, my foot.. Anika drive fast.. Or else get down ill drive myself.."

"No nooo, ermm ill drive.."

She increased the speed and they reached the location... Anika and Arjun entered the house and they were searching the suspect's house.. Anika dropped some precious flower vases and she partially injured her hand... Arjun asked her to apply an antiseptic from the car... She showed him her hand indicating that she couldnt do it on her own...

 Arjun moved out and got the bandage for her.. He made her sit on the sofa and gently removed the glass pieces while she winced in pain... Arjun looked at her beautiful face which had tears in her eyes...

"Typical girl.."

Her eyes shot open...

"What do you mean by typical girls?? Hum agar chot se rote iska matlab weak hain?? Hum aapki tarah pathar dil nahi hote samjhe Mr. Arjun Rawte ya aap ko aur samjhaun..."

Arjun just looked at her and smirked at her indicated at her that he tied the bandage.. As he got up to continue his search Anika smiled realising that he had said that to divert her mind...

She smiled and went behind him tryin to search.. She went behind him...

"Aap itne khadoos kyun bane rehte hain hamesha, thoda muskura leye toh ache lagte hain...??"

"Kya acha lagte hain...??"

Ahh she was caught offgaurd...

"Woh woh Bade Ache Lagte Hain... ek serial aata hain, usme mein bhi bhai bhai ka dushman hotaa hain.. Bade Ache Lagte Hain yeh dharti ye nadiya yeh raina aur..."

"Aur Anika..."


"Aur yeh ki iska bhai ne iska katal nahi kiya..."


"Haaan, kyunki iska koi bhai hi nahi... "

"Oh ok.."

"Haan, chalo yaha se.. Aur kuch nahi hain yaha..."

Nearing the SUV Arjun "Tumhara haath ki haalat toh mujhse buri hain chalo main hi drive kardunga..."

"Theek hain..."

They reach the ETF office.. Rathore sees Arjun parking the car...

'Rawte, tumse kaha drive mat karo lekin tum toh.. "

Arjun interrupting him

"Tumhare nayeee officer ne apna haath injure karliya tha... Very efficient you see... "

Rathore shakes his head and walks inside when Arjun tries to put his shades but something prevented him so he opened his third shirt button and just stuff his shades in his pocket...

As he reached the conference room, Rathore was already in his cabin... He asked Shree for the forensic report.."

"Sir, woh Anika ke paas hain... Main laake doon..."

"Nahi main le lunga... "

Arjun went towards Rathore's room to ask him for some stuff...

"Rawte, mujhe bhi bataoge tumhare dimaag main kaunsi theory chal rahi hain.."

"Main baad main samjhaunga, mujhe forensics ke report dekhna hain.."

"Haan jau baad mein samjhana.."

He just smirks at him and goes to Anika's room...

Anika doesnt see him coming and she was busy combing her hair..

As soon as Arjun enters he sees her busy and coughs to gain her attention... Anika still busy "Come in..."

Arjun in his usual style sits on her table... As soon as Anika turns her head she again feels like fainting...

"What the hell Anika, tum itni beemar ho jo baar baar behosh hojaati ho.."

"Mr. Rawte kya aap ko kisi ne bataya aap kite HAWT ho..??"

Arjun was flustered.. He looked at her shocked...

Anika came beside him, she circled him "Aap ko dekh kar main behosh huyi thi... "

Arjun sits still while Anika comes closer to him.. She circles him from behind and Arjun pulls her in his lap..

"Bade Ache Lagte Ho Aap Arjun.."

"Tum bhi kuch kam nahi ho Anika..."

"Main kya hoon??"

"Choti hi achi lagti ho.."


"Matlab heels pehnogi toh mujhse lambi hojaugi..."

"Arjun aap bhi na..."

All the while she is sitting in his lap while Arjun comes closer to her..

Arjun kisses her collar bone while Anika sees the transparent doors of her cabin.. She jerks and gets down while Arjun just stares at her shocked...

She goes around and pulls the curtains and then closes the lights of her cabin.. She comes closer to him and whispers "Aap ko kya lagta hain janaab sirf aap hi smart hoo...??"

"Anika tum bahut badmaash ho..."

"Oh shut up Arjun.. Aap ko dekh ke kisi bhi ladki ki dhakane tez hojaye..."

"Woh toh dar ke maare hoti hain..."


Before she could scream her head Arjun leaned closer and kisses her on her lips... After sometime they separate to catch thier breaths... Anika blushes and hides herself in his shoulder...

"How Do You Manage To Look So Hawwtt Everytime...?"

Arjun lovingly kisses her forehead and whisperes in her hair "Coz Im Hawt Baby..."

Anika punches him on his chest... Arjun holds her hand "Jaanti hoon na isse mujhe kuch nahi hota..."

"Yea Mr Tough, Dekha main aapke peech peeche yaha tak aagayi..."

"Haan, welcome meri jaan..."

"Mera welcome aisa thodi na kiya jaata hain..."

He jerks her hand and then "Anika keep your hands off me, mujhe case solve karna hain..."

"Aghh tum aur tumhare cases..."

"Acha baba, em sorry..."

"Jao na apne cases solve karo..."

"Are chalo milke karte hain..."

"Nahi, Arjun aap akele smart hoon..."

"Are nahi Anuuu chalo na..."

 They continued bickering while three people were rolling on the floor seeing their seniors arguing like kids...  Ayesha and Shree high - fived each other...

Chotu stood there laughing.. Rathore came and found them peeking...

He stared at them while Ayesha goes near him and indicates Shree and Chotu to leave...

"Ayesha yeh kya tha..."

"Yeh kuch nahi tha baby..."


"I love you Sam..."

"You were behaving as voyeur..."

"Em NOT a peeping tom..."

"I just saw that..."

"Sameer andhera tha..."

"Acha phir sunne ki kya zaroorat thi..."

"Bade aaye dost... Apne dost se kuch seekh liya karo..."

Rathore immediately lifts her in his arms and takes her to his cabin...


Shree and Chotu just kept looking...

"Yaar chotu, yeh ETF office nahi balke honeymoon suite lagta hain..."

"Aur hum receptionist jise pooche bina customers enter ho jaate hain..."

Guyz please forgive me for any mistakes.. I didnt cross check it... Do leave ua honest comments... 



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Annika_Ishqbaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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This one was simply the best...
I was having goosebumps,whhile reading this.
Yahaan pe meri entry itni dhamakedaar huyi hai...
Mujhe accha laga.
Loved each and every single detail.
I literally blushed after reading the last part.
Mera and Arjun ka romance...
I just love him...
Loved it a lot,dear.
Thanks for keeping my request,Sara.
Love u.

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Kisi ko pasand nahi aayi guyzZ??? Ek bhi comment nahi??? 
Moumimon IF-Stunnerz

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Honeymoon suite!!!
Bechara Shree aur chotu ke liya bhi kuch kardiya hota yrrr...
but it was too amaizing yrr..Rathore Rawte rocks the flore yrrr

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zebbbieee!!!!.. in whc hospital u are in??? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!

itss a superbbb OS \

honeymoon suite LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

awww.. poor shree- chotu!!! 

awsomeeeClap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap!!!

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Originally posted by alee001

zebbbieee!!!!.. in whc hospital u are in???LOL!!!!

itss a superbbb OS \

honeymoon suiteLOL!!!

awww.. poor shree- chotu!!!


ghar ko hospital bana diya hai,yaar.
Ab tu kahegi,ki,"Zebbie,teri toh nikal pari".

Jokes apart.
I loved this piece of writing a lot.
Thnks to Sara.
Mera aur Arjun ka bandh kamre mein Romance... *blush*.

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@sara di.
kuch bolne k qabil na chora tumne.

meri hi behen ho k mere hi peeth peche MERE pati k sath bandh kamre mei romanc karti ho...
besharam larki..
tumhe mai firse hosp. Bhijwa dungi

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superb os...!!!
zebbie ki to sai mai nikal padi...!!!WinkLOL
wow you and arjun  kissing in cabin...!!!Wink 
lol sam bhi piche nai hai aisha ko cabin le gya...!!!LOL
aur choree ka dialogue honeymoon suites awsum...!!!ROFL

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